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Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of degree of Bachelor of
Business Administration of Christ University, Bangalore-560029
Paritosh Vaid (1111520)

Under the guidance of
Professor Niranjan L.R

Department of Management Studies
Christ University, Bangalore-560029



I hereby declare that, this report titled, Summer Internship Project Report on Milagrow
Humantech, has been carried out by me under the supervision of Professor Niranjan L.R of
Department of Management Studies, Christ University, Bangalore. This work previously has not
formed part of any basis for the award of any degree or diploma offered by any institution or
This is a record of bona fide and original work submitted by us in partial fulfillment of the
requirements for the award of degree of Bachelor of Business Administration.

Place: Christ University Date:

Paritosh Vaid



I would like to express my profound gratitude to all those who have been instrumental in the
preparation of this Summer Internship Project Report. I wish to place on records, my deep
gratitude to my project guide Professor Niranjan L.R for guiding me through this project with
valuable and timely advice.
I would like to thank Dr. (Fr). Thomas. C. Mathew, Vice Chancellor and Dr. Jain Mathew, HOD,
for their encouragement.
Last but not least, I would like to thank my parents and friends for their constant help and

Paritosh Vaid (1111520)



This is to certify that, this project report titled Summer Internship Report, submitted to the
Christ University [Department of Management Studies] in partial fulfillment of the requirements
for the award of the Degree of Bachelor of Business Administration, is a record of the original
and independent work carried out by Paritosh Vaid (1111520) under my guidance and
This has not previously formed the basis of the award of any degree, diploma awarded by any
institution/ university.

Place : Bangalore
Date: Professor. Niranjan L.R



1 Introduction to the Industry 6-8
2 Company Profile
2.1 History
Nature of the Organization
2.2 Vison Statement
2.3 Product Lines
2.4 Main Offices
3 Objectives of Studying the
4 Data Collection and Analysis
5.1 Day 1-Day 45 Report
5.2 Shortfalls of the Marketing
5.3 Critical Analysis of Areas
of Research
5 Conclusions and




The Information Technology Industry is the backbone of the current tech-savvy world we live in.
Right from big and complex machines like a flying engine to a small and compact utility like a
time keeping watch, the juggernaut of the Information Technology Industry encompasses any
and all such devices which have made human life easier.
While the industry has continued to evolve over time, one of the major advantages associated
with this industry is that their developments have not necessarily resulted in their
devices/softwares compensating for the added features.
The industry has taken all its developments in its stride and will always continue to provide
better features with time. Currently the Industries work is dedicated to the formation of various
databases/ information systems for storing mass information and for retrieving, transmitting and
manipulating information on a large scale.
This shift has occurred primarily because of the fact that corporate organizations both on a small
and large scale have recognized a need to effectively store data and other critical information.
The industry is dominated by IT heavyweights like IBM (with a service turnover of 42 billion)
and Hewlett Packard (with a service turnover of 34.8 billion)
The Information Technology Industry has had a total spending of 3737 Billion US Dollars in the
current year already. This figure stands for the dominance and importance of this industry In the
present day world.


Owing to its utilization in providing IT services and in the field of Business Process Outsourcing,
the Information Technology Industry has also started to penetrate the Indian economy and
According to NASSCOM, the IT-BPO industry in India had aggregate revenue of US 100
Billion in the financial year 2012-2013 itself. With Bangalore earning the moniker of The
Silicon Valley of India the industry has huge prospects in India.
The Indian market is majorly dominated by five Information Technology companies i.e. TCIS,
Cognizant Technology Solutions, Wipro, Infosys and HCL Technologies.
With India becoming the prime market for business outsourcing, along with offering attractive
prospects to foreign investors, the Information Technology industry will continue to dominate
the Indian market.




