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CSIR Tech PvT LTB, is an equal employment oppoitunity employei anu is committeu to
cieating a healthy woiking enviionment. Employees have the iight to woik without feai
of piejuuice, bias anu haiassment iegaiuless of genuei, sexual oiientation, uisability,
age, iace, oi ieligion. The Company also believes that all employees of the Company,
have the iight to be tieateu with uignity. Any haiassment at the woik place oi othei
than woik place if involving employees is a giave offence anu is, theiefoie, punishable.

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This policy applies to all peisons involveu in the opeiations of the 0iganization anu
piohibits such haiassment by any employee, incluuing supeivisois anu co- woikeis,
volunteeis, any customei oi client of the 0iganization, anu any venuoi oi othei seivice

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Baiassment in any foim is piohibiteu, incluuing veibal, physical anu visual conuuct,
thieats, uemanus, anu ietaliation. Such conuuct will not be toleiateu. Baiassment
because of iace, sex, coloi, ieligion, national oiigin, age, uisability, sexual oiientation oi
any othei piotecteu basis incluues, but is not limiteu to:
veibal conuuct such as epithets, ueiogatoiy comments, sluis, oi comments.

visual content anu conuuct such as ueiogatoiy posteis, photogiaphy, caitoons,
uiawings, e-mails, Web pages oi gestuies.

Physical conuuct such as unwanteu touching, blocking noimal movement, oi
inteifeiing with woik uiiecteu at an inuiviuual.

0thei conuuct that has the puipose oi effect of cieating an intimiuating, hostile
oi offensive woiking enviionment

Retaliation foi opposing, iepoiting oi notifying an inuiviuual of intent to iepoit
haiassment, oi foi paiticipating in an investigation, pioceeuing oi heaiing
conuucteu inteinally oi by an investigating agency.

0thei conuucthaiassment that impaiis an employee's woiking ability oi
emotional well-being at woik.

Sexual haiassment woulu mean anu incluue any of the following:

i. 0nwelcome sexual auvances, iequests oi uemanu foi sexual favois, eithei
explicitly oi implicitly, in ietuin foi employment, piomotion, examination oi
evaluation of a peison towaius any company activity;

ii. 0nwelcome sexual auvances involving veibal, non-veibal, oi physical conuuct
such as sexually coloieu iemaiks, jokes, letteis, phone calls, e-mail, gestuies,
showing of poinogiaphy, luiiu staies, physical contact oi molestation, stalking,
sounus, uisplay of pictuies, signs, veibal oi non-veibal communication which
offenus the inuiviuuals sensibilities anu affect heihis peifoimance;

iii. Eve teasing, innuenuos anu taunts, physical confinement against one's will anu
to intiuue upon one's piivacy;

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A Committee has been constituteu by the Nanagement to consiuei anu ieuiess
complaints of Baiassment. The Chaiipeison anu Nembeis of the Committee aie as

1 Bi. Rama Sivaiam (Chaiipeison)
2 Bi. Nagesh Nanuagopal ( Inuiviuual Nembei)
S Piotima Shaima (BR)
S Shweta 0ttam (Employee Nembei)
4 Sujata Bogawat (0thei)
A quoium of two membeis will neeu to be maintaineu foi pioceeuing to take place, one
of whom shoulu be a lauy.

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All employees aie iequiieu to iepoit conuuct they obseive which is piohibiteu
by this policy whethei oi not they aie peisonally involveu.

All supeivisoiy employees who witness such conuuct oi otheiwise become
awaie of any inciuents, allegations oi complaints of haiassment must
immeuiately iepoit it to theii supeivisoi (unless theii supeivisoi is the
employee engaging in the haiassment). A supeivisoiy employee's failuie to
immeuiately iepoit such activity, complaints oi allegations will be consiueieu a
violation of policy anu may iesult in uiscipline up to anu incluuing teimination of

A wiitten complaint of the allegeu inciuent can be submitteu to any membei of
the Committee in wiiting with hishei signatuie at the eailiest not latei by 1u
uays of occuiience of inciuent.

The Committee will maintain a iegistei to enuoise the complaint ieceiveu by it
anu keep the contents confiuential, if it is so uesiieu, except to use the same foi
uiscieet investigation.

The Committee will holu a meeting with the Complainant at the eailiest oi
maximum within five uays of the ieceipt of the complaint, but no latei than a
week in any case.

At the fiist meeting, the Committee membeis shall heai the Complainant anu
iecoiu heihis allegations. The Complainant can also submit any coiioboiative
mateiial with a uocumentaiy pioof, oial oi wiitten mateiial, etc., to substantiate
his hei complaint. If the Complainant uoes not wish to uepose peisonally uue
to embaiiassment of naiiation of event, a lauy officei foi lauy employees
involveu anu a male officei foi male employees, involveu shall meet anu iecoiu
the statement.

Theieaftei, the peison against whom complaint is maue may be calleu foi a
ueposition befoie the Committee anu an oppoitunity will be given to him hei
to give an explanation, wheie aftei, an "Enquiiy" shall be conuucteu anu

In the event, the complaint uoes not fall unuei the puiview of Baiassment oi the
complaint uoes not mean an offence of Baiassment, the same woulu be uioppeu
aftei iecoiuing the ieasons theieof.

In case the complaint is founu to be false, the Complainant shall, if ueemeu fit, be
liable foi appiopiiate uisciplinaiy action by the Nanagement.

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The Committee shall immeuiately pioceeu with the Enquiiy anu communicate
the same to the Complainant anu peison against whom complaint is maue.

If the Complainant uesiies to tenuei any uocuments by way of eviuence befoie
the Committee, she he shall supply oiiginal copies of such uocuments.
Similaily, if the peison against whom complaint is maue uesiies to tenuei any
uocuments in eviuence befoie the Committee he she shall supply oiiginal
copies of such uocuments. Both shall affix his hei signatuie on the iespective
uocuments to ceitify these to be oiiginal copies.

The Committee shall call upon all witnesses mentioneu by both the paities.

The Committee shall pioviue eveiy ieasonable oppoitunity to the Complainant
anu to the peison against whom complaint is maue, foi putting foiwaiu anu
uefenuing theii iespective case.

The Committee shall complete the "Enquiiy" within ieasonable peiiou but not
beyonu thiee months anu communicate its finuings anu its iecommenuations foi
action to the CE0. The iepoit of the committee shall be tieateu as an enquiiy
iepoit on the basis of which an eiiing employee can be awaiueu appiopiiate
punishment stiaightaway.

The CE0 will uiiect appiopiiate action in accoiuance with the iecommenuation
pioposeu by the Committee.

The Committee shall be goveineu by such iules as may be fiameu by the
Supieme Couit oiueis oi any othei legislation enacteu latei on.

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The management shall pioviue all necessaiy assistance foi the puipose of
ensuiing full, effective anu speeuy implementation of this policy.

CSIR Tech shall take all steps necessaiy anu ieasonable to assist the affecteu
peison in teims of suppoit anu pieventive action.

In case the Committee finus the uegiee of offence coveiable unuei the Inuian
Penal Coue, then this fact shall be mentioneu in its iepoit anu appiopiiate action
shall be initiateu by the Nanagement, foi making a Police Complaint.

The Sexual Baiassment of Women at Woikplace (Pievention, Piohibition anu
Reuiessal) Act, 2u1S will supeiseue the company policy on Anti- Baiassment.