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Howto Finda Fuck Buddy in 5 Days 2006
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Howto Finda Fuck Buddy in 5 Days 2006
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Howto Finda Fuck Buddy in 5 Days 2006
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Howto Finda Fuck Buddy in 5 Days 2006
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Some people long for a loving, long-term relationship filled with
romance and commitment. However, commitment isnt for everyone.
Some people prefer having recreational sex with no strings attached
and its no surprise why. Having a fuck buddy or a friend with benefits
can be a sexual adventure like no other.
This ebook covers all the things you need to know before you embark on
a journey of finding and meeting your very own fuck buddy:
Where to find fuck buddies
Knowing where to look is the first, most essential thing you should
find out before you search for a fuck buddy. Great fuck buddies
dont just grow on trees, you know!
How to lure the fuck buddy of your dreams
You may have spotted a total hottie, but how do you get your ideal
partner to notice you? It takes a lot of skill and practice, but by
working on the tips mentioned in this book, youll have no problem
attracting your desired fuck buddy.
How to increase excitement and performance
You may talk the talk, but can you actually perform well enough
for your fuck buddies to return to you? This ebook gives you tips
on how you could get them to want you more.
Howto Finda Fuck Buddy in 5 Days 2006
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How to be successful in finding a fuck buddy online
Because of the internet, finding a fuck buddy has become much,
much easier! Learn how to use the internet as a tool for finding a
great fuck buddy.
... and much, much more!
So pay attention - this ebook can change your (sex) life forever! If you
take all this advice to heart, you'll definitely be on your way to a life
filled with great recreational sex!
Howto Finda Fuck Buddy in 5 Days 2006
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Ever notice that in some books, movies, and TV shows, there are men
and women who have great casual sex with the same partner without
the hassle that comes with committed relationships? Whether you call
them casual relationships, "friends with benefits", or fuck buddies,
they're all in it for the same agenda. What exactly are fuck buddies,
and how do you get them?
WWhha at t aa FFu ucck k B Bu uddd dyy i is s - - aan nd d i is sn ntt
A fuck buddy is someone that you're having sexual relations with, but
without a committed relationship. There's a reason why fuck buddies
are also called "friends with benefits" - it's a relationship that is more
like a friendship with casual sex rather than a loving, romantic
relationship. Being fuck buddies may mean different things, so it helps
to verbally communicate to your fuck buddy what it is that both of you
want out of your special friendship. You could be sexually exclusive to
each other, or you may agree to see each other only for a set number of
weeks. Whatever your case, you both have to agree on a set of ground
Howto Finda Fuck Buddy in 5 Days 2006
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Keep in mind that having a fuck buddy is not the same as having a
formal boyfriend or girlfriend - emotional attachments and demands are
considered taboo in a casual relationship. This means that there is no
commitment, no romantic love, and no expectation of marriage
proposals. A one-night stand is also not considered as a casual sex
relationship, unless both parties agree to be fuck buddies after the one-
night stand.
WWhhyy D Do o Y Yoou u NNeee ed d aa FFu ucck k B Bu uddd dy y? ?
People get into casual relationships for a variety of reasons. Among
these reasons are the following:
They want to have as much sexual experience as possible, as if
they were "practicing" to become great lovers
They want to have sex but feel as if they're not ready for a formal,
committed relationship
They're biding their time while waiting for "the real thing" (a real
romantic relationship) to come along
They simply want something to help them get through a boring or
lonely night.
Howto Finda Fuck Buddy in 5 Days 2006
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Of course, there are more reasons why people engage in casual
relationships, and one reason is not more important than another. The
important thing to remember is that having a fuck buddy should be a
casual, pleasurable experience.
SSe ettt ti in ngg G Grro ou un nd d R Ruul le ess ffo orr F Fuuc ck k BBuud dddi ie es s
Both you and your fuck buddy should agree to some ground rules when
it comes to keeping your relationship fun and casual. You both have to
be signed on for the same agenda if you want the experience to be a
good one. Many fuck buddy relationships are ruined when both partners
realize that both of them have differing opinions and expectations from
the relationship. Avoid this scenario by sticking to a set of rules that you
both agree on. Here are some things that you should consider when
thinking of ground rules:
The sexual part of the relationship should be both casual and
enjoyable. If you want to ensure the success of your casual
relationship, the sex should be as great as it can be. The entire
point of getting a fuck buddy is to find physical pleasure in another
person, and if you can't do that you're just wasting each other's
Emotional attachments? Love? Valentine's day gifts? Those all
belong in formal, committed relationships. Trust me when I say
Howto Finda Fuck Buddy in 5 Days 2006
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that nothing ruins recreational, casual sex like falling in love with
your fuck buddy. Of course, it may be a different story if both of
you develop the same feelings for each other, but that is rarely
the case. When you sign on for a fuck buddy relationship, you
should know to stay away from romance if you don't want anyone
to get hurt.
