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Sports News

What is Sports News?

Sports news is in the sports section of a newspaper in which the sportswriter
reports the scenes of sports, tournaments and games such as athletics, football,
baseball, basketball, volleyball, handball, softball, tennis table tennis, boxing,
swimming, gymnastics, archery, fencing, golf, squash, shooting, rowing, rugby,
football, American football, hockey, billiards and snooker, wrestling, bowling,
canoeing, cycling, equestrian events, taekwando, judo, sepak takraw,
weightlifting, yachting, and Muay Thai.
Similar to other types of news stories, a sports news story consists of the
headline, lead and body. The difference lies, however, in its use of precise,
concise, lively, attractive and informal language
Sports News is a form of writing that reports on sporting topics and games. While
the sports department within some newspapers has been mockingly called
the toy department, because sports writers do not concern themselves with the
'serious' topics covered by the news desk, sports coverage has grown in
importance as sport has grown in wealth, power and influence.
Sports news is an essential element of any news media organization. Sports
journalism includes organizations devoted entirely to sports reporting

Before the age of ESPN, the Internet, and instant replay, it was the reporter
in the stands writing up the game for the local paper, and, okay, also the
guy covering it live on radio, who made fans feel like they were right there,
cheering on their favorite team, game after game. If you're a rabid fan
yourself, and want to try writing sports articles,
step up to the plate. Even if you aren't a sports nut, in a sports-crazy
society, having the ability to write a solid sports article can be an asset for
any freelance writer. To write a sports article, you will use general
journalism "tricks of the trade" and also some specific sports writing

Tips in writing a Sports Article
1. Have a strong lead.
- Start your sports article out with a strong lead, one that
encapsulates the available information on "who, what, where,
when, why and how."
2. Write clearly and concisely.
- Include context and metaphor and technical sports terms, -- but
they're also to the point and generally stick to basic vocabulary.
Being specific is one of the more basic tips for article writing.
3. Know the context.
- Have a basic working knowledge of the universe on which you're
- Know about specific sports including rules, history, league
standings, current controversies and other information.
4. Give the major play-by-play.
- Report the basic chronology--beginning, middle, and end, of the
sporting event--with details about the major moments: turning
points, big plays, big mistakes, and momentum-builders. In other
word, you're providing something of a verbal highlight reel.
5. Use quotes as often as possible.
- Asking good questions and collecting answers from players and
coaches is an important part of writing your article. Be prepared
when approaching your interview subject.
- Incorporate these quotes into the body of your article.
6. Check your facts.
- You must correctly present the facts.
- A clean, concise sports article will have its facts straight.

After you have a firm grasp on how to write articles, then write
specifically for sporting events; your articles could provide vital
information and insight to rabid and casual fans alike.


Quick Tips:
To report well on a sport, you must know the sport thoroughly.
Check your facts: Sports involve many people, stats and technicalities.

Sports Lingo


24-Second Violation
This occurs when the offensive team in basketball either does not attempt a shot or attempts a shot that
does not at least hit the rim or goes in the basket within the 24-second shot clock. Only the NBA, WNBA
and FIBA basketball games shot clock is 24 seconds long.
The air ball as the shot clock expires results in a 24-second violation.
The defense smothers the offensive player who is unaware of the clock winding down and is then
charged with a 24-second violation as the shot clock expires.

All Ball
This is term that a player uses as their defense when they have been called for a foul during a block
attempt in basketball. The defensive player claims that they did not touch the offensive player and
touched nothing but the ball and got a clean block.
The center claims that he didnt commit the foul on the block attempt and got all ball.

Alley Oop
This is an offensive play in basketball where one player throws the ball up in the air near the basket and
another offensive player grabs the ball in mid-air and scores, usually with a dunk.
The point guard tosses up an alley oop to the center who slams it home for an easy two points.

A player is given an assist after they pass the ball to a teammate who then makes a field
goal immediately after receiving the pass. A passer can even be credited with the assist after the
teammate who receives the pass dribbles the ball and then makes the field goal. However, only one
assist can be given per field goal made, which is the last pass given to the teammate before the field

The point guard earns the assist after he dishes a nice bounce pass to the center under the basket, who
then dunks the ball for an easy two points.

