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summer 2014
International music and portrait photographer Tom Barnes on capturing the biggest
names in the industry
Pages 34-37
The latest technology from Canon, Nikon, Fujiflm, Sony and Panasonic
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Affordable quality and unmistakable brilliance
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Tom Barnes
Photo by Tom Barnes
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Shooting Interiors -
A Master Class
Richard Southall
A master class in
interior photography
to be undertaken
at a location near
to Calumet. The
session will include
discussions on: colour
management, lighting interiors with either fash or
tungsten, location management and the correct choice
of equipment.
Bristol - Saturday 10 May
Drummond St - Monday 12 May
Glasgow - Tuesday 1 July
Birmingham - Monday 14 July
Manchester - Wednesday 23 July
09.30-13.30 69
Fine Art Nude Studio Photography
Rory Lewis
A wonderful workshop and
opportunity to capture some
amazing images, you will be
working with a published artistic
nude model.
Belfast - Saturday 10 May
Bristol - Saturday 9 August
10.00-16.00 149
Printing - One Day Crash Course
Andy Astbury
Do you want to make great looking prints with the
minimum of fuss and effort? Do you want to use just
one sheet of paper to get that great looking print? If
you answered yes to these questions then you need
this workshop.
Manchester - Wednesday 14 May
Bristol - Wednesday 6 August
Manchester - Wednesday 13 August
10.00-16.00 65
Urban Landscapes
Richard Southall
A seminar session followed by a walking tour of
the unseen side of Bristols industrial past where
participants will gain a basic understanding to
successful urban landscape photography.
Bristol - Saturday 17 May
10.00-16.00 59
Making Money from Stock
Jenny Lilly
Jenny will focus on different types of stock, different
methods of selling, how to shoot to sell, the legal
pitfalls and what to avoid photographing.
Edinburgh - Thursday 29 May
Glasgow - Friday 30 May
Birmingham - Saturday 28 June
Manchester - Saturday 12 July
10.30-15.30 70
Creative Figure & Silhouette
Lighting (Taster)
Jon Gray
In this Figure Lighting workshop, Jon will be
demonstrating how to create interesting lighting for
fgure work and silhouette effects.
Drummond St - Saturday 17 May
Drummond St - Saturday 7 June
10.30-12.30 35
Classsic Boudoir Workshop (Taster)
Jon Gray
Jon will be demonstrating lighting for Classic
Boudoir images as well as styling and model
posing techniques.
Drummond St - Saturday 17 May
Drummond St - Saturday 7 June
13.00-15.00 35
Art Nude and Painting with
Light (Taster)
Jon Gray
Jon will be demonstrating creative lighting effects on
the body and using lighting gels and projection
light effects.
Drummond St - Saturday 17 May
Drummond St - Saturday 7 June
15.30-17.30 35
Studio and Portrait Lighting
Richard Southall
An introductory seminar/workshop on
portrait photography with a model.
Drummond St - Monday 19 May
10.00-16.00 120
50s Portraiture - Studio Lighting
Richard Southall
In this session, we will introduce you to classically
50s portraiture lighting inspired by such greats as
Karsh and Beaton.
Manchester - Monday 19 May
Edinburgh - Monday 2 June
13.30-16.30 80
Nikon & Canon - Flashes
of Inspiration
John Clements
Understanding and then mastering what a Nikon
Speedlight or Canon Speedlite fash can do
takes time. If you wish to come up to speed quickly,
and with real world repeatable skills, then this is the
workshop for you.
Woodbridge, Suffolk - Tuesday 20 May
Glasgow - Wednesday 11 June
10.30-16.30 119
Art Nude Photography
John Clements
This practical seminar will give us the time to
experiment with many different lighting styles;
including high key, low key, silhouette, hard and
soft lighting.
Drummond St - Thursday 22 May
10.00-16.00 139
Canon One & Two Light Flash
Jason Harry
There will be discussion mixed with practical on how
to produce great images with the Canon fash units.
The workshop is also applicable to the Nikon series as
the features are very similar.
Drummond St - Friday 23 May
Manchester - Thursday 29 May
10.00-15.00 85
Walkabout Workshop
Spence Cater
This is a hands-on Walkabout workshop, giving you
a greater understanding of DSLR photography, to
enable you to get the best out of your camera and
improve your photography skills.
Birmingham - Saturday 24 May
Birmingham - Saturday 21 June
Birmingham - Saturday 26 July
10.00-14.00 80
Music Photography Insight
Chris Lopez
Aimed at the budding Music Photographer, whether
it be live music photography or album cover artwork,
well established music photographer Chris Lopez
discusses his career to date and the music industry.
Drummond St - Monday 26 May
10.00-14.00 49
Retro Style 1950s Pin Up
Photography Day
Marc Byram
Delivered as both
theory and practical
sessions you will
leave with the
knowledge to start
creating your own
1950s Style Pin
Up style images
as well as some
amazing images for your portfolio.
Drummond St - Tuesday 27 May
10.00-16.00 95
Commercial Lighting 1,2,3,4 & 6
Light Setups
Jason Harry
In this workshop we will work with studio lighting,
starting with basic setups through to more complex
and go to setups.
Birmingham - Tuesday 13 May
Drummond St - Wednesday 14 May
Manchester - Friday 16 May
10.00-16.00 100
Personal Promotion: Dening
Your Vision
Zoe Whishaw
This interactive workshop will help you gain
confdence in expressing a meaningful and textured
summary about your work and approach to
photography, which is crucial when pitching to clients
or simply networking to promote your vision and
motivations as a photographer.
Drummond St - Tuesday 13 May
Drummond St - Tuesday 20 May
10.30-13.00 89
08706 03 03 03 All prices include VAT Follow us on 5
Thinking Differently :
Brainstorming for Originality
Zoe Whishaw
Zoe will work the session in small groups to explore
methods of generating new ideas for individual
images and ways to enrich projects with new
Drummond St - Wednesday 4 June
10.30-13.00 89
An Introduction to the Art &
Technique of
Underwater Photography
Nick Robertson-Brown
The presentation
will start by covering
all the diffculties
of underwater
photography and how
you can overcome
them. There will
be information and
advice on the range and choice of equipment and
there will be various options available to view.
Manchester - Wednesday 11 June
10.00-13.00 49
Street Photography Workshop
Rory Lewis
This practical workshop will provide many of the
answers and insights into this rewarding style
of photography.
Drummond St - Monday 16 June
10.00-16.00 79
Shooting Architectural
Photography: A Master Class
Richard Southall
A master class
in architectural
photography to be
undertaken near
to Calumet.
Edinburgh - Monday
30 June
Bristol - Saturday 5 July
10.30-16.30 120
Essential DSLR Skills for the
Modern Photographer
Jason Harry
This workshop is aimed at those who may be new or
wish to get an good understanding of what is required
right now from a modern photographer.
Drummond St - Friday 4 July
10.00-15.00 85
Beginners Introduction to
Studio Photography
Rory Lewis
This introduction to studio fash lighting takes
participants through high-key and low-key lighting
set-ups, introduce three-point lighting with the key
light, fll light and effect light and show how to light
the background.
Manchester - Tuesday 8 July
11.00-17.00 139
So, How Do I Make Money
From This?
In this seminar, we will be looking at the back offce
of running a successful photography business.
Birmingham - Thursday 19 June
Manchester - Monday 7 July
09.30-12.30 59
Digital Workow - The Basics
Richard Southall
This seminar explains the basics of digital workfow
and colour management using either Bridge or
Lightroom 3/4 in combination with Photoshop CS6.
Birmingham - Thursday 19 June
Manchester - Monday 7 July
13.30-16.30 49
An Introduction to Large
Format Photography
Richard Southall
An introduction to the joys of large format
photography. Attendees will experience image capture
at its highest quality.
Bristol - Saturday 21 June
10.00-16.00 69
Portrait Master Class
Rory Lewis
In July 2014 Rory will be holding a major exhibition
in Liverpool entitled Northerners. Featuring portrait
photoshoots with Sir Patrick Stewart, Sir Ian McKellen,
Emma Rigby and many more.
To mark the event, Rory will be holding special
portrait photography Matster class in Bristol.
Edinburgh - Saturday 28 June
Liverpool - Saturday 26 July
Bristol - Friday 8 August
10.00-16.00 149
Create Video with your DSLR to a
Commercial Quality
Jason Harry
This is an advanced workshop allowing you to build
on the basics. You will be shown how to produce
videos of commercial quality.
Birmingham - Thursday 12 June
Drummond St - Friday 20 June
Manchester - Friday 27 June
10.00-15.00 85
Travel & Stock Photography
Lorentz Gullachsen
This seminar is designed to show how your holiday or
adventure trips can produce images that will sell and
help fund your travels.
Drummond St - Friday 13 June
Birmingham - Monday 23 June
Glasgow - Wednesday 25 June
10.00-16.00 79
Intermediate Art Nude
Studio Photography
Rory Lewis
A wonderful workshop and opportunity to capture
some amazing shots, we will be working with a
published artistic nude model.
Glasgow - Saturday 14 June
Drummond St - Friday 1 August
10.00-16.00 149
Location Portrait Photography
Lorentz Gullachsen
Photographing people on location is particularly
challenging as it has so many elements that require
careful consideration. Portraits on Location is a
seminar designed to inform how contemporary
photography has moved into a new era with digital
capture and new lighting technology.
Drummond St - Thursday 5 June
10.00-16.00 79
Flash and Mixed Light Photography
Jason Harry
In this workshop we will work with a fash and
ambient light mix both outside and indoors.
Drummond St - Friday 6 June
Manchester - Friday 13 June
Birmingham - Wednesday 18 June
Glasgow - Wednesday 25 June
10.00-15.00 85
Jewellery (Macro) Photography
Richard Southall
Learn how to shoot jewellery and metallic products on
a lighting table or on a complimentary background.
Birmingham - Monday 9 June
London - Thursday 26 June
10.00-16.00 140
Beginners DSLR
Rory Lewis
This great value beginners
photography course is an enjoyable
introduction designed to get you up
and running with your DSLR camera.
Manchester - Tuesday 10 June
11.00-17.00 139
Create Video with
your DSLR
Jason Harry
This workshop will be both practical
and discussion about how to produce
high quality video with your HD ready
Birmingham - Wednesday 11 June
Drummond St - Thursday 19 June
Manchester - Friday 27 June
10.00-15.00 85
Speedlites on Location
Richard Southall
A practical
which will
cover the
basics of
lighting on
location using
Speedlites and other forms of hand-held
fash gun.
Edinburgh - Tuesday 3 June
Bristol - Saturday 7 June
10.30-16.30 149
The Move from Emerging to
Professional Photographer
Zoe Whishaw
Zoe will be exploring what it takes to attract potential
clients to use your services and the essential
characteristics and personality traits that you need if
you are to be successful.
Drummond St - Tuesday 3 June
10.30-12.30 69
Visit our new Academy website for our
latest seminars and further details.
nlike many professional photographers, who
learned their camera skills in childhood,
Thomas Cooksey wasnt interested in
taking pictures until he found himself at college
on an art foundation course. Early assignments
involving collage and mood-boards forced him
into the darkroom, where he says he remained
for the following eight months.
Flicking through fashion magazines and seeing
all those great pictures of people, that made me
realise that photography was something that
I wanted to do for a living, Cooksey recalls.
I spent the remainder of my course putting
together a portfolio of pictures, and I approached
Reading University with the idea of doing an HND
in photography.
Despite not meeting their offcial entry
requirements, Cooksey was accepted and spent
the next three years studying for a degree in
photography. He was quick to combine real-life
work experience with his studies, networking
with photographers and agents and assisting on
shoots in London between lectures. By the third
year of my course Id got a full-time job as an
assistant, says Cooksey. I completed my course
but Id already left really and was travelling the
world with my work. I remember graduating and
going to pick up my certifcate all my friends
were off drinking and celebrating,
but I had to get to the airport to catch
a fight to Italy to assist on a shoot
for Dolce and Gabbana.
Cookseys assisting work eventually
took him to New York, where he
lived for three years, eventually
returning to the UK to set up as a
photographer himself.
Its in fashion
Cooksey has always photographed
fashion, but says his motivation is not entirely
to do with a love of clothes: I like producing a
pictures from a dream image that Ive had in my
mind, and making that dream come true. I like
to have complete control over what is going on,
from the lighting and the set to the colours and
the casting. I fnd that very exciting.
I also like the artifciality of fashion photography
you know that the images are fake. Its never
been my style to do anything with a documentary
look. Im not big on real images; Id be a terrible
photojournalist, he laughs.
When asked to describe his own photographic
style, Cooksey uses phrases like technical,
colourful and energetic, adding that making
his models look as good as possible is very
important to him. I think my pictures are quite
sexy, he comments.
I think a style is really only developed by making
mistakes. I started at university fnding a fashion
image in Vogue, which my mates and I would try
and copy, right down to the last detail of lighting.
Wed always fail, but learn more and more each
time. Cooksey recalls. The idea is that you
focus on these technical aspects while you are
learning them, and eventually you fnd yourself
not thinking about them because you know what
youre doing. Then you are just left with the idea
the overriding theme.
This is really where a style comes from: realising
the ideas that you have in your head. Knowing
what matters to you and what you are looking for
in a picture.
Telling stories
When talking about his photography, Cooksey
constantly refers to the story. A sense of
narrative is really important to me, even if its
quite lightly illustrated he says.
That said, I think each picture in the story should
stand up on its own. I sometimes get bored by
images in fashion magazines when its obvious
there are left-overs and throw-away images in a
photo story. So I approach each picture with its
own perspective, even if its part of a larger story.
Well build a set and light it in a certain way
just for one image, then break it down and do a
completely different set and lighting rig for the
next shot. Thats important it lets us create the
differences between images as well as tie them
together in the same story.
Fashion is a really transient, throw-away genre
in many respects, especially in the age of the iPad
where people are swiping onto the next images
before theyve really looked at the last one. You
need to be able to stop someone in their tracks
so they look at your picture, even if its for just
fve seconds. If you can do that youve done a
good job.
The ideas for Cookseys photo stories come not
just from other forms of photography, but from
a broad spectrum of visual media. I tend to
get inspiration from cinema, which gives me an
extra dimension, he says. I love art books, and
I obviously read a lot of fashion magazines, but I
dont like to like to reference them much these
days, because I dont feel there is anywhere to go
from whats been done already.
Generally speaking, by taking infuences from
other photographers in the same genre you can
end up with a very diluted version of the thing
thats infuencing you. Its better, I think, to look
outside of your own world.
For example, I recently shot for GQ Style China
with some guys in an ice-hockey arena, and that
was inspired by the 1970s movie Rollerball. Its a
loose reference and most people wont see it at
all, but for me it was a good starting point. I think
my photographic style is largely down to taking
these ideas and making them your own.
The future of fashion
Cooksey says that he tends to look
forward into the future rather than
dwell on the past, to the point where
he claims its almost impossible
for him to rummage through his
own archive. Im not a fan of
looking at my old work. If I ever
had a retrospective Id have to get
someone else to look at the back
catalogue for me, he chuckles.
I tend to want to always move onto
the next thing. I dont ever walk
away from a job thinking Wow!
That was the best shoot Ive every
done and feel completely satisfed. I walk away
having learned something, or wishing Id done
something differently. But thats good without
that I dont think Id feel the drive to go back and
improve on what I did last time.
And when it comes to the future of his profession,
Cooksey acknowledges that the winds of change
are present in the world of fashion. Video is
everywhere, he says. I havent been on set
for a long time without a Canon EOS 5D Mark III
rolling, recording B-roll footage or some behind-
the-scenes footage. Clients just want more and
more content, and that goes beyond stills.
In terms of being a fashion photographer, I
dont know where the lines will start to blur: will
the director take over? Or will the role of the
photographer still stand?
For me, I just hope I can keep making interesting
images getting bigger and bigger productions
that let me realise the ideas I have on larger and
larger scales.
See more of Thomas Cookseys photography on
his website at cookseystudio.com.
Thomas Cookseys photography is dynamic, colourful and sexy.
His images tell stories, but are capable of standing out on their
own too. But where does he get his ideas and inspiration from?
Ian Farrell investigates.
6 www.calphoto.co.uk All prices include VAT
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8 www.calphoto.co.uk All prices include VAT



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EOS 700D Body Only 321-677A 485.00
EOS 700D+18-55mm IS STM 321-677B 598.00
EOS 700D+18-135mm IS STM 321-677C 739.00
3 Year Warranty WA1057 55.00
EOS 700D Accessories
LP-E8 Battery 321-606H 39.00
BG-E8 Battery Grip 321-606E 119.00
Powershot G1 X Mark II
Powershot G16
3 Year Warranty WA1057 55.00
Powershot G16 Accessories
NB-10L Battery 321-212N 54.00
EOS 100D
18 MP APS-C CMOS sensor
4 fps continuous shooting
Max ISO 6400 (expandable to ISO 12800)
Full HD Movies
Description Part No. Price
EOS 100D Body Only 321-848A 399.00
EOS 100D+18-55mm IS STM 321-848B 479.00
3 Year Warranty WA1057 55.00
EOS 100D Accessories
LP-E12 Battery 321-444K 44.00
EOS 1200D
18 MP APS-C CMOS sensor
3 fps continuous shooting
Max ISO 6400 (expandable to ISO 12800)
Full HD Movies
Description Part No. Price
EOS 1200D Body Only 321-135A 349.00
EOS 1200D+18-55mm IS STM 321-135C 449.00
3 Year Warranty WA1057 55.00
EOS 1200D Accessories
LP-E10 Battery 321-110C 36.00
20.2 MP APS-C CMOS sensor
6 fps continuous shooting
Max ISO 12800 (expandable to ISO 25600)
19 Cross-type point AF system
Description Part No. Price
EOS 70D Body Only 321-787A 858.00
EOS 70D+18-55mm IS STM 321-787B 968.00
EOS 70D+18-135mm IS STM 321-787C 1149.00
3 Year Warranty WA1202 70.00
EOS 70D Accessories
LP-E6 Battery 321-041C 64.95
BG-E14 Battery Grip 321-787D 169.00
For Enthusiasts & Beginners
If you are a enthusiast or taking your frst
steps into the world of DSLR photography,
Canon EOS digital SLRs are easy to use
and offer unparalleled fexibility. Discover
state-of-the-art features that give you more
control, and new levels of performance that
will take your photography to new heights.
High ISO
Shoot with ambient light even in poor conditions
using high ISO settings. Individual pixel micro lenses
enhance sensitivity and DIGIC image processing
boosts image quality.
Fast continuous shooting
Always capture the defning moment, shooting bursts
of full resolution images at high frame rates. Be
confdent that your EOS will always be ready for
the next shot.
4 Year Warranty WA1202 55.00
Powershot G1 X Mark II Accessories
NB-12L Battery 321-212N 59.00
EVF-DC1 Electronic Viewfnder 321-135P 249.00
10 www.calphoto.co.uk All prices include VAT
Canon currently offer over 60 lenses
for users of the EOS range of DSLRs.
The range extends from the acclaimed
L series through to EF-S lenses designed
specically for the APS-C size sensor
cameras. Specialist Macro along with
Tilt and Shift models complete the
extensive range.
Zoom lenses cover a range of focal lengths, letting photographers travel light while staying creative.
Ultra wide-angle zooms allow extreme compositions in landscape and interior photography, while
telephoto zooms take you closer to the action. Standard zooms cover focal lengths from wide
angle to short telephoto, making them a great all-rounders as well as an ideal choice for travel and
reportage photography.
EF 70-200mm F2.8L IS II USM
The EF 70-200mm F2.8L IS II USM is a workhorse
telephoto zoom lens designed for professional use. It has
a rugged durable design, a four-stop Image Stabilizer and
specialised lens elements.
321-700T 1949.00
EF-S Lenses
No matter what you like taking pictures of, lenses from
the EF-S range will add new creative options. EF-S lenses
are designed exclusively for those shooting with EOS
camera that use APS-C type sensors.
Description Part No. Price
EF-S 10-22mm F3.5-4.5 USM 321-170B 478.00
EF-S 15-85mm F3.5-5.6 IS USM 321-799E 589.00
EF-S 17-55mm F2.8 IS USM 321-085B 639.00
EF-S 17-85mm F4-5.6 IS USM 321-170A 356.00
EF-S 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 IS STM 321-604B 359.00
EF-S 18-200mm F3.5-5.6 IS 321-028C 410.00
EF-S 55-250mm F4.0-5.6 IS 321-637C 208.00
EF-S 55-250mm F4-5.6 IS STM 321-552A 284.00
EF-S 60mm F2.8 USM Macro 321-142A 365.00
Canon Macro Lenses
Macro lenses allow close-up
photography of very small subjects,
revealing details that can often not be
seen with the naked eye. They are used
by wildlife photographers for images of
insects and fowers, as well as by those
shooting still-life images
in the studio.
Description Part No. Price
EF 50mm F2.5 Macro 321-270P 238.00
MP-E 65mm F2.8 Macro 321-250D 853.00
EF 100mm f2.8 USM Macro 321-271A 429.00
EF 100mm F2.8L Macro IS USM 321-799J 739.00
EF 180mm F3.5L USM Macro 321-271J 1273.00
Canon Tilt & Shift Lenses
When it comes to depth of feld and perspective, tilt-
and-shift lenses offer photographers an extraordinary
degree of control. Shift movements can be used to look
up or down without tilting the camera, eliminating the
converging verticals effect that can spoil architectural
images. Tilt movements rotate the plane of focus to either
extend or shorten depth of feld.
Description Part No. Price
TS-E 17mm F4.0L 321-081H 1959.00
TS-E 24mm F3.5L II 321-081J 1699.00
TS-E 45mm F2.8 321-273C 1129.00
TS-E 90mm F2.8 321-273E 1124.00
Attach an Extender to
selected Canon L-series
lens and increase its
telephoto magnifcation
by either 1.4x or 2x.
Designed for those
shooting wildlife, sports and
press photography. Extenders are portable enough to be
taken everywhere, and are an affordable way to access
extreme telephoto focal lengths.
Description Part No. Price
EF 1.4X III Extender 321-445E 409.00
EF 2X III Extender 321-445H 409.00
Prime Lenses
Prime lenses usually offer a wider maximum aperture
than zooms, enabling low-light shooting and fne control
over depth of feld, as well as superlative image quality.
Many fxed focal length lenses have specialist uses:
ultra wide-angle optics are favoured by landscape
photographers, while wide-aperture telephoto lenses are
used by those shooting sports and wildlife.
Description Part No. Price
EF 14mm F2.8 L II USM 321-254B 1898.00
EF 20mm F2.8 USM 321-253S 409.00
EF 24mm F2.8 IS USM 321-565B 458.00
EF 24mm F1.4 L II USM 321-017B 1359.00
EF 28mm F2.8 IS USM 321-565C 409.00
EF 28mm F1.8 USM 321-258H 379.00
EF 35mm F1.4 L USM 321-001D 1145.00
Description Part No. Price
EF 8-15mm F4 L Fisheye 321-445D 1099.00
EF 16-35mm F2.8 L II USM 321-260A 1214.00
EF 17-40mm F4.0 L USM 321-250J 629.00
EF 24-105mm F4 L IS USM 321-024A 813.00
EF 24-70mm F2.8 L II USM 321-565A 1799.00
EF 24-70mm F4 L IS USM 321-247A 1029.00
EF 28-135mm F3.5-5.6 IS USM 321-400A 379.00
EF 28-300mm F3.5-5.6 L IS USM 321-283A 2199.00
EF 70-200mm F2.8 L IS II USM 321-700T 1949.00
EF 70-200mm F2.8 L USM 321-502B 1019.00
EF 70-200mm F4 L IS USM 321-073D 979.00
EF 70-200mm F4 L USM 321-250C 519.00
EF 70-300mm F4.5-5.6 DO IS USM 321-070A 1138.00
EF 70-300mm F4-5.6 IS USM 321-070B 389.00
EF 70-300mm F4-5.6 L IS USM 321-445C 1232.00
EF 75-300mm F4.0-5.6 III 321-250X 188.00
EF 75-300mm F4.0-5.6 III USM 321-250E 239.00
EF 100-400mm F4.5-5.6 L IS USM 321-103A 1279.00
EF 200-400mm F4 L USM 321-242A 10,495.00
Description Part No. Price
EF 35mm F2.0 IS USM 321-351A 469.00
EF 40mm F2.8 STM 321-604A 167.00
EF 50mm F1.8 II 321-253V 85.00
EF 50mm F1.4 USM 321-260E 295.00
EF 50mm F1.2 L USM 321-073C 1259.00
EF 85mm F1.8 USM 321-255P 309.00
EF 85mm F1.2 L II USM 321-085A 1758.00
EF 100mm F2.0 USM 321-257J 379.00
EF 135mm F2.0 L USM 321-257B 909.00
EF 200mm F2.8 L II USM 321-258N 649.00
EF 200mm F2.0 L IS USM 321-261E 4669.00
EF 300mm F4.0 L IS USM 321-258Z 1169.00
EF 300mm F2.8 L IS II USM 321-445A 5329.00
EF 400mm F5.6 L USM 321-258D 1124.00
EF 400mm F4.0 DO IS USM 321-259S 5399.00
Description Part No. Price
EF 400mm F2.8L IS II USM 321-445B 8479.00
EF 500mm F4L IS USM MK II 321-626B 7759.00
EF 600mm F4L IS USM MK II 321-626A 10,479.00
EF 800mm F5.6 L IS USM 321-261D 10,199.00
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Zeiss for Canon
Canon EF ftting lenses from ZEISS are used by millions
of photographers all over the world. Representing the
pinnacle of over a century of optical and technical
expertise, these prime lens offer truly spectacular,
world-class performance. Without compromise.
Calumet Lens wraps
Wrap up your lens to prevent damage when transporting
it inside your gadget bag. Available in three sizes.
Description Part No. Price
Small Protective Wrap 25 x 25cm WP2032 12.00
Medium Protective Wrap 35 x 35cm WP2034 15.00
Large Protective Wrap 45 x 45cm WP2036 17.00
Samyang for Canon
Samyangs growing range of excellent value optics are
available for both Canon and Nikon, with a range of
lenses for both photographic and video assignments,
perfect for both professionals and enthusiasts.
Lenses for Still Photography
Description Part No. Price
8mm F3.5 Fisheye IF MC 999-817N 275.00
12mm F2 Fisheye IF MC TBC TBC
14mm F2.8 ED AS IF UMC 999-817P 329.00
16mm F2 ED AS UMC CS 999-826Y 419.00
24mm F1.4 ED AS IF UMC 999-817R 555.00
T-S 24mm F3.5 ED AS UMC 999-827S 949.00
35mm F1.4 AS UMC 999-817T 425.00
85mm F1.4 IF MC 999-817W 284.00
Hoya Filters
HMC Digital Filters
Hoya HMC Digital flters represent excellent value for
money. The clear UV flter can also be left on the lens at
all times in order to give maximum protection.
Description Part No. Price
52mm UV Digital HMC 343-000B 13.00
55mm UV Digital HMC 343-000C 13.00
58mm UV Digital HMC 343-000D 15.00
62mm UV Digital HMC 343-000E 18.00
67mm UV Digital HMC 343-000H 18.00
72mm UV Digital HMC 343-000J 20.00
77mm UV Digital HMC 343-000K 25.00
82mm UV Digital HMC 343-000N 27.00
52mm Slim PL-CIR 343-005A 34.00
55mm Slim PL-CIR 343-005B 37.00
58mm Slim PL-CIR 343-005C 40.00
62mm Slim PL-CIR 343-005D 46.00
67mm Slim PL-CIR 343-005E 50.00
72mm Slim PL-CIR 343-005H 56.00
77mm Slim PL-CIR 343-005J 64.00
82mm Slim PL-CIR Filter 343-005K 120.00
Hoya Revo Filters
Professional quality
flters made in Japan
using precision
optical glass and
an improved
Super Multi-Coating
(IS-HMC) formula to
greatly reduce or
eliminate refections.
Description Part No. Price
52mm Revo SMC UV 343-006N 28.00
55mm Revo SMC UV 343-006P 30.00
58mm Revo SMC UV 343-006Q 35.00
62mm Revo SMC UV 343-006R 38.00
67mm Revo SMC UV 343-006S 43.00
72mm Revo SMC UV 343-006T 50.00
77mm Revo SMC UV 343-006V 55.00
82mm Revo SMC UV 343-006W 70.00

