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Oracle AutoVue 20.2.

2 for Agile PLM

October 2013
Quick Install Guide
Part # E49457-01
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Oracle AutoVue 20.2.2 for Agile PLM Quick Install Guide
This guide provides information on the Oracle AutoVue 20.2.2 for Agile PLM Media Pack delivered
by Oracle on the E-Delivery site. The information provided includes the media pack files structure,
and info regarding license keys, additional product documentation, and technical support contact.
Media Pack File Structure
This media pack consists of the following files to install and use Oracle AutoVue 20.2.2 for Agile
Oracle AutoVue 20.2.2 for Agile PLM Quick Install Guide
Oracle AutoVue 20.2.2 for Agile PLM Software
These components are delivered as .zip files. After you familiarize yourself with the contents of the
Media Pack do the following:
1. Download the appropriate .zip files, based on your product implementation.
2. Unzip the files
3. Follow the instructions in the Quick Install Guide (this document) for Installation and go to
Oracle Technology (OTN) Website:
Oracle Licensed Product & Agile PLM Licensed Product
4. Refer to the Readme file that is installed with the product for more information on the
Product Mapping for AutoVue for Agile
Oracle Licensed Product names have not yet been incorporated into Agile products. See the Oracle
Licensed Product & Agile PLM Licensed Product below if you purchased Agile PLM from an
Oracle published price list.
Oracle AutoVue Electro-Mechanical Oracle AutoVue Electro-Mechanical
Professional for Agile Professional for Agile
Oracle AutoVue 2D Professional for Agile Oracle AutoVue 2D Professional for Agile
Software Installation
Note: License keys are no longer required to install the Oracle AutoVue 20.2.2 for Agile PLM
Installation Instructions
Existing customers upgrading to Oracle AutoVue 20.2.2 for Agile PLM
See the Oracle AutoVue 20.2.2 for Agile PLM Release Documentation; you must uninstall any
previous version of Oracle AutoVue.
I nstalling Oracle AutoVue 20.2.2 for Agile PLM
Download latest documentation from the Oracle Technology (OTN) Website:
License Key Support
If there are any questions about using the License keys, please contact
licensecodes_ww@oracle.com via email with a detailed description of the question.
Additional Product Documentation
This media pack includes the Quick Install Guide and all product documentation relating to the
installation, administration, and use of the product.
Contacting Oracle Support
The preferred method of reporting service requests (SRs) is through Support. It
is recommended to contact Oracle Support via MetaLink http://metalink.oracle.com.
For urgent technical issues, log a ticket in MetaLink as a Severity 1 status or
contact Oracle Global Customer Support http://www.oracle.com/support/contact.html for