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he Singnificance of Male and Female signs in Zodiac (Ajit Krishnan)

The twelve signs of the zodiac have been characterized as male and female signs
commencing from Aries. Due to the vasanas which are attached to our mind, and due to the
attachment that our mind has formed with our current body, we are born in this world. The
soul cannot be characterized as either male or female, since it is beyond such distinctions.
The fleeting mind continuously runs between male and female emotions from minute to
minute. It is only the physical body which can be characterized as either male or female.
Hence, the sex of signs should be used with matters dealing with the physical body.
It is due to the union of purusha and prariti !or "hiva and "hati# that creation taes place.
$oth of these are aspects of the same $rahman. %ust as we cannot define light without
darness, or the future without the past, we cannot define one without the other. They are
mirror images of one another.
In a regular wall cloc, the numbers & to &' increase in the clocwise direction, and the cloc
hands move in that direction. In a mirror image of this cloc, the numbers & to &' would
increase in the anti(clocwise direction, and the hands would move in this reverse direction.
The past and future are images of each other !our current arma is a reflection of our past
actions#. The younger brother !future# is the )rd house from lagna counting in the zodiacal
direction. The older brother !past# is the )rd house from lagna counting in the anti(zodiacal
*et us replace the numbers & to &' in the cloc described above with the zodiacal signs from
Aries to +isces. ,atters dealing with male signs would be reconed in the zodiacal direction,
while matters dealing with female signs would be reconed in the anti(zodiacal direction.
+lease note that male and female signs are also nown as odd and even signs respectively.
-e see co(borns and children from the Dreana and "aptamsa divisional charts. In both
cases, we are dealing with physical bodies, and the principle described above applies.
.ounger co(borns are seen from the )rd house in D(). -hen lagna falls in a male sign, this is
reconed in the zodiacal direction. -hen it falls in a female sign, it is reconed in the anti(
zodiacal direction. "imilarly, the first child is seen from the /th house in D(0. 1nce again, the
direction depends on the sex of the sign in which lagna falls.
ODD and EVEN Footed Signs (Ajit Krishnan)
The 2amana 3ayatri starts with 4trinipada vicharame5 and shows the importance of the )(
fold divisions in Hinduism. The vamana avatar scaled all of existence with ) steps. The
fundamental trinity is represented by $rahma, 2ishnu and "hiva. The world consists of the
bhu, buvah and svarga loas. It is the goal of every %yotisha to be able to see the past, present
and future. This three(fold division is the very essence of Hindu Dharma.
Hence, from the starting sign !Aries# and the starting nashatra !6rittia#, every set of )
signs7nashatras are labeled odd(footed and even(footed respectively. %ust as the sex of signs
was used in matters relating to the human body, the footedness of signs applies in manners
which deal with dharma.
8or example, 9arayana dasa deals with the environment in which we find ourselves, and this
is a reflection of our previous arma. This falls under the purview of dharma. -hen
determining dasa lengths, the footedness of signs plays a critical role.