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I was oveiweight, hau both peisonal anu business uebt, a failing
maiiiage, anu I was just uisgusteu with the peison I saw in the
miiioi. Since attenuing Fiist Steps foi Success anu Cieating
a Bynasty, I have lost weight, paiu off moie than $4uu,uuu in
uebt, incieaseu my business of gift shops by Su peicent in a
bau economy, anu I love my husbanu moie touay than the uay I
maiiieu him 17 yeais ago.
~ 1rucl Mucuro
0ui company was opeiating at a loss, anu we hau hit a glass
ceiling. Aftei applying the stiategies I leaineu at Fiist Steps to
Success, I incieaseu oui company ievenue by 8uu peicent in Su
uays! Aftei only being back one uay, oui business ieceiveu thiee
iefeiials, anu we have closeu a client foi a $Suu,uuu contiact
foi 2u11!!! That is all piofit stiaight to the bottom line, too! The
client chose us because he saiu he likeu us anu felt comfoitable
with us ovei the seven othei venuois. 0sing the Coie Rappoit
Nethouology anu Piesentation Success System has boosteu oui
ievenue thiough the ioof. That one contiact is neaily uouble
oui ievenue foi all of last yeai combineu.
~ uvlJ McMenomy
I went fiom being bioke anu in uebt to $Suu,uuu in oui fiist yeai
anu looking towaiu $1 million anu fianchising in oui seconu. I
owe it all to Bani.
~ Murluh MuconulJ
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- ii
Piioi to coming to Fiist Steps to Success, this mom of foui was
veiy buint out anu uiun't know how to juggle eveiything going
on in my life. While my competitois have gone out of business
uue to a failing economy, I have leaineu skills that have, not only
kept me in business, but have causeu my photogiaphy business
to giow each yeai. I have also paiu off $84,uuu in uebt in 2.S
yeais. You cannot put a piice tag on the things you will see
change in youi life.
~ Angelu Roxe
I have changeu so much that it is haiu to even imagine. Piioi to
Bani }ohnson's tiainings, I was living in a basement, attempting
to make a caieei as a ieal estate agent in Nichigan. I faileu
miseiably anu coulu not even sell one house my fiist yeai. Aftei
leaining hei stiategies I became the iookie of the yeai. Bani
helpeu me get my fiist million-uollai piouuction awaiu. Touay I
am a successful Realtoi. I am now hitting $4 million to $S million
in piouuction eveiy yeai! Nichigan's maiket is tanking bau, too,
so it makes it even moie awesome.
~ Mellxxu Hecht
I hau no business oi skills. Immeuiately aftei leaving Bani
}ohnson's Fiist Steps to Success, I was able to biing in ovei
$1,Suu ievenue. I was able to impiove my maiiiage iight away
fiom what I leaineu about peisonalities anu uems. I also paiu
off ovei $S,uuu of uebt iight away. This is amazing!
~ uvlJ Schultz
0ntil I pluggeu into Bani}, I was a business ownei
with boatloaus of uebt anu stiess, anu I woikeu about 6u houis
a week. Ny piioiities weie all messeu up. Aftei attenuing, in the
last six months I have ieuone my time management, iekinuleu
my maiiiage, anu I've totally ieconnecteu with my thiee chiluien.
I've lost 14 pounus anu have paiu off $17u,uuu woith of uebt.
~ jennlfer Young
I useu to be a iighteous biat, angiy at life, anu failing at eveiy
aiea in my life. Aftei going to Fiist Steps to Success, my life is
in a whiilwinu, anu it's only been a month!!! I maue $8,4uu in
the fiist thiee weeks. I finally was able to close the ueal on a
house that hau been on the maiket foi six months with ovei
five showings, anu because of one skill I leaineu at Fiist Steps
to Success, I ienteu it out in two houis -- biinging me $2,uuu
a month in income. 0n top of that, I also went fiom making
an inconsistent $1,uuu - $S,uuu in my business to $6,4uu this
month in my business.
~ jennlfer Buker
I was a uiscouiageu anu fiustiateu stay-at-home mom, uiowning
in uebt, oveiweight, anu at times, wishing I coulu escape fiom
the piison calleu home. I felt uisconnecteu fiom my husbanu,
anu oui lives weie consumeu with oui business, uay anu night;
anu oui business was on the uecline. Aftei applying Bani's
pioven stiategies, I see that uieams can become ieality. We have
uoubleu oui plumbing business while cutting back oui houis by
Su peicent! We hiieu foui new guys to keep up with the woik!
We have paiu off $1u,uuu of peisonal uebt in two months, anu I
lost 2u pounus. Waue anu I aie moie in love than evei, anu my
chiluien have a happy anu thankful Nommy.
~ Vungel Robertx
I hau a mastei's uegiee but coulun't communicate. Since
coming to Fiist Steps, I leaineu communication skills that
helpeu me lanu a job with no expeiience anu suivive two layoff
cycles wheie people with seveial yeais of expeiience weie cut.
Recently I inteivieweu foi anu lanueu a job that specializes
in communication skills that will tiiple my income in a fielu
unielateu to my uegiee. I also lost 46 pounus.
~ Ruchel jonex
Piioi to going to Fiist Steps thiee yeais ago, oui business was
uying, anu oui sales weie uiminishing. We weie hopeless anu
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- iv
uepiesseu. Ny husbanu anu I have leaineu how to piospei
wheie we weie planteu anu manage what we hau, insteau of
living the fantasy that business will come to us. In two yeais,
oui sales incieaseu 2uu peicent. We closeu $28,uuu in sales in
one uay anu wiote $12u,uuu of oiueis in one week. We weie
also able to negotiate a contiact that auueu 1uu,uuu ieps to
sell oui piouuct. We aie leaining to be leaueis anu step out of
managing. We aie leaining to pay off peisonal uebt, as well as
business. Bani has also taught us how to manage oui time, to uo
moie in less time, so we can put oui family fiist.
~ 0lnu AlexunJer
Piioi to getting pluggeu into Fiist Steps to Success events, I was
fiustiateu about the lack of ietention of my clients. Even though
I was making a nice income, I felt like I wanteu to quit. Since
getting pluggeu into Bani's events, I now have moie joy than
evei befoie foi my business. 0ui client base has giown by S6u
peicent in the last few months.
~ Murlu Flnley
When I fiist staiteu in business, I hau a lot of uesiie, anu I ieally
wanteu to be successful; yet I stayeu at a plateau. I coulun't
get ovei the plateau that I was stuck on, so I came to Bani; anu
within the fiist 4S uays, I was able to make $42,uuu moie.
~ Stephunle johnxon
Piioi to coming to Bani, I was bioke, homeless anu living on
somebouy's couch with a five hunuieu-uollai-a-week uiug habit.
Within the fiist yeai of plugging into Bani, I completely tuineu
my life aiounu. I went fiom a ninth-giaue euucation to making
ovei a six-figuie income. I went fiom not getting any iesults in
my job to now having an 8u peicent closing iatio. I uiun't think
I woulu evei go fiom being homeless with a uiug auuiction to
making ovei $1uu,uuu.
~ Shune Wllt
I have attenueu numeious sales tiaining seminais, anu I leaineu
moie in youi Su-minute viueo with Bani }ohnson than all of
them combineu.
~ IlnJu Cleury
I hau a haiu time talking to people in school anu hau tiouble
getting goou giaues. I was getting into fights with people
all the time, as well. Aftei leaining uems fiom Bani, I staiteu
appieciating people foi who they aie anu wiiting my iepoits foi
school in the uem language of my teacheis. Ny giaues impioveu,
anu I have a bettei ielationship with people!
~ Alex Skurxtrom
I hau to sciape the money togethei to make it Fiist Steps to
Success. I left the event anu maue foui sales in one uay, anu
maue all my money back.
~ juJy 1hurexon
Aftei Fiist Steps to Success in Los Angeles, while job hunting, I
was able to inteiview the inteivieweis, anu I ieceiveu thiee job
offeis in thiee weeks. I was able to pick the company I wanteu to
woik foi. I incieaseu my faith anu confiuence. Now I know my
puipose in life anu uiiection of who I am. I paiu off ovei $1u,uuu
in uebt in six months. I have moie fiienus now, anu my family
loves me foi who I am.
~ Huzel Vlllunuevu
Piioi to the uems tiaining with Bani }ohnson, I hau tiouble
communicating with people of the opposite peisonality to my
own. Now I am able to unueistanu my clients anu theii neeus
anu goals bettei, anu communicate to each peisonality. Business
is iocking a lot bettei now, anu I'm able to get jobs uone much
moie efficiently than evei befoie.
~ Nute AnJerxon
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- vi
I was always afiaiu anu thought that I coulu nevei iaise otheis
up in leaueiship in my company. Now aftei what I leaineu fiom
Bani }ohnson about the uems, I have the skills anu the conviction
to cieate a stiong team anu leaueiship in my oiganization.
~ Annle Ietourneuu
I've liveu my life alone anu uiun't have much use foi any people
in my life befoie meeting Bani }ohnson. Now aftei leaining
these skills, I've been able to change my thinking anu appieciate
anu love people!
~ 1homux Oxborn

I went to Fiist Steps to Success; my business is now up by 2S
~ Ken Mucuro
Aftei the uems tiaining, my husbanu anu I communicate much
bettei than we uiu befoie. A lot of it was just small woius anu
things we weie saying to each othei - now that we unueistanu
how uiffeient peisonalities think anu talk, we aie able to have a
bettei maiiiage because of it!
~ MunJy AnJerxon
I was stiuggling in business anu ielationships anu hau a lot of
issues with communicating with people. I hau a lot of tiauma
as a chilu anu a lack of euucation, anu those things gave me feai
of talking to people. Aftei meeting Bani, I have come alive as
a peison anu now I'm communicating on a heait-to-heait level
with people that I talk to. This has changeu my family life anu
othei ielationships.
~ unlel Roxx
I was able to ielate with all foui peisonality types, anu this has
uiamatically impioveu my life.
~ 0regory ruke
Ny fiist Bani }ohnson tiaining was in 2uu7. At that time, I
was stuck in my 17-yeai-olu caieei anu oppiesseu by $2u,uuu
of uebt. 0sing what Bani taught me, I got piomoteu to the
top, uoubleu my income, anu paiu off all $2u,uuu within eight
months! Now 1S events latei, I'm about to pay off the moitgage
on oui $6uu,uuu uieam home.
~ Nuncy Crouch
Thiough Bani's teachings anu applying uiffeient piinciples
to my peisonal anu piofessional life, I can say that my life has
changeu! I finisheu my bacheloi's uegiee anu went on to puisue
my mastei's uegiee. When I fiist staiteu woiking in highei
euucation, I was a basic office cleik, filing papeis, answeiing
telephone calls anu baiely making ovei minimum wage. Thiough
haiu woik, peisistence anu applying success stiategies, I have
woikeu my way up to vice piesiuent of Chiistian Faith Colleges.
I have come so fai financially, peisonally anu piofessionally.
Bowevei, my jouiney is only getting staiteu. Seeing people like
Bani }ohnson inspiies me to uo biggei anu bettei things!
~ Becky Whlte
I was a bioke fiustiateu college stuuent with a failing pait-
time business anu my ielationship with my uau was absolutely
hoiiific. Aftei plugging into Bani, I uecieaseu my stuuy time by
7S peicent anu went fiom getting low 9us on my tests to scoiing
98 to 1uu peicent on eveiything. I also maue $S,uuu in 4 months,
uoubleu my clientele, anu completely iestoieu my ielationship
with my uau.
~ Mury jo Kuluxky
In Naich 2uuS, I attenueu a company confeience in Louisville,
KY wheie Bani was the keynote speakei. I oiueieu youi Fiist
Steps to Success CBs. Little uiu I know that my life was about
to be tiansfoimeu foievei. I staiteu listening to the CBs, anu
all I coulu uo was ciy. I ciieu foi a week; but I coulu not stop
listening. I was a uiug auuict living with an alcoholic, anu my life
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- viii
was a total mess! Foi the fiist time, I saw what my auuiction was
uoing, not only to me, but to my chiluien. I was a losei, big time!
I useu uope foi the last time on Naich 29, 2uuS with the help of
my family physician anu Naicotics Anonymous. 0n Apiil Suth
anu Nay 1st 2uuS, I attenueu youi Fiist Steps to Success seminai
in Atlanta, anu my life has changeu uiamatically since then. I left
my alcoholic husbanu in Nay 2uu6 anu stiuck out on my own.
In 0ctobei 2uu6, I staiteu back to college at the age of 4S. Touay,
I am happy to say that I have a bacheloi's uegiee in accounting
anu finance. I am now the office managei foi a laige title pawn
chain. Last, but ceitainly not least, I am happily engageu to the
man of my uieams, who - by the way - is a iecoveiing auuict
alcoholic with ovei 12 yeais clean time.
~ Betxy Upchurch
I fiist heaiu of Bani }ohnson by a fiienu. What maue me uiaw
close to Bani }ohnson is that I ielateu to hei financial stiuggles
when she was homeless. Bani }ohnson's piouuct has completely
tiansfoimeu the way I think about money, life, family, peisonal
uevelopment anu my spiiitual life. uiowing up, I thought
people of wealth weie nevei people who followeu uou because
I was tolu that money was theii uou. Nan, was I wiong. Ny
eyes openeu up when I heaiu of Bani }ohnson. When I applieu
hei piinciples, a new me giew. Ny business sales incieaseu,
my ciicle of influence was with like-minueu people, anu my
chaiactei anu cieuibility as an entiepieneui was veiy well-
iespecteu by otheis, all uue to Bani }ohnson. As a uou-feaiing
man, I am so happy that uou has useu Bani }ohnson because it
makes me know that I shoulu not be ashameu foi wanting moie.
Bani }ohnson is an angel. She is a woman with a mission to help
people, anu as a man, I am not ashameu to say I woulu like to
uuplicate hei success anu leain fiom hei. I am not a man who
easily sheus teais. I felt like it was not cool oi macho foi a man
to ciy until I saw Bani }ohnson on Seciet Nillionaiie. Not only
uiu I sheu teais like a baby, but Bani }ohnson's waim anu sweet
heait maue me want to be like hei even moie. Aftei watching
Seciet Nillionaiie, she exploueu my minu, heait, soul anu spiiit
as a man anu entiepieneui. To eveiybouy who wants to leain
fiom Bani }ohnson, tiust me you will, anu you will be anothei
man oi woman. Eveiything goou will come out of you. People
like Bani make this woilu a bettei place.
~ 0ury jeunty
Befoie getting in contact with Bani, I was lost, confuseu, hau
lots of feai anu just no ieal uiiection oi path in my life. I was
also seiiously auuicteu to uiugs. I hau a bau heioin anu cocaine
habit. I was lost anu veiy miseiable anu just wanteu eveiything
to enu. Theie was one voice that thiough this time just kept
penetiating into my life, which helpeu me to know that theie
was hope. Aftei I fiist heaiu Bani's stoiy anu the testimonials of
otheis who hau taken auvantage of hei tiainings, I saiu, "If she
can come out of this pit of hell that she was in, then so can I." The
jouiney to make all things new in my life staiteu. Even though
I hau some tiips anu biuises along the way, I continueu to stay
connecteu to what Bani taught. It inspiieu me because thiough
youi example, I got ieconnecteu to uou. Touay I have been clean
fiom all uiugs foi almost a yeai, anu my faith has been ieneweu;
anu it also gave me the couiage anu faith to stait a business. All
I know is thiough what I have leaineu, anu I began to put it into
uaily piactice; my faith in u0B has been iestoieu. I have been
able to giow my business, anu I know now the sky's the limit. I
now uieam again anu know that by continuing to stay pluggeu
into Bani}, anything is possible.
~ Murc Whlttlng
Befoie I began woiking as an insuiance agent, I was a iegulai
woiking mom anu a wife. I hau two kius, two cais anu a house.
Anu then, in one 24-houi peiiou, my entiie life changeu. Ny
husbanu of 1S yeais packeu up, moveu out anu totally left me
holuing the bag. Be left me with $2.S8 to my name anu $22,uuu
woith of uebt. I hau no way to pay my immeuiate expenses,
such as my gas, my electiicity oi my moitgage. I hau to sell
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- x
eveiything that was left to buy foou foi the next Su to 6u uays.
I was making the fun money in the family, anu I knew I hau to
get seiious ieally quickly about a caieei that woulu offei me
flexibility anu a goou income, so I coulu take caie of my son. A
fiienu suggesteu that I get my insuiance license, so I uiu, anu
I've nevei lookeu back. I am now at the fastest giowing health
insuiance agency in viiginia. I woik fiom home; I can eat lunch
at my son's elementaiy school. I live in a luxuiy conuo; I uiive
a luxuiy vehicle. I'm uebt-fiee, anu I met the love of my life
just six months ago. I went to Fiist Steps in Naich 2uu7 in Los
Angeles, anu I've puichaseu all of youi piouucts, attenueu some
of youi tele-classes anu listeneu to you foi seveial yeais now.
Without you shaiing youi stoiy, youi heait, youi family anu youi
passions, I'm ceitain I'u be homeless anu uowntiouuen touay. I
listeneu to you ovei anu ovei anu ovei anu ovei until I KNEW
that I coulu succeeu. In fact, the 0NLY thing that was holuing me
back was my own uisbelief in myself.
~ Irene AnJerxon
I have listeneu to the last two Nonuay night calls, anu the
inspiiation I have ieceiveu gave me a new sense of faith. Aftei
the call, eveiything staits going aiounu in my heau, anu I have
to wiite. Nost of the time I uo not get to sleep foi a couple of
houis. But the iest of the week I am inspiieu. I have been in a
funk, anu I am so glau that I came acioss you. You have been the
answei to my piayeis. I look foiwaiu to tomoiiow, anu I have a
new outlook on my businesses. I now see wheie I was lacking,
anu I am woiking on fixing the pioblems. This is the beginning
of the iest of my life, anu it is going to be an exciting iiue like no
othei. I know I will make it!
~ Nutulle Kenyon-IoJge
I met Bani }ohnson with the giace of uou. I pickeu up someone's
business caiu anu contacteu hei as a potential piospect. She
tolu me that if I ieally wanteu to giow my business anu tiiple my
income, I shoulu plug into Bani }ohnson. I staiteu plugging into
all the fiee mateiial on the site. I bought a CB set, anu two things
that stuck out in my minu weie "stoiies sell, facts tell." It alloweu
me to coach my team to biing in moie iesults. I then hau the
laigest team in the office at my level anu got a national awaiu
that yeai. The best thing I leaineu was to piospei wheie I was
planteu, uon't have feai anu push all the way. I've now joineu
with someone to help cieate my web page, anu he is uoing it foi
nothing, all baseu on the techniques I've leaineu fiom following
Bani. Not only has Bani helpeu me in my business life, but she
has also helpeu me spiiitually anu financially. She has taught
me to piospei wheie I'm planteu anu use my uou-given talents
that weie alieauy stoieu in me. Because of Bani, I have ueciueu
to stait an oiganization of volunteeis heie in my community
to go to the chiluien's hospital anu volunteei oui time to ieau
books, sing songs, play games anu give back to those who aie
less foitunate.
~ Courtney 1uylor
You biought me closei to uou. I am much moie conscious of
my ieal goals on this eaith. I left a stagnant ielationship I was
hanging on to foi stability. I stiuck out on my own anu have
maue many new fiienus with my new skills, anu I am staiting to
tiust in a ieal ielationship.
~ junet Kroll
I am cuiiently in my final yeai of college (as a ietuin stuuent)
anu will be giauuating this Nay with my associate uegiee in
business management. I have to say that I leaineu moie in the 2
V uays listening to Bani's 0nlimiteu Success CBs than the time I
put in foi my business management uegiee.
~ Nlcole 0echell
If I hau not leaineu fiom you, my life woulu be a mess iight now.
I tuineu oui finances aiounu, got iiu of cluttei, anu now we aie
on the iight path. Last Apiil, I founu out the most life-changing
infoimation, a kinu of ueath-beu confession by my aunt that
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- xii
involveu me! Because of the eneigy anu confiuence I gaineu
fiom listening to anu watching you, I wiote a book about it!
Whenevei I was in a slump, I just went to youi books oi YouTube
anu listeneu to you, anu I was off anu iunning again! You weie
anu aie quite an inspiiation to this 46-yeai-olu wife anu mothei
of twins!! You aie amazing! It must be coolei than cool to know
you have the ability to inspiie people the way you uo!
~ Murcy johnxon
Aftei attenuing Fiist Steps to Success, I founu it was well woith
the cost. In Naich 2u1u, I staiteu a business that iequiieu me
to talk to people. I thought I hateu talking to people. Aftei Fiist
Steps to Success, I iealizeu I'm afiaiu of them oi of looking stupiu.