Backcourt Violation
There are two instances of a backcourt violation in basketball:
When an offensive player touches the ball in the backcourt, after it has already been brought into the front
court and it hasnt been touched by a defensive player last.
The offense is called for a backcourt violation after the point guarddribbles the ball off his foot and he
grabs the ball after it goes into the backcourt.

Buzzer Beater
This is a shot in basketball that is taken in the final seconds and made before the buzzer sounds.
Jordan drives to the free throw line, pulls up and hits the buzzer beater to win the game.

This is a legal method of advancing the ball up the court by an offensive player. The player can only
dribble the ball with one hand and can either be standing, running or walking with the ball. Once the
player pulls up their dribble and stops, they cannot start again, otherwise they will be called for a double
Paul dribbles up court and dishes a perfect alley-oop to Griffin for the dunk.
A rebound occurs in basketball when a player gains possession of the basketball after a missed field
goal,three-point field goal or free throw attempt. The basketball usually hits off the rim or the backboard
before the player gains possession of the ball and is credited with the rebound. However, a player will not
be given credit for a rebound after gaining possession of the ball after a blocked shot. There are only two
different kinds of rebounds in basketball and theyre called offensive rebounds and defensive rebounds.
The center boxes out his opponent and grabs the defensive rebound after the missed three.

This is a violation in basketball when the player who is holding the basketball moves one or both of their
feet illegally. The most common way a player gets called for traveling is when they are holding the ball
after picking up their dribble and they move their pivot foot. Another common way a player is called for
traveling is when they take three or more steps when not dribbling the ball.
The point guard slashes to the basket and scores, but has the basket called off when he takes one too
many steps and is called for traveling.

Zone Defense
This is a type of defense where a defensive player is assigned a specific area on the court, field or ice
and is responsible for covering any player that comes into that designated area. The defensive player is
supposed to stay in his assigned area at all times.
With the big lead, the defense can afford to drop into zone coverage and play less aggressively.


This refers to a serve that goes untouched, therefore resulting in a point for the serving
The player puts up a monster serve that speeds past the receiving player, untouched.
And with that ace, the player wins the match.

This refers when a spiker quickly strides towards the net before they jump in the air for
an attack.
The outside hitter approaches the net, jumps and slams home the spike for a point.

Attack Block
This is when a defender, or receiver, tries to block a spike from an attacking player
before it crosses over the net.
The defensive player stuffs the outside hittersspike attempt for a textbook attack block.

Bump Pass
This is a method of passing or setting the ball up to a teammate by joining the forearms
together, extending your arms in front of you and bumping the ball off of them in an
underhand manner.
The libero uses a bump pass to hit the ball over to the setter who sets it up for an
easy spike by the outside hitter.

This refers to when a player prevents the ball from hitting the ground on their side of the
net after an opponent has spiked or served the ball towards them.
With the game on the line, the libero makes a diving dig to keep the play alive.

This is when the attacking player lightly taps the ball over the net to an area on the
opponents side of the court that is not being guarded or occupied by a defensive
player. The intent of this soft, legal push of the ball is to get it past the blockers.
The setter tricks the defense and lightly dinks the ball over the net for an easy point.

Jump Serve
This is a type of overhand serve in volleyball where the server throws the ball high into
the air then makes a timed approach and makes contact with the ball, sending it over
the net and with a lot of topspin and speed.
The player executes the perfect jump serve and places the ball just out the defenders
reach for the ace.

This is a spike, or attack, in volleyball that cannot be returned by the defensive team
therefore resulting in an immediate point for the offensive team.
The outside hitter spikes the ball past the diving defender and now has 12 kills on the

This refers to a skill in volleyball where an offensive player directs the ball to an area by
the net so that a teammate can spike the ball into the opponents court.
The player places the perfect set on the far side of the court that enables the outside
hitter to spike home another point.

1. This is a form of attack in volleyball when the ball is hit with force with the intention of
it hitting the opponents side of the court without the chance of it being defended.
With that spike, the outside hitter now has 12 killson the night.

This is a term that is used to describe a really exciting and good boxing match. These types of boxing
matches are intense and are very hard to determine who is winning the match until the very end of the
fight. A barnburner fight usually goes the distance, with the winner being determined in the final seconds
of the bout.
Going into the final round, this fight has turned into a real barnburner, as both fighters deserve to win
tonight. Their intense exchange of punches and non-stop brawl makes this fight one of the best weve
seen in a while.