52mm Revo SMC PL-CIRC 343-007D 60.00
55mm Revo SMC PL-CIRC 343-007E 63.00
58mm Revo SMC PL-CIRC 343-007H 65.00
62mm Revo SMC PL-CIRC 343-007J 78.00
67mm Revo SMC PL-CIRC 343-007K 80.00
72mm Revo SMC PL-CIRC 343-007N 100.00
77mm Revo SMC PL-CIRC 343-007P 120.00
82mm Revo SMC PL-CIRC 343-007Q 140.00
For Full Frame DSLR
Description Part No. Price
SP 24-70mm F2.8 Di VC USD 388-247B 799.00
SP 28-75mm F2.8 XR Di LD 388-109A 359.00
28-300mm F3.5-6.3 XF VC Di LD 388-104B 519.99
SP 70-200mm F2.8 Di LD 343-600H 529.00
SP 70-200mm F2.8 Di VC USD 388-606J 1099.00
SP 70-300mm F4-5.6 Di VC USD 388-606A 289.00
SP 150-600mm F5-6.3 VC USD 388-609B 949.00
SP 90mm F2.8 Di VC USD Macro 388-606D 369.00
SP 180mm F3.5 AF Di Macro 388-604T 698.00
Sigma for Canon
Description Part No. Price
DC Lenses for APS-C DSLRs
30mm F1.4 DC HSM 399-602D 379.00
8-16mm F4.5-5.6 DC HSM 399-030V 549.00
10-20mm F4-5.6 EX DC HSM 399-030C 349.00
10-20mm F3.5 EX DC HSM 399-106A 399.00
17-50mm F2.8 EX DC OS HSM 399-165A 309.00
18-200mm F3.5-6.3 DC II OS HSM 399-223A 239.00
18-250mm F3.5-6.3 DC Macro OS 399-182B 299.00
18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM A Series 399-184A 649.00
50-150mm F2.8 APO EX DC OS HSM 399-501A 739.00
DG Lenses for Full-Frame DSLRs
8mm F3.5 EX DG Fisheye 399-080B 618.99
35mm F1.4 DG HSM 399-211N 669.00
50mm F1.4 EX DG HSM 399-450A 329.00
Lenses for Video
Description Part No. Price
8mm T3.8 Fisheye IF MC CS VDSLR 999-847S 315.00
14mm T3.1 ED AS IF UMC VDSLR 999-814P 349.00
16mm T2.2 ED AS UMC CS VDSLR 999-840W 449.00
24mm T1.5 ED AS IF UMC VDSLR 999-814R 565.00
35mm T1.5 AS UMC VDSLR 999-814T 449.00
85mm T1.5 AS IF UMC VDSLR 999-814W 315.00
Description Part No. Price
SP 10-24mm F3.5-4.5 Di II LD 388-605P 369.00
SP 17-50mm F2.8 XR Di II VC LD 388-109X 279.00
18-200mm F3.5-6.3 XR Di II LD 388-605B 159.00
18-270mm F3.5-6.3 Di II VC PZD 388-609A 329.00
SP 60mm F2 Di II LD IF Macro 388-660A 349.00
Description Part No. Price
50mm F2.8 EX DG Macro 399-101T 269.00
85mm F1.4 EX DG HSM 399-085A 669.00
105mm F2.8 EX DG OS HSM Macro 399-105B 379.00
24-70mm F2.8 EX DG IF HSM 399-900D 599.00
50-500mm F4-6.3 DG OS HSM 399-270C 999.00
70-200mm F2.8 EX DG OS HSM 399-272P 749.00
70-300mm F4-5.6 APO DG Macro HSM 399-248A 150.00
70-300mm F4-5.6 DG Macro HSM 399-244Y 98.00
120-400mm F4.5-5.6 DG OS HSM 399-120B 699.00
150-500mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM 399-155B 749.00
200-500mm F2.8 EX DG 399-200B 12,699.00
300-800mm F5.6 EX DG HSM 399-103C 5498.00
Description Part No. Price
15mm F2.8 ZE Distagon 375-281J 2150.00
18mm F3.5 ZE Distagon 375-282Y 1026.00
21mm F2.8 ZE Distagon 375-282X 1380.00
25mm F2 ZE Distagon 375-001A 1199.00
28mm F2 ZE Distagon 375-103A 940.00
35mm F2 ZE Distagon 375-001B 818.00
35mm F1.4 ZE Distagon 397-441Q 1380.00
Description Part No. Price
50mm F1.4 ZE Planar 375-281X 532.00
85mm F1.4 ZE Planar 375-281Y 940.00
135mm F2 ZE APO Sonnar 375-103B 1599.00
50mm F2 ZE Makro-Planar 397-441P 940.00
100mm F2 ZE Makro-Planar 375-103C 1380.00
55mm F1.4 ZE Otus 375-103D 3170.00
Tamron for Canon
Tamron offer a large range of lenses designed for Full Frame and APS-C DSLRs, the latter are identifed by Di II in their
product description.
12 www.calphoto.co.uk All prices include VAT
The early years
I was born in the East End of London in August 1940. We
lived by the docks, and many of my schoolmates went on
to become dockers, but my mother wanted more for her
children. She bought me my frst camera, a Rolleifex, for
my 18th birthday because I wanted to be a photographer.
My dad had died when I was 16 and times were tough;
mum was an offce cleaner and it was a huge amount of
money for her to fnd to get that camera for me.
Id left school when I was 15 and got a job in a darkroom,
printing contact sheets. I went on to assist the fashion
photographer John French, but fashion wasnt for me as
an East End boy I was out of my depth in a studio working
with models so I got a job on the East London Advertiser,
and it was the best thing I ever did. I got lots of pictures
published; local newspapers are a great place to start.
I did a few years freelancing, then in 1975 I joined The
Sun and Ive been there ever since. Press photography
is always a job of peaks and troughs; weeks would go
by without anything being published, and then youd hit
a purple patch when everything you shot would make the
paper, and seeing your pictures in print would be an instant
reward. Thats the oxygen that still keeps me going.
Becoming a royal photographer
by accident
I was enjoying myself doing cricket, football and general
news on The Sun, then one Sunday morning I walked into
the newsroom and sitting there was James Whitaker, who
had just become our royal correspondent. He asked if Id
like to go to a polo match with him that afternoon, where
Prince Charles would be playing. I did, I got a cracking shot
of the prince and the next day it was in the paper. Then my
editor, Larry Lamb, decided it was time to look for the next
Queen; Prince Charles had once said 30 was a good age to
get married, and by this time he was 28, so I needed to fnd
the mystery girl he was dating and eventually I found
Lady Diana Spencer. When they got engaged, Sun reporter
Harry Arnold and I sent Prince Charles a congratulations
telegram. He sent one straight back thanking us for our
kind wishes, adding that he hoped we wouldnt get made
redundant now hed got engaged!
Career highlights
There have been so many highlights over the years, includ-
ing seven royal weddings and six royal births, Charles and
Dianas six-week Australian tour in 1983, and William and
Harry being born. I was outside the hospital when Diana
carried each of those boys out as tiny babies, and now I see
them as fne young men. I feel an affnity with them Ive
watched them take their frst steps, start nursery school,
go to Eton, learn to ski, learn to fy...
One of the most amazing things happened to me when I
was photographing Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess
of Cornwall, in Rome meeting the Pope. Prince Charles
introduced me to the Pope, explaining that Mr Edwards
has been covering me for over 30 years and hes a
Catholic. The Pope nodded in my direction, I carried on
taking pictures and then, after Charles and Camilla left, I
was told that the Pope was granting me and the other fve
journalists present a private audience. I left in a bit of a
daze. Just as I got back to my hotel, my son John, who is
picture editor of The Sun, rang to say that the Papal Palace
who are very, very slick had already sent over a picture
of me with the Pope. The Sun ran it the next day under the
headline Snapper Meets Pappa.
And then there was getting my MBE. My mother would
have been so immensely proud, as I was. Id never
expected anything like it. I opened an envelope one day
in November 2002, thinking it was a tax demand, and
instead read a letter asking if Id accept the honour. When
I went to the Palace and the Queen pinned the medal on
my chest, she smiled and said, I cant believe Im giving
you this how many years have you been coming here
photographing me? I said, Maam, its 27 years, and she
said, Well, lets have our photograph taken together. All
the years freezing in the rain and sweating in the sun
this made them all worthwhile.
My most challenging assignment
In the last 12 months, its got to be the photograph of
Prince George being brought out of hospital by William
and Kate. It was very challenging but so rewarding, and
nothing else comes close to it. This whole year has been
about that baby being born. On the Sunday night Id
been at a Jools Holland concert over 100 miles away in
Gloucestershire. Early the next morning, the news broke
that Kate had gone into labour. Id had my position staked
out at the hospital for a couple of weeks, so I grabbed my
wife and rushed off to London. Back in 1982 when William
was born, it was just the BBC and ITV, and you knew every
photographer there. This time it was a truly international
event; there was a ten-deep crowd of over 500 press,
including photographers, reporters and every TV network in
the world.
When William and Kate walked out on the Tuesday evening
holding the baby, Id been standing on a ladder for two
By Royal Appointment
An interview with Arthur Edwards
Royal photographer, The Sun newspaper (UK)
Arthur Edwards has been photographing the British royal family for The Sun newspaper for
nearly 40 years and is responsible for many of their most iconic and intimate images from the
then Lady Diana contre-jour in a transparent skirt to Prince William kissing Kate on the balcony
of Buckingham Palace on their wedding day. In 2003 he was awarded the prestigious MBE
(Member of the Order of the British Empire) for outstanding service to newspapers, and in 2012
he was given an honorary doctorate by Anglia Ruskin University. He gives us a fascinating
insight into his life capturing the Royal historic images.
Follow us on 13 08706 03 03 03 All prices include VAT
days in incredible heat waiting to get my shots, and it was
very exciting but very pressurised. Kate had this amazing
look of love on her face that only a mother has for her
child, and that was what I wanted to capture. There were
thousands of pictures taken that evening, and if Id dropped
dead of a heart attack the newspaper would still have had
images from all the other press photographers, but its
your own pictures that count. Everything else Ive done
this year has been another job, but this was the future
king. And to have been there 31 years ago when the man
holding this baby was brought out of that same hospital,
well, it was an emotional moment, very special. Nothing
can compare to it.
My relationship with the
royal family
When you work with a family for over 30 years, things
happen to shape their view of you, and your view of them.
It wasnt so great at frst it was very aggressive in the
1980s, when everything was about getting the pictures and
there was a lot of intrusion into their lives, so they were
anti to start with. When Prince Charles frst moved into
But it slowly got better, and now I have a pretty good
relationship with all the royals. Over the years Ive grown
to like them all very much, especially Prince Charles. Im
never familiar and I never ask personal questions. He calls
me Arthur and I call him Sir but he acknowledged both
my 60th and 70th birthdays with cards and a gift.
My Nikon kit
When I frst started out I had a Leica, but it used to take
three months to get a repair done. Then I got my frst
Nikon, the F2. I got great service, I felt comfortable with
it and Ive been with Nikon ever since. The lenses are the
best, the cameras are the best; nothing can touch them.
Ive never known a time when camera equipment was so
Im still excited about Nikon, about Nikon products and
about the fact that they keep bringing out all the right
lenses for the job. NIKKORs are brilliant, crisp and
unbelievably sharp. Ive got the new 80-400mm on loan
although its F4.5-5.6, I just put the ISO up on my D4 and
its fantastic, especially with the vibration reduction on. I
took it to Sydney for Prince Harrys trip because I reckoned
it would be the perfect lens to take on a royal tour, and
it was. It gave me some cracking portraits of Harry, plus
great shots of everything going on around him. But the
24-70mm F2.8 is my favourite its the most incredible
lens ever made.
One of the great things about Nikon is that you get such
fabulous quality and so little noise at high ISOs so you dont
need to use fash as much and the Queen and Nelson
Mandela hate fash, so its a real advantage, especially
indoors. Its been the major breakthrough in digital as far
as Im concerned. Until a year ago I was using the D3S,
and I loved it; I was constantly amazed at the pictures I got
with it. But if you dont move with new technology it leaves
you behind, so I switched to the D4, and its tremendous.
I also have the D800, mainly for personal use; I use it
with a 35mm or 50mm lens for holidays, birthdays and
christenings, and I get some really exciting pictures on it. I
dont tend to use it professionally because I need to work
fast and I dont want to be switching cameras mid-job, so
I prefer to carry two D4 bodies and keep the D800 in my
car if I need to do portraits, because it gives such great
results with them.
What being a photographer
means to me
For a boy who left school at 15 in the East End of London
Ive had an incredible life through photography. I seem to
have achieved nearly all my ambitions, and I dont think
many people can say that.
Yes, theres aggravation with every job I get soaking wet,
I miss fights but the pluses are that I work with great
reporters and editors, theres real camaraderie with my
colleagues, and I get to do amazing things. Im now 73 and
Im pretty active, I go to the gym three times a week, and I
have a wife who is totally supportive. Many years ago David
Frost told me, If you love what you do, dont stop doing it,
so as long as Im healthy and the company supports me,
Ill carry on. When I turned 70, Rupert Murdoch sent me a
letter saying, 70 sounds awfully young to me, Arthur. And
in the Solomon Islands in September 2012 on William and
Kates visit, William said, Im never going to let you retire;
Ill put you in a wheelchair and push you to the front and
well only look at you! So while retirement will happen
one day, I havent planned anything and Ive got lots of
encouragement to carry on. Please God it continues.
Highgrove, I went down there with a big lens to get some
pictures from a public footpath on his grounds. He was out
riding and came galloping up to me, shouting, What are
you doing on my land? I replied, Its not your land, its a
public footpath, and Im just doing my job. Some job, he
said. Well, at least Ive got a job, I replied. He turned puce
with anger and galloped off. One of the policemen on duty
later told me that they were having a coffee break in the
kitchen when Prince Charles came storming in, shouting,
Youre supposed to be guarding me and Arthur Edwards
is on my front lawn! I wasnt there for long afterwards
14 www.calphoto.co.uk All prices include VAT


Nikon D4S
The ultimate imaging machine has advanced. Built to keep you ahead of your game, everything about the D4S powers exceptional images at exceptional
speed. The latest camera from Nikon features a brand new 16.2 MP CMOS sensor and a new processing engine - EXPEED 4. The Nikon D4S delivers
exceptional results in low light conditions, thanks to the increased ISO of 100-25,600, Lo1 - Hi4 expandable (50-409,600 ISO equivalent).Built with a full metal-
chassis made of magnesium alloy, strong weather sealing and including the new EN-EL18a battery which has 25% greater capacity, the Nikon D4s is made to
withstand the most challenging environments.
D4S Body 355-475A 5199.00
D4S+24-70mm 355-475B 6279.00
D4S+14-24mm 355-475C 6349.00
D4S+70-200mm MKII 355-475D 6329.00
D4S+50mm F1.4G 355-475E 5349.00
D4S+105mm F2.8G 355-475H 5679.00
D4S+300mm F2.8 VR II 355-475J 8999.00
D4S+80-400mm F4.5-5.6G VR 355-475K 6999.00
D4S+85mm F1.4G 355-475N 6219.00
D4S+SB-910 Speedlight 355-475P 5395.00
D4S+WT-5 LAN Adapter Set 355-475Q 5549.00
D4S+500mm F4 VR 355-475R 10,769.00
D4S+600mm F4 VR 355-475S 11,959.00
3 Year Warranty WA1029 155.00
D4S Accessories
EN-EL18a Battery 355-475T 149.99
WT-5 Wireless Transmitter 355-488C 495.00
Want to get your hands on the Nikon D4S? With a free 2 day Test Drive** from Calumet you now can.
Contact your local Calumet store to reserve this astonishing camera for 2 days and collect from any of
our stores nationwide.
Nikon D800E
The 36.3 megapixel FX-format sensor features an optical
low pass flter with anti-aliasing properties removed,
perfect for shooting landscapes and works of art that
require high defnition.
36.3 MP FX CMOS sensor
EXPEED 3 image-processor
4 fps continuous shooting
ISO 100-6400
355-495B 2349.00
Description Part No. Price
3 Year Warranty WA1011 135.00
D800E Accessories
EN-EL15 Battery 355-875E 59.00
MB-D12 Battery Grip 355-495C 295.00
Nikon D800
The 36.3 megapixel FX-format sensor and class-leading
autofocus system deliver unprecedented levels of depth
and detail in your photography with Full HD D-movie for
broadcast quality video.
36.3 MP FX CMOS sensor
EXPEED 3 image-processor
4 fps continuous shooting
ISO 100-6400
355-495A 1999.00
Description Part No. Price
3 Year Warranty WA1015 135.00
D800 Accessories
EN-EL15 Battery 355-875E 59.00
MB-D12 Battery Grip 355-495C 295.00
Nikon D610
Equipped with professional Nikon technology, this
powerful DSLR delivers the kind of image quality that only
the FX format can offer. The 24.3 megapixel FX-format
sensor captures every detail with lifelike sharpness.
24.3 MP FX CMOS sensor
EXPEED 3 image-processor
6 fps continuous shooting
ISO 100-6400 (expandable to ISO 25,600)
Description Part No. Price
D610 Body 355-610A 1399.00
D610+24-85mm 355-610B 1899.00
3 Year Warranty WA1015 80.00
D610 Accessories
EN-EL15 Battery 355-875E 59.00
MB-D14 Battery Grip 355-666C 199.00
*Price includes 15% damage waiver and VAT.
**Deposit required.
Follow us on 15 08706 03 03 03 All prices include VAT
Nikon D7100
24.1 MP DX CMOS sensor
EXPEED 3 image-processor
6 fps continuous shooting
ISO 100-6400 extendable up to 204,800 (equivalent).
Description Part No. Price
D7100 Body 355-857A 839.00
D7100+18-105mm VR 355-857B 979.00
3 Year Warranty WA1202 70.00
D7100 Accessories
EN-EL15 Battery 355-875E 59.00
MB-D15 Battery Grip 355-857J 229.00
Nikon D3300
Powerful, comfortable to carry and effortless to operate,
the small and lightweight Nikon D3300 allows you to enjoy
superior D-SLR image quality whilst keeping
things simple.
From low-light scenes to beautiful portraits, Nikons
acclaimed Guide Mode continues to help photographers
understand camera settings and learn the basics
so its easy to capture great photos and movies. An
impressive feature set means the D3300 is able to
capture remarkable detail and deliver clear images,
especially when shooting at high ISOs in dark situations.
Advancements include the 24.2 megapixel CMOS sensor
designed without an optical low pass flter (OLPF), a
wider ISO range (up to ISO 12,800) and Nikons powerful
new EXPEED 4 image processor, plus faster continuous
shooting speeds of up to 5 frames-per-second.
24.2 MP DX-format CMOS sensor
EXPEED 4 image processor
5 fps continuous shooting
ISO 100-6400 (expandable to ISO 12,800)
Nikon D7000
16.2 MP DX-format CMOS sensor
Twin SD card slots: SDXC compatible
5 fps continuous shooting
ISO (100-6400) light sensitivity - extendable up
to 25600
Description Part No. Price
D7000 Body 355-875A 579.00
D7000+18-105mm VR 355-875B 705.00
3 Year Warranty WA1057 70.00
D7000 Accessories
EN-EL15 Battery 355-875E 59.00
MB-D11 Battery Grip 355-875H 229.00
Nikon D5300
24.2 MP DX-format CMOS sensor
Built-in Wi-Fi & GPS
5 fps continuous shooting
ISO 100-12,800 (expandable to ISO 25,600)
Description Part No. Price
D5300 Body Black 355-533A 619.00
D5300 Black+18-55mm VR II 355-533B 659.00
D5300 Black+18-140mm VR 355-533N 879.00
Camera also available in Grey or Red
3 Year Warranty WA1202 55.00
D5300 Accessory
EN-EL14a Battery 355-533K 49.00
Nikon D3200
24.2 MP DX-format CMOS sensor
EXPEED 3 image processor
4 fps continuous shooting
ISO 100-6400 (expandable to ISO 12,800)
Description Part No. Price
D3200 Body Black 355-320A 309.00
D3200 Black+18-55mm VR II 355-822A 349.00
Camera also available in Red
3 Year Warranty (Kits only) WA1057 55.00
D3200 Accessory
EN-EL14a Battery 355-533K 49.00
Description Part No. Price
D3300 Body Black 355-330A 499.00
D3300 Black+18-55mm VR II 355-330B 519.00
Camera also available in Grey or Red
3 Year Warranty WA1057 55.00
D3300 Accessory
EN-EL14a Battery 355-533K 49.00
Nikon D5200
24.1 MP DX-format CMOS sensor
39 Point AF system
5 fps continuous shooting
ISO 100-6400 (expandable to ISO 25,600)
Description Part No. Price
D5200 Body Black 355-521A 508.00
D5200 Black+18-55mm VR II 355-822H 549.00
Camera also available in Bronze or Red
3 Year Warranty WA1057 55.00
D5200 Accessory
EN-EL14a Battery 355-533K 49.00
Nikon Df
Experience the power of pure photography with the Nikon Df.
The Nikon Df has a retro-styled body and at the heart of the camera is the same 16.2-megapixel FX-format CMOS sensor
and EXPEED 3 image processor found in Nikons D4. Such a powerful combination of professional grade technology
ensures the Df delivers superior image integrity under a broad range of lighting conditions. Photographs boast faithful,
well saturated colour and natural depth, even when shooting at the high end of the ISO range, which extends to a
phenomenal ISO 204,800 (equivalent).). Together with the highly sensitive AF system, fawless metering, and fast
performance, the Nikon Df may look like a classic Nikon 35mm flm camera, but its packed with the latest technologies.
16.2 MP FX-format (full-frame) CMOS sensor
EXPEED 3 image-processor
4 fps continuous shooting
ISO 10012,800, extendable up to 204,800 (equivalent)
Description Part No. Price
Df Body Black+AF-S 50mm F1.8G 355-222A 2499.00
Df Body Silver+AF-S 50mm F1.8G 355-222B 2499.00
3 Year Warranty WA1011 135.00
Df Accessories
EN-EL14a Battery 355-533K 49.00
WU-1a Wireless Mobile Adapter 355-320E 44.00
Zoom Lenses
Nikon offer the full range of zoom lenses. Whether you want an extreme wide-angle zoom lens for beautiful landscapes,
an all-in-one zoom for when youre constantly on the go, or a telephoto zoom when you need to get closer to the action.
Prime Lenses
From ultra Wide-Angle optics through to super Telephoto
lenses. Nikon have the prime lens suitable for
any application.
Description Part No. Price
10.5mm F2.8G AF IF-ED DX Fisheye 355-348R 549.00
35mm F1.8G AF-S DX 355-335A 148.00
40mm F2.8G Micro ED DX 355-102R 185.00
85mm F3.5G ED AF-S DX Micro VR 355-885E 375.00
10-24mm F3.5-4.5G AF-S DX 355-415D 639.00
12-24mm F4G IF-ED AF-S DX 355-348K 839.00
16-85mm F3.5-5.6G ED AF-S DX VR 355-384C 438.00
17-55mm F2.8G IF-ED AF-S DX 355-348Q 1049.00
18-200mm F3.5-5.6G IF-ED AF-S DX VR 355-702B 584.00
18-300mm F3.5-5.6G AF-S ED DX VR 355-384J 679.00
55-200mm F4-5.6G AF-S DX VR 355-552A 241.00
55-200mm F4-5.6G AF-S DX 355-100R 195.00
55-300mm F4.5-5.6G AF-S DX ED VR 355-112A 279.00
Micro Lenses
Ideal for taking photographs of
fowers, insects, food, jewellery,
coins, stamps or other small
objects, these Micro-NIKKOR
lenses will help you capture
every detail with
stunning clarity.
Description Part No. Price
60mm F2.8G ED AF-S Micro 355-384B 404.00
105mm F2.8D AF-S Micro VR II 355-206S 629.00
200mm F4D AF Micro 355-383W 1179.00
SB-910 Speedlight
The SB-910 Speedlight offers unparalleled lighting
performance in the feld and in the studio. Featuring
Nikons versatile i-TTL (intelligent through-the-lens)
metering for on camera or wireless fash control, the
SB-910 can operate as a hot shoe mounted Speedlight,
remote unit or wireless Commander.
355-910A 339.00
Other Speedlites Available:
Description Part No. Price
SB-400 355-940T 119.00
SB-700 355-779A 229.00
SB-R1C1 Commader kIt 355-206E 555.00
SU-800 Commander Kit 355-206P 274.00
PC-E Lenses
Perspective Control NIKKOR lenses allow you to control
perspective (converging lines), distortion and focus with
tilt and shift operation.
Description Part No. Price
24mm F3.5D PC-E ED 355-384D 1465.00
45mm F2.8 PC-E ED 355-802S 1393.00
85mm F2.8 PC-E ED 355-802T 1299.00
Description Part No. Price
14-24mm F2.8G ED AF-S 355-557A 1315.00
16-35mm F4G ED AF-S VR 355-558A 829.00
17-35mm F2.8D IF-ED AF-S 355-348B 1499.00
18-35mm F3.5-4.5G ED 355-878B 519.00
24-70mm F2.8G ED AF-S 355-557B 1245.00
24-85mm F2.8-4D AF 355-790C 549.00
24-85mm F3.54.5G AF-S ED VR 355-384H 409.00
24-120mm F4G ED VR 355-112B 810.00
28-300mm F3.5-5.6G ED VR 355-112D 659.00
70-200mm F2.8G ED AF-S VR II 355-702A 1605.00
70-200mm F4G ED AF-S VR 355-702C 999.00
70-300mm F4.5-5.6G IF-ED AF-S VR 355-199H 439.00
80-400mm F4.5-5.6D ED AF VR 355-969N 939.00
80-400mm F4.5-5.6G ED AF-S VR 355-840Z 1989.00
200-400mm F4G ED VR II 355-348Z 4899.00
Description Part No. Price
14mm F2.8D ED AF 355-626R 1239.00
16mm F2.8D AF Fisheye 355-377C 625.00
20mm F2.8D AF 355-383A 463.00
24mm F2.8D AF 355-383D 369.00
24mm F1.4G ED AF-S 355-558B 1465.00
28mm F1.8G AF-S 355-320H 499.00
28mm F2.8D AF 355-243K 245.00
35mm F2D AF 355-246Y 255.00
35mm F1.8G AF-S NEW 355-335B 519.00
35mm F1.4G AF-S 355-112E 1299.00
50mm F1.8G AF-S 355-102Q 149.00
Description Part No. Price
600mm F4G IF-ED AF-S VR 355-557E 7069.00
800mm F5.6E FL ED VR 355-878A 13,995.00
Nikkor AF-S Teleconverters
TC-14E II AF-S Teleconverter 355-300E 309.00
TC-17E II AF-S Teleconverter 355-397C 309.00
TC-20E III AF-S Teleconverter 355-373B 389.00
Description Part No. Price
50mm F1.4G AF-S 355-565A 279.00
50mm F1.4D AF 355-626P 244.00
50mm F1.8D AF 355-101B 109.00
85mm F1.4D AF 355-329B 949.00
85mm F1.8D AF 355-375B 299.00
85mm F1.4G AF-S 355-112C 1179.00
85mm F1.8G AF-S 355-488A 375.00
105mm F2D AF DC 355-375C 805.00
135mm F2D AF DC 355-340A 1029.00
180mm F2.8D IF-ED AF 355-204A 695.00
200mm F2G ED AF-S VR II 355-112H 4099.00
300mm F2.8G ED AF-S VR II 355-373A 4029.00
300mm F4D IF-ED AF-S 355-790D 1029.00
400mm F2.8G IF-ED AF-S VR 355-557C 6589.00
500mm F4G IF-ED AF-S VR 355-557D 5849.00
DX Lenses
Nikon DX lenses are specifcally designed for Nikon DSLRs using the standard APS-C sensor.
16 All prices include VAT
Manfrotto 393 Long
Lens Support
The 393 was specifcally developed for use with very long
lenses on tripods and monopods.
MN393 129.00
Samyang for Nikon
Samyangs growing range of excellent value optics are
available for both Canon and Nikon, with a range of
lenses for both photographic and video assignments,
perfect for both professionals and enthusiasts.
Lenses for Still Photography
Description Part No. Price
8mm F3.5 Fisheye IF MC 999-753V 275.00
12mm F2 Fisheye IF MC TBC TBC
14mm F2.8 ED AS IF UMC 999-774D 329.00
16mm F2 ED AS UMC CS 999-826X 419.00
24mm F1.4 ED AS IF UMC 999-817Q 555.00
T-S 24mm F3.5 ED AS UMC 999-825V 949.00
35mm F1.4 AS UMC 999-817S 425.00
85mm F1.4 IF MC 999-817V 284.00
Hoya Filters
HMC Digital Filters
Hoya HMC Digital flters represent excellent value for
money. The clear UV flter can also be left on the lens at
all times in order to give maximum protection.
Description Part No. Price
52mm UV Digital HMC 343-000B 13.00
55mm UV Digital HMC 343-000C 13.00
58mm UV Digital HMC 343-000D 15.00
62mm UV Digital HMC 343-000E 18.00
67mm UV Digital HMC 343-000H 18.00
72mm UV Digital HMC 343-000J 20.00
77mm UV Digital HMC 343-000K 25.00
82mm UV Digital HMC 343-000N 27.00
52mm Slim PL-CIR 343-005A 34.00
55mm Slim PL-CIR 343-005B 37.00
58mm Slim PL-CIR 343-005C 40.00
62mm Slim PL-CIR 343-005D 46.00
67mm Slim PL-CIR 343-005E 50.00
72mm Slim PL-CIR 343-005H 56.00
77mm Slim PL-CIR 343-005J 64.00
82mm Slim PL-CIR Filter 343-005K 120.00
Hoya Revo Filters
Professional quality
flters made in Japan
using precision
optical glass and
an improved
Super Multi-Coating
(IS-HMC) formula to
greatly reduce or
eliminate refections.
Description Part No. Price
52mm Revo SMC UV 343-006N 28.00
55mm Revo SMC UV 343-006P 30.00
58mm Revo SMC UV 343-006Q 35.00
62mm Revo SMC UV 343-006R 38.00
67mm Revo SMC UV 343-006S 43.00
72mm Revo SMC UV 343-006T 50.00
77mm Revo SMC UV 343-006V 55.00
82mm Revo SMC UV 343-006W 70.00

