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Peace cannot be attained by force but by understanding - Albert Einstein

Corporal punishment is defined form of physical punishment that involves the deliberate
infliction of pain as retribution for an offence, or for the purpose of disciplining or
reforming a wrongdoer, or to deter attitudes or behaviour deemed unacceptable .
There are countless countries who outlaw this act for a very good reason . And we
wholeheartedly agree to this fact . We believe that force should never be used in the
education of students .
f corporal punishment were to be used to educate the children and teenagers when the
do something it will teach them to use physical violence to resolve disputes. They will
later use violence to solve their disputes
. They will later use violence towards their friends or peers or in their own family,
especially when they are in a position of authority. According to many psychological
studies, it is also li!ely to humiliate the child, lower self esteem, and ma!e the child
hostile towards the adult that punished them, without actually changing their behaviour .
Thus we believe that by understanding the social issues that students face and
addressing those issues appropriately . The authorities at school will be able to have a
more permanent solution to disiplinary issues by prevention
#sing a $systems approach$ for prevention, intervention and resolution and developing
levels of incremental conse%uences.
Enforcing rules with consistency, fairness, and calmness.
Planning lessons that provide realistic opportunities for success for all students.
&id you !now The word $discipline$ comes from the 'atin word for $teaching$ or
$learning.$ (tudent behaviors have meaning, and behaviors are directly connected to
inner feelings. Thus, discipline is a process which addresses behaviors and the feelings
which cause them.
A great teacher once said if you constantly call your students trash and punish them for it
, there is no doubt that the this student will become the trash of society .