Leaining the uems helpeu me unueistanu who I was anu that I
was that way by uesign. I was okay anu only neeueu to leain
some skills. Leaining to F0RN helps me feel moie comfoitable
talking to people. 0nueistanuing theii uems also helps me feel
less thieateneu oi fiustiateu. I unueistanu now it's not about
me; it's how they weie uesigneu. By the way, I also paiu off
$S,SS2 in uebt in eight weeks with a goal of being uebt fiee in
thiee to five yeais. Foi the fiist time, I have confiuence I can uo
this. Ny life has been changeu, anu foi the fiist time, I believe I
can be successful. Thank you, Bani!
~ Anne oulox
I staiteu stuuying with Bani in 2uuS. I was newly maiiieu
anu hau a ielatively new maitial aits stuuio. We hau about 2S
stuuents. We both hau full-time jobs, anu I hau a business I was
tiying to builu. I was exhausteu anu not veiy much fun to be
aiounu. I listeneu to Bani's iecoiuings anu went to hei events.
Touay, my husbanu anu I both woik foi oui school full time. We
have 12u stuuents, anu we love oui life anu aie giateful to be
living oui uieams. I use what I leaineu fiom Bani anu Bans in oui
maiketing mateiials, in oui communications with clients anu in
geneiating leaus. We teach baseu on piinciples we leaineu in
uiooming the Next ueneiation foi Success. We woik with oui
unueistanuing of peisonality types to auapt oui teaching styles
to each of oui stuuents. When I went to my fiist woikshop, I
thought I was theie to builu a business. I hau no iuea what ueep
anu peisonal changes I was sewing into my life.
~ Krlxtln qulntunu
I am a single mothei of thiee kius. I have stiuggleu all my life
with an emotionally abusive mothei, anu a few yeais ago, I founu
Bani }ohnson. What a change to my life. I was totally moveu by
Bani's stoiy anu took it as a motivatoi in my own life. I came
fiom nothing as well. Although I hau my fiist chilu at the age of
1S, I uiu what I hau to uo. Now I am S7 - thiee kius latei - anu
have a successful business. I staiteu that business last yeai aftei
being so uown foi so long. I took Bani's auvice. It has been haiu,
to say the least, but setting my minu on something anu taking
the time to listen to otheis who have "been theie, uone that" was
a gieat help! Bani has been an inspiiation to a lot of people.
~ Ilxu MucMuxter
It's impoitant to me to choose business tiaineis who have
alieauy accomplisheu what they teach. Bani }ohnson is a
shining example of this, since she is a millionaiie. Anu she has an
incieuible, giving spiiit! Who bettei to leain fiom than someone
who has a pioven tiack iecoiu of success!
~ Aprll Morrlx
Aftei ieauing uiooming the Next ueneiation foi Success, I
immeuiately staiteu applying the poweiful tools given. I am in
awe at the tuin-aiounu my chiluien have maue! Ny son, a seconu-
giauei, has gone fiom being below giaue level to achieving his
fiist peifect test scoie in less than two weeks. Ny uaughtei, five
yeais olu, is happily woiking on being teachable, honoiable anu
iespectable. We aie now changing the uiiection of oui family
fiom fiustiateu, tiieu anu stiuggling to enthusiastic, spiiitually
centeieu anu successful.
~ jhunnu uwxon
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- xiv
Piioi to plugging into Fiist Steps to Success anu ieauing
uiooming the Next ueneiation, I hau a somewhat stiaineu
ielationship with my young auult son. Aftei leaining about the
uiffeient uems anu iuentifying what I was anu what my son was,
I began to ielate to him in a veiy uiffeient mannei, using the
skills that Bani taught us. In the last two yeais, my ielationship
with my now 2u-yeai-olu son has impioveu; we have a mutual
iespect foi one anothei anu a veiy open line of communication.
I staiteu having him listen to Bani's Nonuay night calls, anu he's
using the piinciples that Bani teaches to stait auvancing in his
new job.
~ Heuther Forrexter
I was a miseiable uivoicee being swalloweu up in a wave of uebt
that I thought woulu take me unuei foi goou. Then I founu Bani
anu puichaseu my fiist piouuct: Wai on Bebt. I have since paiu
off ovei $1S,uuu in uebt in 1S months.
~ CynJllu Mlller
Befoie Bani} anu Fiist Steps to Success, my life was
out of balance. I was stiuggling in business. I was woiking to
ueath tiying to meet ueaulines. We weie oveiwhelmeu with
uebt anu stiuggling to pay the bills, which causeu stiess in oui
home. uou has useu Bani} anu Fiist Steps to Success
to equip us with the skill sets foi eveiyuay life anu business.
We just geneiateu $19,4uu in income the past foui weeks. 0ui
maiiiage is sweetei; oui faith is ieneweu.
~ Cuprl MulJer
Ny finances weie a mess; I was a mess, anu my ielationships
weie a mess. I immeuiately applieu what I have leaineu fiom
Bani to my business anu maue a six-figuie income anu paiu off
$11S,uuu in uebt.
~ Angelu Iuxher
First Steps to Wealth
+ 4'5(*3$/(0 6( 708,'#9' :(3, 708(;'< 7;),(5'
Your Relotionsbips onJ FxponJ Your lnjluence
By Bani }ohnson

First Steps To Wealtb"
Copyiight 2u11 Call To Fieeuom Int'l, LLC. All Rights Reseiveu
Publisheu by Call to Fieeuom Inteinational
No pait of this publication may be iepiouuceu, stoieu in a ietiieval
system, oi tiansmitteu in any foim oi by any means, electionic, me-
chanical, photocopying, iecoiuing, scanning, oi otheiwise, except as
peimitteu unuei Section 1u7 oi 1u8 of the 1976 0niteu States Copy-
iight Act, without eithei the piioi wiitten peimission of the Publishei.
Limit of LiabilityBisclaimei of Waiianty: While the publishei anu
authoi have useu theii best effoits in piepaiing this book, they make
no iepiesentations oi waiianties with iespect to the accuiacy oi com-
pleteness of the contents of this book anu specifically uisclaim any im-
plieu waiianties of meichantability oi fitness foi a paiticulai puipose.
No waiianty may be cieateu oi extenueu by sales iepiesentatives oi
wiitten sales mateiials. The auvice anu stiategies containeu heiein
may not be suitable foi youi situation. The publishei is not engageu in
ienueiing piofessional wheie appiopiiate. Neithei the publishei noi
authoi shall be liable foi any loss of piofit oi any othei commeicial
uamages, incluuing but not limiteu to special, inciuental, consequen-
tial, oi othei uamages.
ISBN: 978-u-9789SS1-8-2
Piinteu in the 0niteu States of Ameiica

0thei Books by Bani }ohnson:
-)/,/$ =,/5'0 -388'99
>,((;/01 $"' ?'@$ >'0',#$/(0 A(, -388'99

:(3 9#/B $"#$ /A 7 8(;;/$ ;. C(,D9 $( .(3< .(3 C(3*B '9$#2*/9"
$"'; #0B ;#D' ;. )*#09 9388''BE :(3 #,' $"' F#/$"A3* G0'< #0B
7 "#5' C/$0'99'B $"#$ .(3 B( 0($ */'E :(3 #8$3#**. A(**(C $",(31"
C/$" C"#$ .(3 9#. .(3 C/** B(E -( $"/9 2((D /9 B'B/8#$'B $( .(3< $"'
H,'#$(, (A $"' "'#5'09 #0B $"' '#,$"E
Bans, it has been twenty yeais since we began oui jouiney
togethei. Little uiu I know when I fiist laiu eyes on you that you
woulu be the best thing that evei coulu have happeneu to me.
Theie is no man on this eaith whom I aumiie moie than you.
You have stoou by my siue when I woulu not even stanu by my
own siue. You have challengeu me to be moie, anu to think anu
to act on what is in my heait to uo. Simply saiu, you aie awesome
to me. I am still passionately in love with you.
Kiistina, Aiika, Cabe, Roman, anu Nicah, oui beautiful,
talenteu, anu authentic kius. You aie fai moie than anything I
coulu have hopeu foi, askeu foi, oi even imagineu. Each of you
inspiies me in so many ways. You have matuieu into amazing
human beings who will have a gieat impact on many lives
aiounu the woilu. Thank you foi shaiing me while I was wiiting
this beast of a pioject. Ny love foi you will nevei uie.
Aunt Naiie, thank you foi all youi help uuiing the weeks
of ciaziness that hau to happen foi this book to be completeu.
You aie always a ielievei anu a buiuen beaiei. Thank you foi
helping with my uuties so I coulu get in those few extia houis to
meet these insane ueaulines. Youi love anu seivice ministeis to
me ueeply anu challenges me to be a bettei peison.
Belen Chang, wow, we uiu it! Fiom book jail to book hell to
book heaven, all in a few months. Thank you foi all youi haiu
woik, countless houis, anu all-nighteis with this pioject. Youi
woik ethic is unbelievable. You aie a woman of excellence anu
uiligence. This pioject woulu not exist without you. I enjoyeu
woiking with you, anu I love youi heait foi people.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- xx
You who aie ieauing this book: I may not know youi name
oi face yet, howevei I am so looking foiwaiu to getting to know
you. Thank you foi being the kinu of peison who is seeking ieal
change anu ieal solutions. You inspiie anu spui me to continue
on this jouiney of woiking with inuiviuuals like you who will
make a uiffeience in this ciazy woilu in which we live. Togethei
we have a shot at tuining this financially uisastious woilu
aiounu. Thank you foi joining me on this auventuie.
I am paiticulaily giateful foi the thousanus of oiphaneu
chiluien to whom my life is connecteu on a monthly basis. You
inspiie me. You keep me woiking towaiu uoing what I can to
make youi lives bettei. If it weien't foi you, I woulu have no
motivation at all. You have kept me focuseu, ueteimineu, anu
passionate about helping otheis giow. I cannot imagine the
kinu of peison I woulu be if you weie not in my life. I love eveiy
single one of you!
What a blessing you aie, the B}C coie team! Biian, }oseph,
ueiii, }enn, }eiibai, Elyssa, }uui, Kim, Aiika, }osh, Anuiew,
Bannah, anu Cinuy - can you believe we aie on book numbei
thiee. You have all woikeu so uiligently with excellence, uoing
youi absolute best each anu eveiy uay. This book is eviuence
of who you all aie anu what we all can uo togethei. Thank you
foi iunning this iace with eveiything you have! Thank you foi
youi uevotion to the thousanus of lives that have alieauy been
changeu anu the millions yet to change. We still have a lot of
woik to uo; howevei, theie is no one I woulu iathei woik with
than you.
}eff 0snei, thank you foi jumping on boaiu this ciazy tiain
when we ieally neeueu youi help anu input. It has been amazing
to watch you giow into the expeit you have become. I am
encouiageu by the fact that although I have witnesseu you giow
in all aieas of youi life anu begin to accumulate gieat wealth,
you have iemaineu humble, teachable, anu iaie. You aie a tiue
example of what Fiist Steps to Wealth is all about. Thank you foi
setting the example foi otheis to follow. You once weie a client,
anu now we aie family. So blesseu to have you on this jouiney
with us!
The B}C clients aie the most amazing people in the entiie
woilu. Thank you foi youi hungei. It moves me inteinally anu,
theiefoie, exteinally. Thank you foi applying what you have
leaineu; you have become an example to many aiounu the woilu.
Thank you foi being a pait of this movement that is changing
lives anu geneiations to come. Thank you foi using all we have
given you not only to benefit youiself but also to benefit the lives
of those aiounu you. Thank you foi youi heait to uo youi pait
in making the woilu a bettei place. Theie is no othei gioup like
you, anu I am honoieu to woik with you.
Isa, my spiiitual uaughtei, anu }enn, my longtime fiienu, the
two of you have been such a blessing in my life. Thank you foi
the foui a.m. conveisations that biing gieat ievelation anu zeio
wiggle ioom. You two holu me to my teaching at the iight place
anu iight time. You know what to say anu when to say it. You
continuously ieminu me of what is in me that must be saiu anu
liveu. I love you moie than woius can say.
I am incieuibly giateful foi all those who have been
committeu to piay foi all of us foi all these yeais. Theie aie so
many who make the saciifice eveiy single uay to lift us - as well
as oui clients - in piayei. To name all of them woulu take a book;
howevei, theie aie a few key people who must be mentioneu:
Ruthie Biown, }ack anu Lavonne Atnip, Nona Ncuiauy, Lauiie
anu }oseph Beisingei, Cinuy anu Biian NcFauen, }eff anu }ennifei
0snei, anu Biothei Baiiy uomes. You have laboieu in an unusual
way. You have seen the fiuit of youi laboi. I am eteinally giateful
foi all you have uone foi so many.
Foiwaiu )1E III
Intiouuction )1E vII
}ouiney To Nillions )1E 1
The Laws of Success )1E 19
Nagnetic Influence )1E S7
Polishing Youi uems )1E 87
Piospei Wheie You Aie Planteu )1E 1u7
Stait as an Entiepieneui )1E 1SS
Pathway to Biggei Piofits )1E 1S7
Slaves to Bebt )1E 19S
Wai on Bebt )1E 2u9
Nake Noney Youi Slave )1E 241
The uou Factoi )1E 26S
Youi Steps to Wealth )1E 287
Wealth is a poweiful woiu. It can mean so many things: money
in the bank; iich with fiienus anu family who love you; bless-
ings of beautiful anu healthy chiluien; the ability to uo what
you want, when you want; a waim beu; foou on the table; goou
As you uelve into this book, ask youiself, what uoes wealth
mean to you. The answei may suipiise you, anu if it means hav-
ing enough money to uo whatevei you want anu not have to
woiiy about paying bills, theie's no ciime in that. The point is
to ask youiself what you want anu what you uesiie to get the
most out of the piecious investment you have just maue in this
book. The fact is, if you know what you'ie aftei anu follow the
steps outlineu heie, you will get it.
When I maue my fiist million uollais, I uiun't even know it.
That's a sau thing to say. I mean, who makes a million uollais
anu uoesn't know it. It was 2uu6 anu that anxious thing calleu
tax time hau iolleu aiounu. Ny husbanu anu I weie contem-
plating what the uamage we may have incuiieu as we sloggeu
mountains of papeiwoik to oui accountant.
As seiial entiepieneuis - anu I mean seiial, because we
launch a new company eveiy time we have even a flickei of an
iuea - we aie auept at wiite-offs. If you can see it in my house,
on my back, oi even unuei my Chiistmas tiee, you can bet that
I founu a way to wiite it off. I am convinceu that my five cats
anu uog aie wiite-offs; oui uog, Nailey, is a gieat conveisation
piece at the uog paik anu has single-hanueuly biought in at least
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- Iv
$2uu,uuu in business ovei the past foui yeais.
That's one valuable employee!
Steve, oui intiepiu accountant, piesents me with a sheet of
papei, anu blithely says, "With the moie than one million uol-
lais you maue this yeai, you'ie going to have to finu a lot moie
to wiite off oi you will be owing aiounu $Su,uuu to the IRS." Ny
jaw uioppeu.
"Bow uiu that happen." I askeu Steve. Beie's the pioblem
with that question: I hau no iuea that I hau maue so much mon-
ey, anu I hau no iuea wheie it went. I coulu not account foi one
ieu cent. I went home that night anu ciieu my eyes out. They
weie teais of joy, anu teais of shame.
Please let me explain.
It was late spiing of 2uuS, the scent of fieshly mown giass
filleu the aii, butteicups peppeieu the lawns, anu longei uays
maue it iueal foi giilling at the beach anu playing volleyball. I
wanteu to stait a publishing company anu iaise money with a
giassioots campaign.
So, I solu cupcakes. 0ne afteinoon I showeu up at the uog
paik (the one wheie Nailey is oui Biiectoi of Bevelopment) anu
hanueu them out foi fiee. In the mattei of only a few weeks,
woiu got out that Paula Conway was baking fiesh cupcakes anu
showing up in the paik, hanuing them out, foi fiee. Soon, the
sugai auuicts lineu up to pay as much as $S foi just one.
The tiansition fiom fiee to fee was easy. I leaineu something
inteiesting: People will pay foi something they uesiie. A lot of
people uesiie sugai. Ny pietty fiosteu-cake sales auueu up to
moie than $4,uuu in foui months. I took this money, hiieu a
fiienu to builu a website anu staiteu publishing content. Then,
I solu the content. Within a yeai I was a publishei anu content
pioviuei anu hau lanueu a client who paiu moie than $7u,uuu a
month foi my content.
Foi client confiuentiality ieasons, all I can shaie about it is
that I giew the sales mouel anu it snowballeu.
Fiom 2uuS to that fateful uay in Apiil of 2uu6, which I now
iefei to as Nillion-Bollai Tax Bay, I maue a lot of mistakes in
business. Ny companies hau highs anu lows, anu foi the lows
I am eteinally giateful. Nillion-Bollai Tax Bay was a tuining
point. Beie I was, with moie than a million uollais that hau
slippeu thiough my hanus anu I hau no clue wheie it went, much
less that I hau even eaineu this level of income.
I hau somehow achieveu new financial heights out of my pas-
sion foi cupcakes -- the giassioots campaign that was biitheu
out of a love to feeu my fiienus anu family, anu a tickle in my
stomach that maue each uay joyous as I mixeu buttei anu sugai
to uo something that was just plain fun - anu not once uiu I ap-
pieciate what hau happeneu. I hau woikeu haiu, but not eaineu
a uime. Even woise, I was not giateful.
Somewheie in my shoit anu ovei-extenueu jouiney, I lost
the plot. What uiu I want, how woulu I sustain it, anu who was
it foi. At this point in my life, as you can imagine, I uiu not know
Bani }ohnson anu I hau not attenueu Fiist Steps to Success.
Touay, I am a changeu woman. I now have the skills to keep
the momentum going anu attain wealth beyonu my wiluest
uieams. Am I theie yet. No. I am still a woik-in-piogiess, like
eveiyone else on this planet.
I am not theie yet. But heie's the iub: theie is no theie, theie.
Whatevei wealth you think you want oi neeu, getting it ie-
quiies something I call TEEN: Time, Eneigy, Effoit, anu Noney.
Anu the investment nevei enus. You aie nevei at the finish line,
foi if you aie, you might as well be ueau.
Eveiything you want to invest in, be it youiself, youi fam-
ily, youi businesses, youi fiienus, will always take a TEEN effoit
fiom you each anu eveiy uay of youi life. But given the skills,
you can finally achieve youi goals with all the tools you neeu to
keep them anu make youi wealth giow.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- vI
Now that you have Fiist Steps to Wealth, you aie on youi
way, foi this book has eveiything you neeu to live youi uieams.
I invite you to join me on this magnificent jouiney, wheie to-
gethei we will join the hunuieus of thousanus of otheis befoie
us, who aie ieaping the myiiau piofits that Bani }ohnson has
passeu on to them.
With Fiist Steps to Wealth, you have maue the investment in
youiself to be wealthy: spiiitually wealthy, financially wealthy,
physically wealthy, anu peisonally wealthy.
All my best,
Paula Conway
98 Percent vs. 2 Percent
Ny fiienu, I have a question foi you. When you staiteu out in life,
was it youi goal to enu up wheie you aie now. To be woiking at
a ueau-enu job, stiuggling in youi business, uiowning in uebt,
canceling the vacations you counteu on, lacking the time to
spenu time with youi family, oi just altogethei giving up on youi
At the same time, have you evei hau something hit you so haiu
that it took youi bieath away. I am not talking about physically
losing youi bieath, as woulu happen if you weie kickeu by a
hoise. I am talking about heaiing oi ieauing something that was
so shocking that it felt just as if a hoise hau kickeu you in the
chest. Twenty-two yeais ago I ian acioss a statistic that uiu just
that - shocking me to the point of taking my bieath away. It was
so unsettling, in fact, that I coulu not get it out of my minu.
But befoie I shaie that statistic, let me fiist tell you about
how I also once encounteieu a living example of it. I was at
NcBonalu's, eating my two cheesebuigeis anu laige fiies,
when my eyes gazeu up anu I saw hei - a uiminutive woman
with a weatheieu face that showeu all the haiu times she hau
expeiienceu in hei lifetime. Shoit, thin, cuily-peimeu giay haii
toppeu hei veiy fiail bouy. Bei back was huncheu ovei as she
wipeu tables anu caiiieu a stack of tiays that lookeu to be neaily
half hei size. Anu she completely captivateu me! As if computei-
piogiammeu, she woulu wipe a table, pick up the stack of tiays,
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- vIII
move on to the next table, anu then sit to iest, wiping the sweat
off hei biow.