52mm Revo SMC PL-CIRC 343-007D 60.00
55mm Revo SMC PL-CIRC 343-007E 63.00
58mm Revo SMC PL-CIRC 343-007H 65.00
62mm Revo SMC PL-CIRC 343-007J 78.00
67mm Revo SMC PL-CIRC 343-007K 80.00
72mm Revo SMC PL-CIRC 343-007N 100.00
77mm Revo SMC PL-CIRC 343-007P 120.00
82mm Revo SMC PL-CIRC 343-007Q 140.00
For Full- Frame DSLR
Description Part No. Price
SP 24-70mm F2.8 Di VC USD 388-247A 799.00
SP 28-75mm F2.8 XR Di LD 388-109B 359.00
28-300mm F3.5-6.3 XF VC Di LD 388-104A 519.99
SP 70-200mm F2.8 Di LD 343-600E 529.00
SP 70-200mm F2.8 Di VC USD 388-605S 1099.00
SP 70-300mm F4-5.6 Di VC USD 388-606B 289.00
SP 150-600mm F5-6.3 VC USD 388-609C 949.00
SP 90mm F2.8 Di VC USD Macro 388-606E 369.00
SP 180mm F3.5 AF Di Macro 388-604S 698.00
Sigma for Nikon
Description Part No. Price
DC Lenses for APS-C DSLRs
30mm F1.4 DC HSM 399-602E 379.00
8-16mm F4.5-5.6 DC HSM 399-030T 549.00
10-20mm F4-5.6 EX DC HSM 399-030D 349.00
10-20mm F3.5 EX DC HSM 399-106B 399.00
17-50mm F2.8 EX DC OS HSM 399-165B 309.00
18-200mm F3.5-6.3 DC II OS HSM 399-223B 239.00
18-250mm F3.5-6.3 DC Macro OS 399-182A 299.00
18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM A Series 399-184B 649.00
50-150mm F2.8 APO EX DC OS HSM 399-501B 739.00
DG Lenses for Full-Frame DSLRs
8mm F3.5 EX DG Fisheye 399-080C 618.99
35mm F1.4 DG HSM 399-612B 669.00
50mm F1.4 EX DG HSM 399-450B 329.00
Lenses for Video
Description Part No. Price
8mm T3.8 Fisheye IF MC CS VDSLR 999-847V 315.00
14mm T3.1 ED AS IF UMC VDSLR 999-814N 349.00
16mm T2.2 ED AS UMC CS VDSLR 999-847T 449.00
24mm T1.5 ED AS IF UMC VDSLR 999-814Q 565.00
35mm T1.5 AS UMC VDSLR 999-814S 449.00
85mm T1.5 AS IF UMC VDSLR 999-814V 315.00
Description Part No. Price
SP 10-24mm F3.5-4.5 Di II LD 388-605R 369.00
SP 17-50mm F2.8 XR Di II VC LD 388-109Y 279.00
18-200mm F3.5-6.3 XR Di II LD 388-605A 132.00
18-270mm F3.5-6.3 Di II VC PZD 388-608Z 329.00
SP 60mm F2 Di II LD IF Macro 388-660B 349.00
Description Part No. Price
50mm F2.8 EX DG Macro 399-101V 269.00
85mm F1.4 EX DG HSM 399-085B 669.00
105mm F2.8 EX DG OS HSM Macro 399-612B 379.00
24-70mm F2.8 EX DG IF HSM 399-850A 599.00
50-500mm F4-6.3 DG OS HSM 399-270D 999.00
70-200mm F2.8 EX DG OS HSM 399-167B 799.00
70-300mm F4-5.6 APO DG Macro HSM 399-070A 150.00
70-300mm F4-5.6 DG Macro HSM 399-900C 98.00
150-500mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM 399-155A 699.00
200-500mm F2.8 EX DG 399-200A 12,699.00
300-800mm F5.6 EX DG HSM 399-103D 5498.00
Zeiss for Nikon
Nikon F ftting lenses from ZEISS are used by millions
of photographers all over the world. Representing the
pinnacle of over a century of optical and technical
expertise, these prime lens offer truly spectacular, world-
class performance. Without compromise.
Description Part No. Price
15mm F2.8 ZE Distagon 375-281N 2150.00
18mm F3.5 ZE Distagon 375-103E 1026.00
21mm F2.8 ZE Distagon 375-000B 1380.00
25mm F2 ZE Distagon 375-103H 1199.00
28mm F2 ZE Distagon 375-000C 940.00
35mm F2 ZE Distagon 375-000D 818.00
35mm F1.4 ZE Distagon 397-441R 1380.00
Description Part No. Price
50mm F1.4 ZE Planar 375-000E 532.00
85mm F1.4 ZE Planar 375-000H 940.00
135mm F2 ZE APO Sonnar 375-103J 1599.00
50mm F2 ZE Makro-Planar 397-441S 940.00
100mm F2 ZE Makro-Planar 375-103K 1380.00
55mm F1.4 ZE Otus 375-103N 3170.00
Tamron for Nikon
Tamron offer a large range of lenses designed for Full-Frame and APS-C DSLRs, the latter are identifed by Di II in their
product description.
Follow us on 17 08706 03 03 03 All prices include VAT
The new Fujiflm X-T1 features evolved SLR-style handling, mechanical dials and, when used with applicable lenses,
weather-resistance. Added to this are all the benefts of an X-Series camera, such as compact size, excellent mobility
and high-speed performance. Whats more, its newly developed electronic viewfnder is almost indistinguishable from an
optical viewfnder thanks to its ultra fast display speed.
The Real Time Viewnder revolution-The X-T1s
viewfnder provides a truly immersive shooting
experience with its near-instant 0.005-sec lag time and
0.77x magnifcation ratio
Advanced X Trans II Sensor and EXR II Processor-
Worlds fastest AF speed of 0.08 sec is achieved via the
integration of phase detection pixels into the 16.7MP
Tough, weather-resistant design- Thanks to around
80 points of weather sealing, the X-T1 is dust and
water-resistant when paired with an X-mount weather
resistant lens
Enhanced wireless functions- The Free Camera
Remote application allows the X-T1 to be controlled
remotely with a smartphone or table
Description Part No. Price
X-T1 Body 331-772A 1049.00
X-T1+18-55mm 331-772B 1399.00
3 Year Warranty WA1202 70.00
XT-1 Accessories
NP-W126 Battery 331-777K 49.00
X-T1 Metal Grip 331-772E 129.00
X-T1 Premium Leather Case 331-772C 99.00
X-T1 Vertical Grip 331-772D 199.00
X-Pro1 + 18mm F2
For the discerning photographer who lets nothing stand in
the way of quality, the Fujiflm X-Pro1 offers superb build
quality, fast-aperture interchangeable lenses and the look
and feel of a modern classic.
16 MP APS-C X Trans CMOS sensor
Fujiflm X Mount (FUJINON XF lenses)
EXR Processor Pro
2nd generation Hybrid Viewfnder
TTL Hot Shoe and Sync Terminal
Full manual controls
331-777PROMO 899.00
Description Part No. Price
3 Year Warranty WA1202 70.00
X-Pro 1 Accessories
X-Pro1 Hand Grip 331-777J 59.00
X-Pro1 Metal Grip 331-778Q 89.99
X-Pro1 Premium Leather case 331-779N 159.00
NP-W126 Battery 331-777K 49.00
The recently introduced Fujiflm X-E2 adds to the feature
set of the well regarded X-E1. The Fujiflm X-E2 combines
the 16 MP APS-C X-Trans CMOS II sensor with the latest
EXR Processor, which together deliver an autofocus speed
of 0.08 sec.
16 MP APS-C X Trans CMOS II sensor
Intelligent Hybrid Auto Focus
High res OLED Viewfnder
EXR Processor II
Full manual controls
Description Part No. Price
X-E2 Body Only Black 331-105A 749.00
X-E2 Body Only Silver 331-105B 749.00
X-E2 +18-55mm Kit Black 331-105C 1149.00
X-E2 +18-55mm Kit Silver 331-105D 1149.00
3 Year Warranty WA1202 70.00
X-E2 Accessories
NP-W126 Battery 331-777K 49.00
XE-2/X-E1 Hand Grip 331-779D 59.00
X-E2/X-E1 Half Case 331-002R 79.00
A powerful 16 MP X-Trans CMOS sensor and EXR Pro
image processor with classic retro X-series design.
16 MP APS-C X Trans
CMOS sensor
Super High res OLED
Full manual controls
Description Part No. Price
X-E1 Body Only Black 331-103B 399.00
X-E1 Body Only Silver 331-103C 399.00
X-E1 + 18-55mm Kit Black 331-103D 599.00
X-E1 + 18-55mm Kit Silver 331-103E 599.00
3 Year Warranty WA1202 70.00
X-E1 Accessory
NP-W126 Battery 331-777K 49.00
The large APS-C 16 MP X-Trans CMOS and EXR
PROCESSOR II used by the XM-1, achieve impressive
colour reproduction and high resolution. Also includes a
versatile 3.0-inch, 920K-dot Tilting LCD screen.
16 MP APS-C X Trans CMOS sensor
3.0-inch Tilting LCD screen
Wireless image transfer
Full manual controls
Description Part No. Price
X-M1+16-50mm Black 331-771E 429.00
X-M1+16-50mm Silver 331-771H 429.00
X-M1+16-50mm Tan 331-771J 429.00
3 Year Warranty WA1057 55.00
X-M1 Accessories
NP-W126 Battery 331-777K 49.00
XM-1 Hand Grip 331-777T 54.00
X-M1/X-A1 Half Case 331-150J 79.00
A compact and stylish interchangeable-lens camera with
wireless connectivity, and advanced
photography features.
CMOS sensor
3.0-inch Tilting
LCD screen
EXR Processor Pro
Description Part No. Price
X-A1+16-50mm Black 331-779A 369.00
X-A1+16-50mm Blue 331-779C 369.00
X-A1+16-50mm Red 331-779B 369.00
3 Year Warranty WA1057 55.00
X-A1 Accessory
NP-W126 Battery 331-777K 49.00
LY 78.66 PER DAY
LY 71.76 PER DAY*
*Price includes 15% damage waiver and VAT.**Contact your local store for details.
18 www.calphoto.co.uk All prices include VAT
Elegant design combined with a high-performance lens
and a newly-developed X-Trans CMOS II sensor provides
the X100S with the worlds fastest AF in as little as
0.08 seconds.
Description Part No. Price
X100S Silver 331-102X 869.00
X100S Black 331-102V 899.00
The X20 inherits the high-precision lens and refned
design from the popular X10, whilst featuring substantially
improved performance.
Description Part No. Price
X20 Silver 331-530A 349.00
X20 Black 331-530B 349.00
Description Part No. Price
14mm F2.8 XF* 331-778B 669.00
18mm F2R XF* 331-777B 429.00
23mm F1.4 XF* 331-778H 749.00
27mm F2.8 Black XF* 331-778D 349.00
27mm F2.8 Silver XF* 331-779P 349.00
35mm F1.4R XF* 331-777C 409.00
60mm F2.4R XF* 331-777D 435.00
10-24mm F4 R XF 331-778N 849.00
18-55mm F2.8-4 OIS XF* 331-778A 499.00
50-230mm F4.5-6.7 OIS Black XC 331-778J 359.00
50-230mm F4.5-6.7 OIS Silver XC 331-778K 359.00
55-200mm F3.5-4.8 R LM OIS XF* 331-778C 549.00
*Now available to rent. Visit www.calumetrental.co.uk for details.
XF & XC lens
Compatible with Fujilms X Series Compact System Cameras,
the ever expanding range of FUJINONs XF and XC lens range is
renowned for its high precision engineering and superb quality.
XF 56mm F1.2 R
A fast F1.2 lens with a 35mm equivalent focal length of
85mm delivers beautiful background bokeh so its ideal
for portraiture. The lens incredible resolving power is
thanks to a new optical design featuring 11 elements in
8 groups.
331-778P 899.00
The bulk of my commercial work is Fashion & Lifestyle, having said that my
passion is Social Documentary, elements from the documentary genre clearly
spill into, and infuence my commercial work. I love shooting stories, and I want
my work to refect real life situations, I love raw unedited photography, Im not
a big fan of studio photography, though I do shoot it for work.
I use the Fujiflm X-Series and have done since the X-Pro1 was released in
2012, I ditched all my DSLR equipment immediately, and shot exclusively with
the X-Pro1 for 12 months, all over the planet from Cape Town to Switzerland
and New York to London.
The X-Series is a system that instantly grows on you, I can whole heartedly
say the X-Series helped my photography develop at a much quicker pace than
possible before, due to it always being in my hand, bag or coat. Wherever I
went the camera and lenses were there. The more you use the same gear the
more you become in tuned with it. My favourite and most used camera in this
series is the X100S, I love using it with the Fujinon wide adapter, it covers 90%
of my work now that the X-T1 is out, I use it the 14mm lens and a Leica
50mm with M mount adapter. These are the best cameras I have ever used
and Ive used everything. I love that they are always with me, I shoot life, its
spontaneous, I dont have to plan or prep, I see something I want to shoot and
the camera is there.
My camera kit has changed quite drastically over a relatively short space of
time. I started shooting with the Nikon D700, but quickly moved to the Leica M8
(I prefer small rangefnder styled cameras) then Nikon D3 & D3S for the ISO
performance and speed, then to the Leica M9, but it was buggy at critical times.
Luckily Fuji released the X-Pro1 so I shot that and the M9 together, and now I
just shoot Fuji X-Series. Along the way for some commercial work, I have owned
and shot with numerous flm and digital medium format cameras including the
Leica S2 (which I had for 4 months last year), but for my style of photography
the only system which compelled me to go out and shoot, and which excited
me was the Fujiflm X-Series.
Alex Lambrechts Professional Photographer
ollow us on 19 08706 03 03 03 All prices include VAT
20 www.calphoto.co.uk All prices include VAT
Alpha A-99
See every detail come to life with the SLT-A99 with a
Full Frame Exmor CMOS sensor. Unique to Sony, this
sensor has an expanded receptor surface and a thinner
wiring layer to capture more light and more detail while
14-bit RAW output ensures rich tone and gradation. The
result is smooth, natural images in almost any condition.
24.3 MP APS-C CMOS Sensor
Bright, clear shots with up to ISO 25600
Up to 10 frames per second shooting
993-910A 1799.00
3 Year Warranty WA1015 80.00
Alpha A-77
The 24.3 MP sensor reveals extraordinary levels of fne
image detail. Noise levels are minimised by the powerful
BIONZ processor that also enables light-speed full-
resolution burst shooting.
24.3 MP APS-C CMOS Sensor
Ultra-high speed continuous shooting up to 12fps
Responsive, high-performance 19-point AF system
Description Part No. Price
Alpha A-77 Body 993-775A 675.00
Alpha A-77 + 16-50mm Lens 993-775B 1089.00
3 Year Warranty WA1202 70.00
Alpha A-5000
Uses Sony E-Mount lenses
APS-C 20.1 MP Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor
ISO 100 to 16,000 for still images.
Description Part No. Price
Alpha A-5000 Black+16-50mm 993-571A 399.00
Alpha A-5000 White+16-50mm 993-571B 399.00
Alpha A-5000 Black+16-50mm
+ 55-210mm 993-571C 619.00
CyberShot RX-100 II
20.2 MP 1.0 type Exmor R

back-illuminated CMOS
sensor, NFC, Wi-Fi, and a tiltable LCD screen.
Shoot clear, low noise photos even in low light
View every scene clearly on a tiltable LCD screen
Enjoy easy sharing with NFC One-touch and Wi-Fi.
993-153A 569.00
A-Mount lenses
Bring your personal creative vision to life with
interchangeable lenses by Sony and Carl Zeiss. See
exciting new possibilities in every scene. Enjoy vibrant
image quality and easy, comfortable handling.
Description Part No. Price
16mm F2.8 Fisheye 993-479D 599.00
20mm F2.8 AF 993-479E 469.00
24mm F2 ZA SSM Carl Zeiss 993-480Q 989.00
30mm F2.8 DT Macro 993-480P 150.00
35mm F1.4 G 993-479J 1099.00
35mm F1.8 SAM 993-480V 150.00
50mm F1.8 SAM 993-774K 139.00
50mm F1.4 AF 993-478Q 305.00
50mm F1.4 ZA SSM Carl Zeiss 994-967V 1299.00
50mm F2.8 Macro 993-478R 449.00
85mm F2.8 SAM 993-480S 189.00
85mm F1.4 ZA Carl Zeiss 993-479K 1149.00
100mm F2.8 Macro 993-478S 549.00
135mm F1.8 ZA Carl Zeiss 993-479N 1199.00
135mm F2.8 T4.5 STF 993-480E 939.00
300mm F2.8 G SSM II 993-887D 5799.00
500mm F4.0 G 993-480R 11,439.00
11-18mm F4.5-5.6 DT 993-478N 509.00
16-105mm F3.5-5.6 DT 993-480K 479.00
16-35mm F2.8 SSM Carl Zeiss 993-163A 1399.00
16-50mm F2.8 DT SSM 993-481A 479.00
16-80mm F3.5-4.5 ZA DT Carl Zeiss 994-967K 599.00
18-135mm F3.5-5.6 DT SAM 993-181A 359.00
18-250mm F3.5-6.3 DT 994-967S 469.00
18-55mm F3.5-5.6 DT SAM II 993-480T 150.00
24-70mm F2.8 ZA SSM Carl Zeiss 994-967P 1449.00
28-75mm F2.8 SAM 993-287A 599.00
55-200mm F4-5.6 DT SAM 993-480N 189.00
55-300mm F4.5-5.6 SAM ED 993-181B 299.00
70-200mm F2.8 G SSM 993-479S 1579.00
70-300mm F4.5-5.6 G SSM 994-967T 735.00
70-400mm F4-5.6 G SSM II 993-480W 1599.00
75-300mm F4.5-5.6 993-478D 189.00
1.4x TeleConverter 993-479T 349.00
2x TeleConverter 993-479V 347.00
Sony 7R

Alpha 7S

A7R Body 993-707C 1599.00

Also available:
A7 Body 993-707A 1235.00
A7 + 28-70mm Lens 993-707B 1489.00
E-Mount lenses
E 16mm F2.8 993-003P 169.00
E 30mm F3.5 Macro 993-004N 189.00
E 24mm F1.8 ZA Carl Zeiss 993-004Q 799.00
E 35mm F1.8 OSS 993-887B 379.00
E 50mm F1.8 OSS 993-004R 209.00
E 10-18mm F4 OSS 993-887A 679.00
E 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 OSS 993-887C 259.00
E 16-70mm F4 ZA OSS 993-887E 839.00
E 18-105mm F4 G OSS 993-887H 499.00
E 18-200mm F3.5-5.6 OSS LE 993-181D 559.00
E 55-210mm F4.5-6.3 OSS 993-004P 239.00
Follow us on 21 08706 03 03 03 All prices include VAT
Description Part No. Price
DMC-GH4 Body 994-004K 1299.00
DMC-GH4+14-140mm 994-004N 1749.00
3 Year Warranty WA1015 80.00
GH4 Accessories:
DMW-BGGH3E Battery Grip 994-020P 229.00
DMW-BLF19E Battery 994-020N 65.00
DMW-RSL1E9 Remote Shutter Release 994-008N 59.00
Description Part No. Price
DMC-GX7 Black Body 994-007A 689.00
DMC-GX7 Silver Body 994-007B 689.00
DMC-GX7 Black+20mm 994-007C 849.00
DMC-GX7 Silver+20mm 994-007D 849.00
DMC-GX7 Black+14-42mm 994-007E 749.00
DMC-GX7 Silver+14-42mm 994-007H 749.00
3 Year Warranty WA1202 70.00
Photos to Impress, 4K Videos to Inspire.
The GH4s new Live MOS Sensor and Venus Engine team
up to reduce noise while raising resolution and improving
colour reproduction. Innovative DFD technology increases
the speed of Contrast AF. As the worlds frst mirrorless
interchangeable lens camera to record 4K videos, it truly
meets the needs of professionals.
16 MP Live MOS Sensor
Video modes. 4K 24p cinematic video (4096x2160),
plus 4K 30p/24p (3840x2160)
Wi-Fi & NFC
49 area AF in both Photo or Video
The Ultimate ILC Camera with Tiltable
Live Viewnder
Panasonics LUMIX GX7 interchangeable lens camera
sports a retro-classic design, and packs impressive
advanced features and creative functions that will help
change your photography. The cameras elegant design
is evocative of the classical photographic age, making it
perfect for the style-conscious photographer to carry with
them every day.
16 MP Digital Live MOS Sensor and Venus Engine
Tilt LVF and Approx. 1040K-dot Tiltable Touch Monitor
Max. 1/8000 Fast Shutter Speed, O.I.S. in Camera Body,
and Focus Peaking
Magnesium Alloy Full Die-cast Frame Body
The DMC-GH3 features a 16MP Micro 4/3 Digital Live
MOS sensor and a 4-CPU Venus Engine, which enables
the GH3 to capture high resolution JPEG and RAW stills as
well as detailed HD video.
16 MP Digital Live MOS Sensor and Venus Engine
ISO up to 12,800 (Extendable to 25,600)
Rugged Body Featuring Double OLED display
Description Part No. Price
DMC-GH3 Body 161-879A 749.00
DMC-GH3+12-35mm 994-002W 1449.00
DMC-GH3+14-140mm 994-003R 1249.00
3 Year Warranty WA1015 80.00
GH3 Accessories:
DMW-BGGH3E Battery Grip 994-020P 229.00
DMW-BLF19E Battery 994-020N 65.00
Description Part No. Price
8mm F3.5 G ASPH. Fisheye 994-020A 555.00
12.5mm F12 G 3D 994-001H 199.00
14mm F2.5 G ASPH. 994-001K 269.00
20mm F1.7 G II ASPH. 161-068Y 289.00
25mm F1.4 Leica DG
SUMMILUX ASPH. 994-020B 429.00
42.5mm F1.2 Leica DG
Nocticron ASPH. OIS 994-004R 1349.00
45mm F2.8 DG Macro-Elmarit
ASPH. MEGA OIS 994-151A 549.00
7-14mm F4 G Vario ASPH. 994-998V 849.00
12-35mm F2.8 G X Vario
ASPH POWER OIS 994-001Y 829.00
35-100mm F2.8 G X Vario
POWER OIS 994-001X 895.00
45-150mm F4-5.6 G Vario
ASPH. MEGA OIS 994-020H 199.00
45-175mm F4-5.6 G X Vario ASPH.
POWER OIS 994-020J 309.00
45-200mm F4-5.6 G Vario
ASPH. MEGA OIS 161-048C 249.00
100-300mm F4-5.6 G Vario MEGA OIS 125-584A 419.00
Description Part No. Price
Mamiya DF+ Body + Credo 40
and 80mm F2.8 LS-D Lens 777-050S 15,120.00
Mamiya DF+ Body + Credo 60
and 80mm F2.8 LS-D Lens 777-050T 24,195.00
Mamiya DF+ Body + Credo 80
and 80mm F2.8 LS-D Lens 777-050V 29,238.00
Mamiya Optics
Designed to work seamlessly
with Leaf digital backs and the
Mamiya 645DF+, this wide range
of lenses are manufactured for
ultimate image quality and
freedom of choice.
Description Part No. Price
Schneider Kreuznach LS-D Leaf
Shutter Lenses:
Schneider Kreuznach 28mm F4.5
LS D Aspherical 777-052A 4566.00
Schneider Kreuznach 55mm F2.8 LS D 777-052B 3549.00
Schneider Kreuznach 110mm F2.8 LS D 777-052D 3549.00
Schneider Kreuznach AF 150mm F3.5 LS D 777-052E 4057.00
Schneider Kreuznach AF 75-150mm
F4.0-5.6 LS D 777-052H 4566.00
Schneider Kreuznach AF 240mm F4.5 LS D 777-052J 5074.00
Schneider Kreuznach AF 80mm F2.8 LS D 777-052C 2328.00
Schneider Kreuznach 120mm MF TS F5.6 777-052K 4362.00
Mamiya D Series Lenses:
Mamiya Sekor AF 28mm F4.5 Aspherical D 800-54000A 4092.00
Mamiya AF 35mm F3.5 D 800-59100A 2208.00
Mamiya Sekor AF 45mm F2.8 D 800-58000A 2246.00
Mamiya Sekor AF 80mm F2.8 D 800-53000A 1527.00
Mamiya Sekor Macro MF 120mm F4 D 800-56000A 2142.00
Mamiya 120mm F4.0 AF Macro 800-59300A 3270.00
Mamiya Sekor AF 150mm F2.8 IF D 800-55000A 2655.00
Mamiya Sekor Zoom AF 75-150mm F4.5 D 800-57000A 3579.00
AF Lenses:
Mamiya Zoom AF ULD 105-210mm F4.5 800-51300A 1835.00
Mamiya AF ULD 210mm F4 IF 800-51500A 1527.00
Phase Capture One Pro
Capture One Pro 7 is the worlds best raw converter,
rendering precise colours and incredible detail with
support for leading high-end cameras. It contains all
the essential adjustment tools and fast, responsive
performance in one customisable and integrated solution.
Raw processing
camera profles
noise reduction
Instant tethered capture
Customisable interface
Local Colour Adjustments
Automatic lens corrections
Black & White conversion
Description Part No. Price
Full Version (Download) 650-287A 213.99
Upgrade from Version Pre 7 to Pro 7 650-287B 69.00
Mamiya Leaf Accessories
Description Part No. Price
Mamiya V-Grip Air + Credo battery 020-00002A 1014.00
Mamiya Li-ION battery for 645DF/DF+ 777-051C 253.00
Mamiya Li-ION battery charger
for DF/DF+ 777-051P 192.00
Mamiya Electromagnetic Cable Release
RE401 (1m) 800-56500A 101.00
Mamiya Auto Extension Tube NA401 800-55600A 276.00
Mamiya Auto Extension Tube NA402 800-55700A 297.00
Mamiya Auto Extension Tube NA403 800-55800A 327.00
Mamiya 645 DF+ Camera Body
With small format handling and speed, the Mamiya
645DF+ captures top-quality images that offer the
professional feel that only a medium format system
can provide.
Rapid and accurate auto-focus
Dual focal plane and leaf shutter system with seamless
switching and speeds of up to 1/4000 sec
Sophisticated operation via easy-to-use, ergonomically
placed dials and buttons
Wide range of accessories including optional V-Grip
air for comfortable vertical handholding with a built-in
Profoto Air transmitter
Reliable, robust camera body construction
Description Part No. Price
Back Upgrade To Camera
(645DF+ & 80mm LS) 777-002A 3529.00
Mamiya 645DF+ Camera Body
& 80mm LS Lens 777-002B 4999.00
Mamiya 645DF+ Camera Body 777-002C 4326.00
Leaf Credo
Mamiya 645DF+, Leaf Credo digital camera backs,
Mamiya optics and Capture One workow software
represents the best of what digital photography has to offer. Extraordinary capture becomes natural through ease of use
and direct control. Take advantage of Schneider-Kreuznach designed Mamiya leaf shutter lenses or the Mamiya digital
focal plane lenses.
Up to 80 MP Resolution
Rapid and accurate auto-focus
Dual focal plane and leaf shutter system with seamless
switching and speeds of up to 1/4000 sec
Sophisticated operation
Reliable, robust camera body construction
Wide range of accessories including optional
V-Grip Air for comfortable vertical
handholding with a built-in
Profoto Air transmitter
Touch screen and new Graphical
User Interface
Leaf Credo backs
Next generation display
FireWire and USB-3*
Live View on LCD screen
Tools for portable shooting
Quality and speed
Description Price
Leaf Credo 40 (40MP) Digital back only 12,095.00
Leaf Credo 60 (60MP) Digital back only 21,170.00
Leaf Credo 80 (80MP) Digital back only 26,212.00
Schneider Kreuznach
2x Teleconverter
The 2x teleconverter is designed for and compatible with
the Schneider Kreuznach 240mm leaf shutter and 150mm
leaf shutter lenses as well as the Mamiya 150mm
AF lens.
777-052N 1515.00
22 www.calphoto.co.uk All prices include VAT
LY 97.00 PER M
LY 97.00 PER M
Pentax 645 Lenses
Description Part No. Price
90mm F2.8
AW SR Macro 193-341A 3599.99
75mm F2.8 193-341B 400.00
35mm F3.5 AL (IF) 193-341C 1549.99
45mm F2.8 193-341D 1249.99
150mm F2.8 (IF) 193-341E 1150.00
55mm F2.8 193-341H 1249.99
25mm F4 AL [IF]
SDM AW 193-341J 3599.99
300mm F4 ED (IF) 193-341K 4099.99
Description Part No. Price
400mm F5.6 ED (IF) 193-341N 2599.99
45-85mm F4.5 193-341P 2146.00
120mm Macro F4 193-341Q 1399.99
200mm F4 (IF) 193-341R 970.00
80-160mm F4.5 193-341S 1900.00
55-110mm F5.6 193-341T 1399.99
33-55mm F4.5 AL 193-341V 1900.00
150-300mm F5.6
ED (IF) 193-341W 1900.00
Hasselblad Lenses
Engineered to ensure optimal performance and
image quality.
Hasselblad HCD 24mm F4.8 AF 339-001Y 5063.00
Hasselblad HCD 28mm F4 AF 339-020Q 4324.00
Hasselblad HC 35mm F3.5 339-230E 3585.00
Hasselblad 50mm F3.5 HC II 339-995H 3479.00
Hasselblad HC 80 F2.8 339-230B 2212.00
Hasselblad 100mm F2.2 HC 339-173A 3088.00
Hasselblad 120mm F4 HC II 339-995J 3965.00
Hasselblad HC 150mm F3.2 339-100T 3057.00
Hasselblad HC 210mm F4 AF 339-123D 3363.00
Hasselblad HC 300mm F4.5 339-305A 4176.00
Hasselblad HCD 35-90mm F4-5.6 339-173C 5950.00
Hasselblad 50-110mm HC Zoom 339-101E 4370.00
Hasselblad HTS 1.5X Tltlt/Shift Adapter 339-022E 4096.00
Description Part No. Price
Hasselblad H5D-200MS Body 339-505E 32,995.00
Hasselblad H5D-50MS Body 339-505D 26,750.00
Hasselblad H5D-60 Body 339-550C 29,750.00
Hasselblad H5D-50 Body 339-505B 20,895.00
Hasselblad H5D-40 Body 339-505A 12,995.00
Pentax 645Z+55mm F2.8 lens
Medium format quality at Full Frame DSLR prices
A medium-format digital SLR camera featuring a new CMOS image sensor, approximately
51.4 effective megapixels and live-view shooting, wih Full HD Video recording for the
highest level of creativity and visual expression.
Super-high-resolution images made possible by approximately 51.4
effective megapixel sensor
Super-high sensitivities up to ISO 204,800
High-precision AF system with 27 sensor points (including 25 cross-type sensors)
Tiltable, 3.2" LCD monitor
Full HD movie recording at 1920 x 1080 pixels
and 60i frame rate
Dual SD card slots for memory
card fexibility
Equipped with the
highly effective DR (Dust
Removal) II mechanism
193-341X 7699.00
193-341Y (Body Only) 6799.00
The Hasselblad H5D-50C a groundbreaking medium format camera using CMOS image
sensor technology represents a huge leap forward in camera development and will allow
photographers to shoot with the ultimate in image quality, regardless of
lighting conditions.
50 MP CMOS sensor with amazing image quality
Excellent high ISO performance up to ISO 6400
Longer shutter speeds up to 12 minutes
Faster capture rate: 1.5 frames per second
Improved weather sealings
True Focus auto-focus
system with Absolute
Position Lock and
camera controls
A range of 12 high
performing lenses with
built-in central
lens shutter
339-350A (Body Only) 22,440.00
H5D System
The Hasselblad H5D, the fagship of the H System, is the latest step in over a decade of
photographic evolution. The H5D, available in 40, 50, and 60 megapixel, as well as Multi-
Shot confgurations.
True Focus II provides unique, accurate focus
and Immediate Focus confrm
Full access to camera information and
image preview on rear in tethered mode
The largest, brightest viewfnder image
on the market
New larger, more ergonomic buttons and
an easier to read display style
New sealings for improved weather proofng
plus new sensor unit safety lock
Optional battery adapter for standalone operation of digital capture unit
Follow us on 23 08706 03 03 03 All prices include VAT
LY 35.00 PER M
24 www.calphoto.co.uk All prices include VAT





