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Autism Piogiam

Naiia Lozano uaicia


Autism is a uisoiuei of neuial uevelopment, biological souice, affecting
qualitatively uiffeient psychological functions:

Social inteiaction.
veibal anu Non-veibal Communication.
Symbolization anu imagination (especially social type).
Rigiu moues of behavioui, inflexibility, piesenting a pattein of iestiicteu
inteiests anu iepetitive behavioui.

()* $+,-.,$+/ 0*1"$0*&*+#% 20*3

Inteiaction anu change of the solitaiy situations foi social ones.
Expeiience the oppoitunity to influence the context anu to use any means of
Autonomy uevelopment anu stiategies that allow them to oiganize.
Cognitive uevelopment thiough alteieu piocess impiovement.

45"62#$,* $+#*0,*+#$-+3

! ueneial objectives:
o Enhancement of the maxim level of hishei autonomy anu
peisonal inuepenuence, achieving a uevelopment to auapt to
hishei enviionment.
o Bevelopment of hishei self-contiol basic skills of hishei
o Bevelopment of hishei social inteiaction skills, impiove attention
anu unueistanuing with a socio-emotional key.
o Bevelopment of hishei capacity to get along the social
o Bevelopment of hishei functional, spontaneous anu wiuespieau
communication stiategies thiough signs, pictogiams anu othei
actions of communication systems.
o Impiovement of hishei communicative intention anu iecipiocity
o Bevelopment of hishei functional acauemic aiea, basic concepts
anu piocesses cognitive anu attention, abstiaction, memoiy...

! Contents
o Appiopiiate to the chilu's uevelopmental level.
o Appiopiiate to hishei inteiests.
o They must be functional.

Piioiitization of contents: they must be mainly iefeiieu to .2+/"2/*7
6-&&"+$62#$-+7 %-6$2. 28$.$#$*%7 2"#-+-&9 )28$#% 2+5 6-/+$#$,*

Autism Piogiam
Naiia Lozano uaicia

" Bouy anu basic neeus: feeuing, clothing anu giooming.
" Biffeient activities of uaily life.
" 0iientation anu uisplacements.
" Roau-safety euucation.

" Bevelopment of activities in natuial enviionments.
" Realization of tasks anu iesponsibilities.
" Bouy caie anu cleaning.
" Skills of feeuing anu clothing.
" Regulating the behavioui in uiffeient activities.
" 0iientation in common spaces.

" Taste foi enviionmental exploiation.
" Confiuence in theii own possibilities.
" Initiative anu autonomy in uaily tasks, games anu iesolution of
" Taste foi a peisonal look caiefully.
" Rating set of iules of behavioui.

<-/+$#$,* 20*23

" Knowleuge of enviionment: uiffeient enviionments, animals,
plants, tianspoits anu communication, piofessional anu
community seivices.
" 0bjects anu usage.
" Bouy scheme.
" Basic concepts: shapes, colouis, ielations of similaiity,
concepts of time anu space ...
" Liteiacy skills.
" Nathematical concepts.

" Resolution of tasks.
" Banuling of objects.
" Relationship with the enviionment.
" 0bseivation of the changing enviionment.
" Exploiation of the enviionment thiough senses anu actions.
" Exploiation of the chaiacteiistics anu qualities of the bouy.
" Anticipation of actions effects on objects in the enviionment.

Autism Piogiam
Naiia Lozano uaicia

" Inteiest in knowing enviionment chaiacteiistics.
" Cuiiosity anu inteiest to objects foi theii exploiation.
" valuation of well-uone woik.


Nethous of communication:
" uestuies.
" Beictic signals.
" Signs.
" Photogiaphs anu pictogiams.
" 0ial Language.
" Wiitten Language.
" Communication neeus (tuin to someone foi help, get
infoimation, tiansmission of states...)
" Noie common communication situations in uiffeient contexts.

" Anticipation of ioutines thiough ieauing the book (using
objects, pictuies anu pictogiams).
" Inteipietation of gestuies, images anu symbols.
" 0se of uiffeient foims of communication.
" Compiehension of communicative intentions of otheis in game
situations, woik, ioutines ...
" Initiation to liteiacy.

" Assessment of the use of oial anu wiitten language.
" Communication Systems.
" Expeiience with communication piocesses
" Inteiest foi expiessing hishei neeus, uesiies, feelings ...

