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Spring &
1. A Garden Metamorphosis
4. Thank You, Donors!
6. Conservatory Displays &
Garden Tours
7. Garden Walks, Talks and
8. Horticultural Workshops
10. Cooking Demonstrations and
Art Xhibits
11. Xcursions
12. Brookside Gardens School of
Botanical Art & Illustration
14. Childrens Programs
15. Adult Programs by Start Date
16. Friends of Brookside Gardens
17. Registration
Table of Contents
General Information, 301-962-1400
Adult Education, 301-962-1470
Childrens Education, 301-962-1408
Library, 301-962-1476
School of Botanical Art & Illustration,
301-962-1470 or 1474
Volunteer Ofce, 301-962-1429
Gift Shop, 301-962-1448 or 1479
Facility Rental, 301-962-1404
McCrillis Gardens, 301-962-1455
Media Relations, 301-962-1427
Sponsorships/donations, 301-962-1402
Brookside Gardens
1800 Glenallan Avenue
Wheaton, Maryland 20902
Brookside Gardens is open every
day except December 25.
Gardens: SunriseSunset
Conservatories: 10:00am5:00pm
Visitors Center: 9:00am5:00pm
(closed some holidays)
McCrillis Gardens | 6910 Greentree Road, Bethesda, MD 20817
Letter from the Director
Horticultural Reference Library
10:00am3:00pm Monday
through Friday, except holidays
Master GardenersPlant
Clinic at Brookside Gardens
Saturday 10:00am2:00pm
Sunday 1:004:00pm
Editor: Ellen Bennett, 301-962-1402
Cover Photo: Leslie McDermott
The Shop at
Brookside Gardens
Sunday Noon4:00pm
Were just weeks away from breaking ground on the biggest project
undertaken at Brookside Gardens in 18 years, and I must admit, I have
butteries in my tummy! While our new entrance, driveway and parking lot
are grounded in technical details of engineering, planning and architecture,
what excites me most are the plants! I am a plant nerd, after all. And with this
major garden renewal comes the opportunity to expand our living collections
of trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants and seasonal displays. Staff has designed
exciting new landscapes that will complement the Brookside feeling we
all know and love, borrowing design elements like the local Carderock stone
quarried in Potomac, mixed borders of conifers accented by owering trees,
and containers full of exuberant tropical annuals. Our collection of native
trees, like unusual oak species, will be enhanced, as will other species like
magnolias. Well also be testing more tender species than weve grown in
the past, like Edgeworthia, Daphne and Camellia. And in some areas, well be
showing the best way to use plants to manage stormwater beautifully, right
on our own property. So while were under construction, just think about the
glorious new garden that is to come; its denitely going to be worth the wait!
Happy Gardening,
Stephanie Oberle
Director, Brookside Gardens
Hours of operation listed below may change due to
HVAC installation and parking lot renovation. Please call 301-962-1400 or visit
BrooksideGardens.org for construction updates.
rookside Gardens is experiencing a wonderful
metamorphosis as we break ground on Phase I and II
of our Master Plan and make other improvements. Though
the construction will focus on a limited section of the
Gardens, the changes will be transformative!
Gude Garden Restoration
The ponds and dams located in the Gude Garden have
been repaired and restored to their original beauty
and function. Though the project was a bit messy, as
dredging always is, the result will be a beautiful landscape
with shimmering ponds that offer a healthy aquatic
environment for both plants and wildlife. Final touches are
scheduled to be completed this spring.
New HVAC in Visitors Center
In the spring, the heating and cooling systems in the
Visitors Center will be replaced, providing an improved
system that will make the Visitors Center comfortable
for visitors and staff. The new system will require less
energy, thus saving money and reducing impact on the
environment. Brookside Gardens hopes to apply for
LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)
certication in the future, and this step will move us closer
to that ambitious goal.
As a result of this construction, the Visitors Center may be
closed to visitors for a period of six to eight weeks. Access
to restroom facilities will be available at the Conservatory
and the portable toilet located outside the Visitors Center.
New Entrance and Parking Lot Renovation
Phase I and II of the Master Plan address the design of the
1800 Glenallan Avenue entrance and the parking area. This
complex project will break ground in February 2014, and
will result in a complete transformation of the entrance
distinguishing it as the primary entrance to the Gardens
and adding spaces and design features in and around the
A Garden Metamorphosis
Brookside Gardens Xperience SpringSummer 2014 1
With compromised parking, we
have adjusted our educational
programming. We will offer smaller
classroom programs, providing an
intimate experience for students.
Workshops will result in take-
home items that are small and
lightweight, for easy transport
to vehicles that might be parked
a distance away. The annual
Green Matters Symposium will be
relocated to the Manor Country
Club in Rockville. The third annual
Private Garden Tour will proceed
this spring, as all the gardens are
located off-site, and summer camps
will run as scheduled. Art exhibits
on display in the Visitors Center
will be accessible when the building
is open.
In addition, several events
sponsored by the Friends of
Brookside Gardens will occur:
Orchid Sale, March 15 & 16,
Behnkes Garden Center,
Beltsville, Maryland
Fall Plant Sale, September 13,
Brookside Gardens Hoop House
(located on the maintenance hill)
Holiday Greens Sale, December 6,
Brookside Gardens Visitors Center
We have made the difcult
decision to cancel a number of
larger events in 2014, including:
Earth Day Festival
St. Patricks Day Scavenger Hunt
Wings of Fancy Live Butterfy and
Caterpillar Exhibit
Native Plant Sale
Spring and Fall Lecture Series
Summer Twilight Concert Series
Many plant shows and sales
Childrens Day
Pumpkin Panache Family Festival
The current construction schedule
has the parking lot available for
vehicles in time for the Garden
of Lights exhibit in November
2014. Please check the Program
Guide in this publication for more
information about our offerings in
the upcoming months.
Though we know construction
will present challenges over the
next year, we look forward to the
beautiful and improved facilities
that will be available to our visitors.
We thank you, in advance, for
your patience during this time of
transition and for your generous
support of Brookside Gardens and
this important project.
Programming affected by construction
parking area. Countless improvements will result from the
project, including:
n A more attractive and efcient entrance at the
intersection of Glenallan Avenue and Heurich Road, with
a safer, dedicated pedestrian walkway
n Lovely, original artwork announcing the entrance into a
very special landscape
n A new boardwalk meandering through a magnolia grove
and other new landscape areas prior to reaching the
Visitors Center
n A parking garden with appealing plantings (including a
diversity of new trees!) and additional parking spaces
n A courtyard for safe drop-off and pick-up of passengers
at the Visitors Center
n A new Aquatic Overlook (north of the Visitors Center)
with previously inaccessible views of the Aquatic Garden
n The new South Terrace (outside the Visitors Center
Atrium) a charming resting place for intimate
conversation, plus small classes and events
n A Water Garden featuring a design that will treat
stormwater runoff
These are only a sampling of the many improvements
that will result from the construction project, which is
estimated to be complete in June 2015.