Hero 3+ Black Edition
The most advanced GoPro yet.
The GoPro Hero 3+ is 20% smaller and lighter than the previous models, which makes it
the most mountable, wearable and versatile GoPro yet. These new and improved GoPro
cameras also boast the following features;
Professional quality video footage at up to 4K
Powerful photo Capture, 12MP still photos at up to 30 frames per second.
Time Lapse mode which enables automatic photo capture at 0.5,1,2,5,10,30 or 60
second intervals
Superview- This is a brand new feature for Hero 3+, it is a video mode which captures
the worlds most immersive wide angle perspective. This allows you to capture more of
yourself and your surroundings which results in ultra-captivating footage
30% longer battery life
New and improved lens which gives a 33% increase to the image sharpness.
Improved audio, upgraded audio performance has been included in the Hero 3+.
Advanced wind-noise reduction technology keeps the audio clearer during high-speed
New Auto Low Light mode. This setting automatically changes the frame rates based
on lighting conditions which will enable enhanced low light performance
Lowepro Dashpoint
AVC Series
Lowepro have introduced a new series of cases which
are designed to protect and organise your GoPro
camera. The Dashpoint AVC offers a protective, high-
impact-resistant exterior along with a fexible and
easy-to-customise interior so you can feel confdent that
your action video camera and accessories are readily
available even in the most
extreme environments.
Lightweight, composite-shell construction
provides high-impact-resistant protection
Removable Organisation panel keeps accessories
secure and readily accessible
Stackable design which makes it easy to store at
home, in luggage or on location
Dogcam Bullet HD 2 Camera
Small, Light & Powerful. The Bullet HD2 Is just 84mm in length, 23mm in diameter
and weighs only 61.2g.
Virtually Indestructible. Constructed of hard anodised aluminium the Bullet HD2 has
been developed and tested with Formula One engineers.
Take it Anywhere. Fully waterproof to 10m, the
Bullet HD2 is perfect for surfng, sailing, skiing &
snowboarding. Wherever life takes you, the
Bullet HD2 will capture your memories in
stunning full HD.
999-834Z 169.00
Joby Action Series
Capture the action, anywhere!
New for 2014, Joby have released the new Action Range. All of the products from the
Action Series come with a removable GoPro Tripod Adaptor, they can also be used with
any tripod and other action video cameras which come with a 1/4"-20 screw.
Joby Gorillapod Action Tripod. Allows you to get an off-body POV shot. The tripod is
so versatile it can be put on a wide variety of surfaces such as branches, rocks plus
many others. The tripod is easily transportable and can bend and rotate 360 degrees
giving you full fexibility when setting it up.
Joby Action Clamp & Locking Arm. Provides a quick and easy way to securely
mount your GoPro onto a wide range of surfaces. The Locking arm provides an ultra-
stabilised, sturdy position for long duration shots. The arm has a locking knob for you
to tighten the camera in place which enables you to achieve reduced vibrations and
shaky footage.
Joby Action Clamp & Gorillapod Arm. Provides a quick and easy way to securely
mount your GoPro onto a wide range of surfaces. The movable arm joints allow you to
change the position of your action camera to enable you to get the perfect footage
or shots.
Description Part No. Price
GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition 916-113B 359.99
GoPro Hero 3+ Black Surf Edition 916-113C 359.99
GoPro Hero 3+ Black Motorsports Edition 916-113D 359.99
Description Part No. Price
Dogcam Hard Wire Kit 999-835B 24.99
Dogcam Tripod Tray Mount 999-835P 7.99
Dogcam Bar Clamp Mount 999-835N 10.00
Dogcam Large Flat Base Mount 999-835K 13.00
Dogcam Vented Helmet Mount 999-835R 13.00
Description Part No. Price
Joby Gorillapod Action Tripod 160-169A 33.00
Joby Action Clamp & Locking Arm 160-169B 33.00
Joby Action Clamp & Gorillapod Arm 160-169C 25.00
Description Part No. Price
Lowepro Dashpoint AVC 1 LP36651 26.00
Lowepro Dashpoint AVC 2 LP36653 30.00
Accessories for your GoPro
Get the most from your GoPro from a wide range
of GoPro accessories. See in store or visit our
website for the full range of GoPro accessories.
Description Part No. Price
GoPro Replacement Battery 916-117P 19.99
GoPro Suction Cup Mount 916-115J 29.99
GoPro Wall Charger 916-003K 39.99
GoPro HD Wrist Housing 916-114A 29.99
GoPro Auto Charger 916-003H 29.99
GoPro LCD Touch BacPac 916-113J 79.99
GoPro Anti-Fog Inserts 916-003N 14.99
GoPro Chest Harness 916-115Z 34.99
GoPro Li-Ion Battery 916-116Y 19.99
GoPro Tripod Mount 916-914D 9.99
Delkin 16GB Micro SDHC Card 604-334B 18.99
Follow us on 25 08706 03 03 03 All prices include VAT
Extreme Memory Cards
The SanDisk Extreme range delivers exceptional read/
write speeds, which greatly enhances the performances
of DSLR cameras, camcorders, tablets, smartphones and
computers. The Extreme and Extreme Pro CompactFlash
memory cards offer the fast, effcient performance you
expect from the global leader in fash memory cards.
Secure Digital
Description Part No. Price
Extreme SDHC 4GB 200x Class 10 604-230A 11.00
Extreme SDHC 8GB 200x Class 10 604-230B 13.00
Extreme SDHC 16GB 300x Class 10 604-230C 25.00
Extreme SDHC 32GB 300x Class 10 604-230D 39.00
Extreme SDXC 64GB 300x Class 10 604-230E 59.00
Extreme SDXC 128GB 300x Class 10 604-230H 129.00

Extreme Pro SDHC 8GB 600x UHS-I 604-223A 27.00
Extreme Pro SDHC 16GB 600x UHS-I 604-223B 39.00
Extreme Pro SDHC 32GB 600x UHS-I 604-223C 59.00
Extreme Pro SDXC 64GB 600x UHS-I 604-223D 109.00
Secure Digital
Description Part No. Price
ProSpec SDHC 16GB 186x Class 10 CM6721 13.99
ProSpec SDHC 32GB 186x Class 11 CM6731 27.99

ProSpec SDHC 16GB 406x Pro UHS-I CM6723 20.99
ProSpec SDHC 32GB 406x Pro UHS-I CM6733 39.99
ProSpec SDXC 64GB 406x Pro UHS-I CM6743 80.99

ProSpec SDHC 8GB 606x Pro UHS-I CM6715 21.99
ProSpec SDHC 16GB 606x Pro UHS-I CM6725 33.99
ProSpec SDHC 32GB 606x Pro UHS-I CM6735 59.99
ProSpec SDXC 64GB 606x Pro UHS-I CM6745 108.99
ProSpec SDXC 128GB 606x Pro UHS-I CM6755 239.99
Imaging Memory Cards
Our ProSpec Imaging professional grade memory cards
give you the speed and capacities that keep up with
todays HD video and DSLR cameras. Each card comes
with a lifetime warranty and hassle-free exchange.
Secure Digital
Description Part No. Price
8GB 400x Pro SDHC UHS-I 610-000N 20.00
16GB 400x Pro SDHC UHS-I 610-000P 24.00
32GB 400x Pro SDHC UHS-I 610-000Q 45.00
64GB 400x Pro SDXC UHS-I 610-000R 79.00
128GB 400x Pro SDXC UHS-I 610-000S 164.00

16GB 600x Pro SDHC UHS-I 610-000T 29.00
32GB 600x Pro SDHC UHS-I 610-000V 74.00
64GB 600x Pro SDHC UHS-I 610-000W 120.00
128GB 600x Pro SDHC UHS-I 610-000X 249.00
256GB 600x Pro SDHC UHS-I 610-001C 599.00
Memory Cards
Whether you are shooting photos, capturing videos or
transferring fles, Lexar memory solutions provide you
with the performance and quality you need to get the
most out of your device.
MicroSD Memory Cards
Description Part No. Price
Delkin 8GB Micro SDHC Class 10 604-334A 9.99
Delkin 16GB Micro SDHC Class 10 604-334B 18.99
Delkin 32GB Micro SDHC Class 10 604-334C 33.99
Delkin 64GB Micro SDXC Class 10 604-334D 69.00
Calumet Card Readers
Description Part No. Price
Calumet 20 in 1 CM6012 20.00
Calumet PocketPro USB 3.0 SD CM6021 15.00
Calumet PocketPro USB 3.0 CF CM6026 15.00
Extreme Pro UHS-II
The Sandisk Extreme Pro SDHC/SDXC UHS-II delivers
exceptional read speeds of up to 280MB/s and write
speeds of up to 250MB/s.
Description Part No. Price
Extreme Pro SDHC 16GB 1867x UHS-II 604-228A 89.00
Extreme Pro SDHC 32GB 1867x UHS-II 604-228B 149.00
Extreme Pro SDXC 64GB 1867x UHS-II 604-228C 279.00
Compact Flash
Description Part No. Price
Extreme CF 16GB 400x UDMA 7 604-218A 49.00
Extreme CF 32GB 400x UDMA 7 604-218B 89.00
Extreme CF 64GB 400x UDMA 7 604-218C 159.00
Extreme CF 128GB 400x UDMA 7 604-218D 350.00

Extreme Pro CF 16GB 1067x UDMA 7 604-218E 79.00
Extreme Pro CF 32GB 1067x UDMA 7 604-218H 144.00
Extreme Pro CF 64GB 1067x UDMA 7 604-218J 279.00
Extreme Pro CF 128GB 1067x UDMA 7 604-218K 599.00
Compact Flash
Description Part No. Price
ProSpec CF 8GB 505x UDMA 6 CM6506 17.99
ProSpec CF 16GB 505x UDMA 6 CM6511 30.99

ProSpec CF 16GB 715x UDMA 6 CM6513 44.99
ProSpec CF 32GB 715x UDMA 6 CM6523 81.99
ProSpec CF 64GB 715x UDMA 6 CM6533 179.99
ProSpec CF 128GB 715x UDMA 6 CM6543 364.99

ProSpec CF 16GB 1010x Pro UDMA 7 CM6515 70.99
ProSpec CF 32GB 1010x Pro UDMA 7 CM6525 119.99
ProSpec CF 64GB 1010x Pro UDMA 7 CM6535 236.99
ProSpec CF 128GB 1010x Pro UDMA 7 CM6545 379.99
Compact Flash
Description Part No. Price
16GB CF 800x Pro UDMA 7 610-000A 49.00
32GB CF 800x Pro UDMA 7 610-000B 99.00
64GB CF 800x Pro UDMA 7 610-000C 179.00
128GB CF 800x Pro UDMA 7 610-000D 344.00

16GB CF 1066x Pro UDMA 7 NEW 610-001D 79.00
32GB CF 1066x Pro UDMA 7 NEW 610-002B 139.00
64GB CF 1066x Pro UDMA 7 NEW 610-002A 279.00
128GB CF 1000x Pro UDMA 7 610-000K 549.00
XQD Cards/ Card Readers
Description Part No. Price
XQD Cards
32GB 1100x Pro 610-000Y 199.00
64GB 1100x Pro 610-000Z 349.00
Card Readers
Multi-Card 25-in-1 USB 3.0 Reader 610-001A 25.00
Pro USB 3.0 Dual Slot Reader 610-001B 35.00
26 www.calphoto.co.uk All prices include VAT
Transit AW
The Transit AW series are fast access, multi-device backpacks and sling bags for
photographers who need to be able to carry all their gear on-the-go. The fast-opening
side access allows you to your camera via the zippered compartment when the pack or
sling bag is rotated from back to front.
Description Part No. Price
Transit Sling 150AW LP36619 65.00
Transit Sling 250AW LP36576 82.00
Transit Backpack 350AW LP36577 98.00
Nova AW
No need to let the weather stop you from
shootingthe Nova AW series includes
an All Weather Cover that protects your
gear as you work. Sized to carry the most
popular digital SLR cameras, lenses,
memory cards and accessories.
Overfap lid which offers
increased protection
Adjustable interior padded dividers, so
you can customise the arrangement of
your gear
Adjustable / removable shoulder strap
and an extra grab handle, which provide
various carrying options to suit you
Easily accessible accessory pockets-
Perfect for memory cards so you can
access them straight away
Description Part No. Price
Nova 160 AW LP35248 34.99
Nova 180 AW LP35256 48.00
Nova 200 AW LP35264 64.99
A high-performance
backpack with
capacities. The
Flipside range offers
extra security with
body-side access,
this also offers easy
access to your gear while wearing the
bag. Built in All Weather AW Cover offers
protection from the elements.
Description Part No. Price
Flipside 300 LP35185 69.00
Flipside 400 AW LP35271 89.00
Flipside 500 AW LP36412 119.00
Description Part No. Price
Pro Roller X100 LP36032 229.00
Pro Roller X200 LP36033 269.00
Pro Roller X300 LP36034 444.00
Vertex AW
construction with
zippers and a
seam-sealed AW
cover protects gear
while providing
with a bag that
conforms to a variety of body types with
an adjustable harness system.
Description Part No. Price
Vertex 100 AW LP35018 109.00
Vertex 200 AW LP35019 149.00
Vertex 300 AW LP35020 169.00
Pro Runner AW
The Pro Runner AW DSLR backpacks
deliver a compact, streamlined and urban
inspired solution with built in AW cover.
This feature-flled design fts a camera,
tripod and accessories, plus personal
items, in a highly organised pack.
Streamlined shape which allows you to
travel around busy airports and
crowded cities
Hideaway Tripod Mount, secures a
compact tripod or monopod to the pack
Fully padded and adjustable interior,
which accommodates a complete
camera kit and keeps your equipment
protected from knocks and bumps
SlipLock attachment loops, allows other
SlipLock compatible products to be
added to the backpack
Description Part No. Price
Pro Runner 200AW LP36122 64.00
Pro Runner 300AW LP36142 79.00
Pro Runner 350AW LP36144 119.00
Pro Runner 450AW LP36145 124.00
Pro Roller X-Series AW
The Lowepro X-Series combines the refned look of luggage with the hardworking
functionality of a mobile studio. An airport-friendly design with the X100 and X200 sized
to ft as carry-on luggage. The Pro Roller X-Series offers Lowepros spacious and fully
customisable design with adjustable padding on the inside.
Toploader Pro AW
Designed for the pro photographer inside and out. Its constructed for incredibly fast
access with a side opening which also features an easy-grip to enable you to capture the
shot in a fash. During inclement weather you can work out of the bag whilst protecting
your gear with the built in All Weather AW Cover. The U-shaped zipper pulls are easy to
grasp even in wet and cold conditions or even when wearing gloves.
Description Part No. Price
Toploader Pro 65AW LP35349 64.00
Toploader Pro 70AW LP35350 69.00
Toploader Pro 75AW LP35351 79.00
Urban Reporter
The Urban Reporter Series are a refned,
easy accessible and versatile messenger
bag that offers a classic and timeless
carrying solution that doesnt shout camera
bag. With easy access points the Urban
Reporter makes it simple to access your
gear via the top opening, zippered front
pocket and side cargo pockets.
Description Part No. Price
Urban Reporter 150 LP36616 98.00
Urban Reporter 250 LP36115 114.00
Urban Reporter 350 LP36614 130.00
Follow us on 27 08706 03 03 03 All prices include VAT
Professional Roller Bags
Rolling bags offer the best travelling mobility
when transporting of a lot of gear from location
to location. Be it locally or internationally,
organise your gear in an optimally protected
working and traveling case.
Professional Backpacks
Backpacks are ideal for comfortable carrying of a lot of gear
for long durations of time. Carry your gear well balanced on
your back and access it when you reach your location.
Description Part No. Price
Backpack 20 379-000C 149.95
Backpack 30 379-000D 189.95
Backpack 50 379-000E 219.95
Professional Holster bags
The Holster is the perfect solution to carry
minimal gear, designed to ft a DSLR with
battery grip and attached lens.
Description Part No. Price
Holster Plus 20 379-000S 64.95
Holster Plus 30 379-000T 74.95
Holster Plus 40 379-000V 84.95
Holster Plus 50 379-000W 89.95
Description Part No. Price
Shoulder Bag 10 379-000N 109.95
Shoulder Bag 30 379-000P 129.95
Shoulder Bag 40 379-000Q 149.95
Shoulder Bag 50 379-000R 169.95
Description Part No. Price
Roller Bag 50 379-000B 279.00
Roller Bag 70 379-000A 319.00
Professional Shoulder Bags
Shoulder bags are perfect for daily
city use. Carry your camera and
personal gear around town while
keeping a low profle and moving
freely amongst the crowds.
Professional Sling Bags
Slings are great shoot-as-you-go solutions.
Carry your gear on your back and simply swing
the bag up front for quick access when the
perfect shot presents itself.
Description Part No. Price
Sling Bag 30 379-000H 119.00
Sling Bag 50 379-000J 149.95
Messenger Bags
The original Tenba Messenger
Photo/Laptop Bag is a classic.
The Small
Bag holds
laptops up
to 15", and
the Large
Bag holds models up to 17". Both bags
feature a removable photo insert to ft a camera, plus
lenses and accessories.
Description Part No. Price
DNA 11 NEW 381-001K 102.00
DNA 15 NEW 381-001J 118.00

Photo/Laptop Bag, Small, Black 381-206P 79.00
Photo/Laptop Bag, Small, Olive 381-206Q 79.00
Photo/Laptop Bag, Small, Blue 381-206S 79.00
Photo/Laptop Bag, Small, Burnt Orange 381-206T 79.00
Photo/Laptop Bag, Small, Plum 381-206V 79.00
Photo/Laptop Bag, Small, Chocolate 381-206W 79.00
Photo/Laptop Bag, Small, Platinum 381-206X 79.00

Photo/Laptop Bag, Large, Black 381-205H 85.00
Photo/Laptop Bag, Large, Olive 381-205T 85.00
Photo/Laptop Bag, Large, Blue 381-205K 85.00
Photo/Laptop Bag, Large, Burnt Orange 381-205N 85.00
Photo/Laptop Bag, Large, Plum 381-205P 85.00
Photo/Laptop Bag, Large, Chocolate 381-205Q 85.00
Photo/Laptop Bag, Large, Platinum 381-205S 85.00
Description Part No. Price
Billingham 225
225 Black, Tan 311-111P 259.00
225 Khaki, Tan 311-111Q 259.00
Billingham 335
335 Black, Tan 311-120D 269.00
335 Khaki, Tan 311-120E 269.00
Billingham 445
445 Black, Tan 311-125D 294.00
445 Khaki, Tan 311-125C 294.00
Billingham 550
550 Khaki, Tan 311-126V 550.00
Description Part No. Price
Hadley Small
Small Black, Tan 311-322Z 144.00
Small Khaki,Tan 311-323A 144.00
Hadley Pro
Pro Black, Tan 311-371N 174.00
Pro Kahki, Tan 311-371K 174.00
Hadley Large
Large Black, Tan 311-115A 164.00
Large Khaki, Tan 311-323C 164.00
The Billingham Bag range are all individually hand made which
offer the highest quality and durability They are not only stylish but
very practical and functionable which makes them perfect for every
* Excludes Holsters.
** Valid from 1st May 2014 until 31st July 2014. Visit www.manfrotto.co.uk for full details.
28 www.calphoto.co.uk All prices include VAT
Desription Outside (WxHxD) Inside (WxHxD) Capacity Part No. Price
Pro Series 440 Small Shoulder Bag 33 x 22 x 23cm 27 x 20 x 17cm 1 DSLR + 2-3 lenses, fash + accs RM2104 50.99
Pro Series 845 Medium Shoulder Bag 39 x 25 x 25cm 33 x 23 x 19cm 1-2 DSLRs + 2-4 lenses, fash + accs RM2114 75.99
Pro Series 1360 Large Shoulder Bag 43 x 30 x 27cm 37 x 28 x 20cm 2-3 DSLRs + 2-6 lenses, fash + accs RM2126 109.99
Pro Series 450 Small Sling Bag 24 x 28 x 18cm 20 x 24 x 14cm Compact DSLR + 1-2 lenses, fash + accs RM2158 49.99
Pro Series 490 Medium Sling Bag 24 x 32.5 x 18cm 22 x 28 x 14cm 1 DSLR + 2-3 lenses, fash + accs RM2162 59.99
Pro Series 755 Large Sling Bag 27 x 38 x 20cm 23 x 34 x 18cm 1-2 DSLRs + 2-4 lenses, fash + accs RM2166 69.99
Pro Series 580 Small Backpack 25 x 41 x 20cm 18 x 38 x 15cm 1 DSLR + 1-2 lenses, fash + accs RM2178 81.99
Pro Series 740 Medium Backpack 29 x 46 x 20cm 24 x 41 x 15cm 1-2 DSLRs + 2-3 lenses, fash + accs RM2182 114.99
Pro Series 1330 Large Backpack 32 x 51 x 25.4cm 27 x 28 x 17cm 1-2 DSLRs + 4-6 lenses, fash + accs RM2186 139.99
Calumet Watertight Cases
Designed to safely store and transport your most delicate equipment in the most severe and hazardous environments,
these cases meet the highest quality levels and comply with military and commercial standards of testing. Their thick
plastic resin housing provides exceptional resistance to impact, corrosion, water and dust.
Other notable features include:
Watertight Neoprene Seal
Pressure valve quickly adjusts internal pressure in case of sudden
changes in height or temperature
Ergonomic handles and strong pressure locks that can
be padlocked
Removable lids and counterbalance feet on certain models
Side handles for two-man lifting on certain models
Diced-foam insert with each case for custom storage
and protection
14 models available. See in-store or visit
calumetphoto.co.uk for full details
Calumet Rolling Cases
Great value spacious cases that provide maximum
protection, smooth transport, and rapid access to your
Description Part No. Price
RC1188 Rolling Case RM2202 140.00
RC2065 Rolling Case Plus RM2214 160.00
Pro Series Shoulder Bags
Combining complete protection with quick access to
equipment and ergonomic comfort while in transit.
This unique bag does all of this and more. Its state-
of-the-art, weather resistant materials keep your
gear safe in all environments. Large shoulder bags
include a tripod/monopod accessory pouch and an
adjustable, locking accessory strap.
Pro Series Sling Bags
Photographers on the go need complete protection
for their valuable gear, and quick access to their
camera. All Calumet Sling Bags include a tripod/
monopod accessory pouch along with an adjustable,
locking accessory strap. They are manufactured
out of high quality weather resistant materials, and
include a detachable rain cover to give even
greater protection.
Pro Series Backpacks
The perfect balance of protection and comfort.
Medium and large backpacks also feature a fully
adjustable suspension system with removable
waist belt to provide maximum comfort and a cable
management accessory pouch. All bags include a
tripod/monopod accessory pouch and an adjustable,
locking accessory strap.
Calumet Pro
Series Bags
Our Pro Series bags are perfect for the
active photographer, built from high
quality materials these feature packed
bags also include a removable self-
storing rain cap for protection against
the elements.


Follow us on 29 08706 03 03 03 All prices include VAT
30 www.calphoto.co.uk All prices include VAT
The new, redesigned Manfrotto 055 builds on the classic 055 design
and guarantees better-than-ever camera stability
The new 055 tripod is available in 3 and 4 section Carbon Fibre
models. Additionally in the range there is also a 3 section Aluminium
version. The latter is also available as a kit with either the new
XPRO-3W 3 way head, or the 498RC2 Ball and Socket head.
MT055XPRO3 Carbon Fibre Tripod 170cm 61cm 9cm 3 2kg 9kg MNMT055CXPRO3 394.00
MT055XPRO4 Carbon Fibre Tripod 170cm 54cm 9cm 4 2.1kg 9kg MNMT055CXPRO4 419.00

MT055XPRO3 Aluminium Tripod 170cm 61cm 9cm 3 2.5kg 9kg MNMT055XPRO3 199.00
MK055XPRO3 + MHXPRO 3 Way Head 183cm 74cm 9cm 3 3.5kg 8kg MNMK055XPRO33W 299.95
MK055XPRO3 + 498RC2 Head 183cm 74cm 9cm 3 3.1kg 8kg MNMK055XPRO3BH 299.95
New 190 series
The new 190 series introduced the key attributes that have now been applied to the new 055 series.
The 190 is the smaller, lighter weight alternative to the 055, while still being able to support a
maximum load of 7kg.
The new range comprises of 3 and 4 section versions, both available in Carbon Fibre and Aluminum.
The Aluminum models can also be purchased with the 6kg capable 496RC2 Ball and Socket Head, or
the new X PRO 3 Way Head.
Manfrotto Befree
The Manfrotto Befree is a new and
innovative tripod. Compact, light
and portable and packing down to
a tiny 40cm while supporting up to
4kg, Befree is the ideal addition for
photographers who like to
travel light. Includes padded bag.
MKBFRA4-BH 149.00
Manfrotto Tripods
In addition to the core range of 190 and 055
series tripods, Manfrotto offer a number of
different support solutions dependant of the
photographers needs. These include the
innovative Neotec, alongside heavy-duty
models such as the 058B and the 475B.
Description Max Height Closed Length Minimum Height Leg Sections Weight Max.Load Part No. Price
MT190CXPRO3 Carbon Fibre Tripod 160cm 61cm 9cm 3 1.6kg 7kg MNMT190CXPRO3 344.00
MT190CXPRO4 Carbon Fibre Tripod 160cm 52.5cm 8cm 4 1.65kg 7kg MNMT190CXPRO4 359.00
MT190XPRO3 Aluminium Tripod 160cm 59cm 9cm 3 2kg 7kg MNMT190XPRO3 184.00
MT190XPRO4 Aluminium Tripod 160cm 49cm 8cm 4 2.1kg 7kg MNMT190XPRO4 199.00
MK190XPRO3 + 496RC2 Head 170cm 69cm 9cm 3 2.4kg 6kg MNMK190XPRO3BH 244.00
MK190XPRO4 + 496RC2 Head 170cm 59cm 8cm 4 2.5kg 6kg MNMK190XPRO4BH 259.00
MK190XPRO3 + MHXPRO 3 Way Head 173cm 72cm 9cm 3 2.4kg 6kg MK190XPRO3-3W 289.00
MK190XPRO4 + MHXPRO 3 Way Head 173cm 62cm 8cm 4 3.1kg 6kg MK190XPRO4-3W 304.00
Description Max Height Closed Length Min. Height Leg Sections Weight Max.Load Part No. Price
058B Triaut Aluminium Tripod 191cm 94cm 44cm 3 6.15kg 12kg MN058B 289.00
475B Aluminium Tripod
with geared column 188cm 80cm 43cm 3 4.3kg 12kg MN475B 239.00
458B Neotec 156cm 64cm 10cm 3 2.4kg 8kg MN458B 275.00
Follow us on 31 08706 03 03 03 All prices include VAT
X PRO 3 Way Head
Compact engineering. Mighty performance.
The new X PRO 3 Way Head from Manfrotto is a new solution for those who want the precision of geared control coupled
with the convenience of a three way head. The head features new portrait and tilt friction controls. These allow precise
framing adjustments to be made with the locking knobs open, when you are ready, simply lock down all the controls.
The addition of retractable levers, that are only extended when needed, make the head ultra-compact, but thanks to its
strong aluminium body it can support equipment up to a maximum load of 8kg. The X PRO 3 Way Head is the perfect
companion for the Landscape, Architectural and Close-Up Photographer.
Manfrotto Video Heads
The Video head is the component that really gives you
control when creating video footage. The wide range
of Manfrotto video heads have smooth and constant
movements which are needed to achieve shake free
moving images. Video heads are also popular among
wildlife photographers, sport optics users and sports
photographers using long telephoto lenses.
Manfrotto Ball & Socket Heads
Manfrotto offers a wide variety of ball heads. They are
generally more compact than other head varieties and
are useful for situations where the photographer requires
frequent positional and angle changes.
Manfrotto Tripod Heads
In addition to Ball heads, Manfrotto also offer a large
variety of tripod heads that include three way, geared and
joy stick designs.
Manfrotto Monopods
Manfrotto Monopods are ideal for
travel and outdoor photographers.
They take up little space but offer
the support required when hand-held
shooting is diffcult. With aluminium
and carbon fbre versions available
they are also favoured by sports
photographers who use long, heavy
lenses in situations needing fast
reactions and repositioning.
Description Part No. Price
128RC Micro Fluid Head MN128RC 64.00
MVH500AH Video Head with Flat base MVH500AH 109.00
MVH500A Video Head
with 60mm half ball MVH500A 120.00
MVH502AH Pro Video Head
with Flat base MVH502AH 139.00
MVH502A Pro Video Head
with 75mm half ball MVH502A 159.00
504HD Pro Video Head
with 75mm half ball MN504HD 279.00
MH055M8-Q5 Photo-Movie head MH055M8 199.00
Description Part No. Price
492 Micro Ball Head MN492 28.95
494RC2 Mini Ball Head MN494RC2 45.00
496RC2 Compact Ball Head MN496RC2 59.95
498RC2 Midi Ball Head MN498RC2 74.95
468MGRC2 Hydrostatic Ball Head MN468MGRC2 175.00
200PL Spare Plate for RC2 models MN200PL 14.95
MH055M0-Q6 Magnesium
Ball Head MNMH055M0-Q6 179.00
MSQ6PL Spare Plate for MH055 MNMSQ6PL 20.00
Description Part No. Price
Three Way Heads
460MG Magnesium Head MN460MG 66.00
804RC2 3 Way Head MN804RC2 54.00
808RC4 3 Way head MN808RC4 99.00
Geared Heads
410 Junior Geared Head MN410 144.00
405 Pro Geared Head MN405 349.00
Joy stick Heads
324RC2 Joy stick Head MN324RC2 99.00
327RC2 Joy stick Head MN327RC2 134.95

