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Franklingate - Bush connections to Franklin Cover-up Scandal, Omaha, 1989

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Scandal Omaha

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Washington D. C. Prostitution and Pedophile
scandals, link to Omaha Franklin Scandal.

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Washington D. C. Prostitution and
Pedophile scandals, pictorial index below

MP3 audio download,
Tom Brokaw, Connie
Chung, 1989
& NBC /
Is there a common thread between the sexual abuse scandal at Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, the Franklin Cover-up Scandal -
Omaha (1989), Catholic clergy sexual abuse, GOP leadership cover-up of the Foley affair, ... Jeff Gannon White House
sleepovers, Clinton sexual adventures, Deborah Jeane Palfrey... and ???
Alphabetic Index, Franklingate
Pictorial Index
Franklingate subject table
...instances of child sexual and physical abuse linked to the Franklin Community Credit Union (Omaha, Nebraska) scandal.... boys and girls,
some from foster homes were transported around the country by airplane to provide sexual favors.... tracked to the White House.
Franklingate / Palfrey / Cheney, Alphabetic Index
Abu Ghraib - sexual abuse
abuse, sexual, cover-up
Akin Gump, Palfrey
Ak Sar Ben
Andersen, Harold
Apprentice, Libby book
Aquino, Michael Presidio
Archdiocese of Omaha Franklin
Ashhe, Victor Bush
Baer, Max
Balach, Paul Robert
Barney Frank
BCCI drugs
Blair, Tony pedophilia cover-up
Boehner, Foley
Bonacci, Paul
Boykin, William - Lt. Gen,
Covenant House Bush
Credit Suisse
Creighton University
Cunningham Carol Lam
DeCamp, J ohn Franklin scandal
DeLay, Tom
DiBiagio, Palfrey
Doyle, Brian DHS
Dutcher, Charles K.
Eberle, Bobby, GOPUSA CIA
Eberle, Bobby, GOPUSA Gannon
Extraordinary Rendition Hookergate,
Foggo, Wilkes
Fascism, pedophilia
The Fellowship
Foggo Hookergate
Foley, Mark
Franklin Cover-up Scandal
Franklin Community Credit Union
International Business
Communications Franklin
Iran Contra & Franklingate
Karr, J ohn Mark, Bush
Kerry, Bob Franklin Credit
King, Lawrence E.
Koreagate, Sun Myung Moon
Lam, Carol, Hookergate
Lehman, J ohn Franklin, Coos Bay,
9/11 cover-up
Letterman, monologue
Lewis, Clyde
Lewis, J erry - Congressman
Lockheed Martin
Mahoney, Eugene
Massachusetts Mutual
MillionsofAmericans drugs
Moon, Sun Myung
Mormons, sexual abuse
Perry, Rick, Governor TYC
Pope Benedict cover-up
prostitution, blackmail Koreagate
Ratzinger, Pope Benedict
Sarkozy, pedophilia
sexual abuse, sexual abuse
Shirlington Limousine Carol Lam
Southern Baptist Convention cover-up
Southfork Ranch Franklin
Spence, Craig J . Franklin
Talon News Eberle
Tarpley, Bush
Tarpley, Bush
Texas Youth Commission
Thune, Rove, Gannon
Tobias, Hookergate, Palfrey
Ullman, Hookergate, Palfrey
Union Pacific Railroad
University of Omaha
Franklingate - Bush connections to Franklin Cover-up Scandal, Omaha, 1989
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Boystown sexual abuse
Burzynski, Sgt Brian TYC
Bush, George Herbert Walker
Cambone, Stephen - Guantanamo
Casey, William
Cassem, Edwin
Catholic Church, Franklin Scandal
Carlson, Theodore
Carlton Ritz, Foggo
Chambers, Ernie
Cheney, Hookergate, Palfrey
Citizens for America Eberle
Citron, Peter
Colby, William CIA
Comey, J ames, Palfrey
Comey, US Attorneys
'the Colonel' Franklin scandal
ConAgra Franklin
Cornwall sexual abuse
Gannon, J eff, White House
Gannon, J eff, Gosch, Gannongate
Gannon, J eff, Eberle, CIA
Garfield Ridge Trust & Savings
Gentlemens Quarterly
Girls and Boystown
Gobie, Steve
Gonzales, Rove, Sutton TYC
GOP Dirty Tricks
GOPUSA Eberle, Gannon
Gosch, Noreen Franklin
Goss, Porter Carol Lam
Greenberg Eberle
Guantanamo - sexual abuse
Guckert Gosch
Gunderson, Ted
Hastert, Foley
Homosexual prostitution inquiry
Hookergate Carol Lam
Hookergate, Deborah J eanne
Multiple personalities sexual abuse,
Franklin scandal
NBC / CBS news, White House, call
boy ring video
Nebraska State Foster Care Review
North American Man Boy Love
Norris, Ed -- Palfrey
