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Reginald G. Walker, J r.

J anuary 18, 2013

Business Policy
Dr. J . Wu

Savannah State Universitys College of Business Administration
Mission Statement and Vision

Question: What are the 9 components of a mission statement? Read COBA's vision and mission
statement at SSU website http://www.savannahstate.edu/coba/about-mission.shtml. Is there
anything wrong about this vision and mission statement? List out at least four possible mistakes.
Rewrite a vision and a mission statement for COBA (you can work from the original one). And
check you mission statement to see whether you have all the nine components.

The recommended nine components of a mission statement are, usually, the customers,
products or services, markets, technology, concern for survival, growth and profitability,
philosophy, self-concept, concern for public image, and concern for employees. A couple
of possible mistakes or errors that I noticed were (1) a lot of words with few effective and
gravitating meaning, (2) more adjectives could be added to exhilarate COBA in the
mission statement, (3) the vision sounds too much like the vision for the actual University
instead of the College of Business Administration and (4) the vision is not appealing or
exciting because when you consider a vision, you visualize what is needed to accomplish
that vision; however, the vision is a bit bland and uninteresting.

Current Mission Statement:

The College of Business Administration at Savannah State University is dedicated to delivering
quality undergraduate and graduate business programs to a diverse student population. Through
innovative instruction, mentoring, applied research, and community involvement, the College
develops business graduates who compete effectively in the public and private sectors.

Current Vision Statement:

Building on the rich history of Savannah State University, the College of Business
Administration will be a premier, student-centered college in our region, where students can
maximize their options and fulfill their potential in an environment that embraces diversity. The
College will create an efficient, service-oriented culture that is responsive to the needs of
students, faculty, staff, alumni and the community.
My New Mission Statement:

The College of Business Administration sector at Savannah State University prides itself upon
developing the highest quality professionals that the world has to offer. Not only actualizing
success through innovative professing techniques, mentorship, research and development and
interpersonal communication but also diversification, community involvement and effective
public speaking. Through education, inspiration and motivation, graduates complete their careers
with a sense of appropriate formidability and responsibility.

My New Vision Statement:

Students will leave The College of Business Administration sector at Savannah State University
more professional, intellectual and versatile than before. A maximization of fulfillment of the
College and students full potential will be sought upon and emblematize. The College will
continue to embrace diversity, culture and community while reaching astronomical heights
throughout, not only the North American region but, the entirety of the world.