200PL Spare plate for RC2 models MN200PL 14.95
410PL Spare plate for RC4 models MN410PL 12.00
Description Part No. Price
679B Monopod MN679B 42.00
680B Monopod MN680B 44.00
681B Monopod MN681B 44.00
681B Self standing Monopod MN682B 69.99
685B Neotec Monopod MN685B 109.00
694CX4 Carbon Fibre Monopod MN694CX 119.00
695CX5 Carbon Fibre Monopod MN695CX 129.99
234RC Monopod Head MN234RC 26.00
405 Pro Geared Head
Manfrotto 498RC2
Manfrotto MH055M0-Q6
Magnesium Ball head
Colourful gear for colourful personalities
MeFOTO products are all about individuality, originality,
and photography. The MeFOTO tripod kits provide an
exceptional combination of materials, construction and
features - plus a splash of colour! All tripods are supplied
with Ball Head using an Arca-Swiss style QR plate.
MeFOTO were tired of the all black tripod, so they came
up with a smaller, lighter design, and then they topped
it off with a splash of colour. Great for point & shoot,
mirrorless and micro 4/3 cameras.
Available in 12 colours
Maximum height: 130cm
Closed height: 32cm
Weight: 1.2kg
Maximum load: 4kg
Supplied with head and case
The larger RoadTrip is taller and supports more weight.
Available in Aluminium, 12 colours and Carbon Fibre,
2 colours. The RoadTrip tripod also converts into a
monopod. The removable leg and centre column combine
to make a full size monopod without tools.
Maximum height: 156.5cm
Closed height: 39.1cm
Weight: 1.63kg (Alu) / 1.4kg (CF)
Maximum load: 8kg
Supplied with head
and case
Aluminium 139.00
Carbon Fibre 274.00
The MeFOTO Globetrotter shares the same design
philosophy of the smaller models but supports even more
weight. Available in aluminium or carbon fbre.
Maximum height: 1.63cm
Closed height: 40.9cm
Weight: 2kg (Alu) / 1.4kg (CF)
Maximum load: 12kg
Supplied with head
and case
Aluminium 179.00
Carbon Fibre 314.00
Introducing the SideKick360 - a smartphone adapter
that provides mobile photographers and flmmakers with
solid camera support and precision control. Indispensable
for creating sharp photos, videos, time lapse and long
exposures. The 360 rotating ball joint allows for quick
repositioning from vertical for photos to horizontal for
video and anywhere in between.
Available in 12 colours
32 www.calphoto.co.uk All prices include VAT
Calumet Aluminium Tripods
Calumet Aluminum tripods range from light weight low-
cost versions through to fully specifed professional models.
The entry level 7100 and 7300 tripods both include a
Calumet three way head, while the 7500 and 7800 give
the photographer the option to choose the from the large
range of Calumet heads. Key features of the tripods include;
Convenient quick-release leg locks for fast set-ups
Three-position leg-angle adjustments with spring-loaded
locks to facilitate different height requirements
A split-shaft center column that allows for low-angle shooting
Description Max Height Closed Length Min. Height Leg Sections Weight Max.Load Part No. Price
Calumet 7100* 147cm 54cm 22.9cm 4 2kg 5kg CK7114 49.00
Calumet 730* 171.5cm 62.5cm 27.3cm 4 2.6kg 5kg CK7316 65.00
Calumet 7500 173.3cm 63.5cm 24.4cm 3 2.8kg 5.9kg CK7500 99.00
Calumet 7800 191cm 78.7cm 40cm 3 4.26kg 12kg CK7800 125.00
*Includes Three Way Head
Calumet Carbon Fibre Tripods
These extremely lightweight and rugged camera supports are the perfect feld companion for todays serious outdoor and
action photographer. Each Calumet 8000 Series 8x Carbon Fibre Tripod features a grooved centre column with a spring-
loaded weight hook for added stability, three-position leg-angle adjustments with spring-loaded locks to enable different
height requirements and rubber feet with retractable stainless steel spikes. All models are supplied with a carrying case.
Description Max Height Closed Length Min. Height Leg Sections Weight Max.Load Part No. Price
Calumet 8122* 144cm 42cm 33cm 4 1.4kg 6.4kg CK8122 225.00
Calumet 8133 148m 57cm 33cm 3 1.4kg 6.4kg CK8133 185.00
Calumet 8145 138cm 63cm 49cm 3 1.7kg 10.9kg CK8145 229.00
Calumet 8157 181cm 57cm 33cm 4 1.7kg 10.9kg CK8157 229.00
*Includes Ball & Socket Head
Calumet Monopods
Calumet offers an extensive range of
Monopods which give photographers
an alternative compact and lightweight
support solution. Choose from either
high quality engineered Aluminium
versions or 8x technology Carbon Fibre.
OP/TECH Tripod Strap
The versatile OP/TECH tripod strap enables
you to carry a tripod in a horizontal
position by your side or in a vertical
position against your back.
382-000Q 21.99
Tripod Bags
Protect your investment with this wide range of tripod
bags from Calumet and Manfrotto. Remember to check
the length of your tripod including the tripod head when
fnding the ideal bag.
Description Part No. Price
Manfrotto MBAG100P 100cm Padded Tripod Bag MNMBAG100P 79.00
Manfrotto MBAG90P 90cm Padded Tripod Bag MBAG90P 59.00
Manfrotto MBAG120P 120cm Padded Tripod Bag MNMBAG120P 77.00
Manfrotto MBAG80P 80cm Padded Tripod Bag MNMBAG80P 51.99
Manfrotto MBAG80N 80cm Tripod Bag MNMBAG80N 27.00
Manfrotto MBAG70N 70cm Tripod Bag MNMBAG70 22.95
Calumet Small Tripod Bag 56cm RM2151 18.99
Calumet Medium Tripod Bag 81cm RM2152 24.99
Calumet Large Tripod Bag 97cm RM2153 27.99
Calumet Extra Large Tripod Bag 117cm RM2154 32.00
Description Max Height Closed Length Leg Sections Weight Max.Load Part No. Price
7102 Aluminium Monopod 153cm 51cm 4 480g 5kg CK7102 24.00
7104 Aluminium Monopod 160cm 47cm 5 500g 5kg CK7104 29.00
7106 Aluminium Monopod 156cm 51cm 4 700g 12kg CK7106 39.00
7108 Aluminium Monopod 168cm 51cm 4 720g 13.6kg CK7108 45.00
8104 Carbon Fibre Monopod 150cm 22.9cm 4 360g 6.4kg CK8104 110.00
8106 Carbon Fibre Monopod 187cm 22.9cm 5 450g 6.4kg CK8106 135.00
7052 Tilt Head for Monopods CK7052 17.00
Calumet Tripod Heads
From Ball and Socket and Three Way Heads through to
Action Grip and Gimbal designs, there is a Calumet Tripod
Head for any photographic situation. See in-store or
visit calumetphoto.co.uk for full specifcations.
Description Part No. Price
Calumet 7046 Small Ball Head CK7046 59.99
Calumet 7047 Medium Ball Head CK7047 79.99
Calumet 7048 Large Ball Head CK7048 99.99
Calumet 7049 Heavy Duty Ball Head CK7049 109.99
Calumet 7061 Three-Way Head CK7061 49.99
Calumet 7058 Three-Way Low Profle Head CK7058 55.00
Calumet 7064 Heavy-Duty Three-Way Head CK7064 99.99
Calumet Quickgrip Action Head CK7033 49.99
Calumet Large Lens Gimbal Head CK7075 279.00
Calumet Tripods
Calumet 7100
Calumet Quickgrip
Action Head
Calumet 7049 Heavy
Duty Ball Head
Calumet 7064 Heavy-Duty Three-Way Head
Calumet 7108
Calumet 7104
Calumet 8157
Calumet 8145
Follow us on 33 08706 03 03 03 All prices include VAT
34 www.calphoto.co.uk All prices include VAT
Guildford-based Tom Barnes is
just 29 years old and already a
highly-talented, internationally
acclaimed and much sought-after
music photographer but hes fallen
victim to a destructive occupational
hazard permanently resident in his
line of business the eardrum-
shattering power of the decibel.
Follow us on 35 08706 03 03 03 All prices include VAT
36 www.calphoto.co.uk All prices include VAT
he fact is Ive got the worst tinnitus on the planet
he tells Focus. I frst started photographing gigs at
thirteen and in just a few short months I had clocked over
a hundred shoots. But I never thought for even a moment
about the potential damage those tsunami sound waves
were doing to my ears. Now Ive got the hearing of a
seventy or eighty year old. I suffer from chronic insomnia
and in order to sleep at all I play white noise through my
He adds: But on the plus side I recently invested 800
on state-of-the-art, custom-made in-ear monitors. Its
worked out well because I can use them as headphones
too. I was shooting a band at Wembley Arena last year
and all the teccies; the pyro team and the lighting guys
were communicating on wireless radio packs and the
band members could always contact me via a hidden
onstage microphone. I could hear them in my earphones
and knew exactly when I was needed to get ready for the
next shot sequence.
Apart from a gaggle of impressive capture devices and
lighting tools, six foot six and twenty stone Tom is the
owner of an asset somewhat out of sync with his chosen
profession: a degree in urban land economics.
He picked that up at Sheffeld University but by then
his heart was set on a life acres apart from urban spatial
structure and the much vaunted location theories of
Johann Heinrich von Thunen (1783-1850).
Tom is no subscriber to traditional do what society
expects of you dogma.
The portrait and music photographer that rocked up to
our Calumet Drummond Street interview wearing fimsy
mesh trainers and odd socks (he claims he didnt know
about the socks) is the frst to acknowledge that non-
conformism pervades his genetic make-up.
A couple of my ancestors were lion tamers and my
great, great, grandmother was a Romany gypsy so
I guess one good thing about being a rock and roll
photographer in the 21st century is being able to get
away with being a bit edgy.
Tom who now runs his portraiture business from a
1,000 sq. ft. studio in a former fruit and veg warehouse
has been messing about with cameras from age fve. His
dad used to encourage him to take photographs at family
get-togethers, and increasingly, as he grew up, adults
would tell him he was pretty good at it so it encouraged
him to frequently carry a camera by his side.
At Sheffeld University he started going to gigs and always
took his trusty camera along for the ride. Soon he realised
he could make money shooting bands and began
building rapport with them. Group members would talk
to other group members about him and the calls started
coming in.
He says: It sounds like it all fell into place easily but at
one point I was studying for my degree and holding down
FIVE jobs at the same time, including helping out at a
Goth clothes shop ftting corsets to fat ladies and silly belt
buckles to rockabillies.
He adds: But this vital income helped pay for my books;
food and travel. I bought my photo-gear in waves every
time my student loan came in. (Dont tell my dad that
though!) Using the loan funds, I invested in a Canon EOS
20D and also a Bowens Travelpak complete with a couple
of Gemini 500s.
Tom is 100% self-taught. The closest Ive ever got
to photo-training was the collection of second hand
photography books I found in charity shops. I read them
and just tested the theories for myself Ive always been
interested in the mechanics of how things work.
I fell in love with a Nikon FM2 camera I bought early on.
It was basic but it was a phenomenal piece of kit. I loved
the flm processing element and I learnt so much from it.
Follow us on 37 08706 03 03 03 All prices include VAT
Although he underlines that he is essentially a portrait
photographer not just a music photographer its the
band shoots that have really made his name over the past
few years.
And its been tough. I often work a 28 hour day he
notes. When Im working with bands like Bring Me The
Horizon, Arctic Monkeys, Haim, Biffy Clyro and Muse
I have to get it all planned and shot within a defned
timeframe especially if its for a magazine.
In the main Tom has full creative independence on his
shoots which perfectly suits his temperament.
Normally my brief will be along the lines: We want
multiple shots of the group, with clear faces and solo
shots of each band member. And that will be it. Its
better for me if there arent too many people around at
a studio shoot perhaps an art director and a couple of
assistants. Thats all.
Tom describes his shooting style as cinematic. I
wouldnt mind at all if people were to believe my work
simply comprised screengrabs from a flm. I admit I love
shadows though. People tend to forget that as you add
more light you lose more shadow and so you lose more
drama. And bands like drama!
Some photographers think to themselves: Oh Ill just
stick another ten lights in there but they are just
fooding it.
When it comes to self-promotion Toms got a business
card. Thats it.
I dont advertise. Its 90% word of mouth he says. And
I admit that I have even stopped blogging. It takes up so
much time. For years I was desperate to make sure my
blog was updated every day but as soon as I stopped it
was a massive weight off my shoulders. Plus, a lot of
what I do shoot-wise is embargoed, so on a blog all I can
say is: Off to London for a shoot today. Big deal!
Now I post to Instagram three or four times a week- and
only off the Df now.
One of the most compelling aspects of being
(predominantly) a music shooter is the extreme variety of
Toms working weeks.
Thank God, no day is the same he smiles. I take
Fridays off to meet up with other colleagues in the
imaging world and I am to be found doing a bit of editing
on a Saturday. But Monday-Friday could be anything. For
example, Im just off to Berlin and then Cologne to shoot
Indie rock band Bombay Bicycle Club, then come back to
the UK for a day before fying to Canada to shoot a couple
of magazine covers in Toronto and Montreal.
I am making my capture modus operandi as reminiscent
of the flm era as possible. So at the end of the month I
send all my flms to the lab which means I insert the
SD card in the reader. I copy the images across without
having seen any of them. I run them through a bulk
renamer and then into Lightroom. Then I run a bulk edit
of the whole thing without seeing it without looking at
any of the pictures. Then I export them. And there are my
States Tom: I like to believe I am a proper photographer.
I am consistently irritated to hear photographers say: Oh
no worries lets fx that later in post. I say No- lets fx
it now. I am a photographer, not a digital artist. I shoot
for the image not for the edit. I believe you should get
as much as possible done in the camera.
The truth is that most things are super-easy to fx. If I am
getting a bit of glare from a stand I just move it half an
inch so the glare disappears that might save half an
hour in Photoshop!
That camera is just my favourite thing. It lives in a glass
case nowa bit like war photographer Don McCullins
but without the bullet hole!
Next to it sits an original Box Brownie and a World War 1
camera with fold-out bellows.
He adds: I still adore flm and the silver halide process in
its entirety but I dont shoot it commercially now. The FM2
has been replaced with a new Nikon Df but I have set up
the new camera in exactly the same way as the FM2.
Ive blacked out all the logos and the screen. This means
that when I take a picture I must rely solely on my ability
as a photographer.
Essential equipment:
Tom has been a Calumet disciple for years. I love this
company he enthuses. When I was twenty I saw their
slogan: Its where the pros go so I thought Im a pro
now so obviously I need to shop here.
He adds Then they brought out their own brand products
and I just adored them. A key word when you talk about
Calumet is trust. They have never let me down. If I need
advice its there and if I ever need to hire equipment
its easy.
Spare batteries, replacement fuses for fashes; a
MacBook Pro and indestructible luggage tags are
essential items for Tom.
Studio equipment must haves include: Profoto D1
monoblocs, octaboxes, softboxes, gels, clamps, papers,
C-stands, Gripstands/arms, sandbags, gaffa tape,
chargers, light modifers from Calumet, tripods and
monopods by 3 Legged Thing plus a Peak Design
Capture Pro Holster mount on all cameras.
So whats next?
I want an agent, says Tom. lve got a shortlist of ffteen
targets. I want to broaden my scope into newspaper
supplements I think my style resonates with the genre.
Music has been my bread and butter but I want a more
diverse portfolio in coming years. Oh yes -and I want to
photograph Stephen Fry!
Tom is also thinking about a visual manifestation of his
mantra: work hard; then work harder.
Says the man who has rolls of flm tattooed on his chest
(no seriously, he does).
I might have the letters of the words work hard
tattooed across my fngers - so then when you fip them
it reads hard work a phrase my patient and supportive
wife Shona frequently employs to describe me.
Professional photographers today need durable, tough, fast and consistent ash
units suited for digital photography and demanding assignments. Profoto is well
known as the world leader in electronic ash technology.
Profoto D1 Monoheads
Superb performance in a small package
Boasting a generous 7 f-stop power range
Action-stopping short fash durations
Colour stability comparable with that of a high-end
studio generator
Accepting the Profoto light shaping tools system
Integrated refector
Description Part No. Price
D1 Air 250WS head 999-544B 838.00
D1 Air 500WS head 999-544D 919.00
D1 Air 1000WS head 999-544E 1254.00
Profoto R Softboxes
Photography is all about light about controlling and shaping light. Therefore, a
photographers tools should be designed to do just that. This is where Profotos RFi
softboxes enter the picture. RFi softboxes come in all shapes and sizes, and are
compatible with no less than 26 different fash brands including Speedlights.
D1 Studio Kit 2 Heads
A great way to start. Pick the kit
thats best congured for your needs.
The D1 Studio Kit 2
Heads includes:
2x D1 monolights
2x White umbrellas,
Small (85cm)
D1 Kit Case
2x D1 Stands
2x Power cables
Air Remote
Description Part No. Price
D1 Studio Kit 250/250 Air 999-820E 1975.00
D1 Studio Kit 250/500 Air 999-820H 2067.00
D1 Studio Kit 500/500 Air 999-820J 2130.00
D1 Studio Kit 500/1000 Air 999-820K 2482.00
D1 Studio Kit 1000/1000 Air 999-820N 2802.00
*Purchase any D1 Air 2 Head Studio Kit and receive a FREE RFI Softbox Kit worth
382.80. Offer ends 30/6/14.
D1 Studio Kit 3 Heads
The D1 Studio Kit 3 Heads includes:
3x D1 Monolights
Air remote
Softbox RFi
1.3' x 2'
& RFi 2' x 3'
2x Speedring
Adapter for RFi
D1 grid 10
3x D1 kit stands
3x Power cables
Trolley bag
Description Part No. Price
D1 Studio Kit 250/500/500 Air 999-819Y 3702.00
D1 Studio Kit 500/500/1000 Air 999-819Z 4074.00
D1 Studio Kit 500/1000/1000 Air 999-820A 4464.00
Purchase any Profoto D1 Air 3 Head Studio Kit and receive a FREE Softlight Kit
worth 486.80. Offer ends 30/6/14.
Description Part No. Price
Softbox RFi 1' x 1.3' (30.48 x 39.62) 339-335A 88.00
Softbox RFi 1.3' x 2' (39.62 x 60.96) 339-335B 114.00
Softbox RFi 2' x 3' (60.96 x 91.44) 339-355C 190.00
Softbox RFi 3' x 4' (91.44 x 121.92) 339-335D 252.00
Softbox RFi 4' x 6' (121.92 x 182.88) 339-335E 375.00
Softbox RFi 2' x 2' (60.96 x 60.96) 339-335H 156.00
Softbox RFi 3' x 3' (91.44 x 91.44) 339-335J 202.00
Softbox RFi 1' x 3' (30.48 x 91.44) 339-335K 156.00
Softbox RFi 1' x 4' (30.48 x 121.92) 339-335N 176.00
Softbox RFi 1' x 6' (30.48 x 121.92) 339-335P 255.00
Softbox RFi 3' Octa (91.44) 339-335Q 184.00
Softbox RFi 5' Octa (152.4) 339-335R 282.00
Softbox RFi 2 x 3 Kit Inc Speedring 999-792Q 342.00
Rf Speedrings required from 48.00




38 www.calphoto.co.uk All prices include VAT
RFi Speedlight
Make the Profoto RFi softbox compatible
with speedlights of any brand.
339-960R 150.00
Profoto Reectors
Shape sunlight or bounce fash light with Profotos new range of refectors. A sturdy, yet collapsible metal frame is
equipped with two ergonomically shaped handles, which make the refectors easier to fold and hold. Four types of
two-sided refectors are available: Silver/White, SunSilver/White, Gold/White & Matte Black/White plus a translucent
refector which can be used as a diffuser.
Extremely fast recycling: 0.03-0.99s
Unmatched fash duration 1/2,000s-1/25,000s
Exchangeable, high capacity
LiFe (Li-Ion) battery
220 full power fashes from a
single battery.
45 minutes battery recharge with
standard quick charger.
2 individual lamp head sockets with
precise control in 0.1 f-stops
Description Part No. Price
Pro-B4 Air Generator 339-450A 6162.00
Pro-B4 Air Generator
kit inc 2x Batteries 339-450B 6948.00
AcuteB2 AirS Kit
The AcuteB2 Kit is the ultimate basic setup for on-location
work, containing one AcuteB2 battery generator, one
AcuteB Head and one Disc Refector, packed in a high-
quality bag that you can easily carry over your shoulder.
339-103Y 2331.00
*Offer ends 30/6/14
D4 Air
Four individually controlled full
asymmetric adjustable lamp sockets
8 f-stops power range for precise
control in 1/10 f-stop increments
Highest power stability from
fash-to-fash; no f-stop shifts
Built-in Air module for full radio
remote and sync
Pro-B3 1200 AirS
Fast recycling times: 0.06-1.8s
High capacity: 300 fashes at full power
Low weight: Just 8,8 kg (19 lb)
Wide power range: 8 f-stops
Integrated radio sync
Bright model light 250W
*When purchased with a ProB3 Air S
Generator and Life Battery.
Offer ends 30/6/14
Description Part No. Price
D4 1200 Air Generator 339-240C 6420.00
D4 2400 Air Generator 339-240A 6648.00
D4 4800 Air Generator 339-240B 8688.00
Prohead Plus UV 250w 339-450C 1678.00
Prohead Plus UV 500w 339-450D 1740.00
Description Part No. Price
Pro-B3 1200 AirS 339-104C 3180.00
Profoto Life Battery 339-103T 702.00
Profoto Air
Take complete fash
control at your camera, in
your hand or from your
computer, including fash
power and modeling lamp
control. The Profoto Air sync
provides a simple solution when
you do not need to control the power of your fash and
only need to trigger it, with your camera.
Description Part No. Price
Air Remote 339-103Q 222.00
Air Sync 339-103R 168.00
Air USB 342-001H 422.00
Pro 8a Air
Extremely fast recycling allows you to
shoot up to 20 images per second
Action freezing fash durations
even at full power
Stable light output and
color temperature
Two individual outputs and a 9 f-stop
power range with control in 0.1 f-stop steps
Wireless sync and remote control with the Air system
Description Part No. Price
Pro-8a 1200 339-103N 7270.00
Pro-8a 2400 339-103P 8940.00
Prohead Plus UV 250w 339-450C 1678.00
Prohead Plus UV 500w 339-450D 1740.00
Description Part No. Price
Refector Silver/White M 339-960A 70.00
Refector Silver/White L 339-960H 106.00
Refector SunSilver/White M 339-960B 70.00
Refector SunSilver/White L 339-960J 106.00
Refector Gold/White M 339-960C 70.00
Refector Gold/White L 339-960K 106.00
Refector Black/White M 339-960D 70.00
Refector Black/White L 339-960N 106.00
Refector Translucent M 339-960E 70.00
Refector Translucent L 339-960P 106.00
Frederico Martins
Profoto Generators

