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James Palermo
GAM430- Game Production and Documentation
Professor Horacheck
Universit of Advancin! "echnolo!
5 Key Features
$- '(asual Game)
A !ame for all skill levels of *laers
&- '+ord Game ,ith li!ht -PG elements)
A ,ord !ame ,ith a uni.ue t,ist to !ame*la
3- 'A mo/ile !ame on i01)
"ake the !ame ,ith ou on iPhone or iPad2
4- 'Has social net,orkin! ca*a/ilities)
"he !ame connects to Face/ook for an e3tra level of interactivit
4- '(haracters /ased on authors and literar characters)
5ducational and fun !ame /ased on famous authors and literar characters
Casual Game
Battlewords is a (asual Game ,here the *laer earns *oints / t*in! ,ords correctl
a!ainst A6 or a human *laer o**onent2 Battlewords is a (asual Game /ecause it has a lo,
/arrier of entr as anone could *ick u* and *la this !ame since it is eas to learn2 "he !ame
has sim*le controls ,hich is usin! a virtual ke/oard on the iPhone or iPad2
Word Game That Includes Light RPG Elements
"he tar!et audience for this !ame is the mainstream casual !amin! audience /ut also for
*laers ,ho are lookin! for somethin! more than 7ust a re!ular ,ord !ame2 "his !ame should
a**eal to *laers ,ho are lookin! for somethin! more than 7ust a re!ular ,ord !ame2 "he !ame
should a**eal to *laers ,ho are alread familiar ,ith -PG and fi!htin! !ames /ut ,ho also
*la casual !ames on their mo/ile devices2 "he *laer must t*e ,ords / usin! the device8s
virtual ke/oard and must ta* the touch screen ,ea*on icon if there is one availa/le ,hen the
are read *urchase and use it in the ,ord fi!ht round2 "here is a timer /ut it is similar to other
casual sociall connected !ames2 6t is to /e *laed in short sessions and adds an element of
challen!e to the !ame /ut also kee*s the *laer comin! /ack for more9 es*eciall to earn hi!h
scores and level u* their *lain! character2
A Moile Game on i!"
"he !ame is *orta/le and *laa/le on i01 devices9 iPhone and iPad2 "he *laer uses the
touch screen as the interface and controller for the !ame2 "he i01 devices touch screens make
this an ideal *latform for this !ame and for the tar!eted demo!ra*hic9 a casual mainstream
#as "ocial $et%or&ing Ca'ailities
Battlewords is a free a** for the iPhone that inte!rates ,ith Face/ook2 (oins can /e
*urchased on Face/ook ,hich is the revenue stream for the !ame2 Plaer8s friends can hel*
others as the ,in coins to share2 Plaers are matched u* ,ith same level *laers u*on each ne,
!ame the initiate for *la2 "he *laer8s character level is automaticall saved at the end of each
Characters (ased on Authors and Literary Characters
(haracters for the !ame are /ased on famous authors and *o*ular characters from classic
stories2 (hoices for the *laer8s character var from the likes of 5d!ar Allen Poe and +illiam
1hakes*eare to Dracula and Huckle/err Finn2 Game*la is *aramount in Battlewords /ut
character desi!n and art in the !ame are 7ust as im*ortant2 Battlewords is an ee catchin! visual
treat to cement the *ro*ert8s *lace in *o*ular culture2
Com'etiti)e Analysis
(asual Game- Words With Friends
Words with Friends is a (asual Game2 "he !ame is similar to Battlewords in that it uses tiled
letters to s*ell ,ords2 6n /oth !ames the use of tiled letters to s*ell ,ords is an essential and
inte!ral *art of the ,ord !ame2 "he *laer selects a tiled letter and forms a ,ord to s*ell2
+ord Game "hat 6ncludes :i!ht -PG 5lements- Spellwood
Spellwood is a (asual +ord Game ,ith li!ht -PG elements and is some,hat similar as it
features /attles that cast ,ords onto the !ame /oard2 6t also utili;es hit *oints in the !ame*la9
/ut that is ,here the similarities end2 "he !ame*la in Spellwood seems more /asic and !eared
to,ards a oun!er cro,d rather than trin! to !ain the attention of all a!es2
A Mo/ile Game on i01- Hanging With Friends
Hanging with Friends is a casual mo/ile ,ord !ame on the i01 *latform similar to
Battlewords. Hanging with Friends needs to /e *laed a!ainst a human o**onent2 6n
Battlewords, the *laer ,ill have the added feature of /ein! a/le to *la solo a!ainst an A6
controlled character2 More o*tions are availa/le to the *laer in Battlewords.
Has 1ocial <et,orkin! (a*a/ilities- Family Feud
Family Feud is similar in man ,as to Battlewords. 6t8s not a ,ord !ame9 ho,ever it is a
(asual Mo/ile !ame on i01 that connects throu!h Face/ook for *laers to hel* other friends2
(oins can /e *urchased in /oth !ames /ut for different reasons2 6n Family Feud coins are
*urchased *rimaril to /e a/le to *la more than the allo,ed free !ames *er da2 "he difference
in Battlewords, coins can /e used to *urchase ,ea*ons to aid the *laer in /attles2
(haracters =ased on Authors and :iterar (haracters- Celebrity Deathmatch
Celebrity Deathmatch is a console !ame and is similar that it uses famous *eo*le as the
*laer8s characters in fi!ht /attles2 +hat sets Battlewords a*art /esides this one other !ame there
are not man !ames that use real *eo*le in a !ame2 Battlewords has the uni.ue feature of usin!
famous fictional characters from literar *ieces and famous authors rather than cele/rities2