MILAGROW HUMANTECH was set up in 2007, with the aim of offering support as a venture
catalyst to fill the 'Management Capital' need gaps of growth seeking - micro, small and medium
Over the course of the past 6 years, the company has been responsible for bringing in rich
management capital to its clients through unique solutions, services, platforms and real insights
into the issues of micro, small and medium businesses (MSMEs).
The company services its clients with various solutions and options in areas like: - consulting,
hand holding, Starting-up, Scaling-up, Turnaround, and Operational Excellence. It provides
business solutions for industrial, functional and geographical domains.
Its General Management Consulting Practice has CEO mentoring as a service for MSMEs.
Under industry specific consulting practice, Milagrow has special focus on Retail and Consumer
Over the last 6 years Milagrow has become a "One Window" for all growth seeking - Micro,
Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs or SMEs).
In addition, Milagrow has set up its Human-Tech division which has the objective of
empowering individual humans and families across the globe with solutions that deliver to them
the latest technologies.
They entered the Tablet PC market in October 2011 with the World's first TabTops, focused on
professionals, with a promise to make Laptops and other tablets history. In Jan 2012 it was
followed up with the launch of the Domestic Robots.

As of 2013, the company has launched its first environment friendly domestic robot in addition
to its other floor cleaning robots, window cleaning robots and massaging robots.
Owned by Mr. Rajeev Karwal who is credited with bringing LG Corp to India and with being the
Chief Executive Officer of Electrolux Kelvinator and Reliance Retail, the company received a
head start with his knowledge, experience and success In the corporate sector.
Courtesy of its bi-focal business objectives, the organization figures both in the service sector by
way of providing consultancy services to new companies and also figures in the wholesale and
retail market by way of its product arm.
The company is a privately owned venture set up in Gurgaon, India.
The owner of the company Mr. Rajeev Karwal himself mentors and trains young entrepreneurs
and trains them to face the challenges in the corporate world.
The companys products are manufactured in China from where consignments are received in
large number in the company office. It is from here that the products are distributed various
supply chains to the final consumers.


Humans serving humans for daily chores must end
Their vision statement cleverly gives a nod to the Human Technology oriented image of
themselves which they have been trying to propagate ever since the company ventured into
producing TabTops and domestic robots


1) TabTops
Milagrow has launched TabTops running both on Windows and Android Softwares.
A) Android Tablets

B) Windows Tablet
Milagrow Kupa XII 64 GB Windows Tablet
Milagrow Kupa XII 128 GB Windows Tablet

Series 7.16 (4 GB, 8 GB PRO, 8 GB DX)
Series 7.16 Calling ( 8 GB Calling)
Series 7.4 ( 4 GB, 8 GB)
Series 10.4 ( 16 GB)

Milagrow Humantech is the leading Domestic Robots retailer in our country. They have
launched four different categories of robots.
A) Domestic floor cleaning robots

B) Massaging Robots
Wheeme Massaging Robot
C) Window Cleaning Robots
Windoro Glass Cleaning Robot

Black Cat
Super Bot
Robo Cop

Milagrows Red Hawk Floor Cleaning Robot

Milagrows range of window cleaning robots (brochure)


Currently the company has one corporate office located in Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon.
Their head office is the hub of all executive and top level managerial activities. It is the
workplace of their Supply Chain Managers, Product Managers, Marketing Managers, Human
Resource Managers, Their top Sales Executives, Their Logistics department and of their Finance
Most of the industrial sales are finalized at their corporate office itself with the most experienced
sales executives and at times the owner of the company sitting together to finalize deals.
The company relies on major online retail outlets like Flipkart and BestBuy for their sales. The
company also had a tie up with Reliance Digital for a while in the initial days of the launch of its
They even opened their own retail outlet in Gurgaon (DLF, The Galleria).




The following objectives influenced my decision towards working for Milagrow Humantech:-
First and foremost Milagrow Humantech is owned by Mr. Rajeev Karwal who has single
handedly been responsible for turning around the fate of companies like Reliance, LG
and Onida. As a person who aims to start his own business himself, I wanted to be
mentored by one of the most experienced and successful entrepreneurs in our country.
Milagrow Humantech is a relatively new company. The advantage of working in a new
company versus an already well established company is that in an already well
established company; most of the companies goals have already been achieved. Whereas
in a new company, you get be a part of major decision making, operations etc which not
only puts more responsibility on you but also offers flexibility with which you work.
Thus allowing you to exercise your creativity.
Being a fairly new company, it would not only make my work critical towards the
company but would also ensure that my work is being assess on a regular basis.
Currently social media marketing has taken a huge lead in changing the face of
marketing. Working in the field of social media marketing allowed me to go beyond just
the theories of such a concept and allowed me to practically understand and implement
such a practice.
Milagrow Humantech is the biggest retailer of domestic robots in our country. As a
person curious about the working of robotics, it was an added benefit to see how far
technology has come and what all it can accomplish.




