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Applications for Epoxy Glass Industrial Laminate

Epoxy glass is a type of laminate sheet, tube, rod or printed circuit board that is used in various
industrial applications. These materials are thermoset plastic laminates that is are manufactured
using high pressure to create desirable strength to weight ratios and properties that make them
valuable in both mechanical and electrical applications. Different grades are listed as FR- or G-
followed by a number that serves as a measure of how flame-retardant they are. Specific grades
are made to meet compliancy with standards set forth by the National Electrical Manufacturers
Association (NEMA).
FR4 epoxy glass is the still the most commonly used grade of those made today and is self-
extinguishing ( to UL 94 V1 or 94 V0 requirements) . G-10 Grade is similar in mechanical and
electrical properties as FR4 except it contains no halogens that promote flame-retardance. Thus,
G-10 is especially important in cryogenic and many other applications where halogens are not
The importance of the characteristics between FR-4, FR-5 and others makes the reliability of
the manufacturing company and the manufacturing process used to create these materials very
important. Accurate Plastics is an American-based company with a reputation for making the
best industrial laminates around the globe. Their Acculam Epoxyglas laminate in grades G10
and FR4 are glass cloth reinforced epoxy in its natural color of yellowish to light green. Epoxy
resins are used for their versatility, particularly in the field of electronics, due to their almost
non-existent water absorption. This makes it an ideal material for insulation. In addition, epoxy
resins have superior adhesive properties and great dimensional stability.
Both G10 and FR-4 have extremely high mechanical strength and good dielectric loss properties
when used wet or dry. When determining between the two grades of epoxy, the outstanding
difference between the two is the lack of fire-resistance in G10. Halogens are used to create this
characteristic. In those applications where halogens are not desired, G10 is used.
G11 and FR5 Glass Cloth Reinforced Epoxy
A similar relationship exists between G11 and FR5 glass cloth reinforced epoxy, which is
sold in its natural color of yellow green to amber. FR-5 and G-11 have a higher operating
temperature and maintain mechanical strength and insulating properties at elevated temperatures
in comparison to the FR4 and G-10 grades.
Acculam Epoxyglas G10, FR4 laminate sheet is the most versatile laminate and it certifies
to NEMA FR-4 and MIL-l-24768/27. Accurate Plastics offer other colors than the natural light
green, along with a variety of additional thicknesses. G-10 laminate sheet certifies to NEMA G-
10 and MIL-I-24768/2. It should be noted that these grades are manufactured in tubing and rod
forms as well as sheets and cut-to-size panels.
Company Bio
Accurate Plastics was established in 1980 and is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturing company.
Their Acculam thermostat plastic laminate products have a significant place in markets of six
continents, and they have earned worldwide recognition and acceptance as being the best.
For More Information visit us at: www.acculam.com