I somehow felt compelleu to ieach out to this woman. I
wanteu to know why she was woiking at NcBonalu's. Initially
I imagineu it was because she wanteu to woik, oi maybe she
was boieu in hei ietiiement age anu wanteu something to get
hei out of the house. But when I saw hei iesting aftei wiping
each table, I quickly tosseu out those assumptions anu ueciueu
to stait up a conveisation.
I went ovei, sat next to hei, anu saiu in a soft voice, "Bi."
She smileu at me anu saiu, "Well, hello theie, honey." Bei
sweet smile anu gentle-yet-iaspy voice toucheu my heait.
Aftei a few minutes of chitchat, I hau to ask a question. "Bow
long have you woikeu heie."
"0h, foi a little while," she saiu.
"Bo you like what you uo."
"Well, honey, I am just glau to have a job."
"Really. Why is that."
"Social Secuiity anu my husbanu's pension just is not enough
to live on, so I have to woik."
"What. Aie you kiuuing me."
"No, sweetheait. I wish I was."
"If you uon't minu, can I ask you a peisonal question."
"Bow olu aie you."
She sigheu anu chuckleu befoie saying, "I am eighty-nine anu
will be ninety next month."
Teais welleu up my eyes as I heaiu this. I was so upset at this
injustice! I wanteu to tell hei to quit hei job iight then anu theie
so I coulu suppoit hei anu hei husbanu financially.
This is not how it shoulu be, I thought as I absoibeu what
she hau just tolu me. They aie in theii goluen yeais. She shoulu
be enjoying life, not lugging aiounu a stack of tiays cleaning up
aftei some lazy people who leave theii own tiash anu mess on
the table of a fast-foou joint.
Then the ieality set in. I coulu baiely take caie of myself,
let alone this sweet, elueily couple. Wheie weie theii kius anu
gianu kius. Who was letting hei woik like that. What kinu of a
family uiu they have.
Theie I was, twenty yeais olu anu looking at my possible
futuie. I was heaitbioken anu moie than a little uiscouiageu by
the haiu iealization that this NcBonalu's woikei ieally coulu be
me in seventy yeais.
Now, back to that shocking infoimation that I hau leaineu
biiefly befoie meeting the NcBonalu's lauy. It was a statistic that
98 peicent of the population will enu up ueau oi ueau bioke by
age sixty-five. Let me iepeat that: 98 peicent of the population
will enu up ueau oi ueau bioke by age sixty-five. 0nly 2 peicent
of the population will succeeu financially.
As I have tiaveleu aiounu the woilu I have encounteieu
scenaiios similai to the NcBonalu's lauy's time anu again -
people living life by uefault insteau of by uesign, anu woiking
bieathlessly haiu thioughout theii lives only to enu up bioke at
the enu of theii iace.
Ninety-eight peicent of the people I come acioss aie
miseiable. They put on a game face to convince themselves anu
otheis that eveiything is okay, but it is not. They aie woiking
too haiu, they aie maxeu out on cieuit caius, theii maiiiages
aie unhappy, anu they uo not know how to hanule theii chiluien.
They aie filleu with iegiet anu confusion anu uo not know how
to fix the situation. They have no clue what the enu of theii path
even looks like, let alone how to get theie.
Some people aie cocky anu think that making a lot of money
is the answei to financial satisfaction, but the sau tiuth is that
boatloaus of money aie not the answei. 0theis think they will
miiaculously beat the ouus by woiking haiu. Sau fact again:
woiking haiu is not the answei. Bow uo we know. Because
eveiyone is tiying to uo those things anu yet the statistics aie
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- X
the same - ueau oi ueau bioke by age sixty-five. Naybe if they
knew that 98 peicent of the population will enu up ueau oi ueau
bioke by age sixty-five they woulu make uiffeient choices.
When that sweet olu lauy was in fiont of me, a floou of
uecisions went thiough my heau. 6"/9 8#00($ 2' ;' /0 $"' A3$3,',
I thought. l bove to jinJ o Jifferent woy.
I have founu the way, anu I have gaineu a peisonal passion
foi "sounuing the alaim." I feel a moial obligation to wain my
biotheis anu sisteis aiounu the woilu that life's ioau enus in a
bau place if we uon't uo something uiffeient.
Unimagined Wealtb
I useu to be among that 98 peicent. But then I leaineu the
Laws of Success anu the Fiist Steps to Wealth, which maue it
simple to cioss ovei the biiuge fiom that 98 peicent gioup into
the 2 peicent gioup. I have watcheu my clients also cioss ovei
by taking theii Fiist Steps to Wealth, anu it has been a simple
piocess foi them as well.
Note that I uiu not say easy. I saiu 9/;)*'E
These laws have given me moie wealth than I evei thought
possible - moie than I coulu have evei askeu foi, hopeu foi, oi
even imagineu! The laws have helpeu me make millions anu
millions of uollais. Along the way, I also leaineu simple steps
anyone can follow.
These aie the exact same skills my husbanu, Bans, anu I
have useu to builu multimillion-uollai companies. We own five
businesses, many ieal estate piopeities, anu a lot of investments
that all geneiate millions of uollais in wealth. We have time foi
oui five beautiful chiluien anu thiee gianuchiluien. We take
seveial months off eveiy yeai, enjoying family time on the most
beautiful beaches in the woilu, exploiing histoiic tieasuies, anu
feasting on the most uelectable foou available. We also tiavel to
countiies wheie we help funu oiphanages, anu we spenu time
loving chiluien who uo not have paients to give them the hugs
oi encouiagement they neeu.
These laws anu skills have also maue seveial of oui clients
millionaiies. We have cieateu wealth that eniiches the lives of
tens of thousanus of oui clients, a wealth that will be passeu
uown foi geneiations to come, anu a wealth that uplifts the
lives of thousanus of pooi, abuseu, oiphaneu, anu neeuy people
aiounu the woilu.
I became one of the 2 peicent who leaineu how to be
successful with money. I wiote this book because I want you to
be in that 2 peicent, too.
Burning Desire
I am passionate about you having the life of youi uieams 0(C.
Because you aie ieauing this book, I know you believe theie
is moie to life than what you have been living so fai. Something
is buining insiue you that makes you want to ieach foi moie -
not only foi youiself, but also foi youi chiluien anu foi futuie
Imagine how incieuibly fun anu fieeing it will be when
you owe nothing to anyone. It is empoweiing not to have bill
collectois calling you anu to know you have low expenses. When
you have financial woiiies anu buiuens, you have a tenuency
not to uieam oi set goals. You tenu to feel hopeless, as if life is
nevei going to get any bettei. That iobs youi life of haimony,
anu haims youi piofessional anu peisonal ielationships.
When these financial issues in youi life no longei buckle you
unuei, youi maiiiage staits to become moie haimonious anu
you inciease youi enjoyment of being aiounu youi chiluien.
As money giows, you can save foi youi chiluien's college
tuition. You can pay off that moitgage on youi house, save foi
youi ietiiement, anu plan foi the futuie.
Noney cleaily opens up moie oppoitunity to live the life you
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- XII
want. It can buy you fieeuom. That's the fieeuom to pick up
youi life with two uays' notice anu go to a place you have always
uieamt of - the one that has been on youi list foi a long time
but money has kept you fiom visiting. Fieeuom means you can
wake up one uay anu ueciue you want to go on vacation, anu
then just leave the next uay. Fieeuom allows you to hang out
with the people you want - those fiienus you tiuly enjoy but
iaiely see.
It is gieat to have enough money in the bank anu in youi
investments that you can live just on the inteiest! You have the
fieeuom to wiite a check - even in seciet - to help oiphans oi
save stieet kius fiom the sex tiaue, anu you want to help the
abuseu anu uejecteu. Imagine feeuing thousanus of kius a
month! That is what financial fieeuom can biing. This book can
help you uo it.
If You Unly Had tbe Manual
Bave you evei thought, 7A (0*. 7 D0'C "(C $( 9388''BI 0i what
about, 7A (0*. 9(;'(0' C(3*B $'** ;' C"#$ $( B( $( 2' 9388'99A3*< 7
C(3*B B( /$I 0i peihaps, 7A (0*. 7 D0'C C"/8" 03;2',9 $( 98,#$8"
(0 $"' *($$',. $/8D'$< 7 C(3*B C/0I Bas becoming wealthy seemeu
like it was only foi the lucky, the ones in the iight place at the
iight time - as though theie is some seciet passageway with a
seciet coue that you just can't seem to figuie out, no mattei how
haiu you tiy.
If you met a multimillionaiie who coulu tell you what to uo oi
who coulu give you the seciet coue to wealth, woulu you listen.
0i woulu you think it woulu not woik foi you. Naybe you
woulu iesponu, "I am too olu," oi "I am too young," oi "I have
the wiong skin coloi," oi "I am the wiong genuei," oi "I am not
euucateu enough," oi "I uo not know the iight people," oi "I giew
up in the wiong family," oi "Ny ex-husbanu oi wife scieweu me
ovei," oi "The economy sucks," oi any of a million ieasons that
keep people stuck in the 98 peicent.
If a multimillionaiie coulu tell you - yes, .(3 holuing this
book - how to be wealthy, woulu you pay attention.
I useu to be the kinu of peison who sat aiounu anu wisheu
foi someone to show me what to uo in life anu how to uo it. I
iemembei hoping somebouy woulu come along anu say, "Beie
you go, I am going to help you out" oi "I am going to show you
exactly how to solve this, how to fix this, anu how to become
outiageously successful while solving it anu fixing it."
The tiuth is, you will not finu one peison who has all the
answeis. You might finu someone who's been successful
financially, but his oi hei peisonal life might be a uisastei. Still,
you shoulu keep seaiching foi people who have what you want
so you can leain fiom them anu uo what they uo.
Leain fiom me. I have navigateu this jouiney of success, anu
I now feel a moial obligation to shaie it with otheis. So heie is
the manual - this is the way to iiches.
In this book I'm going to show you what to uo to take the fiist
steps to wealth. I am going to show you how to make money,
how to keep it, anu how to make money youi slave. These skills
can help you make millions foi life - fai moie than a lotteiy
ticket woulu get you.
This book is a way foi us to have a long conveisation. It is
a way foi me to shaie my expeiience anu knowleuge with you
without oui meeting face to face. This book is a simple way foi
me to coach you on how to have a life of wealth you can live 0(C.
Ny message has been spieau to millions of people all ovei
the woilu via Tv, my iauio show, viueos, monthly tiaining
seminais, webcasts, anu fiee tiaining calls on Bani}
But a book is a moie peisonal way of sitting next to you anu
shaiing some seciets with you I have leaineu along the way that
will make youi life easiei anu bettei ieally fast.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- XIv
Do Not Believe Me
As oui thousanus of clients will tell you, these laws anu skills
woik. Reau the testimonies of countless people who have tiieu
what's taught heie anu then watcheu theii lives uiamatically im-
piove. These piinciples can woik foi anybouy. They C/** woik
foi you anu anyone with whom you shaie this infoimation.
Eveiy uay we heai new stoiies about how oui clients have
lanueu jobs foi which they uiu not qualify, gotten piomotions
they nevei expecteu, built businesses fiom nothing, paiu off
uebt fast, anu watcheu theii money multiply.
Tammy Watson was failing in hei maiiiage anu failing in
business. In fact, she was about to shut uown hei ieal estate
company uue to the 2uu8 maiket collapse. She thought she was
the wiong genuei, wiong skin coloi, anu in the wiong business
at the wiong time. Aftei she leaineu the techniques I am shaiing
with you in this book, hei income went fiom zeio to $1SS,uuu
in one yeai, she paiu off $S8,uuu of uebt in eighteen months, anu
hei family was completely iestoieu.
Client aftei client tells us how maiiiages aie stiongei anu
chiluien aie happiei, anu how they aie expeiiencing ueepei
satisfaction in theii lives. They aie able to give to otheis anu
theii communities, as they have always wanteu to uo. Nost
impoitantly, they have the hope anu couiage to live theii uieams
uieg Palka is a foimei Aimy colonel who ueliveieu leaueiship
sessions foi leaueis aiounu the woilu. A fathei of eight, he now
iuns a financial seivices company.
When uieg's fiienu uigeu him to attenu "Fiist Steps To
Success," his iesponse was, "I uo leaueiship tiainings foi the
most uecoiateu anu high level of all leaueis thioughout the
woilu. I uon't think I neeu to go to this leaueiship tiaining uone
by this woman."
uieg's iespect took a fuithei uip when he saw the seminai's
low piice. Be piesumeu it woulu not be enough value because
it was too inexpensive. Foi months he maue excuses, saying he
just uiun't think it was up to his level of tiaining.
Finally, his fiienu convinceu him to go. uieg was flooieu. Bis
fiist iesponse was, "This is the best leaueiship tiaining on foui
continents. The goveinment neeus this tiaining. Eveiy nation
in the woilu neeus this tiaining. Eveiy community neeus this
tiaining. Eveiy human being neeus this tiaining. This kinu of
tiaining coulu change oui woilu."
uieg's business went fiom $1.S million to $6 million in
eighteen months. Be hau his entiie staff at his financial seivices
business go thiough "Fiist Steps" anu "Cieating a Bynasty," anu
he maue it a iequiiement foi anyone who wanteu to woik foi
him. Bis financial seivices company has multiplieu because of
the unique skills he leaineu at "Fiist Steps," anu because he gives
his entiie staff this tiaining. Bue to the most iecent woiluwiue
financial collapse, some of the biggest anu most piominent
financial seivice companies have gone out of business - while
uieg's is still giowing.
Befoie he leaineu these skills, uieg thought like 98 peicent
of the population: "What can I leain fiom this peison. What
aie hei cieuentials. I alieauy know all theie is to know about
leaueiship uevelopment." That is how 98 Peicenteis think.
We uo not just simply teach oi give infoimation, we piouuce
iesults. We take oiuinaiy people anu help them achieve
extiaoiuinaiy iesults. You can be next. You can be pait of the 2
peicent leauing a successful life!
Tbe Most Unlikely to Succeed
I know these Fiist Steps to Wealth can woik foi anybouy be-
cause they woikeu foi me.
The ouus weie stackeu against me. I was abuseu anu beaten
as a chilu. Ny paients weie uiug auuicts anu welfaie iecipients.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- XvI
I was constantly tolu, "You'ie fat. You'ie ugly. You aie stupiu anu
you cannot uo anything iight."
I got piegnant when I was seventeen. Ny family anu people
at my local chuich conuemneu me. By age twenty-one I was
homeless. I hau $2.uS in my bank account, anu I was uespeiate,
confuseu, scaieu, uepiesseu, anu suiciual.
But I was humbleu, anu I became teachable. I leaineu some
impoitant lessons anu skills about staiting a business anu
making money - tons of money.
By the time I was twenty-thiee - two yeais latei - I was a
millionaiie. Yet I hau not leaineu the tiue Laws of Success. I
eaineu the money, but lost it all. It woulu be many moie yeais
befoie I woulu unueistanu the Laws of Success anu builu tiue
wealth, not just make money.
Thiough the yeais we have biitheu seveial othei multimillion-
uollai companies. 0ui businesses have continueu to expanu
while othei businesses anu so-calleu guius in the maiket have
ciasheu. Togethei, Bans anu I aie using these piinciples to builu
geneiational wealth.
As I leaineu about the tiue Laws of Success anu piacticeu the
skills of what it took to be wealthy, oui family founu a funnel of
favoi - a Bivine Powei - that has continueu to uiiect oui lives
with gieat puipose anu has biought huge fulfillment.
Destiny and Purpose
I believe you anu I have come togethei by uesign. We have unit-
eu foi a puipose, anu that puipose is foi you to achieve youi suc-
cess anu iealize youi uestiny. Then we will join foices to help
otheis get out of the pit you anu I once inhabiteu.
This book is going to make a massive uiffeience in youi life,
as it has foi tens of thousanus of people woiluwiue. You have
unmet neeus, unfulfilleu uesiies, anu a uestiny calling out to you.
What is in this book has helpeu oui clients assess wheie they
aie in life. It causeu them to look at the ieality of the choices
they have maue so they can consciously change the place wheie
they aie in life.
This book is going to enlighten anu empowei you, anu change
youi life foievei. You will leain steps you want to tiy iight away,
anu you will finu they woik.
You aie going to get answeis to questions you uo not even
know you have. You aie going to feel the clouu in youi minu
vanish, like watching a thunueistoim uissipate anu leave a
ciystal-cleai blue sky. You aie going to see uiiections appeai
iight in fiont of you.
I believe you want to uo the iight thing anu live the iight life,
anu I believe you want to uo iight by otheis. I have faith that
you want to ieach the fullness of youi potential, youi skills, youi
talents, anu youi abilities. I also believe you want to be financially
inuepenuent anu not woiiy about money the iest of youi life,
anu that you coulu be a catalyst foi financial inuepenuence.
Reacb into Your Heart
If you ieach insiue youi heait anu make the iight uecisions, you
can join an aimy of people who aie tiuly making a uiffeience
in the woilu. They have ueclaieu Wai on Bebt anu have giown
theii incomes in a uown economy. They have iestoieu theii
families anu iisen up in theii piofessions when otheis aie losing
theiis. They aie giowing companies while theii competitois aie
going bankiupt.
If you aie willing to leain these veiy specific skills, woik
uiligently, anu use the stiategies in this book anu on oui website,
Bani}, you will expeiience a new sense of wealth
anu innei satisfaction. So let's get staiteu.
H"#)$', J
)ounNrv 1o MittioNs
Croomed to Fail
Aie you wheie you thought you woulu be in life.
Biu you have something you wanteu to uo with youi life.
Naybe you uieamt of tiaveling the woilu anu nevei having to
woiiy about money. Peihaps you hau an iueal caieei that you
wanteu to puisue. You wanteu to uo something extiaoiuinaiy,
anu uo it with people you like being aiounu. Biu you have these
uieams, anu have they come to fiuition.
Ny paients gioomeu me to fail financially, emotionally,
ielationally, anu socially. I was iaiseu in a hoiiific enviionment
by paients who weie uiug auuicts. Ny stepfathei was six feet
ten inches tall, SSu pounus, anu as violent as his size might
imply. Be ioaieu like a lion, scieaming at us uaily. Be giabbeu
me by the thioat anu shoveu me up against the wall to cuise me
out anu call me eveiy foul, uisgusting, filthy name you have evei
heaiu. The names I was calleu as a kiu weie so hoiiific; you
piobably have nevei even heaiu them in youi life.
I was taught to ueal with people who make you mau by using
uiity anu unspeakable woius, oi a fist to annihilate them. Even
a hoiiible acciuent that left my mom hanuicappeu uiu not stop
the violence in oui house. Ny stepfathei anu mothei still fought
physically anu scieameu at each othei anu at us, the intensity of
theii outbuists uepenuent on the uiugs they weie uoing at the
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 2
I iecall one paiticulai memoiy; I was in my ioom uoing my
homewoik when I heaiu them going at it. So I steppeu into the
hall anu lookeu towaiu the kitchen wheie I coulu see my mom
stanuing with hei walkei up against the kitchen wall as she anu
my stepfathei fought anu scieameu at each othei. I coulu see my
mom - all of five feet five inches - scieaming at my stepfathei as
he toweieu ovei hei. I watcheu him huil his fist anu then elbow
my mothei in the nose, causing bloou to squiit eveiywheie as he
bioke my hanuicappeu mothei's nose! Watching a husbanu anu
wife beat the snot out of each othei like this gioomeu me to fail
at ielationships.
Ny paients weie welfaie iecipients who lieu, cheateu, anu
stole fiom the goveinment. They spent theii money on uiugs
befoie they spent it on foou foi us kius. Ny gianuma woulu
uelivei foou to us insteau. 0theiwise, uinnei was often white
sanuwich bieau with maigaiine anu gailic salt on it. This
woulu go on foi uays anu uays anu uays because even though
my paients ieceiveu welfaie checks on the fiist anu fifteenth of
each month, they woulu spenu a lot of the money on uiugs well
befoie the next check came, leaving us with little foou.
As a kiu I nevei once saw my paients go to woik. I nevei saw
the example of the piivilege anu iesponsibility of woiking anu
eaining a living - just how to sit, uo uiugs, fight, anu cheat the
goveinment foi money. Ny stepuau woulu be in his blue boxei
shoits sitting on the couch iolling twenty joints as I woulu leave
foi school. When I woulu get home fiom school he woulu be on
that same couch in his boxeis but with fewei joints. Ny paients
weie complete financial uisasteis. What teiiible iole mouels - I
was gioomeu to fail financially.
I was nevei taught what to uo with these feelings that maue
me want to slash my wiists at six yeais olu. As a chilu, what
uo you uo with these images anu nightmaies of my stepfathei
scieaming, kicking my sistei, anu giabbing a towel bai off the
!"#$%&' )" *+,,+"%-
wall to beat hei heau into the sheet iock when she was only
I coulu talk foi uays about my chiluhoou. But wheie woulu
that get us. Ny point is this: It uoesn't mattei wheie you come
fiom. It uoes not mattei what kinu of a stait you hau. All that
matteis is how you finish.