Parking Alternatives
Despite the construction, the Gardens will remain open
to visitors, and the landscapes and displays will be as
lovely as they always have been. For your convenience, we
ask that you plan your trip in advance when visiting the
Gardens. You might consider visiting on days and times
that traditionally attract lower attendance, like weekdays,
evenings and days that are not holidays. We acknowledge
that parking will be a challenge and suggest carpooling and
the following alternatives:
Brookside Gardens Conservatory parking lot (1500
Glenallan Avenue) There are 39 parking spaces in this
lot with two accessible spaces available. The Visitors
Center is approximately an eight-minute walk from the
Conservatory. Restrooms, water fountains, and a gift shop
are all available at the Conservatory.
Wheaton Regional Park (Shoreeld parking area off
Georgia Avenue) This is a large parking lot with a
path that leads through the Park to the Gude Garden
pedestrian entrance at the Gardens (about a ten-minute
walk). You may plan to ride the carousel and/or train in
the Park before or after your visit to the Gardens (visit
MontgomeryParks.org for hours of operation). There are
also several picnic tables in the Park available for a fun
outdoor meal incorporated into your visit. And dont be
surprised if children want to make a stop at the newly
renovated playground, which you will pass during your
walk to the Gardens.
2 Brookside Gardens Xperience SpringSummer 2014
Parking Area
Kemp Mill
Parking Area
Equestrian Trail Loop
Brookside Gardens Construction Parking 2014








Glenallan Ave.
Brookside Gardens Xperience SpringSummer 2014 3
Kemp Mill Road (street parking) Kemp Mill Road is a wide
street with ample space for street parking. Follow the
Equestrian Trail Loop entering from Kemp Mill just south of
Glenallan Avenue, to the Oak Ridge Trail, which brings you
to Brookside Nature Center. The path is a natural surface
horse trail that meanders through a wooded area almost
parallel to Glenallan Avenue; the walk will take about ten
minutes. Though the Nature Center parking lot will be in
use for programming, you may walk through the property
by entering the parking area and walking to the end of the
parking lot. Here you may enter the Gardens through a
pedestrian gate that brings you to a boardwalk along which
a variety of native plants are featured. The Conservatory is
only steps from the end of the boardwalk.
Glenmont Metro Station The Glenmont Metro Station
(on the Red Line) is located at the intersection of Glenallan
Avenue and Georgia Avenue, about a 15-minute walk to the
Gardens. There is also a Ride On bus (Route 31) that stops
at the intersection of Randolph Road and Heurich Road
(on the corner with Glenallan Elementary School). A ve-
minute walk down Heurich will bring you to the Gardens.
Though the vehicle entrance at 1800 Glenallan Avenue will
be closed during construction, the pedestrian entrance
at this location will remain open for a portion of the
construction schedule. As the project progresses, signs
will be posted on-site and information will be available
on the Gardens website and Facebook page listing any
additional closings.
We need your support!
The Montgomery Parks
Foundation is working closely
with staff at the Gardens to
enhance the Master Plan project
with features such as a beautiful
metal-sculptured Ginkgo Canopy,
an Aquatic Garden Overlook,
and an entrance sign boldly
announcing the Gardens, plus
much more! In addition, there
will be several opportunities for
tribute benches associated with
the project.
None of these artistic features
will be possible without
YOU! Through namings and
dedications gifts large and
small to the Montgomery Parks
Foundation we look forward
to renewing the Gardens for the
enjoyment of almost half
a million annual visitors.
We will be honored to
acknowledge gifts of more than
$500 in support of this project on
an electronic donor screen located
in the Visitors Center. Gifts greater
than $1,000 will be acknowledged
with engraved paving stones in
the new entrance walkway to
the Gardens. The Montgomery
Parks Foundation and Brookside
Gardens wants everyone to know
and appreciate your generosity!
For more information contact:
Ellen Bennett, Advancement
Programs Manager
at Brookside Gardens
301-962-1402 or ellen.bennett@
Debbie Rankin, Executive
Director, Montgomery Parks
301-495-2490 or debbie.rankin@
Tribute benches located in front of
the Visitors Center are available for
dedication and will offer a warm welcome
to our visitors.
Donors of tribute benches in the South
Terrace will be acknowledged with dedica-
tion plaques adhered to the benches.
Viburnum Level $2,500 $4,999
Gene and Julia Horman
Hydrangea Level $1,000 - $2,499
Ruth Harper
Audrey and Sheldon Katz
Wisteria Level $500 - $999
Teresa and Steven Tretter
Rudbeckia Level $100 - $499
Norman and Judy Elrod
Fred and Mary Ann Fitzgerald
John and Barbara Gunn
Angela Hitti
Martha and Ron Lubet
Carmela A. Mannarino
Sligo Adult Education
Sylvia F. Suarez
Marca and Jim Woodhams
Trillium Level $50 - $99
Anonymous - 3
Lori and Harold Amos
James and Wendy Bruno
Richard and Eva Coffman
Lura May Dillow
Barbara Gentile
Polin Lei
Ma-Li Liang
Richard and Karol Oberle
Martin and Marcia Postman
Diane Reba
Debbie Reynolds
Richard and Fu-Meei Robbins
Jill Shaffer
Thomas E. Wellems
Eric and Sheree Wenger
Marjorie (Sammye) Williams
Tulip Level Up to $49
Michael Dinkin
Teresa Mu Yun Liu
Nancy and Bill Ragsdale

Styrax Level $5,000 - $9,999
Viburnum Level $2,500 $4,999
Robert and Sarah Newcomb
Hydrangea Level $1,000 - $2,499
Wisteria Level $500 - $999
Rudbeckia Level $100 - $499
Phoebe deReynier
The Donaldson Family
John and Martha Giovanelli
Helen Pechacek
Trillium Level $50 - $99
Elaine R. Rose
Alice Sutch
Tulip Level Up to $49
Ann Huyett
Darlene R. Prather
Harriet Saxe
St. Johns Garden Club
Joan ORourke
Cultivated Gardens LLC
Dan Fishman
Grace Marcroft
Pat Barile
Jeanne Byrd
Geri Hall
Melinda Hanson
Richard Houghton
Shirley Hughes
Barbara B. Jackson
Kathy Jentz
Erin Johnson
Janet Koles
Lynne Meyer
Eleanor Norwood
Stephanie Oberle
Michael Rockliff
Kathleen Schloeder
Frederic B. Siskind
Brad Struss
Nancy Traubitz
Herb and Caral Traxler
Sarah Wagner
Kohls Gaithersburg
Kohls Germantown
Sandy Spring CSA
Childrens Day
Friends of Brookside Gardens
Garden Renovations
Friends of Brookside Gardens
Green Matters
Friends of Brookside Gardens
Lecture Series
Friends of Brookside Gardens
Seasonal Garden Staff
Friends of Brookside Gardens
In Honor of Brookside Gardens Tour
Angela R. Janas
In Memory of Christian Eugene
In Memory of Marjorie Hart Cline
Vera Ramaty
In Memory of George D. DeBuchananne,
Warren and Sandra Lloyd
June Moore
In Memory of Mildred Dobbins
Sandy Spring Bank
4 Brookside Gardens Xperience SpringSummer 2014
The Montgomery Parks Foundation would like to thank all the generous donors to Brookside Gardens
from June 1, 2013 to December 15, 2013. Your gifts have been invaluable in providing resources,
programming and additional support to the Gardens. To learn more about making a donation to
support Brookside Gardens, please visit MontgomeryParksFoundation.org/donate-now/.