Follow us on 39 08706 03 03 03 All prices include VAT
Description Part No. Price
Gemini 200Rx Head BW3970UK 289.00
Gemini 400Rx Head BW3980UK 322.00
Gemini 200/200Rx UM/UM Kit BW4755TXUK 565.00
Gemini 400/400Rx UM/UM Kit BW4765TXUK 619.00
Description Part No. Price
Gemini 250R Head BW3900UK 349.00
Gemini 500R Head BW3910UK 407.00
Gemini 500/500R Tx/Rx Kit BW4805TXUKA 959.00
Gemini 500/500/500R Tx/Rx Kit BW8515TXUK 1513.00
Description Part No. Price
Gemini 500Pro Head BW3925UK 514.00
Gemini 750Pro Head BW3935UK 592.00
Gemini 1000Pro Head BW3945UK 679.00
Gemini 1500Pro Head BW3955UK 840.00
Gemini 500/500Pro Tx/Rx Kit BW8610TXUK 1199.00
Gemini 750/750Pro Tx/Rx Kit BW8710TXUK 1319.00
Gemini 1000/1000Pro Tx/Rx Kit BW8805TXUK 1649.00
Gemini Rx
For small studios, location photographers or those just on a tight budget, the entry-level Gemini 200Rx and 400Rx models are the perfect lighting
solution. Small and lightweight yet tough and durable, with built-in Pulsar radio receivers and the ability to be powered from AC mains or the
optional Bowens Travelpak battery. With fve stops of power control and multiple modelling options, its a great way to get into the Bowens
lighting system.
Kits include:
2x Rx fash heads inc. fash tubes, modelling lamps, power coords and fash tube covers.
2x 120 Wide-Angle Refectors with umbrella mounts
2x 90cm Silver/White umbrellas
2x 225cm Handy Stand lighting support stands
1x Pulsar Tx Radio Trigger
1x 1m Coiled Sync Cord
1x Carry Case
Gemini R
For more precise power-control choose the Gemini R range. The award-winning 500Ws R type Gemini features twin dials to adjust the power in
exact stops or tenths of stops and functions can also be controlled with the optional remote control. The Gemini 500R retains the unique ability to
be powered from AC mains in the studio or the Travelpak battery unit out on location as well as a range of advanced features designed to offer
photographers not only ultimate freedom but unmatched power, durability and control too.
Kits include:
2x 500R fash heads inc. fash tubes, modelling lamps, power cords and fash tube covers
1x 120 Wide-Angle Refector with umbrella mounts
1x 90cm Silver/White Umbrella
1x 60 x 80cm Softbox
2x 305cm Compact Stand lighting
support stands
1x Pulsar Tx Radio Trigger
1x Pulsar Rx Radio Receiver Card
1x Rolling Kit Case
1x 1m Coiled Sync Cord
Gemini Pro
The Gemini Pro range delivers more power and faster fash-durations making it the perfect portable fash system for fashion or commericial
photographers. Available in four sizes from 500Ws to 1500Ws the Gemini Pro monolights feature all of the benefts of the Gemini R units but also
offer fash-durations as fast as 1/2900 sec and a voltage seeking power system which makes them useable just about anywhere in the world.
Kits include:
2x Pro fash heads inc. fash tubes, modelling lamps, power cords and fash tube covers
1x 120 Wide-Angle Refector with umbrella mounts
1x 115cm Silver/White Umbrella*
1x 100x100cm Softbox**
2x 305cm Compact Stand lighting support stands
1x Pulsar Tx Radio Trigger
1x Pulsar Rx Radio Receiver Card
1x Stand Bag
1x Rolling Kit Case
1x 1m Coiled Sync Cord
*90cm Umbrella with 500 & 750Pro
** 60 x 80cm Softbox with 500 & 750Pro
Bowens have been at the leading edge of studio and location lighting for
50 years, developing the worlds rst monolight and a wide range of ash
lighting and light shaping accessories.
Gemini is the latest in a long line of monolight design. Improved and
rened, the range offers four distinct classes designed to suit every type of
photographer from aspiring amateurs through to demanding commercial
photographers and everyone in-between.
40 www.calphoto.co.uk All prices include VAT
The Travelpak is available in two sizes of battery allowing
you to choose the power and size to suit your needs. Able
to support up to two Gemini monolights, the Travelpak
can provide power up to a massive 3000Ws, recycle to
full power at speeds up to 2 seconds and offers up to 750
shots on a single charge.
Description Part No. Price
Small Travelpak BW7697 450.00
Large Travelpak BW7698 515.00
Beauty Dish
This 21" (53.5cm) white beauty dish provides a wonderful
soft, diffused, directional light. While the silver version
creates a beautiful, big, soft pool of light with more
contrast than the White Beauty Dish. An all-purpose,
all-rounder - the Beauty Dish is a must-have for fashion
and beauty photography as well as being ideal for
architectural work. Includes a fabric diffuser cap to
effectively transform the refector into a round softbox -
great for those sought-after round catchlights.
Description Part No. Price
21" White Beauty Dish BW1900 120.00
21" White Beauty Dish with Carry Case BW1920 190.00
21" Silver Beauty Dish BW1901 141.00
21" Silver Beauty Dish with Carry Case BW1921 201.00
21" Beauty Dish Case BW1915 89.00
Mosaic LED Light Panels
The Limelite Mosaic LED light panels are available in
three different versions. They all feature 576 ultra-bright
LEDs, dimmable from 100-0%, providing an output that
is around three times as bright as most competitive lights
and this difference can be clearly seen in the amount of
usable light projected over greater distances.
Description Part No. Price
Mosaic Daylight LED Panel VB1000UK 594.00
Mosaic Tungsten LED Panel VB1005UK 594.00
Mosaic Bi-Colour LED Panel VB1010UK 834.00
The Studiolite DMX range of fuorescent lightbanks has
been designed to meet the exacting needs of imaging
professionals working in photography or video. Quick to
set up and simple to use, Studiolite DMX lights are the
very defnition of plug & go.
Description Part No. Price
Studiolite SL255DMX VB1300UK 710.00
Studiolite SL455DMX VB1330UK 954.00
Studiolite SL855DMX VB1360UK 1314.00
Pixel Zoom Light
The Pixel is a compact, rugged 300W focusing foodlight
designed for a wide range of photographic & video
lighting applications. Featuring a dedicated, in-line control
unit, the Pixel combines a soft-start on/off switch, to
extend the life of the bulb, with a rotary dimmer control
providing precise dimming.
Description Part No. Price
Pixel Zoom Light VB1200UK 258.00
Pixel Three Point Lighting Kit VB1250UK 1140.00
Pixel 4-Leaf Barn-Door Set VB1205 60.00
Lumiair Softboxes
The pinnacle in softbox design
Precision tension ensures the straightest edges delivering the perfect cut-off for fashion and portrait work while the optimum colour calibration of the
refective interior surface together with their shallow construction offer the highest degree of light effciency. Add to this two layers of diffusion and you
have a completely even spread of light, no more than 1/2 stop from centre to edge, with no distracting hotspots. Each Lumiair softbox comes complete
with a simple zip-up carry case to ensure safe and easy transportation to location shoots.
Description Part No. Price
Lumiair Softbox 60x80 BW1500 126.00
Lumiair Softbox 100x80 BW1505 156.00
Lumiair Softbox 100x100 BW1510 177.00
Lumiair Softbox 140x100 BW1515 219.00
Lumiair Softstrip 100 BW1520 162.00
Lumiair Softstrip 140 BW1525 192.00
Lumiair Octabox 90 BW1530 173.00
Lumiair Octabox 120 BW1535 210.00
Lumiair Octabox 140 BW1540 240.00
Studiolite SL455DMX
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Genesis Monolights
The Genesis AS250 and AS500 are highly effcient Studio Flash units, with LED modelling lamps, and built-in Genesis
wireless receivers for remote, radio enabled operation and auto sensing capability. Extremely fast recycling times of
under 1 second, and fash duration of up to 1/8000sec. Adjustable power in 1/10 steps and stroboscopic & high speed
fash modes. Both models also accept Genesis and Elinchrom accessories. The AS250 features 250w/s max. output
power with a guide number of GN50 (M@ISO 100) and the AS500 features 500w/s max. output power with a guide
number of GN70 (M@ISO 100).
Key Features:
High-Effcient LED Modelling Lamp
Built-in GENESIS Wireless Receiver 2.4GHz
Compatible with GENESIS Wireless Remote (sold separately)
Auto Sensing Capability
Recognises and uses AC Power sources from 90-265VAC
Adjustable power in 1/10 steps (over a 6-stop range)
Description Part No. Price
Genesis AS250 CF0519 149.00
Genesis AS500 CF0522 229.00
Genesis Remote CF0517 35.00
AS250 Twin Head Kit CF0519K1 449.00
AS500 Twin Head Kit CF0522K1 599.00
Calumet Lighting Stands
Calumet professional quality light stands offer maximum
support with minimum bulk. The range is made of
attractive black aluminium. The maximum height is
shown in brackets.
Description Part No. Price
Backlite Stand MF6020 25.00
Low Minipro Stand (1.2m) MF6025 30.00
Ultra-compact Stand (2.13m) MF6027 35.00
Ultra-compact Stand (2.5m) MF6030 45.00
Ultra-compact Stand- Air-cushioned (2.5m) MF6035 50.00
Compact Stand (3m) MF6040 36.00
Compact Stand- Air-cushioned (3m) MF6045 40.00
Heavy Duty Stand (4.1m) MF6060 55.00
Heavy Duty Stand- Air-cushioned (4.1m) MF6065 60.00
Double-Riser Stand (1.32m) MF7021 75.00
Double-Riser Stand (2.67m) MF7041 85.00
Calumet Boom Arms
Calumet supply a boom arm solution for almost every
studio situation. Compact and standard booms are also
available in kit form, including heavy-duty two section
cine stand and casters
Description Part No. Price
Wall Boom (2.1m reach) MF6230 50.00
3-Section Boom (2m reach) MF6210 55.00
Telescopic Remote Boom (2.5m reach) MF6220 180.00
Compact Standard boom (81cm reach) MF6240 190.00
Regular Standard boom (1.8m reach) MF6245 250.00
Calumet Background Supports
Background kit comprises 2x 2.74m stands and a
4-section crossbar all packed in a durable carry bag.
Available in two versions.
Description Part No. Price
Background Support Kit MF6090 110.00
Heavy Duty Background Support Kit MF6095 160.00
Calumet Sand Bags
Description Part No. Price
4.5kg PI3010 17.00
6.8kg PI3015 20.00
11.3kg PI3025 25.00
Calumet Seamless
Background Paper
Calumets background paper has a high quality, fne-
tooth, non-refecting surface that enhances
your photography.
Description Part No. Price
0.66m x 5.5m (13 colours) from 26.00
1.35m x 11m (51 colours) from 36.00
2.72m x 11m (51 colours) from 46.00
2.72 x 25m (2 colours) 136.00
2.72 x 29m (3 colours) 206.00
2.72 x 49m Arctic White CS28993 246.00
Calumet Vinyl
Background Rolls
Featuring a silky-matte, non-glare surface these
backgrounds allow you to produce interesting lighting
effects quickly and easily.
1.35m x 3.05m (3 colours) 85.00
2.74m x 3.05m (3 colours) 155.00
2.71m x 6.1m (3 colours) 169.00
42 www.calphoto.co.uk All prices include VAT
Calumet Umbrellas are
available in a variety of
types, and in sizes from the
compact 90cm through to
the giant 191cm Translucent.
Description Part No. Price
46" (117cm) Silver Umbrella AU3146 35.00
45" (114cm) White/Black Umbrella AU3045 30.00
36" (90cm) Silver/White Umbrella AU3036 29.00
46" (117cm) Silver/White Umbrella AU3046 39.00
60" (152cm) Silver/White Umbrella AU3060 49.00
43" (109cm) Silver/White Umbrella AU30430 29.00
43" (109cm) Satin White Umbrella AU30432 29.00
16 Panel
52" (132cm) Silver/Black Umbrella AU32520 40.00
52" (132cm) Translucent Umbrella AU32521 35.00
65" (165cm) Black/Silver Umbrella AU32650 50.00
75" (191cm) Translucent Umbrella AU32751 40.00
Calumet Zip Discs
This system features collapsible, round refectors that
are extremely versatile and portable. Choose from three
types, each available in three different sizes. Reversible
covers with black, silver,white and gold are also available.
Description Part No. Price
22" (56cm) ZipDisc RM4010 19.00
32" (81cm) ZipDisc RM4030 29.00
42" (107cm) ZipDisc RM4050 35.00
22" (56cm) ZipDisc RM4012 19.00
32" (81cm) ZipDisc RM4032 29.00
42" (107cm) ZipDisc RM4051 35.00
22" (56cm) ZipDisc RM4000 19.00
32" (81cm) ZipDisc RM4020 25.00
42" (107cm) ZipDisc RM4040 30.00
52" (132cm) ZipDisc RM4052 45.00
Four-in-One Reversible Covers
22" (56cm) ZipDisc Reversible Cover RM4015 15.00
32" (56cm) ZipDisc Reversible Cover RM4025 25.00
42" (81cm) ZipDisc Reversible Cover RM4045 30.00
52" (81cm) ZipDisc Reversible Cover RM4055 40.00
Calumet Beauty
Can be ftted for most monolights
when used with a compatible
speedring insert. The refector
can also be used with the
Calumet Speedbox Flash Adapter
for use with camera fashes.
Grids are also available.
Description Part No. Price
16" Beauty Dish CF0561 55.00
22" Beauty Dish CF0563 80.00
27" Beauty Dish CF0565 105.00
Calumet Umbrella Adapter with
shoe mount
Designed to hold any shoe mounted
fash unit with an umbrella.
MF6829 22.00
Calumet Speedring
Designed to ft all Calumet Soft Boxes and all other
brands light banks, the Speedring features a convenient
rotating mounting ring for easy
positioning. Requires dedicated
adapter insert.
RD3100 25.00
Calumet Quickring
Makes mounting support rods to your
speedring easy. The Quickring can
be used with any soft box and wafers
including Calumet, Bowens, Profoto,
Elinchrom and Broncolor. Requires
dedicated adapter insert.
RM6400 20.00
Calumet Adapter
Description Part No. Price
For Bowens RD6210 25.00
For Calumet Genesis/Elinchrom RD6245 25.00
For Profoto RD6230 25.00
Genesis Softboxes
Genesis 16" x 22" White Softbox RM31221 50.00
Genesis 24" x 32" White Softbox RM31321 65.00
Genesis 36" x 48" White Softbox RM31481 85.00
Genesis 54" x 72" White Softbox RM31721 165.00
Genesis 9" x 36" White Strip Softbox RM31091 75.00
Genesis 14" x 56" White Strip Softbox RM31141 99.00
Calumet Light Control
Panel System
This lightweight, portable refector system offers fast
and easy setup with unlimited light control. Each frame
is hinged at the corners and features dismantling joints,
making setup and breakdown easy. Frames self-lock
into position, forming rigid supports for a wide variety of
fabrics and light-control applications
Description Part No. Price
The system comprises of the following:
Versatile Selection of Fine Fabrics
Available in Translucent White, Gold-silver/Zig-Zag, Silver/Black,
Silver White and Gold/White.
1.7m x1.7m 25.00
1.7 x 1.98m 40.00
Aluminium Frames
Calumets aluminium frames combine lightweight portability with
durable performance.
1.7m x1.7m RM7222 30.00
1.7 x 1.98m RM7232 40.00
Aluminium Support Bar
Adds structural support and mounting control. Features a joining
clip at both ends. RM7262 15.00
Leg Support Set
Includes two stabilising leg supports that allow individual panels
to stand independently. RM7270 30.00
Also available
Panel Joiner Clips RM7280 10.00
Light Stand Clamp RM7250 20.00
Neatness Clips (pack of 6) RM7290 10.00
Calumet Clamps
Description Part No. Price
1cm Mini A Clamps ME1002 3.50
3cm Small A Clamp ME1004 5.50
5cm Medium A Clamp ME1006 6.50
8cm Large A Clamp ME1009 7.50
Mini Studio Clip Clamp MF6823 8.00
Studio Clip Clamp MF6818 15.00
Studio Clip Clamp with Stud MF6822 15.00
Studio Clamp MF6820 20.00
Calumet Expan Drive Set.
Easily roll and control your background paper with this
sturdy drive set. Optional neutral-coloured chains help you
colour code paper rolls in multi-roll set-ups.
Description Part No. Price
Expan Drive Set MF6834 50.00
Replacement chain grey MF68344 10.00
Replacement chain black MF68346 10.00
Also available
Expan Holder- pair MF6831 15.00
Triple Hook Background Holder MF6833 30.00
A Clamp
Mini Clip Clamp
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Genesis Portable Flash Systems
Introducing the new Genesis GF200 and GF400 Portable Flash Systems. Comprising of a choice of two fash units and a
portable battery pack with a great range of accessories and spares. The GF200 boasts 200ws power output with 60m
Guide Number and the GF400 has 400ws power output with 80m Guide Number. Both provide 360 degree illumination
and are capable of wireless-remote manual power control when used with the Genesis 433MHZ 16-Channel Wireless
Trigger kit (CF0189).
Other notable features include a large LCD display, simplifed controls, a separate ON/OFF button, rotating head with
vertical adjustments up to 90 degrees, MF-Assist Beam (ideal for low-light or low-contrast conditions), Audio Ready
function and built-in overheating protection circuitry. Built-in PC sync and 3.5mm
sockets also provide Flexible triggering options.
PowerPort Duo
The PowerPort Duo 1000, a
rechargeable, interchangeable
battery pack. This pack
provides up to 900 full-power
fashes with the GF200 and
450 fashes for the GF400 in a
single charge.
Description Part No. Price
PowerPort Duo 1000 CF0202 125.00
PowerPort Duo 1000 Replacement Battery CF0203 60.00
Genesis Portable Flash Accessories
The wide range of accessories include the 16-channel
wireless trigger kit, an umbrella refector, beauty dish
with grid and a snoot, just to name a few. Additionally,
all Genesis light modifer accessories are compatible with
Quantum Qfash, Trio and 5dR.
Description Part No. Price
Standard Refector with Diffusion Filters CF0184 20.00
Honeycomb Grid with Colour Filters CF01841 25.00
Umbrella Refector with Holder CF0185 20.00
Conical Snoot with Honeycomb Grid CF0186 25.00
12" Beauty Dish with Honeycomb Grid CF0187 45.00
40" Translucent Umbrella CF0188 30.00
433Mhz 16-Channel Wireless Trigger Kit CF0189 55.00
Additional Wireless Receiver CF01891 20.00
Umbrella Holder CF01804 5.00
Description Part No. Price
PocketWizard TT1 For Canon 352-000A 149.00
PocketWizard TT1 For Nikon 352-000Q 149.00
PocketWizard TT5 For Canon 352-000B 149.00
PocketWizard TT5 For Nikon 352-000R 149.00
PocketWizard AC3 Zone Controller
for Canon 352-000X 59.99
PocketWizard AC3 Zone Controller
for Nikon 352-000Y 59.99
PocketWizard Plus III Single 703-195C 129.00
PocketWizard Plus III Twin Kit 703-195D 229.00
PocketWizard Plus X Single 703-195H 79.00
PocketWizard Plus X Twin Set 703-195V 129.00
PocketWizard Mini TT1- With its low profle design, you can use the Mini TT1 Transmitter on-camera to trigger
remote Speedlights or studio fashes attached to the Flex TT5. These are available in both Canon and Nikon mounts.
The Mini TT1 is compatible with any PocketWizard transmitter for triggering manual fash or remote cameras. The Mini
TT1 is also easy to use, you need to just slide in place and begin to shoot. The new PocketWizard Control ITL system
allows you to get perfect off-camera fash photos in any environment. It will also allow you to take photos from around
corners, out-of-sight and in bright sun.
PocketWizard Flex TT5- The most versatile PocketWizard Radio ever, use the Flex TT5 Transceiver with the Mini TT1
transmitter to control single or multiple off-camera electronic or intelligent Speedlights. These also come in seperate
Canon and Nikon mounts. You can now place TTL or manual fashes anywhere to illuminate the scene.
PocketWizard AC3 Zone Controller- The PocketWizard AC3, also come in Canon and Nikon mounts. The AC3 Zone
Controller allows you to control your fash set up directly from your cameras position, all you need to do is add it to
your on-camera Mini TT1 or Flex TT5 and you will instantly have 3 zones of fash control. With the AC3 Zone Controller
you have total control of you are in total control of your fashes as you have three clearly labelled dials which allow you
to increase and decrease power to each zone.
PocketWizard Plus III- The Plus III transceiver is the most reliable, feature-packed, easy-to-use solution for remote
fash and trigering available in the market. Featuring an impressive 32 channels fnding a clear channel is never a
problem. Selective Quad-Zone Triggering keeps you shooting photos, not running back and forth to your lighting or
cameras. Without leaving the camera position, you can wirelessly activate or deactive your remote fashes or camers in
4 separately controllable zones: A, B, C or D. The Plus III is simple to operate, the soft-touch keypad is large and has a
backlit LED panel which displays everything you need to know
PocketWizard Plus X- The Plus X is the simplest PocketWizard radio ever and is the perfect entry into the
PockeWizard Wireless System. Simply attach one Plus X to your camera and another to a remote fash using an
included cable, set both radios to the same channel and start taking pictures. The Plus X is compatible is compatible
with all Standard Channel-capable PocketWizard transmitters and recievers, so its the perfect companion for your
existing radios and new fashes.
PocketWizard radios are the industry leaders in
wireless control and synchronisation of Cameras, ash
lighting and light meters.
Calumet Genesis 692
High performance fashguns compatible with both Canon
EOS and Nikon CLS wireless fash systems, with a large
guide number of 50 (ISO 100 at 180mm zoom position).
The 692 Speedlight can serve as an on-camera fash
as well as a master unit or slave unit in a wireless,
multiple-Speedlight system. The Power Zoom function
automatically adjusts the zoom position to match the lens
focal length, the available zoom positions are between
24mm and 180mm.
High Guide No.50
Fast recycle time of 5 seconds
5600K colour temperature
22 level light quantity output control
Power zoom function
Supplied with soft-case, diffuser and mini-stand
CF0170 for Canon / CF0175 for Nikon 149.00
Description Part No. Price
Genesis GF200 CF0180 285.00
Genesis GF200 Kit (includes Portable
battery and wireless trigger kit) CF0180KIT 429.00
GF200 Replacement Flash Tube CF01801 40.00
Genesis GF400 CF0182 385.00
Genesis GF400 Kit (includes Portable
battery and wireless trigger kit) CF0182KIT 499.00
GF400 Replacement Flash Tube CF01821 50.00
44 www.calphoto.co.uk All prices include VAT
Calumet Speedboxes
These extremely portable and effcient soft boxes
set up in seconds and collapse to ft into almost
any camera bag for ultimate portability. Features
a highly refective silver interior for minimal light
loss and a removable front diffusion panel.
Description Part No. Price
SpeedBox 25.4 x 25.4cm RM2900 45.00
SpeedBox 46 x 46cm RM2902 60.00
SpeedBox 61 x 61cm RM2904 80.00
Calumet 3-Flash Mount
Attach up to three Speedlights to increase your
light output while decreasing recycling time.
MF6720 20.00
HEX 21
The HEX 21 Speedbox is
a hexagonal softbox for
off camera fashes that
creates soft diffused
light and is able to
setup and take
down quickly.
Removable internal
baffe for the softbox
helps reduce hotspots and softens the light.
Goal post type speed light bracket allows room to use
various fash triggers.
Carrying bag with shoulder strap included
RM2908 145.00
Pro Series
A portable battery pack to power
your fashgun for high volume
fashes from a single charge, with
fast recycling, and consistent
fash output. Compatible with
selected Canon, Nikon, Metz and
Sony fashguns.
Description Part No. Price
PowerBlock 900 CF0192 129.00
Nikon Connection Cable CF0193 20.00
Canon Connection Cable CF0194 20.00
Sony Connection Cable CF0195 20.00
Metz Connection Cable CF0197 20.00
Wireless Trigger Kit
Take your fash off your camera and expand your creative capabilities with this 2.4GHz wireless triggering system. This
trigger set will allow you to trigger your fash over 100 metres away. The 4-channel, radio enabled circuitry prevents your
fash from being triggered by other fash units around you, making it perfect for photographing at events or on location.
Additionally the system can be used as either a wired or wireless remote shutter release for your camera. These units
are supplied with cables to work with Bowens, Genesis, Elinchrom and Profoto studio fash systems.
Please note that these triggers do not transmit TTL information. Wireless TTL fash operation is not offered with this
product, Speedlights must be set to their manual mode, although the transmitter will allow TTL through operation when
mounted to the camera hotshoe with a Speedlight attached to the top of it.
Description Part No. Price
Wireless Trigger Kit for Canon CF0090 60.00
Extra Receiver CF0092 35.00
Wireless Trigger Kit for Nikon CF0094 60.00
Extra Receiver CF0096 35.00
Flash Diffusers
Premium quality diffusers that
easily attach to your fashgun
to produce a soft, fattering
light source with
even coverage.
Description Part No. Price
Nikon SB-600 KT1602 15.00
Nikon SB-700 KT1603 15.00
Nikon SB-900 and SB-910 KT1604 15.00
Canon 380EX KT1606 15.00
Canon 430EX and 430EX II KT1608 15.00
Canon 580EX II KT1610 15.00
Canon 320EX II KT1612 15.00
Canon 580EX KT1614 15.00
Canon 600EX KT1616 15.00
Sekonic Light Meters
Sekonic provide the widest range of light measurement
devices for photographers around the world.
Sekonic L-308S Flashmate- The smallest and lightest
digital light meter in the Sekonic range.
Sekonic L-478D Lightmaster Pro- The worlds frst
touch-screen operated light meters.
Sekonic L-478DR Lightmaster Pro- This has all of
the same features as the L-478D but also incorporates
PocketWizard wireless technology for in-meter
power control of select studio fashes connected to
PocketWizard ControlTL receivers.
Sekonic L-758 Cine- The ultimate light measuring tool
for Cine and Video users. It Offers the most extreme
range of frames-per-second, cine shutter speeds and
shutter angle settings.
Sekonic L-758D Digitalmaster-
The only light meter which can be
calibrated to read light the way
your particular camera system
reads light.
Sekonic L-758DR Digitalmaster-
All of the same features as the
L-758D, but also includes the
PocketWizard RT-32CTL radio
module built in.
Description Part No. Price
Sekonic L-308S Flashmate 335-532A 139.00
Sekonic L-478D Lightmaster Pro 335-532B 299.00
Sekonic L-478DR Lightmaster Pro 335-532C 324.99
Sekonic L-758 Cine 335-290T 449.00
Sekonic L-758D Digitalmaster 335-290D 399.00
Sekonic L-758DR Digitalmaster 335-537B 429.00
Pro-Tilt Flash Bracket
Compact design offers quick adjustments to fash and
camera to handle a wide variety of shooting situations,
including bounce fash, close-ups, horizontals and
verticals. Available in right and left hand versions.
Rubber, non-twist base with fve
camera-mounting holes.
Adjust height of the
fash bracket by included
hex wrench.
Tilt up to 90 backwards or
forwards for bounce fash
or close-ups
Description Part No. Price
Right Hand Hold MF6712 50.00
Left Hand Hold MF6710 50.00
Calumet 4-Flash Speedring Adapter
Compatible with Calumet speed rings to allow four shoe-mounted
fash guns to powerfully illuminate your softbox or umbrella.
MF6722 25.00

ollow us on 45 08706 03 03 03 All prices include VAT
46 www.calphoto.co.uk All prices include VAT
Cambo Repro Stand System
Proffessional copy solutions from Cambo
Cambos RPS Repro Stand System can be confgured
from different elements to ensure the best possible
solution for the reproduction photographer. It features
a motorised vertical column with extended movement
controls, a geared moveable camera-arm, wall mount
options, a sturdy and stable base and an optional
Description Part No. Price
Cambo RPS-150 Repro Set* 386-004Q 5640.00
Set of Height Adjusters for Baseboard 386-004R 367.00
* Includes base with baseboard and RPS-100 column to the Cambo
Mini ST Shooting Table
This Mini Shooting Table can be wheeled through doorways
from room to room on its two rear-frame castors. Yet
when location calls, just remove eight knobs and it quickly
disassembles. This handy table provides a seamless
shooting area with a backdrop sweep on a translucent
sheet of 70 x 125 cm plexiglass included.
387-299D 499.00
BlackRapid Curve RS-7
The Curve R-Strap is the simplest and most
versatile strap built by BlackRapid. It has been
ergonomically built so it will ft around your
shoulder perfectly, it is also highly adjustable
so it will ft most photographers. The Pad
has a mesh underside for added comfort
and breathability, and the strap will evenly
distribute the weight of the camera for added
999-768B 48.00
BlackRapid Cargo RS-5
The Cargo RS-5 is perfect for any user
who needs that extra bit of storage, it has
three separate areas which can be used for
storage. The front pocket is big enough to
carry a smartphone, or a large battery. The
pocket on the top of the pad opens up and
has two silent zippered pockets which can
hold spare memory cards or other small
sized items.
999-839K 56.00
BlackRapid Double DR-1 Dual
Camera Harness
The DR-1 Dual Camera Harness
is the perfect secure way
to carry two cameras at the
same time. The harness can
be customised to your exact
needs and one side can even
be detached for use as a single
R-Strap. The R-Strap System
distributes the weight perfectly,
so for long days of shooting
with your two cameras you will
be able to carry your cameras
and shoot at any given time.
999-773E 99.00
BlackRapid RS-Sport
Sling Strap
The Sport R-Strap is for the most active
photographer, with an included under-
arm support you will get extra stability
when you are shooting action shots. It
will also offer that extra bit of security
when you are on the
move shooting.
999-787H 59.00
BlackRapid Metro
Sling Strap
The Metro strap is the lightest strap in the
BlackRapid range. It has all of the same
design qualities as the R-Straps (RS-5
and RS-7). The Metro strap is built for
speed and can be folded up very small so
it does not take up much space in your
camera bag or carry on luggage. It is
perfect for photographers who use micro
4/3, mirrorless cameras, serious compact
cameras and various interchangeable
lens systems.
999-831T 49.00
Cambo UST-Delux
Studio Stand
Rock solid support from Cambo
This classic Cambo studio stand is a mainstay in many of the
countrys fnest photo studios. By far the best value available
in a heavy-duty studio stand, the UST combines rock-solid
construction with smooth, counter-balanced movements.
Description Part No. Price
U-1 Black Column 12cm (5"r). Height 2.10m 387-209H 1564.00
U-2 Black Column 12cm (5"r). Height 2.70m 387-210Y 1666.00
U-0 Standard Base 3-way locking 387-245D 849.00
U-4 Gear-Driven Cross Arm For 2 Cameras 387-214D 1020.00
UCB Base With Central Locking 387-246W 1413.00
UBA Ball-Bearing Cross Arm For 2 Cameras 387-222J 1328.00
SCH-U Head 387-520Y 610.00
Cambo X2-PRO
Perfect for product and architectural photographers alike,
Cambos innovative X2-PRO provides perspective and image
control movements when capturing stills and video with
your digital SLR camera.
Horizontal Shift 17.5mm Left / 17.5mm Right
Vertical Shift 17.5mm Up / 17.5mm Down
Swing Angle 20 Left / 20 Right
Tilt Angle 20 Up / 20 Down
Macro Rail Version Available
Compatible with Canon, Nikon, Sony, Mamiya Leaf & Phase One
Description Part No. Price
X2-PRO Camera Body 386-908A 1299.00
X2- Camera mounts from 157.00
XBC-35 X2-Bellows w/Canon bayonet 386-908K 262.00
XBN-35 X2-Bellows w/Nikon bayonet 386-908N 262.00
XBM-35 X2-Bellows w/Mamiya bayonet 386-908P 364.00
X-223 X2-Lensplate for #0 (hole 34.7 mm) 386-732D 49.00
X-228 X2-Lensplate Recessed for #0 (34.7 mm) 386-908S 82.00
Apo-Digitar 4,5-90 Schneider NK-0 386-196Z 824.00
WA-Digitar 2,8-28 Schneider NK-0 386-900Q 1900.00
BlackRapid Accessories
Description Part No. Price
BlackRapid Wrist Strap & FastenR-3 999-831V 30.00
BlackRapid Tether Kit 999-840B 25.00
BlackRapid BERT Extension Strap 999-839H 11.00
BlackRapid Lockstar 999-839V 11.00
BlackRapid ConnectR-2 999-773D 12.00
BlackRapid FastenR-3 999-767X 13.00
BlackRapid FastenR-T1 For Use
With Manfrotto RC2 Plates 999-787N 15.00
BlackRapid FastenR Stealth 999-831W 16.00
Follow us on 47 08706 03 03 03 All prices include VAT
Urban Backgrounds
Lastolite have extended the inspirational range of
Urban backgrounds to now offer even more options to
photographers looking to create the outdoor look in any
location. Each reversible background has a unique urban
feel and can quickly add a new dimension to any portrait
shoot. The collapsible backgrounds are portable and quick
to set up; offering the ultimate solution to todays busy
Outdoor Look in Any Location
Bring the outdoors, indoors; saving the time and costs
related to fnding the right location.
Two in One
Create two unique looks with one reversible background.
Instant Solution
Crease resistant fabric facilitates instant set-up.
Perfectly Portable
Lightweight and collapsible, the Urban backgrounds are
the perfect solution for photographers on the move.
Urban Background Kit
Combine the Lastolite Magnetic Background Support Kit
along with one selected 1.5m x 2.1m Urban Collapsible
Reversible Background.
Description Part No. Price
Distressed Paper/Graffti 753-007D 199.00
Corrugated/Metal 753-007B 199.00
Rusty Metal/ Plaster Wall 753-007C 199.00
Red Brick/ Grey Stone 753-007A 199.00
Lastolite have developed
an innovative Magnetic
Background Support which
enables photographers to
quickly and easily attach
any collapsible back-
grounds with a steel rim to
a traditional lighting stand.
Reliable magnetic connectors grip the background in
two positions, eliminating yaw and increasing stability
The support is designed to ft industry standard 5/8
spigot connector, making it compatible with most
traditional lighting stands
The background can be attached to the support at a
comfortable height. It is also quick and easy to switch
backgrounds; simply pull one off and snap another on
Description Part No. Price
Magnetic Background Support 753-006A 60.00
Magnetic Background Support Kit
(Includes Stand and Bag) 753-388E 108.00
The EzyBalance range are handy double sided pop up
grey/white cards that simplify the complex technical
issues surrounding exposure and colour correction when
working in different lighting conditions. A unique focusing
target enables the camera to focus on the card and take
the necessary readings.
Description Part No. Price
EzyBalance 30cm 12% 753-199D 19.00
EzyBalance 30cm 18% 753-754A 19.00
EzyBalance 50cm 18% 753-754H 31.00
EzyBalance 75cm 18% 753-173H 49.00
The TriGrip refectors utilise a triangular design which
provides a much stronger and stable structure. They also
feature a moulded handle with securing strap, allowing
even more accurate positioning of the refector with just
one hand, which means that light can be directed to all
those awkward spots.
Description Part No. Price
TriGrip Mini 45cm 45.00
TriGrip 75cm 59.99
TriGrip Large 120cm 79.99
TriGrip Diffector 45cm 45.00
TriGrip Diffector 75cm 65.00
All available in either Soft Silver or Soft Gold
TriGrip Bracket 753-004X 71.99
The XpoBalance works in a similar way to the EzyBalance
but has the added advantage of three different grey
surfaces on one side and a black, white and 18% grey
surface on the other side, collectively offering a range of
white balance, exposure,
colour correction
and bracketing
adjustment options.
753-323Q 35.99
Brolly Grip Kit
The new Brolly Grip is a unique hand held bracket which
supports the fashgun in a horizontal position along the
shaft of an umbrella. A translucent umbrella
is included in this kit to create a
compact, quick to
assemble shoot
through solution
for photographers.
753-201B 27.00
*Save 74 on normal combined price of 273. Offer ends 31st July 2014.