Following is a day to day analysis of the work carried out by me at my Internship. I interned for
a period of 45 days starting from April 15 2013 to May 29 2013 in the field of Social Media
Day 1: 15/4/2013
I was introduced to the working and product line of the firm. The firm has two sets of operations;
Venture Catalysts: As venture catalysts they provide financing to upcoming business
ventures and train budding entrepreneurs.
Retailer of Domestic Robots: The more visible operational activities carried about by
Milagrow Humantech. I was working with the retailing aspect of the business.
I was given brochures to understand the various features provided by the various products of the
firm. I was told that I would be handling the twitter page of the firm.
I called their Retail aspect of operations the visible part as most of the office activities which
took place around my office were all related to retailing.
Day 2: 16/4/2013
I was given a product demonstration of their following domestic robots:-
RoboCop- Their floor cleaning robot
WheeMe- Their massaging robot
Windoro- Their window cleaning robot
I was asked to notice their working so as to know how the products worked which would enable
me to better respond to customer queries while handling their twitter page.

It was a good experience to see these robots actually in operation. Their robots were actually
pretty effective as noticed in the product demonstrations which I saw.
Day 3: 17/4/2013
I was introduced to their line of TabTops.
I was asked to operate two of their TabTops;
Milagrow Series 7.15 8 GB Android Calling Tablet
Milagrow Kupa XII 64 GB Windows Tablet
I tested the working, browser/loading speed and usefulness of the most prominent and useful
applications in the Indian market such as; WhatsApp, YouTube and Viber.
I was even made to test the calling and connectivity features of their calling tab. This was useful
in understanding the software they used and how advanced it was in their tablets.
The TabTops worked well and had connectivity features as promised.
Day 4: 18/4/2013
I was asked to prepare an excel sheet to compare the technical specifications of our TabTops
with the following TabTops; Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, Micromax Funbook, HCL ME U2, Apple
iPad Mini, Zync 990, Reliance Tablet, iBall Slide
I compared the following Tablets with the Milagrow Tablet on the following basis:-
Video Formats supported
Audio Formats supported

Network and Connectivity Features
Android Softwares/ Windows Softwares used
Add ons in the product package
Professional Applications Supported
Camera/ Video Quality
Availability of Ports
Cost Price
The Milagrow TabTop actually fared very well when it came to comparing it with other Tablets.
Their TabTop provided the maximum different number of ports and it supported all prominent
video and quality formats.
Their windows TabTop can actually directly compete with a standard laptop as well. Their
Android TabTop were upgraded to the latest version of Android software available in the market
as well.
Day 5: 19/4/2013
I was asked to do a survey on the various pre-loaded applications available in their TabTops. I
was also assigned the task to download the official YouTube videos of all the applications they
used in their TabTops.
These videos were downloaded to demonstrate its use and importance to our users. This would
also serve to easily solve customer queries.

I prepared an excel sheet which would contain the links (from various video sharing websites)
thus acting as a database for their applications. I myself understood the working of certain
applications that I myself did not know about.
Day 6: 22/4/2013
They reviewed my work which I did the week before and I was asked to make a lot of format
changes in the excel sheets which I had made. I was given tips to make it look more professional,
effective and convey maximum data with minimum use of sheet space.
We discussed the Social Media Marketing strategy of our company. In additional to a fully
functional Facebook page we decided to diversify into Twitter by launching two Twitter pages.
One twitter page would be dedicated to its line of TabTops and one would be dedicated to its line
of domestic robots.
In addition to launching two twitter pages, we even decided to make our own LinkedIn page
more informative. The page did not contain information about the product arm of the company
and hence would need to be upgraded to better suit to the professional outlook of its competitors.
Day 7: 23/4/2013
I was assigned the task of doing research on the Twitter and LinkedIn pages of companies which
are our competitors by way of selling the same products as we did.
I spent the entire day figuring out how a twitter page actually worked. I launched my own twitter
page where I started tweeting, following people, forming lists, tweeting about popular trends.

