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As per Tamil Nadu Stamp Act, For Rental Agreement

denomination value of Rs:20 for Non-Judical Stamp Paper

Tis Agreement of !ease entered into at "ennai tis is te da# of 0$
20%$ &et'een:

(r) ABC , son of, *+,, aged a&out 00 #ears and residing at Adress ereinafter
called !AN-!.R- of te F/RST PART)
A N -
(r) A0" , son (r of, *+,, aged a&out 00 #ears and residing at Adress ereinafter called
te T1NANT on te S1".N- PART)
3ereas te !and lord is te a&solute o'ner of address 'ic is to &e rented)
341R1AS te Tenant approaced te !andlord and 'anted to lease te portion
of te First Floor of address 'ic is to &e rented, measuring an area of a&out $00 s5) ft)
6appro7imatel#8 at a montl# rent of Rs)%,29$:- 6Rupees 'ords onl#8 for commercial
341R1AS te !andlord accepted to a&ove said offer and in pursuance of 'ic
te follo'ing agreement is entered into su&;ect to te follo'ing terms and conditions)
AN- te Tenant as agreed to occup# te premises as Tenant and ma<e use of
fittings terein su&;ect to terms and conditions set out ereunder)
N.3 T4/S A=R11(1NT 3/TN1SS1T4 AN- STAT1 AS F.!!.3S:
%) Te portion let out &# te !andlord to te Tenant under tis agreement is
measuring a&out %29 s5) ft) or terea&out and more full# descri&ed in te scedule
2) Te Period of rental agreement sall &e for a period of eleven monts
commencing from mm:dd:### to mm:dd:###)
9) Te portion let out under tis agreement sall &e used for tem "ommercial
purpose onl# 6for running office purpose8)
$) Te Tenant agrees to pa# a montl# rent of Rs)%,29$:- 6Rupees 'ords onl#8 and
for a residential portion on or &efore te >
da# of ever# succeeding 1nglis calendar
>) Te Tenant as paid a sum of Rs)%2,000:- 6Rupees 'ords onl#8 as rental advance
and tis deposit 'ic sall &e refunded to te tenant after te e7pir# or termination of
te tenanc#, tis said amount sall not carr# an# interest)
?) Te tenant sall maintain te portion let-out to tem in a fit and tenanta&le
@) Te Tenant sall <eep all fi7tures, electrical appliances and oter amenities
provided in te premises in good condition)
A) Te Tenant sall not use te premises for carr#ing out an# unla'ful illegal,
dangerous or immoral purpose)
B) Te Tenant sall not ma<e an# structural additions or alterations to te portion of
te &uilding let out under tis agreement 'itout te 'ritten consent of !andlord)
4o'ever suc permission is not deemed necessar# in relation to alteration 'or< for
installation of air-conditions)
%0) Te Tenant sall deliver vacant possession of te premises in te same condition
and manner 'en let out)
%%) Te ma;or repair:defects in te sanitar#, electric installation arising out of te
negligence sall &e rectified &# te tenant) /t is presumed tat te Tenant as ta<en
possession of te premises in good and accepta&le condition)
%2) Te Tenant and te !andlord sall ave te rigt to terminate tis agreement after
9 monts in giving t'o monts notice in 'riting of suc desire and tereafter te
!andlord sall refund te &alance rental deposit on suc termination of tis agreement at
te time of anding over te vacant possession of te said premises of te tenant)
%9) Te Tenant sall not distur& te oter tenants 'itin te campus)
%$) Te agreement ma# &e revie'ed for a furter period of on suc term and
conditions 'ic &ot te parties 'ill mutuall# agree)
%>) Te Tenant sall not su&let te 'ole or an# portion of te flat to an#one)
%?) Te !andlord sall permit te Tenant to peacefull# en;o# te a&ove said premises
free from an# indrance &# te !andlord or an# person or persons claiming troug or
under im)
%@) Te !andlord sall pa# all ta7es and oter levies on te premises save tose
specificall# covenanted &# te Tenant to &e &orne &# tem and to maintain te premises
in good and tenanta&le condition at all times)
%A) Te Tenant sall pa# te electricit# carges as per meter reading carged &#
%B) Te Tenant is a person 'itin te meaning of Tamil Nadu 0uildings !ease and
Rent "ontrol Act)
Premises at portion of te rented adress, measuring an area of a&out $00 s5) ft)
/N 3/TN1SS 341R1.F te !andlord and te Tenant ereto ave signed and
set teir ands on te da#, mont and #ear a&ove 'ritten)