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How to change the Timing Belt on an Alfa GT 1.9 JTD 2005.

This past week-en ! s"ccessf"ll# change the timing $elt on m# GT iesel.

Altho"gh ! ha the %ight tools an some p%oce"%es ! st%"ggle a $it $eca"se ce%tain
things we%e eithe% not mentione o% not too clea% to me.
This p%oce"%e is th"s aime at making eas# to pe%fo%m this task a&oiing a co"ple
of ho"%s waste wone%ing a$o"t something.
1. Tools %e'"i%e.
a. (o%mal sockets an %ing spanne%s fo% 10) 15) 1*) 19 an 22 mm.
$. +i$e $its si,es - .timing $elt co&e%/) - .c%ankshaft p"lle#/ an -
.$%acket fo% the %eaction link/.. 0ith ca%e #o" can "se To%1 $its T20
.timing $elt co&e%/) T2* .c%ankshaft p"lle#/ an T 55 .$%acket fo% the
%eaction link/ instea) $"t is not ieal.
c. To%'"e w%enches fo% 10 to 55 (-m. !eall# these sho"l $e &e%#
shallow othe%wise #o" won3t $e a$le to "se them fo% a co"ple of $olts
like the timing $elt tensione% "e to the limite space a&aila$le.
. 4amshaft locking tool Alfa 56( 1.7*0.798.900
e. 4%ankshaft locking tool Alfa 56( 1.780.905.000
f. 4ali$%ate sc%ew fo% a$o&e tool Alfa 56( 1.780.905.010
g. 9o" can see a pict"%e of the tools at:
h. Allen =e#s: 5mm an 7mm.
i. >malle% tools) like sc%ew %i&e%s) etc.
2. 5a%ts %e'"i%e.
a. 4am$elt 56( 0028*91179
$. 4am$elt Tensione% 56( 00*1*2**99
c. 4am$elt 5"lle# 56( 005517*100
. A"1ilia%# Belt 56( 00551798**
e. A"1. Belt Tensione% 56( 00*1*2**97
f. A"1. Belt 5"lle# 56( 0028*920?5
g. 0ate% 5"mp 56( 028702051
h. Hose clamp) sc%ew t#pe to %eplace the one in the $ottom hose of the
%aiato%. >tainless steel is %ecommene) like f%om Hella.
?. 5%oce"%e
! wo"l st%ongl# a&ise to p"%chase the tools as the# a%e a&aila$le an '"ite
ine1pensi&e) a$o"t the cost of an e1t%a p"lle#.
a. Disconnect the $atte%#
$. +emo&e the engine co&e%
c. +emo&e the engine "ppe% %eaction link. !t is the sho%t to%sion $a% on
the left han sie of the engine inking it to the s"spension st%"t t"%%et.
. +emo&e the Diesel 4ont%ol @nit. >'"a%ish $o1 with the two la%ge
elect%ical connecto%s on top sit"ate $etween the engine an the inne%
sie of the fene% $# lifting the le&e%s. This is to gain some space.
e. Aift the f%ont %ight han sie of the ca%. ! "se a la%ge h#%a"lic <ack on
the inne% lifting point an as a safet# also p"t the no%mal ca% <ack
witho"t taking m"ch weight on it in case the h#%a"lic <ack wo"l fail.
+emo&e the %ight f%ont wheel
f. +emo&e the plastic co&e% fitte to the %ight wheel a%ch g"a% that
gi&es access to the c%ankshaft p"lle#. 9o" on3t nee to %emo&e the
wheel a%ch g"a%. ! i so "nnecessa%il#.
g. -ake a iag%am of the a"1ilia%# $elt la#o"t to facilitate %e-fitting.
h. +emo&e the a"1ilia%# $elt $# fitting a spanne% on the $olt of the p"lle#
an t"%ning it anti-clockwise to the ma1im"m t%a&el. >lie off the $elt
o% $ette% ask an assistant to o so.
i. +emo&e the a"1ilia%# $elt fi1e p"lle#.
<. +emo&e the a"1ilia%# $elt tensione%.
k. +emo&e the c%ankshaft p"lle#. =eep it stea# "sing a socket on the
cent%e $olt.
l. +emo&e all th%ee timing $elt co&e%s. At the point of %emo&ing the top
left co&e% it ma# $e easie% to %emo&e the $%acket on the engine whe%e
the %eaction link was attache. .Take ca%e not to ist"%$ the sepa%ato%
whe%e the ho%i,ontal $olt goes th%o"gh/. Bewa%e that in m# ca% two of
the timing $elt co&e% $olts ha 5mm Alle# =e# heas an not +i$e as
the %est.
m. At this point #o" m"st make s"%e that #o" "ne%stan the "sage of the
timing tools an &e%if# the alignment "sing them.
n. +emo&e the pl"g to the %ight of the camshaft p"lle# fitte to the
engine c#line% hea that co&e%s the act"al camshaft. @se the 7mm
Allen =e#.
o. (ow fit the camshaft locking tool noticing that the act"al pl"nge% is
sp%ing loae so at this stage it oes not matte% what the camshaft
position is.
p. +otate slowl# the camshaft clockwise "sing the cent%e $olt "ntil #o"
hea% a BclickC inicating that the camshaft tool has engage into the
slot of the camshaft. (ow the camshaft is locke in the TD4 position.
