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Career Growth

What do I really want to do?

What are my ambitions?
What are the things Im doing today that are relevant to the career that I want?
What areas do I need to improve on?
Am I really on the right track?
Is this what I really want in life?
Once You Get A Job
Love your work, not the organization
Impress your colleagues, and make sure you are noticed by management
!aintain your focus everyday
"how enthusiasm in whatever youre doing
In#ect some fun in your #ob to avoid stress
$old on tight to your #ob
Ask yourself the following %uestions&
$ow much is my work contribution in the office?
What drives me to do my #ob?
Will I be able to use my skills and knowledge ac%uired in my studies in
this field of work?
'o I still see myself associated with this organization in the ne(t ) years?
Is this #ob really for me?
Job Hunting Skills
Where and $ow 'o I Look *or A +ob?
,articipate in university sponsored #ob fairs
"earch via the -web.
,atiently walk through the classified ads
Ask referrals from people you know
/o old school& 0e one of the many -walk 1 in. applicants
Writing 2he 34sum4&
2he r4sum4 is your main weapon5
NEVER lie in your write 1 up
6se A78 or a decent bond paper to write on
,ictures attached in the r4sum4 should be sized as 9. ( 9., with a formal
attire And "!IL:555
Write with content& List down achievements, positions held during
COLLEGE and indicate special citations or awards received
34sum4s should be at least ; < pages in length type written in a short
bond paper
If necessary, attach a copy of your transcript of records and your
application letter
$ow "hould I Look?
*=3 !AL:"&
Long sleeves with tie
/abardine or wool pair of pants
Leather belt with a small buckle
2he color of the belt should match the -spit 1 shine shoes.
>o earrings
*or *emales&
2hree fourths plain blouses 2his may go with a blazer that
matches the blouse
,ants or skirts, but never mini7skirts5
>o dangling earrings nor e(cessive #ewelries
!aintain clean finger nails, if possible, do not apply nail polish
Wear a comfortable pair of shoes
>o e(cessive make 1 ups
Always leave a lasting impression
"how class, elegance and poise
2he way you dress immediately gives a summary of what and who your are
>ever look tired, sleepy or bored
:(press enthusiasm "mile
/entlemen, comb and gel your hair Ladies, tidy up your hair by clipping them or
tying them
How "o Answer #uring !nter$iews
oints "o on%er
Interviews augment your r4sum4
'ont feel intimated, even when you are facing a panel
>o slang words ?eg -@ou dig what Im saying.?A
"it up straight, but never stiff
Avoid stuttering
If the interviewer is conversing in :nglish, reply in the same manner
>ever answer a %uestion with another %uestion
Address the interviewer as maam or sir
Answer in a clear voice
!ind the -, and * "yndrome. and other speech deficiencies
>ever beat around the bush, be direct to the point
Bhoose the words you wish to use
If you did not understand the %uestion, never say, -What.?
2ell me something more about yourself
A& 2his is the time to sell yourself and be sure to indicate a few more things not
found in your BC
I2:!" @=6 !A@ 03I>/ 6,&
3eason ?sA you took up your course in that particular university
:numerate things or activities that may motivate you
'escribe yourself in very few words to give your interviewer an insight of
who you are 6se good ad#ectives
If you participated in numerous student activities, re7state them as they
"$=6L' be found in your BC :numerate your reasons for #oining and the
things you have learned from them
&EY 'OR#S(
L:A':3"$I, ?applicable only to those who held positionsA
W=3DI>/ 6>':3 ,3:""63:
':ALI>/ WI2$ 'I**:3:>2 ,:=,L:
!AI>2AI>I>/ ,=I":, B=!,="63: A>' *=B6"
/=AL =3I:>2:'>:"" A>' ,A2I:>B:
2I!: !A>A/:!:>2
=3/A>IE: 2$I>/" :**:B2IC:L@
2ADI>/ B=!!A>' 3:",=>"I0ILI2@
:>$A>B:' ,:=,L: 3:LA2I=> "DILL"
:>$A>B:' B=!!6>IBA2I=> "DILL"
':2:3!I>A2I=>, $A3'W=3D A>' 2$: CAL6: =*
2:A! W=3D
A'':' ,=I>2:3"
>ever be dramatic when asked to describe yourself or when told to tell something
more about you
,ick very good ad#ectives "uggested reading& 3eaders 'igest& W=3' ,=W:3
If you have included your transcript and you do not have scholastic grades, be
sure you are able to defend your stand
When -selling yourself., dont appear to be arrogant nor boastful
3un through your hobbies briefly and make sure you do not spend too much time
on them
SA)LE !N"ERV!E' * + A
What do you know about the company? $ow did you learn of the opening?
