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Executive Summary 2
Management Team

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Keys to Success
Company Ownership
Start-up Summary

Company Locations and Facilities 4

Competitive Comparison
Sales Literature

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Market Segmentation
Target Market Segment Strategy
Market Needs
Market Trends
Market Growth
Marketing Strategy
Positioning Statement
Promotion Strategy
Strategic Alliances

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Executive Summary
F.C. Trenton United is a Mercer County-based youth training academy and youth club focused on improving
the lives of young people through education and organized recreation.
We have three core goals:
1. Help kids make better choices and better lives for themselves and their communities through basic
principles of discipline, competition and accomplishment through soccer. F.C. Trenton United offers
young people a rewarding, confidence-building alternative to “street” activities that can be detrimental to
families and communities in inner cities.
2. Develop a system of monitoring academic performance based on nationally recognized standards, and
encouraging improved educational outcomes for participants.
3. Help kids in and around Trenton heighten cultural awareness and understand other perspectives through
soccer. F.C. Trenton United will leverage a common interest of the ethnically diverse communities to
support greater social understanding.

F.C. Trenton United has a three-tiered strategy to bringing soccer to Trenton.
We will initially focus our efforts on fundraising to help build a soccer complex and training grounds. This
phase of our strategy includes partnership development with such industry brands as Umbro and Nike. We
will focus on reformulating the recreational program currently in place to provide a seamless transition of
support. This will be focused on the formation of two, and eventually three soccer leagues.
Our academy will include a travel program which focuses on youth development both on and off the field,
replicating that of the European Youth Training Models of Ajax, Sporting Lisbon, West Ham, Arsenal, and
F.C. Barcelona.
The second phase goes hand in hand with the first phase of our strategy, program development. This will
allow us to successfully take over the existing recreational program, develop an elite academy, as well as one
day bring a professional soccer organization to the city of Trenton.
The third and final phase is to develop an elite travel program with the focus on creating opportunities for
the more dedicated and talented Trenton youth. This will allow them to compete at the highest club level
competitions and gain exposure to college coaches and professional scouts.

Management Team
F.C. Trenton United will be managed by Paul Johnson and Christian Sanje.

Paul Johnson
After a career as an elite amateur, Paul Johnson began his collegiate coaching career with the Rangers in
2008. Johnson also coached for Jersey Knights, Parsippany SC, as well as the Madison YMCA. A member
of the United States Men’s National Soccer teams from the U14 to U20 levels and a three year player at the
University of Virginia, Johnson brings experience from the highest levels of American amateur soccer to the
Drew coaching staff. A Princeton, NJ native, Johnson joined the United States Men’s U14 National Team
set up in 1997 and went on to captain the U15 and U16 National Teams. He participated at the U17 FIFA
World Championships in 2001 and was twice named a Parade High School All-American. While a resident
at the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida, Johnson earned the prestigious Rafael Jordan Memorial Award
as the Student Athlete of the Year. He was a member of the 2003 and 2004 Atlantic Coast Conference
champion Virginia Cavaliers and helped lead his team to three consecutive NCAA Tournaments. Johnson
won two State cups, one with Princeton Soccer Association as well as one with PDA Dalglish, both times
being named MVP (Fair Play Award). He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Virginia in

Christian Sanje
Christian Sanje comes to F.C. Trenton with a wealth of experience as a Professional Player for the NY/
NJ Metro Stars, an All-Conference College Player, an All-American High School Player, and US Youth
Soccer ODP National Team Pool Player. Prior to joining F.C. Trenton, Christian coached for the NY Red
Bulls, Match Fit Academy, Manalapan Soccer Club, and Piscataway Soccer Club where his teams earned
prestigious tournament and league championships. As a youth player, Christian was part of two US Youth