Thank You, Donors!
In Memory of Gertrude Frochlich
Helmuth and Hilda Jacobi
In Memory of Mel Gilley
Kathryn Gilley
In Memory of Larry Karacki and
Eileen Schmidt
Susanne Karacki
In Memory of Linda Murphy
Danilo and Lilia Alba
Elaine Dynes
In Honor of Phil Normandy
William and Miriam Gilbert
In Honor of Mrs. Frances Piotroski
Tova E. Kaplan
In Memory of Jerry M. Seigel
Susan Canada
In Honor of Len Taylors 85th Birthday
Dr. Katherine L. Seidel
In Memory of Barbara Whitcomb
Marie C. Gavin
Paul and Martha Guillet
Dolores and Bill Maletzky
E. Karin Nowack
Evelyn Royal
In Memory of Murray N. Price
Kenneth S. Price
In Memory of Linda Ann Rose
Pam Corbett
In Memory of Joyce A. M. Thomas
Monica Abrell
Antoinette V. Andolfatto
Arlene Bloom
Charlie and Sarah Boyd
Tonia & Lautaro Bravo-Llanten
Amber & Jerry Bullock
Dr. Alana Chock and Stephen Seslar
Leo Clark
Kimberly Clark-Adedoyin
William Cline and Dell Pillers-Cline
Bernice Cohen
Rhoda R. Cutlip
Danelia Dashiell
Marjorie W. Davis
Dr. Judith Docca
Ernesteen Ecker
Beverly & Herbert Feinroth
Betty Flanagan
Marian M. Fryer
Virginia Gibson
Nora Gladden
John and Barbara Gunn
Mary Ann Haley
Liz Hamilton
Alice E. Heiserman
Ann Hofman
Ken & Beulah Jackson
Madeline Jackson
Sheila & Franklin Jackson
Pauline G. Johnson
Emilie Labbe
Noor Lakhani
Betty & Phil Marshall
Abram & Muriel Martin
Leslie McDermott
Claire McLaughlin
Carol G. Moore
Imogene & Douglas Nelson
Stephanie Oberle
Linda Lee Parker
Evelyn Perlmutter
Guiliana Refour
Marjorie S. Richards
Dr. Donna & Jerel Richardson
Lesley Robinson
Dr. Sandra F. Robinson
Barbara A. Scott-Johnson
Andrew & Angela Starke
Barbara M. Starke
George H. Starke
Jan Stocklinski
Elsie and Dick Trivett
Cindy Warren
Dr. Louise F. Waynant
Monica Weaver
Dr. Herma & Dr. Eric Williams
Harry M. & Claretta S. Wingo
Florence Wolf
Norma Yess
Rita Zucker
In Memory of Betty Utley St. John
The St. John Family
In Honor of the Family of Barbara B.
Cynthia Werth
In Memory of Erich Alexis Zincke
Maria Clarissa M. Agustin
In Memory of Horacio David Blumenfeld
The Estate of Horacio David Blumenfeld
In Memory of George D. DeBuchananne,
Vera and Alec DeBuchananne
In Memory of Ruth M. Lawrence
Nancy Snyder and David Lawrence
In Memory of Lubka Kurillova
Tanja Orcev
In Memory of Betty Utley St. John
The St. John Family
In Memory of Erich Alexis Zincke
Maria Clarissa M. Agustin
Sheba C. Ephraim
Paula Levy
Bryan and Suzanne Lohr
John and Carmen Vincent
Brookside Gardens Xperience SpringSummer 2014 5
6 Brookside Gardens Xperience SpringSummer 2014
& Events
ook for our special FOBG program pricing on many of
our adult classes for members of the Friends of Brookside
Gardens, a nonprot organization established to support the
mission of the Gardens. For information about joining the
Friends of Brookside Gardens, visit www.brooksidegardens.org
or call 301-962-1400 to request a brochure, or see page 16.
Brookside Gardens offers a variety of programs
and events focused on sustainable horticulture
throughout the year. Look for our Green Thumbs
Up logo to nd programs with a focus on making
our gardens greener.
As a special note for class participants during our
construction: please allow ample time for parking prior to
the class start time. You can refer to page 2 for alternate
parking locations.
Spring Forward
Saturday, January 18Sunday, April 13
Summer Colors
Saturday, April 26 Sunday, September 21
Conservatory Displays
Brookside Gardens Conservatory is open daily
10:00am-5:00pm free of charge unless otherwise noted.
Free Garden Tours
Enjoy free tours of Brookside Gardens in Wheaton or
McCrillis Gardens in Bethesda. Brookside Gardens is an
award-winning display garden, featuring an abundance
of annual and perennial displays throughout the season.
McCrillis Gardens is a naturalistic strolling garden, offering
shady woodland walks and splashes of color in spring.
Highly trained knowledgeable guides offer engaging
horticultural tours, focusing on the plants that make each
garden unique.
Brookside Gardens Saturday Afternoon Walks
Free; registration required- choose a date below
Meet at the Conservatory Entrance
Course #270649
April 19, 2:00-3:00pm
Course #270650
May 3, 2:00-3:00pm
Course #270651
May 31, 2:00-3:00pm
Course #270652
June 21, 2:00-3:00pm
McCrillis Gardens Sunday Afternoon Walks
Free; registration required- choose a date below
Meet at McCrillis House in Bethesda at 6910 Greentree Rd.
Course #270653
May 4, 2:00-3:00pm
Course #270654
Mothers Day Tour,
May 11, 2:00-3:00pm
Course #270655
May 18, 2:00-3:00pm
Course #270656
May 25, 2:00-3:00pm
Private Group Horticultural Tours
Clubs and other organizations desiring private
horticultural tours can be accommodated throughout
the year. For information and to schedule a date, call
301-962-1407. The fee is $5 per participant, minimum
Garden Tours
Look for many Plant Shows
and Sales to return in 2015.