Make sure that the lines of communication are open between you
and your fuck buddy. You have to be honest with each other
about any concerns, rules, and problems that come up. The two
of you should be aware of the exclusivity and the intensity limits
of the recreational sex you're having. The two of you should also
have an agreement on the span of time in which you'll be seeing
each other (it doesn't have to be exact). Make sure that this
period of time doesn't go over a year, or else you run the risk of
turning it into a long-term romantic relationship.
WWhhe er ree T Too F Fiinnd d FFu ucckk B Bu uddd di ieess
The most popular way of finding a fuck buddy is by doing it online. It is
easier and much more convenient than finding people in "real world
scenarios", because online profiles allow you to find people that will be
Howto Finda Fuck Buddy in 5 Days 2006
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signed on with the same agenda as yours - commitment-free sex. Here
are some great places where you can find fuck buddies online:
It's one of the fastest growing online adult sites out there - and for good
reason. This site specializes on hookups for threesomes, orgies, and
fuck buddies! Member profiles have photo, voice, and video features
that allow members to have a better idea of who they're hooking up
with before they meet face-to face. Their AutoMatch feature allows you
to list what you're looking for in a potential mate, and
automatically sends you a list of members that exactly match your list!
It's that simple to find a fuck buddy on this site! There are 3
membership levels - Basic, Silver, and Gold. The Basic member ship
allows you to create a profile, as well as to do simple member searches.
However, the Gold and Silver membership levels allow you to get more
proactive. Both membership types allow you to have access to member
photos and videos, as well as to add other members into your "hotlist".
You also come out first on search results, while Basic members are
always at the bottom. When you sign up for, I
personally recommend that you get either a Silver or a Gold
membership, since these allow you to create the best, most
customizable profiles available, as well as help you look for a fuck buddy
via advanced searches.
Howto Finda Fuck Buddy in 5 Days 2006
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With over 1.5 million members, is one of the largest online
adult communities. One of its popular features is the SexyAds Lust
Alerts. This incredibly hot feature makes member matches based on
what you're looking for in the bedroom! Using this feature can definitely
help you get the fuck buddy of your dreams! They even have a
PrivateCall phone service that allows you to have phone conversations
with any member, without revealing your phone number. It's a great
way to get to know your potential fuck buddies, especially since it's
better and more interactive than online chatting and private messaging.
You can have a more advanced membership option and be included in
"The Kama Sutra Club". This allows you to access more features, as
well as be at the top search results over basic members. If you're
looking for a good time and an easy, interactive way of finding a fuck
buddy, then SexyAds is perfect for you!
Howto Finda Fuck Buddy in 5 Days 2006
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You're looking for a fuck buddy, right? Well that's what
AdultFriendFinder helps you to do. It helps you find friends that are into
more intimate and adult activities. While there's an available free
membership, I definitely got more emails, messages, and contacts from
the paid membership. Also, paid members get unlimited access to
webcam chat, while free members can only access webcams for a
limited time. The best perk of getting a paid membership is that you
have access to a live nude video chatroom. It's a good way to take your
fuck buddy for a test drive, don't you think? You can also search for a
fuck buddy with the same sex tastes as yours - whether it's for
threesomes, BDSM, exhibitionism, voyeurism, and much more! After
all, the key word in "fuck buddy" isn't "buddy". AdultFriendFinder is
definitely a simple, no nonsense way for you to get right down to your
(dirty) business.
Howto Finda Fuck Buddy in 5 Days 2006
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Now that you have a basic idea of what it's like to have a fuck buddy,
you're ready to put yourself out there! Although finding fuck buddies
online can be challenging, the next lesson will help you grab your dream
fuck buddy's attention.
There are also other resources online that can help you, including
David DeAngelos Meeting Women Online. David DeAngelo is a
leading dating techniques expert, and through his Meeting Women
Online program, youll see that the most effective way to find a great
recreational sex partner is by doing it online. The next chapter will also
give you definite, proven techniques on how to do it!
