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Progress Report 2013 (due in Wk3 Tutorial)

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Progress Reports provide you the opportunity to research and reflect upon key learning
Each report is worth 2% and is limited to one single-sided page only.
You have one week to complete each report before submitting in the following weeks
Your task: Sustainability is a ubiquitous and often maligned term used to rationalise
performance standards in economic social or environmental arenas. !t is critically
important to comprehend the diverse way in which this term is utilised. "ist three different
definitions of sustainability including references then create your own definition. Your
definition should reflect your own thoughts of sustainability. "astly prepare a multi#
paragraph summary discussing the importance of sustainability to the Engineering
%ne of the most quoted definitions of sustainability is that from &rundtland. !t is particularly
famous because of its short length yet comprehensiveness. 'lthough !t was first said in
()*+ at the World Commission on Environment and evelopment (WCE) !t was more
recognised by the community when it was later published in ()*, in a report named %ur
-ommon .uture where it had &rundtlands definition of sustainability being
/development t!at meets t!e needs of t!e present "it!out compromising t!e ability of
future generations to meet t!eir o"n needs## ($rundtland% &'())*
0his definition outlines two key concepts. 0he first being the essential needs of those who
are less fortunate 1hich the +niversity of ,eading% EC-./% believe 0to "!ic! overriding
priority s!ould be given* 0he second key concept being the limitations of the environment
which cannot be overused when meeting the present and future needs.
' few years after &rundtlands definition was published $. 2akandia and &arbier defined
sustainability in more detail.
0hey perceived that sustainability # involves devising a social and economic system%
"!ic! ensures t!at t!ese goals are sustained% i*e* t!at real incomes rise% t!at educational
standards increase% t!at t!e !ealt! of t!e nation improves% t!at t!e general 1uality of life is
advanced 32akandia 4 &arbier ()*)5.
0hough a more recent and in depth definition of sustainability was done by &arrett &rown
in 2667 at the !ntegral !nstitute for 8ustainability. 9e said that
:8ustainability means creating a world in which we have;
(5 ' positive ecological and sociological footprint 3meaning we leave behind
wetlands not to<ic waste dumps= healthy developmentally appropriate
educational systems not ineffective relics from the >ictorian era5
25 -ross?sectoral coordination amongst the public and private sectors to nurture
global economic development and growth 3not physical growth but in
standard of living5 to occur within our ecological limits while delivering social
+5 'n alignment of the different levels of our individual and collective
consciousness so that we can create maintain and healthily evolve all of
this. 3&rown 26675

Your Own Definition:
(. 'lthough the definition of 8ustainability varies greatly from person to person as
shown in the three different definitions above. ! personally define sustainability as A
:2aking decisions that wont cause damage to or in the future.B
's our planet faces significant environmental issues such as global warming and ocean
acidification it is becoming more and more evident that engineers will have a ma@or role in
the outcome of the earths future. 's &arry Crear the incoming president to the 1orld
.ederation of Engineering %rganisations 31.E%5 questions W!at aspirational role "ill
engineers play in t!at radically transformed "orld2 D 3n ever-increasing global population
t!at continues to s!ift to urban areas "ill re1uire "idespread adoption of sustainability*
emands for energy% drinking "ater% clean air% safe "aste disposal% and transportation "ill
drive environmental protection 4alongside5 infrastructure development* (Crear 266E5
Crears question is very important and outlines that engineers must adapt and be aware of
the critical role that they have in helping the world achieve sustainable development. !n an
increasingly environmentally disastrous world engineers can no longer disregard the
ongoing suffering of the environment but instead see the importance in achieving
sustainable development.
0he 3ustralian Engineering Competency Standards 6 Stage & states that professional
engineers are re1uired to take responsibility for engineering pro7ects and programs in t!e
most far reac!ing sense8 including understanding t!e re1uirements of clients and of
society as a "!ole9 "orking to optimise social% environmental and economic outcomes
over t!e lifetime of t!e product or program 30he !nstitution of Engineers 'ustralia 2667
para. (5.
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1orld -ommission on Environment and Gevelopment 31-EG5 3()*,5. :ur Common
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