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and Alliance & Friends


Sign up before June 10th, 2014. After June 10th, a $50.00 penalty fee will be
Sign up at http://www.signupmaster.com/uerm/or download Registration
Forms and other documents at http://www.uermafusa.com/uerm-alumni-
1. This is an election year; Lifetime members and alumni who paid membership dues on or before
June 10, 2014 are eligible to vote.
2. Each Alumni must register individually and submit their own personal information;
3. We got you a great hotel rate of $149 + $25 required resort fee per day + tax (group rates good 3
days before & after the event dates). This special group rate will apply if you register for at least
one (1) scheduled dinner event on July 17, 18 and 19, 2014. If not, the standard hotel rate will
apply at your checkout time; For Suites Only (limited) call asap: Dr. Susan Suntay at (312) 523-
6824 / email:spsuntaymd@gmail.com.
4. Your donation to MAAAI & UERMAFUSA are fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Please
go to: Donations pages or use the Souvenir or Exhibit Order Form to s ubmit. All donations except
for the board approved 10% administrative fees, benefits the UERMMMC Medical School and its
5. You can now complete your convention registration thru this passkey method or by website
at: www.uermmmc.org or www.uermafusa.com and download needed forms.
6. After completing your registration on this SUM website, after payment selection, click on the
Venetian logo for your direct hotel "passkey" link (see #3 for restrictions on hotel UERM attendee
preferred group rates).
7. Required Annual Fees except for Lifetime Members: $50 - Membership / $40 Registration
For more information please contact:
Dr. Neda Ballon-Reyes, President-MAAAI, Inc. (818) 281-6855 / neda423@aol.com
Dr. Paul Hamor, President-Elect, MAAAI & 2014 Convention Chairman at (702) 274-4306 / hamorpaul@yahoo.com
Dr. Susan P .Suntay, National Convention Commissioner at (312)523-6824 / spsuntaymd@gmail.com.
Dr. Eva Padilla, Treasurer-MAAAI Tel/Fax:(503) 387-5514 / evauermalumni@gmail.com.
Dr. Teresita Lu-Melocoton, Convention Co-Chair & President-MAANC at (702) 324-3209 / doc159747@yahoo.com