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ADLs on-campus support includes:

up-to-date information on current events affecting Israel and resources for

Israel advocacy
in-depth background information on anti-Israel groups, speakers and campaigns
expertise in countering extreme anti-Israel activity
advice on how to respond to anti-Semitic and racist incidents
collection of discrimination and bias incidents
delivery of anti-bias training programs for students, faculty and staff
an annual mission to Israel of campus leaders, enabling outstanding
students to experience Israel rst-hand
speakers on subjects including the Arab-Israeli conict, anti-Semitism,
extremism, free speech, hate crimes and diversity education
ADL produces a wide range of material on campus anti-Israel activity, including
reports and backgrounds on:
national and local events and campaigns
boycott and divestment efforts
anti-normalization and delegitimization efforts
fundraising efforts to break the seige of Gaza
expressions of anti-Semitism and support for terror
primary organizing groups
emerging trends and tactics
THE ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE is a great resource for Hillel
professionals, Jewish students, university administrators and campus
leaders on issues related to anti-Semitism, religious accommodation,
responding to anti-Israel activism and developing pro-Israel
ADL has resources for responding to anti-Israel programming, Holocaust denial, bigotry and
intergroup strife on campus, including:
Fighting Back: A Handbook for Responding to Anti-Israel Rallies on College and University
Campuses offers strategic responses to addressing demonstrations while balancing
issues of free speech. Topics include: Building an Effective Response Strategy; Free
Speech at Rallies and Protests: Offensive Literature and Symbolic Speech: Free Speech
and the Campus Media
Responding to Bigotry and Intergroup Strife on Campus: A Guide for College and
University Presidents and Senior Administrators encourages campuses to engage in
contingency planning to develop appropriate and effective interventions in order to
overcome bigotry and conict on campus.
Fighting Holocaust Denial in Campus Newspaper Advertisements: A Manual for Action is
a brand new publication that provides students with background and tools to address
Holocaust denial advertisements and educate newspaper staff on their rst amendment
ADL has up-to-date resources on issues related to the Israeli-Palestinian
conict, including:
Israel: A Guide for Activists provides key information on Israel, the Israeli-Palestinian
conict and answers to misstatements about the conict, and includes a special
section on Advocating for Israel on Campus.
Only in Israel Posters were prepared with a campus/ progressive audience in mind,
and highlight the rights and freedoms in Israel.
To view, download or order copies of these campus resources please go to or contact
Naomi Mayor at
2011 Anti-Defamation League