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I'm bout to drop it like it's hot.

And light the blogging world on fire with the knowledge I'm spittin' right here.
But first, I want to lay down the law and let you in on a lil' secret that's been haunting me
as of late.
It ain't hard to tell that I'm all about 100% transparency.
eaning, e!erything I do to stack big chips e!ery month with this blog...
I ser!e up to you in step"by"step blog posts and !ideos.
#ou all ha!e my blueprint. #ou all ha!e my business plan.
But here's the kicker.
$o matter how much information I pass on, there's a handful that succeed, but the
ma%ority fails.
I mean, these dudes and di!as are doing e&actly what I do.
But their results don't mirror mine.
And I ain't ha!ing that.
I'm not one of those self proclaimed marketing gurus who cares only about fattening my
pockets and not those of my readers.
I ha!e lo!e for all of you.
'o instead of sitting back on my throne and counting the number of dead presidents I
I embark on cra(y research missions, and stalk my team's blogs to see what the dealio
is with them lagging behind.
And the ish that I found wrong with these blogs who use my e&act blueprint is
I was literally in awe. #ou see, they got the fundamentals down pact. )hey're rock solid
with that.
But their skill( and techni*ues are dragging.
$ot %ust by a near miss either. I'm talking big time.
I can't ha!e that. y s*uad deser!es better.
#ou all should be chillin' in prime time on the 1st page of +oogle, sippin' pina coladas
and making bank.
And now that I know what's holding most people back, I know how to fi& it.
'o I'm bout to bust my ass harder than e!er before, and make sure that your blogging
swag is top notch.
In the coming days I'm going to break down my blogging blueprint.
And train you on the techni*ues, so you become a skilled master and ha!e a third
degree black belt in blogging.
I will lea!e no stone unturned.
And call your bank right now and put them on high alert, that they're gonna need a
bigger !ault for all the money you're about to deposit.
'o without further ado... let's %ump right into it.
,h-.'tep /1" 0reate A 1urple 0ow Blog,2h-.
3ntil !irtual reality rears it's head into the 41st century.
5e must le!erage a blog to deli!er our !ision to our audience.
And I'm not talking about those same shit different day blogs that can be found
e!erywhere in cyber space.
6h no baby. It's so much more than that.
)he ish I'm spitting has e!erything to do with sticking out like a sore thumb.
#our focus needs to be on making your readers %ump out of their seat and e&claim,
7an, that blogs the hotness87
And here's the 911 behind why this one strategy turns losers into winners.
:et me share with you one of the most closed lip secrets internet marketers keep close
to their chest.
;;% of marketers who are pitching the dream, are actually li!ing the nightmare.
$ow, if you're not more shocked than if you saw an elephant sun bathing on your front
yard, I feel ya.
5e all know that the ma%ority of these marketers are full of more B' than ambulance
chasing attorneys.
And that's the e&act reason that if you want to get paid like a 0<6 from behind your
computer, you ha!e to be uni*ue.
$ow don't misinterpret uni*ue as meaning that you must create a blog on steroids.
ost definitely not. In fact, I'm talking about %ust the opposite.
#ou see, most blogs out there ha!e more bells and whistles than the $#0 0hristmas
)ree in =ockafeller 0enter.
And they ha!e more gadgets and gi(mos than a $A'A space rocket.
)he reason they do this, is to distract you the reader from their pardon my french, shitty
And if you want your bank account to scream 7I got > figures87, then you 3') ha!e
some killah' content.
I'll walk you thru that step in %ust a bit.
#our blog must be free of all distractions, so that your readers can focus on your content.
:emme' lead you through this playas and playettes.
'tep /1 is to install 5ord1ress into your blog. )hat's the only hookup it needs.
'tep /4 is to come up with a dope theme for your blog that !ibes with your audience.
:et's check out mine for a smoking hot e&ample. ?ust look abo!e.
)he headline reads" Internet :ifestyle $etwork 0oach.
And the tagline is" #our 1ersonal 0oach )o Internet arketing 'uccess.
@ere's the dealio behind it.
5hile e!ery other marketer comes at you more aggressi!ely than a used car salesman.
I flip the script, and don't sell you at all.
y focus in on coaching you and gi!ing e&treme amounts of A=<< BA:3< so that you
can make money as soon as you lea!e my page.
$ow, I'll touch on !alue in a few.
'o, as soon as my readers hit my blog, they lower their guard, because they reali(e I'm
here to lend a helping hand.
'tep /- is to put a personal head shot on your sidebar.
)his will show your readers that you are a legit person, and not a money hungry robot.
'tep /9 is to gi!e your readers full access to all of your best material simply by clicking
on one of the menus at the top in your na!igation menu.
