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Gospel of Mark
The Gospel of Mark is the shortest of the four Gospels and it was
probably the first one written. Saint Mark wrote the Gospel for Gentiles.
Gentiles are people who were non-Jewish and were being persecuted for
being Christians. Mark told the Gentiles to hold on to their faith when they
were suffering because Jesus suffers along with them. Jesus loves them
like God loves them. God loves them and he loves all humans like a father
loves his children. Mark talked about Jesus as both divine and human. He
wanted the Gentiles to be able to relate to Jesus as a person. Because he
showed Jesus as both divine and human, his Gospel is one the most
accurate accounts of the life of Jesus.
Mark wrote about Jesus healing a leper (Mark 1:40-45). The leper
begged Jesus to heal him and make him clean. In his writings, Mark tells
us that Jesus was compassionate towards the man even though most people
thought of him as unclean. He reached out and held the hand of the leper.
Jesus didnt care that people were shocked at this. He loved the man like
God loves all of us. Mark wrote about this to show the Gentiles that Jesus
cares for all of us, even those considered unwanted.
In Mark 2:1-12, Mark told a story about Jesus preaching to a large
crowd in a house. There was a man who was paralyzed who wanted to
hear Jesus and have Jesus forgive his sins. His friends cut a hole in the
roof and lowered the man into the room where Jesus was speaking. The
man told Jesus that he wanted to be forgiven. Jesus forgave his sins and
healed him. He told the man to get up and walk. Jesus again showed
compassion and caring for the man. Some of the people who were
listening to Jesus were annoyed that the mans friends broke into the room.
Jesus only showed caring and love for the man that was in need. He
forgave his sins, which showed his divine side, but he also healed the man.
This showed Jesus human side because he also cared about the physical
side of the man. Jesus loves us all no matter what condition we are in.
Mark was the first disciple to write his Gospel. When he wrote it, he
was writing for Gentiles, people who were not Jewish. Mark wanted to
show those people that Jesus was both human and divine. He tried to
stress the human qualities of Jesus in his Gospel because he wanted the
Gentiles to relate to Jesus as a person. He gave many examples of this in
his stories. He told about Jesus showing compassion and healing a leper.
He also showed that Jesus cared about the physical side of people when he
forgave the paralyzed man and also healed him and made him walk again.
Mark wanted to make sure that the Gentiles understood that Jesus wasnt
only the Son of God; he was also human just like them.