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Relevant information for the current release - FOXCHARTS 1.

This version uses the latest version of GdiPlusX - 1.20
FoxCharts needs it for the latest improvements
So, if you already have a System.App version installed, make sure to update it r
eplacing with this new one, since FoxCharts / GdiPlusX could make some confusion
s locating the correct version.
It is safe to use the new version, don't be afraid to replace your production ve
rsion - but anyway, keep a copy of your old version just in case some issues rel
ated to this new version appear.
Project manager: Cesar
Cesar Ch
Bo Durban
Jim Nelson
Colaborators - people that have been providing very valuable support and feedbac
Grego Kandirys
Paulo Henrique
Thiago Takehana
Peter Wagner
Luis Maria Guayan
Alex Yudin
Carlos Alloatti
Augusto Minari
Christof Wollenhaupt
Klaus Hentschel
Emerson Reed
Borislav Borissov
Leandro Walfrans
Ricardo Soares
A. Roy Chowdhurry
Yousfi Benameur
Matt Weinbender
Koen Piller
Bernard Bout
Harry Lode
Karl Schierman
Special thanks to Bo Durban, for his continuous and great support, providing new
possibilities for this class.
Jim Nelson and Alex Yudin also have been providing very important help and sugge
stions. Lots of things of this new version have their participation.
This version also contains several fixes and new features, as shown below
FEATURES since version 1.00 RC
New property - "OldStyleProperties"
*** IMPORTANT NOTE: Property "oldstyleproperties" indicates whether you are usi
ng the original way (.FieldValue1). However, the default for this variable is .
F., so charts created with original way will fail until this property is set.
! Restored Enumeration types for "3D Bars" and "Stacked Area", according to Vers
ion 0.40
So, now 3D Bars have the enumeration 11, while Stacked Area goes back to 10.
That would be a problem for existing applications that use 10 as the value, and
Version 0.40 has already more than 1400 downloads.
New property for animation, when a slice of Pie or Dougnut is detached
"PieDetachAnimationSteps" - Integer
Info for version 1.00.3 RC
Several fixes
Tooltips positions
Fixes for pgFrames
Info for version 1.00.4 RC
We're developing a CHM help file. This is still very crude, but contains already
some very basic information that you may find useful.
New propety - "Debug"
Creates the file "FoxCharts.log" that will contain relevant information about er
rors generated by FoxCharts.
If you find some errors, please do generate this file, setting the property "Deb
ug" to .T. - TRUE, and recreate the bug.
Please send the log file to
New public array property: "aCoord"
Array that stores information about the object that is under the mouse, like X,
Y, Width, Height, Value, Legend, Start, Sweep, ChartIndex, RECNO(), ObjType. See
HELP for detailed information about the available info.
Supports more than one line of text in the Axis2 text
Info for version 1.00.7 RC
Now when an empty cursor is passed , only the background and titles will be draw
n - no error raised
Fixed "GetAdJustedAngle", by CWollenhaupt - Pie and Doughnut charts were been dr
awn only on the right side
"FieldAxis2" supports Date values
Fixed samples
New samples included
Info for version 1.00.9 RC
New event "ShapeToolTips"
Improved property stuff
New sample ChartSample_Tooltips
Info for version 1.00.10 RC
New property "BackGroundAlpha" - Numeric, determines the Alpha for the backgroun
d color (0-255)
Tweaks on the Tooltips, compensating the position if the tooltips need to go out
side the chart boundaries
Info for version 1.00.11 RC
Fix on angle calculation for the correct mouse detection at the 1st quadrant for
Pie / doughnut charts
Tweaked YAxis legend drawing, now using the Canvas' Graphics object, in order to
keep quality in EMF output
Info for version 1.00.12 RC
New property "ScaleDivider"
Numeric, the value that the scales must be divided. Useful when the scale values
are very big.
Useful when the values are very big, and scales could be reduced, eg. Supposing
you have the maximum value of 790,000.
For this case it would be recommended to divide the scale values by 1000, for a
better exibition.