Fight Card
The fight card is a program or itinerary of all the boxing matches that are to take place during one boxing
event. A fight card usually contains one main event and the undercard. A fight card is usually just referred
to as the Card.
Its going to be a great night of boxing. On the card tonight is Jones versus Hughes, Davis versus Brown
and for the main event we have Spencer versus Mason.

Club Fighter
This is a term that is used to describe a professional boxer who tends to fight locally and is not nationally
recognized or known. Club fighters tend to not be as well respected as other professional fighters
because of their mediocre or poor records or they may be fighters who are now on the decline.
A club fighter coming out of Philadelphia, this fight is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Smith to prove
hes ready to fight with the big boys.
A counterpunch is a boxing punch that is immediately thrown after an attack from an opponent. The
fighter will attempt to block or dodge their opponents punch, then attack the new opening in their
opponents guard.
The champ is able to slip past a strong right cross from the challenger and immediately counters with
strong jabs to his body.

Glass Jaw
This is a term that is used to describe a fighter whos susceptible to an easy knock0ut. This term does not
mean that the fighter has a structurally weak jaw or chin.
Jones showed his glass jaw once again, getting knocked out for the third time in his last four fights.

K.O. (Knockout)
This is the abbreviation for knockout. A K.O. (knockout) occurs when a fighter is knocked to the floor and
is unable to get to their feet before the referee reaches a count of 10.
This victory marks number 12 for his career and his ninth by K.O.

A southpaw is a left handed fighter. This means that the fighter jabs with their right hand and throws their
power punches with their left hand. Southpaw fighters are also called unorthodox fighters.
Jones never felt comfortable fighting the southpaw the entire bout, and it was his opponents powerful left
hook that caught him off guard and knocking him out.

Sucker Punch
This is a type of punch that catches the opponent off-guard, usually when they are not prepared to defend
themselves or are unaware the punch is being thrown. A sucker punch is usually thrown while in close-
range or from behind an opponent. This type of punch is considered unethical and dirty.
Before the bell is rung, Smith delivers a dirty sucker punch to his opponents chin. The referee issues a
warning to Smith for the punch.
The undercard refers to the preliminary matches or bouts that occur before the main event on a card
or fight card. This term is commonly used to describe the matches before the main event in boxing.
Tonight is sure to be an exciting night with the undercard containing some of the best up-and-coming
names in boxing.

This is a power punch used in boxing that is aimed at the opponents chin. The uppercut starts low
around the opponents midsection, with the punch coming up from below and usually making contact with
the opponents chin or other parts of their head.
Jones gets in close to the challenger and unleashes a massive uppercut to his opponents chin, causing
his head to fly backward.

A player is credited with an assist when they pass the ball to a teammate that leads to a goal. A player
can also be credited with an assist after their shot is blocked by a defender, goalie or goalpost and then
another player scores a goal off that rebound. A maximum of two assists can be given per goal.
The forward earns the assist after his teammate knocks in the goalies deflection for the second goal of
the game at the 23rd minute.

Back-Heel Kick
This is a move in soccer where the player with the ball brings their foot forward in front of the ball, then
kicks the ball backward using the heel of their foot. This technique is usually used to pass the ball to a
Jones dribbles the ball up the field and uses a back-heel kick to pass the ball behind him to a teammate
who kicks it in for a goal.
This is a term used in soccer to describe when a player has scored two goals in a single game.
Foster takes the back-heel pass from Beckett and kicks the ball into the top right corner of the net, just
out of the goalies reach. With that goal, Foster has his second brace of the season and has a chance
with 10 minutes left in the game to get his first hat trick of his career. Foster is credited with the assist.

Corner Kick
This is a free kick that is awarded to the attacking team that is to be taken from a corner of the field. The
free kick is awarded after the ball has been kicked out of bounds and over the goal line (outside the
posts) by the defending team.
With it being too crowded around the net, the defending team kicks the ball out of bounds to prevent an
easy goal. The Devils will now get a corner kick on the far side of the field.

This is a method of advancing the ball on the soccer field where the player controls the soccer ball by
keeping it close to their feet and kicking it lightly.
Jones dribbles the ball up field, moves past the first defender then uses a back-heel kick to pass the ball
to his teammate for a goal.

