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This semester, my classmates and I went to the Toronto Symphony Orchestra school

concert on November 13
2013. We were able to hear variety of music featuring
Project Trio and Leo Jarmain. Project Trio was very interesting to hear because they
are so unique in their own way when they play their instruments. You can tell that
they like to play in their own style for example, Greg Pattillo, beatboxes while
playing the flute.

Overture To Candide Broadway Musical
The piece started off with a strong and loud class and brass section. After a few bars,
the woodwinds who came in playing runs joined them. There is contrast between
the two sections. When the strings joined, the piece became more live because of the
staccatos that were being brought out. I enjoyed the phrases that were being played
by them because it really emphasized the texture of the parts that were thick and
solid. I was able to hear dynamic contrast from the strings and woodwinds when
they were doing a call and response. When the call and response was fading out, a
beautiful flute solo was brought in. Unlike the thick and solid sound the first part of
the piece had, the flute solo had difficult rhythms but a very soft and light sound.
While the solo was being played, the bassoon repeated the solo as well. After the
flute and bassoon solo was finished, a piccolo solo came in which was very light as
well. When the strings came in after, the piece was very relaxing to hear. The
strings section was divided into three. When the second section joined the first
section that was playing the melody, the dynamic marking went from piano to
mezzo piano. Later on, when the third section joined the dynamic marking changed
to mezzo forte. This section of the piece is repeated throughout the song. The flute
solo is repeated once again but with a violin playing in the background. The ending
gets faster with a loud finale. Overall Overture To Candide was a quick-paced piece
with burning up excitement.

An American In Paris
This piece was very fusion like with a busy sound. There was woodblock being
played in some sections of the piece. There was contrast between two sections,
featuring taxi horns. Had a huge crescendo followed by a pause to a bass clarinet
solo which was a very lyrical and ambient warm section. The woodwinds, featuring
a muted trumpet, were later on playing a melody. There was a quick melody echoed
by other parts of the orchestra, which was let on passes from one section to another.
Near the end of the piece, there was big tension with a chromatic scale leading to a
timpani solo. But, the final few bars of An American in Paris featured a soft melody
by the woodwinds leading to another crescendo, which led to the end.

Symphonic Metamorphosis
- Symphonic Metamorphosis starts with a loud trombone section with quiet
woodwinds and strings. There were dissonance chords played by the brass section.
The woodwinds featuring muted horns later on played the melody. A decrescendo
was added to the melody, which led to the strings playing. The horns then have a
melody with quick repetitive notes played by the flutes, clarinets and oboe. The
tempo is moderato but then, when the strings come in, a crescendo is played and the
tension builds up. This section of the piece sounds mysterious with a trombone

Bruch Violin Concerto No 1
-Bruch Violin Concerto No 1, started off with two violins, which was joined by more
strings. After, a violin solo was played with a quick change to a slower section, which
was very lyrical. After the solo, a loud section joined without the soloist. Very strings
oriented with some addition by the brass and winds. There was very little
percussion playing in this Concerto. The piece was slow for most part and I found
that the soloist was too quiet while playing.

Project Trio
Tchaikovsky- Nutcracker
- There isnt that much to say about this performance except that, the classic theme
was mixed with jazz.

The Bodage- Salsa
- The flute, cello, and bass melody joined with strings at the beginning of the piece.
The percussionists were playing the bongos and the castanets in this piece, which
was composed by Project Trio. The woodwinds had small features while a cello
melody was being played. When the trumpets come in, it sounds like a salsa theme,
which was really nice to hear. Later on the brass plays a Latino melody.

Dr. Nick
- In this piece, Project Trios cellist, Eric Stephenson was in the spotlight. There was
an oboe melody being played with beat boxing as the harmony. Once again, there
isnt too much to say about this piece except that it was nice to hear the cellist and
flautist bring their talent out.