You need also to remind your user that the values were divided, setting the YAxi
s.Caption to eg. "values in thousands"
Fixed the scale calculation. A wrong chart was generated when a the values were eq
ual, or when a single column of
data was used
Info for version 1.00.14 RC
Fixed mouse relative position calculation. Now tooltips appear correctly being F
oxCharts in any kind of object: Form, Container or PageFrame
Added new assert's in order to provide more accurate error messages
New property - "Shadow" - Logical, determines if a shadow will be drawn instead
of the 3d - depth efect. Works for Bars, Pie and Doughnut types
Improved Gradient effects - now you can specify the locations where the gradient
destination color will be in the shape
New Properties
"GradientPosition" - Numeric, a value from 0 through 1 that specifies where, alo
ng any radial from the center of the path to the path's boundary, the center col
or will be at its highest intensity. A value of 1 (the default) places the highe
st intensity at the center of the path.
"GradientType" - Integer,
0 = SigmaBell - gradient brush that changes color starting from the center
of the path outward to the path's boundary. The transition from one color to an
other is based on a bell-shaped curve.
1 = Triangular - gradient with a center color and a linear falloff to each
surrounding color.
"GradientInvertColors" - Logical, determines if the gradient start and destinati
on colors will be inverted.
The center point of the gradient color of an ellipse can be easilly changed too.
This brings the possibility to control exactly where the gradient will get the
destination color. Just setting the 2 new properties below:
"PieGradCenterAngle" - Numeric, the angle that the desired Center Point for the
gradient brush will be applied (0-360). Use together with "PieGradCenterDistance
"PieGradCenterDistance" - Numeric, the distance from the center that the desired
Center Point for the gradient brush will be applied (-2, +2). Use togethe
r with "PieGradCenterAngle"
The sample "ChartsSample_New" was adapted to use these new properties.
Select the colors tab, and play with the spinners
Info for version 1.00.15 RC
New property
"ShapeMousePointer" - Numeric, Specifies the shape of the mouse pointer when the
mouse is over a shape of the chart at run time
"GradientShapeDirection" - Integer, (0-3) determines the gradient direction for
gradient brush charts: 0 - horizontal; 1 - vertical; 2 - diagonal1 ; 3 - diagona
l 2
Improved "ChartsSample_New.scx" in order to show the new properties working, and
also allowing to change colors interactively
Info for version 1.00.16 RC
Properties "aColors" and "SingleData" have been renamed in order to become for p
ublic use.
"aColors" - ReadOnly, Array that contains information about the current colors f
or the chart. Useful when working with random colors.
"SimgleData" - Logical, ReadOnly, tells if the current chart is based on single
data, eg. Pie, Doughnut, Single Bars
Info for version 1.00.17 RC
New "SaveToFile" method
tcFile - character, the destination file name. Make sure to add the extension, o
therwise the chart will be saved in PNG format.
tnQuality - numeric, determines the image quality to be used when a JPEG file is
saved. From 0 (low quality) to 100 (best quality).
Saves the current chart to a file in the image format compatible with Gdi+: Bmp,
Png, Jpeg, Gif, Tiff and Emf.
Just send the file name as a parameter, and FoxCharts will save the current char
t based on the file extension.
Thisform.FoxCharts1.SaveToFile("c:\MyChart.Png") && Png image file
Thisform.FoxCharts1.SaveToFile("c:\MyChart.Jpg", 50) && 50% quality Jpg.
For full control while saving, or for using some specific encoders, you can acce
ss the "oBmp" property of FoxCharts and use the GdiPlusX commands available for
the bitmap object.
See Also: oBmp
Info for version 1.00.18 RC
Improved the Error LOG file generation
Fixed bugs related to GdiPlusX versions
Fixed for SET COMPATIBLE ON - Not using named colors any more
Fixed MouseMove event
Info for version 1.00.19 RC
Adjusted samples in order to work with the new features available
Fixed Scale size when the property "ScaleDivider" is used.
Updated the _Spelling of the new properties added since 1.00RC
Info for version 1.00.20b RC
ToolTips now reside in the parent form (originally stayed in the FoxCharts conta
This will allow the tooltips to be shown when FoxCharts stays inside other objec
ts, such as as scrollable container.
New property in the Fields() Collection: "ShowValuesOnShape"
Logical, determines if values will be drawn in the determined shape.
Useful when you don't want to call the attention to a specific line.
Usage: .Fields(3).ShowValuesOnShape = .F.
