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Beginners guide to successful Card sharing

1. Introduction
2. Hardware
3. Hardware installation
4. Setup your network
4.1 Fixed IP (PC)
4.2 Network setup Dreambox
4.3 Port forward router
5. Software installation Dreambox
5.1 Flash image
5.2 Install CCcam
6. Software installation (PC)
6.1 DNS Updater
6.2 Dreambox Control Center (DCC)
6.3 CCcaminfoPHP
6.3.1 Versions 0.8.2 and higher.
6.3.2 Versions before 0.8.2
7. How to find someone to share with
8. Flines and Clines the basics
9. Fake and old cards
10. Block all cards that you dont want
11. So you want a big one
12. Last word

1. Introduction
I have seen many new members lately on this forum. At the same time many similar questions have been raised over and over again.
Im writing this just to make it easier for new members to find answers for their questions about cardsharing.
I will focus on the use of a Dreambox as Sharing receivers and the CCcam protocol.
Remember that a newbie is just an inexperienced expert
ATTENTION! All this information is for test purpose and should only be used within your own household. No one except yourself is responsible for any
damage this can cause or any law you might break.

2. Hardware
What hardware youll need is based on how your house looks like, where you want to watch TV, how big server you want to have and so on.
What we all need is a Dreambox of some kind.
A computer with internet connection.
If you have the computer in one room and the Dreambox in another room far away you will need either a long Ethernet cable or use another solution to
connect your PC to your Dreambox.
I can recommend the use of 2 Homeplugs, its a really user friendly alternative.
Read more about Homeplugs here: HomePlug Powerline Alliance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
If you want to be able to handle a large number of peers you need a pc as server, more about that later.

3. Hardware installation
Not much to say here.
Put your Dreambox in a suitable place by your TV.
Make sure you have enough space around it to let the air circulate freely and cool down the Dreambox.
Connect the cable from your satellite dish (if you use a satellite dish) to your Dreambox tuner.
Connect the network cable to the Dreambox.
Connect power cord.
Switch on.

4. Setup your network
To be able to share with another CCcam server or even many servers you need to set up an network.

4.1 Fixed IP PC
First of all you need a static ip in some way. Either you have one from your ISP or you can set one up for yourself.
Follow this link for static ip: PortForward.com - Free Help Setting up Your Router or Firewall

4.2 Network setup Dreambox
Now you are ready to setup the ip of your Dreambox.
You should have all information needed if you did step 4.1.
For example
PC ip =
Dreambox ip =
subnet mask =
Default gateway =
DNS Server =
Remember to switch DHCP OFF

4.3 Port forward router
Now you need to port forward all traffic trough one port to the Dreambox ip.
Default port is 12000 but this can be changed in the config (CCcam.cfg).
For more information about port forwarding go here: PortForward.com - Free Help Setting up Your Router or Firewall

5. Software installation Dreambox
Now we need to have the software to make the Dreambox work properly.
First we flash an image to the Dreambox.

5.1 Flash imageThere are different images to choose from and its up to you what you prefer.
But lets chose a PLI image for this guide.
Search this site for the newest image.
When you have downloaded the newest image you need to flash it to your Dreambox.
Instructions can be found here:

Dream-Multimedia-Tv GmbH

Dream-Multimedia-Tv GmbH

Dream-Multimedia-Tv GmbH

Dream-Multimedia-Tv GmbH

5.2 Install CCcam
Next step is to install CCcam
Remember that this might change on newer images but the basics will probably be the same.
In the todays most recent image:
Go to menu/plugins
Click green button
then click softcams and chose CCcam and install.
Remember to change your default cam to CCcam.

6. Software installation (PC)
There arent really any software that you have to install but there are some that makes everything easier.

6.1 DNS Updater
This is more or less an must have.
An DNS Updater is a software that constantly checks your public ip and links it to your static ip.
Many ISP have dynamic ips which means that youll get a public ip that will change once in a while.
It doesnt mater if youll set a static ip in your PC, youll still have a public ip that will change.
Therefore you will use a DNS Updater to fix this problem and always link your DNS servername which you will register for to your static ip.
There are a few to chose from but I will recommend two:

Register here
DynDNS Services: DNS, Domain Names, EMail Routing

Download updater here

or if that link does not work you will find it here
DynDNS Support

Register for a standard free account here
No-IP Free - Free Dynamic DNS - DDNS

Or if you want to see all services look here
Enterprise Managed DNS and Mail Services, 100% DNS Uptime, Domain Registration No-IP

Download updater here
Download a Free Dynamic DNS Update client for your dynamic IP

6.2 Dreambox Control Center (DCC)
You can use this to edit your CCcam.cfg.
This is pretty easy, just open the program and insert the ip for your router and Dreambox.
You can change the language to English.

6.3 CCcamInfoPHP
This is a software to get statistics and info about your peers and your server.
Now download the latest CCcamInfoPHP from this forum.

6.3.1 Versions 0.8.2 and higher.
Open CCcamInfoPHP_v0.8.2\htdocs\config.php in notpad and change the line you see below to match your server info.
If you havent changed your webinterface port or your Dreambox login all you have to do is type in your Dreambox ip.