Drop Kick
This is a method of kicking the ball in soccer, used by the goalie. A drop kick is when the goalie picks up
the ball, then drops the ball directly in front of them and kicks before it hits the ground.
The goalie makes a miraculous diving save then immediately gets to his feet and drop kicks the ball up

1. This is a match that is arranged between two teams that has no competitive value of any kind attached
to it. For example, the outcome of the match will not hurt or help a teams ranking in the standings or their
placement in any upcoming tournament. Its common for friendly matches, also known as exhibition
matches, to be played for entertainment purposes or to help raise money charity. Friendlies are also
arranged between teams as a warm-up before the season begins so that the teams are exposed to a
competitive style of play from players that are not on their own team.
The mens soccer teams from the United States and Mexico will play a friendly match this weekend to
help warm-up for their tournament next month.

This is a foul when a pass is made to an attacking player who is on the oppositions side of the field and is
closer to the oppositions goal line than both the ball and two or fewer opposing players. The goalkeeper
counts as one of the opposing players.
The attacker receives the pass from the defender, but is just too far out in front and is called for an

A rebound occurs in basketball when a player gains possession of the basketball after a missed field
goal, three-point field goal or free throw attempt. The basketball usually hits off the rim or the backboard
before the player gains possession of the ball and is credited with the rebound. However, a player will not
be given credit for a rebound after gaining possession of the ball after a blocked shot. There are only two
different kinds of rebounds in basketball and theyre called offensive rebounds and defensive rebounds.
A rebound in soccer is when the ball bounces off the goalie after they make a save and the ball remains
in play.
The goalie makes the initial save, but the attacker is right there to kick the rebound into the goal

1. This refers to when a team wins a game or match by not allowing the opposition to score. In other
words, one team does not score during the game.
Baseball & Softball
1. And with that final strikeout, Jones finishes the game and gets his first career shutout.

Here are some examples of a good sports story. . . .


MANILA, Philippines Yeng Guiao of Rain or Shine stressed the importance of this game.
San Mig Coffees Tim Cone stressed the importance of just getting some rest going into this
The Elasto Painters and the Mixers lock horns again as they break a 1-1 tie in their PLDT
MyDSL Philippine Cup title series at 8 p.m. Wednesday with Guiao saying that a win is crucial
and Cone harping that the three-day rest before Game 3 could prove pivotal for the long haul.
Winning Game 1 gave us the adjustment advantage, but we cannot afford to give up that
advantage, Guiao said after losing Game 2 on Sunday night.
San Mig is too experienced to let them have the lead in this series. Game 3 is really big for us,
added Guiao, who is seeking his first all-Filipino crown in a highly successful career. We need
to find the proper adjustments and execute better.
Nine games in 2 weeks. San Mig played a total of nine games in the last two weeks or so, and
that easy Game 2 win on Sunday that resulted in Peter June Simon and James Yap playing just a
combined 46 minutes, was the bonus Cone was looking for after tying the series.
Though we want to get back on the horse and play again, any break at this point is good for us,
Cone said before pointing out the downside of the three-day lull. Yeng is a master strategist.
You give him two days and hell have a lot of things to throw at us.
We cant relax too much, Cone said. We need to keep our concentration, keep our momentum
The thing that Guiao needs to figure out is how to make his players regain their shooting touch.
Six of 26 three-point baskets On Sunday, the Elasto Painters went 0-for-10 from three-point
range in the first half before finishing the night with a 6-of-26 clip.
They shot just 23 of 52 attempts from two-point zone and were never really in the game after a
4-4 tie in the first minute. We struggled all game long with our offense, Guiao said. I think
San Mig needs to be given credit for playing really good defense. Aside from the fact that we
couldnt make shots, their defense really compounded our problems.
Second straight all-Filipino Finals Only Jeff Chan finished in twin digits for the Painters, who
are in their second straight all-Filipino Finals.
And for them to not lose the upper hand that Guiao talked about, they need to be able to hit their
target again.
That loss was the first for Rain or Shine against the Mixers this season, and it was just the
Painters second setback in their last 15 games. The other loss came against Petron Blaze in the
Final Four which snapped an 11-game winning streak