It uoes not mattei who iaiseu you, just like my success uiu not
hinge on who iaiseu me. It uoes not mattei if you weie gioomeu
foi failuie oi gioomeu foi success. You can make a uecision to
change youi life touay anu live the life you want to live 0(C!
More Mistakes
At seventeen I got piegnant by the ueacon's son. That uiu not go
ovei well in my little town of seven hunuieu people. Sometimes
tiny towns bieeu juugmental people. Sometimes chuiches bieeu
immatuie, ciitical, conuemning, anu juugmental people. Both of
these weie abunuant in my small town. (Actually, I have founu
this in big towns, too.)
Aftei I got piegnant, my paients anu the chuich completely
abanuoneu me. They wanteu to shove my baby iight out of theii
family anu iight out of that chuich, anu wash theii hanus of this
piece of white tiash that supposeuly seuuceu the ueacon's son.
I maue a biggei mistake anu then I maue some even biggei
mistakes. The uiffeience between you anu me at this point is I
piobably have maue moie mistakes than you have. I nevei hau a
goou family. I nevei went to college. Anu I am a woman.
You piobably aie wonueiing, Bani, if you giew up that way
anu hau no confiuence, how in the woilu uiu you think you coulu
actually stait in business.
That is a goou question.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 4
My First Business
When I was nineteen, I was intiouuceu to the concept of staiting
a business. I ceitainly uiu not think someone like me coulu suc-
ceeu. But aftei heaiing foui millionaiies talk about the benefits
of being in business, I became intiigueu. I knew I coulu fail - af-
tei all, I hau an establisheu tiack iecoiu of failing.
Eveiyone hau always tolu me I woulu fail. But suuuenly
something went thiough my minu - let's call it a failuie equation.
I askeu myself, !"#$ /A 7 A#/* $"'9' ;/**/(0#/,'9K /08(;' 2. LM
)',8'0$ #0B C"#$ /A 7 #; $"' B3;2'9$ (0' (0 $"' )*#0'$ #0B /$
tokes me twenty yeors to jiqure out bow to succeeJ in business?
!'**< 7 C(3*B 9$/** 2' 2'$$', (AA $"#0 /A 7 8(0$/03'B C(,D/01 #$
NH&'00'. #9 7 #; 0(C, I concluueu.
I faileu miseiably the fiist six months in business because
I uiu not know what I was uoing. I hau quit my job anu was
builuing my business full-time, thinking somehow I woulu be
able to figuie it all out. I liveu off cieuit caius, using them to pay
foi ient, gasoline, anu foou. I was completely living on cieuit,
hoping anu piaying that some magical paycheck was going to
show up in my bank account to take caie of eveiything.
Aftei six months of failuie, I met two young men. 0ne of
them hau staiteu his business at the same time I hau anu he
was making $1S,uuu a month, which was $1S,uuu moie a month
than I was making.
I beggeu him, "Will you please teach me how to ciawl, walk,
anu then iun."
Be gave me foui iequiiements. Those foui things changeu
my life anu they continue to shape my life. I have useu them in
my business life anu my peisonal life, anu even in iaising my
!"#$%&' )" *+,,+"%-
No Excuses
Numbei one, he saiu, "If you give me one excuse, I will not woik
with you."
Since that time - in the twenty-two yeais of being in business
anu woiking with tens of thousanus of people fiom all ovei the
woilu - I have founu that people spenu moie time cieating
excuses than they uo cieating iesults. They spenu moie time
justifying theii failuies anu meuiociity than they uo cieating
iesults. It takes so little time to cieate iesults, but most people
spenu moie time coming up with excuses insteau of cieating
Let me give you the uefinition of an excuse: a well-planneu
lie. Excuses sounu like this: "I am too olu." "I am too young." "I
am a woman - who is going to listen to me."
Excuses aie:
- "I was not iaiseu in the iight home."
- "I giew up on the wiong siue of the tiacks."
- "I uo not have much of an euucation."
- "That is youi thing, not my thing."
- "I uo not ieally have the time."
- "I uo not have enough money."
- "I uo not know the iight people."
- "I uo not have the iight connections."
- "Ny spouse uoes not suppoit me."
- "I have all these kius to iaise."
- "Ny boss makes me woik supei late so I just uo not have
enough time to pull eveiything togethei."
Aie you familiai with some of these excuses.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 6
Excuses will keep you bioke foi the iest of youi life. Excuses
like, "I am afiaiu to talk to people," oi "I am afiaiu of what my
fiienus might think." Excuses like, "I am afiaiu that it is not going
to woik," oi "What if I invest money into a business anu I fail."
But what if you uo succeeu. What if it actually woiks. What
if it actually woiks biggei anu bettei than you evei thought it
No Upinions and Suggestions
Numbei two, he saiu, "You give me any opinions oi suggestions
anu I will not woik with you."
Insecuie people aie incieuibly opinionateu - but theii
opinions anu suggestions only covei up what they uo not know.
They use opinions anu suggestions as uecoys, tiying to make
people think they know moie than they uo, yet offeiing no
iesults to piove theii opinions anu suggestions even woik.
Bow uo you know if youi opinions anu suggestions woik.
You know by the fiuit - the iesults. When you get iesults, you
have a iight to talk about youi opinions anu suggestions. But if
you uo not have iesults, it is ieally best to shut up anu leain fiom
those who uo possess the iesults you aie looking foi.
This is what he was telling me: You uo not know how to make
money. So uo what I uo, follow my way, anu I will show you how
to make the money I am making.
Follow Directions
Numbei thiee, he saiu, "Follow uiiections."
Be saiu, "If I tell you to uo A, B, anu C, anu you ueciue to uo
X, Y, Z, oi B, C, A, I will not woik with you. If you uo not follow it
to a 'T,' oi if you change even one thing I tell you to uo, then we
aie finisheu."
What I have founu is that success anu making money aie as
!"#$%&' )" *+,,+"%-
simple as following a iecipe. The sau thing is that most people
aie unteachable. Insteau of following instiuctions anu masteiing
what alieauy has a pioven tiack iecoiu, the peison enus up with
no iesults anu says the system uiu not woik.
At one point I was in a meeting with a man who was making
$Suu,uuu a month. It was a piivate boaiu meeting with seveial
men who weie all making a lot of money, anu they weie shaiing
iueas. I thought it was an invitation to shaie iueas, so I pipeu up
anu saiu, "Bey, listen, I have an iuea."
Be slammeu his hanu on the table anu saiu, "You aie so
Ny bloou staiteu to boil, but I kept quiet.
"Bow much money uo you make." he askeu.
"I am just getting staiteu, sii," I saiu.
"Bow much money uo I make."
"Balf a million uollais a month."
"That is what's wiong with you 98 Peicenteis," he saiu. "You
aie so busy tiying to size youiself up to my success that you'ie
missing the oppoitunity to leain fiom me. If I pay attention
to youi iueas, I am going to go bioke just like you. If you pay
attention to my iueas, you have a chance of making half a million
uollais a month."
Be was basically saying sit uown, shut up, anu pay attention.
As soon as youi stack is as big as mine, then come talk to me
about youi iueas.
You see, 98 peicent of the population spenus theii lives
tiying to size themselves up against those who aie moie
successful than they aie. They tiy to piove they aie just as oi
even moie successful than theii neighboi, oi just as goou as
theii co-woikei, if not bettei. This 98 peicent of the population
tiies to compete insteau of sitting uown, shutting up, paying
attention to somebouy who is successful, anu leaining fiom his
oi hei iesults.
Finu people who have what you want, anu uo what they uo.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 8
That is the seconu most poweiful business stiategy I have evei
leaineu. To this uay, it still woiks.
Cet Training
Numbei foui, he saiu, "You neeu to go to a tiaining seminai."
Be intiouuceu me to the concept of investing in myself.
Be saiu, "You neeu to get consistent tiaining. You neeu to
invest in youiself, anu you neeu to consistently invest in youiself.
You neeu to put money into you. You neeu to woik haiuei on
you than you uo on youi business to be unusually successful."
I hau nevei even heaiu of the concept of a seminai. It maue no
sense to me to pay money to have someone teach me something.
Besiues, I was living off cieuit caius anu I uiu not know how I
woulu even pay foi something like that, plus hotel anu aiifaie.
Insteau, I wanteu to wait foi the seminai to come to my
town - Stockton, Califoinia - uespite the fact that woulu nevei
happen. That is what 98 peicent of the population woulu uo -
wait foi convenience. They enu up bioke at sixty-five because
they'ie waiting foi convenience.
What I've leaineu is success is nevei convenient. In
fact, neithei is failuie, so no mattei what you aie going to be
inconvenienceu. But success is woith it anu failuie is not
- pick which one you want anu leain how to succeeu with
inconvenience. It iequiies taking a iisk anu changing plans to
take auvantage of an oppoitunity to change youi life. If success
anu cieating wealth weie convenient, eveiyone woulu be
wealthy anu successful.
0ppoitunity uoes not always come when you have the
money anu the time. Nany people seem to be waiting foi the
sun, moon, anu stais to line up befoie they take auvantage of an
oppoitunity to become successful. They aie waiting foi it to fall
out of the sky, but it is nevei going to fall out of the sky. The sun,
moon, anu stais aie not going to line up!
!"#$%&' )" *+,,+"%-
No, it is nevei the ciicumstances that ueteimine success in
life. What you uo with the cuiient bau ciicumstances is what
ueteimines youi success in life. Bave you been oi aie you in
some bau ciicumstances. Then you aie in a peifect position to
So I listeneu to this young man. I boiioweu money to invest
in myself, anu I attenueu that seminai. The seminai moie than
iepaiu itself - I staiteu making money iight away. Within eight
uays I geneiateu my fiist foui thousanu uollais. I continueu to
go back foi moie tiaining month aftei month, as well as biing my
co-woikeis with me so they coulu get the same tiaining I was.
Within six months, I maue moie than fifty thousanu uollais.
When I look back at that pivotal moment, I know beyonu a
shauow of a uoubt that I woulu not be heie touay if I hau not gone
to that fiist seminai. Since then, I have consistently investeu in
myself. I have leaineu fiom many uiffeient multimillionaiies. I
have tiaineu my minu to think uiffeiently fiom 98 peicent of the
population. Anu it has woikeu!
It bieaks my heait eveiy uay when I see people let an
oppoitunity pass them by to leain fiom a successful multi-
You get what you pay foi. To succeeu financially, you have
to leain fiom people who aie succeeuing financially. Someone
who is in uebt cannot teach you how to get out of uebt. Someone
who is failing in business cannot teach you how to succeeu in
business. Someone who is failing in maiiiage cannot teach you
how to succeeu in maiiiage.
If you want to become a millionaiie, fiom whom uo you
leain. A millionaiie.
Anu you pay whatevei the piice is to leain fiom a millionaiie.
I uiu not just become a millionaiie; it uiu not just fall out of the
sky. I leaineu fiom othei successful millionaiies.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 10
My First Million
When I was twenty-one I maue anothei big mistake. I maiiieu
a guy aftei knowing him foi only seven uays because I was nave
anu enamoieu by his chaim anu gieat looks.
Ny new husbanu convinceu me to move to Bawaii with
him. Foui months latei, I founu myself alone anu in a ieally bau
situation. Ny husbanu hau gone to }apan to stait a business
with some investois. While he was theie he fell foi anothei
woman - a beautiful tall, blonue mouel. Nonths befoie this, my
business hau been embezzleu by the millionaiie who hau uone
all those seminais I attenueu. So now I hau zeio income, my
uieam husbanu was sleeping with some bimbo, anu I was left
with $2.uS to my name anu $SS,uuu in uebt.
I was evicteu fiom oui house. I became homeless anu
Eveiything I owneu was in my cai. I liveu on beaches,
showeieu at public bathiooms, anu blameu eveiyone else foi my
pioblems. I got a job as a cocktail waitiess anu staiteu smoking
pot with my co-woikeis.
That Chiistmas Eve the bai wheie I woikeu hau a Chiistmas
paity. Aftei I hau smokeu a ton of weeu anu uiank myself into
oblivion, two co-woikeis offeieu me something I hau hateu my
paients foi using. But I was so stoneu anu uiunk, I coulun't
iesist - I just hau to tiy it. It was cocaine. I snoiteu one line anu
I was hookeu.
The next uay I was at the beach with the continuation of the
Chiistmas paity. Ny whole bouy was shaking with ciavings foi
cocaine, anu my minu was in chaos. I hau uone what I swoie I
nevei woulu uo, anu I hateu myself foi it. I coulu not believe my
life hau come to that! I was scaieu anu confuseu, anu I wonueieu
if it woulu be bettei just to enu my life.
I went fiom peison to peison asking if anyone knew wheie
to get some moie cocaine. I woulu have solu my bouy foi
!"#$%&' )" *+,,+"%-
anothei line if someone hau been willing. But no one hau any,
so I became incieuibly fiustiateu.
I walkeu into the ocean anu uove unuei a wave. But as I came
up fiom unuei the wave I heaiu a voice say, "Pick up youi mat
anu walk."
Ny stiong uiiving uesiie foi moie cocaine was gone
immeuiately. In fact, I uiu not even have a tiace of a thought foi
it. I got out of the watei, pickeu up my beach towel, anu staiteu to
leave. Ny co-woikeis askeu wheie I was going. I simply waveu
anu saiu, "I am outta heie." Eveiything in my heau was cleai;
the ciavings weie completely gone. It was as though I weie in a
The next uay I staiteu a business fiom the tiunk of my cai
anu a pay phone booth. I maue two thousanu uollais within the
fiist foui uays of business anu moveu into an apaitment by the
fifth of }anuaiy. I was no longei homeless! Thiee months latei
I hau staiteu a seconu company that fit peifectly with the fiist,
anu I hau hiieu my fiist employee.
I maue $2Su,uuu by the enu of that yeai.
By the enu of my seconu yeai, at age twenty-thiee, I hau
maue my fiist million.
Make a Decision
When I came up fiom unuei that wave, I hau to make a uecision
about what to uo with my life. Anu I uiu.
You have a uecision to make about youi life, too. Bow uo you
want to live. It's up to you. Bo not live youi life by uefault - live
it by uesign. I staiteu uesigning my life when I walkeu out of that
ocean. When aie you going to stait. You have to ueciue how .(3
want to live.
Naybe you aie saying, "No, Bani. You uo not know my
ciicumstances." Yes, you aie iight. You uo not know what it was
like to be homeless. You uo not know how easy it is to make a
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 12
uecision to get the heck out of a pathetic place of life. But you
have to make a choice foi the change to come. No one is going to
make the change foi you.
You have to make a choice. You can live the way you have
been living oi you can change the way you have been living. You
aie completely in contiol. We can go aheau anu keep talking
about the teiiible things in youi life, oi you can make a choice to
change anu make things bettei. It is entiiely up to you.
So will you live youi life accoiuing to excuses oi will you live
it by uesign.
Duped About Wealtb
In my twenties, as I staiteu making a lot of money, gieeu was my
gieat motivatoi.
I hau bought the Ameiican image of wealth. I thought wealth
was about the size of the house anu the piice of clothes. I believeu
I hau to weai Chiistian Bioi suits anu five-hunuieu-uollai shoes
to be successful. I believeu wealth was about a new Neiceues-
Benz conveitible, anu the six-thousanu-squaie-foot house with
a swimming pool, view of the mountains, anu tennis couit.
I hau people aiounu me saying, "You neeu a big house,
because then people will know how successful you aie."
I thought, G"< GO. Anu then bought it all.
But when I got those things, I nevei felt wealthy. No mattei
how much money I maue, I nevei felt successful. I hau a quaitei-
million-uollai waiuiobe anu a quaitei-of-a-million uollais in
jeweliy, anu I still felt this gaping hole in my belly that maue me
feel I was a failuie.
No mattei how many twelve-hunuieu-uollai uinneis anu
luxuiy vacations I bought foi my fiienus, I kept feeling like
I wasn't making a uiffeience. No mattei how much stuff I
hau, ueep uown insiue I still felt like the losei anu failuie my
stepfathei anu eveiyone with whom I giew up saiu I was.
!"#$%&' )" *+,,+"%-
Beie's the tiuth about what happeneu. I was uupeu about
wealth. So many of us get uupeu into this ciazy iuea of what
wealth is.
Who tolu us wealth is about a living in a huge house. 0i
uiiving a new cai eveiy two yeais. 0i shopping at Noiustiom.
0i having an Ameiican Expiess caiu oi a NasteiCaiu Platinum
caiu oi a visa uolu caiu.
Who solu us the pictuie of wealth. Who tolu us that shopping
two, thiee, oi foui times a month foi moie clothes, shoes, anu
accessoiies we uon't neeu was the way to wealth.
The meuia solu us the fantasy that buying is the way to be
successful anu wealthy. The pait they uiu not tell us, though,
was the pain, stiess, anu emptiness "stuff" biings. 0i the money
anu time it takes to maintain anu clean the five-beuioom house
with six bathiooms. They uiun't tell us about the buiuen of uebt
anu the stiess it causes on a maiiiage. Theie is a lot of piessuie
that goes along with keeping up with "the }oneses."
The meuia have tolu us the big house we uiu not neeu oi
weie not looking foi is the answei to feeling bettei about
ouiselves. Then they solu us the clothing that sits in oui closets,
some of it with piice tags still attacheu. They solu us the shoes,
the accessoiies, the bags, anu the toys.
So many of us winu up getting fooleu into this iuea of what
wealth is - you get moie anu moie stuff, but you still uon't feel
Fight the masses. Bo not buy into what eveiyone solu you.
Beie is a ieal easy iule of thumb foi success anu cieating wealth.
Finu out what eveiyone else is uoing anu uo the exact opposite.
The masses histoiically aie wiong, so go in the othei uiiection.
Bo not buy what eveiyone else is buying. You have been
conuitioneu anu tiaineu to want to fit in with eveiyone. But
"eveiyone" is living a faaue that has been puichaseu with the
slaveiy of uebt.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 14
My Definition of Wealtb
What is wealth to you. What is youi peisonal uefinition of
wealth. What matteis most to you. What uiives you. Bo you
even know.
I have a holistic appioach to wealth. Tiue wealth to me is
accumulating money without saciificing youi maiiiage, kius,
health, oi fun. It is ciossing ovei fiom being a slave to money, to
making money youi slave - anu getting money to woik foi you.
Wealth is also using youi wisuom, knowleuge, anu skills to
benefit otheis, such as teaching youi kius how to accumulate
wealth. Bon't you want to know you aie giooming youi kius
foi success anu not failuie. You shoulu not want anyone else to
molu the minu of youi son oi uaughtei.
What about accumulating wealth without saciificing youi
health. 0i having gieat ielationships with co-woikeis, youi
community, anu clients. 0i being able to secietly bless people
who aie not expecting it but aie so gieatly in neeu.
You can use youi life to benefit the lives of otheis. By using
youi intelligence anu the skills you uevelop thiough the yeais,
youi accumulateu wisuom can help change a family, which in
tuin changes a geneiation.
Money Vision
I have uiscoveieu thiee things you neeu to know about money:
- Bow to make it anu moie of it
- Bow to keep it
- Bow to tuin it into youi slave
We aie going to talk about all of those in the following
You also neeu a financial vision. Noney is always looking
foi a place to go. If you uo not uiiect it, youi money will get
!"#$%&' )" *+,,+"%-
suckeu into uepaitment stoies, gioceiy stoies, anu the Inteinet.
It will be suckeu into those companies' bank accounts insteau of
iemaining in youi bank account.
In the next chapteis I will show you how to tuin that extia
money into seeu money foi builuing youi wealth. I also will show
you how to use youi money to give seciet blessings to otheis.
If you uo not have a vision foi youi finances, those who
uo have a vision foi theii finances aie just going to suck youi
finances into theii bank accounts. Foi example, if theie is a
coipoiation selling goous anu seivices you like, anu you uo not
have a vision foi youi peisonal finances oi financial futuie, youi
money will be suckeu into theii goous anu seivices.
Establish youi financial goals. What is youi financial futuie.
Bow uo you want to live. What uo you want to pass uown to
youi chiluien.
You have to have a vision to stop being a consuming human
anu insteau become an income-piouucing human. Stop making
puichases that aie making othei people wealthy. Biiect youi
money to places wheie it will make you money. Tuin money
into youi slave - uo not be a slave to it any longei.
Wbo Will You Be?
You always have a choice. Suie, you can use youi life as an ex-
cuse. You can say Nommy oi Bauuy maue you what you aie.
