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... through Bertha Dudde

True servants of God....
Instituted words.... Working of the sirit....
!ou" who #e$ieve in %e and the working of %& sirit within &ou"
re'eive e(traordinar& know$edge fro) %e.... *nd this know$edge
o#$iges &ou to 'o))uni'ate with &our fe$$ow hu)an #eings" for &ou
don+t ,ust re'eive it for &ourse$ves" &ou )ere$& a't as )ediators
#etween %e and eo$e who) I 'annot address dire't$& #ut who
urgent$& re-uire truthfu$ infor)ation in order to #e a#$e to fu$fi$
their earth$& task.
Their wi$$ to draw '$oser to their God and .reator again has to #e
sti)u$ated" and therefore the& )ust #e en$ightened a#out %e and
their re$ationshi with their God and .reator.... The& know a#out
%& wi$$ and their task on earth.... On$& then 'an the& #e he$d to
a''ount as to whether and how the& )ake use of their earth$& $ife.
The& )ust a$so #e infor)ed of the ro'ess of return the& are going
through the)se$ves and the reasons on whi'h this is #ased.... For
a$$ this know$edge 'an he$ eo$e to ref$e't a#out the)se$ves and
give their resent$& ure$& wor$d$& attitude a siritua$ out$ook so
that their i$gri)age a'ross this earth wi$$ not re)ain unsu''essfu$
#ut resu$t in their return to %e and to sure)e #$iss" as was
destined for the) in the ver& #eginning.
This task of distri#uting the know$edge 'onve&ed to &ou fro) a#ove
is &our )ost i)ortant work" the i)$e)entation of whi'h 'an $ead
to tre)endous #$essings.... I %&se$f wi$$ suort an& task &ou
undertake on %& #eha$f" for the resu$t 'ou$d #e that I wi$$ win #a'k
'ount$ess saved sou$s whi'h %& adversar& has to return to %e if it is
their own wi$$.
*nd then these sou$s wi$$ have 'o)$eted a ro'ess of deve$o)ent
whi'h has $asted for an infinite$& $ong ti)e a$read&.... #ut whi'h 'an
#e ro$onged for an infinite$& $ong ti)e again if the hu)an #eing
fai$s on earth....
I 'onve& to &ou" %& )essengers of $ight" su'h e(tensive know$edge
as to ena#$e &ou to 'arr& )u'h $ight into the siritua$ darkness....
*nd &our fe$$ow hu)an #eings need on$& oen their hearts and ears
in order to artake in a greater than great treasure of gra'e whi'h
&ou are er)itted to unearth #e'ause &ou want to #e of servi'e to
%e. !ou sha$$ on$& ever distri#ute the #read of heaven and the
water of $ife" the hea$ing strength of whi'h is true wine for &our
sou$s.... Then &ou wi$$ #e %& true dis'i$es to who) I give this
instru'tion ,ust as I gave it to %& first dis'i$es when I took the $ast
/uer with the).
*$though I handed the) food for the #od& the& neverthe$ess knew
that %& instru'tion )eant the distri#ution of siritua$ food.... the&
knew that %& Words 'a$$ed the) to the tea'hing )inistr&" that the&
shou$d 'arr& %& Gose$ into the wor$d" that the& shou$d nourish
their fe$$ow hu)an #eings+ sou$s with %& Word whi'h the& had
re'eived fro) %e and 'ontinued to re'eive through the working of
%& sirit within the)....
Thus I 'a$$ed these dis'i$es and instru'ted the) to go out into the
wor$d.... But this instru'tion first re-uired the) to re'eive fro) %e
the #read of heaven" the water of $ife" for the& were )eant to ass
on divine gifts and not hu)an ideas whi'h do not #enefit the sou$.
Thus" as $ong as these ro'$ai)ers of %& Word and their su''essors
were 'a$$ed to tea'h through the working of %& sirit within the)"
the& were %& reresentatives" %& dis'i$es" and therefore the
su''essors of %& first dis'i$es who had re'eived the true Gose$
fro) %e....
*nd ever&one 'an regard hi)se$f as %& dis'i$e" as su''essor of the
first dis'i$es who) I had 'a$$ed to the tea'hing )inistr&.... in
who) %& sirit works su'h that he is introdu'ed fro) within to
e(tensive know$edge whi'h 'annot #e inte$$e'tua$$& a'-uired....
*nd even traditiona$$& adoted siritua$ know$edge first ne'essitates
%& sirit+s working in the ro'$ai)er so that he 'an fu$$& understand
this siritua$ know$edge and ass it on in a wa& that it wi$$ have a
tru$& #enefi'ia$ effe't on those who are #eing taught....
