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Wife reassures husband from beyond

By Jaime Licauco
Philippine Daily Inquirer
12:01 am | Tuesday, May 2!h, 201"
Three ou!#o$#!he#ordinary !hin%s happened durin% my seminar on &'oul ma!es, (arma
and )eincarna!ion* on 'a!urday, May 1+
,irs!, !he amoun! o$ money collec!ed -y my s!a$$ had an e.cess o$ P/00+ They couldn0!
!ell 1here !he P/00 -ill came $rom, -ecause no-ody o2erpaid+
They coun!ed !he money !hrice and reconciled !he proceeds 1i!h !he head coun! o$
par!icipan!s and !he num-er o$ 3Ds sold+
4here !he e.!ra P/00 came $rom remains a mys!ery, -u! i! could -e dismissed as
human error+
'econd, one o$ !he par!icipan!s, -usinessman )ena!o Lim, su$$ered $rom a se2ere
mi%raine and !old my s!a$$ he planned !o lea2e his car o2erni%h! in !he par5in% lo! and
6us! !a5e a ca- -ecause he 1as !oo sic5 !o dri2e home+
I as5ed 1he!her he 1an!ed me !o remo2e his mi%raine, and he said yes+
7$!er %i2in% him ins!ruc!ions on !he 2isuali8a!ion !echnique, I as5ed him ho1 his
mi%raine 1as, and he said i! 1as &90 percen! %one+*
I 1as happy !o hear !ha!+ 4e !al5ed a $e1 minu!es more a-ou! !he na!ure o$ his
-usiness, 1hen he suddenly cried, &:ey; My mi%raine is comple!ely %one; <o1 I can
dri2e home+* :e couldn0! -elie2e ho1 i! happened+ Bu! !his could also -e e.plained as a
simple case o$ &spon!aneous remission* o$ illness+
<o1 !he !hird inciden! 1as !he mos! remar5a-le -ecause I could no! $ind a ra!ional
I channelled !hrou%h au!oma!ic 1ri!in% a messa%e $rom !he depar!ed 1i$e o$ one o$ !he
par!icipan!s, -roadcas!er =aldy >ilches, 1hom I had me! se2eral !imes -e$ore, -u! 1ho
had no! a!!ended any o$ my seminars un!il !hen+
:ere0s 1ha! happened: 4hile !he par!icipan!s 1ere %oin% !hrou%h a pas! li$e hypno!ic
re%ression procedure !ha! 1as -ein% recorded, I sa! on a so$a in $ron!, 1hile =aldy 1as
sea!ed $ar $rom me, in !he -ac5 ro1+
4hile I 1as medi!a!in%, I seemed !o %e! a messa%e mean! $or =aldy and 1ro!e i! do1n+
7s I recall i!, !he messa%e 1en! li5e !his:
&Dear =,
&Don0! 1orry a-ou! me+ I am in a 2ery happy and -eau!i$ul s!a!e+
&I 1an! you !o 5no1 !ha! you are lo2ed+ ?ou ha2e -een a 2ery %ood hus-and !o me and
an ideal $a!her !o our children+
&I am 1i!h you all !he !ime+*
I! 1as si%ned &I88a* or &Li8a+*
I 1as no! sure !hen 1he!her !he messa%e 1as a $i%men! o$ my ima%ina!ion or a real
messa%e $rom =aldy0s 1i$e, 1hom I 5no1 !o ha2e passed on+
'o I approached =aldy a$!er my medi!a!ion !o as5 $or his 1i$e0s name+
&<im$a,* he replied+ &4hy do you as5@*
&4ell,* I !old him+ &I %o! a messa%e earlier 1hile !he class 1as under%oin% re%ression+ I!