The Photography
Show 2014
Thank you to everyone who visited us at The
Photography Show at the NEC, Birmingham
earlier this year. It was fantastic to see so many new and familiar faces.
We are excited to be attending again in 2015 and look forward to seeing you there!
Donald Cameron, The Boy
Gideon Knight, Turnstone Daniel Brand, Scottish Winter Wildlife
PPANI Awards
Congratulations to all the fnalists
at the Professional Photographers
Association of Northern Ireland
awards. Annette Burke of 4Ever
Photos won the Calumet
sponsored Commercial Category.
Angus Bicker, Belfast Store
Manager, represented Calumet
at the awards evening
which identifes individuals
that have achieved outstanding
success through their
superb images.
Let Us Know What You Think.
You can now leave us a short review on your experience
of shopping with us at Reviews.co.uk.
Scottish Nature
of the Year
Calumet is pleased to continue
its longstanding sponsorship
of the Scottish Nature
Photographer of the Year
Awards for 2013.
A dramatic and compelling black and white seascape
won the accolade of Scottish Nature Photographer of
the Year 2013 for photographer Donald Cameron from
Perth in Scotland. Donald captured his image, The Boy,
at Rattray Head in Aberdeenshire. His use of a long
exposure technique resulted in a unique interpretation
of the physical scene intensifed by the shadowy
impressions of the fgure of a boy on the beach.
Donald won a 200 Calumet voucher and was delighted
about his win. Im thrilled and somewhat taken aback
to have won Scottish Nature Photographer of the
Year. Its a huge honour to have been selected when
you consider the standard of images the competition
attracts. Its amazing to have received the recognition of
such renowned and respected judges, more so because
theyve gone for a shot which is quite far removed from
the style of image many would immediately think of as
nature photography he said.
Judges Colin Prior, Neil McIntyre, Lorne Gill and Niall
Irvine selected their winners from 2300 entries to
the competition, which this year was extended to
eight categories covering different aspects of wildlife,
landscape, botanical, abstract and
environmental subjects.
The photographic competition also offers awards for
junior photographers (under-18s) and for students
undertaking a photography element in their course.
Junior Scottish Nature Photographer of the Year 2013 is
Gideon Knight from Ilford in Essex who was 13 years old
when he captured his winning image Turnstone at Loch
Etive. Student Scottish Nature Photographer of the Year
2013 is Daniel Brand who attends Falmouth University.
Calumets roundup of news, exhibitions, events, awards & whats
new in-store for this season. You can visit us in-store or online.
Calumet Academy
We are excited to announce the launch of our new Academy
website . You will fnd detailed information on our seminars,
workshops and speakers and you can make bookings directly
on the site.
At Calumet we offer a wide range of seminars and workshops
across our nationwide stores. Ranging from introductory topics
such as learning the basics of your DSLR right through to
advanced subjects including professional lighting techniques.
Increasing your creative knowledge and technical abilities
will maximise your skills to create superb images across a range of genres, whilst
ensuring that you are making the most of the latest technologies and trends
in the industry.
Our Academy website is constantly being updated so do continue to check back to
see the latest events at your local store.
For more details on our workshops and seminars see pages 4 & 5.
Calumet Assistant Finder
We are pleased to bring you our new Assistant Finder
tool for photographic assistants to promote their services
for free to professional photographers. If you are a
photographic assistant then just register your details,
upload a sample of work and a CV and you will then be
visible to photographers or agents who wish to search the
site for their next assistant. Whats more is that photographers you have previously
worked for can leave feedback and rate you. This could create a great opportunity
for you to increase your experience and work with leading photographers.
For more information visit www.calumetrental.co.uk/assist
Daniels submission Scottish Winter Wildlife showed the
harshness of Winter in the Cairngorms. They have both
won a 25 Calumet gift voucher.
48 www.calphoto.co.uk All prices include VAT
Photo of the Week
Calumet customers range from professionals to hobbyists, but they all share one thing passion.
The Photo of the Week is an opportunity for everyone to share that passion.
Submit your images each week via Blipfoto.com for a chance to win our Photo of the Week.
3rd March Kristina Peters Canon EOS 60D
24th March Joe Stockdale Nikon D7000
17th February Abi Wiseman Canon EOS 50D
20th January Sara Evans Canon EOS 5D Mark II
16th December Paul Cocks Fujiflm X100
18th November Brian Smith Canon EOS 7D 28th October Mari Nakari
21st October Lee Rolfe Canon EOS 5D Mark III 14th October Robert Thomason Sony Alpha SLT-A55
11th November Brian Anderson Nikon D4 4th November David Mitchell Nikon D800
9th December Pirjo Kytl 2nd December Craig Wilkinson 25th November Max Ellis Nikon D4
13th January Jason Rosewarne Canon EOS 50D 6th January Naomi Anderson Canon EOS 5D Mark III 23rd December Farishta Stakenburg Canon EOS 60D
10th February Max Behle Canon EOS 5D 3rd February Rebecca Cole Canon EOS 7D 27th January Jake Threadgould Canon EOS 7D
17th March Craig Macleod Leica M Monochrom 10th March Alex Wigan Sony Alpha SLT-A77 24th February Sheryl Garrison Nikon D7000
Follow us on 49 08706 03 03 03 All prices include VAT
*Lenses not included
Metabones Speed Boosters
Nikon-G/F to Micro-4/3 mount Metabones Speed Booster adapters are
designed exclusively for the Blackmagic 2.5k Cinema Camera (BMCC).
Note that the new Speed Boosters will only attach to Blackmagic
cameras equipped with a Micro-4/3 mount. They cannot be attached
to standard Micro 4/3 cameras.
Description Part No. Price
BMCC (0.64X) 1 1/3rd F-Stop Boost 600-076E 450.00
BMPCC (0.58X) 1 2/3rd F-Stop Boost 600-076J 364.00
Canon C300
A ground-breaking professional cine camera The EOS
C300 fuses Canons proven video technology and lens
heritage with EOS creativity. Interchangeable EF lenses
give unprecedented freedom to tell every story.
Description Part No. Price
EOS C300 EF 321-335A 10,434.00
EOS C300 PL 321-335B 10,740.00
Also available:
EOS C500 EF 321-335E 15,480.00
EOS C500 PL 321-335H 15,480.00
EOS C100 321-335D 3870.00
*Lens not included
Canon XF300
The XF300, one of Canons frst fle-based professional
camcorders, combines an MPEG-2, 50Mbps, 4:2:2 codec
with a Canon L-series lens and 3 Full HD CMOS sensors
for superb HD video stored on CF card.
18x Lens : 29.3-527.4mm F1.6
12 to 50 fps
2x XLR input
4" LCD - 0.52" EVF
321-034D 4380.00
Canon XF200
The XF200 features an advanced camera system capable
of providing outstanding images and the responsiveness
to deal with all kinds of shooting situations. A 26.8mm
wide-angle lens with 20x zoom gets you closer to
the action.
20x Lens : 26.8 - 536mm F1.8
12 to 50 fps
2x XLR input
3.5" LCD - 0.24" EVF
321-231A 3299.00
Canon XA20
With an effective pixel count of approximately 2.91
megapixels, the new Canon HD CMOS sensor delivers
stunning picture quality, even in low light, as well
as outstanding dynamic range and realistic colour
20x Lens 26.8-536mm F1.8-2.8
2x XLR input
3.5" LCD -
0.24" EVF
Built in Wi-Fi
321-021V 1554.00
Sony HVR-Z5E
This new compact camcorder is ideal when high
performance in available light conditions is a requirement.
The ergonomically designed body allows fexible shooting
under any conditions, while maintaining Sonys worldwide
reputation for quality and high performance.
3x 1/3" Full HD CMOS Exmor sensors
Sony G lens 20x 29.5-590mm (16:9)
2x XLR input
3.2" LCD
- 0.45" EVF
993-189E 3834.00
Sony HVR-HD1000E
The HVR-HD1000E has been created to meet the growing
demand from users who are looking for an entry-level
professional shoulder mount design with full 1080i HDV
recording as well as retaining DV capabilities.
1x 1/2.9 ClearVid CMOS Sensor size
Carl Zeiss T lens 10x 40-400mm (16:9)
HDV 1080/50i
2.7" LCD
993-030S 1110.00
At only 1.4 kg the GY-HM150 is one of the lightest
camcorders on the market. It features JVCs 3 chip 1/4
progressive CCD, a 10x zoom Fujinon HD lens with new
rotary optical image stabiliser technology and a 2.7" LCD
monitor. This camcorder is the perfect tool where a fast
editing workfow is required.
12x lens 29.8-357.6mm F1.5-2.8
28Mbps AVCHD 2.0 output
3.5" LCD & EVF
Built-in Wi-Fi
for real broadcast
941-115A 1380.00
50 www.calphoto.co.uk All prices include VAT
Cinema 4K
Super 35mm CMOS sensor size
4K RAW - Full HD [AppleProRes (HQ)
6G SDI Output
12 stops Dynamic Range
EF mount
SSD hard drive
Built-in metadata input
600-076H 2300.00
Cinema Pocket
Super 16mm sensor size
1080p Full HD RAW
3.5" LCD Display
13 stops Dynamic Range
MFT mount
SD card
Built-in metadata input.
600-076D 670.00
Rde NTG-2 Microphone
The new RDE NTG-2 is a lightweight condenser shotgun
microphone, designed for professional applications within
the flm, video, television and production industries.
Low noise circuitry
Condenser transducer
Two step high pass flter (fat/80Hz)
P48 Phantom power
995-100C 147.00
Sennheiser EW 135-P G3
A handheld system designed for feld operation: this
system is the perfect choice for ENG professionals. The
rugged hand-held cardioid wireless microphone provides
professional sound quality for interviews and reporting,
even under unfavourable conditions.
42MHz bandwith-1680
UHF frequencies
Adaptive-diversity reception for
high reception quality
Automatic frequency scan feature
searches for available frequencies
Increased range for
audio sensitivity
Wireless synchronisation of transmitters via
infrared interface
999-762D 506.00
Sennheiser MKE600
The MKE 600 can master even the toughest video sound
challenges. Its high level of directivity ensures that it picks
up sound from the front of the camera whilst attenuating
unwanted sound coming from the sides and rear.
Maximal rejection of side noise
Switchable Low Cut flter
Battery switch with Low Batt indicator
P48 Phantom Power
993-796J 216.00
Rotolight Roto-Mic Shotgun
An innovative compact broadcast shotgun condenser
microphone for HDSLR, camcorders and audio recorders.
ROTO-MIC available separately or as part of the new
Rotolight Sound & Light Kit, featuring the multi-award
winning RL48 Ringlight.
40Hz 20kHz frequency response
Two step high pass flter (fat/80Hz)
Three position level control (-10db,0,+10db)
9V battery powered-over 100 Hours use
999-834H 71.99
Audio Technica ATR-3350
Lavalier Microphone
Audio-Technicas newscaster-style omnidirectional
ATR3350 lavalier is engineered for intelligible, accurate
voice reproduction.
Newscaster-style miniature mic is perfect for video use
Integrated 6m (20') cable with 3.5mm mini-plug for use
with most cameras
Omni pickup pattern offers full coverage
Includes tie clip, battery,
foam windscreen, and
1/4" adapter
999-562P 25.00
Rde VideoMic
Pro Microphone
The RDE VideoMic Pro is a true
shotgun microphone designed for use
with camcorders, DSLR cameras and portable
audio recorders as a source of primary and
reference audio.
9V battery powered-over 70 hours use
Integrated shock mount and foam windscreen
Two step high pass flter (fat/80Hz)
Three position level control (-10db,0,+10db).
995-099Z 134.00
Rde VideoMic Go Microphone
The VideoMic GO has no complicated switches or settings
and is powered by your cameras external microphone
input, requiring no batteries to operate, ensuring you
never miss a great shot.
No battery required
Integrated Rycote shock mounting
3.5mm mini jack output
Integrated cold-shoe mount w 3/8" thread
995-102A 59.00
Tascam DR-60D
TASCAMs award winning DR-60D is the new
audio recording solution for on-set flmmakers
and videographers using DSLRs.
4 track, Solid State recorder
2x XLR input - 3.5" mini Jack input - Camera
In - Camera Out - Line Out - Headphones Out
High-Quality HDDA Mic Preamps
Records on SD/SDHC/SDXC
cards (optional)
999-824D 294.00
Zoom H6 Portable Recorder
Whatever your application - live recording, professional flm/
video work, or broadcast ENG (electronic news gathering),
etc. - the H6 can handle it with ease.
Interchangeable input capsules that can be swapped out
as easily as the lens of a camera
Six-track simultaneous recording
Four mic/line inputs w XLR/TRS connectors
Phantom power for all
995-101Q 328.00
Limelite Comodo EVO DSLR Rig
The Limelite Comodo Pro is the complete package for
professionals shooting with video cameras or HD-DSLRs.
Built to last, the dual rail system and mounting brackets
are constructed from heavy-duty, yet lightweight
aluminium and carbon fbre, rugged and ready for use in
tough and testing conditions.
Comodo follow focus system
LCD attachment adapter
2x comfort grip handles
Wide screen Matte Box
VB1101 779.00
Manfrotto Sympla Lightweight
Shoulder Rig
Sympla Lightweight Shoulder Support Kit is a ready to
go solution that includes all the necessary pieces inside
one box, even the counterbalance weight.
Swivel-joint handles
RC2 quick release plate
Compatible with the
Sympla Mattbox
Compatible with the
HDSL Remote controls
MVA525WK 699.00
OWC SSD Mercury Drive 480GB
OWD Solid State Drive High-Performance Storage for
Notebook, Desktop Computers accredited for use in the
following devices, Black Magic Design, Atomos, Pro Tools
and Sound Devices.
2.5" Sata
9.5mm solid state drive
SandForce 2281 Processor
6G speed
999-834K 399.00
Atomos Ninja Blade
Ninja Blade 10-bit HDMI Field Recorder (Requires SSD
Drive), The ultimate portable HDMI recorder-monitor for
New 1280 X 720 5" touchscreen
10-bit 4:2:2 ApplePro Res quality
Records with 2.5" HDD or SSD
Records direct from sensor - no 15/30 mins barriers
for DSLR
999-845A 714.00
Follow us on 51 08706 03 03 03 All prices include VAT
Drives that complement professional
photography every step of the way
Whether backing up on location, working in the studio, or
processing and retouching your gathered sessions, the
G-Technology range of external hard drives is engineered
to keep your precious digital images safe and speed up
your RAW photo edit workflow.
G-DRIVE Mobile
G-DRIVE mobile hard drives are the perfect compliment to your Apple MacBook Pro

Weighing in at less than 250g, G-DRIVE mobile is the ultra-portable and stylish way to
travel with up to 1TB of storage space for your important documents, MP3s, digital video
and digital photo fles.
Compact size, weighs less than 250g
Storage capacities up to 1TB
Bus powered no AC adapter required
Ships complete with all cables
Unique and stylish enclosure designed with
the MacBook Pro

user in mind

OS X and Windows

Time Machine ready!
Standard 3-year factory warranty
The G-DOCK ev with Thunderbolt storage solution is a two bay, swappable drive system
with user confgurable RAID 0,1 and is designed to optimise the digital content workfow.
Part of the Evolution Series, G-DOCK ev ships with two removable USB 3.0 G-DRIVE ev
hard drives for convenience and portability. Pop in any combination of G-DRIVE ev hard
drives into the G-DOCK ev for ultimate fexibility.
Thunderbolt technology for fastest data transfer up to 10Gb/s
Ships in JBOD; User-confgurable software-based
RAID 0 (performance) or hot-swappable
RAID 1 (backup)
Up to 1TB of confgurable storage transfer
Ships with two USB 3.0 G-DRIVE ev
hard drives
G-DRIVE ev with USB 3.0 work as
standalone drives for feld capture
3-year factory warranty
With all the power of G-SPEED and an internal RAID controller that sports a quad
interface, G-Techs new four-bay G-SPEED Q delivers solid, affordable RAID storage of up
to 16TB. This all-aluminium system can process at speed of up to 200MB/s, taking the
most demanding, memory-hungry applications in its stride.
Storage capacities up to 16TB
High-speed, low-cost RAID designed specifcally
for professional content creation applications
Quad interface eSATA, FireWire 800, FireWire
400 (via supplied cable) and USB 3.0
Internal RAID controller supports RAID 0 and RAID 5
Auto-rebuild in RAID 5 mode
Four hot-swappable Ultrastar enterprise-class
7200 RPM, 3.5" 3Gbit SATA drives
Standard 3-year factory warranty
G-DRIVE high-speed interface external storage systems offer great fexibility with both
FireWire 800 (FireWire 400 via included cable) and USB 3.0 ports.
High-performance external hard drives for demanding applications
Storage capacities up to 4TB using 7200 RPM SATA II drives with up to 64MB/cache
Integrated heat-sink provides near silent operation and ensures proper cooling for long
life and data reliability
Ships complete with all cables
Plug and play on Mac

(formatted HFS+) Easily
reformatted for use
with Windows

Time Machine

Standard 3-year factory warranty
Retrospect Desktop
Protects a single non-server Windows PC and up to fve networked Windows, Mac, and
Linux desktops and notebooks
Ability to back up only the parts of a fle that have changed
Simple and easy to use
Window or Mac Versions
Backup & Recovery
Complete, versatile, and easy-to-manage
data protection that automates backups
and provides fexible and fawless restores.
Data Archiving
Easily migrates and consolidates inactive
critical data to long term data retention for
business and government compliance.
Data Duplication
Powerful, cross-platform tool allows users
to clone fles in native format for immediate
access from the same or different computer.
999-846Q (Windows) / 999-846S (Mac) 100.00
Description Part No. Price
G-DRIVE Mobile Thunderbolt & USB-3.0 999-841Q 159.00
G-DRIVE Mobile USB-3.0/2.0 999-846H 96.00
G-DRIVE Mini USB 3.0/2.0 & Firewire 800 999-841P 133.00
Description Part No. Price
G-DOCK ev Docking Station 999-842Y 558.00
G-DRIVE ev USB-3.0 Drive for G-DOCK 999-842Z 149.00
Description Part No. Price
USB3/eSATA RAID-5 999-842V 968.00
USB3/eSATA RAID-5 999-842W 1,340.00
USB3/eSATA RAID-5 999-842X 1,714.00
Description Part No. Price
G-DRIVE 2TB Firewire/USB 3.0/eSATA 999-846J 171.00
G-DRIVE 4TB Firewire/USB 3.0/eSATA 999-846K 253.00
G-DRIVE 3TB Thunderbolt/USB 3.0 999-841S 214.00
G-DRIVE 4TB Thunderbolt/USB 3.0 999-841T 285.00
G-DRIVE Pro 2TB Thunderbolt only 999-842N 520.00
G-DRIVE Pro 4TB Thunderbolt only 999-841T 633.00
52 All prices include VAT
LaCie Rugged Key
Key for a Rugged Lifestyle
100m drop-resistant
USB 3.0: Up to 150MB/s
Secure AES 256-bit encryption
LaCie Rugged Drives
Rugged portable hard drive, for
people on the go.
Universal connectivity with Thunderbolt
and USB 3.0 or USB 3.0/2.0 /
Firewire 800
Shocking speeds up to 380MB/s (SSD)
Bus-powered for complete
Accident-resistant to protect your data
Lacie Porsche
Design Mobile Drive
Transfer fles up to 100MB/s
USB 3.0 & USB 2 Conectivity
Solid Aluminum casing
Designed for MAC
1TB 650-025H 84.99
Description Part No. Price
16GB 651-002A 29.95
32GB 651-002B 54.99
Lacie d2 Quadra
Firewire 800 &
USB 3.0
Universal connectivity with Thunderbolt
and USB 3.0
Professional grade: 5Gb/s interface,
7200rpm drives
Save space: stackable and
rack-mount option
Advanced power modes for
energy savings
Description Part No. Price
USB 3.0 & Thunderbolt
3TB 650-025K 238.99
4TB 650-025N 309.00
USB 3.0 & Firewire
2TB 650-024A 148.99
3TB 650-024B 175.00
4TB 650-025P 229.00
LaCie 2big Quadra
2 Bay USB 3.0 &
Firewire 800
USB 3.0 Speed: Up to 210MB/s
Quad-interface for PC/Mac compatibility
RAID 0,1 and hot-swap for speed
or security
Aluminum enclosure and quiet operation
LaCie Fuel
Expand iPad

capacity without cables

or Internet
Share fles with 5 devices at once
Play media on devices via mobile app
Stream to Apple TV


650-024C 168.99
Description Part No. Price
4TB 650-025Q 275.00
6TB 650-025R 369.00
8TB 650-025S 549.00
Description Part No. Price
Rugged USB 3.0 & Thunderbolt
120GB 651-002C 155.00
256GB 651-003D 258.00
1TB 651-003E 159.00
2TB 650-023J 219.00
Rugged Triple USB 3.0 & Firewire 800
500GB 650-097P 89.95
1TB 650-025J 124.95
2TB 650-023E 179.99
Drobo Mini
Weighing in at less than 3 pounds when
fully populated with 2.5" drives, the
Drobo Mini is the ultimate, on-the-go
storage companion, delivering the perfect
combination of high performance storage
and portability.
4 bay direct attached storage Up to
4TB storage capacity
Holds 2.5" SATA HDDs or SSDs +
1x Optional Accelerator Bay (mSATA)
BeyondRAID technology with single-
or dual-drive redundancy
2x Thunderbolt and
1x USB 3.0 connectivity
999-813D 319.00
Travelstar 2.5" 1TB drive for Drobo Mini
915-182B 49.00
Drobo 5D
Designed from the ground up to meet
the data storage needs of todays media
creators and demanding professionals.
5 bay direct attached storage Up to
20TB storage capacity
Holds 3.5 SATA HDD or SSDs
BeyondRAID technology with single-
or dual-drive redundancy
Hot swappable
2 x Thunderbolt and
1 x USB 3.0 connectivity
999-813A (Drive bay only) 519.00
Seagate 2TB 3.5" 64MB Sata NAS 6GB HDD
999-838N 79.00
Seagate 3TB 3.5" 64MB Sata NAS 6GB HDD
999-838P 98.00
Seagate 4TB 3.5" 64MB Sata NAS 6GB HDD
999-838Q 139.00
Seagate 2TB 3.5" 7200RPM Sata Ent HDD
999-838S 135.00
Seagate 3TB 3.5" 7200RPM Sata Ent HDD
999-838T 196.00
Seagate 4TB 3.5" 7200RPM Sata Ent HDD
999-838V 249.00
Crucial 120GB M500 MSATA SSD
999-831E 65.00
Crucial 240GB M500 MSATA SSD
999-831H 110.00
Drobo 5N
Designed with one purpose in mind: to
deliver the ultimate experience in sharing
storage and accessing data on your
5 bay direct attached storage Up to
20TB storage capacity
Holds 3.5" SATA HDD or SSDs
BeyondRAID technology with single-
or dual-drive redundancy
Hot swappable
2x Thunderbolt and
1x USB 3.0 connectivity
999-813K (Drive bay only) 419.00
Seagate 2TB 3.5" 64MB Sata NAS 6GB HDD
999-838N 79.00
Seagate 3TB 3.5" 64MB Sata NAS 6GB HDD
999-838P 98.00
Seagate 4TB 3.5" 64MB Sata NAS 6GB HDD
999-838Q 139.00
Seagate 2TB 3.5" 7200RPM SATA Ent HDD
999-838S 135.00
Seagate 3TB 3.5" 7200RPM SATA Ent HDD
999-838T 196.00
Seagate 4TB 3.5" 7200RPM SATA Ent HDD
999-838V 249.00
Crucial 120GB M500 MSATA SSD
999-831E 65.00
Crucial 240GB M500 MSATA SSD
999-831H 110.00
Drobo 4 Bay Gen3
Up to 16TB capacity
The Drobo is the latest generation of the
award-winning platform that started it
all. It holds true to the unique design and
simplicity that has made Drobo the best
desktop storage solution for storing and
protection all your data.
USB 3.0 connection Direct attached
Up to four (4) 3.5"SATA II / III hard disk
drives or solid state drives
(sold separately)
Carrier-less Drive Bays
Standard 2-year warranty
999-846W 330.00
Seagate 2TB 3.5" 64MB Sata NAS 6GB HDD
999-838N 79.00
Seagate 3TB 3.5" 64MB Sata NAS 6GB HDD
999-838P 98.00
Seagate 4TB 3.5" 64MB Sata NAS 6GB HDD
999-838Q 139.00
Seagate 2TB 3.5" 7200RPM SATA Ent HDD
999-838S 135.00
Seagate 3TB 3.5" 7200RPM SATA Ent HDD
999-838T 196.00
Seagate 4TB 3.5" 7200RPM SATA Ent HDD
999-838V 249.00
Crucial 120GB M500 MSATA SSD
999-831E 65.00
Crucial 240GB M500 MSATA SSD
999-831H 110.00
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Eizo ColorEdge CG277 27" Monitor
The Worlds best visual display products for the most demanding professionals.
With an EIZO you can be sure the picture you see on screen is the picture you get.
Eizo ColorEdge CX271 27" Monitor
The CX271 offers photographers and designers an abundant 3.7 MP across its
27" screen. It comes with EIZOs ColorNavigator calibration software and a built-in
SelfCorrection sensor that maintains calibration settings according to your schedule.
2560 1440 resolution
DVI-D, DisplayPort, and HDMI
Built-in Correction Sensor
Reproduces 99% of Adobe RGB color space
Inc. ColorNavigator software
2 port USB hub
999-842C 1200.00
Eizo ColorEdge CG246 24" Monitor
The CG246 delivers outstanding colour and performance for professionals who work with
still or moving pictures. It has a wide color gamut, built-in calibration sensor, several
presets for broadcast standards, and is backed by an industry leading 5-year warranty.
1920 1200 resolution
DVI-I, DisplayPort, and HDMI
Built-in Calibration Sensor
Reproduces 97% of
Adobe RGB
colour space
2 port USB hub
5 Year Warranty
999-805J 1155.00
Eizo ColorEdge CX240 24" Monitor
Professionals and prosumers will fnd the CX240 to be a versatile monitor for photography
and graphic arts with its wide color gamut, uniform brightness from corner to corner, and
a built-in SelfCorrection sensor that saves you time by maintaining your color settings.
1920 1200 resolution
DVI-I, DisplayPort, and HDMI
Built-in Correction Sensor
Reproduces 97% of Adobe
RGB color space
Inc. ColorNavigator software
2 port USB hub
999-829T 849.00
Eizo ColorEdge CS230 23" Monitor
Entry series for creating, editing and enjoying photography, perfect for web design and
anyone wanting 100% of sRGB output.
1920 1080 resolution
DVI-I, DisplayPort, and HDMI
Built-in Correction Sensor
100% sRGB 75% Adobe RGB
colour space
2 port USB hub
999-805P 465.00
Eizo Monitor Hoods
Reduce light refection and glare for on screen colour consistency.
Size is adjustable to ft each monitor.
Description Part No. Price
Eizo CH-7 Hood for 24" Eizo Monitors 999-463X 90.00
Eizo CH-5 Hood for 27" Eizo Monitors 999-813Z 90.00
LY 44.00 PER M
LY 32.00 PER M
LY 24.00 PER M
LY 33.00 PER M
54 www.calphoto.co.uk All prices include VAT
56 www.calphoto.co.uk All prices include VAT
NEC SpectraView & SpectraView Reference monitors
The perfect choice for creative professional. Optimum colour management with hardware
calibratable LED desktop displays for colour critical applications.
NEC SpectraView
The ideal display for all creative professionals, designers,
photographers, precision engineers and anyone who
cannot accept compromise on colour accuracy backed up
with a comprehensive 3 year warranty.
Backlight Ageing Correction - brightness and
white point.
Consistent Colour Viewing - with 10-bit AH-IPS and
GB-RBacklight 16:9 TFT display.
Facility to create and calibrate - thanks to
the SpectraView Profler Software
True Colours - with a wide colour gamut (108.6% size /
99.3% coverage AdobeRGB)
3 Year Warranty
Description Part No. Price
SpectraView 272 27" 650-240B 1199.00
SpectraView 242 24" 650-229Q 905.00
27" 2560 x 1440 resolution
24" 1920 x 1024 resolution
Wacom Intuos Pro
Perfection, high end, informative, rational
Improved Multi-Touch sensor with optimised
touch experience
Wireless Accessory Kit (worth 34.00) included
ExpressKeys with new feel to the switches
Special Edition with metal colour scheme
Description Part No. Price
Intuos Pro S 650-227E 175.00
Intuos Pro M 650-227H 258.00
Intuos Pro M Special Edition 650-227K 275.00
Intuos Pro L 650-227J 369.00
Wacom Intuos
For creative consumers who enjoy creating for
fun and aspire to bring their creativity to the
next level
Professional driver - ExpressKeys can now be
programmed per application
Ergonomic, slim design
with slight slope and
metal nish (appeal),
colour rings and pen
holder can
be exchanged
All tablets
can be made
(Wireless Kit
sold separately)
Description Part No. Price
Intuos Pen S 650-227D 59.00
Intuos Pen & Touch S 650-227B 75.00
Intuos Magna Pen and Touch S 650-227A 84.00
Intuos Pen and Touch M 650-227C 154.00
Wacom Cintiq24HD Touch
Create directly on the Full HD screen of this 24"
interactive pen display with simultaneous multi-
touch input
NEC SpectraView Reference
A high-end professional performance LCD monitor using latest 10-bit AH-IPS with GB-R LED backlight for
colour critical applications with many features and benefts for obtaining best picture quality and colour
accuracy, whilst maintaining attractive value for money.
Backlight Ageing Correction - brightness and white point.
Extraordinary Features - such as Digital Uniformity Control,
Facility to create and calibrate - thanks to the SpectraView

Proler software.
True Colours - with a wide colour gamut (108.6% size / 99.3% coverage AdobeRGB)
Zero Defect Pixel Warranty
5 Year Warranty
SpectraView Reference 272 & 302 added features:
Consistent Colour Viewing - with 10-bit AH-IPS and GB-RBacklight 16:9 TFT displays
Ergonomically Mastered
Free Download of Multi-Display Management Software
PChOOD Monitor
Hood Pro
The PChOOD range offers a defnitive
selection of high quality monitor hoods
which reduce glare and shield unwanted
light, creating an accurate environment
for working with colour. A universal
monitor hood suitable for all LCD and
CRT monitors 15"- 27".
999-784Y 69.00
Description Part No. Price
SpectraView Reference 302 30" 650-240D 2715.00
SpectraView Reference 272 27" 650-240A 1539.00
SpectraView Reference 242 24" 650-229R 1193.00
30" 2560 x 1600 resolution
27" 2560 x 1440 resolution
24" 1920 x 1024 resolution
LY 28.00 PER M
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Weve all been there, looking at our pictures on the computer, wondering why they
dont look the same as we remember them. Maybe all the colours look a little off,
or only one or two. It just shouldnt be this way! With X-Rite it doesnt have to.
Leading creative professionals and consumers worldwide choose Datacolors
innovative technology solutions to consistently achieve the right colour.
i1Basic Pro 2
Professional colour accuracy across your
whole workfow X-Rite i1 Basic Pro 2
offers the most accurate and consistent
colour calibration and profling from
capture to view.
XRIT062 949.00
Pro 2
Professional Colour Management for
Photographers X-Rite i1Photo Pro 2 offers
the most accurate and consistent colour
calibration and profling from capture, to
view, to print. i1Photo Pro 2 combines
world-class hardware and software to
deliver the ultimate professional level
colour management for
photo professionals.
XRIT063 1289.00
ColorMunki Display
No guesswork, stress or frustration.
Just an amazingly calibrated display or
projector that accurately displays the
colour in your original picture or digital
fle. The wizard-driven interface makes
it quick and easy for you to calibrate and
profle your displays at the speed of life.
Purchase a ColorMunki Display
with a ColorChecker
Passport and receive
30 cashback
from X-Rite*.
XRIT356 118.00
Spyder4Elites simple, clear and automated process
makes it simple to calibrate your displays to a
reference condition.
999-788X 159.00
Spyder4Express features a patented, full-spectrum
7-colour sensor. Spyder4Express software lets you use
the sensor to calibrate your
computer, iPad and iPhone.
999-788Z 89.00
SpyderCube accelerates RAW processing in providing
references to set the white balance, exposure, black
level and brightness right from the start.
DATA135 37.00
A complete colour calibration solution designed for pho-
tographers who need the highest level of colour control in
the studio and fexibility in postproduction.
999-789A 409.00
Spyder Checkr
SpyderCheckr helps capture consistent colour from day to
day and camera to camera. Allowing you to apply these
results easily in your workfow.
SpyderCheckr Pro includes SpyderCube.
SpyderCheckr Pro
Designed for photographers and reative professionals that
need to match prints to their displays. It includes the
ability to adapt to ambient
light conditions.
999-788Y 116.00
i1Display Pro
i1Display incorporates
advanced flter and optical systems,
amazingly fast measurement speed, and unrivalled colour
accuracy on modern displays including LED & Wide
Gamut LCDs. Its also Spectrally calibrated, making it
feld upgradeable to support future display technologies.
Purchase an i1 Display Pro with a ColorChecker Passport
and receive 30 cashback from X-Rite*.
XRIT358 163.00
ColorChecker Passport
ColorChecker Passport consists of three photographic
targets, in one pocket sized protective case and camera
calibration software on DVD, making it ideal for all types
of work, providing effortless colour control and
creative versatility.
XRIT250 69.00
Colormunki Photo
Advanced Calibration Made Easy for
Colour Perfectionists.
The simple way to colour calibrate your
camera, display, projector and printer
with a broad range of options and control
to ensure the color you see is exactly the
colour you will get.
XRIT350 315.00
The X-Rite ColorMunki Smile is the perfect monitor
profling solution for those seeking a simple, straight-
forward display or laptop calibration. The Smile is
especially benefcial for those new to calibrating a
monitor, or without in-depth colour science knowledge.
XRIT360 67.00
*Offer ends 30th June 2014




