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Aleksandar Drakuli

Address: Brace Radica 15, Subotica, Serbia

Email: aleksandar.drakulic@hotmail.rs
Cell phone number: (!"#$ %#&'("%&%"5
)ate o*
Birth: %&'("'1&"5
Work Experience
jun 2011. november 2013. Procredit bank a.d. Belgrade
Business client advisor
Communicated with clients about their needs and issues
Encouraged potential clients to become members of the bank
ecogni!ed client"s necessities
#nal$!ed our clients pa$ment abilities and estimated a credit risk
#ctivel$ managed with the %ualit$ of the portfolio
&sed the standard policies about managing the credit risk
'onitored the %ualit$ of the credit portfolio
Constantl$ monitored the financial developments and shifts on the
'ade decisions about the placements within joint powers
#ctivel$ collaborated with coworkers and clients
(acult$ of )ciences* &niversit$ of +ovi )ad 200,. 2010.
+ovi )ad* )erbia
-achelors of 'athematics and (inance
.$mnasium /0eljko 1etrovi23 2000. 4
)ombor* )erbia
English 5anguage #dvanced level 6written and verbal
Computer skills
Efficient in running all programs in ') 8ffice 6particularl$ with the
program E9cel7
Personal Characteristics
esponsible* energetic* communicative
espectable towards due dates
#nal$tical and self4contained at work
:rustworth$ under pressure
Capable of individual and teamwork
eceived a si94month training program 3<oung -ankers= at Procredit
Bank a.d. Belgrade
1assed the training program as a personal adviser* adviser for legal
entities* and credit anal$st.
>ntroduction of work responsibilities of all departments in the bank
through tutorials and seminars led b$ emplo$ees responsible for the
section about documentar$ operations* credit risks* operative risks*
internal audit* leasing* marketing* and human resources.
Certificate of course completion innovation 3)ales skills and
improvement of business= D.R. Gilbert Center
Certificate of course completion innovation 3)ales skills in the banking
sector= D.R. Gilbert Center
?river"s license 3-= categor$ #ctive driver
#ctive -asketball 1la$er
)partak* )ubotica
2011.4 toda$
0ojvodina* +ovi )ad