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UNIT I Introduction To Microwaves Lecture Periods-9 Tutorial Periods- 3 L- 9 + T-3

Microwave frequency range, significance of microwave frequency range - applications of
microwaves Review of Low frequency parameters: Impedance, Admittance, Hybrid and ABCD
parameters, Different types of interconnection of Two port networks, High Frequency
parameters, Formulation of S parameters, Properties of S parameters, Reciprocal and lossless
Network, Transmission matrix, RF behavior of Resistors, Capacitors and Inductors.

UNIT II Microwave Devices Lecture Periods-9 Tutorial Periods- 3 L- 9 + T-3
Microwave T Junction:H-plane Tee- E-plane Tee ,Hybrid Tee S Parameter Derivation-
Application of Magic Tee- Rat race junction-Directional Coupler-S- Parameter Derivation of
Directional Coupler-Wave guides bends,coners,Transtition and twist-Wavegude Termination-
Ferrite Devices-Faraday rotation in ferrite-Gyrator-Isolator-Circulator-Microwave Attenuators

UNIT III Microwave Generation Lecture Periods-9 Tutorial Periods- 3 L- 9 + T-3
Review of conventional vacuum Triodes, Tetrodes and Pentodes, High frequency effects in
vacuum Tubes, Theory and application of Two cavity Klystron Amplifier, Reflex Klystron
oscillator, Traveling wave tube amplifier, Magnetron oscillator using Cylindrical, Linear,
Coaxial Voltage tunable Magnetrons, Backward wave Crossed field amplifier and oscillator.

UNIT IV Transferred Electron Devices And Avalanche Transit Time Devices
Lecture Periods-9 Tutorial Periods- 3 L- 9 + T-3
Gunn effect-RWH Theroy-Modes of operations LSA-Inp-CdTeDiodes-Microwave generation
and amplification Read diodes-IMPATT Diode-TRAPATT Diode-BARITT Diode- parametric

UNIT V Microwave Measurements
Lecture Periods-9 Tutorial Periods- 3 L- 9 + T-3
Slotted line Carriage-VSWR meter-Tunable Detector-Power Measurements-Insertion loss and
Attenuation Measuerments-VSWR Measurements-Return Loss-Measurement Impedance
Measurement-Frequency measurements-Dielectric Constant-Measurement of a Solid-Microwave
Antenna Measurements.

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