Soccer National Championship teams with Vardar SC in Michigan (97,98), four US Youth Soccer Regional
Championship teams (96,97,98,00), and six US Youth Soccer State Championship teams (96,97,98, 00,
06,07). He was also part of the US Futsal National Semi-Finalist team in 2007. During his college career,
Christian played for St. Peters College where he earned 1st Team All Conference and All Rookie Team
honors. He was also a 2-time High School All-American for Huron High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Christian currently holds a United States Soccer Federation National “D” Coaching License and an NSCAA
Advanced Regional Diploma. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from Rutgers University in International

• To raise capital through various fund-raising ventures including sponsorship endeavors.
• Increase interest in soccer throughout Trenton, New Jersey and the surrounding region.
• Offer academic improvements and stability for participating athletes.
• Guide talent through all aspects of soccer development in preparation for the collegiate and
professional levels.

F.C. Trenton United provides a professional approach to preparing Trenton youth for athletic progress and
valuable life lessons organized soccer can offer. F.C. Trenton’s founder has traveled around the world with
Soccer National and regional teams and has found soccer to be a uniting social force in a broad range of
communities. Our mission is to literally show young people from Trenton the world through soccer, building
confidence while improving their skills.

Keys to Success
• Procuring a sustained facility in which to train young athletes year round.
• Maintaining open communication with our athlete’s parents and teachers.
• Building trust between our young athletes and our coaches/mentors.

Company Ownership
F.C. Trenton United, has been created as a not for profit organization based in Princeton, New Jersey. It will
be owned and operated by executive director Paul Johnson and its trustees. Paul Johnson will maintain a
founder seat. A Founder seat with all the rights and powers duly vested by the Board will exist in perpetuity.

Start-up Summary
The total start-up expenses (including legal, marketing, consultants, insurance, rent, expensed equipment,
and other) come to $00.
Long-term assets of $00 and long-term liabilities of $00 are anticipated.
The details are included in the following table and chart.

*Start-up Funding
Start-up Expenses Investment
Legal $10,000 Sponsors $00
Purchase Fees $229,000 Fund-raising $00
Marketing $00 Total Investment $00
Consultants $10,000
Insurance $00 Current Liabilities
Rent $24,000 Accounts Payable $00
Current Borrowing $00 Total Capital $00
Construction $1,500,000
Total Capital and Liabilities $00
Expensed equipment $35,000
Other $75,000 Long-term Liabilities $00 * All numbers are hypothetical at
Total Start-up Expenses $00 Total Liabilities $00 this juncture

Company Locations and Facilities

F.C. Trenton United headquarters will be established in an A-quality Home office space in Princeton, New
Jersey. This will be the heart of our company, with satellite locations in Trenton, NJ. We will provide 24-
hour answering service and an updated web site so that all parents and young athletes can access information
and contact league officials as necessary. The company is currently in the final stages of registration and
building strong partnerships with corporations, professionals, community partners, and individual donors.

• Coaching and youth training (based on European Youth Training Model)
• Academic monitoring (through an extensive database system)
• S.A.T. Prep

Competitive Comparison
F.C. Trenton United’s competitive advantage is as follows:
• There are currently no formal resources or facilities for organized soccer in Trenton.
• Our organization is run by individuals with real life experience in all aspects of soccer from novice to
the professional game.
• Our marketing and advertising strategies will be developed by Abakia Design (Formally Bertrand
Webber) and their colleagues. Abakia’s expertise in visual layout and communications will help create
a unique and aesthetic product for our athletes as well as strong brand of growing respect in reputation
for years to come.
• The main competition F.C. Trenton will encounter will be local recreation programs without the same
goals in terms of global outreach and educational advancement.
• We offer S.A.T. Preparation for all student athletes.

Sales Literature
F.C. Trenton United will have brochures available to investors who are interested in providing the Trenton
youth with this invaluable opportunity . These brochures will give the investors and sponsors a general
outline of our goals and will explain the benefits of our programs. These brochures will include biographies
of all senior level principals and will be complimented by a well designed web site:
The brochure and web site will add prestige as well as a professional presence in the eyes of our investors,
sponsors, athletes and parents.
We will also have a quarterly newsletter that we will send out to the community as a whole. This newsletter
will inform the city of Trenton of the growth and outreach of F.C. Trenton United. It will also contain some
human-interest stories about our communities and the residents.