Only a spiritually awakened ro'$ai)er of %& Word is a true
su''essor to %& dis'i$es.... and not those rea'hers who de'ided
for the)se$ves to )ake it their 'areer and who #e$ieve that the&
'an a'ade)i'a$$& a'-uire the know$edge with whi'h the& then want
to work in %& vine&ard.... These $a#ourers are unsuita#$e for the&
have to wait unti$ I 'a$$ the) %&se$f" rior to this the& 'annot work
roer$& in %& vine&ard #e'ause I %&se$f want to work through %&
sirit in those who are a'tive for %e and %& kingdo).
*nd neither 'an this 'a$$ing 'o)e fro) fe$$ow hu)an #eings" fro)
so)eone who" in turn" has a$so taken u his offi'e without an inner
'a$$ing" who was a$so )ade a 0servant of God+ #& his fe$$ow )en....
This tea'hing )inistr& 'arries so )u'h resonsi#i$it& that it tru$&
a$so re-uires the qualifications for it and hu)an wi$$ or hu)an
a'tion 'an never suffi'e to 'onfer su'h an offi'e....
I des'ended to earth %&se$f in order to #ring %& Word to hu)anit&"
the know$edge whi'h 'orresonds to the truth" whi'h grants
'o)$ete en$ighten)ent and returns a erson into a state of
rea$isation whi'h was his share #efore his aostas& fro) God....
I #rought this Word to eo$e %&se$f and.... sin'e I was on$& a#$e to
sta& for a $i)ited eriod of ti)e on earth.... 'hose suita#$e vesse$s
for %&se$f who) I fi$$ed with %& f$ow of sirit" who) I instru'ted
%&se$f and.... sin'e the& $ived a $ife of $ove.... to who) I a$so
ro)ised the working of %& sirit whi$e the& 'arried out %&
*nd &ou hu)ans know that due to eo$e+s free wi$$ the urest
truth 'an #e soi$t if the 'onditions no $onger e(ist whi'h er)it the
working of %& sirit.... Do &ou rea$$& #e$ieve that a$$ eo$e who
'$ai) to #e %& 0reresentatives on earth+" who '$ai) to #e the
su''essors of %& first dis'i$es" dis$a&ed the rere-uisites whi'h
ena#$ed the working of %& sirit1
*nd thus the ure truth was no $onger guaranteed" for a erson
who has not shaed hi)se$f into a vesse$ for %& sirit 'an #e easi$&
inf$uen'ed #& %& adversar&" whose so$e intention is to a$wa&s
under)ine %& ure truth.... This is wh& 'ount$ess )isguided
tea'hings were a#$e to assert the)se$ves without #eing re'ognised
#& the) as su'h.... For wherever %& sirit is as &et una#$e to work
darkness sti$$ revai$s" for on$& %& sirit ignites the $ight in the
hu)an #eing" for %& siritua$ sark is $ove" and $ove is a$so $ight
and strength....
*s the divine sark of $ove in the hu)an #eing.... the sark of
God+s sirit.... unites with the eterna$ Father2/irit a #right $ight has
to shine whi'h no error 'an endure" #e'ause it wi$$ #e e(osed and
refuted #& the truth fro) %e" Who wi$$ on$& ever suort the ure
truth and )ake it a''essi#$e to &ou hu)ans....
3nderstand that this was the rea$ )eaning of %& $ast /uer with
%& dis'i$es" that the& thus re'eived the instru'tion to #ring the
ure truth to eo$e and at the sa)e ti)e )ention %& a't of
/a$vation and %& hu)an )anifestation in 4esus" therefore I said5
Do this in re)e)#ran'e of %e....
For on$& #& ro'$ai)ing the ure Gose$ was it a$so ossi#$e to
rovide eo$e with the know$edge of %& a't of /a$vation.... *nd
sin'e this know$edge is e(tre)e$& i)ortant I )entioned it with the
a#ove Words" for a$$ eo$e who want to #e'o)e #$essed shou$d
re)e)#er %e....
But as $ong as re'ise$& these 0instituted+ words are )isunderstood
and asso'iated with a 'o)$ete$& sense$ess a'tion there is sti$$
rofound siritua$ darkness in eo$e....
*nd this I wh& I now instru't %& $ast dis'i$es again to 'arr& %&
Word into the wor$d" the ure truth whi'h I was a#$e to 'onve& to
the) through %& sirit 0whi'h effe'tua$$& worketh a$so in &ou that
6u#$ished #& friends of new reve$ations of God 7Infor)ation"
down$oad of a$$ trans$ated reve$ations" the)e2#ook$ets at5