I learnt that twitter is a very user friendly website which currently enjoys a lot of marketing pull
majorly because of its simplicity.
In addition to it I even understood the concept of trending topics and how most of what people
tweet is based around it.
Day 8: 24/4/2013
I analyzed the scope of Social Media Marketing with respect to companies whose products/
operations are in one way or the other linked to us.
On research I found out how comparatively smaller companies were able to take on corporate
heavyweights in spite of them not sharing the same level of popularity as the heavyweights did.
As of 2010, the following companies like:-
Were listed amongst the most socially active brand as of 2010. Seeing them leave behind
corporate giants like Apple and Microsoft made me realize the need to study their approach
towards social media marketing.
Day 9: 25/4/2013
After having found out the companies which have championed the concept of Social Media
Marketing, I then focused on the aspect of Social Media Marketing in the foreign market.

As it turned out, they had a very well defined user base with the following three sectors
dominating twitter in terms of number of followers;
Food and Beverage
Sports Goods
I went through the twitter profiles of the various brands which occurred in the list of top 20 most
followed international brands under the three sectors mentioned above.
Their information in running their twitter accounts would help me in running our companies
twitter page in the future.
These foreign brands were majorly helped by the popularity they enjoyed in the international
market. While brands like Starbucks, Best Buy were very creative with their handling of
respective twitter pages, most of the foreign brands which dominate the international twitter
market are really dependant on their popularity to attract followers.
Day 10: 26/4/2013
I carried out a research on the most popular (followed) twitter pages internationally of brands
which come under the juggernaut of IT/E-Commerce sector.
I researched the twitter page of the following brands;
Samsung Mobile US.

Verizon Wireless
Day 11: 29/4/13
After having researched on the twitter trends internationally and those companies which come
under the same juggernaut as Milagrow, I surveyed the Indian twitter consumer base for better
I researched on the most followed Indian brands on twitter. The most followed Indian brands are
as follows;-
Hippo Chips
Times of India
Tata Docomo
This displayed a very unstructured and haphazard base of twitter followers with no particular
domination of any sector over the other. This just goes to show the level of penetration of twitter
in the Indian market.
Day 12: 30/4/13
I carried out a detailed research on the Indian brands whose products/services more or less
competed with ours. Their popularity would serve to identify as to what preferences do the
Indian twitter users have.

It would also be helpful in understanding things/concepts which the Indian users would find easy
to adapt to.
The research was carried out on the following three brands i.e. Airtel, Blackberry and Samsung.
The synopses of the research are as follows:-
A) Airtel
Separate twitter account to handle queries; timeline flooded with responses to customers.
Smart enough to type into the search box for any non @ mentions of their name.
Only tweet about their services/offers/rates and prices.
B) Blackberry
Provides alerts
Sports events
Application Updates

Interactive online competitions
Highly Interactive and interpersonal page
Quiz; acts as a tool to teach people how to operate a Blackberry
Interesting blog discussing subjective questions related to their product
C) Samsung
Have a subsidiary account which handles all customer related issues
Have separate account for the parent company and its range of products
Creative ways to highlight its functions. (For ex-use of the S pen, Alarm clock etc)

Creative use of imagery
Make people register for extra information. Dont provide it directly
We finally launched our first twitter page as well under the twitter handle @TwitterRobots so
as to capture the market for robots.
Day 13: 2/5/13
I was officially handed over the responsibility of handling the companies twitter page.
I was asked to design the background, the cover page and twit icon for our companies twitter
page. It was a new experience since I had never designed images before and I was asked to redo
it until I was able to create a collage with appropriate placing of the logo of the company.
I was also asked to come up with an appropriate description for our twitter page. I used the
companies Vision statement i.e. Humans serving humans for daily chores must end.
I was even asked to research on getting information on getting Verified on Twitter.
Day 14: 3/5/13
I was made aware about the concept of info-graphics and how they were the most effective/
clicked/ re-tweeted/ favorited thing on twitter and hence should ideally be used to gather as much
attention from your followers.
I designed a few info-graphics of my own and even responded to the first customer query which
we received on our twitter page

I was also asked to prepare a comparative excel sheet in which I would compare the various
techniques used by the Indian companies versus those used by the Foreign companies to attract
After researching on the various top-tier Indian companies on twitter, I found out the following
major/prominent marketing techniques used by the Indian companies on twitter:-
Contests/Competitions using hash tags.
Responding to customer queries.
Cricket related to news
Indian festivals, well recognized events
Important Note: Keep typing in the search box, you might be able to provide valuable
Day 15: 6/5/13
We managed to get our first twitter follower (other than the employees of the company) over the
Meanwhile I continued my research on the comparison between the tweeting ideologies of
Indian brands versus the Foreign brands.
The foreign brands offered a much more creative use of their resources as opposed to the Indian
brands which spoke a lot deal about politics, IPL and latest happenings in Bollywood, the
Foreign brands had a lot of diverse information to share.

