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A method of treatment based on the

development of intimate (therapeutic)

relationship between client & therapist
for the purpose of exploring & modifying
the client behavior in a satisfying
By Lego S.
4/24/2013 2 Jayesh Patidar
A process in which a person who wishes to
relieve symptoms or resolve problems in living
or seeking personal growth enters in implicit
or explicit contract to interact in a prescribed
way with a psychotherapist.
By Psychiatric Glossary (1980)
4/24/2013 Jayesh Patidar 3
Changing maladaptive behavior pattern.
Reducing of elimination environmental conditions
that may be causing such a behavior.
Improving interpersonal & other competencies i.e
communication skill
Helping the patient to resolve inner conflict &
overcome feelings of handicap
Modifying an individuals accurate assessment of
himself & the world around him
Helping him to develop a sense of self-identity.
4/24/2013 4 Jayesh Patidar
Psychotic patient with severe behavior
disturbance like excitement.
Organic psychosis (in acute phase)
Patients who are unmotivated & unwilling to
accept it.
Group psychotherapy in hysteria,
hypochondriasis etc.
Patients who are unlikely to respond, eg;
personality disorder , specially antisocial
4/24/2013 5 Jayesh Patidar
Patient may become excessively dependent on
therapy or therapist.
Intensive psychotherapy may be distressing to
the patient & result in exacerbation of
symptoms & deterioration in relationship.
Disorder s for which physical treatment would
be more appropriate may be missed
Ineffective psychotherapy waste time &
money & changes in patients morale.
4/24/2013 6 Jayesh Patidar
4/24/2013 7 Jayesh Patidar
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Individual Psychotherapy
Reality therapy
Behavioral Psychotherapy
Behavior Modification
Systematic Desensitization
Aversion therapy
Assertiveness training
Cognitive behavior therapy
Implosive (flooding) therapy
Positive reinforcement
-Response shaping
-Token economy
Interpersonal Psychotherapy
Marital therapy
Family therapy
Transactional therapy
Group Psychotherapy
Other Psycho-social
Therapeutic community
Millieu therapy
Occupational therapy
Play therapy
Recreational therapy
Music therapy
Dance therapy
1. Milieu Therapy
2. Therapeutic Community
3. Attitude Therapy
4. Occupational Therapy
5. Play Therapy
6. Music Therapy
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