Howto Finda Fuck Buddy in 5 Days 2006
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CChhaapptteerr 22:: LLuurriinngg tthhe e FFuucckk BBuuddddyy ooff Y Yo ou ur r D Dr re ea am ms s
If you paid attention to the previous chapter, you'd know that the main
focus of having a fuck buddy is to engage in casual consensual sex.
This means that the two of you can have regular sex with no strings
attached, and without the problems that come up in formal committed
relationships. Since mutual physical pleasure is the goal of a casual
relationship, your partner should be someone who is your exact sexual
match. This doesn't mean that you have to have exactly the same skills
in bed, but the two of you should be open to the same amount of
experimentation, and that both of you can open up each other sexually.
Because of this, it is ideal that you create an online profile that reflects
who you are and what you want out of a fuck buddy relationship.
SSe ettt ti in ngg U Up p Y Yoou urr P Pr roof fi illee
The first thing you have to do to get started with your online profile is to
register in an online dating site. I personally recommend that you
register for free accounts with at least 2 of the sites mentioned above
(AdultFriendFinder, SexyAds, or SexSearch) so that you can take them
for a test drive. This allows you to find a site that you're most
comfortable with before you commit to a paid membership. Here are
the following profile features of each of the mentioned sites:
Howto Finda Fuck Buddy in 5 Days 2006
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The free membership gives you very limited access to great
features, allowing you to upload photos and videos, as well as
contact other members by email and their "show interest" feature
The Gold Membership includes access to "The Gold Room", an
astounding collection of porn that will inspire you for your fuck
buddy encounters
The search features are fully customizable
If you don't find what you want via the search features, you can
select from a list of criteria and you will automatically be notified if
someone is looking for the same things as you are.
Free membership lets you view other members' photo galleries -
but only the G-rated ones!
The SexyAds Lust Alerts feature allows you to know of members
who are sexually compatible with you based on your profile
You can call up other members via the PrivateCall feature (without
revealing any phone numbers)
Howto Finda Fuck Buddy in 5 Days 2006
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A personal profile panel shows how competitive your profile is and
how well it's doing
Registration is quick and easy
Free registration that allows you to have almost full access to
AdultFriendFinder's features
Your profile can be matched with people that you're sexually
compatible with
Simple and Advanced searches are available
Definitely the most "adult" of the three suggested sites
When you fill out the personal profile questionnaire in the above sites,
you will be asked for your location, ethnicity, and even your level of
kinkiness, as well as what you like in bed. Filling out your profile
truthfully will allow you to get exact matches out of the millions of
registered members. However, creating a really effective and attractive
profile is more than just about telling the truth...
Howto Finda Fuck Buddy in 5 Days 2006
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DDoo''ss aanndd DDoon n''tts s WWh heenn C Crreeaatti in ngg a a PPr ro offiillee
When you're working on your profile, keep in mind that your primary
goal is to find a fuck buddy, not a soulmate. Put up your profile under
"1-on-1 encounters" or "casual encounters" so that it's clear to the other
members that you're looking for something casual and recreational.
Avoid making any distasteful, graphic comments about sex. You
can probably say something like "Right now, I'm tired of those
complex dating games, so I'm just looking for something casual
but passionate. I really like sex, and I'm not afraid to admit it!"
By playing it cool and injecting a bit of humor, you give off the
impression that while you're a sexual creature, you also have
Leave something to the imagination. Don't fully describe yourself,
whether it's about your physical appearance, your job, or your
finances. It's true that everyone loves a good mystery - just show
them the best parts to whet their appetite! After all, you want
them to contact you and ask you for more, right?
Don't show off. Nothing's more annoying than a guy bragging
about his car, job, or penis size. It sounds immature and you
come off as if you're trying too hard.
Howto Finda Fuck Buddy in 5 Days 2006
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Make sure that everything is spelled correctly and that you have
perfect grammar. This doesn't mean that you have to sound like a
Rhodes scholar, but at least you wouldn't seem illiterate.
WWh haatt Y Yo ou urr P Phho otto o S Saayyss AAb boouut t Y Yoou u
Choosing a photo for your online profile is like an art. You have to show
yourself in your best light, as well as make sure that it reveals your
personality. It's true that a picture can paint a thousand words, and
you'd definitely want those words to do you justice.
The picture should be well lighted. Your face has to be seen
clearly so that you will be easily recognized. The light behind you
shouldn't be too strong either, as it will make your face and other
objects in the foreground be darker. Choosing a well lighted
photograph will show that you're serious about finding a fuck
buddy and that you're not just "trying out" a dating site.
