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Development News

Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO)


Work Packaging and Sequencing (PM-PRO-WS) and Configuration

Control (PM-EQM-CC) in the SAP R/3 Enterprise PLM Extension 2.00

Target audiences of
Development News

Planners and Managers of SAP Customers

Sales and Presales Staff of SAP and SAP Partners

Management Summary
Maintenance Event Builder
Using the Maintenance Event Builder, a planner can view outstanding maintenance requirements,
due dates for work, work orders, and other information relevant to the maintenance of complex
technical objects.
Enhancement of Multiple Counter Plans
The enhancement of the multiple counter plan (MCP) allows the definition and scheduling of
different cycle sets and different items in a sequence with one plan.
Configuration Control
Configuration control is the new main transaction for engineers, i nspectors, or other roles
participating in the configuration control process. Here, users can display both current and allowed
configurations (represented by PM structure and Master Parts List (MPL) in the SAP system),
browse and navigate through these structures and maintain structure gaps in the actual

Business Value
Maintenance Event Builder
In maintenance planning, the Maintenance Event Builder supports the planner by creating work
packages that include outstanding maintenance requirements for upcoming maintenance events.
Enhancement of Multiple Counter Plans
Maintenance planners can use the enhancement of multiple counter plans to map various routine
maintenance tasks into one maintenance plan, taking into account a combination of time - and
performance-based cycles.
Configuration Control
The main aspect of the configuration control workbench is the configuration check function. Users
can start complete and partial configuration checks for previously loaded configurations. They can
use the configuration check to validate the quantities for each node, the parts vali dity, set
relationships and other MPL-based consistency checks.


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Development News

Maintenance Event Builder
The Maintenance Event Builder gives planners tools for managing maintenance planning. These

Displaying outstanding notifications (outstanding work requirements) with a visible status


Creating revisions. Revisions represent the work package to be performed in a single

maintenance event.

Assigning notifications to a revision. The planner can group notifications into revisions.

Assigning a revision to a project network.

Enhancement of Multiple Counter Plans

The enhancement is realized with the so-called cycle set sequence.
The cycle set sequence

Combines different cycles to one set

Determines the row of the sets during scheduling

Configuration Control

Configuration Control Workbench

The Structure Gap object: In addition to the functional location and equipment this entity
represents a placeholder for all holes within a structure where a piece of equipment
should be installed. Structure gaps are stored in a new database table.

Configuration Control view in Equipment Master. New attributes are introduced to the
equipment object that are necessary to support configuration control process es. (For
example, functional ID, a link to the corresponding node(s) in the MPL structure, required
for configuration check.)



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