Info for version 1.00.21 RC
Fixed - Values on shapes no longer appear as "zero" when a NULL value is passed
Fixed - Background color generation sometimes failed, when the color was passed
as an expression.
Info for version 1.00.25 RC
New property:
LegendPosition - Numeric (0-10)
0 - Vertical Top Left
1 - Vertical Bottom Left
2 - Vertical Top Right
3 - Vertical Bottom Right
4 - Horiz Top Left
5 - Horiz Top Center
6 - Horiz Top Right
7 - Horiz Bottom Left
8 - Horiz Bottom Center
9 - Horiz Bottom Right
Info for version 1.00.26 RC
Fixed margins for new legend positions from previous version
Info for version 1.00.27 RC
Fixed Slice detachment from legends
ToolTips will not be shown if the current form is not active
Info for version 1.00.28 RC
Fixed Scale automatic formatting
Info for version 1.00.29 RC
Fixed Scale automatic formatting
New property "ScaleAutoFormat" - logical, automatically determines the the Scale
Legend.Format property
Info for version 1.00.30 RC
Fixed when chart contains only one column in horizontal bar charts
Info for version 1.00.31 RC
Fixed Pie / Doughnut slice detection when the last slice was detached, when the
1st slice angle was bigger than 450 degrees
Fixed DrawReport method - now preserves the latest Chart slice detachments. Als
o works twice faster after new optimizations
Info for version 1.00.34 RC
Fixed Pie / Doughnut slice drawing when only one slice is available
Fixed Scales measurements
Info for version 1.00.35 RC
Fixed Scales for negative values in Bar Charts
Info for version 1.00.36 RC
Fix - Point, Lines and Area Charts cannot be drawn when we have only one record
of data
Info for version 1.10.00 RC
Fixes - Horizontal Bars now work as desired with "MinValue" property
Info for version 1.10.1 RC
Fix - Tooltips in "InScreen" forms are now showing as desired.
Info for version 1.10.2 RC
Fix - by Christof Wollenhaupt - See WorkItem #20978
Tooltips were not disappearing automatically
Fixed bug in detection of current ActiveForm to show the tooltips
Info for version 1.10.3 RC
Fixed bug in "MultiCharts" - Bar legend was showing twice
Info for version 1.10.4 RC
Fixed bug in Tooltips - in certain situations the tooltip label width insisted h
aving zero width
Tooltips in legends will not be shown by default
Info for version 1.10.5 RC
Fixed bug in Tooltips - when mouse over a hidden slice
Info for version 1.10.6 RC
New property:
Numeric, the direction from the legend that stays inside the bars shapes.<br>
0 - Horizontal (default)
1 - Vertical
New enumeration for LegendPosition property
Property LegendPosition
Numeric, Determines the position where the side legend wiil be drawn in the canv
0 - No Legend
1 - Vertical Top Left
2 - Vertical Bottom Left
3 - Vertical Top Right
4 - Vertical Bottom Right
5 - Horiz Top Left
6 - Horiz Top Center
7 - Horiz Top Right
8 - Horiz Bottom Left
9 - Horiz Bottom Center
10 - Horiz Bottom Right
Info for version 1.10.6 RC
New properties:
Quality Compositing: Specifies the quality level to use during compositing. 0=De
fault; 1=HighSpeed; 2=HighQuality; 3=GammaCorrected; 4=AssumeLinear
QualitySmoothing: Specifies whether smoothing (antialiasing) is applied to lines
and curves and the edges of filled areas. 0=Default; 1=HighSpeed Specifies no a
ntialiasing; 2=HighQuality; 3=None Specifies no antialiasing; 4=AntiAlias
QualityTextRenderingHint: Specifies the quality of text rendering. 0=SystemDefau
lt; 1=SingleBitPerPixelGridFit; 2=SingleBitPerPixel; 3=AntiAliasGridFit; 4=AntiA
lias; 5=ClearTypeGridFit
GetChartProperties - fixed the indentation
Legends in Cylinder shapes were correctly centered
Samples improved using all the new properties - See new "Quality"tab in CHartsSa
MultipleBars chart accepts MinValue
Info for version 1.10.8 RC
Fix in ShapeLegends alignment
The property "ChartsCount" now allows to be changed after the class was instanti
ated - by Matt Weinberder
When Click and DblClick events are fired, 4 new properties are populated, in ord
er to inform about the current chart and the shape that was clicked:

CurrValue - the value of the shape
CurrLegend - the associated legend
CurrIndex - the index number to be used in the aCoord() index to obtain more inf
o about the current shape
CurrObjType - the type of object - Pie, Rect or Legend

Sample of usage, codes that you may put in your DblClick event:

LOCAL lnValue, lcLegend, lnCoordIndex, lcObjType
lnValue = This.CurrValue
lcLegend = This.CurrLegend
lnCoordIndex = This.CurrIndex
lcObjType = This.CurrObjType
MESSAGEBOX("Value : " + TRANSFORM(lnValue) + CHR(13) + ;
"Legend : " + TRANSFORM(lcLegend) + CHR(13) + ;
"Object type : " + lcObjType ;
, 64, [Code in the "DblClick" event of FoxCharts])

Info for version 1.10.9 RC
New property:
MultiChartMargin - Logical, determines if there will be a margin at the beginnin
g and
at the end of the chart. To be used when a Bar chart is not present, in order to
a better effect.
