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The headlines appearing this-a.m.

servein the aggregateto illustrate why BHOs Foreign Policy is

increasingly exposed as unabashedly-disastrous; those who reflexly elevate social-policy over such
considerations are thereby oboigated to explain why they would deem to sacrifice Americas potential
demise for maintaining a 100% pro-choice abortion-policy [reducing the argument to its fundamentals].
BHO is outa-control, and only the GOP can help America escape a fate worse than that that was almost
imposed by Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter [and, even then, expunging the damage he has wrought will
require at least two election-cycles]; what is most amazing is that Americas enemies arent even waiting
until after the mid-terms to achieve their goals, for they are that confident that BHO has such an
uncanny ability to maintain his in-your-face egocentric postures regardless of what transpires.
Wayward-Dems must accept the fact that this is an emergency, for they can return to their traditional
home after they have helped to staunch now-gushing hemorrhage [and after it has rediscovered and
elevated those within its midst such as Scoop Jackson and Joseph S. Clark, Jr.]; compare this state-of-
affairs with the qualities exuded by the House GOPs top recruit and by the GOP'S safe-bet MIA LOVE;
meanwhile, BHO is rapidly bleeding-away Americas greatness, hanging a shattered Dem-ideology on is
own petard {mixed metaphor, sorry}.

1. Illustrative of what is wrong with depending upon drones for targeting the enemy [BHOs
video-game strategy] is the fact that five U.S. troops were killed by friendly fire air strike in
Afghanistan; denying yourself a ground-troop presence predisposes to such errors [which include under-
reported civilian tragedies that reinforce the Ugly American imagery].

2. Iraqi troops fleed as insurgents seize control of the northern Iraqi city of Mosul including the
provincial government headquarters, certainly a key city; this offered a powerful demonstration of the
mounting threat posed by extremists to Iraqs teetering stability.

3. Iran and Turkey Met Amid Massive Sanctions Busting Schemes, and Iranians solidly support
their government; meanwhile, a NY Dem Invested in Irans Biggest Oil Customer.

4. Illustrative of how BHO hides behind secrecy to achieve short-term politicized-goals are the
facts that the State Department Still Wont Say If Bergdahl Ransom Was Paid, that Feinstein feels she is
out-of-the-loop because she receives little outreach from the Obama administration on the Bergdahl
deal, and that the HOUSE GOP is justifiably outraged that YOU TOLD THEM OF BERGDAHL BEFORE YOU

The Obama administration had its first chance to convince House lawmakers it made the
right call to trade five Taliban detainees for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. It didn't work.
House Republicans came out of a more than hourlong classified briefing by top national
security officials on Monday complaining they'd learned nothing new about the incident
that hasn't already been disclosed in the news media. GOP lawmakers, in particular,
were upset that an estimated 80 to 90 executive branch officials in the Pentagon, White
House and the intelligence agencies, but no members of Congress, were informed
beforehand, including the chairs of the House and Senate intelligence panels.

The Bergdahl briefing kicked off what could be a tough week for Obama on Capitol Hill.
The House will continue to dig into the VAs 'secret waiting list' scandal, and the House
Foreign Affairs Committee will begin its own hearings on Iran's nuclear program.
DEFENSE SECRETARY CHUCK HAGEL will defend the prisoner exchange when he testifies
Wednesday before the House Armed Services Committee; he will make the legal and
policy case for it, and he will discuss broadly the reassurances the U.S. was given that
the Taliban officials released from the Guantanamo Bay prison would be monitored
[notwithstanding the fact that press-reports already include the stated-plan of at least
one of them that he will return to the effort in Afghanistan to kill Americans].

5. Illustrative of the profundity of the VA-Crisis is the VA AUDIT that IDed the startling-fact that
120K VETS SAW LONG WAITS FOR CARE at 731 VA medical centers nationwide; they misrepresented or
sidetracked patient scheduling for more than 57K former military personnel, and about 64K were not
even on the agency's electronic waiting list for doctor appointments they requested. These data further
verify wrongdoing uncovered in Phoenix and show that dysfunctional practices permeate the agency's
medical system and jeopardize health care for 9.3 million enrolled veterans; there was widespread
confusion about record-keeping practices and pressure at some locations for schedulers to 'utilize
unofficial lists or engage in inappropriate practices in order to make wait times appear more favorable.'
{This includes a handy graphic to show at which facilities vets waited for care; in Philly, 754 cases were
delayed and the average weight-time was 43 days.}

6. Yaalon concluded Israel successfully took peace talks off the agenda [although BHO keeps trying
to resurrect them, by pressuring Israel to relent on its policies in Judea/Samaria despite increased
Hamas-generted disruption [promulgated by the reconciliation with the PA that BHO/Kerry endorsed].

7. Z-Street is the Lower Merion group that is at the center of IRS allegations, an atmosphere which
has recently been characterized as BHO is doing what Nixon only imagined he could do. {This is not to
be confused with J-Street, which Fayyad considers Irrelevant.