If you're including a photo with clothes (cause let's face it, you
may want to add more "revealing" photos, since these are allowed
in most of the mentioned sites) make sure that the clothes you're
wearing are neat and clean. This shows that you have a sense of
hygiene and won't be sloppy in the bedroom.
Your primary photo should always be a solo picture. This creates
confusion because it may not be obvious which one you are in the
Howto Finda Fuck Buddy in 5 Days 2006
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photo. Also, some members might get attracted to other people
in the picture. You may include photos with other people to show
that you're a social creature, but don't use them as your primary
Select photos that don't reveal too much about your personal life,
such as your car, workplace, home, or income. This includes
photos of your office building where signs, logos, and addresses
are clearly visible. You want to find a fuck buddy, not a stalker.
Make sure that you choose a recent photograph. You don't want
your fuck buddy to expect you to look 10 years younger if you
display a photo that was taken in 1996.
SSu um mm mi in ng g t th hi in ng gs s u upp. .. .. .
Finding a fuck buddy online can have great, rewarding results. You can
meet a lot of people, and have access to great features that will
enhance your experience (and sexual knowledge). This is why it's
important to find an online matchmaking site that suits your taste, and
to create profiles that truly reflect what you want. The same rules apply
when you're looking for a fuck buddy in person - you have to be
comfortable with the situation, and you have to be clear on what you
both want out of your casual relationship.
Howto Finda Fuck Buddy in 5 Days 2006
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Of course, once you post your profile, potential partners will be
clamoring to be your fuck buddy but only if you do it right. For more
tips on creating profiles that will magnetically attract women to you,
check out Meeting Women Online.
But before you select a fuck buddy, you need to know if they'll give you
a great fuck buddy experience or if they'll just drive you crazy. The next
chapter will show you how to read between the lines and tell whether
she's hot or not, as well as more details on how to reel in the perfect
fuck buddy!
Howto Finda Fuck Buddy in 5 Days 2006
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CChhaapptteerr 33:: SSeeaarrcchhiinngg ffoorr yyoouurr FFuucckk BBuuddddyy!!
After learning some golden tips from the previous chapter, you've now
created an online profile that aims to lure the ladies. You must be
kidding yourself if you think that's enough. With all the competition out
there, you have to do something to stand out. You have to be more
The first thing you can do is to use the various "advanced searches"
featured in the online dating sites you're registered with. You often get
more options and search functions with paid memberships, so try not to
limit yourself to simple searches. Keep in mind that a lot of sexy
women frequent these sites, so I can't blame you if you have a hard
time choosing! Every site has a unique search feature, and it's best to
familiarize yourself with these features before you get too excited.
CChho ooos si in ngg t thhe e B Be esstt S Siit te e f foor r Y Yoou u
Every reputable sex personals site on the internet has its own unique
personality. While you can go ahead and sign up with the first personals
website you see, it's best to apply for full membership with a site that
reflects your own tastes when it comes to sex and fun. This will also
allow you to attract fuck buddies that have the same needs and wants
as you do. Here's a brief overview of the top three personals sites on
the web:
Howto Finda Fuck Buddy in 5 Days 2006
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Their tagline is "adult personals for everyday people", and they surely
live up to it. While lesser sex personals sites have fake profiles and
photos - all the SexyAds members are real. Their main site is for the
US, but they have regional sites for the UK, Canada, Australia,
Germany, and New Zealand. They also provide different sections for a
wide variety of tastes - gays, lesbians, MILFs, BDSM, swingers, etc.
SexyAds is also a very active community. With over 1.5 million
members, there's a pretty good change that you'll find a fuck buddy
with all the qualities you're looking for.
SexSearch is one of the fastest growing sex personals websites out
there, and it's no surprise. They truly live up to their name - their
website provides one of the most extensive search functions out there.
Are you a woman seeking for a gay couple? How about a man seeking a
lesbian couple? How about a gay couple looking for another gay couple?
Whatever your kinks are, you'll definitely be able to search for it at You can find someone for actual sex or cybersex, and
a fuck buddy with the same fetishes as yours. However, the only
downside is that there's no quick way to contact other members unless
you pay for their Gold or Silver memberships - which you were going to
do anyway, because they're definitely worth it.
