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Melissa Balin has been OCCUPIED

Melissa Balin was an internationally recognized member of the media and mildly successful
independent filmmaker with no criminal record or prior arrests, whose credits included
working with Paris Hilton, Beyonce and Shepard Fairey, when she began filming Occupy LA
on October 1, 2011 and joined the peaceful protest, through its unconstitutional tactical
eviction on November 30, 2011. Balin became the Official Media Liasion for the Repatriated
Sovereign Nation of Freedom & Peace (the NorthEast quadrant of the South Lawn of LA
City Hall) on October 10, 2011 and declared her formal change of address on October 12,
2011 to LA City Council in support of Resolution 33 (passed unanimously as complicit
understanding of the landlord per California Tenant Rights).

In spite or because of community outreach and communications between Melissa Balin and
members of LA City Council, Chief Beck's Office, and City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's
Office; Melissa Balin was the target of harassment by the LAPD, LBPD, and LA Sheriff's
Department including but not limited to THREE UNCONSTITUTIONAL ARRESTS FOR
(11/14/2011 & 11/30/2011 & 12/15/2011), TORTURE & WITHHOLDING OF MEDICAL
CHARGES resulting in the MISCARRIAGE OF HER FIRST PREGNANCY on 12/23/2011.

In an effort to discredit Melissa Balin's excessive force claims and cover up the City and
County's involvement in civil rights violations of Balin's due process, including but not limited
to the right to be free from excessive force resulting in the unlawful termination of
pregnancy; Balin was maliciously prosecuted by the City Attorney's Office FOR MORE
(#1CA16847-02) even though Judge Rene Korn stated December 8, 2011 that she never
found the female in Contempt. The court removed Balins court-appointed counsel of
almost one year, Johnny Lai, over and against Balins objections and left her WITHOUT
failing to notify her of her right to appeal the decision.

After thirteen months of withholding exculpatory evidence without a trial, when Balin still
refused to cop a plea for a falsified crime she did not commit, the court questioned her
"Competency To Stand Trial" at the not-so-sua sponte behest of Judge Henry Barela and
Anthony Tahan, her own court-appointed defense attorney newly assigned her by the
Executive Director of the ICDA (Indigent Criminal Defense Appointments Program) himself,
Zeke Perlo, in a Kafka-esque series of Kangaroo hearings (#ZM020322) without cause or
review of the case whatsoever, let alone collateral data beginning December 5, 2012 and
resulting in a Competency To Stand Trial Hearing in Department 95 of the States only
dedicated Mental Health Court by Judge Samantha Jessner (parenthetically the daughter of
the first female president of the LA County Bar Association) on December 20, 2012 until
January 30, 2013. To this date the LA Superior Court refuses to correct public record that
shows Balin to be involuntarily committed and force medicated from December 20, 2012
until June 16, 2013 through falsified medical and court documents on December 5 &
December 20, 2012, causing continued emotional and financial hardship to the Balin family.

When Balin appealed decisions, she was "accidentally" given the designation "Sexually
Violent Predator" by clerk Abraham Torres while he was impersonating clerk Daniel Potter
to whom he bears no physical resemblance whatsoever. Whenever unexplainable errors
such as these were "discovered" they would be corrected and any evidence of them
mysteriously erased from the files. Some files would disappear completely, or public
documents would be "accidentally" sealed as "Confidential". Melissa Balin was denied due
process and endured Malfeasances of Justice amounting to a byzantine #ReignOfErrors
and ex parte tea partays from November 16, 2011 until February 25, 2013, when the
charges were finally dropped In The Interest of Justice (1385).

On July 17, 2012, Melissa Balin was physically attacked outside of her family home by an
unidentified assailant, who stole only her phone and no other belongings she had on her
person, punching her in the face and escaping on the passenger side of a getaway car.
The LAPD failed to investigate the matter.

In an effort to observe the State statute of limitations on personal injury, and avoid any
further misappropriation of limited taxpayer resources, Balin filed against the City of Los
Angeles in Small Claims Court on January 16, 2013 for their wanton destruction of civilian
property and curated art on November 30, 2011. The Small Claims Case (#LAM-
13M00544) was dragged along by City and County Attorneys (even though ATTORNEYS
RECUSAL until $250 of the $9k claim was awarded Melissa Balin, The Plaintiff, by Judge
Alan Rosenfield on November 8, 2013, without any explanation of the amount designated.
Although the ruling was never signed, it was exemplified by Presiding Justice, Judge David
Wesley, on November 14, 2013.