At minimum, you want...
... your personal story so readers can get to know you.
... a secrets page where your readers can opt"in for a daily dose of your best money
making material.
... a pro!en system page where your readers can get the e&act blueprint they need for
free to ha!e success online.
... a partner page so your readers know the benefits of partnering with you.
$ow, as a :<AC<=, I go abo!e and beyond. And if you want D digit paydays, you will
I furnish li!e case studies on my blog so that my readers can follow along and mirror the
steps, so they can e&perience phenomenal results.
5hat other blog does that without asking for a credit card firstE
)alk about sticking out like a purple cow8
Actually, that's more like a purple cow who barks like a dog and swims in the ocean.
)hat's the style and the finesse you 3') bring to the table, so your blog can stick out
amongst the rest.
Aight... so you're blog looks hot, and is ready to rock and roll.
:et's bust a mo!e and hit the most important part of this blueprint.
,h-.'tep /4" Fillah' 0ontent,2h-.
By far, the most important skill set you need to pack in your arsenal is producing killah'
and compelling content.
I mean content that makes em' go 73gh8 3gh8 $a"nah $a"nah87
0ontent is the essence of blogging.
It's what turns your readers into groupies... and your !isitors into loyal followers.
#our blogging lyrics must be tight, otherwise you can kiss those D digit paychecks
)he key is to draw your reader in, and get their mouths to foam so much that they throw
their credit cards at the computer screen.
Aight... now that's a lil' o!erkill, but you get the point.
And no need to fear, your fa!orite +uerilla Blogging C? is here.
5hether your dropping blogging rhymes in your posts.
6r you're putting your smooth mo!es on film.
If you build your content with these - principles I'm gonna ser!e up, then your readers
will be begging to partner with you.
,h-.0ra(y Amounts 6f Balue,2h-.
:et's lay down the foundation for a hot minute.
$o dollar bill, no matter how big or how small, e!er changes hands unless !alue is
I know that's a mouthful, so lemme' e&plain.
5hen you hand the guy or gal at the cash register of your grocery store some green
paper, you're e&changing money for nutrition Gaka !alueH.
5hen you pay your mortgage2rent, you're e&changing money to ha!e a roof o!er your
head Gaka !alueH.
5hen you ante up some ma%or dollars to fill your gas tank %ust so you can get to your ?"
6"B, you're e&changing money for the ability to make a li!ing for you and your fam Gaka
I mean the only reason you're chillin' here on my blog, is because you're looking for
!alue based information that will take your income to the ne&t le!el.
Am I rightE8
1eople don't %ust hand o!er their hard earned money to anyone %ust cu(' they dig this or
that about that person.
)hey need to be recei!ing tremendous !alue in return, otherwise their wallets stay glued
to their pockets.
)he biggest mistake that ;D% of marketers make, whether their online !irgins or age old
Is that they make their site entirely about themsel!es.
:isten up, sa!e the primadonna and self absorbed bull crap for the high school crowd.
:et me beat this point into your thick skull if you ha!en't already got it" you need to
completely ser!e your reader.
And lay out the red carpet for them.
)hey're the ones with the power Gaka moneyH that will upgrade your lifestyle so you can
buy all the big toys and gi(mos and en%oy financial freedom.
)o do that, you ha!e to ser!e them first and gi!e them an immense amount of !alue.
I'm talking about sharing your deepest and darkest business secrets with them.
Con't sandbag. +i!e it all.
)ake my blog as an e&ample.
y readers aren't interested in the same old marketing tactics that all of the self
proclaimed gurus are pushing.
)hey want to know how to go from paychecks with nothing but a golden goose egg, to
o!er I10k e!ery month.
And unlike those gurus who charge an arm and a leg for access to their teachings.
I spill the beans, and gi!e my readers all of my strategies absolutely free.
)hat's right. y readers literally drop me messages that they ha!e spent more hours on
my blog learning more information than they ha!e recei!ed from the courses they
shelled out thousands of dollars for.
And the info I gi!e is primarily action oriented, so my readers can apply it to their
business without hesitation and start raking in the dough.
But how does that ser!e me and my bottom lineE8
y readers either find so much !alue in my blog posts, or they take action on it and
make some fast cash, that they literally are begging to partner with me, because they
know I can help deli!er their goals to them.
#ou need to do the same for whate!er niche you're targeting, and ha!e your readers
knowing you can take them to the promised land.
:et's keep it mo!ing.
,h-.Bad Ass @eadlines,2h-.
5e made the decision that we are going to ser!e our clients a hot dish of !alue.
But to reel them in and ha!e them !iew our site, we need to put some bait on our hook.
'o how do you stand out amongst e!ery other blog, and ha!e people click on your site
and gi!e the cold shoulder to the rest.