Howto Finda Fuck Buddy in 5 Days 2006
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This is probably the most sexual of the three sites. AdultFriendFinder's
member database is filled with thousands of explicit personal ads and
photos. Obviously, the AdultFriendFinder members are looking for the
same thing you are - fun and recreational adult action. The site allows
you to contact other members via email - but without revealing your
personal information. In fact, the other members won't know your
email address, phone numbers, and other contact information unless
you give it to them! But AdultFriendFinder isn't just a site that helps
you find a fuck buddy - it's a real online community too. You can meet
new friends via the chatroom and even organize parties. There's also an
advice line that allows you to talk to trained sexperts if you have any
questions or problems. They even have a free online magazine where
you can read the best erotica online, and even collect helpful sex tips.
Whether you're the average Joe, a foot fetishist, or a swinger, there's
definitely a site that caters to your distinct and sexy personality.
TTiipps s aannd d TTr riicck ks s ffoor r SSeeaar rcchhi in ngg
Selecting a fuck buddy out of the millions of members in online dating
sites seems like a challenging (but fun) task. Here are some tips that
will help you find the fuck buddy of your dreams by using the simple
search options available on online personals sites.
Howto Finda Fuck Buddy in 5 Days 2006
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Try to develop little "friendships" first. While you can jump right
ahead and request for sex on your first email, that's not the
classiest thing to do now, is it? After all, one of the secrets of
being a successful fuck buddy is knowing how to communicate
with your partner. You can do that more easily if you have some
kind of foundation to build up on.
Be as specific as you can when searching. Most personals sites
allow you to search for keywords, and you should use this function
to narrow down your search. Some examples that you can use
are the words "busty", "bisexual", etc - whatever interests you. If
you have fetishes and fantasies, don't forget to put them in as well
- you never know if someone's willing to make your sex fantasies
come true.
Don't just go for conventionally beautiful women. There are two
reasons why you shouldn't limit yourself to women who look like
models. First, a beautiful woman isn't always exactly a great
lover. You want a fuck buddy, remember? Not a trophy wife.
Second, most people have sex in dim or no lighting conditions
anyway and it's not as if you're required to go on dates with this
woman. Your arrangement is for a fuck buddy, not a girlfriend
that you'll bring home to meet your mother.
Howto Finda Fuck Buddy in 5 Days 2006
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TTh hee P Peerrf feecct t FFu uc ckk B Bu ud dd dy y:: Q Qu uaalliit ti ie es s tto o LLo oook k F Fo or r
Having a great fuck buddy has its valuable rewards. You have to be on
the lookout for the qualities of a great fuck buddy if you want to get into
a truly pleasurable - in every sense of the word - experience. Here are
the qualities that you should be looking for in a casual sex partner:
It doesn't matter if she can't spell "good hygiene", she just needs
to have it. Nothing can put you off like a woman who doesn't
know how to take care of herself. "What's that smell?" isn't
exactly the sexiest line to say in the bedroom.
She has to be adventurous and experimental. What's the point of
getting a fuck buddy if you won't get to try new things, right? You
might as well sit at home and fly solo. It's a very good sign if she
proposes new things to try once in a while, and if she's
enthusiastic about fulfilling your fantasies.
She has curves in all the right places. Of course, where these
"right places" are totally depend on your individual taste. Some
guys are into big breasts, while others give more importance to a
woman's derriere or her legs. As long as she's shaped in a way
that drives you wild, you'll definitely be inspired to please her
Howto Finda Fuck Buddy in 5 Days 2006
Page27 of 40
The less pressure you get from her, the better. Sometimes, guys
get "performance anxiety", especially when a women rush them or
voice out certain sexual frustrations. Recreational sex is just that
- recreation. There should be no mental stress involved. After all,
you're at your best when you're relaxed.
TTh hee F Fu uc ck k B Bu uddd dyy f fr room m HHeel ll l: : QQuua alliitti ie es s tto o A Avvooi id d
Sometimes, a woman can be so beautiful that you overlook her negative
qualities - and this often comes at a price. While there's nothing wrong
with appreciating the beautiful qualities of women, there are definitely
some traits that you should watch out for if you want to get out of your
fuck buddy experience unscathed. On the same vein, these are qualities
that you should get rid of if you recognize them in yourself. If word gets
out that you're the fuck buddy from hell, then no amount of dating site
registrations can save you.
It's hard to get rid of their need for codependency. Remember the
first golden rule? Fuck buddies are all about fun, recreational
sexual encounters. It's a general rule of thumb that you shouldn't
have any emotional attachments or aspirations of commitment
when engaging in a casual relationship.