$CCCamWebInfo[] = array("192.168.1.xxx","16001","root","dreambox"); // for CCcam webinterface with
user and pass

Now open the file located in CCcamInfoPHP_v0.8.2\server\Apache\php.ini
Find this section
; Resource Limits ;

and change the line:

max_execution_time = 30 <---- Change this to a higher value like 60
Now you can start CCcamInfoPHP by clicking on CCcamInfoPHP v0.8.2.exe (or CCcamInfoPHP vX.X.X.exe).

6.3.2 Versions before 0.8.2
If you use a windows PC you need to install some server that can handle PHP.
WAMP server is one that does that. Download it here: http://www.en.wampserver.com/
Install WAMPserver in C:\wamp
The zipped file should include a lot of folders and files
extract CCcamInfoPHP to C:\wamp\www\
Now you should find a file in the www folder called config.php.
Open that file in a text editor like notpad.
In that file you will find this lines:

//examples of server definitions
$CCCamWebInfo[] = array("IP","PORT","USER","PASS"); // for CCcam webinterface with user and pass
$CCCamWebInfo[] = array("IP","PORT"); // for CCcam webinterface with different
port than default and without user and pass
$CCCamWebInfo[] = array("IP");
Here you should edit IP to your dreambox ip.
Port to webinterface port.
User and pass to your Dreambox username and pass.
Default Port is 16001
Default username is root
Default pass is dreambox

If you have many peers you might need to change some parameters in
If you dont have that file, try this one
Find this lines in that file (you can open the file in notpad).
; Resource Limits ;
max_execution_time =
max_input_time =
;max_input_nesting_level =
memory_limit =
Make sure you have at least this values:
max_execution_time = 300 ; Maximum execution time of each script, in seconds
max_input_time = 60 ; Maximum amount of time each script may spend parsing request data
;max_input_nesting_level = 64 ; Maximum input variable nesting level
memory_limit = 128M ; Maximum amount of memory a script may consume (128MB)
Now all you have to do is make sure WAMP server is running and open your web browser and browse to:

7. How to find someone to share with
Now you need to have someone to cardshare with.
If you dont already have you can try to find someone in the free section here:
Remember to read the rules before posting.

When you have found someone to cardshare with you need to exchange C- and Flines.
Lets go through the basic with Flines and Clines.

8. Flines and Clines the basics
The CCcam.cfg file is located in your Dreambox.
You can access it from your PC with DCC.
FTP to location:
Right click on CCcam.cfg and chose edit.

The Fline is basically the same as creating a user account on your server.
The Fline consists of a Username and Password
In your config you have a Friend section that is the part where you should add the Flines.

The Cline is more like a connection string that you give to your peers so that they can connect to your server.
To be able to connect they need to have an account on your server (the Fline).

Here is a basic Fline
F: [username] [password] additional info
F: myfriend abc123 3 0 0 { 0:0:3 }
The part behind the password is privileges and restrictions.
3 0 0 { 0:0:3 }

This user gets all cards at a maximum of 3 hops away from us,
and get's to share them down two further levels beyond his own level.

Here is a basic Cline
C: [server] [port] [Fline username] [Fline password] additional info
C: biocide.******.org 12000 myfriend abc123 no { 0:0:3, 100:3, 100:4 }

no { 0:0:3, 100:3, 100:4 }
no = dont receives friends emus
{ 0:0:3 = how many hops down you want to receive cards from that server
, 100:3, 100:4 } = here you can block cards from that server

Summary of Clines and Flines

in your config
F: myfriend abc123 3 0 0 { 0:0:3 }
C: the Cline that were sent to you.

In your peers config
F: an Fline that match the Cline that was sent to you
C: your.server.org 12000 myfriend abc123 no { 0:0:3, 100:3, 100:4 }

There are much more you can do in the Cline and Fline but this is the basic that I think everyone should know about.

9. Fake and old cards
There are a lot of fake and old cards that are being shared and slowing down the servers, therefore you need to block all those cards.
Here is a list with old and fake cards:

10. Block all cards that you dont want
First of all I want to say that using the method below will block all cards that you dont choose to receive.
This also means that you will only share the cards that you decide to receive.
Remember that your peers might want cards that you dont receive because you blocked them, and therefore they can see you as a not so interesting peer.
After every Cline youll add:
no { 0:0:1 } This means that you take all cards on hop1.
If you want any card on hop2 youll add:
no { 0:0:1, 90f:0:2, b00:0:2, anycard, anycard, anycard }
In this example I chose to get
90f:0 = "Viasat (5E/75E/1W)" on hop2
b00:0 = "Focus(1W) / C+Nordic(1W) / DigiAlb(16E) / MTV(19.2E)" on hop2
The last number is hop:

11. So you want a big one
If you want to have a bigger server youll need a PC as server and Linux as OS.
There are some to chose from and there are already nice guides about this in this forum.

If you want a ClarkConnect server head over to kapzas guide here:

Or if you want a Debian server youll go to the guide written by CC_share here:

For a Ubuntu server youll go to the guide written by Bacteria here:
Installation CCcam server on Ubuntu 6.06

12. Last word
If you liked this guide please use the thanks button