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Email application and supporting documents to: admissions.eti@det.wa.edu.au

Family name (as shown on your passport)


Given names

Preferred name Date of birth (DD/MM/YY) Sex (Male/Female)

Address: Number and street

Suburb/Town/Country Post code/ZIP

contact numbers: Home telephone (country code/area code/number)

Mobile telephone

Email address

Country of birth

Nationality (as shown on your passport) Passport number

Are you currently enrolled at another college/university in Australia? Y N

Have you been at this institution longer than 6 months? Y N If NO, you must provide a release letter.

Do you have a husband, wife or any dependents who will be joining you in Australia? Y N

Do you have any type of disability or illness? Y N If yes, please specify:

Are you applying for a visa in Australia or outside Australia? In Outside

Do you hold an Australian Visa? Y N Expiry Date

If yes, type of visa: Student Working holiday Tourist/Visitor Other – specify visa subclass

If no, what type of visa will you apply for? Student Working holiday Tourist/Visitor Other – specify visa subclass

You must attach

Do you have current Overseas Student Health Cover? Y N
evidence of current
health cover.
If yes, who is your provider?

Membership number: Expiry Date

If no, do you need Family or Single membership? Single Family

2009 International Course Guide | 83 | TAFE Western Australia

english course: Course name

Number of weeks Commencement Date (refer to term dates p.7)

tafe course: Course number Course Name

Please list highest
qualification first. If you
would like a specific
pathway, please list.

Semester/Intake February July Year

Do you wish to package this application with a University degree? Y N

If yes complete and attach the University application form. Go to www.eti.wa.edu.au for further information, fees and university
application forms. Please note that packaged applications take longer to process.

Please tick the following English is my first language.

and provide evidence
with your application.
English was the language of instruction during my secondary school or college studies and I gained a satisfactory pass in English.

I have undertaken an IELTS test. Date: Overall Band Score:

I have undertaken a TOEFL test. Date: TOEFL Score:

Evidence of qualifications must be attached. Documents not in English must be accompanied by certified translations.
Please indicate highest level of education achieved.

Secondary: Name of qualification (eg. A levels) School/Institution Country Period of study

Post secondary: Name of qualification (eg. Degree) School/Institution Country Period of study

If you believe you have relevant work experience, please attach evidence with application (ie. employer reference)

I would like my offer sent to: My agent (details below) My email address (from front page)

Agent name:

Agent address:

Agent telephone (country code/area code/number):

Agent email address (all offers will be emailed):

Note: if you are under 18 this declaration must also be signed by your parent or guardian.
1. I declare the information in this application and supporting documentation is true. 5. I agree that Education and Training International may disclose information in regard to
2. I acknowledge that the provision of incorrect information or documentation or the my enrolment and tuition fee status, visa status, course progress and results to my
withholding of information or documentation relating to my application may result in parent(s), welfare carer and/or agent.
cancellation of my enrolment. 6. I consent that my personal information may be made available to Australian
3. I confirm that I have read a copy of the current TAFEWA International Student Guide and Commonwealth and State agencies including DIAC
information available at www.eti.wa.edu.au and fully understand the requirements of the pursuant to obligations under the ESOS Act and the National Code.
course. 7. I understand that this agreement, and the availability of Education
4. I have read and understood the code of conduct, conditions of enrolment, fee payment and Training International’s complaint and appeals processes,
and refund policy in the TAFEWA International Student Guide or at www.eti.wa.edu.au. does not remove my right to take action under Australia’s consumer protection law.

Applicant’s Signature Date

Parent or Guardian’s Signature (if under 18 years of age) Date

Education and Training International: Level 2, 123 Adelaide Terrace, East Perth Western Australia 6004
Postal addess: PO Box 6830, East Perth BC Western Australia 6892
Tel (+61 8) 9218 2100 Email: admissions.eti@det.wa.edu.au Web: www.eti.wa.edu.au
CRICOS Provider Code 00020G

2009 International Course Guide | 84 | TAFE Western Australia