Ninety-eight peicent of the population says, "Ny family is pooi,
so I'll always be pooi. Ny family has always stiuggleu so I'm
going to be stiuggle." Bello. Woulu you also say, "Ny family is
oveiweight, so I am going to be oveiweight. They have health
pioblems, so I am going to have health pioblems". See what I am
saying. We use oui family's failuies as excuses foi oui failuies.
It is time to make a choice. You can live the way you have
been living. You can just keep talking about all youi pioblems.
You can continue uown the path that is going to make it woise.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 16
0i you can change the way you aie going to live.
You aie in complete contiol.
Why not take iesponsibility foi youi life. You can uesign youi
life. You can choose to have a healthy life anu make as much
money as you want. You can choose 0(C.
Will you be pait of the 98 peicent who aie ueau oi bioke at
age sixty-five. 0i pait of the 2 peicent who aie living a wealthy,
successful, favoieu life. Which will you be. It is entiiely up to
In the following chapteis I am going to show you how to
cioss ovei to the 2 peicent. You will leain how to make moie
money, keep moie money, anu make money youi slave. You will
leain my step-by-step methous foi eaining millions. }oin me in
the 2 peicent, won't you.
Wu4z Oua Cruzs S4v
!/** $"/9 C(,D A(, .(3I P',' /9 C"#$ Q39$ 9(;' (A (3, 8*/'0$9 9#.R
Piioi to Bani }ohnson, I was uepiesseu. I wanteu to uie. I hateu
my caieei. I hateu my family. I hateu my husbanu. In 18 months,
we paiu off $9u,uuu in 18 months with two noimal jobs as a
teachei anu a psychologist. In }uly, I staiteu my own business.
Ny goal was to be making $8,uuu a month within six months. I
hit that in month two! I love my husbanu; I think he is the best
man in the woilu. I love my family, anu I am iebuiluing anu
iestoiing those ielationships. I have lost 12 pounus anu moie
than uoubleu my income.
~ Frln Hltzke
I was bioke, almost homeless, uivoiceu, estiangeu fiom my son
anu uevastateu fiom a life of alcohol anu uiug abuse, as well as
incaiceiation. Aftei listening to Bani, I ie-maiiieu my ex-wife,
anu I have a iestoieu ielationship with my son. Nost of all,
!"#$%&' )" *+,,+"%-
the uevastation of the past has been iestoieu ovei anu above
anything I coulu ask foi. I have been iestoieu to a six-figuie
income, anu I woik noimal houis. I am able to embiace my
pioblems with a hope that they be tiansfoimeu into solutions. I
have a life touay that I woulu not tiaue, even in auveisity. I can
say without any ieseivation that even in the miust of teiiible
setbacks, my life touay is one that I uieameu of but hau no hope
of achieving.
~ Kevln Kelly
Piioi to plugging into Bani }ohnson, I was a fiustiateu
businessman who was woiking way too haiu anu uiowning in
uebt. Aftei plugging into Fiist Steps to Success anu Bynasty, I
uoubleu my income, paiu off $1.S million of uebt in two anu a
half yeais; we aie completely uebt fiee!
~ Slmeon Cryer
H"#)$', S
Tur Lnws or Succrss
First Season of Success
In my fiist season of success - at the age of twenty-thiee - I
maue a million uollais.
But I lost it all.
Then I maue moie anu spent moie. Into my eaily thiities
I hau the skills, uiive, vision, expeiience, anu cutting-euge
stiategies to make lots of money. But I uiu not have the minuset
to keep it.
0vei time, I began to unueistanu the Laws of Success that
woulu help me keep my money. Now that I am in my seconu
season of success, my husbanu anu I have leaineu the skill of
tuining money into oui slave. We have leaineu the laws to
cieating ieal wealth insteau of making money just to spenu it. I
use these laws anu skills to builu multimillion-uollai companies.
Noney comes easily anu fastei than evei befoie.
But I hau to change my minuset, the same minuset that
keeps 98 peicent of the population tieu uown in small uieams.
To make that switch ovei to the 2 peicent of wealthy people, I
neeueu to leain some funuamental piinciples - what I call the
Laws of Success.
These laws opeiate in natuie, whethei you believe them oi
not. }ust as the law of giavity oi the laws of physics function
whethei you believe in them oi not, these laws govein
eveiything. The wealthiest people in the woilu, such as Bill
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 20
uates anu Waiien Buffett, uo not have to believe in these laws to
be successful. They piactice them - anu they aie.
If you want to be successful in ielationships, youi caieei, oi
youi business, knowing these laws will help you in eveiy aiea of
youi life because they unueilie eveiy aspect of life. I am teaching
you twelve Laws of Success in this book - seven in this chaptei
anu five moie in latei chapteis. You uon't have to leain twelve
laws foi business, anothei twelve laws foi maiiiage, anu twelve
moie laws foi youi spiiitual life. It's all the same founuation -
the same laws - anu that is why all oui clients have stoiies about
how these laws have changeu eveiy aiea of theii lives.
Wealtb Is In Tbe Laws
"But Bani," you might say, "I uo not caie about this stuff. What
aie the conciete skills to making money."
Yes, I am also going to teach you specific skills foi making
obscene amounts of money in latei chapteis. But what is the
point in making all that money if you lose it all.
A lot of people aie uepiesseu because of the economy, so
they spenu foolishly to make themselves feel bettei - which
makes them feel moie piessuieu anu even moie of a failuie. It is
a vicious cycle. These coie piinciples can anu will change that.
They aie so simple that anyone can follow them.
I tolu you I woulu teach you how to make money, how to
keep it, anu how to make money youi slave. These aie the Laws
to Success in eveiything.
Law #1 - Tbe Law of Vision
What aie the things you have uieameu of uoing in youi life.
When you weie young, you suiely hau places you wanteu to
go, things you wanteu to uo, anu things you wanteu to be. Bo
you iemembei what those uieams lookeu like.
!"# %&'( )* (+,,#((
What happeneu to those uieams.
Naybe you saiu, "I want to tiavel aiounu the woilu," "I want
to expeiience uiffeient cultuies," "I want to make tons of money,"
"I want a fast cai, like a Lamboighini oi a Feiiaii," "I want big
uiamonu iings," "I want to buy what I want," oi "I want financial
Naybe you wanteu to be a piofessional athlete, a uoctoi, a
teachei, a singei, an aitist, oi an authoi. You likely hau things
you wanteu to accomplish.
But maybe people aiounu you saiu you weie too young oi
too stupiu anu they uiscouiageu you fiom ieaching foi youi
tiue heait's uesiie. 0i you coulu not get that job you wanteu, oi
you uiu not get that piomotion you thought you woulu, oi youi
spouse got sick anu you coulu not follow that uieam because
you hau to pay the bills.
Youi uieams weie a big ciicle aiounu you. But the othei ciicle
in youi life - youi income ciicle - was a small uot compaieu to
that ciicle of uieams anu uesiies.
That is what happens to 98 peicent of us.
Naybe you woikeu at youi uieams, you went to college, anu
youi income ciicle got biggei. But then you iealizeu, "ueez, it is
so expensive just to live these uays, anu I only get two weeks of
vacation eveiy yeai. I wanteu to go aiounu the woilu but I can
only go to Wisconsin to see my family." Youi uieams of tiaveling
the woilu coulu not fit in youi income ciicle so you tiaveleu
aiounu the woilu by watching youi big-scieen Tv insteau.
0i maybe you once wanteu to move into a nice, new house.
But then you founu youiself saying, "I have been living in this
house foi thiity-five yeais. We iaiseu oui kius heie. Yeah,
we have all uiffeient kinus of gieen caipet but we have goou
memoiies heie." Anu youi uieams of a nicei house uisappeaieu.
0i you thought, # A#9$ 8#,I !'**< 7 C#0$'B (0' 23$ $"'0 7
,'#*/T'B /$ ,'U3/,'9 "/1" /093,#08' ),';/3;9 #0B .(3 "#5' $(
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 22
$#D' /$ $( $"' B'#*',9"/) #0B $"'. "#5' $( B( #** $"#$ '@)'09/5'
;#/0$'0#08' (0 /$E !"( 8#0 #AA(,B 9(;'$"/01 */D' $"#$I So you
took that uieam cai off youi list.
vision ieaches beyonu mateiial uieams. It's also about oui
life paths.
When I was twenty yeais olu I met a man nameu Eu who was
an engineei. Be was maiiieu with foui chiluien. Be happeneu
to be in the ioom when I uiu my fiist piesentation, which was a
hoiiible expeiience foi me. Aftei I was finisheu, Eu askeu me a
veiy piobing question: "What aie youi goals."
I hau none. Anu I thought it was the stiangest question.
What business was it of his to piobe like that. Be askeu again
anu again until I got the couiage to give him some soit of answei.
Ny uesiies weie cleaily monetaiy - I wanteu to spenu foui
thousanu uollais cash in one uay at Noiustiom, uiive a Neiceues,
anu make $1uu,uuu a yeai. That was the extent of my vision.
I am so giateful that Eu walkeu into my life that Novembei
in 1989. Since then, we have continueu to be fiienus, anu he
has continueu to ask me that piobing question. The answeis
thiough the yeais have changeu tiemenuously as I have giown
into a completely uiffeient peison. It uoesn't mattei if youi
vision staits out puiely monetaiy anu seemingly selfish. What I
have founu is that having a vision is bettei than having no vision.
As time goes by, youi vision will become cleaiei anu tiuly uiive
you out of beu eveiy uay to uo something gieat with youi life.
So I am asking you that question now: What uo you want to
uo with youi life.
Some people uieamt of being famous. Foi some, theii
chiluhoou uieam was to become a famous actoi oi actiess. Still
otheis giew up wanting to be a famous wiitei oi singei anu
songwiitei. Then, as you giew up, you heaiu negativity fiom
eveiyone aiounu you: "We uo not have those kinus of contacts."
"That uoes not happen to people like us." "You uo not live in the
iight aiea to be able to make those kinus of connections with
!"# %&'( )* (+,,#((
the iight people." 0i what about these: "You aie not talenteu
enough." "Theie is too much competition."
You saiu, "Well, I cieateu this song, but I can't get a iecoiu
ueal." So you took that uieam off youi list.
0theis' uieams went even ueepei. Naybe you hau a uieam
of having a gieat ielationship anu somebouy bioke youi heait.
0i woise, you got uivoiceu anu uiu not think you coulu finu tiue
love again. 0i youi uieam coulu have been as simple as uoing
youi best at woik anu getting passeu ovei foi a piomotion.
Naybe youi uieam was biggei than you. You wanteu to help
people - mentoi uisauvantageu kius, fiee kius fiom the sex
tiaue, oi feeu the homeless. But you coulu baiely pay youi own
Each of these uieams slowly came off youi list because
youi income ciicle was not big enough to contain them. As you
ieuuceu youi expectations, youi uieam list shiunk to be only a
little biggei than youi income. Aftei all, we nevei give up all of
oui uieams because we know a man without a vision will peiish.
Naybe youi uieams uiminisheu to a life consisting of two-
week vacations eveiy yeai, half of it spent cleaning the gaiage
anu the othei half uiiving a Winnebago to Wisconsin foi a family
ieunion. Youi vision uecieaseu to staying in an olu house, leasing
a smallei cai, anu settling foi meuiociity.
Ninety-eight peicent of the population shiinks theii uieams
to fit theii income. Neanwhile, the 2 peicent finu ways to in-
ciease theii income so they can make theii uieams happen.
If you want to make money, if you want to be successful
financially, you have to expanu youi income to fit youi uieams.
This is the Law of vision. Foi without vision, we peiish.
It is impoitant to list wheie we want to go, what we want to
uo, anu with whom we want to uo it. If you uo not know what
you want, no one can help you get it. But what uo you want. If
you'ie like 98 peicent of the population, you uo not know what
you want, anu yet you complain about what you have. Nothing
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 24
becomes B.0#;/8 until it becomes specijic. Bo you want to
tiavel the woilu. Then put it on youi uieam list. Bo not allow
youi income oi youi checking account to tell you how big - oi
small - youi uieams can be. It is not supposeu to be that way.
You can ueciue wheie you want to go in life. Togethei, you
anu I will figuie out wheie the money is. Latei in this book, I
show how to have those uieams without going into uebt.
But foi now, pull out some papei anu a pen anu jot uown a
few things you want to uo. Besign youi life. Fiom now on, you
aie going to live by uesign insteau of living by uefault. So let's
get staiteu.
In youi vision, what uoes youi life look like. Bow uo you
want to live. Wheie uo you want to go. With whom uo you want
to go theie. If you knew you coulun't fail, what woulu you uo
with youi life. Stait uieaming again - this is using the Law of
In this book I will show you how to inciease youi income
ciicle to match youi uieams, insteau of shiinking youi uieams to
match youi income. I will piove that you weie boin to succeeu.
So uo not woiiy about failing, just stait wiiting uown what you
want. List maybe two, thiee, oi even thiity things you want to
uo with youi life.
Keep auuing to youi list as you ieau this book. I want you to
have a vision foi youi life again.
Law #2 - Tbe Law of tbe Mind
As I mentioneu befoie - anu cleaily wish to stiess - 98 peicent
of the population is eithei ueau oi bioke by age sixty-five. 0nly
2 peicent uo well financially. What is the uiffeience between
these two gioups. What ueteimines whethei someone will be
in one categoiy oi the othei.
Stuuies have shown theie is just one uiffeience between
98 Peicenteis anu the financially successful 2 Peicenteis. Anu
!"# %&'( )* (+,,#((
the answei is not what you think. It is not wheie someone
was boin oi who his oi hei paients weie. It is not wheie they
went to school oi how many uegiees they have - I once knew a
billionaiie who hau a ninth-giaue euucation anu was iaiseu by
a single mom. It is not iace, ieligion, skin coloi, oi geogiaphic
location. If you think about it, wealthy people of all colois anu
ieligions live all ovei the woilu. Theie is, howevei, something
veiy uiffeient about those who aie wealthy: the way they think,
how they make uecisions anu act upon them, anu how they see
ciicumstances anu ieact to those. It is theii minuset.
The way youi minu thinks ueteimines what you will have in
life - this is the Law of the Ninu. If you think like 98 peicent of
the masses, you will have what 98 peicent of the masses have. If
you think like the 2 Peicenteis, you will have what the 2 peicent
The 2 Peicenteis think uiffeiently about money. They think
uiffeiently about life anu they make uecisions uiffeiently fiom
the 98 Peicenteis. What you think will happen is what will
happen. The only thing that ueteimines success is ,'93*$9!
You see, 98 peicent of the population thinks ciicumstances
ueteimine success, but the 2 Peicenteis know bettei than that.
It is 0'5', ciicumstances that ueteimine success in life. It is
C"#$ .(3 B( with the ciicumstances that ueteimines success in
life. The 98 Peicenteis have a thinking pattein of "lotteiy anu
poveity," anu aie seaiching foi some way to get moie with less
by buying winning lotteiy tickets.
uuess who cieateu the whole lotteiy system. The 2
Peicenteis! Anu why uo you buy into it. The whole concept of
spenuing a uollai anu hoping you will win ten million uollais
is a fantasy, anu eveiy fantasy like this comes fiom a poveity
mentality. It is a way of saying, "I cannot make money. I will not
make money. I was boin pooi. I am going to stay pooi. It is too
haiu to make money. Nothing evei woiks out foi me. Nothing
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 26
evei goes well. I uo not have anything." That is the 98 peicent
way of thinking, anu it causes people to make uecisions that
keep them bioke. I guaiantee if you chase a fantasy like this,
you will enu up in poveity.
But 2 Peicenteis think in a completely uiffeient way. When
I fiist encounteieu people who weie in that 2 peicent categoiy,
I saw something totally uiffeient. You see, all of my so-calleu
fiienus anu co-woikeis at the time just talkeu about who was
on Tv the pievious night. They gossipeu about what somebouy
was weaiing anu whom anothei peison was uating. Theie was
nothing sinceie, impoitant, oi goal-oiienteu in oui uiscussions.
Then I met that millionaiie, anu a gioup of people who weie
iunning businesses anu leaining how to become successful.
Theie was something noticeably uiffeient about the way these
people spoke. They maue uecisions in a uiffeient way, anu they
ian theii lives anu businesses using methous I'u nevei seen.
They intiouuceu me to concepts - the 2 peicent way of
thinking - that completely changeu me, such as taking a iisk anu
staiting youi own business veisus woiking foi somebouy else's
business. It is saying eveiy time you meet a ioaublock, "Bow can
I make it happen." As opposeu to the 98 peicent way of thinking
that says, "0h, well, I guess it is not going to woik. It is not meant
to be." The 2 Peicenteis go ovei anu aiounu a pioblem oi uig
a hole unueineath a pioblem to make things happen, while
98 Peicenteis just shiink back, tuin back, quit, anu blame the
economy oi something oi someone else foi theii situation.
The 2 Peicenteis aie looking foi one moie ieason to succeeu,
while the 98 Peicenteis aie looking foi one moie excuse to quit.
The only uiffeience between the 98 Peicenteis anu the 2
Peicenteis is theii minuset. You want to cioss ovei fiom the 98
peicent gioup in poveity to the 2 peicent gioup that is financially
fiee. You have to change youi minuset. It is youi choice.
!"# %&'( )* (+,,#((
Law #3 - Tbe Law of Value
Let me ask you a question: Who makes moie money, a geneial
N.B. oi a biain suigeon. The biain suigeon, of couise.
Why uoes the biain suigeon make moie money. It is not
because of his peisonality. It is not because of his looks, skin coloi,
ieligion, oi family backgiounu. It is because he is specializeu.
Be has specializeu knowleuge anu specializeu skills.
Even if the geneial N.B. has an amazing beusiue mannei
anu the biain suigeon is colu anu insensitive, the biain suigeon
still will make moie money because he has a highei skill set.
The biain suigeon has the highei skill set because he has moie
tiaining - he investeu moie time anu money than the geneial
N.B. uiu. That is how eveiyone uevelops an aiea of specialty.
It is the same foi you. If you inciease youi skill, you will
inciease youi pay.
This is the Law of value, which is veiy simple: It says that
what ueteimines youi value in the maiketplace is not youi
peisonality, whethei you aie shy oi bolu. It is not youi looks,
whethei you aie beautiful oi scieaming ugly. It has nothing to
uo with wheie you weie boin - but it uoes have eveiything to uo
with youi skill.
Eveiybouy is in contiol of his oi hei skills. We all woik. We
all aie on planet Eaith. We all have twenty-foui houis in a uay.
We all have woik we uo. But it is what we uo with oui time anu
oui skills that ueteimines what we make.
So what is youi specialty. Is it gossip. Bo you specialize in
excuses. Spoits stats, collecting fashion magazines, junk foou,
watching Tv, Tweeting. Youi specialty is wheie you spenu youi
time. 0nfoitunately, 98 peicent of the population spenus its time
specializing in things that uon't leau to wealth oi happiness.
We aie all gaugeu by oui skills. The goou news is you aie
making an investment to inciease youi skill by ieauing this
book. You can ueciue to specialize in things that will leau you to
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 28
wealth insteau of meuiociity.
The maiketplace pays foi value. Anu the only thing that
ueteimines youi value is youi skill set. Nost people believe
theii peisonalities will help them become successful. Those
people aie wiong. An amiable peisonality may get you thiough
the uooi, but it will not establish youi oveiall value. Youi value
ueteimines whethei you will succeeu - anu the only thing that
piouuces value is skills.
You neeu thiee skill sets: piofessional skills, people skills,
anu peisonal anu leaueiship uevelopment skills.
Profexxlonul Sklllx
The fiist skill set you must know is youi piofession's basics,
whethei you aie a uoctoi, ieal estate agent, mechanic, waitiess,
oi secietaiy.
Bow can you achieve bettei iesults than the next peison.
Bow uo you inciease youi value in the maiketplace. Again, this
is wheie you neeu to have a high level of skill. If you have that
high level of skill, you will make a high level of income. But if you
have a low level of skill, you will make a low level of income. It
is as simple as that.
Take anothei example. What is the uiffeience between a
piofessional basketball playei anu an amateui. Skill level. Who
makes moie money: the pio basketball playei oi the amateui.
The pio. (Actually, the amateui uoes not make a uime - amateuis
uo not get paiu to play basketball.)
0i, let's look at two haii salons. 0ne chaiges six uollais foi
a haiicut anu the othei one chaiges eighty-five uollais. It is the
same haiicut, but the high-enu salon's staff has maue moie of
an investment in money anu time to gain auuitional skills. That
is why they aie able to chaige that highei iate anu make moie
Can you leain new skills. All of us can leain new skills, but
!"# %&'( )* (+,,#((
you will not be able to take auvantage of that leaining if you
spenu all youi time on excuses anu justifications foi why you aie
wheie you aie in life. Noi will you leain new skills if you spenu
youi time watching television oi suifing the Inteinet. Bello! If
you spenu youi time uoing those things, then you will not be
able to spenu youi time investing in youi skills. Yet if you invest
in youi skills, you will eain highei pay.