It's super simple to do, yet so many totally disregard this aspect.
5hich is why they carry around a 7Big :7 across their foreheads.
I'm talking about creating Bad Ass @eadlines that pi*ue people's interests.
#ou can sa!e that boring corporate lingo for the miserable onday morning meetings.
5hen it comes to blogging for profits, you need to be both original and set up shop way
outside of the bo&.
Aor e&ample, let's say you were creating a blog post where you were teaching your
readers how to make more sales.
;;.;% of bloggers are going to put in their headlineJ 7@ow )o ake ore 'ales7.
)hat same shit different day approach %ust ain't gonna cut it.
5hyE 0u(' e!ery blog has the same message, so why on earth should they choose
)ruth is, they won't.
@owe!er, if you unleash your inner sales beast, and get all creati!e.
#our headline may look something like thisJ 7@ow )o Fick Butt KampL )ake $ames87
$ow that will grab e!eryone's attention.
Ask yourself, which site would you click onE8
$o need for 0aptain 6b!ious to pay us a !isit, because it's that easy to understand.
And allow me to take this point a step further.
I'm not %ust talking about headlines here.
I mean the entire kit and kaboodle.
#our blog post from top to bottom should make your reader's eyes bulge out of their
heads in e&citement.
$otice my style of writing.
I don't write like I'm presenting my point of !iew to the Board of Cirectors of some posh
y writing style is uni*ue and full of my personal fla!or.
It's as if I'm hanging out with friends and family and gi!ing them the 911 on blogging.
It %ust flows naturally and doesn't sound like I ha!e a stick up my you know what.
$ow, I'm not suggesting that you mirror my words or my style.
$ot at all. I'm saying be yourself, be original, and most importantly be uni*ue.
#ou need to grab your readers attention initially, and hold on to it from start to finish.
6therwise, the back button will be their best friend and your worst enemy.
+et itE +ot itE +ood8
:et's mo!e on and bring this bad boy to a wrap.
,h-.0onsistent 0alls to Action,2h-.
'o your readers are now groupies. )hey're stalking all of your articles and !ideos.
@ow do you turn the lo!e their gi!ing you into dollar signsE8
#ou need to lead them in the right direction.
But the buck doesn't stop here.
#ou need to bend o!er backwards and show them the time of their life once they'!e
gotten to where you want them to go.
:et me break that down.
Airst off, you need to ha!e a clear and consistent call to action.
0ontrary to popular belief, your goal with each blog post is $6) to make money.
It's about ha!ing your reader gladly gi!e you their email address.
$ow before your head starts tilting like a confused dog, let me go a little deeper.
#our bottom line is always going to be those dolla' dolla' bills yall.
5ithout them, your broke and out of business. I get that.
But if your mind, your energy and your focus is on nothing but money, then your readers
will slam the door on you.
)ake this to the bank" no one likes to be sold, but e!eryone lo!es to buy.
It's an age old truth.
'o, if your efforts are fi&ated on ha!ing your readers cough up the 1> digits on their
credit cards, they can tell.
And they'll lea!e your blog, ne!er to return again.
@owe!er, if you flip your script, and focus on building a relationship with your reader,
they'll hand you o!er their email address with a smile on their face.
$ow, what's all this mumbo %umbo about email addresses anywaysE8
Again, we all hate to be sold, but we %ump at the chance to buy.
)he only way your reader will e!ery buy, is if they know that without a shadow of a
doubt, that you can help them achie!e their dreams.
'ome of the time, that can absolutely be done in %ust one blog post.
But most of the time, your readers need to be e&posed to you and your teachings M"10
times before they will e!ery buy.
5hen it comes to the internet, no one really knows who's on the other side of that
#ou can't shake their hand and look into their eyes to know if they're legitimate or not.
'o, the same trust that can be built within a few minutes in the real world, needs a lil' bit
more time to build online.
5hen your reader gi!es you their email address, they are gi!ing you permission to build
a relationship with them.
And that's e&actly what I do, and you need to do.
I send them blog posts and !ideos walking them step by step how to make money later
that day by le!eraging the internet.
And then, if they feel they ha!e enough !alue, they make the decision to partner with
And not only am I getting !alue, they are too.
It's a win"win situation for us all. 0an I get an amenE8
)he only way to do this, is by ha!ing a consistent call to action within your posts and on
your blog.
#ou ha!e to tell your readers what to do ne&t, so they can get all the pieces to the
Aor e&ample, when you're done with this post, towards the bottom there will be a nice
looking form where I will instruct you to drop your best email.
And as a thank you for your email, I will gi!e you my strategies that will help you make
money blogging *uicker and more efficiently.