1as addressed !o you+ I !hou%h! i! came $rom your 1i$e -u! I don0! !hin5 so, -ecause !he
name is di$$eren!+*
&4ha!0s !he name@* he as5ed+ &I88a or Li8a,* I said as I handed !o him !he messa%e I
1ro!e on a piece o$ paper I %o! $rom my poc5e! diary+
=aldy read !he messa%e and !urned !eary#eyed and serious+
I as5ed i$ !he messa%e 1as meanin%$ul or 1he!her i! made sense+
:e replied &yes* as he slo1ly and almos! re2eren!ly $olded !he piece o$ paper and
care$ully placed i! in his shir! poc5e!+
=aldy said i! 1as possi-le !ha! !he messa%e really came $rom his 1i$e+
<im$a 1as a senior depu!y cour! adminis!ra!or o$ !he 'upreme 3our! 1ho died o$
pancrea!ic cancer on Dec+ 1/, 2011, a-ou! !1o#and#a#hal$ years a%o+
=aldy said <im$a 1as al1ays -usy 1i!h 1or5, so he 1as !he one 1ho raised !he children+
'o, 1ho 1as I88a or Li8a, I as5ed+
=aldy e.plained !ha! Li8a is his sis!er, 1ho 1as close !o his 1i$e+
<im$a as5ed Li8a !o !a5e care o$ her in !he hospi!al in place o$ =aldy, 1ho &couldn0! s!ay
1i!h her in !he I3A -ecause I couldn0! -ear !o see her su$$er+*
&Bh,* I said+ &'o !ha! mus! -e 1hy her name appeared in !he messa%e+ <o1, !ha! ma5es
sense !o me+*
I pressed =aldy $ur!her !o say 1hy he considered !he messa%e meanin%$ul, -ecause I s!ill
could no! -elie2e i! came $rom his 1i$e+
A message from her
=aldy said he had al1ays prayed $or a messa%e $rom her, !o assure himsel$ she 1as
alri%h! 1here she no1 is -ecause &I am no lon%er !here !o pro!ec! her+*
=aldy !e.!ed me many ques!ions !he ne.! day+
&:o1 did !he messa%e come !o you@ Did she appear !o you li5e she 1as dic!a!in% !o you
1ha! !o 1ri!e@ Did you hear a 2oice@*
I said I did no! hear any 2oice or see any ima%e+ Thou%h!s 6us! came !o my mind and I
1ro!e !hem do1n+
I 1as no! in a !rance and !he messa%e 1as in my o1n hand1ri!in%+
Tha!0s 1hy I $irs! dou-!ed 1he!her !he messa%e came $rom a spiri! independen! o$ my
7no!her !hin% !ha! also made me dou-! i$ !he messa%e really came $rom !he 1i$e 1as
!ha! i! 1as addressed !o &=* and no! =aldy speci$ically+
The -roadcas!er e.plained: &'he named all our se2en do%s s!ar!in% 1i!h !he le!!er =,
-ecause she said my name 1as =aldy+ The names o$ our do%s are =ac, =oo, =es!, =ara
and so on+ 4ell, she calls me Puppy some!imes+*
T1o days a$!er !he seminar, =aldy and I 1ere s!ill !e.!in% each o!her a-ou! !he inciden!+
&This con$irma!ion is 1ha! I02e -een 1ai!in% $or $or so lon%,* =aldy !old me+
&<im$a 1as a 2ery in!elli%en!, sharp#minded person, and she only deal! 1i!h people a!
her le2el+ Perhaps, she ushered me !o a!!end your seminar !o pu! us in a medi!a!i2e
mode $or her !o -e a-le !o access our consciousness and relay her messa%e+ 7ma8in%;*
The more =aldy and I analy8ed and discussed !he messa%e, !he more i! -ecame rele2an!
and more con2incin% !o him+
,or ins!ance, he researched !he name Issa, and $ound ou! i! 1as an C%yp!ian 1ord
meanin% &Dod sa2es+*
I !old him i! 1as also !he name o$ Jesus in India, 1here :e is called '!+ Issa+
Bu! 1hy 1as !he name Issa or Li8a spelled 1i!h a &=* and no! 1i!h an &'@*
I 5no1 !he correc! spellin% o$ !hese !1o names, -u! 1hen I 1as 1ri!in% !hem, I couldn0!
spell i! 1i!h an &'+* I au!oma!ically 1ro!e &=+*
3ould i! -e -ecause <im$a 1as so $ond o$ !he le!!er = !ha! she spelled !he names !ha!
=aldy recalled !ha! <im$a 1as in!o numerolo%y, 1here each le!!er is equi2alen! !o a
cer!ain num-er+
Bne las! !hin%+ 4hen I approached =aldy !o %i2e him !he no!e, I $el! !he 2ery s!ron%
presence o$ a $eminine spiri! -eside him+
I 1ish !o !han5 =aldy >ilches $or allo1in% me !o 1ri!e !his s!ory usin% !he real names o$
all !he people in2ol2ed+
=aldy said, &I 1an! o!hers !o 5no1 !ha! i!0s possi-le !o communica!e 1i!h our lo2ed ones
usin% !he po1er o$ our pure and !rue lo2e $or each o!her+*
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