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1 Goal of the DDCF The DDCF seeks to finance innovative and potentially scalable pilot approaches to build evidence of what
works to improve service delivery that in particular meet the needs of poor and marginalised people in
SNG target districts in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
2 Districts of
The Fund will be implemented in the following districts of Punjab: Bahawalnagar, Vehari, Sahiwal,
MandiBahauddin, Hafizabad, Sheikhupura The concept note proposal will only cover these districts
3 Sectoral focus Organisations engaged or capable of engagement in the service delivery of Primary Health services in the
following thematic areas:
1. Improved service delivery, coverage, performance and client satisfaction of BHUs in pilot
districts with special focus to child & maternal health.
a. Management models of BHUs
b. Staffing performance and availability issues
c. Tracking of service delivery at BHUs
2. Better coverage and tracking of Extended Programme of Immunization (EPI)
a. Enhanced coverage
b. Efficiency in terms of time and costs
c. Tracking of immunization status and school attendance
3. Better systems of procurement, inventory management and timely availability of medicine
a. Inventory controls
b. Models to ensure timely availability
c. Improved coordination between centers
d. Cost and time efficiency in procurement
4. Consolidated data management system for proactive policy, reduced response time to
emergencies, systematic analysis of trend to improve provision of services.

4 Type of funding
Grants for eligible projects. Funding decisions are made on a competitive, deadline-driven basis. Only the
best project ideas with complete applications will receive funding.
5 Size of grants
Grants between 50,000-250,000 will be available.
6 Implementation
Projects should be implemented between a 9-18 month period.
7 Projects eligible
for funding
To be eligible for funding, projects must meet the following criteria:
Clearly identify and define the problem they are seeking to address.
Clearly explain how the activity supported by the pilot will address the problem(s) identified.
Work in partnership with government in improving service delivery.
Result directly in increased access to services or improved quality of services that benefit poor
Demonstrate how it will provide equitable access to women and marginalised groups.
Implemented in the SNG target districts (Sahiwal, Vehari, Bahawalnagar, Sheikhupura,
MandiBahauddin and Hafizabad) in priority sectors.
Have potential for scale-up.
Not easily supported by other sources of finance (SEED Funding).
Begin to demonstrate results within a 12-month period.
Have a monitoring and evaluation plan that will be able to measure impact against targets, with
an appropriate method for forecasting and setting targets for example, the number of women
reached by the project.
The DDCF will not fund projects where the primary nature involves:
o Infrastructure investments
o Cash grants or direct hand-outs

The Fund may adjust these Terms from time-to-time at its own discretion in order to sharpen the focus of the Fund, also to maximise the
effectiveness of funded projects in achieving the purpose and objectives of the Fund.

o Funding of existing development schemes or new approved development schemes
o Projects that are out of the scope of selected sectoral focus
8 Entities eligible to
The DDCF is open to government institutions, civil society and the private sector. To be eligible, lead
applicants must have the following characteristics:
be legally registered to operate in Pakistan in compliance with relevant business licensing,
taxation, audited accounts, employee and other relevant regulations
be in satisfactory financial health.
have experience of delivering complex projects and programmes in Pakistan.
have demonstrable capacity to implement the project within the agreed timeframe.
agree to and have capacity to participate in lesson-learning and lesson-sharing activities,
monitoring and evaluation activities, and data sharing with the SNG.
In case an individual comes up with an idea that the SNG team considers worth exploring, the SNG
team will assist the individual collaborate with relevant local government or provincial government
department to become the applicant. The individual can assume the role of the project lead.
9 Application
Applications for funding will be assessed through a two-stage application process.
The first stage involves submission of a simple Concept Note which will outline the project and
applicant information, and demonstrate that the applicant meets the eligibility criteria.
Fund Manager will review the Concept Notes and those that meet the eligibility criteria will be
assessed against the Concept Note appraisal criteria.
Applicants whose Concept Note satisfies the eligibility and the appraisal criteria will be invited
to participate in stage two to develop a Full Application setting-out the details of the business
case for the proposed project.
Applications will be reviewed by a panel and successful applicants will be granted funding.
Note: Applications will be limited to one per applying organisation in a lead role.

A successful Concept Note does not in any way imply that the subsequent Application will be funded.
Applications will be appraised by the DDCF WG and approved or otherwise for funding by the Steering
Committee. The Steering Committees decision is final.
10 Appraisal criteria
for Concept Notes
Concept Notes are first screened for eligibility. Only Concept Notes for eligible projects and from eligible
applying organisations will be appraised on the extent to which they satisfy the DDCF agreed criteria.
11 Appraisal criteria
for Applications
Applications will be appraised by the DDCF Working Group on the extent to which they satisfy the
following criteria:
The quality of the application and implementation plan including the assessment of risks
The existing internal capability and capacity of the applicant to implement the project in the
timeframe set out in the Application.
The extent to which inputs, results and impacts are clearly defined, measurable and achievable.
The benefits arising from the project and the likelihood that they will be achieved.
12 Applicant
Private Sector applicants must contribute their own resources to the project, bearing at 10% of the total
project cost. These contributions are to be made in cash. Public Sector applicants will be exempt from
13 Fund Manager Usman Khan (Provincial); SohailTipu (District- South Cluster); Imran Bashir (District-North Cluster)
14 Contact details Usman Khan: usman.khan@pk-sng.org, ddcf.punjab@pk-sng.org

In case an organisation has more than one Idea, they may contact the Fund Manager to discuss exemption of this restriction.