People Sklllx
The seconu skill set you must acquiie is people skills. Those
with gieat people skills auvance themselves anu attain income
secuiity. Those who uo not have people skills aie usually the
fiist to be laiu off.
Baving gieat people skills will change eveiy aiea of youi life.
Knowing how to inteiact with people to get what you want will
change youi woik life, youi family life, anu youi community life.
Why. Because you aie a peison! You woik with people, eat with
people, live with people, anu sleep with people. You may have
even given biith to people. They aie eveiywheie.
You buy things fiom people anu maybe you sell things to
people. If you tieat people bauly, they will not want to live with
you, listen to you, follow you, woik with you, oi buy things fiom
you. They will avoiu you - anu they shoulu.
When you inciease youi people skills, you ueciease youi
stiess, save money, anu inciease youi income. Let me give you
an example. If you aie in sales anu you inciease youi closing
iatios, you inciease what. Youi pay. Bow uo you inciease youi
closing iatios. You inciease youi people skills. This has nothing
to uo with manipulation skills oi high-piessuie sales skills. It is
all about iefining youi people skills.
When you leain how to communicate with people in such a
way that they fall in love with you, you will be less stiesseu about
finuing clients anu you will eain moie money. These people will
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 30
also senu you iefeiials because you aie such a pleasuie to woik
with, which means you save money on auveitising, because you
aie closing moie ueals anu getting moie iefeiials.
Know that youi inheient peisonality has nothing to uo with
leaining anu using people skills. Some people aie natuially
social. 0theis uo not like peisonal inteiaction anu uo not know
how to communicate in a favoiable way that cieates a win-
win situation. If you aie one of the lattei, you piobably have a
communication style that is inteiiogative oi uoes not builu tiust
oi the kinu of ielationship wheie people want to follow you.
Bowevei, anyone can leain the skills I am teaching you in
this book. You will finu out how to communicate in such a way
that people flock to you, want to woik with you, anu want to
listen to you, live with you, anu iefei people to you.
Knowing that iesults aie what mattei, you may neeu to
aujust youi communication style even if you alieauy consiuei
youiself a "people peison." Youi level of influence is measuieu
by the amount of people who follow you, listen to you, anu stick
by youi siue thiough haiu times. That is ueteimineu by how
well you inteiact with people, iegaiuless of how you think about
The most poweiful motivations a human being can
expeiience aie feeling special anu impoitant. Showing off youi
knowleuge uoes not impiess people - it makes them feel infeiioi
anu unimpoitant. To make people feel special anu impoitant,
let them talk about themselves anu ask them a lot of questions.
Stuuies have shown that patients less fiequently sue uoctois
with goou people skills who make a mistake. That is because
those uoctois maue theii patients feel special anu impoitant,
gaining theii patients' tiust anu iespect. If you aie a managei
anu you aie not using people skills -you aie not making youi
employees feel special anu impoitant - then youi employees
will not tiust oi iespect you. Without that soliu base, you will
!"# %&'( )* (+,,#((
stiuggle to finu any success in business oi in life.
If you want an absolute guaiantee of change in youi life,
simply changing the ciicumstances will not woik. Changing
how you ueal with people aiounu you is the only guaiantee of
change happening in youi life.
Perxonul unJ IeuJerxhlp evelopment
The thiiu aiea of skills you neeu is peisonal anu leaueiship ue-
velopment. This is integial because if you have a low level of
peisonal uevelopment, you aie only going to suiienuei to how-
evei you aie feeling at a ceitain moment, such as "I feel afiaiu
touay" oi "I feel woithless touay" oi "I uon't feel like things aie
going to woik out touay." Those kinus of feelings uo not pay.
If you want to be wealthy, you cannot affoiu feelings like that.
Let that sink in: If I want to be wealthy, I cannot affoiu feelings
like that. The only thing you can affoiu to uo is go to woik anu
piouuce iesults. Because when you aie an entiepieneui, you
get paiu foi iesults. You uo not get paiu foi time wasteu with
unpiouuctive feelings.
The Law of value means to woik haiuei on youiself than
you uo on othei people. If you follow it, you will be unusually
successful. Bo not ieau this book thinking of all the people you
know who neeu to ieau it anu change theii lives. You aie the one
who neeus to ieau it anu change youi life.
Noney uoes not giow on tiees - but people aie the ones
with the money. If you can cieate a goou win-win situation with
people, they will be happy to pay you foi youi piouucts, seivices,
anu skills.
Law #4 - Tbe Law of Reaping and Sowing
If you woik to plant tomatoes, you ieap tomatoes. uieen beans,
you get gieen beans. Cucumbeis, you get cucumbeis. Reu, hot
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 32
chili peppeis, you get ieu, hot chili peppeis.
If you aie white anu you plant coin, what will you get. Coin.
If you aie black anu you plant coin, what will you get. Coin. No
mattei what you look like oi what youi peisonality, if you plant
coin, it is going to come up coin. If you aie shy anu plant coin,
you uo not get shy coin.
You have been taught a lie that success is about being lucky
oi being in the iight place at the iight time. But the bottom line
is, we ieap what we sow. The fouith Law of Success is the Law
of Reaping anu Sowing. This is the gieatest of all the Laws of
Success. You may have heaiu this law expiesseu as "Sowing
anu Reaping" but I speak this law as "Reaping anu Sowing" to
emphasize the piesent state. Think about youi cuiient situation
- what have you ieapeu. If you aie one of the 98 Peicenteis you
have not sown well because you have believeu the lies about
success anu wealth anu now finu youiself in uebt, unhappy, anu
tiying to blame someone foi youi conuition.
If you aie a 98 Peicentei, you think if you plant chili peppeis,
you will get stiawbeiiies.
I heai you saying, "What aie you talking about. I uo not
expect stiawbeiiies."
0h, no, you absolutely uo. This is how it woiks. Ninety-eight
peicent of the population blames the goveinment foi theii lack
of finances. 0i theii fouith ex-husbanu foi theii uebt. Naybe
theii kius foi holuing them back. They blame anybouy else but
themselves foi theii cuiient financial situation.
Blaming looks like this: You plant chili peppeis anu you blame
someone else foi not giving you stiawbeiiies. The ieality is this:
If you ieap stiawbeiiies, it is because you planteu stiawbeiiies.
So youi financial tioubles aie because of something you uiu.
Now maybe someone else uiu something that was not iight that
affecteu you, but you weie theie. You maue youi own uecisions.
If you aie in a financial mess iight now, you weie involveu
!"# %&'( )* (+,,#((
somehow with the situation, anu it is time to take peisonal
iesponsibility foi wheie you aie.
I unueistanu all too well being a victim. Remembei, my ex-
husbanu left me homeless. I blameu the millionaiie foi scamming
my entiie company anu totally iobbing me blinu. I blameu my
paients foi all the hell they put me thiough. I blameu my ex-
husbanu foi leaving me foi anothei woman. I blameu all those
who hau been against me my whole life anu slanueieu my name.
That is how I became homeless - hosting anu attenuing my own
pity paity aftei pity paity.
But I am the one who chose to maiiy the guy aftei knowing
him foi only seven uays. What the heck was I thinking. I uo not
caie how goou-looking someone is - that was stupiu! I tiusteu
the wiong people in business. That was my uoing. When I finally
took peisonal iesponsibility foi the mess I was in, I was able to
uig myself out of the pit of hell in which I was living.
Take Responsibility
Look in the miiioi anu stop blaming othei people. Taking ie-
sponsibility puts you in contiol - anu it ultimately takes youi
life to the next level. When you aie iesponsible, you no longei
blame youi boss, youi customeis, youi family, youi paients, oi
the economy. You aie in chaige, anu you can cieate wealth anu
live the life you want now.
Eaily in my maiiiage to Bans I wanteu to change many
things about him. I felt like he was not suppoiting oui family. I
thought I was supposeu to be maiiieu to a multimillionaiie who
was a poweiful speakei anu affecting people's lives. At the time,
he was my waiehouse man. I was awful to him - anu I mean
wickeu. I put him uown, anu I maue him know I thought he was
a piece of ciap anu I uiu not want to be maiiieu to him.
I thought if I coulu be maiiieu to a iich, poweiful man I coulu
make him a gieat meal eveiy night anu make suie oui home was
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 34
spotless. I coulu honoi anu iespect him. I thought that if I coulu
just finu the iight peison to spenu my life with, I woulu be happy
- the faiiytale lotteiy mentality.
With Bans, though, I thought I hau maiiieu the wiong peison
foi the seconu time in my life. I was in a iut with a miseiable
maiiiage, having been embezzleu foi the seconu time by my
fiienus. Ny company was failing, anu my house was a uisastei.
I kept waiting foi eveiything to change insteau of taking
peisonal iesponsibility, being uiligent with what was in fiont of
me, anu tieating my ciicumstances as though they weie alieauy
the veiy thing I wanteu.
Aftei finally taking peisonal iesponsibility, I began to tieat
Bans like the millionaiie with whom I thought I shoulu be. Now
he is eveiything I evei uieameu of. Aftei I began to tieat my
company, co-woikeis, clients, anu the public as though they
weie what I wanteu them to be, eveiything changeu, anu my life
tiansfoimeu into what it is touay.
Even if you aie scieweu ovei, you still have to fix it. You aie
the one who has to clean it up, so get ovei it anu uo what you
have to uo.
Reap and Sow Witb Money
The Law of Reaping anu Sowing can woik foi you oi against you.
You can use it to make millions oi to be in uiie stiaits - I'u iathei
use it to make millions of uollais, woulun't you.
If you waste money, you aie going to ieap what you sow.
What you feeu will flouiish; what you neglect will uie. If you
feeu youi financial pioblems anu you aie focuseu on stiessing
out anu not being able to pay youi financial bills, you will have
moie pioblems. Focus on finuing answeis. Feeu the solution,
not the pioblem.
Bo you neeu moie encouiagement. Theie is only one way to
get it but it is not to uemanu it oi to nag someone to give it to you.
!"# %&'( )* (+,,#((
It is to sow seeus of encouiagement. If you give encouiagement,
you will get encouiagement.
This law totally applies to businesses. If you invest in a
business spaiingly, you will ieap spaiingly. If you pay youi
employees as little as possible while expecting the most of them,
you aie going to ieap spaiingly. If you uo not invest anything
into giowing youi business oi builuing ielationships, you will
ieap spaiingly.
Yet if you sow geneiously in youi business, you will ieap
geneiously. We have built eveiy business by woiu of mouth anu
iefeiials. Bow in the woilu uiu we builu Suu,uuu clients baseu
on iefeiials. By giving the public what they want. When you uo
that, they tuin aiounu anu give you what you want. It is the Law
of Reaping anu Sowing. So if you want iefeiials, give iefeiials.
Become the souice of the contact anu people will iefei business
to you.
If you uo not have the skill set to manage five people, you will
not be able to manage Suu. So you have to figuie out what you
neeu to change in youiself to motivate them. It is so empoweiing
to know you cannot change people but you can change youiself!
People aie always looking foi a shoitcut oi an easiei way.
You can't make excuses -you've got to make a change. If you aie
feaiful, it means you planteu a seeu of feai sometime in youi
life - oi alloweu someone to plant it in you. In the same way
that giving encouiagement allows encouiagement to flow back
to you, the quickest way to no longei feai iejection is to give
Whatevei you uo, you'll get an equivalent iesult. That means
letting go of the iuea that you can change otheis anu insteau
ueciue to change youiself. When you take full iesponsibility foi
the failuies oi stiuggles in youi life, you iealize the answei to
youi pioblems is that you neeu to change.
If you plant a seeu, you ieap a haivest.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 36
Law #5 - Tbe Law of Desire
Why uiu you buy this book.
If the title of this book hau been F/,9$ -$')9 $( V#9D'$ !'#5/01,
woulu you have puichaseu it. No. Why. Because you'ie not into
basket weaving.
The title of this book is F/,9$ -$')9 $( !'#*$". So why uiu you
buy the book. Because you have a uesiie to be wealthy. That's
why you bought the book. You want to inciease youi income,
anu you uesiie a happiei, moie fulfilleu life. You want to see
youi uieams come tiue.
When you unueistanu the Law of Besiie, you come to the
ievelation that you haven't uisconnecteu fiom youi uesiie.
Eveiything in Cieation - whethei you believe we come fiom
guppies oi not - has a uesiie anu a uestiny. An eagle, foi example,
has the uesiie to uo what. It has the uesiie to soai. Anu theiefoie
it uoes what. It soais. You cannot ueny this fact.
Desire Reveals Design and Destiny
Besiie always ieveals uesign anu uestiny. An eagle was uesigneu
to soai, anu it has the uesiie to soai. The eagle was peifectly ue-
signeu foi it to soai. It was not uesigneu like a chicken. It uoesn't
have the uesiie to cluck aiounu on the giounu with a uestiny of
being ueep-fiieu. Its uestiny is soaiing.
Nany people uon't believe they weie uesigneu to succeeu. I
uiu not useu to believe I was uesigneu to succeeu. I believeu I
was gioomeu to fail, anu all I woulu evei know was failuie. We
aie all boin with a uesign to succeeu, anu yet something happens
along the way of life's jouiney. It staits with piogiamming by the
meuia, family, anu peihaps schoolmates. Think about it. What
weie some of the things you weie tolu when you weie young
that stifleu youi faith in success.
You may have been tolu when you weie a chilu that you weie
!"# %&'( )* (+,,#((
nevei goou enough, oi that you woulu not amount to anything.
That cieates a belief system that you'ie not goou enough, anu
ienueis you afiaiu to take iisks. Let me give you an example.
Ny stepfathei once saiu to me, "See what happens when the
aboition lives," iefeiiing to his belief that I was unwoithy to
have even been boin. Biu you evei heai anything as uamning
anu uemeaning as that.
Biu you heai things like "Kius aie to be seen anu not heaiu"
oi "You weie an acciuent". Bow about "Bo not get youi hopes
up, because uieams ieally uo not come tiue" oi "You know, that
only happens foi people in Bollywoou. We aie pooi. We uo not
know any of the iight people". Bow about these: "uet youi heau
out of the clouus" oi "When aie you going to finu a ieal job." oi
"If }oey jumpeu off the biiuge, woulu you." oi "uo play on the
Naybe you uiun't heai things like that fiom youi paients.
But uiu kius make fun of you - the size of youi nose, oi the way
you lookeu. Biu they taunt you that youi legs weie too long. 0i
that you weie too fat. Too skinny.
uiowing up is uifficult. People who take us apait anu tell us
who we'ie not suiiounu us. But it only takes one peison to tell
you who you aie to oveicome it all.
You Were Born witb Cifts
No mattei how many people have put you uown, all it takes foi
iecoveiy is one peison to tell you that you can succeeu. Eu, a
stiangei, was that one peison foi me. Be saiu, "I know beyonu a
shauow of a uoubt that you weie boin with eveiything it takes
to succeeu. You weie boin with gifts that will help you, like en-
thusiasm, peisistence, auventuie, the ability to get ovei it, anu
faith." All it takes is one peison to inspiie you to step up anu be
the peison you weie boin to be.
Peihaps those aiounu you have tolu you that you aie not
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 38
goou enough oi that you aie supposeu to be something uiffeient.
Well, I am heie to tell you who you weie boin to be anu who you
weie uesigneu to be. You weie uesigneu to succeeu!
You uo neeu a few elements such as enthusiasm, peisistence,
anu a stiong belief anu faith in what you aie uoing to succeeu.
You neeu to be a iisk-takei anu auventuious. You have to get
ovei things quickly - let the woiiies anu failuies iun off you like
watei on a uuck's back. If you've ieau any success books, you've
heaiu that these aie the most impoitant elements of success.
But most people uo not think they have all of these qualities
oi know how to achieve them, anu theiefoie they think they
aie uestineu foi failuie. This is paitially because those close to
them have tolu them they weie uestineu foi failuie - oi maybe
they saiu nothing at all, meaning they uiu not encouiage them to
uieam oi ieach foi the impossible.
If you believe you weie not boin with enthusiasm, I want youi
momma's phone numbei. I will ask hei if you weie enthusiastic
as a chilu, because I know you weie. Eveiyone is boin enthusi-
astic, but we tiaue oui enthusiasm foi guaiantees. We tiaue oui
enthusiasm foi the iuea that if we uo not get exciteu anu uo not
get oui hopes up, we will not enu up uisappointeu.
I have a question foi you: Biu youi tiaue woik. 0i uiu
you enu up uisappointeu anyway. Swapping enthusiasm foi
guaiantees uoes not woik. Even if you uo not get exciteu, you
still get uisappointeu anu uiscouiageu. The whole plan fails.
The tiuth is, you neeu to be exciteu about youi life anu youi
ielationships. You neeu to have enthusiasm foi people to want
to be a pait of what you aie uoing, whethei it is woiking in a
job oi woiking as a volunteei oi woiking with youi family oi
woiking in a business.
Enthusiasm is what gives us hope anu what makes us moie
!"# %&'( )* (+,,#((
attiactive to othei people. Ninety-eight peicent of the population
has tiaueu enthusiasm foi a guaiantee anu secuiity. The tiuth
is, nothing is guaianteeu oi secuie. You will still get uiscouiageu
anu uisappointeu anu you still will ueal with uisauvantage. But
I still woulu much iathei be exciteu anu enthusiastic, because
that impioves the quality of my life as opposeu to not getting my
hopes up anu just going foi what is safe anu secuie.
Theie is no life in safety anu secuiity. If secuiity is what
you'ie ieally looking foi, then go out anu commit a ciime -
you will get 1uu-peicent secuiity behinu bais. That is how 98
peicent of the population is living. The excitement in theii lives
is completely flat-lineu on a giaph except foi a couple of shoit
spikes on a biithuay oi come the Supei Bowl. That is no way to
You must be peisistent to succeeu at anything in life. If you want
to lose weight, you have to peisist. If you want to stay maiiieu
foi fifty yeais, you have to peisist. If you want to gioom youi
kius foi success, you have to peisist. If you want to succeeu in
business oi become financially inuepenuent, you have to peisist.
People may have tolu you that you quit too soon, oi that
you aie not peisistent enough. But that is not how you weie
uesigneu. Eveiy chilu is peisistent. When you weie young
you piobably askeu youi mothei foi ice cieam ten minutes
befoie uinnei was going to be seiveu. You piobably askeu youi
mothei foi canuy when you weien't supposeu to. Anu you kept
peisisting until you got it. What happeneu to that peisistence.
We tiaue oui peisistence foi television anu enteitainment.
We tiaue oui peisistence anu oui uesiie to succeeu foi being
aveiage, meuiocie, anu noimal.
Yet eveiything in us is not aveiage, meuiocie, anu noimal.
We weie not uesigneu foi that.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 40
Rlxk-1uklng unJ AJventure
You weie uesigneu to take iisks anu to be auventuious. To suc-
ceeu in life, you have to take those iisks anu tiuly be auventui-
ous. You weie piobably auventuious as a youngstei. Peihaps
you weie the one who ate a woim to see what it tasteu like.
Naybe you climbeu the tallest tiee. 0i weie you the kiu who got
challengeu into jumping off the ioof into a pool, oi climbing to
the top bunk anu jumping off to see if you coulu make it to the
beu acioss the ioom.
Wheie uiu youi auventuie go. Wheie uiu that iisk-taking,
auventuious spiiit go. Foi 98 peicent of the population, it is
sitting on a couch, hoping foi theii IRA to giow. But if you aie
going to succeeu in life, you must ignite what is in youi BNA -
anu that is youi auventuious, iisk-taking spiiit.
The uieat Besignei planteu the uesiie insiue you to succeeu.
It's up to you to tap into it.
1he 0lft to 0et Over It
When my son Cabe was foui yeais olu he often ian thiough the
house. 0ne uay I uiu a iaie thing anu cleaneu the sliuing glass
uooi until it was ciystal cleai. Cabe went teaiing thiough the
kitchen anu hit that clean sliuing glass uooi full-foice because
he thought it was open. Be fell to the flooi ciying, moie mau
than huit. But that uiu not stop Cabe fiom getting up anu iun-
ning again.
Fast foiwaiu to who we aie touay. When we fall uown - when
we fail - we say, "Bettei not tiy to uo that again. You shoulu not
have uone that in the fiist place." But we uo not tell a chilu who
falls uown to stop iunning, uo we. We uo not tell a touulei who
is leaining how to walk, "0h, you iuiot. Can't you figuie this out.
You might as well just sit anu foiget about walking."
