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Chemical Treatment & Corrosion Control Engineer, Kuwait (Resident)

The Contractor shall assign one full time "infield" Chemical Treatment & Corrosion
Control Engineer. He shall have a degree in Chemical Engineering or MetallurgY and
at least! 0 years of related experience in similar services in the oil fields. He shall be
minimum NACE certified Chemical Treatment Specialist. Previous experience with
an International Contractor/Company is required and two independent references shall
be provided.


1)Preparing chemical treatment programs for corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors and biocides
and evaluate the performance.

2) Test, monitor and evaluate injection wells and sub centers plant field trials for
all scale inhibitors, Corrosion Inhibitors and biocide for Flow lines, Trunk and
Shipping lines, Separators, desalters treatment, Surge and storage tanks treatment, etc.

3) Develop, implement and monitor all Corrosion mitigation and monitoring programs plus
inspection assessment plans to ensure the integrity of all assets are maintained as per
accepted standards.

4) Participate in leading the corrosion inspection and testing programs and
Contribute to formulating and executing plans, working practices and procedures to improve the
efficiency and effectiveness of internal corrosion monitoring and mitigation systems.

5) Experience in installing, retrieving, corrosion monitoring system by using CAPPROCO

6) Ensure that all technical aspects related to corrosion & quality control management and
integrity assessment are undertaken in conformance with company standards and / or industry
codes of practice.

7) Responsible for the quality control of water injection plant performance and interpretation of
lab analysis results to recommend the right actions and responsible for monitoring and
improving chemical treatments in JO production facilities.

8) Perfonnes Quality Assurance and developed and coordinated field tests and procedures to
clean water injection pipelines and wells in response to a major field problem.

9) Reviews and evaluates survey results from electrochemical probes, weightloss coupons, and
other corrosion monitoring devices used to establish the effectiveness of internal corrosion
control methods.

10) Supervises contractor laboratory and field testing activities including planning routine and
non routine sampling and analysis programs.

11) Shall have experience of SRB's and their role in oilfield operations corrosion.

12) Shall have experience in conducting detailed Failure analysis report within the JO Facility.

13) Supervise a team of Corrosion control Engineer and chemical treatment team evaluation for
chemicals field trials, evaluate and recommend the best chemical.

14) Optimize the consumption of chemicals and assistance in preparation of reports

15) Be familiar with international codes and Standards and fully adhered to ISO
14001 & OHSAS 18001 management systems

16) Act as a Team leader for any accident/incident investigation and internal auditing.