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HCCA Health Connections provides intelligent, patient-centered

Clinical Process Outsourcing (CPO) solutions to lower costs and

improve efficiency for health care payers, providers, and health
care service companies.
Purchasers of health care services in the United Statesindividuals, corporations and government and
commercial payersagree that current health care delivery and financing systems are extremely costly
and often wasteful or inefficient.
HCCA exists to help ensure that the appropriate health care is delivered at the proper time and place,
and to improve efficiency in delivery of that care while simultaneously providing a structure for
operating cost reduction. e accomplish these outcomes !y offering a direct solution to the registered
nurse staffing crisis in the U.S., while also providing nurses, pharmacists, physicians and other
professionals to manage or support "!ac# office$ functions. %egardless of position or scope of wor#,
HCCA&s clinical professionals consistently deliver on our commitment to provide high 'uality patient
care and maximi(e capacity for our clients.
HCCA Philippines
A subsidiary of HCCA International and is registered with the Philippines Securities and Exchange
Commission. Its primary purpose is to support and help prepare you for employment with HCCA
International. ur large staff! modern facilities and systems are designed to assist you with your
preparation for the "nited States and to assure you ha#e a smooth and safe transition in both your
nursing practice and e#eryday li#ing in America. $he first day you %oin HCCA! you will be pro#ided with
a professional assistant who will wor& with you! one on one! until the day of your departure from the
Philippines! then you will be met in the "nited States by our Client Ser#ices International specialists
who will be with you from the moment you get off the plane until the last day of your contract.
'e are a healthcare oriented company who understands and responds to e#ery need of our nurses
whether you are in (etro (anila! any of the Philippine pro#inces or America. $ruly! )'e Are 'here
*ou Are+, to assure your successl.
HCCA Philippines is located in -onifacio .lobal City of $aguig.
Abscess / collection of pus in the body
Acetonuria / high le#el of acetone in urine
Acholia / absence of bile
Achondroplasia / dwarfism
Acidosis / acid in urine
Addisons disease / &idney disc x incurable anaemia and bron0e discoloration of s&in
Adenitis / inflammation of lymph gland
Adenoids / inflammation of small1gland li&e appendages at the bac& of nose
Adenoma / benign tumour of the gland
Albuminuria / albumin in urin
Alopecia / absence of hair
Amblyopia / la0y eyes2indistinct #ision
Amyloid / degeneration of tissue in li#er
Amyotonia / lac& of muscle tone
Aneamia / deficiency of red blood
Anencephally / congenital deformity of the brain
Aneurism / tumour of an artery due to location dilatation
Angina / pain at heart region
Angioma / tumour composed by blood #essels
Anorexia / lac& of appetite
Anuria / suppression of urin
Aphasia / loss of ability to recognise words
Aphonia / loss of #oise
Arthritis / inflammation of %oints
Astigmatism / une3ual refracti#e power of the e#ye
Ataxy / impaired gait in wal&ing
Atony / lac& of muscle tone
-acillaemia / bacteria in blood
-acilluria / bacteria in urine
-alanitis / inflammation of glans penis
-irthmar& / discoloration of s&in present at birth
-ronchial / tubes in lungs
-ronchiectasis / dilation of part of lung
-ronchiolitis / inflammation of bronchiols
-ronchitis / inflamaation of bronchial tubes
-ronchiopneumomia / tubes and lungs
-ulimia / excessi#e appetite
Calculus / stone
Cancer / malignant growth
Cancrum oris / ulceration on mouth
Carcinoma / malignant tumour
Carditis / inflammation o heart
Caries / decay of bone
Cataract / opa3ueness of lens
Cellulites / inflammation of cellular tissues
Cephalalgia / headache
Cerebrum2cerebral / largest part of brain
Cer#ical / nec& region
Chloasma / discoloration of the s&in
Chlorosis / green sic&ness! peculiar form of anemia
Cholaemia / bile in blood
Chondroma / beign tumour in cartilage
Chorea / in#oluntary itching in muscles
Cicatrix / healed wound
Cirrhosis / granular state of li#er
Coccyx / last bone in spine
Colic / pain in abdomen
Colic renal / pain in &idney
Colitis / inflammation of colon
Coliuria / e.coli in urine
Congenital / deformity present at birth
Con#ulsion / in#oluntary spasm of muscle contraction and relaxation
Cory0a / cold in head
Cyanosis / bluish discoloration
Cyananche / sore throat or inflammation of tonsils
Cyst / membranous sac li&e containing fluid
Cystitis / inflammation of blader
Please use the following details
Account No.: 4121-0034-52
Account Name: Psicom Publishing Inc.
an! Name: PI " #a$cos %ighwa& $anch
Please te't P(I)*# at 0+22,++5204 once -a&ment is made.

++ Payment Details
Amount : PHP240.00
Method : BPI Bank Deposit
Please use the followin details
A!!ount "o.: 4#2#$00%4$&2
A!!ount "ame: Psi!om Pu'lishin In!.
Bank "ame: BPI ( Ma)!os Hihway B)an!h
Please te*t P+I,-M at 0.22/..&204 on!e payment is made.