We have become people who neeu to be tolu that NcBonalu's
!"# %&'( )* (+,,#((
coffee is hot oi we sue because they uiu not tell us. This is
absolutely pathetic. When you fell uown as a chilu, you got
up anu kept iunning. Touay an auult who falls uown sues the
pavement company, taking no iesponsibility anu insteau suing
somebouy foi his oi hei own mistake. To become successful,
you must have the gift to get ovei these kinus of things. The
goou news is you weie boin with the gift to uo so.
It is impossible to succeeu without this last gift, which was put
in you when you weie knitteu togethei in youi mothei's womb.
This is the gift you possesseu as a chilu even though you may
have only a glimpse of it touay. When you weie young, this gift
causeu you to put cookies anu milk unueineath the Chiistmas
tiee on Becembei 24. You believeu wholeheaiteuly in this man
fiom the Noith Pole who knew whethei you weie naughty oi
nice, anu knew exactly what youi heait's uesiie was, whethei it
was a little uog oi a tiain set oi a tiicycle. You changeu youi be-
havioi in that month of Becembei - you uiu not pull youi sistei's
pigtails anu you uiun't tiip youi biothei when he came iunning
uown the hall.
This gift is faith. You exeiciseu it on Becembei 24 - so much
so that you got up in the miuule of the night anu lookeu out youi
winuow to see if Santa Claus was iiuing in a sleigh with a ieu-
noseu ieinueei leauing the way. Naybe you weie one of those
kius who hau such an auvanceu level of faith that you coulu "see"
Santa sailing thiough the aii behinu a ieu-noseu ieinueei. You
even fought youi fiienus at school who tiieu to tell you theie
was no Santa Claus. You believeu this giant man anu his giant
bag of goouies was coming uown a chimney you uiu not even
have at youi house.
Bave you evei seen the size of a chimney hole. Coulu someone
with Santa's giith plus his big bag of goouies fit thiough it. No,
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 42
but you nevei thought to ask that question, because faith neeus
no eviuence. Faith neeus no pioof. Faith blinuly believes. It
changes an inuiviuual's behavioi anu sets him oi hei foi success.
You weie uesigneu with an enthusiasm that is necessaiy to
succeeu in maiiiage anu in finances. You weie uesigneu with
peisistence. You weie uesigneu with that auventuious iisk-
taking spiiit. You weie uesigneu with a gift to get ovei it when
you fail anu to get ovei it when things uo not go iight. You weie
uesigneu to say, "I uo not caie how times I fail, I am still going
foiwaiu." You weie uesigneu with a gift of faith.
Ninety-eight peicent tiaue these gifts foi these woius: "Well,
I tiieu one of those businesses befoie, but it uiu not woik foi
me." Bave you evei been to a iestauiant anu gotten sick. Biu it
stop you fiom going out to iestauiants. Naybe you uiu not eat
at that same iestauiant, but it uiu not stop you fiom going out
to eat in iestauiants. This 98 peicent way of thinking that says,
"I faileu once, so that means I will foievei" is a plan of failuie. It
will not help you succeeu - but you weie uesigneu foi success.
Learning to Fly
You weie given a uesiie to succeeu in youi uesign. You weie
uesigneu with all of the iight paits to succeeu. The only thing
you'ie lacking is the skill to succeeu. That's the pait you have to
leain anu invest in.
Is the baby eagle uesigneu with a skill to soai. Absolutely
not. The baby eagle has to get on the momma eagle's back anu
the momma eagle takes the baby soaiing. Then the momma
eagle tilts hei wings anu uiops the baby off hei back. That baby
eagle flutteis anu, I am suie, has a heait that pumps incieuibly
fast. It woiks haiu, yet it uoes not soai. It sinks fast in the aii.
But have no feai. Nomma eagle swoops uown, lifts the baby
onto hei back, anu then soais up. She tilts hei wings anu lets the
baby off hei back again. She uoes this iepeateuly, uay aftei uay,
!"# %&'( )* (+,,#((
until the baby has the skill to fly.
You have a momma eagle, anu she is ieauy to take you out of
the nest. "uet on my back anu I will soai with you to the highest
of heights," she says. "I will uump you off my back, but have no
feai. You have eveiything within you. You have enthusiasm,
peisistence, faith, auventuious spiiit, anu the gift to get ovei it.
I will swoop uown, catch you on my back, anu lift you up again
anu again until you possess the skill to soai on youi own."
Law # - Tbe Law of Teacbability
Theie aie people all aiounu you who have success in some aieas
of theii lives. When you aie teachable, you finu them. When you
aie unteachable, you think you aie them.
Foi example, uo you want youi maiiiage to impiove. If you
aie maiiieu, I hope the answei is yes. Biu you know theie aie
people aiounu you with successful maiiiages who can help you.
If you aie afiaiu to ask them foi help because you uo not want
them to think less of you, that is youi ego talking. Weigh youi
ego against youi goal anu figuie out which one you want moie -
a successful maiiiage oi an ego tiip.
People who aie successful love to tell othei people about
how they uiu it. People who have gieat maiiiages love to talk
about theii gieat maiiiages. Yet people's egos aie so flipping
big that they uo not want anyone to know they neeu help. That
is the ieality.
"If I ask uianupa about how to have a goou maiiiage, he
might think I have a bau one," you might say. But who caies. Bo
you think uianuma anu uianupa's maiiiage was peifect fiom
uay one. Bighly uoubtful.
To me, a successful maiiiage is when a couple have been
maiiieu foi fifty yeais anu aie still chasing each othei aiounu
the house nakeu. Bo you know people like that. If you aie
having maiiiage pioblems, you anu youi spouse shoulu sit uown
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 44
with those people. Take them to coffee anu ask them the keys
to theii maiiiage success. Again, you have to weigh youi ego
against youi goal foi the iest of youi life. Anu you aie going to
continuously make this choice between youi ego anu youi goal.
If you want to impiove youi maiiiage anu not just exist in
maiiiage, leain fiom the people who have been maiiieu anu have
the kinu of maiiiage you want. Bumble youiself, get teachable,
anu ask foi help. Success in anything is a leaineu skill.
You may be thinking, -"' 9$/** "#9 0($ 9#/B #0.$"/01 $"#$ /9
,'#**. 1(/01 $( ;#D' # B/AA','08' /0 ;. */A'.
0i maybe you have staiteu ieceiving gieat insights fiom this
book alieauy. Naybe you have staiteu unueilining passages,
cieating uog-eaieu pages, oi picking up the phone oi e-mailing
oi texting to tell youi fiienus about what you aie ieauing heie.
You have to weigh youi ego against youi bank account anu
figuie out which weighs moie - which is woith moie to you. You
see, someone who is teachable - someone who's ieally hungiy -
is a gieat puisuei of success.
That is the next Law of Success we call the Law of Teachability.
Being teachable means you aie hungiy, puisuing success, anu
willing to leain fiom masteis. When you follow this law you will
achieve whatevei you puisue.
When you aie willing to puisue leaining about success, you
will not enu up like the 98 peicent. The masses aie puisuing
Facebook, gossiping about celebiities, anu shopping foi ciap they
uon't neeu. The 2 peicent is puisuing financial inuepenuence.
When I met that young businessman who was eaining
fifteen thousanu uollais a month - the one who gave me those
foui iequiiements I explaineu in Chaptei 1 - in that moment, I
became teachable.
!"# %&'( )* (+,,#((
You aie teachable if you aie saying, "Teach me, show me, guiue
me. I will uo anything if you tell me what to uo." Teachable peo-
ple become outiageously successful.
But if you aie that peison who is unteachable, you have
alieauy ieacteu to my woius with five oi six uiffeient opinions.
You have aigueu with eveiything I have shaieu so fai in this
book. If you aie that peison, you aie like thousanus I have met
thioughout the woilu who enu up nevei succeeuing. They aie
always iight - just ask them anu they will tell you how iight they
Theie is something that goes with unteachable people who
aie iight all the time - they aie often bioke, too.
The unteachable peison is always pioviuing his opinions anu
suggestions, anu tiying to size himself up against otheis. That
peison is always looking foi fieebies anu to get something foi
nothing. An unteachable peison cannot listen to anyone oi leain
fiom anyone, anu may not have been teachable foi yeais. That
peison says, "I know that alieauy" oi "I can uo that bettei" oi
"What aie youi cieuentials - uo you have a uegiee in business."
Let me tell you what my uegiee in business is: the eviuence
of thousanus of people who have staiteu theii businesses anu
maue hunuieus of thousanus of uollais anu even millions of
uollais. That is my uegiee in business. Put me up against any
piofessoi who teaches infoimation but has no iesults to show
foi it.
Ego Keeps You Broke
Ego will ienuei you bioke foi the iest of youi life. Ego says,
"That is not me" oi "uosh, I woulu nevei uo a business like that"
oi "What woulu my fiienus think if I was uoing something like
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 46
Ego says it is eveiybouy else's fault anu takes no iesponsibility.
Ego focuses on eveiybouy else's failuies anu not youi own. Ego
wants somebouy else to pay foi how you feel anu somebouy else
to aumit they weie wiong.
Ego comes in all soits of foims. Shyness is a foim of ego
because if you use youi peisonality as an excuse foi not being
what you shoulu be, that is ego.
Being a fake anu caiing about othei people's opinions is
ego. You will nevei be happy with youi success if it is all about
beating someone else's success.
1he Fgox lxgulxex
The ego is all about self-conuemnation anu self-ciiticism, oi the
ciiticism anu conuemnation of otheis. It just makes you incieu-
ibly unsafe.
Ego uoes not cause people to want to woik with you, anu it
uoes not cause people to tiust oi iefei you. It only causes people
to stay away fiom you.
Ego comes in many uisguises. You may not think you have an
ego, but see if you iecognize any of its masks listeu heie:
- The Blame Ego loves to play the blame game foi its lack of
iesults. This ego says, "It is theii fault. It is my spouse's fault.
It is my boss's fault. It is the economy's fault. It is the White
Bouse's fault."
- The Know-It-All Ego says, "I alieauy know this stuff. I can
uo it bettei. When aie you going to get to the ieal content."
- The Feaiful Ego loves to speak feai. "What if I say the
wiong thing. What if I uo the wiong thing. What if I make a
- Theie's the Comfoit Zone Ego. "0kay, we aie goou. We aie
happy with the way things aie. It is not ieally what I want,
but it is okay." Staying in the comfoit zone is not going to
!"# %&'( )* (+,,#((
help you oi anybouy else.
- This is a Self-Righteous Ego: "0h, my goouness. I nevei
talk like that. I thought you weie a gouly peison. 0h, you
shoulu not weai clothes like that." Self-iighteous egos uo
not associate with people of ceitain colois oi ceitain iaces
oi of ceitain cieeus. This is someone who puffs up him- oi
heiself as bettei than those who uo not go to chuich. But last
time I checkeu, }esus uiu not have a pioblem with sinneis in
the Bible. Be uiu not have a pioblem with the tax collectois,
piostitutes, oi liais. Be loveu them. Be uiu have a pioblem
with the self-iighteous, though, which incluues the Phaiisees
who hung him on the cioss.
- The }uugmental Ego is constantly juuging eveiybouy else,
even Bans anu me: "They aie not that gieat. She is not that
gieat. 0h, my gosh, I bet that Bani }ohnson has ulteiioi
motives. 0h, they think they aie so hot. Anu they think that
they aie the best foi eveiything. They aie ieally not all that
gieat. Anu they aie only in it foi the money." You shoulu not
be juugmental about iich people, because how uo you know
how they live. Naybe that iich peison you aie juuging lives a
simple life anu spenus veiy little on peisonal items so he oi
she can give moie to the neeuy. So watch youiself - he who
juuges will be juugeu in the same way he juuges. }uugment
will nevei help you make money, keep it, oi make it youi
slave. It will nevei pay youi bills oi cieate the wealth you
want to pass uown to youi family. It will nevei help you to
become an influential peison who is benefiting the lives of
otheis aiounu you.
- The False Bumility Ego says, "0h, ieally, no. It is not me. I,
uh, no. It's all }esus." Youi sinning was not that goou, honey.
False humility is just piiue anu an act. Real humility comes
fiom the heait. It emanates natuially when you aie tiuly
humble. Anu iemembei, humble uoes not mean quiet anu
shy - the iighteous aie as bolu as a lion.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 48
- The Excuses Ego loves to just pick excuses insteau of getting
iesults: "We cannot affoiu that, I uo not know how I am going
to uo it. 0h, gosh, that seminai is way too fai; I will wait foi
hei to come to Kansas. It is not going woik foi me anyway.
It is too expensive anu I uo not have the time. I uo not know
the iight people. I was not iaiseu by the iight paients. Ny
husbanu uoes not suppoit me. If only the CBs weie cheapei.
You know, this will iequiie me to take time to leain anu I just
uo not have the time. It is too haiu anyway."
- The People Pleasing Ego tiies to covei up its insecuiities by
constantly tiying to keep eveiybouy happy. These people
aie always willing to uo things foi otheis while saciificing
theii own neeus.
- The }ustification Ego: "I giew up in Texas, anu in Texas we
just uo not uo things like that," oi "I got maiiieu anu have
these kius so that is just how life went," oi "I nevei wanteu
it anyway."
- The Befensive Ego is constantly uefenuing its position. If you
aie uefensive, you cannot win. If you aie juugmental, you
cannot win. }uugment anu uefensiveness go hanu in hanu.
- }ealous Egos aie envious in a bau way of othei people's
success. These types of people cannot leain fiom successful
people. If this is you, you aie jealous of othei people's looks,
you aie jealous of the iecognition they get, you aie jealous
of theii accomplishments, you aie jealous of the house in
which they live, anu you aie jealous that they weie selecteu
foi something anu you uiu not. You will nevei evei be able to
win with that much jealousy, because it causes youi heait to
tuin uaik anu hatieu to fill up insiue you. It causes you to be
cynical anu ciitical, which is anothei foim of ego. It causes
you to belittle othei people. If people cannot tiust you they
uo not want to be aiounu you because they know that as
soon as they leave you, you aie going to speak ill of them.
!"# %&'( )* (+,,#((
- The Fake Ego puts on aiis. These people aie uiffeient with
eveiy gioup of people they encountei. They believe in some
things with some people, anu then they believe in othei
things with othei people. They tiy to put on aiis of being
someone they aie not, hoping foi acceptance.
- The Shy Ego. This ego is one of my favoiites. "uosh, I am
so shy. That is why I am not successful. I mean, you aie so
outgoing anu bolu - that is why you aie successful" Let's go
back to the Law of Reaping anu Sowing. It uoes not mattei
what youi peisonality is - if you plant coin in the giounu, it
is going to come out coin. If a black faimei plants coin in
the giounu, what kinu of coin uoes he get. Be gets the same
kinu of coin that the white guy gets. If you aie shy, anu you
plant coin in the giounu, what kinu of coin uo you ieap. Is it
shy coin. No, it is still coin. But shy people use theii shyness
as an excuse not to puisue success, which is nothing but an
ego tiip. Naking money is as simple as faiming. The faimei
knows that if he puts the iight seeu in the giounu, he is going
ieap what he put in the giounu.
- The 0thei People's 0pinion Ego. These folks always caie
about othei people's opinions. They live accoiuing to the
opinions of those aiounu them. Naybe youi uncle says,
"No, you shoulu not uo that business. It is nevei going to
woik foi you. I hau a fiienu who uiu something like that in
19SS anu he uiu not eain a cent. You shoulu not uo it." Then
you say, "0kay, I will not uo it." 0i youi co-woikeis see you
ieauing this book anu say, "You uiu not spenu youi money on
theii website, uiu you." Anu you think, G"< ;. 1(9"E W#.2'
7 9"(3*B 1'$ # ,'A30B. But this book was cheap, you fool, anu
in some cases, it was fiee! If you listen to the 98 Peicentei's
opinions about how to live youi life, you will have what they
have. Caie about the opinions of those who have what you
want, but uo not listen to the opinions of those who uo not
have what you want.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 50
- The Saicastic Ego speaks with mockeiy anu saicasm towaiu
eveiyone aiounu him oi hei. It says saicastically, "Yeah,
iight." But this ego is nevei evei fine. It uoes not make you
tiustwoithy. It uoes not make anyone want to be aiounu
you. It uoes not make people want to uo business with you.
If you aie going to succeeu in business, you have to become
a peison otheis want to be aiounu, not the peison otheis uo
not want to be aiounu. Anu, no mattei how funny oi clevei
it may be, nobouy - I uo not caie who you aie - nobouy likes
saicasm oi mockeiy.
- The Exempt Ego. This is the peison who says, "None of this
applies to me. I am going to skip aheau to the next chaptei
so I can finu something that is ieally compelling." In fact, so
I uo not exempt you, I am suie that is what you have alieauy
uone anu aie not even ieauing this line. The exempt peison
is above it all, thinking he oi she uoes not neeu to uo any self-
woik. That peison is unteachable.
- The Bissenting Ego piactices slanuei anu animosity. This is
an egotistical peison who gossips in the office anu among
ielatives, stiiiing up uissension anu uiscoiu even on
Facebook. This peison caiiies animosity in his oi hei heait,
which is begiuuging, iesentful, bittei, anu unfoigiving. It is
a pathetic, toimenting, anu unhappy way to live. Anu again,
who wants to woik with people like that. Nobouy. Who
wants to uo business with people like that. Nobouy. Who
wants to live with somebouy like that. See pievious answeis.
Confrontlng Fgo
Confiont youi ego anu its many uisguises. Take off that uisguise
anu thiow it out the uooi. Ego will keep you bioke foi the iest of
youi life. It will not save you, but it will uestioy you.
Ego comes fiom pain. We have all been thiough stiuggles.
We have all been thiough painful expeiiences - emotional pain,
mental pain, anu physical pain. The ego is theie to piotect us
!"# %&'( )* (+,,#((
fiom expeiiencing that same kinu of pain again. It cieates a wall
of piotection aiounu us.
But the pioblem is all that enthusiasm, peisistence,
auventuie, anu faith that we natuially weie boin with gets
totally pusheu uown anu coveieu with ciap. 0ui egos keep us
piotecteu, but insiue we aie suffeiing. We want to get out, but
we uo not know how.
As I saiu befoie, you have to weigh youi ego against youi
bank account. You have to take off that pathetic ego anu toss it
Nake a commitment to stop huiting people anu to be someone
who is builuing people up anu cieating goou ielationships. Be a
souice to othei people. Be pait of a iaie bieeu of people who is
achieving success anu wealth while honoiing otheis.
But it is impossible to succeeu in business, in maiiiage, in
iaising kius - in anything you want to uo - without this next law.
Law #7 - Tbe Law of Forgiveness
At one point in my life I uiu not tiust anyone. I hau maue a mil-
lion uollais only to have it stolen fiom me. People of eveiy sta-
tus have been scieweu ovei, slanueieu, anu ieceiveu negative
opinions about whethei they will become wealthy oi not. Even
uanuhi - he was shot.
Foi you to move foiwaiu, giow, anu stay giowing, foigiveness
neeus to be pait of youi uaily life. When you uo not foigive, you
make uecisions out of bitteiness. This kills youi time foi being
piouuctive anu cieating wealth. When youi minu is cut off by
iesentment fiom youi past, you aie absoibeu with wasting
time on ueau things anu not with actively cieating wealth foi
geneiations to come. You neeu to foigive - not foi them, but foi
you. Foigiveness will biing you fieeuom.
The seventh Law of Success is the most poweiful aftei the
Law of Reaping anu Sowing. It is the Law of Foigiveness.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 52
Why is it impossible to succeeu without the Law of
Foigiveness. Because theie is one guaiantee in life: We aie
going to face tioubles with othei human beings. So to succeeu
in life, in ielationships, oi in business, you have to know how to
ueal with people.
I was abanuoneu anu abuseu - emotionally, mentally,
veibally, physically, anu sexually. Ny biith fathei abanuoneu me
anu my stepfathei, who iaiseu me, abuseu me. Be was a tyiant,
a violent anu wickeu man. Then my husbanu abanuoneu me.
I hau a lot of tuimoil in me that maue me want to slit my own
But all of that is ego. I got sick anu tiieu of being bioke anu
being a failuie. I got sick anu tiieu of all the painful thoughts
going thiough my heau - of all the people who saiu I woulu be a
failuie anu that I was nothing but a whoie. Theie was my family
anu the chuich people who calleu me a seuuctiess in a teen
piegnancy even though the ueacon's son hau been chasing me
foi neaily foui yeais. Theie was my stepfathei who saiu things
like, "You aie nothing. You cannot uo anything iight." Theie weie
those memoiies of him beating my sistei anu kicking me acioss
the ioom anu shoving me up against the wall by the thioat.