Brookside Gardens Xperience SpringSummer 2014 7
Register online at www.ParkPASS.org Special Events PROGRAM GUIDE Garden Walks, Talks and Demos
Garden Walks, Talks
and Demos
Gain an insiders knowledge on the
seasonal happenings at Brookside
Gardens and learn more about the
many areas of horticulture. Our staff
will offer you a depth of knowledge
that you wont get anywhere else!
Dress for the weather and wear
comfortable shoes.
Hardy Ferns and Allies: Its Easy
Being Green
Diane Lewis, Brookside Gardens Staff
Looking for something to enhance the
shaded garden? Enjoy a presentation
of the many (yes, many) hardy ferns
and relatives that prosper in the D.C.
area. A myriad of species, hybrids, and
cultivars are on the market these days
deciduous, evergreen, new crested
forms, even a few colorful varieties.
Course #270549
Thursday, April 10, 1:00-2:30pm
Fee: $6 FOBG: $5; registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Its Spring, and the Wildowers
Are Up!
Diane Lewis, Brookside Gardens Staff
Get out of the house and stroll along
Brooksides woodland boardwalk to
see our native herbaceous and woody
species thriving there. Well discuss
cultural practices, whats easy and
whats hard to grow in our own gardens,
and enjoy the historical lore.
Course #270550
Tuesday, April 22, 1:00-2:30pm
Fee: $6 FOBG: $5; registration required
Conservatory Entrance
The Fragrance Garden
Jim Deramus, Brookside Gardens Staff
During one of the most aromatic times
of the growing season, come and enjoy
a tour of our Fragrance Garden led by its
lead horticulturist. Learn tips and tricks
for adding fragrant plants to
your garden.
Course #270551
Wednesday, April 30, 1:00-2:30pm
Fee: $6 FOBG: $5; registration required
Fragrance Garden
Dont Forget the Groundcovers!
Diane Lewis, Brookside Gardens Staff
Experienced gardeners utilize even
the small garden space with layers of
design. From the upper canopy down
through understory trees and shrubs,
interesting groundcovers serve as an
important, contrasting edge to the
landscape or will ll in areas where
grass is not an option. Both common
and unusual, the variety is endless.
Course #270552
Wednesday, June 4, 1:00-2:30pm
Fee: $6 FOBG: $5; registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
The New Gude Garden
Phil Normandy, Brookside Gardens Staff
After a long wait, the Gude Garden
construction has been completed and
replanted! Take a tour with our head
horticulturist and learn more about
what has been accomplished, and what
unique and interesting plants have
been added.
Course #270599
Thursday, June 26, 10:00-11:30pm
Fee: $6 FOBG: $5; registration required
Visitors Center Rear Entrance
Dealing with Deer
Lisa Tayerle, Brookside Gardens Staff
Are you discouraged by deer in your
garden? Join horticulturist Lisa Tayerle
for a walk around Brookside to learn the
various challenges these four-legged
pests present and the various ways we
deal with them.
Course #270600
Thursday, July 10, 10:00-11:30am
Fee: $6 FOBG: $5; registration required
Conservatory Entrance
An Introduction to Water Gardening
Laura Vogel, Brookside Gardens Staff
Its getting hot outside; what better
time to be inspired to add water to your
garden? While sometimes challenging
to establish, these gardens can add a
new dimension to your outdoor space.
Step by step instructions and local
resources will be included.
Course #270601
Wednesday, July 30, 1:00-2:30pm
Fee: $6 FOBG: $5; registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Horticultural Workshops
How to Make a Home Worm Bin
For Kids of All Ages!
Gordon Clark, Project Director,
Montgomery Victory Gardens
Worm bins are a simple, easy, fun
way to compost kitchen scraps at
home. Learn about the environment
while making the richest compost
around! This workshop, suitable
for children 6 and older (but works
for adults too!) includes a hands-on
demonstration of building a home
worm bin, along with instructions for
care. Children must be accompanied by
an adult. Refreshments included.
Course #272499
Tuesday, March 18, 4:30-6:00pm
Fee: $22 FOBG: $20 per household;
registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Guide to Local Gardening Series
Kathy Jentz, Editor/Publisher, Washington
Gardener Magazine
If you are new to gardening or are new
to the DC metropolitan area, learn
about our local gardening world and
Local Gardening 101: Getting the
Garden Ready for Spring
Can you feel the difference in the air?
Birds and buds are waking up as spring
fast approaches! There is so much to
do in the garden, but where to begin?
Well look at what to tackle rst, what
can wait, and what you need not bother
with at all. Get organized and get
inspired for a new growing
season ahead.
Course #272549
Thursday, March 27, 2:00-3:30pm
Fee: $18 FOBG: $15; registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Local Gardening 201: Tackling
Common Challenges
So youve been gardening for a few
years, but still feel like there are some
holes in your gardening knowledge and
are frustrated by a few obstacles this
class is for you. Well take it to the next
level and talk about local gardening
issues like poor drainage, gardening
on a slope, deer, planting in clay soil,
etc. Well examine case studies of local
gardeners who have conquered these
common garden challenges.
Course #272550
Thursday, April 3, 2:00-3:30pm
Fee: $18 FOBG: $15; registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Rain Garden Workshop
Montgomery County Department
of Environmental Protection
Learn techniques to evaluate
your yard and create a rain garden
that uses native plants and enhanced
soils to build a watershed-friendly
garden full of beauty and life. Develop
a planting plan and materials list to
create your garden and learn about the
Countys rebate program to assist with
funding your project. Bring a bag lunch
or snack, if youd like.
Course #272199
Thursday, April 3, 4:00-7:00pm
Course #272249
Friday, April 4, 10:00am-1:00pm
Fee: $15 FOBG: $12; registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Make & Take Rain Barrels
Montgomery County Department
of Environmental Protection
Gather and store water from
your rooftop and to help control the
stormwater impact to your yard. Learn
about watershed health in the County
and how you can help, starting at your
own home. Rain barrel with ttings and
easy instructions provided. Limit one
rain barrel per household. Remember
you need a vehicle large enough to carry
a 55-gallon barrel home! Bring a bag
lunch or snack, if youd like.
Course #272299
Friday, April 25, 10:00am-1:00pm
Course #272349
Saturday, April 26, 10:00am-1:00pm
Fee: $15 FOBG: $12; registration required
Montgomery College, Germantown
Hanging Baskets
Joan ORourke, Friends of Brookside Gardens
Beautiful new plant color introductions
will add surprises to this perennially
favorite workshop. Instructions will
cover lining a 14-inch wire basket with
sphagnum moss and planting tips for
best results. Fee includes all materials.
