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Diana Dubitskaya

There are many reasons why humans migrate . One reason is climate . The weather was
one of the major problems why humans migrate ,when it was cold they couldnt stay in one
place so they were pushed to move to the warmer place . Other reason is that if they were out
of food they were pushed to move to the other place where it will be more animals and plants to
eat . Sometimes they migrate because they wanted better environment - which means that it
was a pull factor ,and, push factor like i said earlier was caused by some issues that early
humans had,so they were pushed to move . After many travels humans settled along the rivers .
They set along the river Tigris and Euphrates because they were rich with the soil which was
very helpful for farming .
Paleolithic people are very different from Neolithic people.First reason how
Paleolithic people are different from Neolithic people is that Neolithic people could settle
in one place , they could farming , they created job specializations and start to build
civilizations.Also the paleolithic age people were the first and most ancient . The
Neolithic people came later and were the ones who began to build a civilization and
society . Also,during Paleolithic age, humans were grouped together in small groups
and they were hunting wild animals and searched for plants. Paleolithic people were
characterized by the use of knapped stone tools ,although at the time humans also used
bone and wood tools.They tried to use other organic things as a weapons but they
couldnt .
Neolithic or NewStone age humans started to use more developed weapons
(about 10,000 B.C.).Neolithic people started farming ,learned how to make metal
tools,learned how to use fire .Neolithic people learned how to domesticate wild
animals.Domestication helped them a lot ,because they didnt had to hunt wild animals
anymore when they had domestic ones at their farms.At their farms they also learned
how to grow plants.When Neolithic people started to develop ,tehy created jov
specializations .Job scecialization is when everyone specialized in different jobs.Foe
example one human is taking care of an animals ,another taking care of plants , other is
searhing for a wooden sticks to make fire and etc.
So , my conclusion is that early humans did a very long and good job to become
more developed in different ways,without their knowledge I dont know how we are in
now time would live .