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Introduction to the Study of English

Week 7 Handout: Words and Word-formation Processes

Exercise 1
The words in column 2 have been created from the corresponding words in column 1.
Indicate the word formation process responsible for the creation of each item in
column 2.
Column 1 Column 2
a. automation > automate
b. humid > humidifier
c. documentary, drama > docudrama
d. love, seat > loveseat
e. prgress > progrss
f. typographical error > typo
g. act > deactivate
h. methamphetamine > meth
i. !very" dirty > dirty !a shirt"
#. beef, buffalo > beefalo
m. test of $nglish as a foreign language > T%$&'
n. &ederal $(press > &ed$(
o. influen)a > flu
p. treat > maltreatment
*. peddler > peddle
r. also +nown as > ,-,
s. fantastic, fabulous > fantabulous
t. $uropean television > $urovision
u. psychopath > psycho
w. university > unigoddamversity
Exercise 2
.ore than one word/formation process was involved in creation of each of the forms
indicated below. Can you identify them0
a. I #ust got a new car-phone.
b. 1ohn wants to be a footballer.
c. The negotiators plant to blueprint a new piece proposal.
d. ,nother carjacking has #ust been reported.
e. 'et2s go by bus. !hint3 automobile omnibus"
Introduction to the Study of English
Week 7 Handout: Words and Word-formation Processes
4ewrite each of the sentences below, forming a compound ad#ective from the two
words in italics and ma+e any other changes necessary. The first one has been done
for you.
a. They make these chocolates by hand. > These chocolates are hand-made.
b. 5e had to write a composition of 200 words.
c. 6er hat caught everyone2s eye.
d. The doctor was trained in Germany.
e. The memory was both bitter and sweet.
Exercise !
6ere are several instances where a new word is needed. Create a word for each of the
given definitions using the word formation process suggested. &ill in the blan+s with
your new words.
a. 7se conversion for the act of scrubbing with ,#a(.
22I 8888888888ed the tub after giving &ido a bath.22
b. 7se conversion for wrapping something brea+able in a bubble wrap.
229ou2d better 88888888888888 that ornament or else it might brea+.22
c. 7se derivation for being able to be contacted.
22The counselor is not very 8888888888 .22
d. 7se a blend for a hot drin+ made with chocolate and ginseng.
22I2ll have a 8888888888888 and two peanut butter coo+ies, please.22
e. 7se conversion for the act of brea+ing dishes, which eg. 1onathan does
226e2s going to 8888888888 all of my best dishes.22
f. 7se clipping for a course in ovinology !the study of sheep".
226ave you done your 88888888888 assignment yet022
g. 7se a compound for the annoying string of cheese stretching from a slice of
hot pi))a to one2s mouth.
22,s the 888888888888 hung precariously from my lips, our eyes met.22
h. 7se bac+formation for the act of bac+formation.
225e had to 8888888888888 words in Introduction to the :tudy of $nglish
Exercise "
5hat do the following acronyms stand for0
a. ,; b. a.s.a.p.
c. <, d. <C
Introduction to the Study of English
Week 7 Handout: Words and Word-formation Processes
e. CI, f. ;,
g. ;C !as in 5ashington, ;C" h. ;=,
i. ;>; #. $$?
+. &<I l. ?=@
m. 6A n. I:%
o. 'C; p. .,
*. .@ r. =<,
s. =?% t. >,T
u. @4 v. 4$.
w. 4:>@ (. :.:
y. T$:' ). 7$&,
Exercise #
The four words in each of the eight groups below can have the same prefi( or suffi(.
&ind out what that affi( is. :ometimes you may have to change the spelling slightly.
a. 8888easy b. 88888marine
8888employment 88888standard
8888fair 88888way
8888conscious 88888let
c. 88888tired d. 88888approve
88888do 88888satisfied
88888due 88888embar+
88888weight 88888connected
e. home88888 f. imitate888888
on88888 dictate88888
out88888 tempt88888
bac+88888 e(plore88888
g. owner88888 h. legal88888
partner88888 pure88888
member88888 e*ual88888
relation88888 comple(88888
Exercise 7
&ill each space in the sentences below with the correct form of the word in bold.
1$ decide
a. 5e must come to a 8888888888 very soon.
b. 5e beat them 888888888888 . 5e won B3C.
c. 6e can never ma+e up his mind. 6e is very 88888888888 .
2$ ex%lain
a. ,n 8888888888888 leaflet is given to all purchasers of the machine.
Introduction to the Study of English
Week 7 Handout: Words and Word-formation Processes
b. 6is dissaperance is very strange, in fact *uite 8888888888888 .
c. I thin+ you owe me an 88888888888 for your behaviour.
$ courage
a. 6is friend tried to 8888888888888 him from attempting the dangerous climb.
b. :he 88888888888888 stood in the way of the escaping robbers.
c. 6is parents gave him a lot of 888888888888888 in his studies.
!$ destroy
a. The control centre is deep underground and completely 888888888888 e(cept
by a direct hit from a nuclear missile.
b. 5ar plans include the immediate 88888888888888 of all enemy military
c. 6is criticism of my wor+ was entirely 88888888888888 . There was nothing
useful or constructive in it at all.
"$ &elie'e
a. It was incredible story, *uite 88888888888888 .
b. :he is a person of very strong religious 8888888888888 .
c. 6is e(planation was obviously false and the #udge made no attempt to hide his
88888888888888 .
Exercise (
6ere is a list of some common $nglish derivational affi(es. &or each of the affi(es
give at least D e(amples of words contaning it and provide information about the
category of their usual base and of the resulting new word. :ome !parts" of the tas+s
have been done for you.
)ffix Exam%les *hange
-able understandable, fixable, doable V > dj
-al refusal
-ant defendant
-!at"ion reali#ation
-ate acti$ate dj > V
Introduction to the Study of English
Week 7 Handout: Words and Word-formation Processes
-ly lonely dj > dj
-y thirsty % > dj
de- deacti$ate V > V
pre- prearrange
after- afterthought
o$er- o$erconfident
mini- miniskirt