Course #272399
Wednesday, May 7, 10:00-11:30am
Course #272400
Friday, May 9, 10:00-11:30am
Fee: $55 FOBG: $50; registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
8 Brookside Gardens Xperience SpringSummer 2014
Horticultural Workshops www.BrooksideGardens.org
Brookside Gardens Xperience SpringSummer 2014 9
Register online at www.ParkPASS.org Horticultural Workshops
Conservation Landscaping
Montgomery County
Department of Environmental
Learn how conservation-based
landscaping techniques can beautify
your yard and neighborhood, restore
native habitats, help improve the
environment, and save you time and
money. Well go over turf removal
techniques, help you develop a site
design tailored to your yard and provide
information on the Countys rebate
program to help fund your project. Bring
a bag lunch or snack, if you like.
Course #272350
Thursday, May 15, 4:00-7:00pm
Course #272351
Friday, May 16, 10:00am-1:00pm
Fee: $15 FOBG: $12; registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Miniature Hostas
Joan ORourke, Friends of Brookside Gardens
These gems of the horticultural world
are becoming more popular and diverse.
Learn more about the many varieties
available and how to care for them as
you pot up a container to take home.
Fee includes all materials.
Course #272401
Wednesday, May 21, 10:00-11:30am
Course #272402
Thursday, May 22, 10:00-11:30am
Fee: $50 FOBG: $45; registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Best of Brookside
Joan ORourke, Friends of Brookside Gardens
Joan has chosen some of her favorite
perennial plants from Brookside
displays for a container that will grace
your garden for many seasons to come.
Fee includes all materials, including a
14-inch container.
Course #272403
Thursday, June 12, 10:00-11:30am
Course #272404
Friday, June 13, 10:00-11:30am
Fee: $40 FOBG: $35; registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Zen Garden
Sarah King and Shinki Gibo
Based on the Japanese tradition of
Hakoniwa, the simple lines and well
placed natural elements of this box
garden will instill a sense of tranquility
in your home. Using dwarf plant
varieties, beautiful stones and the
traditional wooden box, you will learn
to create balance, while maintaining
a uid, natural line. Fee includes all
Course #272405
Tuesday, June 17, 10:00am-12:00pm
Fee: $90 FOBG: $80; registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Photographing Flowers Artistically
Josh Taylor, Archiphoto Workshops
This photography workshop, designed
for all levels, will emphasize creative
approaches to ower photography
and lift your images beyond the
ordinary. Learn how to see eye-catching
compositions and choose a background
that enhances your subject. Participants
will have the opportunity to use props,
such as textured Plexiglas, fabrics, and
decorative objects to enhance and
capture the beauty of owers. Includes
pre-workshop instruction.
Course #272449
Saturday, June 28, 8:00-10:00am
Fee: $35 FOBG: $30; registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Low Tunnel Construction
Gordon Clark, Project Director,
Montgomery Victory Gardens
This hands-on workshop for food
gardeners will teach you how to build
and maintain a low tunnel and cold
frame the fundamental structures to
grow food throughout the winter.
Course #272599
Saturday, July 19, 9:00-10:30am
Fee: $22 FOBG: $20; registration required
Meet at Visitors Center rear entrance
10 Brookside Gardens Xperience SpringSummer 2014
Cooking Demonstrations and Art Xhibits www.BrooksideGardens.org
Cooking Demonstrations
Adrienne Cook, Garden and Cooking
Danielle Cook, Holistic Nutritionist and
Cooking Instructor
Join Brookside Gardens for this
delectable series of cooking classes,
focusing on healthful recipes with
seasonal and local fruits, vegetables,
and herbs you can grow. Enjoy
samples of the dishes, prepared
before you, using easy-to-follow
recipes that you can try at home.
We Say Potatoes
The Irish may have made them
famous, but potatoes have been a
food staple in many parts of the world
for hundreds of years. Learn new
ways to prepare these ancient root
crops, plus a peek at sweet potatoes.
Course #272649
Wednesday, March 12, 12:00-1:30pm
Fee: $35 FOBG: $30; registration
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Spring Shoots & Seeds
Picked at just the right time,
asparagus and peas are the most
sublime harbingers of spring. One is
nutty and grassy, the other is sweet
and crunchy. Combine them or cook
them separately, but dont miss out
on these treats, showcased by the
Cook Sisters.
Course #272650
Wednesday, April 16, 12:00-1:30pm
Fee: $35 FOBG: $30; registration
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Sensational Strawberries
Mince them, mash them, wiz them,
bake them, cook them, or serve
them fresh whatever you do with
strawberries, theyll awaken the
palate and leave you begging for
more. The Cook Sisters will bring you
new ideas to prepare these favorite
summer berries.
Course #272651
Wednesday, May 14, 12:00-1:30pm
Fee: $35 FOBG: $30; registration
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Summer Salads
Whats better in the summer than a
bright, avor-packed salad for dinner?
The Cook Sisters will bring you new
ideas for salads and new ways of
thinking about what a summer salad
is or should be.
Course #272652
Wednesday, June 18, 12:00-1:30pm
Fee: $35 FOBG: $30; registration
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Truly Tomatoes
The all-tomato, all-the-time July
class makes a comeback with this
program showcasing the star of the
summer garden. Its impossible to get
too much of this delicious, vitamin-
packed fruit of the vine. Discover new
ways to enjoy a summer favorite.
Course #272653
Wednesday, July 16, 12:00-1:30pm
Fee: $35 FOBG: $30; registration
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Art Xhibits
December 16, 2013- February 9, 2014
Verena Levine, Janet Wildman and
Diane Garrison, Quilts/Fabric Art
Michelle C. Roberts, Photography
February 10 April 6
Daniel B. McNeill, Photography
April 7 May 18
Potomac Valley Watercolorists,
Watercolor Paintings

May 19 June 27th
Washington Metropolitan Artists
Society, Mixed Media Paintings
June 28 August 8
Botanica 2014:
The Art & Science of Plants
Brookside Gardens School of Botanical
Art & Illustration and Botanical Art
Society of the National Capital Region,
Drawings and Paintings
August 9- September 21
Baltimore Watercolor Society,
Watercolor Paintings
Private Gardens of Montgomery County

Visit some of the most inspiring private gardens of Montgomery County at
the height of gardening season. Join Brookside Gardens for our annual private
open garden tour; this is your
only opportunity to visit these
extraordinary gardens! Discover
your inner designer as you gather
creative ideas and practical
information for your own garden.
Be sure to look for the new fall
edition of this special event in the
next program guide.
Course #272152
Saturday, May 17, 10:00am-4:00pm
Fee: $20 All-garden Pass ($5/garden if paid at the door)
Map to gardens will be sent to registrants
Historic Gardens of
Downtown Fredericksburg

Sponsored by the Rappahannock
Valley Garden Club, this years tour
includes ve beautiful downtown
homes and gardens for you to enjoy.