New Feature:
You may pass Image files to the Fields(n).Shape property, to be drawn in the po
ints charts
New Sample:
ChartsSample_MultiStacked - shows a workaround to create multiple stacked bars
Various tweaks in many samples
Fixed shape position for points charts
Restored full backwaards compatibility with the ALPHA version. All the old codes
should now
work normally.
Info for version 1.15 RC
New properties:
CurrRecNo, CurrColumn - in order to provide full possibilities to identify the s
hape that was clicked
All mouse related events were updated in order to populate these properties.
Samples updated
Info for version 1.15.3 RC
New properties:
RotationCenter - determines the rotation that will be applied at the center of t
he label
BarLegendDirection - new value - 2 draws text on the vertical from bottom to top
Optimized Memberdata usage for custom scripts - left some free space for memberd
ata for other customizations, like setting some Favoriyes properties
ShapeLegend alignment
Info for version 1.16 RC
New properties:
logical, for Pie and Doughnut charts, determines if the shape will be a circle w
ith the same width and height.
New GaugeSample
Info for version 1.17 RC
Improved Gauge sample
New preliminar predefine color palettes using the property ColorType, values 4-2
Info for version 1.17b RC
Fixed Pageframe wrong mouse positioning when not using top tabs
Single column data in Points and line charts allowed (when depth = 0)
Fixed SideLegend tooltip was wrongly appearing on line charts
Info for version 1.17c RC
Modified the SurroundColors assignment to use direct API calls to GdiPlus.dll in
to ensure full compatibility with all GdiPlusX versions
Info for version 1.17e RC
Fixed relative position calculation when FoxCharts is outside a form.
Many small tweaks in samples
Fixed paths in samples
Fixed tooltip width was not getting the correct size
Fixed shape mapping for tooltips
Info for version 1.18 RC
New Properties:
Numeric (0-2), the distance in percentage starting from the center of the pie or
doughnut. 0=Center of the pie; 1=external border of the pie.
Logical, determines if the legend axis (axis2) will show tic marks on each legen
Integer, the length in pixels of the tic marks used in the scales and in the leg
end axis.
ShapeLegendExpression: Character,
Specifies an expression that replaces the default ShapeLegend text.
There you'll be able to put any expression to fully customize the text to be "dr
awn" inside the chart shapes.
Use the "Curr" properties in order to obtain detailed info about the current sha
pe and build your expression.
transform(This.CurrValue) + CHR(13) + CHR(10) + This.CurrLegend
See Also:
CurrValue, CurrLegend, CurrIndex, CurrObjType, CurrRecNo, CurrColumn
Changed the Initialization of FoxCharts, now users can place code safely in INIT
() event of FoxCharts if they desire so.
Tweaked property descriptions to take benefit from the new cool PEM editor possi
Fixed Shapes mapping - Thanks to A. Roy CHowdhurry
Fixed BarSpaceBetween - When big values caused some calculation errors
Removed _Memberdata scripts
Tweaked property descriptions in order to use new PEM Editor's scripts for getti
ng colors and enumerated property values.