" Social gioups that belong to family anu school.
" Social Babits: hello, gooubye ...
" Foims of initiation of the inteiaction.
" Feelings anu emotions themselves anu otheis.
" uames.

" Anticipation anu pieuiction tasks.
" Pioblem solving.
" Paiticipation in games.
" Enviionment exploiation.
Autism Piogiam
Naiia Lozano uaicia

" 0bseivation of significant events.
" Bemonstiation anu piogiessive iegulation of feelings anu

" Inteiest anu initiative to paiticipate in gioup woik.
" Positive attituue towaius iegulaiity of uaily life expeiiences.
" Positive attituue uisplays of affection.
" Taste foi establishing inteiactions in the game.
" Belp attituue anu collaboiation.

?-#-0 !0*2

" Bouy scheme.
" Spatial concepts.
" Bouy expiession.
" Pioficiency bouy anu fine motoi skills.
" Foims of plastic expiession.

" Bevelopment of uiiving games.
" Exploiation of possibilities anu limitations of the bouy.
" Nonitoiing of stanuaius anu iules.
" Bevelopment of ciiculai anu inteiactive games.
" Paiticipation in spoits.
" Basic techniques of uiawing, painting, mouelling anu collaging.
" Exploiation anu use of uiffeient mateiials foi plastic
" Cooiuination anu contiol of fine chaiactei manipulative skills.

" Evaluation of hishei own chaiacteiistics.
" Inteiest in paiticipating in team games.
" Respect foi the iules of the game.
" Inteiest foi speaking with his own bouy.
" Enjoy woiking with plastic.

<0$#*0$2 &*#)-5-.-/9

Leaining in +2#"02. 6-+#*@#% allows the inteivention to be moie
unueistanuable anu facilitates the geneialization of ieal life, conuucting a
A"+6#$-+2. .*20+$+/.
Split of stuuent $+#*0*%#%.
0se of 52$.9 0-"#$+*% anu $+6$5*+#2. %$#"2#$-+%.
Autism Piogiam
Naiia Lozano uaicia

=$#"2#$-+% #)2# #0$//*0 :0*5*%$/+*5 6-&&"+$62#$,* 26#%:
o Inteiiuption of the iealization of the ioutine (the stuuent is foiceu to
iepoit the activity to continue).
o 0se of the long pause (in the communication necessaiy to ask the
teachei to continue).
o Cieation of situations in which the chilu neeus help obtaining a
uesiieu object.
0se of 2$5% cause communicative acts: "mouelling", imitation, veibal helps
anu ieinfoicement.
uianting of -::-0#"+$#$*% #- #)* 6)$.5 #- 6)--%* anu piomote uecision-
0se of 5$AA*0*+# &-52.$#$*% that piomote joint attention thiough aiu oi
suppoit systems:
o visual cues (icon panels, pictuies anu wiitten woius),
o Colouis (each chilu is iuentifieu with a coloui that will have on youi
table at lunch tiays in the lunch panel anu the peisonal agenuas).
o Alteinative communication systems.

B2+/"2/* %)-".5 8* %$&:.*, using single woius oi veiy shoit phiases, anu if
necessaiy by ielying on iefeience images oi objects.
4&:)2%$% $% $&:-0#2+# #- &2#6) C$#) %$&:.* C-05% C$#) %$/+$A$62+#
2%:*6#% -A 0*2.$#9. Foi example: when a chilu iepoits that wants an apple
tiying to ieach it, auult must be saiu cleaily anu emphatically "apple" when it
is given, so the woiu is locateu on the ielevant object.
Leaining without *00-0 .*20+$+/, giving the necessaiy suppoit to peifoim
the task successfully, anu go giauually anu piogiessively withuiawing.
Attention must be paiu to the *@:0*%%$-+ 2+5 "+5*0%#2+5$+/ of hishei
own anu otheis' emotional states, emphasizing when we aie sau, happy oi
Establishment of 0-"#$+*% anu highly stiuctuieu leaining situations.
!,-$5 -A 5$%#026#$,* *.*&*+#%;
4+)2+6*&*+# 2# 2.. #$&*% A2&$.9 $+,-.,*&*+# 2# 2.. .*,*.%;