Take a leisurely stroll from garden to
garden, and make sure to enjoy special
activities, historic sites, and shops
along the way! Wear low-heeled shoes
to protect antique oors. Fee includes
coach fare, entrance fees, and a sit-
down lunch at a local restaurant.
Course #272149
Tuesday, April 29, 8:00am-6:00pm
Fee: $115; registration required
Meeting location to be determined
Not-to-miss Garden Centers

Get your plant shopping done before
the Mothers Day rush, and discover
local garden centers. We will stop by
Susanna Farms Nursery, Thanksgiving
Farms Unique Garden Center, and
Lily Pons for an inside scoop of their
business, and of course, shopping.
Fee includes a box lunch and
transportation for you and the plants
that you buy!
Course #272150
Tuesday, May 6, 8:00am-4:00pm
Fee: $35; registration required
Meeting location to be determined
Brookside Gardens Xperience SpringSummer 2014 11
Register online at www.ParkPASS.org Xcursions
The mid-Atlantic region has a rich horticultural tradition; come discover it with Brookside Gardens! Visit gardens public and private,
go behind-the-scenes at nurseries, and explore the unique plants and landscaping of our region. From short, local trips to full day,
out-of-state adventures, there is an Xcursion just for you. Make sure to wear walking shoes and dress for the weather.
A Visit to Oatlands

Come for a trip back in time as we
visit the beautiful Oatlands Historic
House and Gardens near Leesburg,
Virginia. As a National Trust
Historic Site, this former plantation
has American history both inside
its walls and outside the gardens
were created two centuries ago! Fee
includes transportation, entrance
fees, and a traditional high tea.
Course #272153
Tuesday, June 24, 9:00am-5:00pm
Fee: $50; registration required
Meeting location to be determined
Gardens of the Capital

Dont be a stranger to your own backyard! Join Brookside Gardens to discover two
northwest DC gardens: Hillwood Museum & Gardens and Dumbarton Oaks. Bring a
friend and camera as we enjoy both guided tours and time to explore each garden
individually. Fee includes coach fare, entrance fees, and lunch.
Course #272151
Tuesday, June 10, 9:00am-4:00pm
Fee: $65; registration required
Meeting location to be determined
Brookside Gardens School of Botanical Art & Illustration www.BrooksideGardens.org
12 Brookside Gardens Xperience SpringSummer 2014
Brookside Gardens School of Botanical Art & Illustration Margaret Saul, Director
The pleasurable pursuit of drawing plants
from eld, woods or garden opens your
eyes to see the true beauty in nature. Even
a pesky weed can charm when viewed up
close and drawn in detail. Enter the world
of the botanical artist!
Classes at varied levels are scheduled
in a logical sequence of instruction
throughout the year. The Look & Learn
series provide demonstrations only
but with time aside for practicing the
techniques. If you have completed the
42 hour introductory botanical drawing
course consider the introductory
botanical painting classes, Painting 103
and Painting 205. Botany for Botanical
Artists is open to all who wish to learn
about plants through an artists eye.
Workshops vary widely in content and
duration, and Start Drawing & Painting
is a great little summer course to gain a
head start on Core Curriculum classes
starting in fall.
Class details and registration
Materials for March-July Classes -
Core Curriculum
Take the Core Curriculum (which begins
each fall) in sequence from Drawing 101
Painting 310. The classes listed below
are open to anyone who has taken the
prerequisites listed for each course.
Painting 205 completes the schools
introductory core instruction in
botanical art
Total class time for each core subjects
is 14 hours.
Two weeks between Painting 103 and
Painting 205 to complete the project
for 103 before continuing to 205.
Homework tasks and practice - allow
a minimum of ve hours per week.
Painting 103: Color Study &
Watercolor Applications
Kathy Lutter
Develop brush handling skills and
watercolor techniques. Class exercise
sheets help students to develop color
mixing and color observation. Learn
how to select three pigments to capture
the colors found in a specic plant
magical! Consider design principles
and apply the painting techniques to
a fun arrangement of plant elements.
Prerequisite: Dimensional Study 204 or
ability to produce an accurately detailed
tonal study in graphite.
Course #248902
Tuesday, February 18, 25, March 4, 11
Fee: $255; registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Painting 205: Botanical Painting
Kathy Lutter
Build on knowledge and skills
introduced in Painting 103 to complete
a small, botanical painting of a plant
specied by the teacher at the rst
class. Regular practice to master the
specic drawing and painting skills
at this level will see your botanical
painting accepted into Botanica, the
schools annual juried exhibition,
thereby gaining an Achievement Award.
Prerequisite: Painting 103.
Course #275050
Tuesday, March 25, April 1, 8, 15
Fee: $255; registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Botany for Artists
Tina Thieme Brown
Understand plant structures to see your
botanical art come alive! Learn how to
observe and identify plants. Appreciate
subtle variations found in leaf edges,
leaf arrangements, the variation in
thorns, hairs and much more. Probe,
dissect and sketch sections of owers
and fruits. Prepare a eld study page,
a reference for future paintings that
includes observational sketches and
pressed plant samples. No prerequisite.
Course #275051
Tuesday, April 29, May 6, 13, 27
Fee: $255; registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Workshops & Short
Prerequisites may be required
Botanical Painting:
A Beautiful Leaf
Lee DZmura
In botanical art, leaves complete the
portrait and enhance the oral focal
point; it is essential they are accurately
and skillfully illustrated. Exercises will
focus on capturing the character and
detail of leaves in watercolor using the
schools approach to botanical painting
instruction. Traditional ne dry-brush
technique will be briey demonstrated.
(Intermediate advanced)
Course #271199
Friday, March 14 & Saturday, March 15
Fee: $180; registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
A Pansy: Wet & Dry Colored Pencil
Karen Coleman
Capture the intense colors and velvety
texture of pansies using watercolor
and dry colored pencils to build layers
of rich color. Ahead of class, complete
a detailed tonal drawing of a whole
plant or close-up of a pansy face.
Alternatively, use a close-up photo
provided by the teacher at class.
Registration deadline: March 22.
Prerequisites: Dimensional Study and
Colored Pencil I, or experience with
colored pencil.
Course #271249
Saturday, March 29, 10:00am-3:30pm
Fee: $90; registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Painting Studio: Advanced
Lee DZmura
Reinforce the advanced botanical
watercolor techniques of the schools
core curriculum and receive further
guidance on a work in progress, or focus
on how to successfully complete your
painting, ready for entry into Botanica.
Prerequisite: Painting 205 or some
experience in botanical watercolor.
Course #271299
Saturday, April 12, 10:00am-12:30pm
Fee: $45; registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Painting Studio:
Develop further condence and gain
greater enjoyment and satisfaction
from your botanical painting. This
relaxed learning opportunity focuses
on watercolor painting through
demonstrations and individual
guidance for each student. Bring a
work in progress, or focus on a specic
painting technique to see your Painting
205 project ready to enter for Botanica.