A& /ive a straight forward answer and be honest If you were referred by
someone, mention hisFher name and how the two of you are related
G& What do you know about the company?
A& !ake sure that you have done a brief research of their organization, the things
they do, the products they sell and even their history if necessary ,ick very good
words that may describe them so that the interviewer may feel good
$ow do you handle pressure or stress?
A& 0est answer& I #ust maintain my focus and take a look at it as a challenge I
would e(haust all available resources to get the #ob done "hould I feel that I
need assistance, then I would gladly ask for help rather than pretending to know
everything #ust to look impressive
G& 'o you mind telling us about your future plans?
A& Bite the things or activities you wish to be involved with 6sually, the best
answer would be taking up further studies "etting up a business venture is a
secondary answer only
G& $ow do you see yourself five years from now?
A& 0e sure that your vision includes the company rather than #ust stating what
your personal aspirations in life 0est answer& -I see myself at least in the
supervisory level If given the chance, then I might also end a good career in this
What are your strengths and weaknesses?
A& "uggested strengths&
3un through your ad#ectives again, or the things you learned from your
student activities
I am not easily discouraged by failures
I give my ;;HI in everything I do
I make sure that when I commit something, I deliver them on time
If you have a special %uotation or mantra you live by, state it and then
"uggested weaknesses&
I never say ->=. to a task given to me
I have this constant craving to know more so I continually push myself
"tubborn in such a way that I do not easily accept the fact that things are
impossible so I try to find a way or a work around to remedy the situation
=nce I get started on something, I never stop doing it until I am able to
derive the results I e(pect
,erfectionist I believe that we should focus on good %uality
'escribe yourself in one word
A& "uggested answers&
'riven or determined ?choose ;A
G& @ou wrote %uite an interesting topic in your thesis, can you elaborate on that?
A& 2he best answer would be to give the title of your thesis, state your reason why
you chose to study that topic and then present your findings in a very simple yet
organized manner
G& @ou are a new graduate with literally no e(perience at all What contributions
can you make?
A& 0est answer& I am very much willing to learn the ropes I am also a very fast
learner so I would be able to perform accordingly !y attitude towards work
should prove to be an asset in your company as I would like to show my real
worth by being a team player and working diligently With these in mind, I think
I will be able to perform within your standards and deliver
G& What makes you think we should hire you?
A& =ne of the best answers ?but very much effectiveA& I have a very positive
attitude towards work, Im a team player and most of all I have this eagerness to
learn and at the same time contribute to this organization
G& $ow much do you think should we pay you?
A& >o best answer, but at times the best answer is to give e(act figures 0e sure
you know the salary range of the entry level employees so you neither overrate
nor underrate yourself
G& Availability?
A& 0e honest to them If you have any other pending applications, tell them what
institutions if they ask, and tell them your status there
G& 'o you have any %uestions?
A& Ask smart %uestions like&
!adam, may I have an idea of the benefits you offer?
After this interview, are we re%uired to call you for results or should we wait
someone from $3?
At times, the best move is to ask no %uestions at all
A*2:3 @=63 I>2:3CI:W
>ever forget to offer a handshake
"mile and feel confident
"ay thank you to your interviewer
>ever head for the washroom while your interviewer is walking you out
>ever -hit. on your interviewer
What time should I be there for the interview?
Arrive JH minutes before your scheduled time 2his gives you ample time to fi(
yourself and appear to be very sharp, poised and rela(ed 2his also gives you the
opportunity to see the demography and get a chance to feel the office
What should I eat before the interview?
It is highly suggested to have a heavy breakfast If possible, avoid fatty, fried and
oily foods :ating too much during lunch time may cause you to feel sleepy and
lack concentration during the interview process Whenever possible, eat only
steamed or boiled foods 2hey help reduce in giving you a bum stomach
"he "o,asian !n You
Answer with conviction and be proud in saying that you come from the
6niversity of "anto 2omas
6"2 has been ranked in the top 9H universities in Asia in a study conducted by
the Asian +ournal
2omasian graduates are known for loyalty, obedience, dedication, wisdom and the
distinct drive to e(cel
2he essence of being a 2omasian is to serve &
And it comes in this particular order