Northern Natural Gas
North, Oliver Eberle, Franklin
North, Oliver Franklin Credit
North, Oliver, Iran Contra
North, Oliver, Aquino
Offutt Air Force Base
O'Hara, Nickolas Franklingate
Omaha National Bank
Omaha Police Department
Omaha World Herald
Owen, Alisha
Palfrey, Deborah J eanne, Cheney,
Pamela Martin & Assc
Pamela Martin & Assc, Tobias
Ullman, Morris, Cheney
Pedophilia, fascism
USAID Roskens
Van Pelt, Samuel
Venezuela, Drugs, Franklin scandal
Waco, Branch Davidian, &
Waco, Branch Davidian
Waldman, Robert
Washington Times
Westin Grand, Palfrey
White House press briefings, Gannon
World Finance Corporation
Wilkes Hookergate
Wilson, J oe - Gannon
Palfrey Hookergate
Bush / GOP / pedophile, sex scandals ... NFU page index = go to NFU pages
location page
Abramoff / corruption Washington D.C. Dept of Interior, emails, corruption, casinos, Florida, drugs MORE Ledeen_8
The Franklin Scandal,
Omaha, Lawrence King, BoysTown, sexual abuse, White House 1989 MORE Children
Texas, Rove, youth prisons Rove, Gonzales, Sutton, implicated in failure to prosecute sodomy MORE Judiciary
Secret prisons, sexual torture Extraordinary Rendition, Bush, sexual torture, prisoner abuse, MORE CIA
8 U.S. Attorneys fired Carole Lam fired, Abramoff, Cunningham, Foggo, Wilkes, Hookergate MORE Judiciary
DiBiagio, Palfrey, Luna Gov. Ehrlich, DiBiagio fired, Luna murdered, Palfrey investigation, Hookergate MORE Judiciary
CIA, Iran-Contra, Franklin $38 million missing, Franklin Credit Union, Iran-Contra, Clinton, Bush MORE CIA
Mark Foley Senate Page program, email sex scandal / hypocrisy MORE Ledeen
Ronald Roskens, USAID, Chancellor, U of Nebraska, fired, homosexual orgies, MORE Bush
Ted Haggard Gay male prostitute, cover-up, White House conference calls MORE Ledeen
J eff Gannon White House visits, gay porn sites, Gosch, Guckert MORE Ledeen
Blunt, Boehner, Hastert Foley cover-up, Abramoff, Dept of the Interior, FBI Investigation MORE Ledeen
Brian Doyle, DHS, Arrested, use of a computer to seduce a child, Dept Homeland Sec. MORE War Terror
Tony Blair Pedophile investigations, D-Notices, cover-up MORE UK
Barney Frank Franklin cover-up, Steve Gobie, Boston, Cardinal Law, Creighton MORE
Sen. Larry Craig Long list of anti-gay, anti same-sex marriage votes, homophobia MORE
Michael Aquino Presidio, sexual abuse investigation, day care centers, Reagan ties. MORE Judiciary
Pope Benedict, Ratzinger Catholic priest sexual abuse cover-up MORE Religion
KoreaGate Sun Myung Moon, Congress, bribery MORE War Terror
Sarkozy statement: "I'm inclined personally to think that you are born paedophile .." MORE War Terror
Fascism and pedophilia ... disturbing similarities ..German Christian Church and the Nazi Party .. MORE UK
Covenant House Father Bruce Ritter, pedophilia, Iran Contra, Bush family connections MORE
J ohn Mark Karr Thailand, child sex rings, Bush connections MORE Religion
J ohn Lehman "Coos Bay" pedophilia cover-up 1982, 9/11 Commission, Franklin cover-up MORE War
Deborah J eane Palfrey D.C. Madam... threat to identify high-profile clients, Ullman, Cheney MORE Politics
Venezuela War on drugs? elections funding, pedophile networks MORE Venezuela
Gen. William Boykin Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, sexual torture of prisoners, Stephen Cambone MORE
War Terror
Sagiv, Israeli diplomat Israeli, Yosef Sagiv, Consulate in Atlanta, charged, exploitation of children MORE War Terror
Victor Ashe Bush's bi-sexual? Yale roommate, Ambassador to Poland MORE Bush
Ed McAteer Knowledge of Bush / Ashe Las Vegas sexual encounter MORE Bush
Southern Baptist Convention Failure to deal with clergy sexual abuse info
Franklingate - Bush connections to Franklin Cover-up Scandal, Omaha, 1989
http://www.newsfollowup.com/franklingate_index.htm[5/28/2014 3:12:34 PM]
Mormons Unreported sexual abuse, lawsuits abound MORE Religion
GOP Pedophile list
Washington Times, Casseday Huffington Post , Soliciting internet sex with what he believed was 13 yr old. 2006
GOP Dirty Tricks GOP Dirty Tricks, 50 years, hundreds of entries MORE Dirty Tricks