'. 0o%king on the c%ankshaft p"lle#) p%esent the locking plate .56(
1.780.905.000/. The longe% pa%t sho"l $e to the left. Aocate a $olt on
the c%ankshaft co&e% that wo"l $e aligne with the hole at the
e1t%eme of the tool. +emo&e this $olt an in its place sc%ew the spinle
pa%t of tool 56( 1.780.905.000. (ow %e-position the c%ankshaft locking
plate an it sho"l $e pe%fectl# aligne with the spinle an the plate
aligne to the c%ankshaft $# means of the owel pin on the c%ankshaft.
%. At this stage #o" co"l p"t the cali$%ate sc%ew $"t it is not necessa%#.
9o" ha&e now &e%ifie that #o" can align the camshaft to the
s. -ake a iag%am of the timing $elt la#o"t.
t. Aoosen the timing $elt tensione% an %emo&e the timing $elt.
". (ow we nee to %ain the %aiato%. To achie&e this it is necessa%# to
loosen the $ottom %aiato% hose.
&. The facto%# fitte clamp can $e %emo&e $# fi%st sliing off the safet#
c"%l. @se a flat sc%ew %i&e% an thin nose plie%s $"t $e ca%ef"l that the
%aiato% is plastic. Dnce this c"%l is off it is eas# to open the clamp at
the c%imping point. D%ain the %aiato%.
w. +eplace the %aiato% hose an fit a new clamp.
1. +eplace the wate% p"mp.
#. He%e #o" can see a pict"%e of the wate% p"mp %emo&e:
,. +e-fill the %aiato% with 50-50 mi1 of antif%ee,e an istille wate%.
aa. +eplace the fi1e timing $elt p"lle#.
$$.+eplace the timing $elt tensione% lea&ing the $olt a $it loose at this
cc. (ow the timing $elt nees to $e fitte. Take note that the $elt has
#ellow a%%ows pointing to the i%ection of %otation. The a%%ows m"st
point in a clockwise i%ection.
.The $elt also has two #ellow lines. (ote that $oth the camshaft toothe
$elt p"lle# an the c%ankshaft tooth $elt p"lle# ha&e each a white ma%k
on the f%ont face ne1t to the teeth.
ee.The ma%k on the $elt close% to the a%%ows nees to align to the white
ma%k on the c%ankshaft toothe p"lle#. Befo%e placing it paint the f%ont
face of the $elt teeth at eithe% sie of the #ellow line $eca"se when the
$elt sinks into the teeth #o" will not $e a$le to see the line an# longe%.
ff. (ow place the $elt on the c%ankshaft aligne to the white ma%k on the
p"lle# an win it "pwa%s. The othe% #ellow line will now match
e1actl# the white ma%k on the camshaft p"lle#. This is a f"%the%
confi%mation that things a%e ok. 4omplete placing the $elt a%o"n the
othe% p"lle#s an the tensione%. .!f #o" wish #o" can also lock the
c%ankshaft fo% this ope%ation. ! fo"n to $e not necessa%#/.
gg.(ow we nee to tension the $elt. This is achie&e $# placing a la%ge
flat sc%ew %i&e% $etween the engine %ecess an the $ent tong"e of the
mo"nting plate of the $elt tensione%. -ake the metal a%%ow to align
with the p%esse ot o% hole on the same mo"nting plate .$lack metal/
an at this point tighten the $elt tensione% $olt.
hh.Ee%if# that the c%ankshaft aligning tool still aligns to the spinle.
+emo&e this tool an the camshaft pl"nge% tool.
ii. +otate the camshaft a $it less than two t"%ns an %e-fit the camshaft
pl"nge% tool. 4ontin"e %otating the c%ankshaft "ntil #o" hea% the click
inicating that the camshaft tool has engage. (ow %e-check that the
c%ankshaft tool inicates co%%ectl#.
<<. +emo&e the tools an check that the tensione% a%%ow is still aligne
with the ot. !f not %e a<"st the tensione% an %epeat the a$o&e
p%ocess to confi%m alignment an tension. Do not check the tension
with the alignment tools in place as this will ca"se a %eaing e%%o%. The
timing $elt is now %ea#. .=eep in min that the #ellow lines on the $elt
will wone% a%o"n once #o" %otate the c%ankshaft) so those %efe%ences
a%e goo as a secon check initiall# $"t onl# #o"% tools will allow to
check the alignment the%eafte%/.
kk. +eplace the timing $elt co&e%s an the $%acket fo% the %eaction link.
ll. Fit the fi1e a"1ilia%# $elt p"lle#. Fit the c%ankshaft p"lle# an also fit
the tensione% fo% the a"1ilia%# $elt) this time also tightene.
mm. (ow fit the a"1ilia%# $elt. 9o" will nee an assistant)
%emem$e%ing that #o" nee to place a spanne% on the p"lle#3s $olt
an %otate it co"nte%-clockwise to $e a$le to slie the $elt in. .This can
$e the t%ickiest pa%t of the p%ocessG/.
nn.Fit the %eaction link) fit the c%ankshaft plastic co&e% on the wheel a%ch
"ne%g"a% an %e-fit the wheel.
oo. +e-fit the engine co&e%.
2. To%'"es
a. Timing Belt tensione%: -7) 2? to 27 (-m
$. +eaction link $%acket to the engine: -10) 25 to 55 (-m) all th%ee $olts.
c. +eaction link $olts: -10) 25 to 55 (-m
. 4%anshaft p"lle#: -7) 2? to 27 (-m
e. A"1ilia%# $elt tesnione%: -10) 25 to 55 (-m
f. Fi1e timing $elt p"lle#: -10) 25 to 55 (-m
g. 0ate% p"mp: -7) 2? to 27 (-m