After researching the most popular foreign brands on twitter, I discovered the following
techniques they used very creatively to gather attention and build excitement over their twitter
Trending natural calamities, best wishes tweets to the people.
Use of creative imagery to spread messages. (Example: Coke)
Some brands have separate twitter accounts for their various retail outlets (Example: Best
Announcing competitions
Updating their followers with ongoing social gatherings like Oscars, Movie Awards;
Promoting things up for sale from their website which are related to the Awards
(Example: Avengers DVD after the movie won an award)
Capitalizing on random celebratory days
Cheat codes for various games
Online Podcasts/ Webisodes. Use of popular music libraries, artists, comedians.
(Example: Woot)
Responding to customer queries, sorting out issues
Smart replies to fans
Cross Promoting tweets
Promotion of apps (Should help promote tablets)
Subsidiary twitter accounts; example: Samsung Tweets, My Starbucks Idea


Day 16: 7/5/13
I created certain lists and categorized various twitter accounts so as to make it convenient for our
sales and public relations departments to target a given segment of users. I formulated various
lists on the following basis:-
Online Retailers
Technology Journalists
Bloggers (Robotics based)
Robotics News sharing accounts
Foreign Accounts
Indian Accounts
Robotic Firms
I was also asked to carry out a research on the various twitter softwares so as to check as to
which ones were most compatible with our TabTops.
I tested the following twitter softwares:-
Tweet Deck
Tweet Caster
Twitter for Ecophone
Official Twitter Application for Android

The idea was to see as to which software presented the least amount of bugs/ glitches and
hence made operating twitter easier. Another objective was to decide as to which twitter
software to be pre-installed in our TabTops for optimal utilization.
Out of all the softwares tested, Tweet Caster was the most fast working application along
with the official twitter application for android with the only difference being that the latter
occupied more space and hence is not ideally recommended for cellphone users.
Day 17: 8/5/13
I was asked to practically check the various image sharing applications and check their
compatibility with twitter.
While the internet offers various image sharing applications, each application takes a
different amount of time to upload images, fix bugs etc.
Keeping all these things in mind, I tested the following image sharing applications:-
Tinypic url
Official Twitter application for uploading images
Out of all the image sharing applications which I researched on, the three which stood out were
Twitpic, Instagram and official twitter application for uploading images.

While Instagram is more compatible on an Apple Device, it is like social networking but with
images. As far as Twitpic goes, it uploaded images quickly and even provided small mini-sized
images on the twitter feed of users this providing the users with the utility of not having to open
another tab while browsing the internet.
If you are worried about copyright issues and dont want your content to be duplicated or
distributed in no return for cash. Use: yfrog.com or mobypicture.com
Day 18: 9/5/13
We decided on launch our own blog much like companies like SAP and Starkbucks have done to
divert our readers to our twitter page.
I was asked to do research on the various blogging websites to check;
Which blogger provided the best Search Engine Optimization Packages
Was more user friendly i.e. easy to understand
Enjoyed popularity on search engines
The idea behind it was to gather as much attention as possible with the least amount of work.
I researched on the following bloggers:-
Blogger (by Google)
Wordpress. Org
Wordpress. Com

Blogger by google offered the most basic and easy to understand blogging experience however
they did not offer good SEO packs. At the same time it provides the opportunity to easily fill up
the google wire.
Wordpress on the other hand provides a lot of varied utilities with its two versions.
Wordpress.com comes with a host of pre-made/loaded designs etc thus restricting the work of
the blogger.
Wordpress.org on the other hand provides the best SEO packs any blog could ever provide along
with a host of other features. Although it is the advanced version of blogging where nothing is
pre-made and the blogger has to be skilled enough to design things on his own.
Day 19: 10/5/13
With our twitter page fully functional and starting to get mild attention from the followers, we
decided on formulating a strategy for twitter.
I researched on various blogs and on the official marketing research section provided by twitter
and found out that other than Info-Graphs, the following four things had the maximum response
turnout on twitter:-
Photos/ Images
Article Links
This helped in getting a basic idea about the marketing strategy around which our twitter page
would revolve.

