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2013 Anti-Defamation League 605 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10158 contactus@adl.

Fact Sheet
Application Submission Deadline: March 18, 2013
Purpose: The Anti-Defamation Leagues Campus Leaders Mission to Israel provides student leaders with a
firsthand perspective of Israel by meeting with the culturally diverse population, engaging with its vibrant
society, learning about the strategic and social challenges facing Israel today, and touring the historically
and geographically significant land. Student participants will hear and learn from diverse political and
religious perspectives: Palestinian and Israeli, left and right wing, Christian, Muslim, and Jewish.
Eligibility: Qualified applicants must currently be college freshmen, sophomores, or juniors who are
leaders on their college/university campus through political involvement, student activism, or editors of
the campus newspaper. Students must have an excellent academic record, an inquisitive mind, and be
interested in learning about Israel and the issues it faces in the Middle East. Students who have previously
visited Israel are not eligible.
Requirements: A completed application form accompanied by two letters of recommendation which
can come from faculty, college administrators, professional journalists and/or other appropriate parties,
your resume, and a 500 word essay. A valid passport is also required for travel to Israel.
Interview: Final applicants will be interviewed by members of the ADL staff. Whenever possible,
interviews will be conducted in person, either in a city close to your home or college/university.
Arrangements for phone interviews will be made if necessary.
Cost: ADL has secured funding to support the cost of the Campus Leaders Mission to Israel. Therefore,
there will be no cost for participants. Expenses covered by ADL include travel to and from Israel,
accommodations, meals, and a stipend of up to $200 for travel to New York. Personal health insurance is
not covered. Each participant must show proof of health coverage in order to participate in the trip.
Prior to the trip: Students will be given reading materials and participate in conference calls to discuss the
history, current realities, the people of Israel and the issues facing this area of the global community.
Students will be expected to read these materials and participate in phone and online discussions to ensure
that they are fully prepared for the mission.
In New York: Before heading to Israel, participants will join together for an orientation program in New
York on August 56 where they will meet with senior members of the ADL staff.
In Israel: Mission participants will meet with decision-makers, government and military officials,
diplomats, journalists, students, and ordinary IsraelisArab and Jewishfrom diverse communities,
cultures, and backgrounds. Participants will visit key places of historical, religious, and contemporary
interest. Travel will be on our own private bus. Participants will engage in a considerable amount of
walking and some wilderness hiking that may be physically challenging.
Following the trip: On their return to campus in the fall, mission participants are expected to take what
they have learned back to their campus communities. This will take various forms depending on the
campus climate and each students leadership role on campus. ADL will offer assistance in this process by
providing programmatic support. Each participant will be required to write an article or reflection on the
mission to be submitted to ADL.
Applications must be received by March 18, 2013. If you have questions, please contact: Rachel Polsky
at 212-885-5858 or
Campus Leaders Mission to Israel
AUGUST 515, 2013

2013 Anti-Defamation League 605 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10158
Application (Submission Deadline: March 18, 2013)
Complete this application and submit by the deadline date by mail, fax or email to: Rachel Polsky, Anti-
Defamation League, 605 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10158; fax: 212-490-0187; email:
Applications are also available online at If you have questions, please
contact: Rachel Polsky at or 212-885-5858.

Part I. Please provide us with the following information.
Full Name: Gender:
College or University:
Expected Graduation Date: Major:
Campus Address:
Permanent Address:
Home Phone #: Cell Phone #:
Email: Date of birth:
Passport #: Country of Issuance:
Leadership role(s) on campus:
Part II. Please answer the following questions. (Limit each answer to 150 words)
1. What are the specific topics or areas about Israel that interest you?

2. Please describe your student activism and leadership role(s) on campus.

3. What are your prospective career plans?

Campus Leaders Mission to Israel
AUGUST 515, 2013

2013 Anti-Defamation League 605 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10158

The mission would not be possible without the support of our fundersCharles and Mildred
Schnurmacher Foundation, Samuel and Mildred Levine Institute, Dr. Guinter Kahn Endowment Fund.
Part II. (Continued)
4. Please describe your international travel experience, including any travel plans between now and the

5. What are your summer plans? If unknown, what jobs, internships, or programs are you applying to?

6. Do you have any campus journalism experience? If so, please describe. (Not required)

7. How did you learn about the Campus Leaders Mission?

Part III. Essay
Please write a 500 word essay describing what you hope to gain from this mission and how you think you
will be able to bring what you have learned back to your campus community.
Additional Items: Submit the following items along with a completed application
Two letters of recommendation (mailed in a
separate sealed envelope or emailed directly
from the recommender)
Your resume
500 word essay
Journalists: please include an example of your
written work as published in your campus