A successful entry will see you receive
the schools Achievement Award.
Prerequisite: Painting 103 or watercolor
painting experience.
Course #271301
Friday, April 25, 10:00am-12:30pm
Kathy Lutter
Course #271302
Saturday, May 31, 10:00am-12:30pm
Kelly Sverduk
Fee: $45; registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Nature Journal: Spring Ephemerals
Lee DZmura
Journaling outdoors is relaxing and
enjoyable! Sketch spring woodland
wild owers at Brookside Gardens and
any other subjects that catch your
attention. Complete a journal page
with ink outlining or color and include
your thoughts and observations. Class
time both days is split between outdoor
sketching and indoors to complete
a page. Three journaling styles will
be demonstrated and students will
be encouraged to explore various
combinations of art media.
Course #271351
Thursday, May 1 and 8, 10:00am-4:30pm
Fee: $220; registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Painting Roses (Look & Learn)
Joan Maps Ducore
Watch a rose bloom before your eyes in
beautiful, transparent watercolor. Try
for yourself each stage of the painting
process for painting rose petals on
watercolor paper supplied.
Course #271449
Saturday, May 10, 10:00am-12:00pm
Fee: $40; registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Sketch Trees in the Garden
Tina Thieme Brown
Start a sketchbook
of trees or include
tree drawings in
your botanical
art. Classes focus
on two beautiful
trees at Brookside.
The sketching
process begins with observation, then
drawing features that are useful in
tree identication. Sketches and leaf
rubbings will add to the drawing of a
tree in the distance. Explore various
sketching media: graphite, ink, and
watercolor pencils.
Course #271601
Thursday, May 29 and June 5
Fee: $130; registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Start Drawing & Painting
If you enjoy plants and long to paint
them join us and have fun along the
way! Enter the world of the botanical
artist as the teacher shares her
botanical art experiences, exhibits
preparatory drawings for paintings,
teaches you how to draw and nish
with a page of painted leaves and
owers using our unique color mixing
method. Beginners and experienced
artists are all assured of learning
something new.
Course #271649
Tuesday, July 8 and 15, 10:00am-3:30pm
Joan Ducore
Course #271650
Saturday, July 12 and 26, 10:00am-
Kelly Sverduk
Fee: $165; registration required
Visitors Center Adult Classroom
Brookside Gardens Xperience SpringSummer 2014 13
Brookside Gardens School of Botanical Art & Illustration
Childrens Discovery Benches
Hands-on activities, games, books and
puzzles ll the Childrens Discovery
Benches located in the Childrens
Classroom. Benches are available
depending on staff and room availability.
Childrens Garden Schools Outside!
Come and see the new Childrens
Garden, Schools Outside! Experience
learning in fun outdoor classrooms
planted with colorful owers, alphabet
plants, topiaries, and other curiosities
like a miniature library. Each classroom
has a lesson that will connect the
garden to the concepts of Math, Science,
Reading, Art and Music. Even Lunch
and Recess will be more fun than your
average school day!
Summer Camp Programs
Led by Lynn Richard, Brookside
Gardens Staff
Garden Fairies and Gnomes
Have a magical time in the garden
exploring a tiny, imaginative world!
Make fairy and gnome gardens, learn
about owers and fun plant lore, make
crafts and play games.
Course # 259493
June 16-20, 9-3:30pm
Fee: $290.00; ages: 6-8
Childrens classroom
Extended Care
Course # 259494
June 16-20, 3:30-5:30pm
Fee: $70.00
Just Add Water Kids
Gardening Camp!
Explore our newly-themed Childrens
Garden, Schools Outside. Discover
how the disciplines of Math, Science,
Reading, Art, Music, and even Lunch/
Recess connect us to gardening and
our natural world. Participate in fun,
hands-on gardening activities, games,
and crafts. Plant and grow your own
container garden.
Course # 263399
June 23-27, 9:00am-3:30pm
Fee: $290.00; ages: 9-11
Childrens classroom
Extended Care
Course # 263449
June 23 -27, 3:30-5:30pm
Fee: $70.00
Farms, Food, Fun, and Sun!
Have a week of fun learning about
farms and food! Visit three farms, a
farmers market and learn where your
food comes from and how to cook it!
Participate in a cooking class, harvest
a few veggies and fruits, see the
countryside and take a hayride! You will
also plant your own container vegetable
garden. And for even more fun, lets
stop by the famous Herrs chip factory.
Course # 263150
July 7-11, 9:00am-3:30pm
Fee: $290.00; ages: 9-11
Childrens classroom
Extended Care
Course # 263450
July 7-11, 3:30-5:30pm
Fee: $70.00
Bees, Butteries, and Bugs:
Gardening for Pollinators
Lets help our garden friends! Plant
pollinators are crucial visitors to the
garden, yet are in decline due to habitat
loss, misuse of pesticides, diseases and
parasites. Take a trip to the National
Zoo Pollinarium to learn how plants
and insects survive together. Participate
in hands-on gardening activities
and crafts, and plant a garden for
Course # 263353
July 14-18, 9:00am-3:30pm
Fee: $290.00; ages: 6-8
Childrens classroom
Extended Care
Course # 263355
July 14-18, 3:30-5:30pm
Fee: $70.00
14 Brookside Gardens Xperience SpringSummer 2014
Childrens Programs & Xhibits www.BrooksideGardens.org
Brookside Gardens Xperience SpringSummer 2014 15
Register online at www.ParkPASS.org Adult Programs by Start Date
Adult Programs by Start Date
Date Title Fee FOBG Number
12-Mar We Say Potatoes $35 $30 272649
14-Mar* Botanical Painting: A Beautiful Leaf $180 $180 271199
18-Mar How to Make a Home Worm Bin $22 $20 272499
25-Mar* Painting 205: Botanical Painting $255 $255 275050
27-Mar Local Gardening 101 $18 $15 272549
29-Mar A Pansy: Wet & Dry Colored Pencil $90 $90 271249
3-Apr** Rain Garden Workshop $15 $12 272199
3-Apr Local Gardening 201 $18 $15 272550
10-Apr Hardy Ferns and Allies: Its Easy Being Green $6 $5 270549
12-Apr Painting Studio: Advanced $45 $45 271299
16-Apr Spring Shoots & Seeds $35 $30 272650
19-Apr** Brookside Gardens Walk $0 $0 270649
22-Apr Its Spring and the Wildowers are up! $6 $5 270550
25-Apr** Painting Studio: Beginner-intermediate $45 $45 271301
25-Apr** Make & Take Rain Barrels $15 $12 272299
29-Apr Botany for Artists $255 $255 275051
29-Apr Historic Gardens of Downtown Fredericksburg $115 $115 272149
30-Apr The Fragrance Garden $6 $5 270551
1-May* Nature Journal: Spring Ephemerals $220 $220 271351
4-May** McCrillis Gardens Walk $0 $0 270653
6-May Not-to-miss Garden Centers $35 $35 272150
7-May** Hanging Baskets $55 $50 272399
10-May Painting Roses (Look & Learn) $40 $40 271449
14-May Sensational Strawberries $35 $30 272651
15-May** Conservation Landscaping Techniques $15 $12 272350
17-May Private Gardens of Montgomery County $20 $20 272152
21-May** Miniature Hostas $50 $45 272401
29-May* Sketch Trees in the Garden $130 $130 271601
4-Jun Dont Forget the Groundcovers! $6 $5 270552
10-Jun Gardens of the Capital $65 $65 272151
12-Jun** Best of Brookside $40 $35 272403
17-Jun Zen Garden $90 $80 272405
18-Jun Summer Salads $35 $30 272652
24-Jun A Visit to Oatlands $50 $50 272153
26-Jun The New Gude Garden $6 $5 270599
28-Jun Photographing Flowers Artistically $35 $30 272449
8-Jul Start Drawing and Painting $165 $165 271649
10-Jul Dealing with Deer $6 $5 270600
16-Jul Truly Tomatoes $35 $30 272653
19-Jul Low Tunnel Construction Demonstration $22 $20 272599
30-Jul An Introduction to Water Gardening $6 $5 270601
*Multiple meeting times for this course
**Multiple course times available
16 Brookside Gardens Xperience SpringSummer 2014
Friends of Brookside Gardens (FOBG) was established to support the
mission of the Brookside Gardens. This includes maintaining of programs
to reveal the year-round wonders and beauty of nature and also educating
the public on how the proper care of plants can preserve the environment.