While the official twitter strategy was undecided, we got a general idea about the things which
should be used to get a dedicated follower base on twitter.
Day 20: 13/5/13
Started carrying out research on paid for twitter applications/ promotional techniques.
Researched on the concept of Keyword Targeting, on the basis of:-
How it is used
When is it used
Where do the tweets show up
Effectiveness of the application
Form of payment/ expenditure
I also went through Blackberrys approach towards Keyword Targeting.
In Keyword Targeting, you provide tailor made tweets which automatically appear in peoples
timelines once they use certain words *keywords* which are closely related to your
product/service line.
You target only those things about which they themselves talk about.
Specify the keyword/ keywords you want to target and then chose if you want your
tweets to appear in peoples timelines or in search results.
Described by twitter as the most efficient way of reaching your audience.
It works on a cost per engagement basis.


Day 21: 14/5/13
I researched on the concept of Interest Targeting (Type Custom I) feature of twitter.
I looked at the various categories and mixture of categories under which our products could be
I compared the reach of this tool for promotion on the basis of its:-
Reach: i.e. number of followers it can target at a given amount of time
Varied Coverage: i.e. how many different points/genres it can cover.
This application allows the user to target their promoted tweets and promoted accounts towards
an audience the user wants to target.
You deliver tailor made messages to people who tweet something in relation to product
you are trying to sell.
You sub-categorize every aspect of your product. This is usually used for a broader reach.
For instance our Robots could be categorized under Robotics, Information Technology,
Home Cleaning, Massaging etc.
Day 22: 14/5/2013
Continued research on Interest Targeting (Custom- II) feature of promoting via twitter.
This application is very similar to Custom-I but the only difference is that rather than creating
categories under which your particular product/ service can be listed, you will use the username/
twitter profile of a person whose followers you wish to convert into your customers.

Therefore for a company like Milagrow Humantech who would like to target the followers of a
major technology journalist, this technique would be highly useful.
I used the same criteria to test the effectiveness of this application as I did for testing the other
version of this application, i.e.
Reach of this application: Number of followers one could reach with the help of this
Potential of this application: To effectively convert the followers of the person/brand into
your twitter followers.
Day 23: 16/5/13
I researched on the targeting features provided by twitter and analyzed their cost-benefit features.
Promoted Tweets are offered on a CPE (cost-per-engagement) basis.
You pay your bid price when a user clicks on, retweets, replies to or favorites your
Promoted Tweet.
Promoted Accounts are offered on a CPF (Cost-per-Follow) basis.
You bid to have your account promoted at the top of an interest-targeted Twitter user's
'Who to Follow' section
So basically until and unless your promoted tweets are responded by followers, you are
not charged for the services availed.
Therefore they provide absolute profit based cost-benefit features.
I also carried research on the subsidiaries of Keyword/ Interest Targeting features provided by
twitter. The subsidiaries are as follows:-

Geo-Targeting: Specific tailor made promoted tweets for people living in a certain area.
One can use trendsmap along with this. You could even have specific offers for people
living in a certain area. Will work with the concept of Targeted tweets. Your tweet does
not reach all audiences but it reaches a subset of your followers.
Mobile Device Targeting: Certain tweets/ advertisements are reserved only for cell phone
users/ when they use twitter via their cell phones.
Gender Targeting: You provide advertisements specifically to people of a given gender.
All the above three features also fall under the auctioning method of paid for twitter applications.
Day 24: 17/5/13
I prepared a Power Point Presentation summarizing the financing aspect of the various paid for
twitter applications which I researched on.
The working of these applications is as follows:-
Their pricing system is based on biddingyou set the maximum amount youre willing
to spend per follow or click. You may pay up to this amount but it will likely be less
because youll never pay more than one cent above a competitive bid. To make it extra
easy, they give you suggestions for what you should bid to optimize your campaign
You bid to have your account promoted at the top of an interest-targeted Twitter user's
'Who to follow' section.
Basically you set a budget for a day, once the budget is over, twitter will by itself stop
promoting your account etc.

