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Mr. Vallone IAM High School

Do Now:
1) Notebook and pen.
2) Take a handout from Mr. Vallone and pair with a
3) Read the instructions, and add the name of the
emotion you interpret through body language.
Add body language notes to your oral presentation script.
1. Do Now & Attendance (3 Minutes)
2. Motivation & Aim (5 Minutes)
3. Lesson (10 Minutes)
4. Activity (20 Minutes)
5. Summary (3 Minutes)
6. Clean Up / Pack Up (3 Minutes)

Review Handout. Ask students to identify how body language is being used in the pictures. (e.g.
examine their facial expression especially eyes & mouth, gestures, body position, mirroring).

93% communication is non verbal: Body language (55%), Tone of Voice (38%), Verbal (7%).
Draw a pie chart on the board to illustrate this.

Thought storm in what other situations we use body language. Write in notebook and share with
AIM: What do you say with your body
Lesson Objectives:
Students will be able to:
understand a major part of communication is demonstrated through body
language (knowledge)
practice using body language to communicate different emotions (skills)
discuss and review how to read other peoples body language, and to think about
what their own body language might be communicating to others (attitudes/values)
1. Body language: People use body language without thinking
(unconsciously) to communicate or the message to another
person. We are also constantly dropping clues about what is
going on in our head, sometimes without even knowing.

2. Tone of voice: Emotions are often given away not so much by
what people are saying but how they say it. For example
speaking loudly in short sentences can show aggression,
speaking gently and giving smiles and encouragement can show

3. Show students the video on the learningseed.com website (if


1. Can anyone show an example of body language and what
message that pose/posture is trying to say?
[Write student answers on board]

2. Take it a step further! Can you combine the body language
and message/emotion with a matching tone of voice?
[Write student answers on board next to previous answers.]

3. Students focus on video, taking notes.

Lead students into activity
Students will watch a segment from a Mr. Bean episode where he is taking a test.
Tell the students to focus on tone of voice, body language and facial expressions.
Students are to take notes on Mr. Beans body language, and his classmate.
How hard/easy was it to guess the message?
What body language did you notice for each emotion?
Summary: When thinking about our own body language we need to think about:
What feeling do am I portraying? (Confident? Interested? Knowledgeable? Enthusiastic? Cold? Scared out of my wits?)
How do I look? (Tidy? Professional? Clean? Slovenly? Dirty? Shirt not tucked in?)
How do I sound? (Scared? Quiet? Loud? Confident? Know what I am talking about? Don't have a clue? Authoritative? Polite?
Rude? Mumbling?)