Adamson mens volleyball team sings their alma mater hymn after completing the UAAP final four cast. Photo by Celest
MANILA, Philippines Adamson made most of a second chance and nabbed the last final four
spot from La Salle in the UAAP season 76 mens volleyball tournament on Wednesday.
The Falcons gave the Green Archers the boot with a masterful 25-20, 27-25, 25-23 win in a
playoff match at the Arena in San Juan to complete the mens semifinals cast.
Adamson was given another crack when La Salle, which just needed a win to advance, fell to a
mammoth upset by University of the East, who was winless for the first 13 games, last Sunday.
Maybe this was meant for us, an elated head coach Domingo Custodio said in Filipino after the
match. I already told my players to rest before we found out we still had a chance.
The Falcons, aware of their size disadvantage against the Green Archers, made up for it with
super reception and sturdy finishing each set.
We really practiced our reception. Thats what we want. Theyre tall, so we want to have a good
reception to counter that, said Custodio.
Adamson always trailed La Salle early each set, even by as many as 13-8 in the third set, but had
no problems turning things around.
In the second set, the Green Archers were a point away from tying the game but the Falcons
didnt back down for a 27-25 win.
I just reminded them to stick to our game plan, receive, receive, receive, I sounded like a
broken record but thats what we needed to do, said Custodio.
Michael Sudaria, who is playing on his final year, finished with 16 points while John Edison
Mallapre added 14 points, including three blocks.
The Falcons will face no. 1 seed National University, which has a twice-to-beat-edge, in the final
four on Saturday



Manny Pacquiao. AFP FILE PHOTO
MANILA, Philippines Manny Pacquiao will level up his conditioning regimen next week
when he steps into the ring for the first time since dominating Brandon Rios last Nov. 24 in
Slowly getting into shape, Pacquiao again did the mitts with Filipino trainer Buboy Fernandez at
Pacman Wild Card Gym Tuesday, according to trusted aide Roger Fernandez.
After doing his routine training sequence, Pacquiao met with sparring partner Lydell Rhodes,
who arrived in General Santos City from the United States on Monday afternoon along with his
adviser Michael Koncz.
Knowing that the unbeaten Rhodes (19-0, 9 KOs) is still suffering from jet lag, Pacquiao told the
Tim Bradley build-alike to take a rest and prepare for next weeks sparring sessions instead.
Pacquiao, who has been doing morning run since returning from the US last week, is looking
forward to the training camp designed by chief trainer Freddie Roach for his rematch with
Bradley on April 12 in Las Vegas.
In their first duel on June 9, 2012, Bradley eked out a widely lambasted split decision to snare
Pacquiaos WBO welterweight crown.



Michael Christian Martinez of the Philippines competes in the mens free skate figure skating final at the Iceberg Skating Palace
during the 2014 Winter Olympics, Friday, Feb. 14, 2014, in Sochi, Russia. AP/Ivan Sekretarev
MANILA, PhilippinesHe entered the biggest sporting stage with the modest goal of making it
to the top 24 but Michael Martinez, the Philippines brave lone Winter Olympian, achieved way
more than that.
In two nights, Martinez turned triple Axel jump into a household phrase and managed to make
the entire nation rally behind him with his gutsy and inspired performances in the 2014 Sochi
Winter Olympics.
With his routines scheduled near midnight in Manila time, it seemed like every Filipino stayed
up to witness him make history on the rinkholding their breaths as he soared through a triple
Axel, and crossing their fingers that Martinez wont spill.
And the 17-year-old Martinez, the youngest among the seasoned competitors, definitely didnt
disappoint as he wound up 19th out of the top 24 at the close of the mens figure skating
He garnered a score of 64.81 in the short skate where he performed to the tune of Romeo and
Juliet, then wowed in the free skate routine over the beat of Malaguea to earn 119.44 for the
total of 184.25.
The 19-year-old Yuzuru Hanyu handed Japan its first-ever gold medal in a record-setting
fashion, Canadas Patrick Chan bagged silver and Kazakhstans Denis Ten went home with the
bronze medal.
Martinez held the top spot after the first six skaters but gradually slipped down to his final
In fact, it wasnt just the Filipinos who were enamored with the gangly Martinez, even the
foreign media couldnt help but be drawn to his inspiring story: a kid who started in a mall ice
skating rink in the humid Manila who ended up in the medal round in the Olympics.
His story, including the sacrifices he and his family made just to be able to sustain his figure
skating dreams, were heard by thousands as it was carried by major news outfits from all over
the world.
And getting that sustained financial support for his build-up until the 2018 Winter games doesnt
seem like a far-fetched idea now with the immense promise Martinez showed.
He may not be going home with a shiny medal dangling from his neck, but Martinez gained the
attention and respect of the not only the entire nation but also the world.



