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Clean power technology that doesnt cost the Earth
Data Centres
Process & Control
Leisure & Entertainment
KST Rotary Solutions is at the forefront of dynamic UPS
technology. We can deliver wherever there is a requirement for
reliable, continuous, high-delity power.
We are witnessing an unprecedented growth in the eld of critical systems power engineering where
the demand for reliable and safe power supply has reached an all time high. The critical power
supply system is the heart of any large organisation. If the unthinkable happens and a power failure
occurs it will have serious consequences for continued mission success. KST Rotary Solutions can
ensure continuity of supply by providing total systems support.
KST Rotary Solutions Ltd is based in the United Kingdom and is the system integration house for the
kinetic energy storage rotary UPS products designed and manufactured by KST SA in Belgium.
In the eld of dynamic rotary-UPS, KST Rotary Solutions is the sole provider of KST products,
systems, solutions, and after sales-service for the UK and supplies many other countries from
Trinidad to Australia. Serving a range of commercial, public and industry sectors, KST meet the
complex and critical power system needs to sustain todays increasing business demands.
With an established base of over 50 installations, from data-facilities to particle-accelerators, KST
staff have many decades of practical experience of critical power systems. Along with the resources
they command, staff members hold memberships of The British Computer Society, The Uptime
Institute and AFCOM, and regularly contribute to the critical power industry in conferences around
the world.
Data Centres
KST Rotary Solutions Ltd is a company dedicated to excellence
in critical power system technology utilising kinetic energy
storage in the place of batteries.
KST Cleanwave KPS UPS system
KST Rotary Solutions staff draw upon many years of UPS and power system design and application
experience. Serving a range of commercial, public and industry sectors, we meet the complex and
diverse requirements of a broad client-base.
The core product is a high-efciency battery and power-electronic free UPS that meets the stringent
electrical demands of the most modern electronic loads, such as Blade Servers. Its simplicity
leads to ultimate reliability and very low service costs which, added to the energy saved by the low
UPS losses and the lack of air-conditioning energy produces a very low Total Cost of Ownership.
Compared to a typical battery backed Static-UPS the KST Cleanwave KPS UPS system will pay
for itself entirely in fewer than three years - and often less.
As a stand-alone product the KST Cleanwave KPS products are highly suitable for glitch-protection
- where the 12 seconds of autonomy is sufcient to improve the availability of the mains supply to
meet the clients requirements. With 97% of all voltage interruptions lasting less than 3 seconds the
KPS machine will protect the load with a minimum MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) of over 24
months in European urban locations.
Typical applications include:
Transport loads, runway lighting
Manufacturing loads, plastic injection machinery, CNC machine tools
High-speed packaging lines, glass bottling plant
Research facilities, physics laboratories
Building Services, air-conditioning plant for continuous cooling applications
In conjunction with a diesel standby generator the autonomy is extended only to the limit of fuel-oil
supply and typical installations include:
Computer centres, internet providers and colocation facilities
IT, telecommunications and data-centre facilities for nance and banking
Centralised critical power for whole buildings and campuses, call centres
Medical, research facilities, computer rooms, non-life and life-critical systems
Transport, tunnels and air trafc control
Intervention Service
KST factory trained engineers are available for routine service, usually under an annual contract
agreement, or emergency call-out, on a 24x7 basis. Spare-parts can be held on site to minimize
the MTTR (Mean Time to Repair) and maximize the system Availability.
The Rotabloc(TM) system has the lowest service requirements of any UPS on the market and can
receive routine servicing without stopping the machine. A typical KST installation will have a 10-year
after-sales service expenditure of 50% less than that of a static-UPS supported by batteries.
Remote Monitoring
All KST products have a variety of options for remote diagnostics via a dedicated fixed line or
internet-addressable LAN connection. Issued alarms can be relayed to mobile phones by SMS,
sent to multiple email addresses or simply responded to automatically by the
on-call KST service-engineer. The extensive set of alarm conditions allow
the engineer to know in advance what parts, if any, will be required to bring
the machine back to 100% operation - thereby minimizing the MTTR.
Service Contracts
A full range of fixed-priced Service Contracts can be offered to
the end-user or facilities manager - from a basic routine
package of one visit per year all the way up to a fully
comprehensive package including all parts and labour.
The contracts are renewable annually but can be
index-linked and cover the plant for more than
10 years - effectively an all-inclusive 10+ year
Rental UPS
KST Rotary Solutions is able to supply containerised UPS (ratings at 400, 800 and 1600kVA) for
medium and long-term rental. The KST system can be complimented by a containerised diesel
generator, also on a rental basis, for long-term autonomy beyond 12 seconds.
Power Conditioning
Modern electrical installations are facing new challenges:
Requirement for total reliability of the power supply.
Increasing perturbations : harmonics, icker...
Sensitive electronic devices requiring higher quality power supply.
Electromagnetic compliance regulations (EMC) Etc.
Thanks to a long experience in electricity and machine building, KST has developed a range of high
quality products, bringing innovative solutions to all these new problems. These products have in
common a high level of reliability and efciency ensuring our customers a total satisfaction, for many
Our team of experienced engineers and technicians will be your partners from the identication of
your needs to the implementation of the optimum solution thanks to one of our standard products or
through the development of a customised system meeting your specic requirements.
Power Generation
Power densities in the latest generation of Finance, Internet and Telecommunication related buildings
have increased dramatically as we pass into the new century. Despite increasing IT performance
per Watt there appears to be no slow down in the growth of the facility electrical load - systems
just get bigger. The in-house expertise of KST Rotary Solutions, guaranteed integration of the
critical elements of our generation equipment, together with the independence from hardware
manufacturers, makes KST your perfect partner for high integrity bespoke power generation
KSTs kinetic energy storage products are rmly placed in
the energy-saving, low-carbon category of green and highly
efcient power supply.
KST Rotary Solutions is pleased to partner UK based critical power specialists, Prism Power Limited.
Prism Power specialises in the in-house design, manufacture and operation of complete critical
power and cooling solutions, developed to deliver optimum efciency and security. Prism Power
has extensive experience in serving a range of commercial, public and industry sectors through the
design and manufacture of complex and critical power and cooling systems developed to deliver
optimum efciency and security.
Prism Power brings the added strength in infrastructure management of complete power systems
and a strong reputation for developing high-integrity, innovative solutions that are both energy efcient
and cost effective. As partners, we collaborate extensively to integrate our complementary product
offerings and services to the benet of our customers.
The integration of high-integrity (welded construction) Prism Power LV switchboards gives the client
and consultant the rst opportunity in the UPS market to specify the Form of Construction of the
UPS power cabinet instead of accepting low-specication wardrobe style power switches in the
UPS module. The usual minimum is Form 4.4 with the option of panels suitable for thermal imaging
without removing safety shields. In addition to the choice of Form of Construction the specier can
name their preferred brand of switchgear devices.
KST Rotary Solutions Ltd
Ethos House, Station Road
Andoversford, Cheltenham
Gloucestershire, GL54 4LB, UK
Tel +44 (0) 1242 821 069
Clean power technology that doesnt cost the Earth
Proven engineering and quality for today that you can
depend on for the future.