Cheney / Halliburton were clients of Palfrey's Pamela
Martin Associates? more

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Thomas DiBiagio, fired U.
S. Attorney, for investigating Hookergate
Palfrey connections to Luna
murder, Hookergate.
The Franklin Cover-up
Conspiracy of Silence

John DeCamp
Fascism, GOP, and pedophilia MORE
Rove Siegelman, political
Reagan, Bush call boy
ring, 1989
The Franklin Cover-up
Sexual abuse of 78 children cover-up,
1989, White House call boy
ring NBC video censored, and
Research Omaha, cover-up
of sexual abuse that reached
elite business and
government in Nebraska
Omaha World Herald
to the White House

Track CIA, to Porter Goss, to
Foggo, to Wilkes to Cunningham
to poker parties to Washington
prostitutes to Hookergate
and the firing of US Attorney
Carol Lam. MORE
Dr. Ronald Roskens, Kent State
official, 1970, see below
Boystown, Omaha and the
sexual abuse of children,
cover-up. MORE

Homosexual Prostitution Inquiry Ensnares
VIP's Reagan, Bush link this to the present...
Franklin Community Credit
Union, and pedophilia, Lawrence
E. King J r.
Congressional cover-up of sex
scandals, Foley, Haggard,
Hastert, Boehner, Lewis MORE
Franklingate - Bush connections to Franklin Cover-up Scandal, Omaha, 1989
http://www.newsfollowup.com/franklingate_index.htm[5/28/2014 3:12:34 PM]
Congressional cover-up, sex scandals

see NBC / CBS news item
Victor Ashe, Bush gay roomate,
censored news MORE
Iran Contra funding,
Franklingate MORE
Ronald Roskens named in J ohn
DeCamp's book, quietly fired from
University of Nebraska then promoted
to USAID by Bush MORE
Tony Blair, D Notices cover-
up of pedophile scandals

Sexual abuse of detainees at Abu
Ghraib and Guantanamo,
Cunningham and Ehrlich, Bob
Governor, Maryland, a target of
DiBiaggio corruption investigation.
Palfrey related, Washington
prostitution, influence peddling.
Link 9/11 to Cheney
to Cunningham
scandal to Palfrey
escort service scandal
to firing of 8 US
attorneys to Bush

Link Deborah J eane Palfrey, Cheney, CIA, Foggo,
Wilkes, Ehrlich, Norris, Cunningham, Shirlington

Texas Youth Commission, Rove, Gonzales, Sutton cover-up of
sexual abuse of teenage prisoners MORE