5e both accomplish our goals.
I recei!e the opportunity to build a relationship based on !alue with you.
And you get access to the most up to date and cutting edge marketing methods that will
ha!e you *uitting your %ob and going full time online !ery shortly.
Co you see the power behind consistent calls to action that are packed with mega
amounts of !alueE8
If you simply try to sell within that one blog post, like e!ery marketer does, you will hit the
online marketing !ersion of rock bottom.
@owe!er, if you focus on relationship building and getting to know your readers, you will
be rewarded with riches beyond your wildest dreams.
'o, let's recap and dri!e this puppy home.
)he more times you e&pose your content to your readers...
And as long as your content is filled to the bone with !alue, and you're blogging from
your heart...
#our readers will literally be selling themsel!es on partnering with or buying from you.
@ow do you like them applesE8
$ot only are they tasty, but they will feed you and your family for a lifetime.
Aight... so we knocked out creating a purple cow blog and killah' content.
)his is how you connect with your readers, and build relationships that will pay you for
the rest of time.
$ow it's time to get your blog ranked and in front of B3#<='.
0u(' when your chillin' on the first page of +oogle, your pockets most definitely won't be
,h-.'tep /-" Backlink :ike A 0hamp,2h-.
)his is without a doubt, the most unse&y and time consuming part of the process.
But it's literally the difference between an online pimp or getting pimp slapped back to
your ?"6"B.
As my hustle dictates, I'm bout to walk you step"by"step through the process.
A lil' warning my peeps" this step blows.
But once you become a pro at it, it's second nature.
=emember, this is the difference between making 0<6 type bank or working for a 0<6.
#our choice. :et's begin.
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,di! classN7body7 data"win"bindN7inner@):Jmessage
!!m?'.Binding.unsafe@):7.'tep /1" 'ubmit your site to se!eral '<6 friendly
website directories. At least 4D. 'ee a huge list of these on the site belowJ,a
Aor each article you bang out, submit each one to the ma%or article directories for free.
@a!e the resource bo& link back to your articles domain. #ou donQt ha!e to submit to
each one, but hereQs a list of the )op 41 content directories. I recommend submitting
each article to at least 10 directories. A$C AF< '3=<" that if you submit to
<(ineArticles.com7 you submit there first and get it appro!ed, because they are the
6$:# directory that checks for duplicate content.,a hrefN7httpJ22%amiegarside.com2do"
follow"article"directories"make"them"count7 targetN7Pblank7.httpJ22%amiegarside.com2do"
)he one you definitely want to include is <(, which is the industry leader.
1ower tipJ 5hen your articles are appro!ed on the ma%or directories like
7e(inearticles.com7, youQll want to boost these articles e!en further by bookmarking them
using, and
-. 0reate uni*ue, related pages on '*,, Blog'pot KampL Guni*ue articles not distributed or posted elsewhereH,and ha!e each of
these pages link back to your root domian G#our'ite.comH and the domain of the article
your %ust wrote G#our'ite.com2sampke"postH. )hen, %ust like in the step abo!e, boost
these pages by bookmarking them on, and
9. 3se free tools such as 0omment Fahuna or Co"Aollow Ci!er to locate do"follow blogs
that pass page rank !ia its user"added comments. Aind posts that you can intelligently
comment on and include a link to your site where applicable. Build appro&imately 40
links like this, on at least 10 to 1D different blogs. Add !alue to the initial post R donQt %ust
be a leech.
Aim to post comments on sites that are established and rank !ery well for a !ariety of
keywords across the respecti!e market. G1age=ank doesnQt matter, and neither does
getting a link from an inner page. 5hat matters is that the link is do"follow and
originating from an authority siteH.
D. Become an acti!e participant in related niche forums, and genuinely pro!ide helpful
responses and posts as a forum member. 6b!iously, do this on forums that specifically
allow you to place a 3=: in your signature. )ry to build about 10 posts on each ma%or
forum in your market.
Co $6) %ust go and drop your link on forums, as that is spamming, and will get your post
Gand linkH deleted pronto. )he only way to do this is by legitimately placing your link in
your user signature and genuinely participating in con!ersations.
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,di! classN7icon0ontainer7.And now it's time to rank and bank8,2di!.
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,di! classN7icon0ontainer7.Boom"shakalaka8,2di!.
,di! classN7icon0ontainer7.,2di!.
,di! classN7icon0ontainer7.?ust sit back and collect your fat paycheck.,2di!.
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,di! classN7icon0ontainer7.And that's lights, camera, and action.,2di!.
,di! classN7icon0ontainer7.,2di!.
,di! classN7icon0ontainer7.)hese - steps are all you need to crush it online.,2di!.
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