F.C. Trenton United’s key fulfillment will be provided by parents’ dedication to a program that not only offers
their children an athletic outlet but a focus on academics and daily hands-on approach in all areas of progress
in life. This is achieved through the solid network of educators and professional mentors and athletes. We
are hard workers who have a solid community backing. We will maintain a pool of professionals in which to
pull from for our services. This will help us develop a rapport with our parents and help us meet or exceed

Market Analysis Summary

F.C. Trenton United’s main consumer base will be primarily low-income residents of Trenton who will benefit
from the unparalleled level of quality, education and structure we provide. We will also be marketing to local
area professionals for mid-level sponsorship opportunities.

Market Segmentation
F.C. Trenton United’s largest market segment in the Trenton, NJ area will be families seeking opportunities
for their children to get involved with an activity that will offer them life lessons in a controlled environment.
These residents will be the most likely to desire the world view and scope that our organization offers. We
expect this to be the largest growing segment with a growth rate in attendance of about 10% per year.

Target Market Segment Strategy

We believe that the physical resources F.C. Trenton United will offer, and our commitment to providing kids
with a positive, enriching experience will make F.C. Trenton United an intregal part of the Trenton landscape.
This will be the focal point of all our marketing and advertising efforts. These segments are also easily reached
through local newspapers and publications, as well frequent open house displays. It is essential for F.C.
Trenton United parents to understand that their child’s needs are our priority.

Market Needs
Each athlete’s family require the same opportunity to better their lives through activities of positive
reinforcement and rewards for hard work. We plan to offer our athletes a level of accomplishment that
competitive sports and a good education that many more privileged youth experience annually throughout
the USA.
• The small family segment needs a safe atmosphere that fosters a quality learning environment for their
children. They also need the convenience of a location close to their homes.

Market Trends
The recreation industry is constantly evolving and leaving many inflexible communities stagnant. One of
the major trends is the need to adapt to less financial support and maintaining the overall appearance and
condition of the parks and facilities. Another trend in which we will work to reverse is the absence of the
program senior directors in the community. A community that knows and respects an organization for
putting an effort into their children will better support the organization. There will be a regular presence of
F.C. Trenton United personnel as well as our brand in their neighborhoods.

Market Growth
The market for effective, reasonably priced athletic and education advancement through community efforts is
growing under the current political party.

Marketing Strategy
Marketing a fairly unknown organizational focus requires recognition of excellence in those that have done
so before us. Taking what has been done already with such organizations as F.C. Harlem and building on that
success with greater emphasis on education will brand F.C. Trenton as the future of soccer clubs around the
United States.
We will develop and provide an education environment of unmatched proportion while spreading
the appreciation of soccer throughout Trenton, NJ and the United States as a whole. It starts with the
commitment to community satisfaction and fulfilling their demands. Our commitment to quality athletes
and students alike will assure our future “staple” in inner city communities much like 4H and the Boys Club.

Positioning Statement
F.C. Trenton is fully involved in community outreach and community service. As a youth training academy,
we will position ourselves not only as a core part of the community, but as an agent of change in the lives of
the participating youth.

Promotion Strategy
Promotional material will be developed by Abakai Design along with all aspects of marketing and design.

5.3 Strategic Alliances

F.C. Trenton is currently working with F.C. Harlem in developing sales and sponsorship opportunities.

