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Unit 1 phrases with gef

to get home
to arri ve at your home
I usualty get home from school at about five
to get together
to meet with other people
My friends and I get together on Sundays to play
footbal I i n the park.
to get a
I got fi ve cal l s l ast ni ght whi l e I was worki ng.
to get si ck,/i l l
When we were on hoti day, my si ster got si ck
because she drank water from the tap.
to improve, to
maKe protress
I started l earni ng Spani sh l ast year, but l ' m not
getti ng anywhere so I thi nk l ' [[ stop.
Uni t 2 sport
I a st adi um
The stadi um hol ds
60,000 peopl e.
a champi onshi p
He won the
champi onshi p
for the fifth time.
He scored a great
a goal ./poi nt
In footba[[, you score
goal s, and i n
you score points.
to draw
They drew, three-all.
to get hot/cold/warm
It's getting reatly cold now
[et's go back into
the house.
to get hungry/thirsty
lm getting hungry. Can we have lunch soon?
to start (something) ,/ to leave
i t' s al most ten otl ock. I thi nk we shoul d
get goi ng, or we' [[ be [ate.
to get a,/the chance
l ' m reatl y busy now, but l ' t[ phone you i f I get a
pleasure (from)
I' m not very good at tabl e tenni s, but I get a l ot
of pleasure from playing it.
a reserve
I di dn' t pl ay
I was a reserve
to substitute
He was substi tuted
after 30 mi nutes.
a record
It's a new wortd
to hold a,/the record
He hol ds the record
for the marathon.
to break a record
She broke the worl d
record for the
Unit 4 North American and British English
North Ameri ca Bri tai n North Ameri ca
Unit 5 talking about people' s
North Ameri ca
baggage luggage
l i ne queue
5 faucet
l 0 gas
3 movie theater crnema drapes curtai ns
4 vacation hoti day a the Fal l autumn 12 hood
adul thood
the ti me of l i fe when you are an adul t
Adul thood bri ngs responsi bi ti ty.
chi l dhood
the ti me of l i fe when you are a chi td
She di dn' t have a very happy chi l dhood.
the time of life when you are a teenager/adolescent
Some peopl e thi nk adol escence i s the best ti me of your [i fe!
the ti me of l i fe when you are young
My grandmother says the world was very different in her youth.
to get,/grow old(er)
My dad always says he isn't worried about getting older.
to be getting on
to get,/grow old
He was a good footballer when he was 25, but hei
on a bit now.
under age
too young to do something (because of a taw)
You have to be 16 to watch that film
and I'm only 15, so l'm under age.
to come of age
to reach the age when you are legatly an adult
In Britain, people come of age when they're 18.
to look
to look the age that you really are
He l ooks l i ke he' s 20, but real l y hes 40! He doesn' t l ook hi s age at al l .
to act
not to behave as if you were a child (or younger than you reatty are)
you're not six years old any more!
15! Act your age!
f f i r
t/rts s(anno/'
Uni t 5
verb and noun
I an acci dent
i s i n hospi tal
he had
an acci dent i n hi s car.
2 a probl em
I have a probl em
I want to
buy that shi rt, but I haven' t got
any money.
3 an i dea
We di dn' t know what to do
but then Al i ce had an i dea.
4 a meal
Last ni ght we a[[ went out to a
restaurant and had a real l y ni ce
meal together.
Uni t 7
di sasters
to be on fire
5 a suggestion
to suggest
Can I make a suggesti on? Why
don' t we go to the ci nema
6 an offer
to offer
I di dn' t want to setl my bi ke,
but somebody made me an
offer of 100, so I sol d i t.
7 a deci si on
to deci de
I don' t know whi ch one to buy,
but I need to make a deci si on
qui ckty.
8 progress
to get better
My German is getting better
and better
l ' m maki ng a l ot
of progress.
9 a test / an exam
to sit a test
My mother took her dri vi ng
test last week and she passed!
ti me
not to do
somethi ng qui ckl y
We aren't [ate, so we can take
our ti me and not hurry.
a break
to stop work for a
short ti me
We worked for three hours,
and then we took a break and
had some coffee.
an i nterest
[i n]
51l o* i nterest
We real l y l i ke our teacher
because she takes an interest
i n al l of us.
