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Interview Questionnaire

Please answer all the questions below

What particular sector does your company fall in? (Service or

Whats your current position and how does your role effect the
supply chain directly or indirectly in your company?
Manager operations

How well defined is your supply chain strategy and what are the
objectives of that supply chain strategy?
Well definedobjectives are same as they are in the text book..only
implementation is done

Is the strategy mentioned above given immense importance when it
comes to being implemented?

What cooperative style exists in your particular organization (in
terms of sharing information and coming up with training solutions
to problems)?
Autocratic style

What mediums of communication exist within your organization and
does this play a vital role in the efficiency of the supply chain in your
Formal and informal both

Discuss in your opinion the key factors your company has already
adopted or wishes to adopt in order to give raise to an effective and
efficient supply chain management.
Training of emplyees in SCM
Using softwares
Maintain relationship with them on good note

How do you judge your relationship with your customers and
suppliers considering the present situation?
Customervery good
Suppliergood but still working on

In your opinion what is the importance of training suppliers in your
particular organization?
Very importantwithout knowing them and training them according to
our needs firm can produce to its optimum level..

What problems arise (if any) while your company is working with
suppliers from different culture or origins?
Time lagunviability of raw material on short noticepayment
schedule and mode of payment

How important do you think is supplier relationship management?
Very important and crucial

In your opinion how does the implementation of the specific supply
chain strategy your company has adopted influences in the corporate
culture in your specific organization?

What are the basic problems if any faced by your company when
negotiating with suppliers?
Time and delivery schedule

In your opinion should the products being produced technology push
in nature or market pull in nature? Any particular reason for your

In your opinion is supply chain education and training essential for
employees working in your supply chain department?

Yes it is very important in any organizationhow you can think of
improved productivity from your employees without being trained. So it
is an essential part

Is SAP being implemented in your particular organization? If yes
then how does this effect the corporate culture in your organization?

No not nowbut it is under our consideration for next fiscal year