Some girls are just addicted to power. Believe me when I say that
the last thing you need is a power-tripping fuck buddy who uses
sex as a way to control you. It's important to go through a casual
Howto Finda Fuck Buddy in 5 Days 2006
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relationship with your dignity intact. After all, it's hard to get
aroused when you're feeling used.
Beware of virgins. While cavemen pride themselves in being a
woman's "first", there's something wrong with that kind of
scenario. First of all, I don't mean virgin in the literal sense. A
woman can have no sexual experience and yet be very interested
in knowledgeable about sex. The types of virgins you should
avoid are those who are too demure, too innocent, and girls who
think that the word "buddy" is the key word in "fuck buddy".
Finding fuck buddies online is a simple and effective way to go about
looking for recreational sex. It can definitely pay off if you know what
you're doing. Look forward to the next chapter, which will give you
some tips on what to do with your fuck buddy. (Hint: it doesn't involve
making cookies or going to church)
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Howto Finda Fuck Buddy in 5 Days 2006
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CChhaapptteerr 44:: IInntteerraaccttiinngg WWiitthh Y Yo ou ur r F Fu uc ck k B Bu ud dd dy y
You've initiated contact, exchanged a few emails, flirted a bit in
chatrooms, etc. But how do you know if you're making the right
"moves"? Do you know what the typical online dating mistakes are, and
do you know how to avoid them? This chapter will give you some
pointers on the etiquette of talking to potential fuck buddies. Casual
relationships may seem to have a simple, "let's get right down to
business" feel, but getting there requires a lot of art and subtlety. By
the end of this chapter, you'll be on your way to becoming the Don Juan
of casual sex!
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Finding out the things that will turn off any potential fuck buddies is
important - it's probably more important than finding out what turns
them on. You won't even get to first base if you actually do the
following things:
Talk about your life, especially your problems, at length. Both
men and women do not like people who don't keep their mouths
(in this case, your keyboard) shut. It makes you look incredibly
needy and codependent. If you're looking for a fuck buddy and
Howto Finda Fuck Buddy in 5 Days 2006
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you're making the mistake of giving everyone your autobiography,
this is actually the message you're sending: "I have a lot of things
I want to talk about, and my favorite thing to talk about is myself.
In fact, I'm not stopping at this 5-page letter to you, I'm actually
going to talk to you throughout our entire sex act." The same
goes for the quantity of emails you send out - keep it to a
minimum of 2 per day. You have to keep in mind that even email
is considered as a conversation. You say a few sentences, keep
things short, and ask questions. That's it. Keep the atmosphere
light. Save the whining and psychoanalysis for your therapist.
Don't lie - not even about your sexual experience. If you've had
very little or no sexual experience, you can't get a woman more
interested by declaring that you're a man-ho. Compensate your
lack of sexual experience with your eagerness to learn, instead.
After all, it's the QUALITY of your lovemaking skills that's
important. Read up on some sex tips, especially oral sex. Don't
depend on porn, because it's incredibly unrealistic. The important
thing is to always be honest. A woman can smell a lie a mile
away, so don't risk your chances by lying.
Only reply to the messages of women you're interested in. While
being contacted by a dozen women sounds like a dream come
true, you don't want to spread yourself too thinly. Do you
honestly want to spend most of your waking hours replying to
emails? And if you've got bad memory skills, you might even
Howto Finda Fuck Buddy in 5 Days 2006
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forget what you said to these women, and end up looking as if
you're not paying attention. Don't settle for quality just because
you want to brag to your friends about the quantity of contacts
you're getting.
Even if you get nothing but positive responses and compliments,
don't act like you're God's gift to women. This can make you look
like an egomaniac, and, if anything, your potential fuck buddies
will see that this is your attitude in bed as well.
Be sexual, but don't sound like a pervert. While you're looking for
a woman who wants to keep things casual, this doesn't mean that
she feels like a prostitute. Save your dirtiest thoughts for the
bedroom, but if she wants to get down and dirty via email before
your actual encounter, let her initiate it. "You look hot" or "You
look delicious" is fine, but not all women are comfortable with "I
want to put my d**k in your a** and pump you like a
Howto Finda Fuck Buddy in 5 Days 2006
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Now that you know what pitfalls to avoid when contacting potential fuck
buddies, it's time to learn about the sexy qualities you should cultivate.