MANILA, PhilippinesJinggoy Valmayor, leagues leading goal scorer, will miss two games in
the best-of-three finals series of the UAAP mens football tournament.
Valmayor, the former rookie of the year, has been suspended for violent conduct, according to
the tournament commissioner Rely San Agustin.
So the Maroons will have to get past no. 1 Far Eastern University sans their top offensive option
starting Thursday in game 1 at the FEU-Diliman gym.
If the series reaches a sudden death, Valmayor could suit up for the Maroons.
The national under-23 squad standout was sent off last week for headbutting University of Santo
Tomas Nicanor Palacio in their final four match.
Im disappointed, said UP coach Anto Gonzales regarding Valmayors actions.
Meanwhile, the Tigresses and the Lady Tamaraws begin their own best-of-three finals in UAAP
football at 10 a.m., also at FEU-Diliman field.


Tell which sport do these leads belong.

1. Morrison won the first three rounds of the scheduled 12-round fight
scoring mostly with overhand rights and jabs.

2. American David Wheaton bear compatriot Michael Chang 6-3, 7-6
yesterday to advance to the final.

3. Iran took the first gold medal at the 9 Asian Track and Field
Championship yesterday as Hamid Sadjadi won the 3,000 meter steeple
chase in eight minutes 33.89 seconds.

4. A lo-man Bulgarian side held-off Paraguay in the dying minutes to
come away with a goalless draw in their World Cup opener yesterday.

5. Veteran Mark Woodforde stunned Pete Sampras on one of the
Americans favorite surfaces yesterday, scoring a 6-3, 6-2 victory in the
third round of the Queens Club grass court Championships.

6. Former womens world No. 1 Steffi Graf had to battle for nearly two
hours before beating Australian qualifier Renae Stabb 5-7,6-2,6-4 in the
second round of the WTA tournament here on Wednesday. (Tennis)

7. Athletes in four events set records for the year at the Slovnaft Grand
Prix track meet on Tuesday.

8. Thai Amateur Weightlifting Association (Tawa) yesterday
optimistically predicted that a quarter of Thai woman lifters would qualify
for the 2000 Sydney Olympics and at least a gold medal could be within

9. One of the fiercest rivalries in European football will be rekindled
when Belgium and Holland meet in their opening Group E match today.

10. The Buick Classic at Westchester Country Club has a leader other
than Ernie Els for the first since 1995 as Kevin Sutherland fired a seven-
under 64 on Thursday for a one-shot lead after the first round.
Write an article about La Salle Lady
Archers Performance during UAAP 76.

Write an article comparing Jeric Tengs and
Jeron Tengs performance during UAAP 75


Improgo, David Timothy B.
Feature Writing

Students will be able to:
1. Identify the characteristics of a feature article.
2. Write their feature article.
3. Know the difference between a news article and feature article.

What is Feature Writing?
Feature writing tells the reader story and narrates it in a vivid way.
It allows the reader to see the detailed description of the story.
It also uses quotes.

Parts of Feature Writing:
- Also called as the lead.
- Must grab the readers attention by using interest- arousing words.
- Must be catchy.
- Should be specific to your story.
- Should be in third person point of view.

Common types of Leads
o Narrative tells a story
o Descriptive describes a scene, person, or subject.

Other types of Leads
o Colour piece
o Fly on the wall
o Behind the scenes
o In disguise
o Interview
o Profile
o How-To
o Fact box / Chronology
o Backgrounder / A history of
o Full texts
o My testimony
o Analysis
o Vox pop / Expert roundup
o Opinion poll
o Review

Pitfalls in writing Leads
o Writing in first person point of view
o Writing in second person point of view.
o Over usage of phrases or expressions (clichs).
o Stating the obvious.

- Tells the summary of what the story is all about.
- Answers the questions: (5ws and h)
1) What
2) Who
3) When
4) Where
5) Why
6) How

- Should be connected with your lead.
- Use a powerful quote.
- Should leave an impact in your readers minds.