8. Even ultra-lib Politico acknowledged that Hillarys stint at Foggy Bottom constituted a mixed
legacy, illustrating the damage that occurs when a real diplomat runs up against a dont do stupid s***
foreign policy [BHOs avowed Doctrine], and even ultra-lib DAVID IGNATIUS concluded that Hillary
portrays herself in her book [Hard Choices] as hesitant to take big risks; there are times when the reader
feels he is being 'spun' rather than enlightened. Futher illustrating why lionizing Hillary would relocate
Ameica from the skillet to the fire is the fact that Hillary Got a Key Benghazi Fact Wrong in her book;
the Benghazi chapter states that, unlike at the embassy in Benghazi, there were U.S. Marines stationed
at the embassy in Tripoli, even though Marines were not sent until after the deadly terrorist attack. [The
Clinton camp maintained that the version of the story told in the book is factually accurate, though
they agree that the passage could have been written more clearly.] This is how CNNs Jake Tapper
[who also could double as a cartoonist] has explained the factual mistake:

Noting how many members of the public and Congress were surprised upon discovering
there were no U.S. Marines assigned to our Benghazi compound, Clinton notes that
Marines are assigned to only slightly more than 50% of the diplomatic posts throughout
the globe, focused primarily on protecting and, if need be, destroying classified items.

So while there were Marines stationed at our embassy in Tripoli, where nearly all of
our diplomats worked and which had the capability to process classified material,
because there was no classified processing at the diplomatic compound in Benghazi,
there were no Marines posted there, Clinton writes. [...]

But, as General Carter Hamm, the former commander of Africa Command, testified
before Congress on June 26, 2013, there was no Marine security detachment in

It wasnt until after the attack that Marines were sent to the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli, a
contentious issue before and after the attacks, since so many diplomatic officials and
security forces before the attack had been pleading to the State Department for greater
military protection in Libya. The former regional security officer at the Embassy in
Tripoli, Eric Nordstrom, testified that the most frustrating part of his job had been
dealing and fighting against the people, programs, and personnel who are supposed to
be supporting me For me the Taliban is on the inside of the building.

9. Also, domestically, U.S. in Talks with Snowden on Possible Plea Deal, ObamaDontCare Penalty
to Hit One Million Low-Income Americans, Kentucky-Senate candidate, Democrat Alison Lundergan
Grimes, STEERED CLEAR OF 'COAL' AT D.C. FUNDRAISER, and avowed-environmentlist Tom Steyer
Remains Invested in Fossil Fuels Despite Divestment Pledge.

10. Finally, domestically, not to be ignored is the GOP-Establishments messaging, which touts a
new Poll that allegedly [inexplicably] found that 60% of Americans and 37% of tea party respondents
back path to citizenship for Illegals; the smear-campaign has also predictably launched via the WaPo
against McDANIEL, 41, who GIVES the GOP ESTABLISHMENT HEARTBURN, allegedly embodying
everything mainstream Republicans fear about the tea party movement. [He is aggressive, unpredictable
and, at times, allegedly-insensitiveif not offensiveon matters of gender and race; party leaders
worry about feeding an impression that could hurt their chances elsewhere, in the same way Senate
candidate Todd Akin of Missouri tarnished the GOP in 2012 when he referred to 'legitimate rape.' {Note
innuendo that permeates the illustrative claims, none of which impacts the policies he has articulated.}

-- In his former role as a talk-radio host before becoming a state senator,
McDaniel referred to Hispanic women as 'mamacitas,' proclaimed that he would never
again pay taxes if African Americans were paid reparations for slavery, mused about
whether 'homosexual churches' exist and wondered aloud whether former attorney
general Janet Reno 'was a woman.'
-- McDaniel is dealing with problems that arose during his campaign, in which he
and his supporters at times have appeared disorganized and careless.
-- Hinds Countys DA is looking into why McDaniel allies were found trapped in a
courthouse hours after polls closed on the night of the primary; four men were arrested
in connection with illicitly taking a photo of Cochran's bedridden wife, Rose, who has
dementia and lives in a nursing home.


Although I feel Pot should be legalized, it has been suggested that it may be playing a larger role in fatal
crashes; as more states are poised to legalize medicinal marijuana, Columbia University researchers
performing a toxicology examination of nearly 24,000 driving fatalities concluded that [1]marijuana
contributed to 12% of traffic deaths in 2010, tripled from a decade earlier; [2]nearly a quarter of
drivers killed in drug-related car crashes were younger than 25; and [3]nearly half of fatally injured
drivers who tested positive for marijuana were younger than 25.

Lest we forget about the dangers of Islamism, note the topics covered yesterday by Pamela Geller:

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daughters: We had an hour to say goodbye. She was so badly burned we were told we couldnt
look at her face.
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