Ultimately you are paying only for engagement i.e. paying only after the message has
been spread.
Therefore twitters paid for applications are optimized not only to provide better reach to
the brands while at the same time ensuring optimal utilization of money which is set for
expenditure on twitter.
Day 25: 20/5/13
My work was shifted from twitter to LinkedIn.
I launched my own LinkedIn page not only to understand how it works and how it can be used to
establish both a professional and corporate image of your brand but also to make your company
grow through networking.
I understood how LinkedIn did not ideally fit into the spectrum of social media marketing but
indirectly is an essential part of online marketing.
I compared the scope of marketing via twitter and via LinkedIn. While twitter is more of a source
to attract major number of consumers who have casual approach towards social media, LinkedIn
is a more professional and sophisticated network which is essentially used to build your brand on
a corporate level.
Also if twitter is used to attract customers then LinkedIn is used to attract future potential
employees, investors etc by way of sharing the professional and working aspect of your firm.
I was also asked to start research on the LinkedIn profiles of companies which come in the same
sector as Milagrow does.


Day 26: 21/5/13
On the following basis;
Home page
Products and Services Offered
Product Recommendations earned
Use of Banners
I researched on the Linked pages of the following companies:-
1) Samsung: The synopses are as follows
Home- Flooded with articles about the success of the company. Highly regarded on
Forbes, Reuters.
Product Line-Well documented and moderately recommended by people.
The products have been highly praised by the users.
Have used an image of their product as their banner.
2) HCL: The synopses are as follows
Intelligent use of the banner. Showcases HCL as favorable employer
Home- More emphasis on ideas which guide innovation rather than emphasis on the
success story of the company. Makes the page prone to more discussions, debates, follow
up articles.
Video package in the career section.

Products and Services- Highly diversified product and services arm. But no importance
given to the various products under the various categories. Minutely recommended
products and services.
3) Airtel: The synopses are as follows
Good use of the banner. Highlights Airtel as an employer.
Home- Mostly contains articles talking about the various services the company provides.
Careers- One of the best portals. Good use of banner (print ad), video and proper listing
of all information which employees might require.
Day 27: 22/5/13
I was asked to do research for designing advertisement campaigns specifically for LinkedIn.
The understood the importance of;
Creating a proper landing page
Analyzing who clicks on your page
When and what time are the users most likely to click
What do the users do when they click on the page
Evaluating the Return on Investment offered by the these campaigns
Knowing as to which image and keywords are guaranteed to get you a better response
Use of google analytics in analyzing the success of these campaigns.
I even learnt how Search Engine Optimization packs do not work with images or videos.

Therefore it becomes a huge challenge to design an advertisement campaign where your images/
videos will only be responsible for bringing attention to your LinkedIn page but not to easily fill
up the google wire.
I also researched on how to improve visibility on LinkedIn. I formulated the following steps:-
Try answering unanswered questions or questions of importance. People follow your
profile which ultimately leads them to following your business.
Try to form groups which discuss issues which meet two criteria:-
Raise important/ trending topics
Are suitable for the majority of age groups which are LinkedIn users
This will provide a common forum for people whom you desire to recommend your
products for you, appraise you etc.
Basically getting your customers under one proverbial roof.
Highly Important: Conversion of your employees into separate marketing entities.
Using your employees networks, contacts etc to market your business.
Try to get a blog under the companies name to attract readers
Synchronization of your blog and your group is also an attractive possibility
Use of catchy captions, imagery in advertisements
Your landing page has to be perfect. Will improve effectiveness of ads also

Day 28: 23/5/13
I researched on groups on LinkedIn and how they could be used to promote yourself. The
research helped me underline the following steps which could be used to market yourselves by
way of groups on LinkedIn:-
Responding to debates in open threads/ discussions on LinkedIn.
Formation of groups to:-
a.) Raise/ Discuss trending topics up for discussion
b.) Gather audience who represent the age group you want to target
Attaining a common forum for people whom you desire to be/ converted into your
Converting your employees into separate marketing entities.
Broadening your network to gain from all your connections.