In Meeting Women Online, David DeAngelo highlights that you
should always keep the upper hand when communicating with women
online. There's a lot of competition out there, but by following these
five simple tips, you can easily stand out:
Be mysterious. It doesn't mean that you have to be quiet and
cryptic. Tell her that you know a few tricks in the bed, but don't
tell her exactly what these are. Being mysterious is all about
giving just enough information to get her intrigued, but without
giving her too much that she feels like she knows everything that
she can possibly know about you. If you're the CEO of IBM, you
shouldn't say it directly as even very good things tend to sound
unbelievable on the internet. Instead, say something like "I'm in
a very powerful position in the workplace, and I love it. How
about you? Are there any positions you like?" Not only are you
giving off an aura of confidence of power, but you're being subtly
sexual as well.
Highlight your personality and individuality. This helps you stand
out from the millions of guys who are also scouring the internet
for fuck buddies. Find an original way to sign out other than by
saying "bye". Try to come up with nicknames for her - just avoid
Howto Finda Fuck Buddy in 5 Days 2006
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nicknames that are meant for romantic couples. If the two of you
like a certain book, movie, or tv show, feel free to make
references to that. As much as possible, you should use a unique
sign in name as well - this is especially helpful if you have a very
common name.
Project sexual confidence. No, you don't do this by saying "I'm
good in bed". You project sexual confidence when you tell her
that you're a great dancer (but only if you really are), that you're
experimental and willing to try new things, and that it gives you a
lot of pleasure to make a woman's fantasy come true.
Have a unique angle. You want a fuck buddy, but so does Tom,
Dick, and Harry. They all say "oh I can give you great sex" etc. It
may be true, but where's the wow factor? Where's the creativity?
Where the unique hook that will let you get all the ladies? While I
can't give you your own unique angle, I can give you tips to help
you come up with your own. If you've got a talent for art, your
headline could read "Be the next Mona Lisa: Immortalize yourself
in a work of art and have great sex at the same time!" This
means that your "winning" fuck buddy will not only get the
privilege of sharing a bed with you, but you'll also get to do her
portrait. If you're a great chef, your hook could be that after your
first session, you'll cook a great meal for her that's worthy of 5
Michelin stars. Just don't make your offers too romantic, as it will
make your intentions blurry.
Howto Finda Fuck Buddy in 5 Days 2006
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Be a little "unattainable". You don't have to reply to every single
email or instant message she sends out. By becoming a little bit
unattainable, you exude more mystery. As we all know, mystery
creates sexual tension. She shouldn't just "like" you, you have to
make her really want you. Also, if she asks you how many replies
your ad has received, don't be shy to say anything more than 10
;) Especially if it's true.
You probably feel like you're finally ready to meet your fuck buddy in
person - but don't do it just yet. You have to know what to do in bed,
what to say, and how to be the best sex she's ever had. Don't worry -
you'll be learning these things in the last chapter.
Howto Finda Fuck Buddy in 5 Days 2006
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CChhaapptteerr 55:: MMeeeettiinngg Y Yo ou ur r F Fu uc ck k B Bu ud dd dy y i in n P Pe er rs so on n
Are you ready for the kind of sexual tension that these trysts have? Do
you think your responses will be suave and confident? And most
importantly, can you deliver the goods in the bedroom? This lesson will
help you get a better understanding of what goes on in a casual
relationship, and shows you a the range of sexual activities that you and
your fuck buddy can do.
You're excited and nervous, and you have your fears - but meeting your
fuck buddy in person doesn't have to be that hard. You just have to
remember that this woman likes you already. After all, she agreed to
meet with you. She might have even initiated the meeting. The
following lesson gives you a more in-depth look about what to expect
and what to do during your casual sex sessions.
KKeee ep p iitt E Exxc ci it tiinng g:: 3 3 BBo or ri in ng g T Th hi in ng gs s Y Yoou u SSh hoou ulldd N NE EV VEER R D Do o
Fuck buddy relationships are all about excitement. The last thing you
want to do is to bore your fuck buddy. Odds are, she won't even tell
you that she's bored. She'll just stop meeting you. And if you don't
know what you did wrong, there's no way for you to use your mistakes
for self-improvement. The old saying "Prevention is the best cure" is as
Howto Finda Fuck Buddy in 5 Days 2006
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true in sex as it is in health. Here is a list of things that you should
prevent yourself from doing if you want the thrill to last:
Mechanical fucking. No, it doesn't involve machinery. Your fuck
buddy may ring you up once in a while and ask to meet, but
somehow, you're just not in the mood. Maybe it's the bad oysters
you ate the night before, or it's your lack of sleep, or you just saw
a documentary about The Holocaust - whatever your reasons,
you're just not feeling up to it. Instead of agreeing to meet, if
you're seriously not in the mood, it's best not to have sex. Sex
without passion is dull and boring, and you might end up using the
same old routine moves that a married couple use on their 45th
wedding anniversary. If you're not feeling the excitement, it's
going to show - and she's not going to like it.
