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Greetings from ALSA

Development and growth of the ASEAN countries have increased through the
past decade that strengthens even stronger cooperation. Such cooperation in
the ASEAN region has grown in frequency and not just limited to political ALSA’s Vision
affairs among each government, but also extended to the fields of other social
concerns, such as law and human rights, economy, education, culture, and  to focus on a global vision on
the promising future of ASIA
even national security. Being inspired by this condition, on 18th May 1989, a
 to promote an awareness of
group of Indonesian Law Students came with the idea of forming an
organization where they could foster better relations, as well as promote
 to facilitate the recognition of
understanding and appreciation of different legal systems of ASEAN member the social responsibilities of
countries, along with building friendship among other law students law students
throughout ASEAN borders. The idea came to a realization by the
establishment of ASEAN Law Students’ Association (ALSA) in the very same ALSA’s Objectives
year, with the members of Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and
 to understand and appreciate
Philippines. The same associating spirit, in fact, was also felt by law students in
the diversity and share the
the other part of Asia, which are the law students from Japan, Korea and
ideals of law in society through
Taiwan. Thus, in the year of 1996, these young law students formed an exchange and communication
organization under the name of Asian Law Students’ Association (ALSA). among Asian law students
 to motivate law students to
Until this current time, ALSA has the following official members: Bangladesh,
develop a creative spirit
China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan Philippines, through a network of joint
Singapore, and Thailand. Up to the current time, ALSA is embarking a activities among Asian Law
programmatic approach in extending its membership to other Asian countries Students
to ensure on the existence of a broad perspective in the very spirit of ALSA.  to encourage the enhancement
of the capabilities of Asian law
ALSA Indonesia itself consists of 12 Local Chapters, such as: Universitas Syiah students to become
Kuala, Universitas Sriwijaya, Universitas Indonesia, Universitas Padjajaran, internationally minded, socially
Universitas Gadjah Mada, Universitas Diponegoro, Universitas Jenderal responsible, academically
Sudirman, Universitas Jember, Universitas Airlangga Universitas Brawijaya, committed, and legally skilled
Universitas Hasanuddin, and Universitas Sam Ratulangi.
ALSA Conference (AC)
ALSA Conference (hereinafter AC) is one of the most important activities in
ALSA which is held annually. It is within this conference that numerous law
students from more than 100 reputable universities from across the
continent meet annually to engage in extensive legal discussions, to
compete in the moot court competition, to manage the organization and
most importantly to promote further friendship and understanding among
different cultures. Aside from the abovementioned activities, participants
would also be involved in colorful activities such as academic visit, cultural
trip as well as the fascinating cultural exchange which fully promotes communication and bonding among
ALSA’s member. It is truly a commencement of the year that has passed, and a beginning of another
experience full of wonderful memories, of unity and friendship among nations.

This year, with the theme “Global Investment: Legal Response towards a Prosperous Asia”,
Indonesia will have the opportunity to host the event which will be participated by over 150 delegates and
guests from across Asia, Europe, and Australia. It is within this significant event that participants are
encouraged to be actively involved in every available activity in order to proudly represent their respective

Our Objectives
1. To equip undergraduates with basic legal knowledge and to enhance their capability to
participate in critical international global legal issue discussions.
2. To groom undergraduates who are aware of constant developments within the legal arena.
3. To raise the image and reputation of Indonesia in the local and international legal field.
4. To promote the diversity and the beauty of traditions and cultures of Indonesia by displaying
various cultural performances
Academic Programs

(1) International Moot Court Competition

It is one of the most awaited activities where representatives from Global Investment:
each country will compete against one another in this moot Legal Response towards
competition. The purpose of this moot competition is to test the Prosperous Asia
ideas and arguments of each delegation in a moot court to solve a The theme is chosen in response to the
hypothetical situation that is given. In accordance with the theme ever increasing trade and investments in
the region.
”Global Investment : Legal Response Towards a Prosperous
Asia”, this year’s case will be concerning the settlement of In accordance with the above mentioned
theme, the theme of the academic
Investment Disputes which will be governed under ICSID activities shall be as the followings;
(International Convention on The Settlement of Investment
Disputes), UNCITRAL Model Law and New York Convention on Mooting Competition
the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitrary Awards The Case of Bridas Sapic v. Govt. of
using the fictional case of . This year, the Moot Competition will Procedural Law: ICSID (3 Panels)
be held in bigger scope with not only inviting local honorable
arbitrators and professors as judges but also foreign judges which Table Discussions (TD)
will ensure the impartiality of the judgment. TD 1 : Foreign Direct Investment
TD 2 : Protection of Intellectual
Property Rights
TD 3 : Protection on Labors and
Migrant Workers
TD 4 : Corporate Social
Responsibilities (CSR)
TD 5 : Regional Economic

Labor & Law Enforcement

Labor Contract
(2) Table Discussion

During this session, participants will be divided into several

groups to discuss certain issues according to their interest.
Furthermore, this session will give each participant the
opportunity to compare, give suggestion and analyze
different legal systems in order to resolve the given
challenges by actively interacting with one another. Such
challenges will be resolved to the agreement made by each
commission in the form of International Convention or a
final report.
Table Rotation
Table Rotation is arranged for exchanging and interaction of ideas between different topics of
discussion. After all the discussions within the respective commission, representatives from each
commission shall deliver a presentation of the work results, solutions, and proposal to other

(3) Seminar

An interactive Seminar on the issue of Global Investment with honorable guests will be a great way
for delegates to learn about the hot topics regarding the ongoing flows of investments from highly
qualified and experienced sources. In addition, delegates will be given the chance to interact with
the honorary guests in the form of questions and discussions.

(4) Academic Visit and Legal Course

Among the places to be visited are BKPMD (Regional

Investment Coordinating Body) and KADIN (Indonesian
Chamber of Commerce). The delegates will have their
knowledge enhanced and horizons broadened through
listening to the views of experts in the field.
Administrative Programs

(1) Governing Council Meeting

Governing Council Meeting is the meeting (2) Academic Activities Coordinator

of ALSA administrative body. This will be
held concurrently with the Table
discussions. In this meeting, there will be
With the purpose to organize ALSA’s
discussions concerning the following
annual academic activities, the academic
activities coordinator (AAC) meeting will be
a. Administrative System
held simultaneously alongside the Table
b. Activities of ALSA
Discussion and Governing Council meeting.
c. Management of the branches and
d. Election of the Executives
e. Constitution of ALSA

Non-Academic Programs

(1) Cultural Night

There will be performances from each participating

country, which will fully show the diverse culture of Asian
countries, to establish understanding and friendship
among delegates despite cultural, religious and ideological
differences. The Cultural Night will take place at the
Prambanan Temple.

(2) City Tour / Cultural Trip

After all the academic activities have been conducted,

participants will visit various cultural highlights such as Borodubur Temple, the Palace of Sultan of
Yogyakarta, Kota Gede Silver Gallery, and Batik Gallery.
*Subject to Minor Changes
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