Info for version 1.19 RC
1 - Structure modifications
Removed class FoxCharts_Base - there was no more need to use a separate class to
be able to
use more _Memberdada, since new PEM Editor 4 optimized FoxCHarts Memberdata to u
se less than half the
original size
2 - Fixes
Fix in "MouseLeave()" event was firing wrongly when ChangeColorOnMouse was .T.
Fix in Fields(n).ShowValuesOnShape was not working as expected when property "Ol
dStylePoperties" was .T.
Fix in API call declaration, to use the GdiPlusX original ALIAS for the GDI+ fun
ctions: GdipSetPathGradientSurroundColorsWithCount and xfcGdipSetPathGradientSur
Tweak to avoid Windows7 bug that does not work with PictureVal in VFP9 prior to
SP2. In that case, the rendering will be forced to the disk (using RenderMode=0)
3 - Property descriptions and PEM Editor 4
Added new DOPEs in properties
All the property descriptions have been revised, and from now on, the usage of P
EM Editor 4 is strongly and enthusiastically recommended in order to provide the
best user experience for FoxCharts, allowing the developer to better visualize
what each property does, as well as the possible values accepted for each proper
4 - Getting chart properties enhancements
Jim Nelson tweaked some methods as well, in order to provide new possibilities f
or saving properties,
and a fix for Scales calculation.
GetChartProperties now takes another parameter to indicate whether property desc
riptions should be included. (This only works from within the IDE, not in APP o
r EXE). In my pageframe, I've added a checkbox for this on the 'Properties' tab
SaveChartProperties now takes a parameter that allows you to skip saving altoget
her if already saved.
5 - Scale calculation tweaks
For calculating scale values, the method _CalculateScale was fixed. It corrects
two problems encountered
The problems had to do with some instances where the scales were set odd, and al
so problems when setting the minimum value to something other than zero.
6 - Tooltips
Tooltips will obbey their parent configuration, allowing to have different toolt
ips formatting when having more than one FoxCHarts object available in the curre
nt form.
Tooltips will be shown even if the form does not have the focus
7 - Samples
Tweaks in "ChartsSample_Builder"
- Send2MSWord - fix to check if the clipboard is empty before drawing the chart
image in the .DOC (by Koen Piller)
- Tweaked Data grid behavior; grid will adjust its size according to the current
chart specifications.
- Fixed background gradient behavior; now the original secondary color for backg
round is being saved, and will be restored to original chanfing the Gradient Lev
el spinner
Info for version 1.19a RC
- When using DrawReport(), the legends on shapes were not appearing correctly
- Legends on Shapes were not appearing correctly on Bars in MultiChart mode (KH)
- Fix in ChartsSample_Builder DoughnutRatio spinner settings tweaked (KP)
Info for version 1.19b RC
Fix in "DrawReport()" was causing loss of information of the "aCoord" array
Info for version 1.19g RC
Fix in Monochromatic charts when using singledata types (Pie, doughnut, simple b
ars) - Churrucks
Fix in Detachment of slices when for some reason the user had to change the sele
cted alias - Churrucks
Fix in Tics alignment for Cylinder and Triangle bars
Fix: ShapeLegends and Tooltips values will show decimals according to the source
values (IS)
Fix: Allow Legend to be of any type, not just character (IS)
Fix: SideLegend Misalignment when horizontal(IS)
Fix: Mouse events are better called in Area charts - fixed the mapping of shapes
New sample:
New improvements in ChartsSample_Builder:
- Generate fully working script to reproduce the current chart (in Properties ta
- Add or remove rows of data
- Add or remove columns of data (fields), allowing to change the ChartsCount dyn
- Added column in 2nd grid to allow showing / hiding legends in shapes for the c
urrent row
New ChartTypes allowing Full-Stacked charts
3 - Vertical Full-Stacked Bars
15 - Horizontal Full-Stacked Bars
16 - Horizontal Full-Stacked Area
These new charts are also called the 100% Stacked charts.
They are useful for comparing the percent values of several series for the same
points arguments.
The labels in shapes can specify whether real values are shown for each point la
bel, or the representative percentage;
and also change the visibility of point labels.