It is worth noting, that the City of LA never appealed Judge Rosenfields decision NOR did
they satisfy the judgement, forcing Balin to file an Abstract with the County of Los Angeles,
and obtain a Court Order for the City to pay. When the City finally brought a check to court
in February 2014, they tried to feign it off as a settlement when in fact it is painfully worth
noting that the City of LA refused to even discuss settlement with Balin since their receipt of
claim letter dated June 1, 2012, their subsequent denial of claim letter dated July 16, 2012,
and in full public view on April 30, 2013.

To this date, in spite of multiple allegations of heinous criminal conduct against innocent
people; no investigation has ever been conducted into the treatment of pregnant women
incarcerated in Los Angeles County (including the documented and involuntary sterilization
of at least 150 women), nor the unconstitutional Mental Health Court of Los Angeles
County, nor the continued practice of obstruction of justice and subornation of perjury within
the LA Superior Courts back-dating filing system. Melissa Balin continues to file
complaints (viewable at http://www.scribd.com/StayOccupied) with every possible
avenue on a local and federal level, no longer with the hopes of Justice ever being served,
but in a dogmatic and therapeutic quest to have truly exhausted all administrative remedies
and thereby have proven their ineffectualness, including, but not limited to:
! the California Commission on Judicial Performance
! the California State Bar
! LA Sheriffs Department & LAPD Internal Affairs Divisions
! Department of the Ombudsman
! Long Beach & Los Angeles City Attorneys Offices
! Los Angeles County District Attorneys Justice System Integrity Division
! the Executive Director of the Department of Mental Health Marvin Southard
! Department of Mental Health Patients Rights Division
! the Indigent Criminal Defense Appointments Program (ICDA)
! the Attorney Generals Public Inquiry Unit
! the FBI Civil Rights Unit
! and the Department of Justice Special Litigation Unit;
all of whom have closed the matter WITHOUT ANY REVIEW OR INVESTIGATION

Balins family residence was burglarized on April 13, 2014, while her parents were home
and asleep in their bed. Only Melissa Balins camera, case evidence and prescription
medications were stolen, by a man the District Attorneys Office and LAPD deny as being an
informant, Scott Matthew Washburn, even though he shows up in the DOJ records as a
Witness in a 2007 case they claim is unrelated. It is worth noting that in spite of video
surveillance evidence of at least two hours on the property, a confession by the suspect
himself, and a 26-second video clip of the suspect and two female accomplices captured on
the stolen property itself, stating, Im thinking about keeping that camera; charges of
Burglary were dismissed at the Preliminary Hearing on May 2, 2014 by Judge Leslie A.
Dunn, without allowing Balin to make a statement as was her right according to Marsys Law
and without reviewing ANY of the evidence. The suspects two female accomplices remain
at large while the suspect, Scott Matthew Washburn, ironically awaits a plea bargain, for
one count of Trespassing and one count of Possession of Narcotics in spite of repeated
convictions and a current probation violation and existing bench warrant for Washburn in the
City of Burbank.

Balin says she feels Lucky To Be Alive To Tell The Tale and is currently working on a
short documentary on behalf of those not as lucky; Rest In Peace Aaron Swartz, Charlie
Castle, Raymond Horspool, Kelly Thomas, Alan Blueford, Oscar Grant III, Ernest Duenez
Jr., Michael Hastings and countless others awaiting Justice; to be presented to the Senate
Judiciary Committee, entitled Miscarriage of Justice, that illustrates how her
unconstitutional treatment is indicative of a pattern of discriminatory policies designed not
only to favor corporate sponsors of the Court, but to actually commit harm to the indigent
and unpopular defendants of Los Angeles County in an effort to mitigate Risk
Management of Claims for Damages by the People. Balin hopes to effect drastic reforms
in the abuse of Judicial Immunity that include cameras in the courtrooms and civilian
oversight to eradicate selective enforcement bought through political endorsement.

Melissa Balin asks people to share their own stories and evidence of
#MalfeasanceOfJustice as either a Defendant or a Victim of the System, throughout their
social media networks under the hashtag campaign: #ReignOfErrors.