Laziness or refusal to learn anything new. You have to always try
out new things with your fuck buddy. Use toys, try roleplaying,
fulfill each other's sexual fantasy. Better yet, learn some new
techniques on how to go down on her better. Don't be afraid to
sexperiment! This gives both of you something to look forward to
every time you meet up.
Location, location, location - do not have sex in the same location.
At least not all the time. You'd be surprised how a simple change
in location can raise your excitement to a much higher level.
Whether it's the car, your rooftop, or the bathtub - a change in
Howto Finda Fuck Buddy in 5 Days 2006
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venue can make sex more wild and passionate. Why do you think
many people get caught having sex in public?
WWhha at t TTy yppe e o off S Seex x i is s oon n tthhe e MMe en nuu? ?
We all have our signature styles and moves when it comes to having
sex. By simply reading your fuck buddy's profile and by looking at her
pictures, you'll be able to tell what you're in for.
Passionate Sex
If she just got her heart broken or she got fired from her job and she's
really angry - odds are she'll take it out on you. All that pent up anger,
pain, and rage translates itself into sexual energy. This type of sex is
really intense, especially since emotions are running high. If her online
profile shows that she's very emotional and that she can easily get
carried away by her feelings (whether positive or negative), then you'll
probably be having a lot of passionate sex.
Clues: She says she cries during movies, she has strong political
convictions, and she has the tendency to flame other members of the
dating site (even if it's only during private emails with you).
Animalistic Sex
Some women are just really in tune with their wild side. They claw your
back, bite your neck, and almost rip the sheets to shreds. These kinds
Howto Finda Fuck Buddy in 5 Days 2006
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of women are normally not that interested in foreplay. Sometimes, their
animalistic nature is always on the surface, and sometimes it only
comes up once in a while. She's probably had sex in the kitchen floor,
on a pool table, and other random places. You can't tame her, but you
should step up and bring out your animalistic side as well.
Clues: She's wearing leopard prints in her photo, and she's into
artistic hobbies that get her hands dirty.
Breaktime Sex
She calls you during lunch and asks you if you have 15 minutes to
spend with her. She's always on a flight to some board meeting in
another state or country, and she even sends you postcards sometimes.
There's some foreplay, but only very little. She's constantly on her
cellular phone and checking her organizer. She's a career woman, and
she has little spare time for you. But whatever free time she shares
with you is definitely pleasurable.
Clues: She claims to be a workaholic and one of her profile photos
has her wearing a business suit.
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AAf ftteer r tthhe e A Ac ct t
If your fuck buddy ends up meeting your expectations, you're definitely
in for a thrilling ride. However, your work's not done yet! There are
some things you have to keep in mind while going through this whole
Don't forget to be clear about your intentions. You two are fuck
buddies, and nothing more. Don't let her leave stuff at your house and
vice versa. You two should communicate effectively, but try not to talk
too much, especially since you run the risk of developing emotional
attachments. Also, you two have to talk about the conditions of your
relationship - how long you expect to see each other, how frequently
your meetings take place, as well as the exclusivity of the relationship.
Usually, fuck buddies aren't exclusive, but you should always disclose
any other sexual partners to each other for health and protection
Try not to have the same fuck buddy for a long period of time. Unless
you're meeting only once a year, it's "dangerous" to have a fuck buddy
for more than one year, especially if you're exclusive. A sense of
emotional attachment and entitlement might develop. Also, it's good to
have different kinds of sexual experiences, so don't be afraid to be on
the prowl again. Great sites such as ,
Howto Finda Fuck Buddy in 5 Days 2006
Page40 of 40 , and are always there for you to
browse and find new fuck buddies with.
EEp pi il lo og gu ue e
You're finally ready for commitment-free sex with your fuck buddy!
Hopefully, you made the most out of this ebook and that you put all the
tips and advice into practice. With time, you could be the master of
casual relationships! But whatever you do, don't forget to just take it
easy and go with the flow. After all, these relationships are all about
Dont forget to apply the techniques weve covered as often as you can
especially if you want multiple fuck buddies. Theres no limit to what
you can achieve with a little knowledge, confidence, and planning!
If you want to know more about fuck buddies and how to attract them
into your life, be sure to check out other products on the DrDating
website, as well as David DeAngelos remarkable program.