Day 29: 24/5/2013
Continued my research on groups. Did a case study on SAP, which is the largest group on
Their success centers on the following three strategies/ practices. They are as follows:-
1) They have a blog linked to their Linked Page which covers a lot of interesting topics thus they
can easily divert traffic to their LinkedIn page.

2) Their blog is multidimensional thus covering the reading needs of people who have diverse
tastes. So they end up attracting a lot of viewers.
3) They have a habit of covering topics which are dynamic, relate to current scenario and are
bound to attract opinion. Therefore they ensure themselves of a lot of attention.
Day 30: 27/5/13
To gather information about the perfection of various features of LinkedIn, I researched on the
LinkedIn page of four major brands to better understand how they have championed certain
aspects of LinkedIn.
After going through a lot of research, I finalized four brands for research based on the reviews
they had gotten about their LinkedIn page. The following four brands:-
1) IBM: Synopsis
300 job postings and recommendations, driving people towards getting more information
about them.
Lessons: Showcase your company using available customization options. Post available
jobs in the LinkedIn company profile page, where millions of people who are thinking
about a job change look every day.

Updates include videos, their use of technology, how they work, their contribution to the
world for ex: their work with the government to solve cyber threats.
Day 31: 28/5/13
Covered the success stories of Google and HP.
1) Google: The synopses are as follows:-
Total concentration on marketing their firm as the best firm to work in.
Updates include their highly relaxed organizational structure.
Converted the place into a virtual wonderland
Will definitely attract onlookers.
Smart enough to not completely/totally focus on how tough getting a job in google is.
2) HP: The synopses are as follows:-
Have ongoing offers where they ask business related questions and gift the winners, HP
Page is riddled with job offers
The MOST highly recommended products and services.
Highlights the use of employees and customers in marketing (via recommendations)


Day 32: 29/5/13
Covered the success story of DELL. The synopses of which are as follows:-
They are smart enough to have links to flipkart or any other online retailers who sells
their products. Thus providing a ready market for their customer to buy their goods from.
They have YouTube videos showing the working of the products. This makes the
services which they offer seem believable.
I was then asked to provide a summary about all the LinkedIn activity which I carried out which
would provide insight into successfully running the companies page. The points are as follows:-
The requirement of an apt description about the working/ operations of the company.
How the product arm should try to get as many recommendations as possible.
How a company should avoid paying for an employee portal by simply posting about the
work friendly environment offered by their company.
The need of a blog and penetration into discussion threads to attract as much attention as


Seeing as Milagrow Humantech deals with robots, a concept which is neither very popular in the
market today and nor is known to all, the company should actually concentrate on a lot of video
based advertisements to not only make the market aware about the product but to also instill
enough of confidence in them that such robots are not only existent but actually work.
This would also demonstrate how their products can be used to make human chores easy. So this
concept could really improve upon the selling capacity of their products.
Also the marketing department should take the initiative to go beyond sales via retail outlets and
concentrate on the conventional methods of marketing like billboards so that you are making a
lot of consumers aware about your product with good amount of creative license.
The company could benefit a great deal by critically analyzing and researching on the following
How effective is Social Media in translating awareness into sales
How adverse an effect do industrial sales have on commercial sales
Has the Indian market evolved enough to exploit websites like twitter for marketing
How many people will willingly buy robots online without having seen first hand
demonstrations of the products




It was a great experience finally working for a company as opposed to only reading about
business management in text books. I gained a lot of knowledge as long as working in corporate
office goes.
At the same time I realized as to how you can never predict as to what all things will you end up
doing in an organization regardless of them being a part of your job description or not.
I obviously gained a lot of knowledge and experience, specially about social media marketing
and majorly about twitter and to a good extent about LinkedIn as well.
I believe that Milagrow Humantech has high potential in them to become a mainstream brand in
the name future. At the same time I feel that the company should try to focus on marketing
themselves to domestic consumers also.
They are targeting the domestic consumers but as of now most of their sales occur via industrial
sales and regardless of how big industries provide a lot of business to them, the product needs to
be accepted on all levels so that it is not pigeon-holed.


Twitter.com (source for all company based research)
Linkedin.com ( source for all company based research