New properties:
Integer (0-1), determines the direction that the slices will be drawn in Pie or
Doughnut charts *** 0 = Clockwise, 1 = Anticlockwise
Logical, for full-stacked charts, determines if the default ShapeLegend and Tool
tip text will show as Percentage
instead of values
Valid for the chart types:
* 3 - Full-Stacked Bars
* 7 - Simple Bars
* 8 - Multiple Bars
* 12 - Horiz. Simple Bars
* 13 - Horiz. Multiple Bars
* 15 - Horiz. Full-Stacked Bars
* 16 - Full-Stacked Area
* Not yet introduced *
* CurrPercent - ReadOnly, Numeric (0-100),
* the value in percentage for the current shape object. Valid for chart * type
s 1,2,3,7,8,11,12,13,15 and 16
Info for version 1.19j RC
Fix: X Axis Legend Captions not taken into account during layout
Fix: Horizontal bars Shape Legend alignment fixed for the case when ShapeLegend
width > Bar width (reported by PH)
Fix: Zero values do not show valuesInShapes in Line or point charts

Info for version 1.19L RC
Fix: FoxCharts: Missing Legend Position Options (IS)
New property values for the property LegendPosition:
LegendPosition - Numeric (0-12)
11 - Vertical Center Left
12 - Vertical Center Right
Fix: Zero values in Stacked charts will not have space for drawing legends so we
'll ignore this case
Fix: Tweaked samples
Info for version 1.19O RC
New ChartType # 17 - Paired horizontal bars
New sample - chartsSample_PairedBars
Info for version 1.19P RC
Small tweaks in ChartType # 17 - Paired horizontal bars
Fix: negative values shown in scale in CHartType #17
Fix: zero values will not be shown in ChartType #9
New sample - chartsSample_ArrowsInLegend.scx
Advanced sample shows how to interact with the chart objects on MouseDown.
Dynamically draws arrows in the side legends when user clicks on a side legen
Uses various interesting techniques, for mapping the chart objects,
getting their colors and using GdiPlusX for drawing new shapes (lines) on t
he fly.
Info for version 1.19Q RC
Fixes in ChartType #17
Fix: 1st data series should go from 0 to left and the 2nd series from 0 to right
Fix: bug in the alignment for Paired bars
Fix: fixed Scale Legend (all Horizontal chart styles were not working)
Info for version 1.19R RC
Fix: Vertical background lines in 3d bars and other few tweaks in vertical backg
round lines
Info for version 1.20 PRODUCTION
Method GetChartProperties()
- Added new parameter - passing the value 4, will retrieve
a full script, regenerating a cursor, and all required commands to reproduce the
current chart
in a form
-Small tweaks
ChartsSample_Builder now shows the current color palette
Info for version 1.32 BETA
Introduction of the "DOuble Y Axis" chart
More information, with samples and images here:
Info for version 1.33 BETA
Fixes in the DOuble Axis Chart
Fix in the ChartsSample_Builder file
Info for version 1.34 BETA
Removed "RETURNs inside WITH/ENDWITH" for safer code, avoiding C000005 errors. T
hanks to Jim Nelson and ANdrew McNeill, for their magnificent tools THOR and COD
Full code revision made by THOR, by defining some missing LOCAL variables, and a
dding "mDots" for a safer code.
Info for version 1.35 BETA
Few tweaks to allow MultiCharts and 2Y Axes charts
New sample - ChartsSample_2Y_Multichart.scx - Shows how you can combine bar char
ts with line charts, having each represented by a different axis
Tweak in "ShapeTooltip" method, to show the correct significant decimal values i
f necessary
New samples included in the main charts menu form
Info for version 1.36 BETA
Fix in Pie/Doughnut charts when detaching slices, thanks to Enrique Vasquez
Info for version 1.37 BETA
Introduced the new object - "Yaxis2", to allow having captions for the 2nd Axis
in ChartType #18
Slight modifications in the builder samples to better show the charts
Info for version 1.40c BETA - by Alex Yudin
New features: Introduced new Bar Types: Cone, Conoid, Pyramid and truncated pyra
mid (Frustum).
Right-clicking on the SideLegends in the chart, can call a new form that allows
you to interactively apply changes to the way the side legends appear. You can c
hange the Legend positions, colors, and other character formatting.
New properties: "GradientShapeDirection" - Numeric, determines the Gradient Brus
h direction (0-3).
"GradientVertCount" and "GradientHorCount" - Numeric, determines the Shape Gradi
ent Brush stripes count (vertical and horizontal)
Fix in "". The distributed version avoids some bugs due to LOCAL varia
bles declarations inside TRY/CATCH. May work faster in local net.
