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Artifact Name

#1 Accounting
Ch.13 Payroll
Accounting, Taxes,
#2 MoneySkills
Module 9 Federal
Income Taxes
#3 Ch. 3 Business
in a Borderless
#5 Small Business
#6 Employability
Skills Safety &
#7 Check-in 4/10
#8 Ch. 10
Discussion Board
Question 1
Core Competency
The student will demonstrate a working understanding
of a business' responsibility to know, abide by, and
enforce laws and regulations that affect business
operations and transactions.

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October 4, 2013 #5 October 2013 #6 April 2014 #7 April
10, 2014 #8 March 2014
I am including these artifacts, because most of them
discuss about the regulations and laws, employment
laws and regulations, trade regulations, work
environment, safety, and nature of taxes. All of these
artifacts that I have provided have helped me learn, gain
skills and improve in this certain subject.

I have learned how to deduct taxes, the reasoning of tax
deductions, and how to calculate net pay. In chapter 13
accounting, I learned how to layout a payroll registers,
write pay checks, and keeping track of the total amount
of paychecks of every individual employee. I learned the
regulations of world trading, the North American Free
Trade Agreement (NAFTA), helped me understand the
regulations and benefits of trading between the U.S,
Mexico, and Canada. We also wrote a paragraph of all
the benefits NAFTA and the money that has been saved
by this agreement. Some of chapter 3 introduction to
business explains the laws and regulations of
international trade.
Skills that I developed and utilized, is how to calculate
tax deduction from your pay, and utilizing throughout the
school year of Appearance and Safety. All of accounting
chapter 13 and MoneySkill module 9 has helped
develop skills of how to deduct taxes, what taxes are
deducted, and creating a payroll register. With minimal
help, I can create a payroll register for every individual
employee. I also know all the taxes that are deducted
from every paycheck, for example Social Security is
6.2%, Medicare is 1.45%, and depending on the
material status and amount of withholding allowances
there is, a certain amount is deducted. I have developed
the skills of keeping a professional appearance and
maintaining a safe environment in the class room. We
rate and comment on ourselves every quarter on a
sheet called employability skills, and then our teacher
rates us. It helped me create skills that employers look
for in employees.
Growth and

I have grown and improved my understanding of tax
deduction. Employability skills have helped me the most
in improvement, because my teacher will truthfully rate
me and I can know my weaknesses and how to improve
those weaknesses. Now, when I walk into a job I know
what my weaknesses are and can work on them
throughout my career. This has helped me build up my
skills and knowledge of this core competency.