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Semester 1: Review (Buzzwords)

Unit 1: Underpinnings and Civil Liberties

A: 14
B: Supremacy Clause
C: Traits of Articles of Confederation
D: Convention (NJ vs !A" #$%&s'
(: )o*ers denied (Bill of Attainder" +a,eaus
Corpus" (- )ost .acto'
D: )recedents: Bro*n" /itlo*" 0app" Ba1er v
Carr" /ideon
(: Amendments
.: 0a2ority 3ule
/: 0inority 3i4hts
+: )opular Consent
5: Social Contract
J: )opular Soverei4nty
6: 3epu,lic
7: Democracy
Unit 2: Federalism and Culture
A: /rants
B: 18
amendment vs Necessary and )roper
C: 0andates
D: 9hy .ederalism:
(: (lections
.: 9elfare reform
/: Amendment process and .ederalism
+: Civil 3i4hts Act
5: +yperpluralism
J: (lite Class Theory
6: )luralist Theory
7: Culture 9ar
Unit : !pinion and "arti#ipation
A: Suffra4e Amendments
B: )olitical Sociali;ation
C: 9ays other than votin4 to participate
D: 0ethods states used to deny suffra4e
(: )olitical Sociali;ation
.: )olitical 5deolo4y
/: 7i,eral
+: Conservative
5: 7i,ertarian
J: 0oderate
6: Sample $ 3andom Sample
7: (-it )oll
0: Census
<: )oll
): Demo4raphics
=: /ender /ap
3: )olitical Spectrum
Unit $: %le#tions and "arties
A: )rimary vs Caucus>>>.rontloadin4
B: )lurality vs 0a2ority
C: )arty 0achine
D: Advanta4es of incum,ency
(: +ard ? vs Soft ?
.: 0cCain>.ein4old
/: 5ndependent (-penditures@%ABs
+: Buc1ley v !aleo
5 National )arty Conventions
J: (lectoral Colle4e$(lectoral 0ath
6: 7ame Duc1
7: !otin4 3i4hts Act of 1CD%
0 7in1a4e 5nstitution
N: !oter 3e4istration
<: Bush v. Gore (A888'
): 3eferendum
=: 5mitative (petition'
3: 0andate Theory
S: (lectoral Colle4e
T: 0otor !oter Act
E: )olicy !otin4
Unit &: 'udi#ial
A: 3ule of 4
B: Strict Constructionist v Activist
C: Amicus Curie
D: 5ndictment$/rand Jury
(: 7itmus Test
. 7iti4ation
D: Confirmation )rocess
Semester 2: Review (Buzzwords)
Unit (: "resident )Bureau#ra#*) and +edia
A: 7i,el vs Slander
B: ES v Ni-on
C: Bud4et )rocess (<0B" CB<" 7ine item veto:'
D: (-ecutive a4reements" (-ecutive order" (-ecutive )rivile4e
(: 9hite +ouse staff
.: Ca,inet
/: +orserace 2ournalism
+: .iscal )olicy
5: 0onetary )olicy
J: (ntitlements
6: Supply>Side (conomics> cuttin4 ta-es
7: +o* do politicians use media:
0: 5ndependent A4encies
N )olicy A4enda
< )olicy net*or1
) )olicy 5nstitutions
Unit ,: Bureau#ra#* and "oli#*ma-ing
See F)olicy Cheat SheetG and then create flash cards for A77 ,old *ords or terms
Unit .: Congress
A: )or1
B: /errymanderin4$redistrictin4
C: )AC
D: 9hip
(: .ili,uster$Cloture
.: Standin4 Committees
/: 7e4islative process
+: 5nterstate Commerce Clause
5: 7eadership structure
J: 3ider
6: )u,lic )olicy