Coaching Philosophy
Athletes develop to their fullest potential when placed in a highly competitive environment playing with and
against quality players.
We also believe in teaching players three basic concepts. First, give the player the basic skill to be successful at
the high school level.
Two, we will also work on developing a mutual respect for the game, fellow players, opponents and officials.
In the end it is just a game.
It is our final hope to pass on a love for the game. We want our players to love the game as much as we do.
The ultimate goal is to have our players come back and coach or referee. This is how we make the game
better for those to come.
In addition, competent, positive coaching over an extended period of time allows a player’s full ability to be
attained. By creating a positive, competitive environment every practice, players are constantly working hard
and learning; thus, they can only get better with each and every day.
Goals of the Team: To develop each individual soccer player’s technique and skills so that they become
self-confident, creative, intelligent and skillful soccer players. To develop a player’s ability to function within
a team. Introduce and understand advanced soccer tactics. Demand good sportsmanship by players, coaches,
and spectators. Provide the opportunity and visibility for those players who would like to obtain college
scholarships. To demand high academic standards. For all players to succeed On and Off the Field!!
In the words of Bobby Howe, US Soccer Director of Coaching Education, “Soccer is an art, not a science,
and the game should be played attractively as well as effectively. Soccer is a game of skill, imagination,
creativity, and decision-making. Coaching should not stifle, but enhance those elements.
Training Sessions: An effective coaching session will allow for a strong player/coach relationship.
This is paramount if effective learning is to take place. The session must be well organized, allowing and
encouraging the player to fully develop his/her potential while having fun at the same time. Players also
have a responsibility to understand the basic structure of the session so time is not wasted on unnecessary
explanations. This is the fundamental idea behind the coaching sessions at Notre Dame Academy. This
breakdown gives an outline of a typical practice session. It shows the organization, format and expectations.
The session is normally divided into five phases.
1) Stretching/Warm-up, 10 min
2) Individual Skill Development, 20 min
3) Tactical/Team Concepts, 30 min
4) Scrimmage, 20 min
5) Cool Down, 10 min
Each phase will be explained giving a general outline of its organization and function. Also the time frames
on each activity are variable.
Stretching/Warm Up: Before each practice the squad will go through a set routine. The aim is to promote
flexibility and prevent injury. At the same time the coach can review the session, explaining what is going
to be coached and the expectations. It also allows us to focus on the session ahead. This is followed by five
minutes of light ball work before moving into the individual skill with some tactical focus development.
Captains are expected to start the warm-up at the designated time. Tardiness will result in extra running
exercises to encourage promptness.
Individual Skill Development: Individual player’s skills are worked during this phase. Players are
continually moving while working on all the fundamentals of the game. By keeping this phase interesting, it
challenges players to improve their skills. Players are encouraged to move out of their comfort zone. Small-
sided tactical games are used during this part of the session. We will focus most of the skill development
sessions on 1v1 and 2v2 training formats. We have noticed that there is a need for more creative and
confident ball handlers in the modern American soccer game. Focusing our priority on creating more
individually skilled players will give our teams the edge over more organized but not as creative teams.
Tactical and Team Shape: This part of the session is based on what concept is to be coached and will
be influenced by varying factors. Progressing from small-sided games towards the full-sided game which
help reinforce and teach the tactical concept being coached. The coaching session may move from a 4 v
4 introduction game ending in a 9 v 9 game or shadow training fully utilizing the concept being coached
pertaining to age group specifications.

Scrimmage: Depending upon the needs of the team, this can be conditioned or free.
Cool Down: At the end of every practice the players will go through a proper cool down period which
consists of light jogging and stretching to return the body and heart rate to normal as well as to prevent
injuries. The coaches will recap on the coaching points stressed during practice and relay information
pertaining to future events to the players.
Conclusion: The philosophy behind each session is an emphasis on coaching the fundamentals, tactics and
team concepts through various stages of development, beginning with simple activities with and without
pressure, ending in a more complex activity with realistic pressure situations. Goalkeepers will follow a similar
routine based on their specialized skills. The session is designed to be very flexible within a basic structure
that remains constant allowing players to understand the coaching philosophy.

To summarize. F.C. Trenton is a Youth Training Academy and Youth Club focused on the athletic
development, as well as social development of our local youth through the world of soccer. Our alliances
with such clubs as F.C. Harlem offers a seamless transition from local events to a more national and even
international arena as an ODP (Olympic Development Program). Our program involves State Teams,
Regional Teams and Youth National teams, placing the City of Trenton on the world map of soccer