How does FOBG Membership
Support Brookside Gardens?
FOBG provides the primary non-public
nancial support for Brookside Gardens.
FOBG dues are used exclusively to
support Brookside Gardens programs
and plantings. Only a negligible
percentage of dues goes towards
administrative costs.
Examples of FOBG Supported
Plantings throughout the Gardens
Donations for Brookside Gardens
Master Plan
Childrens Day Program
Green Matters Symposium
Concert Series
Lecture Series
Discount for you at Brookside
Special FOBG discounted fees for
many Brookside programs
10% discount on non-sale items at
the Marylandica Shops at Brookside
10% discount at FOBGs Fall Plant Sale
Discounts and special offers at
many Garden-related businesses:
Subject to change without notice. Be sure to
show your card before purchase.
Behnke Nurseries
Good Earth Garden Market
Johnsons Florist & Garden Center
River Hill Garden Center
Stadler Nurseries
Suns Garden & Landscaping
Susanna Farm Nursery
Wild Bird Centers
Washington Gardener Magazine
Bloomin Buck$ with Brent and
Beckys Bulbs
Additional Benets:
Early Admission to Fall Plant Sale
The BROOKSIDER - newsletter
Members-only Functions
Notice of programs at Brookside
Gardens, some with discounts for
FOBG members
For more information or to hear about volunteer opportunities, contact the Friends:
friendsofbrooksidegardens-fobg.org 301-962-1435 friendsofbrooksidegardens@yahoo.com
Membership Benets
This is a gift membership from:
Membership dues and cancellations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.
FOBG is a 501 (C)(3) not-for-prot group organized exclusively for charitable and
educational purposes. We do not share our membership list or any donor information
with other groups. All memberships are renewable annually in October.
Membership Fees:
Individual: $30
Family: $45
Garden Club: $45
Contributor: $50
Sponsor: $100
Patron: $250
Benefactor: $500
___Cash ___Visa ___Mastercard
Check #_____________ (payable to FOBG)
Attn: Friends of Brookside Gardens
1800 Glenallan Avenue
Wheaton, MD 20902-1369
Join the Friends Today!
Registration www.BrooksideGardens.org
Brookside Gardens Xperience SpringSummer 2014 17
Important Registration Information
1. You must open a ParkPASS account in
order to register for any program.
2. We regret that it is not possible to
include babies or children in classes
designed for adults, unless specied.
3. All programs will run rain or shine,
unless a rain date is listed; for cancel-
lation information call 301-962-1470.
4. FOBG members should enter the dis-
counted FOBG rate in the Fee column.
For information about joining FOBG,
call 301-962-1435 or check
5. Conrmation of your registration will
be made by mail or email. If an event
is lled to capacity, your check will be
returned and your name placed on a
waiting list. You will be contacted by
phone if an opening occurs.
6. Deadline for registration is 7 days
prior to event date, unless otherwise
stated. Participants will be enrolled in
the order received.
7. Unless otherwise indicated by the
participant or a parent/guardian in
writing at the time of registration,
photographs of participants for use
in Commission publications may be
taken while participating in program
Refund Policy: If a program is cancelled
you will be notied and receive a full
refund. If you choose to cancel your reg-
istration from an event you must notify
the Registrar at least ve business days
prior to the start of the class. A credit
voucher will be issued less a 20% admin-
istrative fee. The voucher will be valid for
one year from the date of issue. Use your
credit voucher for another event of your
choice. Credit for trips and workshops
will be granted only if a replacement is
available from the waiting list. A thirty-
ve dollar ($35.00) fee will be charged for
all returned checks.
To register by mail, or in person:
Complete the registration form and mail with payment (or drop off registration form
and payment) to:
BROOKSIDE GARDENS, Attn. Registrar, 1800 Glenallan Avenue, Wheaton, MD 20902
Make checks payable to M-NCPPC
To Register Online: www.ParkPASS.org
Already have a ParkPASS account?
To register, just ll in the rst three boxes.
Need to register a child? Fill in these three boxes.
Middle Initial (JR, SR, II, III) Birth Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Gender: M/F
Street Address
City, State, Zip Code
Primary Phone Secondary Phone
Need to open a ParkPASS account? Please ll in all the boxes.
For information on M-NCPPCs Fee Reduction Program for Montgomery County
residents, call 301-495-2530. Applications are available at Brookside Gardens
Visitors Center Information Desk.
The Department of Park and Planning encourages and supports the involvement and
participation of individuals with disabilities in all programs/services. Register a minimum
of two weeks in advance of the program start date and call 301-962-1451 to request a
disability accommodation.
For registration information, call 301-962-1451.
Fill out a separate form for each participant. Friends of Brookside Gardens members enter the FOBG rate for each course.
Registration opens February 14 for Montgomery and Prince Georges County residents, February 15 for all others.
Course No. Date Name of Program Fee
999999 3/1 Sample Program Title 0.00
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Course #272152
Fee: $20 All-garden Pass
($5/garden if paid at the door)
3rd Annual Private Gardens of Montgomery County Tour
Saturday, May 17, 10:00am-4:00pm