Oct 08, election campaign dredges up
McCain / Singlaub Iran Contra
connection. Council on World
Freedom. file McCain on the Board
of Directors. Iran Contra funding is
directly linked to Franklin Scandal
Omaha, Larry King more
Palfrey connections
to Hookergate
Gannon is the link between Omaha, 1989
pedophile scandal and the White House sex
scandals, cover-ups ... is he Gosch ...or does it
matter? MORE Gannon gay porn websites
Palfrey connections to the firing of the US Attorneys
Is there a common thread between the sexual abuse scandals at Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, Congress,
the Franklin Cover-up Scandal - Omaha (1989), Catholic and Protestant clergy, GOP, Clinton, drug
trafficking, the military ...and ?
common franklingate terms: ak sar ben albert foods alberto gonzalez alisha owen amato andersen, harold aquino, michael army of the night baack dennis baer, max baer, max baird holz zeilinger bi-sexual bobby eberle bonacci boystown
bradford brian burzynski BSCT byrnnerandall call-boy carlton-ritz casseday catholic cia citron, peter clatty commercial federal savings conagra coos bay lehman copple cornwall craig spence creager credit union crist david ambrosedavid
hinton decamp dick roth discovery channel duke cunningham dwight harris ed owens eisenstatt erniechambers fbi foggo foley fort bragg foster care review board frank figueroa franklin advisory board gannon guckert gannongate gerry
falwell gopusa hambright hitler youth hotmilitarystud iran-contrajames dobson james duffy james gannon james kelly john queen john stevens barry johnny sutton jubilation day care juliewalters kay griggs kimbrough king, lawrence labedz
libby apprentice lonnielatham lustfull utterances lynch male prostitution mark grossman mcconnell methamphetaminemidnight tour mikejones murray state bank nambla nebraska nelson, rusty northern natural gas northwest bell offutt ogen,
utah omaha omaha national bank orr case pagegate pedophigatepoindexter presidio probeensnares protestant ratzinger reagan, ronald rendition rick perry R-lynn robert kirchner robert spire rove, karl samuel vanpelt sarkozy paedophilia
satanismschoedinger scott mcclellan secret service shawn vassel sodomy southern baptist convention stephen cambone stitt strategic air command talon news tarpley temple of set texas youth commission the colonel the fellowship thomas
reynolds thompson, hunter tomdelay tongsun park tripp schweer union pacific railroad urbom wadman, robert washington times weber state university west texas state school westin crown center hotel williamboykin williams energy world
herald world vision yorkshiretelevision yosef sagiv franklin cover-up mcateer libby book apprentice homoeroticism, bestiality and incestuous themes, with an unspeakably gross passage where a ten-year-old girl is abused. Caged, and
forced to havesex with bears, to become a prostitute, search terms: a scene of incest between two uncles and their niece; fukk a freshly killed deer, prepubescent girl's painted 'mound', lack of vaginal odor ronald roskens kent state 1970 cfr
usaid chancellor uno board of regents caradori homosexual orgies ed mccateer leola mcconnell roundtablefalwell bisexual lustfull utterances tennessee knoxvillevictor ashekitty kelly las vegas mayor tang yale bulldog lips sodomite nevada
governor .........................gopusagay porn sites mcclellan austin gay bars bypassed secret service security controls background check fleischer press credential mcclendon inr bureau of intelligence and research state department wilson plame
endeavor media group llc houston theconservativeguy.com exposejessejackson militaryescorts bedrock corporation wilmington delaware j. daniels dividezero.net gkg.net collegestation bush presidential library lawrence king elizabeth doles
liaison to the white house rovefundamentalist Christian politics operation rescue biblereading by guckert reverend rob schenk american center for law and justice pat robertson justice roy moore pentacostal national community church
giddings school washington ashcroft congregant gannon schenk friends park bench plan righttalk.comleadership institute's broadcast school of journalismarlington virginia morton blackwell head of collegerepublicans south dakota politics
thune on gannon's radio webcasts daschlefree speech foundation probush.comjames abourezk mikemarino west point pennsylvania traitors list carter sarandon mortensen gorestern kerry kennedy MLKing mckinney moore dixiechicks aei
gannon articlemarch 2004 anti-gay rights ....Deborah J eane Palfrey, Pamela Martin & Associates, legal escort service, Tobias, Brandy Britton, 07-046-GK, CatherineConnelly, racketeering, Ulman, Dick Morris, adult fantasy, Miz J ulia,
prostitution, pimping, Montgomery Blair Sibley, ABC, Disney, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer Feld LLP, Eli Lilly, Quale, NASA, Kessler, Shirlington limousine, poker parties, Watergate, Westin Grand, hookergate whoregate, D. C. madam,
Duke-stir, Langley, Senator Larry Craig, Idaho, plainclothes officer, lewd behavior, airport men's room, tapped foot, anti same-sex marriage votes, homophobia, anti-gay rights, Romney campaign, Offutt, Barney Frank
Franklingate - Bush connections to Franklin Cover-up Scandal, Omaha, 1989
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FRANKLINGATE: When it was revealed that President Roosevelt - secretly recording aides and reporters -had ordered the smearing of Wendell Willkiein the 1940 campaign, I criticized the archivists at Hyde Park for having covered up
the existence of re...

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