Epson Stylus Pro 3880
With the Epson Stylus Pro 3880, uncompromising
quality is within reach. The compact, 17" wide printer
includes Epson UltraChrome

K3 with Vivid Magenta Ink

Technology, world-renowned for professional printing
applications. This, combined with an advanced MicroPiezo
AMC print head, enables the Pro 3880 to produce
gallery-quality colour and black-and-white output up to
17" x 22".
666-782R 933.99
Epson SureLab D700
Designed for high-quality photo printing of up to one metre in length, it is Epsons frst 6-colour compact photo
production printer with inkjet technology.
High-quality, Micro Piezo printhead, Epsons image
processing (LUT technology)
Wide gamut 6-colour ink-set
Prints on a wide range of media, Glossy, lustre and
paper-based matte
Reliable Long-lasting cutter blade, long service intervals
Outstanding fexibility Compact size, wide range of
media and print size
Epson Paper
Description Part No. Price
S041340 Archival Matte A3+ (50) 666-105J 40.00
S041342 Archival Matte A4 (50) 666-104P 15.00
S041344 Archival Matte A3 (50) 666-230A 35.00
S041385 Double Weight Matte 24" x 25m 650-950N 45.00
S041386 Double Weight Matte 36" x 25m 650-950P 65.00
S041387 Double Weight Matte 44" x 25m 650-950J 85.00
S041315 Premium Glossy A3 (20) 666-350N 40.00
S041316 Premium Glossy A3+ (20) 666-350E 26.00
S042091 Premium Glossy A2 (25) 666-111Y 35.00
S041638 Premium Glossy 24" x 30.5m 666-660A 109.00
S041640 Premium Glossy 44" x 30.5m 666-660C 209.00
S041332 Premium Semi Gloss A4 (20) 666-104Y 15.00
S041334 Premium Semi Gloss A3 (20) 666-230C 37.00
S041328 Premium Semi Gloss A3+ (20) 666-104X 30.00
S042093 Premium Semi Gloss A2 (25) 666-113D 35.00
S041641 Premium Semi Gloss 24" x 30.5m 666-660D 125.00
S041642 Premium Semi Gloss 36" x 30.5m 666-660E 215.00
S041655 Premium Semi Matte 24" x 30.5m 666-660N 335.00
S041656 Premium Semi Matte 36" x 30.5m 666-660P 185.00
S041657 Premium Semi Matte 44" x 30.5m 666-660Q 239.00
Epson Expression Photo XP-950
Epson Stylus Photo R3000
This 13" wide printer delivers the professional features
you desire including high-capacity cartridges, networking
and wireless connectivity, plus Advanced Media Handling.
Epson UltraChrome K3

with Vivid Magenta pigment ink,

combined with Epsons innovative MicroPiezo

print head, enables the R3000 to produce gallery-quality
black-and-white output, plus vivid colour prints.
650-335A 545.00
Epson Inks
Genuine, high-quality Epson inks provide you with vibrant
and clear printing results.
Description Part No. Price
Inks for the Stylus Photo R3000
T1571 Photo Black 650-335B 23.00
T1572 Cyan 650-335C 23.00
T1575 Light Cyan 650-335H 23.00
T1573 Vivid Magenta 650-335D 23.00
T1576 Vivid Light Magenta 650-335J 23.00
T1577 Light Black 650-335K 23.00
T1579 Light Light Black 650-335P 23.00
T1578 Matte Black 650-335N 23.00
T1574 Yellow 650-335E 23.00
Full Set of Inks for Stylus
Photo R3000 EPSONR3000INK 178.00
Inks for the Stylus Pro 3880
T580 Cyan 650-220C 45.00
T580 Light Black 650-220K 45.00
T580 Light Cyan 650-220H 45.00
T580 Light Light Black 650-220P 45.00
T580 Matte Black 650-220N 45.00
T580 Photo Black 650-220B 45.00
T580B Vivid Light Magenta 650-220R 45.00
T580A Vivid Magenta 650-220S 45.00
T5804 Yellow 650-220E 45.00
Full Set of Inks for Stylus Pro 3880 EPSON3880INKS 360.00
Expression Photo XP-950 Printer 650-955A 269.00
T24284010 6 Colour Ink Set 29ml 650-955B 44.99
T24384010 6 Colour Ink Set 56ml 650-955C 69.99
Come and see the Epson SureLab D700 demo at our Spring Open Days!
58 www.calphoto.co.uk All prices include VAT
60 www.calphoto.co.uk All prices include VAT
Epson Stylus Pro 4900
17" Professional Printer
This compact, 17" production printer sets new standards
in colour precision for pre-press, packaging, design,
commercial photographs and fne art reproduction.
Max Size 17" Roll or up to A2 Sheet
11 colour Ultra Chrome HDR inks
1440 x 2880 dpi
666-792C 1989.00
Individual ink cartridge 200ml 75.99
Epson Stylus Pro 9890
44" Professional Printer
Designed with the print requirements of the commercial
photography and the fne art markets in mind, yet also
representing a sound choice for the proofng market,
create true-to-life prints with accurate colour at high
speed. The 44" Stylus Pro 9890 combines accurate colour
with high productivity at speeds of up to 40m
Max Size 44" Roll or up to A2 Sheet
9 Colour Ultra Chrome K3 with Vivid magenta inks
2880 x 1440 dpi
666-792B 4133.00
Individual ink cartridge 350ml 122.00
Individual ink cartridge 700ml 229.00
Epson Stylus Pro 9900
44" Professional Printer
Harness an amazing colour spectrum to deliver perfect,
consistent images. See the best the industry has to offer
for colour proofng, photography and fne art reproduction
in the Epson Stylus Pro 9900. Faithfully reproduce B0/44"
wide prints using technology that is probably the most
accurate, consistent and effcient on the market.
Max Size 44" Roll Paper
11 Colour Ultra Chrome HDR inks
2880 x 1440 dpi
666-990A 4876.00
Individual ink cartridge 350ml 122.00
Individual ink cartridge 700ml 229.00
Epson Stylus Pro 11880
64" Professional Printer
Imagine the most fantastic colour, clarity and consistency,
then make it bigger. If youre looking for a printer thats
perfect for fne art, photography and proofng - and
prints up to 64" it must be the Stylus Pro 11880. Its
exceptionally fast, economical to own and produces
superb, long-lasting results time after time.
Max Size 64" width Roll Paper
9 Colour Ultra Chrome HDR inks
2880 x 1440 dpi
666-782B 7953.00
Individual ink cartridge 700ml 229.00
Epson Stylus Pro 7890
24" Professional Printer
For accurate colour reproduction, designed with print
requirements of the commercial photography and fne
art market in mind, yet also representing a sound choice
for the proofng market. The 24" Stylus Pro 7890 creates
true-to-life prints at a high speed of up to 40m
Max Size 24" width Roll Paper
9 Colour Ultra Chrome K3 with Vivid magenta inks
2880 x 1440 dpi
666-792A 2223.00
Individual ink cartridge 350ml 122.00
Individual ink cartridge 700ml 229.00
Epson Stylus Pro 7900
24" Professional Printer
Printing thats more colourful, more accurate, more
inspiring. If you are looking for more in an A1+/24" large
format printer, look at the Epson Stylus Pro 7900. Youll
see the best the industry has to offer for colour proofng,
photography and fne art reproduction.
Max Size 24" width Roll Paper
11 Colour Ultra Chrome HDR inks
2880 x 1440 dpi
666-787A 2966.00
Individual ink cartridge 350ml 122.00
Individual ink cartridge 700ml 229.00
Whether you are producing prints for display in
photo and ne art exhibitions, or selling your prints
as collectible art, Epson will deliver the amazing
quality and longevity you need.
Follow us on 61 08706 03 03 03 All prices include VAT
Canon iPF5100
17" Roll & Sheet feed printer
The Canon iPF5100 offers 17"
Roll and up to A2 Sheet feed
paper, gives superb quality with
12 colour lightfast pigment inks.
Borderless printing for stunning
photographic and fne art prints. Intuitive
software and Adobe Photoshop Plug-In for
ease of use.
17" Roll and sheet feed printer
2400 x 1200 dpi
12 colour inks
Canon iPF6400
24" Roll feed printer
The imagePROGRAF iPF6400
is a 24"/A1, 12-colour
pigment inkjet printer.
It balances productivity and
superb print quality for
photo, fne art, proofng, design,
advertising and retail applications.
24" Roll Feed printer
2400 x 1200 dpi
LUCIA 12 Colour ink
Hot swap ink tanks
321-607A 2740.00
Canon iPF9400
60" Roll feed printer
The imagePROGRAF iPF9400 is a 60" 12-colour pigment inkjet large format printer
delivering exceptional colours and outstanding productivity.
60" Rollfeed printer
2400 x 1200 dpi
LUCIA 12 colour ink
Hot swap ink tanks
250GB HD
321-607C 13,195.00
Canon iPF5100 321-904D 1769.00
Canon ST-11 Stand for iPF5100 321-904E 220.00
Canon iPF8400
44" Roll Feed printer
The imagePROGRAF iPF8400 is a 44"/B0, 12-colour pigment inkjet large format printer,
delivering high productivity, print quality and reliability.
Its ideal for production,
photographic and
proofng environments.
44" Rollfeed printer
2400 x 1200 dpi
LUCIA 12 colour ink
Hot swap ink tanks
250GB HD
321-607B 6080.00
Canon Pixma Pro-1
The benchmark A3+ photo printer
Groundbreaking 12-ink system
Uniform, quality gloss with Chroma Optimiser
A3+ photo in under 3 min
Outstanding photo permanence
High capacity ink tanks
321-131A 645.00
Inks for Pixma Pro-1
Description Part No. Price
PGI-29MBK Matte Black 321-131B 23.99
PGI-29PBK Photo Black 321-131C 23.99
PGI-29DGY Dark Grey 321-131D 23.99
PGI-29GY Grey 321-131E 23.99
PGI-29LGY Light Grey 321-131H 23.99
PGI-29C Cyan 321-131J 23.99
PGI-29M Magenta 321-131K 23.99
PGI-29Y Yellow 321-131N 23.99
PGI-29PC Photo Cyan 321-131Q 23.99
PGI-29PM Photo Magenta 321-131R 23.99
PGI-29R Red 321-131S 23.99
PGI-29CO Chroma Optimiser 321-131T 23.99
Complete Ink Set - 12 Inks CANPRO1INKSET 250.00
Canon Pixma Pro-10
Gallery-quality A3+ photo printer
10-ink pigment-based system
Uniform, quality gloss and deep blacks
Outstanding image permanence
Print plug-in for effcient workfow
Enhanced connectivity
321-655A 499.00
Inks for Pixma Pro-10
Description Part No. Price
PGI-72PBK Photo Black 321-019A 13.95
PGI-72GY Grey 321-019B 13.95
PGI-72MBK Matte Black 321-019C 13.95
PGI-72C Cyan 321-019D 13.95
PGI-72M Magenta 321-019E 13.95
PGI-72Y Yellow 321-019H 13.95
PGI-72PC Photo Cyan 321-019J 13.95
PGI-72PM Photo Magenta 321-019K 13.95
PGI-72R Red 321-019N 13.95
PGI-72CO Chroma Optimiser 321-019P 13.95
Complete Ink Set - 10 Inks CANPRO10INKSET 129.00
Canon Pixma Pro-100
Stunning photos up to A3+ at home
Rich colours with 8-ink dye-based system
Quality greyscale prints with 3 mono inks
Fast printing: A3+ photo in 1min 30sec
Print plug-in for effcient workfow
Wide range of media support
321-655B 365.00
Inks for Pixma Pro-100
Description Part No. Price
CLI-42BK Black 321-019Q 12.99
CLI-42GY Grey 321-019R 12.99
CLI-42LGY Light Grey 321-019S 12.99
CLI-42C Cyan 321-019T 12.99
CLI-42Y Yellow 321-019V 12.99
CLI-42PC Photo Cyan 321-019W 12.99
CLI-42PM Photo Magenta 321-019Y 12.99
CLI-42M Magenta 321-022P 12.99
Complete Ink Set - 8 Inks CANPRO100INKSET 92.00






LY 47.00 PER M
LY 73.00 PER M





Brilliant Paper combines superior performance and durability with unbeatable
value. Create exquisite photo-quality output in colour and black & white, and with
pigment or dye-based inks.
Brilliant Supreme papers, available in glossy
270gsm, lustre 300gsm and double-sided matte
230gsm surfaces, are compatible with either
pigment or dye based inks. Additionally, in the
Brilliant tradition, these new high-quality papers
represent excellent value when compared to
similar papers on the market today.
Brilliant Museum digital media have been especially formulated to meet
the high standards and preferences of the most discrimination ne-art
printer. Available in two different substrates, SilverGloss and Satin Matte,
and each comes in a choice of two base tones, White and Natural.
Brilliant Sample Packs
Image quality is best when optimising
the printer driver settings or using
specifcally derived ICC profles from
Brilliant Supreme BP1995 5.00
Brilliant Museum BP1398 5.00
62 www.calphoto.co.uk All prices include VAT
Description Part No. Price
A4 x 25 BP0510 15.00
A4 x 50 BP0520 25.00
A4 x 100 BP0530 25.00
A3 x 25 BP0540 35.00
A3+ x 25 BP0545 50.00
43cm x 30m Roll BP1965 85.00
61cm x 30m Roll BP1970 145.00
112cm x 30m Roll BP1975 195.00
Brilliant Supreme
Ultimate Lustre
Description Part No. Price
A4 x 25 BP0342 8.00
A4 x 50 BP0344 15.00
A4 x 100 BP0345 25.00
A3 x 25 BP0346 20.00
A3+ x 25 BP0347 23.00
43cm x 30m Roll BP1665 45.00
61cm x 30m Roll BP1670 55.00
112cm x 30m Roll BP1675 75.00
Brilliant Supreme
Matte (coated 2 Sides)
Description Part No. Price
A4 x 25 BP0410 15.00
A4 x 50 BP0415 25.00
A3 x 25 BP0420 25.00
A3+ x 25 BP0430 35.00
A2 x 25 BP0435 50.00
43cm x 30m Roll BP1865 85.00
61cm x 30m Roll BP1870 145.00
112cm x 30m Roll BP1875 195.00
Brilliant Supreme
Ultimate Glossy
Description Part No. Price
A4 x 25 BP1010 20.00
A4 x 25 BP1020 40.00
A3+ x 25 BP1030 55.00
A2 x 25 BP1040 75.00
43cm x 12m Roll BP1050 50.00
61cm x 12m Roll BP1060 65.00
112cm x 12m Roll BP1070 120.00
Description Part No. Price
A4 x 25 BP1110 20.00
A4 x 25 BP1120 40.00
A3+ x 25 BP1130 55.00
A2 x 25 BP1140 75.00
43cm x 12m Roll BP1150 43.99
61cm x 12m Roll BP1160 65.00
112cm x 12m Roll BP1170 120.00
Description Part No. Price
A4 x 25 BP1310 20.00
A4 x 25 BP1320 40.00
A3+ x 25 BP1330 55.00
A2 x 25 BP1340 75.00
43cm x 12m Roll BP1350 43.99
61cm x 12m Roll BP1360 65.00
112cm x 12m Roll BP1370 120.00
Description Part No. Price
A4 x 25 BP1210 20.00
A4 x 25 BP1220 40.00
A3+ x 25 BP1230 55.00
A2 x 25 BP1240 75.00
43cm x 12m Roll BP1250 43.99
61cm x 12m Roll BP1260 65.00
112cm x 12m Roll BP1270 120.00
Hahnnemhle Digital Photo Media
Hahnem hle FineArt, the pioneers of digital fne art paper, present a new entry level
range for inkjet printing. Hahnem hle Photo includes the frst two PE papers with a
micro-porous inkjet coating from Hahnem hle, as well as two matte qualities with the
surface feel of an artists paper.
Fujilm EZ Inkjet Paper
Fujiflm large format inkjet media is a range of wideformat and cut sheet inkjet photo
papers, canvas and matte bond papers, suitable for use with the latest large format
inkjet printers from EPSON, HP and Canon. Fujiflms successful professional inkjet media
portfolio has been extended with a new range of budget friendly products. EZ media are
quality products for photographers and photo fnishers.
Description Part No. Price
Photo Matte Fibre 200gsm
A4 25 Sheets 666-223D 15.00
A3 25 Sheets 666-223E 30.00
A3+ 25 Sheets 666-223H 36.00
24" x 30m Roll 666-223B 100.00
44" x 30m Roll 666-223A 200.00
Photo Matte Fibre 210gsm
A4 25 Sheets 666-223K 18.00
A3 25 Sheets 666-223N 35.00
A3+ 25 Sheets 666-223P 42.00
Photo Glossy 260gsm
A4 25 Sheets 666-223V 12.99
A3 25 Sheets 666-223W 24.99
A3+ 25 Sheets 666-223X 30.00
24" x 30m Roll 666-223S 80.00
44" x 30m Roll 666223R 160.00
Description Part No. Price
EZ Gloss Paper 240 gsm
A4 50 sheets 131-610B 24.00
A3+ 50 sheets 131-610C 64.00
610mm x 30m Roll 131-610K 110.00
1118mm x 30m Roll 131-610N 200.00
EZ Satin Paper 240 gsm
A4 50 Sheets 131-610E 24.00
A3+ 50 Sheets 131-610H 64.00
610mm X 30m Roll 131-610P 110.00
1118mm X 30m Roll 131-610Q 200.00
Description Part No. Price
Photo Lustre 260gsm
A4 25 Sheets 666-224C 12.99
A3 25 Sheets 666-224D 24.99
A3+ 25 Sheets 666-224E 30.00
24" x 30m Roll 666-224A 85.00
44" x 30m Roll 666-223Z 160.00
Photo Silk Baryta 310gsm
A4 25 Sheets 666-222T 28.50
A3 25 Sheets 666-222V 54.00
A3+ 25 Sheets 666-222W 69.00
24" x 30m Roll 666-222R 145.00
44" x 30m Roll 666-222Q 260.00
Description Part No. Price
EZ Pearl 300 gsm
610mm x 25m Roll 131-610S 95.00
1118mm x 25m Roll 131-610T 175.00
EZ Poly Canvas 260 gsm
610mm x 18m Roll 131-610W 78.00
1118mm x 18m Roll 131-610X 140.00
EZ Natural Canvas 340 gsm
610mm x 15m Roll 131-610Y 129.00
1118mm x 15m Roll 131-610Z 235.00
EZ White Canvas 340 gsm
610mm x 15m Roll 131-611A 129.00
1118mm x 15m Roll 131-610Z 235.00
Follow us on 63 08706 03 03 03 All prices include VAT
Fujifilm Frontier-S Minilab DX-100
Compact and fast, the Frontier-S DX100 can produce prints from 3.5" x 5" up to 8" x 39" high quality images and allows for a wider colour gamut, fner grain, smoother gradation
in backgrounds and improved skin tones. The Frontier-S DX100 meets the diverse needs and challenges of the retail minilab, retail kiosk and Event photography or Government
departments wishing to produce high volume, high quality prints.
High processing capacity of up to 360 prints per hour (6 x 4")
Six colour VIVIDIA dye inks for beautiful reproduction
Roll paper sizes of 5", 6" and 8" in either
gloss or lustre
Run as standalone event photography printer, or multiple
printers confgured in retail minilab or kiosk applications
Single roll paper capability
Compact footprint only 2.13ft
No chemical waste or storage needs
Easy replacement of ink cartridges, ink waste tank and
waste paper disposal
Easy operator interface requires minimal user
involvement and training
Print costs from as little as 0.08p per print (6" x 4")
131-801J 3500.00



64 www.calphoto.co.uk All prices include VAT
Plustek OpticFilm 120
Scans 35mm flm and 120/220mm flm, supports
6 x 4.5, 6 x 6, 6 x 7, 6 x 9 and 6 x 12 cm frame sizes
Up to 10,600 dpi input and 5,300 dpi output for flm and
slides provides extraordinary images
360-800Y 1748.00
Epson Perfection V750 Pro
Achieve exceptional scanning at 6400dpi (flm) /
4800dpi (refective) optical resolution
Automatically remove dust and scratches with DIGITAL
ICE Technologies
10" x 8" built-in flm adapter with flm holders for all
common formats
Advanced software bundle including SilverFast

666-352A 629.00
Epson Perfection V550 Photo
6,400dpi optical resolution
Restore old, damaged flm
Upload photos directly online
Film, slides and medium format flm
ReadyScan LED technology
650-690B 189.00
Canon CanoScan 9000F MKII
This professional flm, photo, slide and document scanner
offers simple, fast and versatile scanning of exceptional
quality with zero warm-up, one-touch operation and auto
image correction.
321-821B 174.00
Kodak Professional Film
Description Part No. Price
Colour Print Film
Ektar100 135-36 160-870D 5.00
Ektar 100 120 (5) 160-870E 20.00
Ektar100 4x5" (10) 160-870H 36.00
Portra 160 135-36 (5) 155-186P 30.00
Portra 160 120 (5) 155-186N 22.00
Portra 160 4x5" (10) 155-186R 50.00
Portra 400 135-36 (5) 151-010E 30.00
Portra 400 120 (5) 151-010D 22.00
Portra 400 4x5" (10) 151-010B 50.00
Portra 800 135-36 155-102E 9.00
Portra 800 120 (5) 155-102A 43.00
Black & White Film
TMAX 100 135-36 153-155K 5.00
TMAX 100 120 (5) 153-163Q 20.00
TMAX 100 4x5" (50) 153-166A 75.00
TMAX 400 135-36 153-176R 5.00
TMAX 400 120 (5) 153-186K 20.00
TMAX 400 4x5"( 50) 153-188B 75.00
Tri-X 400 135-36 153-258H 5.00
Tri-X 400 120 (5) 153-948A 20.00
Tri-X Pro 320 4x5" (50) 153-289E 75.00
Fujilm Professional Film
Black & White Film
Description Part No. Price
Black & White Film
Neopan Acros 100 135-36 133-143A 5.00
Neopan Acros 100 120 (5) 133-143E 20.00
Neopan 400 135-36 133-135J 5.00
Neopan 400CN 135-36 133-143D 5.00
Neopan 400CN 120 133-143C 4.50
Colour Slide Film
Velvia 50 135-36 129-451A 10.00
Velvia 50 120 (5) 129-451D 29.00
Velvia 100 135-36 129-697A 10.00
Velvia 100 120 (5) 129-697E 29.00
Velvia 100F 120 (5) 133-310F 29.00
Provia 100F 135-36 133-500D 9.00
Provia 100F 120 (5) 133-500A 25.00
Provia 400X 120 (5) 133-400K 31.00
Colour Print Film
PRO 160NS 120 (5) 133-162B 22.00
PRO 400 H 120 (5) 133-147A 22.00
PRO 400H 135-36 133-161R 9.00
Superia 200 135-24 133-405E 7.00
Superia 200 135-36 133-405H 8.00
Superia 400 135-24 133-405K 7.00
Superia 400 135-36 133-405N 8.00
Superia 800 135-36 133-405S 8.00
Instant Film
Fuji FP-3000B 3.25x4.25 133-403A 20.99
Fuji FP100C 3.25x4.25 133-399A 19.00
Fuji FP100C 3.25x4.25 Silk 133-399S 19.00
Fuji Instax Mini Twinpack 133-407J 14.50
Fuji Instax Twinpack 133-407R 16.99
Black & White Film
Description Part No. Price
PAN F Plus 135-36 137-255P 5.00
PAN F Plus 120 137-252E 4.00
FP4 Plus 135-24 137-211Q 4.00
FP4 Plus 135-36 137-213B 5.00
FP4 Plus 120 137-206Q 4.00
HP5 Plus 135-24 137-164H 4.00
HP5 Plus 135-36 137-167H 5.00
HP5 Plus 120 137-159C 4.00
DELTA 100 135-36 137-169C 6.00
DELTA 100 120 137-201T 5.00
DELTA 400 135-36 137-167K 6.00
DELTA 400 120 137-169T 6.00
DELTA 3200 135-36 137-261R 8.00
DELTA 3200 120 137-261S 9.00
XP2 SUPER 135-24 137-261J 5.00
XP2 SUPER 135-36 137-261K 6.00
XP2 SUPER 120 137-261D 5.00
Instant Film
Description Part No. Price
PX600 B&W Film for 600 series 169-169A 16.99
PX600 B&W Film for 600 series
(Black frame) 169-169B 16.99
PX680 Colour Film for 600 series 169-169C 16.99
SX-70 Colour Film 169-169D 16.99
SX-70 B&W Film 169-169E 16.99
PZ680 Colour Film for Image series 169-169H 16.99
PZ600 B&W Film for Image series 169-169J 16.99
Hasselblad Film Scanners
The Flextight X5 is the top model in the Flextight scanner
series providing the best of all worlds.
Ease of use, incomparable quality,
unique, batch-scanning facilities
all packed in a classical and
characteristic design.
The Flextight X1 model should
serve most photographers
needs. Quality is
unsurpassed, it is fast and it
can take care of most kinds
of originals.
Epson Perfection V700 Photo
Achieve exceptional scanning at 6400dpi (flm) /
4800dpi (refective) optical resolution
Automatically remove dust and scratches with DIGITAL
ICE Technologies
Excellent tone reproduction with 4.0 DMax
optical density
10" x 8" built-in flm adapter with
flm holders for all
common formats
666-110Q 469.00
Hasselblad X1 flm scanner 339-020V 10,035.00
Hasselblad X5 flm scanner 339-020T 15,843.00
FOR 185.00

LY 53.00 PER M
Follow us on 65 08706 03 03 03 All prices include VAT

Sundial by Mirek Galagus
olish-born landscape photographer Mirek Galagus
has won the Calumet This is Britain Award in the
Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards with his
picture titled, Sundial.
Mirek Galagas admits that sometimes a bit of luck is
whats needed to complete a landscape photograph. Thats
exactly what happened in his inspired composition, which
saw him fulfl a photographic ambition.
I had planned the composition; however you will never
own the full control of your frame.
The composition was not new to me. I knew that it was
the right time of the year for getting the shadow of the
lighthouse pointing exactly where I wanted it in my frame.
But I could not ask for a man on top of the cliff, which
was like a little cherry on top of the cake. This is what
I love so much about landscape photography - you put
composition together in hope for a good light and then
something unexpected happens. Luck is a big part of
landscape photography.
However much Mirek would like to suggest that luck plays
a large part in his photography, he is undoubtedly a skilled
landscape photographer that understands the importance
of intricate planning and the unpredictable challenges the
British weather throws at landscape photographers.
I came across a few obstacles when taking this shot.
It was about three hours before sunset, so the light
quality was not the greatest. I was after a good spot.
I imagined capturing the lighthouse by the vertical wall and
those fowers on the foreground in one frame. Once I got
my composition right I started working on exposure. I do
not fnd myself strong when it comes to blending exposi-
tions in software, most of my photos are single slots and I
prefer to use flters.
For his award-winning picture, he used his Nikon D700
with a 16-35mm lens and a 0.9 hard GND and 3.0 ND
flters. GND works great in getting the correctly exposed
sky, even in harsh conditions like this one here. ND flter
was used to experiment with long times. The weather was
pretty good apart from the clouds overshadowing the sun,
but I sensed a chance for a lucky light brake. The awaited
moment fnally appeared together with a man on the top
of the cliff trying to photograph the lighthouse. When he
showed up I just took a chance to see what would hap-
pen. Having all the flters in place and exposure set to 30
seconds I didnt have time for resetting the system. Using
my ND flter I managed to get the exposure time as slow
as 30 seconds to get the water blurred. It was a long 30
seconds but when I fnally checked it on my camera screen
and realised that the fgure was not blurred I was extremely
pleased with the result.
Fitting the judges brief of producing something just a bit
different; something that triggers an emotional response
relevant to the times we live in today, Mirek was awarded
the title of Landscape Photographer of the Year 2013 and a
500 Calumet Photographic gift voucher.
Born in 1980, Mirek came to the UK eleven years ago and
settled in London to follow his pursuit as a professional
photographer. Ever since arriving in Great Britain I was
impressed by its beautiful and diverse landscape. I enjoy
travelling around Britain whenever I can fnd time to do so.
I took to photography almost naturally. My hobby started
evolving about eight years ago when I got my frst camera;
it was compact Kodak. It became my real passion and an
enjoyable way of spending my free time.
As his photography life evolved, Mirek came across the
Landscape Photographer of the Year (LPOTY) Collection 4
in a book shop, I fell in love with the images that I saw
inside and thought about how great it would be to have
one my works published alongside those great photos.
The next two years were very intense, flled with reading
and learning and experimenting with my new skills and
knowledge. I really wanted to get into THE BOOK. I must
admit that looking back I realised it was the Collection 4
which sparked my big love for landscape photography.
This is what inspired Mirek to enter the Take a View
I was hoping for this photo be included in the book but
never thought it may win an award.
Thank you once again for the voucher. It has already been
spent on a new lens. I treated myself with a new Nikkor
80-400mm and I am very happy with this lens.
Photography will always be a passion for the full time
engineer but he suggests he will not become a profession-
al, It was always about creating something for me and
the process of creation that I enjoy so much; the planning,
waking up early, experiencing magnifcent views of the
British landscape and meeting lots of exciting new people
along the way.
Whats next for Mirek? The plan is to try to move to
Somerset in the next two years and of course continue my
landscape obsession.
08706 030303
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Nikon D4S Body Canon EOS-1D C Body
Syrp Genie
Motion Controller
Konova Skate Dolly
Glidetrack Hybrid HD 1
Metre Slider
Limelite Mosaic
Daylight LED Panel
Limelite Pixel 300w 3
Head Kit (Tungsten)
Profoto B1 500
AirTTL Monolight
Profoto Pro-B4 1000
Air Battery Generator
Wally Dolly Complete
Kit - 4m (12ft)
Atomos Ninja 2
Recorder (750GB)
Canon EF 200-400mm
F4L IS USM Extender 1.4x
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