4 to put a fire out
A fi re engi ne came
and the fi remen put
the fire out.
8 to be homel ess
2 to set fire to 3 to catch fire
5 to crack
It was terri bl e
when they went
home, they saw that
thei r house was
on fire.
Duri ng t he
demonstrati on,
some peopl e set
fire to a car.
6 to col tapse
It was so hot and
dry that trees i n the
forest caught fire.
The floods destroyed
food, and many
peopl e were starvi ng.
A stone hi t the
window and cracked
the gl ass.
The earthquake was
so stronS that many
bui l di ngs col l apsed.
Thousands of peopb
were homel ess
after the earthquab
destroyed their
7 to be starving
Unit 8
the top floor
the second floor
[US:thi rd
fl oor]
the first floor
fl oor]
the ground fl oor
first floor]
the attic
the roof
a bal cony
ai r-condi ti oni ng
central heati ng
the basement
Uni t 9
t hi nki ng
t knowledge Her knowledge of African countries is amazing.
2 a bel i ef l t' s my bel i ef that vi ol ence on TV i s a bad thi ng.
3 a thought lt's an interesting idea
have you got any thoughts about it?
4 concentration someone knocked on the door
it broke my concentration.
5 imagination You need a [ot of imagination to write good stories.
6 i nspi rati on A beauti ful sunset was my i nspi rati on for thi s poem.
7 an estimate I think it's going to cost 200
but that's just my estimate.
8 a guess Sorry, you're wrong
but it was a good guess anyway!
1l to move house
to share a room
Unit l0
music and musical instruments
the conductor
+ lyrics 5 percussion
te6 Hhl(e
rld{Er n&
Unit ll
an operation medicine a bandage
be on] crutches 7 to take
a prescription
a piece of paper a doctor gives you in order to get medicine
I took the prescription to the chemist and got the tablets.
unable to eat something because it makes you itl
lm allergic to cheese
if I eat cheese, I get spots all over my face.
to go down with something
1o get an illness or disease
I was feeling fine, but then suddenly I went down with a really bad cotd.
to get over
to recover and get better
My dad got really bad flu
he's OK now, but it took him a week to get over it.
3ss I
A i l t
be in / to have
(a foot) inl plaster
to take
blood pressure
I an orchestra
6 backing singers
7 a recording studio 8 to be on tour 9 an open-air concert
be in] a wheelchair
Unit 12
electrical matters
a socket
a button 8 a wi re 9 a battery 10 a battery charger
Unit 14
I Good luckl
A: l've got a very important exam tomorrow.
B: Really? Well, good luck! | hope you do well.
2 Bad [uck!
A: lt was very close. I nearly won
but in the end, I came second.
B: Oh, bad luck! Stil[, secondi very good, isnt it?
take] pot luck
to just
choose anything, without knowing which is best
A: We didn't know which fi[m to go and see, so we just picked one and went in.
B: Oh
kind of pot luck, you mean?
keep your] fingers crossed
to hope that someone has good luck
A: I've got a job interview tomorrow
| really want to get the job!
B: Well, l'[[ keep my fingers crossed for you.
touch wood
A: You're going on a picnic tomorrow, aren't you?
B: Yes. They say the weather's going to be sunny
touch wood!
6 Some peopl e have al l the l uckl
A: My dad's taking me to London tomorrow, so I'm going to miss the test.
e: Rea[[y? Wow! Some people have a[[ the luck! | wish I could miss the test too.
7 by chance
not in a planned way
A: So, you met Annie yesterday?
B: Yes I did. I met her in town by chance.
8 supersti ti ous
bel i evi ng that some thi ngs bri ng good,/bad l uck
A: Oh no! l ' ve broken the mi rror! That' s goi ng to bri ng me seven years of bad [uck!
B: Oh, don' t be supersti ti ous. l t' s
i ust a mtrror.
3 a cable,/lead + a light bulb 5 an extension lead
6 a switch

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