Since this new version brings several modifications, the new and current Beta ve
rsion is a subclass of the original and latest FoxCharts version v1.37. The new
class is at the "Sources" folder, named "FoxChartsBeta.vcx".
All new samples, the ones tht will benefit from the newest features will be stor
ed in the "SamplesBeta" folder
Start playing with the form "ChartsSample_ArrowsInLegend.scx".
- Change the spinner values to see the new charts available
- Click on the Side Legends, to see cool stripes
- Right-click the over the SideLegends to call the new SideLegends form, and pla
y with the new possibilities!
* To do list
Update HELP file
- explain PageFrameTabs
- new legend positions
- new chart type
- ShapeLegend expression, etc
FoxCharts is a free and open source project, aiming to offer a charting tool for
Visual FoxPro developers.
It is a part of the VFPX project, from Codeplex, and is under its license.
Please visit the VFPX homepage for more information about this project and licen
Info for version 1.41 BETA
*New features:*
* Introduced new Bar Types: Cone, Conoid, Pyramid and truncated pyramid (Frustum
*Introduced new Brush Types: HatchBrush Color, Textures Brush
* Right-clicking on the SideLegends in the chart, can call a new form that allow
s you to interactively apply changes to the way the side legends appear. You can
change the Legend positions, colors, and other character formatting.
*New properties:*
* "+GradientShapeDirection+" - Numeric, determines the Gradient Brush direction
* "+GradientVertCount+" and "+GradientHorCount+" - Numeric, determines the Shap
e Gradient Brush stripes count (vertical and horizontal)
Fix in "". The distributed version avoids some bugs due to LOCAL varia
bles declarations inside TRY/CATCH. May work faster in local net.
Since this new version brings several modifications, the new and current Beta ve
rsion is a subclass of the original and latest FoxCharts version v1.37. The new
class is at the "Sources" folder, named "FoxChartsBeta.vcx".
All new samples, the ones that will benefit from the newest features will be sto
red in the "SamplesBeta" folder
Start playing with the form "+Chartssample_v1_4x.scx+".
- Change the spinner values to see the new charts available
- Click on the Side Legends, to see cool stripes
- Right-click the over the SideLegends to call the new SideLegends form, and pla
y with the new possibilities!
Info for version 1.42 ALPHA
- all objects of chart react on mousemove showing its contour
- all objects have their own form to adjust. Just Right Click on them.
- Right click on chart (not on objects) will call form to adjust common properti
- For ChartType=3 (single type) one can see arrows that show values of the incre
- Title and subtitle can use chr(13)+chr(10) inside
- One can store properties in memo field of file ChartsList.
- Shape legend changed
Info for version 1.43 ALPHA
Comments inside chart
Call chartssample_v1_4x.scx from
Info for version 1.43 Beta
Fixed bugs
OO Writer report
Info for version 1.44 Beta
New form charts_rowchange.scx demonstrates generating charts on AfterRowColChan
ge event of grid.
Simple form ChartExport.scx demonstrates calls ChartExport.prg that send Chart i
mage to Clipboard, MS Excel, MS Word, OO Writer and just to printer with no form
at all.
Read comments inside this ChartExport.prg
Info for version 1.44.4
Koen Pillar fixed some bugs and improved functionality of ChartExport
Info for version 1.45
New form ChartsMovie shows charts speed for different properties
Info for version 1.45.2
MultiBarType. Collection Fields has new property Bartype. Look form AfterRowColC
Info for version 1.45.3
New propery "News". Form Chartssample_v1_4x start with Form.foxcharts1.News = .F
If you change any property News become = .T.
Checking GetChartProperties(3, .F. ) to be empty gives the same result as News=.
Info for version 1.46 Beta
New form chartssamples_v1_4x stands for calling forms of versions 1.4x
New property "Sleep" - logical. When Sleep=.T. prevents unnecessary calling Draw
Chart (like Resize method).
Form charts_rowchange.scx shows way to animated changing charts
Info for version 1.46.1 Beta
Now 3 1.4x sample forms include button "Form objects" (left top side) to look al
l form objects and their properties, methods and events.
Object Shapes includes non visual auxiliary objects - one for each shape on canv
You can use this objects in your programs.