Pitfalls in writing a feature story
o Usage of too much adjectives and adverbs.
o Story with an unpleasant and unorganized flow of events.
o Writing in passive voice.
o And of course, bad and messy handwriting

Writing Your Own Feature Article

Find your story.
Look for not only at what interests you, but what people are, and have
been, talking about.
Pay attention to the news. Sometimes feature articles come from looking at
a news article and asking why that incident occurred.
Is there something happening in your community that might be of interest to
the country or the world?

Learn more about your story. Proper research will provide the meat for
your story.
Gather information from interview sources and previously published

Decide on what type of feature you want to write. There are many
kinds, from the personality profile to the how-to feature.
You might want to find out what people are thinking about what's in the
news for a news feature or put a human touch on an historical event.
The primary objective of an informational feature is educating the reader.
The most common type of feature writing is the human interest story that
tugs on heartstrings by recounting how someone overcomes
insurmountable odds.

Organize your feature article by thinking of it as a three-act play.
The first act is the introduction, in which the freelance writer introduces the
subject while capturing the reader's interest.
The second act of feature writing is the body, which provides the
information in an interesting, logical manner. This is where you'll often see
The last act of your feature is the conclusion, in which you pull everything

Think about the best style for a feature article.
Often this is determined by the subject and the type of feature.
Consider whether the feature comes across as chatty or literary, humorous
or serious. Match the style to the tone of the subject.
Look for variety in sentence and paragraph structure. No one wants to read
long paragraphs exclusively and short sentences give feature writing a
staccato effect.

Add details to keep a feature article interesting. Freelance writers use
anecdotes, descriptive writing, figures of speech, facts, comparison vs.
contract, and even shifts in time (flashback and foreshadowing) to keep a
reader reading.

Create titles that not only add interest to a piece, but communicate
what a story is about.
Feature writing often includes subheadings. Three is an average number of
sections with subheadings. Use too many and you'll lose the interest of
reader and editor, alike.

Tips in writing your own Feature Article
If you're feature writing for a specific publication, take a look at its pages to
get an idea of the style and format the editors prefer. If a publication prefers
an analytical style, it probably won't consider a feature written in an
informal, colloquial manner.
Ask your friends for further ideas.
Check if your spellings are right or not.
Write the main article funnier and more attractive. You'll need to collect
details about the topic.
Add your thoughts about the topic. Don't mind if people like what you said
or not.
Add a sidebar or two for added interest. Sometimes more information can
be attached to a feature. A freelance writer can include a sidebar on where
a reader can go for additional information or events related to the feature
Read out your article again to see if you have more ideas to write down.


Here are some examples of a good Feature Story
Intel Seeks to Boost Corporate Sales
with New Xeon Chip
Intel Corp. (INTC), the worlds largest chipmaker, said a new line of server chips will
reinvigorate sales and reverse a slowdown that threatens growth at its most profitable
Intel will start selling today a new Xeon 7-series processor, the first new version in three
years, said Shannon Poulin, general manager of marketing at Intels data center business
While Google Inc., Amazon.com Inc. and Facebook Inc. are buying chips to build their
own data centers and offer services over the Web, other companies havent been
spending as much on server computers. Server chip sales fell short Intels projections in
2013, gaining 7 percent even as sales to cloud data-center operators surged 35 percent.
We need to get the enterprise growing again, Poulin said in a telephone interview.
Weve seen some folks waiting for it.
The new top-of-the line Xeons will help convince companies to replace their old servers
because it will allow them to better use the growing amount of data being generated by
Internet-based devices and services, Poulin said. An improved feature of the new
processor is the ability to access more memory, requiring less frequent writing and
reading of information stored on relatively slower hard disk drives.
That means data analysis can be done more rapidly, according to Poulin. For example,
retailers may be able to access video and sales data in real-time, letting them know who is
in their stores so that they can update promotions and discounts instantly for shoppers.
While Xeon has 97 percent of the market for servers based on personal-computer chips,
according to Mercury Research, the new processor line will allow Intel to take better aim
at other designs, such as International Business Machines Corp. (IBM)s Power chips,
Poulin said. While Power and other RISC-based designs make up less than 20 percent of
total server shipments, they account for more than 40 percent of the revenue, giving Intel
room to grow by boosting market share, he said.

Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint sensor
will be located in the home button
With just a few more days left before Samsung hits the stage at the Mobile World Congress
next week, Sammobile is confirming that the Galaxy S5 will indeed feature a fingerprint
Samsung doesn't want to be left behind in integrating the technology into its products.
Apple was obviously the first, with the introduction of the hot-selling iPhone 5S. HTC
followed later last year with the One Max. Rising Korean smartphone maker, Pantech, also
announced a phone donning fingerprint-sensing capabilities. And from the looks of it,
Samsung's flagship phone this year, the Samsung Galaxy S5, will be having the feature as
But contrary to earlier rumors that its sensor will be built into the display, Sammobile, a
reputable site for Samsung-related leaks, says that the Galaxy S5 will have a sensor built
into the home button.
It works by swiping your fingers across the button, Sammobile confirms. The technology
also sounds a bit complex when compared to the iPhone 5S. That's because you'll need to
keep your fingers flat while swiping. And you'll have to do it slow, too.
Sammobile adds that the sensor is also sensitive to moisture, a clear downside for people
with sweaty hands.
But on the good side, users can reportedly view their fingerprints in real-time on the
screen. Sources told Sammobile that the technology is baked into the phone's operating
system, which we presume to be Android 4.4. KitKat, although an improved TouchWiz UI is
As if to make things complicated, users can reportedly register up to eight fingerprints and
assign each to a specific task or a shortcut. Say, for example, use a specific fingerprint to
open web browsers. But Sammobile adds that only one fingerprint can be used to unlock
the phone. The fingerprint sensor will also be used to sign into your Samsung account and
other websites.
Additionally, Samsung has reportedly added a new software feature meant to enhance
security and privacy. It's a Personal Folder and Private Mode, which hides apps, fies, and
other private content. "To open and close your Personal Folder and Private Mode, you
would need to swipe your registered finger over the home key after tapping on the home
key, or you could simply use a different security method, like pattern unlock or security
PIN," Sammobile explained.
Lastly, Samsung will allegedly use physical buttons on the Galaxy S5, shunning reports of
on-screen buttons. Samsung, as expected, declined to comment on the report.


What is the difference between news writing and feature writing?
Writing a news story, as the term suggests, consists in the main of
conveying the news in as direct a manner as possible, without leaving any
important fact. The most efficient way of doing this is to use the inverted
pyramid meaning that the reporter begins by dealing with the 5 Ws and
1 H of the story, before fleshing out the details. Its a fairly straightforward
way of conveying news, and is therefore universally popular.
How one to decide what is constitutes a news story?
While there can be no single rule, generally speaking, events that are
important to your readers and need to be conveyed as quickly as possible
constitute news stories. In a news article, facts are of paramount
importance, but other thumb-rules need to be taken into account. News
articles are relatively smaller the average is 300 words, but it might touch
500 if it is a lead article. The opening para, or intro, has to be crisp and to
the point. Likewise, the sentences that follow cannot be long-winded; the
writer cannot take liberties with ideas or construction. The news article is
therefore a terse style; emphasis given on the importance of the content
rather than form. The biggest challenge of writing a news story is to get all
the important facts and supporting data within limited time. The deadline
hovers like a sword over the heads of news reporters, especially if a big
story breaks out late at night.
To contrast with this we have a feature story. The feature writer has some
advantages over the news writer he has more time to write, and he is
allowed more words. Since space isnt as much a constraint as it is for the
news reporter, he can take liberties with ideas and form.
But that doesnt mean his task is any less challenging. He must write an
interesting story. A feature is less likely to be read because it is usually
relegated to special pages, away from Page 1; and readers are less likely
to have patience with it. Although facts are important, dryly stating them
wont do. A feature writer, therefore, seeks to become a craftsman, using
his material in ways that catch the attention of readers. There are unlimited
ways of doing this. The intro is as important to the feature writer as it is to
the news reporter as the fisherman employs bait with his hook, the
feature writer must tempt the reader with his intro.

Tell whether the following is a pitfall or not.
____ Writing in third person point of view.
____ Using too many adjectives and adverbs.
____ Using of specific nouns and powerful verbs
____ Messy handwriting.
____ Writing in a passive voice.
____ Have a lead longer than one paragraph.
____ End your story with a lethargic quote.
____ Use clithes.
____ Dont state the obvious.
____ The lead should open with the specific, then go
to the general.


Enumerate some characteristics of the
following parts of a Feature story.




Write a feature story or article discussing about
the latest phone of Apple. Use a powerful quote
or a rhetorical question at the end.


Improgo, David Timothy B.