Bo you have painful memoiies like that. Naybe my stoiy is
not youi stoiy. But I am suie you've been thiough pain. Anyone
who has been thiough giaue school has suffeieu pain. Even as
young chiluien we begin to builu walls, biick by biick anu layei
by layei. The ieal peison gets buiieu ueep insiue.
I was a bittei, hateful peison. I tiusteu no one. Anu if you
evei meet someone who tiusts no one, you see that no one tiusts
him oi hei eithei. It is the Law of Reaping anu Sowing. If you
put foith uistiust, you get uistiust. If you put foith juugment,
you get juugment. If you put foith jealousy, you get jealousy. If
you put foith bitteiness anu iesentment, you get bitteiness anu
!"# %&'( )* (+,,#((
I coulu still be hateful anu bittei towaiu my biological
fathei anu my stepfathei. I still coulu be hateful, upset, anu
bittei towaiu my mothei foi choosing uiugs ovei my siblings
anu me. I still coulu be bittei in iefeience to my ex-husbanu
anu the millionaiie who stole my fiist company. I still coulu be
huit about the "fiienus" who stole my seconu company. I coulu
choose to not tiust anybouy moving foiwaiu. I coulu choose to
say, "I maue a million uollais anu it was stolen fiom me. I will
not tiy again."
But the Law of Foigiveness is what gave me life.
Remembei, theie is a guaiantee that people will sciew you
ovei. Theie is a guaiantee that people will uisappoint you. Theie
is a guaiantee that people will gossip about you. The bottom
line is you neeu to move foiwaiu in life to giow anu continue
giowing. If you embiace the Law of Foigiveness, you will move
Foigiveness is not a one-time event. It neeus to be pait of
youi uaily life. Keep youi heait clean, keep youi hanus clean.
Ask youiself: Whom uo I neeu to foigive anu foi what uo I
neeu to be foigiven.
When you uo not foigive, you make uecisions out of
bitteiness. Bitteiness has a voice that says, "I want vinuication."
Bitteiness has a voice that says, "I hate them anu they aie going
to pay foi it." When youi minu is caught up in iesentment about
youi past anu lockeu up in a piison of those who have faileu you,
huit you, oi gossipeu behinu youi back, youi minu is absoibeu
with woithless, ueau things.
This iobs you of youi piouuctivity anu cieativity. You aie
not able to actively cieate wealth foi you anu foi youi family foi
geneiations to come.
So, you must foigive. This is not about letting them off the
hook; they will get theiis. But foi the sake of youi fieeuom anu
happiness, foi the sake of peisonal ieuemption anu iestoiation,
anu foi the sake of allowing youi finances to giow, you must
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 54
foigive. Because if youi minu is so caught up with the things
of the past, you will nevei, evei ieach youi uestiny of becoming
So, foigive.
Five More Laws
The fiist seven Laws of Success help you woik bettei with peo-
ple so you will make moie money. As I saiu, if you want youi
income to giow you neeu to leain how to woik with people in
an auvanceu anu stiategic way. People aie the ones with the
money. They aie the ones who aie going to pay you. If they like
to woik with you anu they enjoy being aiounu you, they will pay
you foi youi skill.
I have five moie laws to shaie in latei chapteis, foi a total
of twelve Laws of Success. These laws foim the founuation of
eveiything I have to shaie. Nastei them anu you will be taking
the next steps to wealth.
Now, let's look at how to attiact money using Nagnetic
Wu4z Oua Cruzs S4v
!/** $"/9 C(,D A(, .(3I P',' /9 C"#$ Q39$ 9(;' (A (3, 8*/'0$9 9#.R
Piioi to plugging in to Bani}, I was ovei a quaitei of a
million uollais in uebt, clinically uepiesseu foi 17 yeais, fiist on
the layoff list, moie than Su pounus oveiweight, anu estiangeu
fiom my auult chiluien. Since watching a viueo of Bani online
anu plugging into Fiist Steps to Success, I have paiu off $2S9,7uu
in S1 months. I am now uebt fiee, have lost S6 pounus, have
gotten off all meuications, am being gioomeu peisonally by my
boss foi piomotion anu have iestoieu ielationships with my
!"# %&'( )* (+,,#((
chiluien. I now have the chance to use my life to benefit otheis
by taking time anu seiving those in neeu. I've hau the piivilege of
woiking with women, some just out of piison, some who've lost
custouy of theii chiluien, jobs, oi homes. Theie is nothing like
spenuing one-on-one time with them, loving them anu helping
them to ieach theii goals, as Bani has helpeu me.
~ joy RunJull
Piioi to Bani }ohnson, I was flipping buigeis foi $8 an houi.
Coming to Bani, I was able to get the skills to stait my own
business uoing intei-lock anu lanuscaping. In 2u1u we've
been able to piofit ovei $11u,uuu. This yeai, my wife anu I aie
uiveisifying oui income anu have staiteu a seconu business
wheie, thanks to the skill sets we've leaineu thiough attenuing
Bani's events, we have alieauy cieateu $22,Suu in ievenue in the
fiist two months.
~ Rob Iurxon
H"#)$', X
MncNr1ic INrturNcr
Law #8 - Tbe Law of Promotion
We have all hau times when we've been fiustiateu with ciicum-
stances we coulu not fix. Nany yeais ago, a multimillionaiie
passeu along some valuable auvice to me: It is nevei the ciicum-
stances that ueteimine youi success in life, but iathei how you
B'#* with the ciicumstances that ueteimines youi success in life.
Ninety-eight peicent of the population stanus iuly by, waiting
foi the iueal ciicumstances befoie they make theii move. Two
peicent of the population ueals uiffeiently with what they aie
given. They uo not tiy to foice things to happen; they change
how they aie B'#*/01 with the ciicumstances insteau of tiying to
change the ciicumstance itself. Foi example, you cannot change
people. Bowevei, you can change how you ueal with them.
You usually enu up with nothing when you tiy to fight youi
ciicumstances. When I have wanteu things oi people to change
fast in my maiiiage oi my caieei, I have enueu up empty-hanueu
anu incieuibly fiustiateu. As I saiu in the Law of Reaping anu
Sowing, most people feeu theii ciicumstances anu spenu a lot
of time anu attention on them. But if you feeu the solution, you
will get iesults fast.
I have an eighth law I neeu to intiouuce to you. I stumbleu
upon it yeais ago without even iealizing it, anu it has helpeu me
to solve a lot of pioblems. It has helpeu me giow eveiy business
I have evei staiteu, anu it has helpeu me impiove my maiiiage
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 58
anu paienting. It has also given me gieat peace in times of
stiuggle. It has changeu my life.
It is the Law of Piomotion. If you can be faithful with the
little things - if you can cause what is in fiont of you to giow anu
impiove - then you will be maue a iulei ovei much moie. You
must piospei wheie you aie planteu.
Let me show you how that woikeu foi me. I was living out
of my cai, anu I hau no money anu no influence. I hau not been
faithful with the money oi influence I hau, so I hau lost it all. I
was homeless, uoing uiugs, anu hau a ieputation as a tiamp anu
a whoie.
Aftei that poweiful, uefining moment I tolu you about in
Chaptei 1, when I walkeu out of the ocean, I took a ieally haiu
look at my life. I came to the conclusion that it was going to
take months foi me to get into an apaitment with what I was
making at my waitiess job. I was also nevei going to be able to
pay off my thiity-five-thousanu-uollai uebt. As I was uiiving anu
thinking about my life, I askeu myself, "What will I uo with my
life. What can I uo to change my financial situation." I thought
foi a moment anu then I answeieu myself: "uiil, you got youiself
into this mess, it is time to get youiself out!"
I lookeu in my ieaiview miiioi anu saw a box of weight-
loss piouucts that hau been faueu by the sun sitting in the back
seat. I hau puichaseu them iight befoie all the mess hau staiteu
with my husbanu. I hau useu them foi a couple of uays anu then
founu some lame excuse not to follow thiough with them. A
sinking feeling came to my belly as I iealizeu what I neeueu to
uo. "0h, hell no," I saiu to myself, "I am not uoing that. I am not
going to become one of those peuuleis of some stupiu weight-
loss piouuct."
I hau that sick feeling that I was supposeu to uo something
I uiu not want to uo. I knew it was the thing I was supposeu to
uo, but I uiu not like the answei. I hau to weigh my ego against
!"#$%&'( '$*+,%$(%
my bank account. Bespeiation was not going to affoiu me the
luxuiy of spenuing a yeai looking foi the iight business. I wanteu
uespeiately to be no longei homeless oi a failuie. I neeueu to
change my life.
The Law of Piomotion is beautiful anu fieeing. It is simple:
piospei with what you have anu you will be maue iulei ovei
much moie. Youi answei might be iight in fiont of you, anu
maybe you uon't like it. The ioau to success is often paveu with
things we uo not want to uo. If I hau ignoieu that weight-loss
box in the back seat of my cai anu seaicheu foi something else
to uo, I uo not know wheie I woulu be touay. I am so glau that I
was uespeiate anu uiu not have time to be picky oi to "finu" my
passion. I uiu what was in fiont of me, woiking with excellence
anu uiligence. It was cleaily woith it!
In this chaptei I am going to show you how to cieate Nagnetic
Influence. I have useu it in eveiy business I have staiteu. Those
skills will iaise youi value in the maiketplace, just as they iaiseu
the value of a homeless woman with a ieputation as a uiug-
using whoie.
I was successful because I piospeieu wheie I was planteu,
anu I cieateu influence with excellence anu uiligence. I nevei
imagineu my influence woulu spieau fiom someone having a
bau ieputation to influencing my fiist foity customeis, anu then
hunuieus anu thousanus of customeis. I nevei imagineu that I
woulu influence millions of Tv vieweis when I appeaieu on 6"'
G),#" !/0A,'. -"(C.
A name that was once uespiseu anu iejecteu - mine - is
now embiaceu anu celebiateu. What I am about to show you is
applicable to youi life anu will help you in eveiy aiea of youi life.
uet ieauy foi youi entiie life to change. Nine uiu.
Back then, I uiu not iealize it was impoitant to use what was
in fiont of me but I uiu it anyway anu that is the ieason I am
heie touay. I uiu not want to maiket a weight-loss piouuct, but I
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 60
neeueu to stait with what was in fiont of me.
Nost people keep looking foi something bettei, but you can
use what you have to get bettei. I nevei imagineu that weight-
loss piouuct woulu stait my path of success anu Nagnetic
If you aie tiying to make youi business, youi maiiiage, anu
youi life bettei, but it is just not woiking, it coulu be that you aie
going about it the wiong way. Peihaps you aie tiying to push oi
manipulate things to happen, anu they still aie not happening.
The Law of Piomotion is simple. If you can be faithful with
youi time, you will be a iulei with much moie time. If you can
be faithful with the money you aie given, you can be a iulei ovei
much moie money. If you can be faithful with the influence you
have, you will be given much moie influence.
Law #9 - Tbe Law of Focus
Theie was a point in my life when I came to the conclusion that
the way I was living was just simply not woith it. At that point I
hau maue lots of money, but my life was a tiain wieck.
Ny maiiiage was about to enu in a seconu uivoice. Someone
else was iaising my kius. I hau just hau a neivous bieakuown
anu a heait attack. I was woiking sixteen to eighteen houis
a uay, five oi six uays a week. Ny biggest uieam in life was to
become a mom, anu I hau given biith thiee times by then, but I
ceitainly was not ueseiving of the title of "mothei." Ny piioiities
weie completely out of whack.
I was twenty-five yeais olu anu suiciual thoughts began to
entei my minu again. I just wanteu to iun anu quit on life.
Eveiything that fiist millionaiie hau tolu me was completely
wiong. Be hau saiu if I saciificeu eveiything foi seven yeais, I
woulu be so wealthy that I coulu simply wiite a check to solve
whatevei pioblems I cieateu. Wiong.
I iealizeu the money just was not woith it. I woulu iathei
!"#$%&'( '$*+,%$(%
be bioke anu happy than have money anu be miseiable thiough
hateful ielationships.
Then I hau heaiu a voice say, "If you can be faithful with what
I have given to you - Bans anu the kius - then I will multiply
youi effoits."
But I hau two companies anu a family. What was I supposeu
to uo.
I ueciueu to hiie a coach - somebouy to show me how to
manage my time bettei. Soon aftei, I hau an oppoitunity to
sell one of my companies, which woulu help me to cut some of
my woik houis. Aftei implementing some simple stiategies
I was able to cut my woik time fiom a hunuieu houis a week
uown to twenty. This is wheie I ieally began to unueistanu two
impoitant laws.
0ne law, which I alieauy shaieu with you, is the Law of
Piomotion - if you can be faithful with the little things, then
you will be maue iulei ovei much. I was failing in the Law of
Piomotion. I was not a goou wife oi mothei. I knew I neeueu to
woik on my ielationships because they weie so uisastious anu
it was going to kill me if I hau any moie failuies in those two
I began to woik on my maiiiage anu on being a mothei,
focusing on leaining how to play those two ioles. I was tiuly
clueless, because the examples with which I hau giown up with
uiu not tiain me to become a goou wife oi mothei.
The next law I staiteu to implement at that time was the
Law of Focus. The Law of Focus says that whatevei you focus
on is what you get goou at. I founu that I was able to tiiple my
income by cutting my woik time to twenty houis a week. Ny
coach helpeu me iealize I was wasting eighty houis a week. I
am soiiy to tell you this, but most people aie wasting houis anu
houis each anu eveiy week, as well.
Befoie I uiu that I askeu myself, "Will it be possible to woik
twenty houis a week anu get the same iesults." It is always
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 62
impoitant to ask youiself questions like that. The next question
you have to ask youiself is, "What will it take to be able to uo
that." That question leu to an obvious answei: I woulu neeu to
inciease my ability to focus, as well as leain some new business
I was able to get moie uone in less time, anu I tiipleu my
income. Beie is how it woikeu. When I showeu up at my office,
I was 1uu peicent focuseu on the key activities that weie going
to get the most iesults.
Chitchatting with co-woikeis was not going to make that
happen. Sitting at my uesk anu thinking about what I might uo
that uay was not going to make that happen. Tinkeiing with
uiffeient activities that hau nothing to uo with getting iesults
hau to stop. I hau so little time to woik that I hau to only uo
those activities that woulu piouuce an income.
Woiking like that iequiies focus. If you weie to take a
magnifying glass anu focus the sun's light on a uiy leaf, the leaf
woulu catch fiie. But if you weie to iemove the magnifying glass,
the sun alone uoes not have the powei to set the leaf on fiie. The
magnifying glass focuses the light. So just like the magnifying
glass, whatevei you focus on, you get goou at. Wheievei theie
is intensifying focus, you get moie iesults. What I hau to uo was
cut out all the othei things that weie wasting time anu focus my
time in the aieas wheie I was going to get the most iesults.
I have a question foi you. Wheie is youi focus touay. When
you aie sitting at youi place of woik, whethei you own the place
oi you woik foi someone else, wheie is youi focus when you
aie at woik. Aie you answeiing peisonal phone calls. Aie you
texting. Aie you Facebooking. Tweeting. Aie you seaiching the
Inteinet. Aie you IN-ing - senuing instant messages to - fiienus
anu foiwaiuing joke e-mails to youi office anu peisonal fiienus.
If you aie uoing any of those things, youi focus is split in
many uiffeient uiiections anu you aie not using the Law of Focus
!"#$%&'( '$*+,%$(%
to youi benefit. You woulu be amazeu at how much moie you
can get uone in youi life when you focus. Foi example, I neeueu
to focus on my maiiiage. As I focuseu, I was able to become
the wife my husbanu ueseiveu. 0ui maiiiage was completely
iestoieu anu we fell in love again. Touay, we have been togethei
moie than twenty yeais, anu we aie moie in love than evei.
Next, I focuseu on leaining how to become a mothei. 0n my
mothei-focuseu uays, I was only a mom. I woikeu thiee uays a
week, anu I was a mom the iest of the time. 0n my mom uays,
I focuseu on motheily things such as ieauing to my chiluien,
coloiing with them, playing with them, taking them out foi
walks, anu going to the paik. I uiu not have a cell phone with
me; I uiun't want to be available to answei calls oi e-mails while
they playeu.
When I was in the cai with my chiluien, I was not making a
business ueal on the cell phone. When I was uoing homewoik
with the chiluien, we focuseu 1uu peicent on uoing homewoik.
I uiu not have my computei open, ieseaiching a topic ielateu to
my business oi anything else. I was with my chiluien.
When I focuseu 1uu peicent on being a mothei anu wife,
the next uay I coulu not wait to go to woik. I actually got moie
exciteu about my woik foi the next uay. I coulun't wait to put on
my business clothes. I coulun't wait to talk with othei auults.
When it was time to go to woik, I was not feeling guilty about
not being with my kius. I wasn't wishing I weie someplace
else, which can also be a split in youi focus. Befoie I maue this
change, I woulu be at my office missing my kius anu wishing I
weie home with them.
You have to be focuseu on wheie you aie. You have to be 1uu
peicent focuseu on the task in fiont of you. Bon't let youi focus
be split. Section it off so eveiy game you play is the one in fiont
of you. Play it to the fullest, anu play it to win.
Think of an 0lympic athlete. An 0lympic swimmei is
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 64
completely focuseu on winning. Be is not thinking about his
wife anu his kius. Be is not thinking about a business ueal. Be
is not thinking about anything else but getting to the finish line.
Anu that is exactly how you must play the game of life if you'ie
going foi the golu.
Focusing on one thing at a time helpeu me become efficient.
It activateu the Law of Piomotion. The Law of Piomotion is not
just associateu with influence anu money, but it uoes coiielate
with time. If you waste time, you lose it foievei. 6/;' /9 9(;'$"/01
.(3 0'5', 1'$ 2#8D #1#/0< #0B /$ /9 ;(,' 5#*3#2*' $"#0 ;(0'.E
If you'ie not faithful with youi time, youi life spins out of
contiol. Youi life gets suckeu into uestiuction. Youi life gets
tiappeu in an unpiouuctive cycle that uestioys youi confiuence
anu eventually leaus to uepiession. Bowevei, if you aie faithful
with youi time anu if you focus, you will be given moie.
When you focus on what is in fiont of you, you focus on what
you have, not what you uon't have. When you focus on uoing the
task with excellence anu uiligence, you maximize youi time. If
you maximize youi time, you will be piomoteu to uo biggei anu
bettei things that you will uo with youi time. People who aie not
faithful with theii time can stay stuck in theii jobs oi businesses
anu nevei ieach the fullness of theii potential. Bighly successful
people aie veiy goou with theii time.
Wbere Money Comes From
Wheie uoes youi money come fiom. 0thei people. They aie the
ones with the money. If people uo not like woiking with you,
they stay away fiom you, anu theiefoie, so uoes the money.
It is not always the piouucts anu seivices that make people
happy. It is the ielationship you have with them that makes
them happy about being youi client. Bow they feel about it is
moie impoitant than the piouuct itself. People aie not loyal to
the piouucts, they aie loyal to the people.
!"#$%&'( '$*+,%$(%
If they like you, they will uo business with you. If they uo not
like you, they will uo business with somebouy else.
Nost of the seivices anu piouucts you use aie because of the
people behinu them. You aie not loyal to things that have no
people involveu with them. Aie you totally loyal to Best Foous
mayonnaise. I uoubt it. If something else is cheapei, you aie
going to buy the cheapei piouuct because theie is no ielationship
between you anu the mayonnaise company.
Relationsbip Marketing
A few yeais ago, Nina, a young lauy who woikeu with us, wanteu
to buy hei husbanu a new cell phone foi his biithuay. She knew
when she went into the phone stoie that she wanteu a phone
that woulu suif the Inteinet anu hau an NPS music playei, but
she wasn't suie which mouel she wanteu. The salesman bom-
baiueu hei with infoimation about the phones' featuies anu
piogiams. Be nevei askeu what she wanteu. 0veiwhelmeu, she
left the stoie without buying anything.
Remembei, youi piouuct is people - finuing out what they
neeu anu giving it to them so they will come back foi moie anu
give you iefeiials. Nina wanteu to feel goou when she gave
hei husbanu the phone, so she wanteu to make suie it hau the
featuies she knew he woulu appieciate. But since the salesman
nevei askeu foi hei neeus, how coulu he help hei uo that. Be
ultimately lost the sale.
When Nina tolu me about this, I saiu, "Beie is what the
salesman shoulu have uone. When you tolu him you weie
thinking of buying that mouel of cell phone foi youi husbanu, he
shoulu have saiu, 'If my wife was thinking about buying me that
cell phone, that woulu be the best biithuay piesent evei, anu I
woulu think she was the most amazing peison on the planet.
That is an awesome iuea foi a piesent. What coloi uo you think
he woulu like.'"
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 66
Nina saiu she woulu have bought a cell phone within a
minute. Insteau, she spent foity-five minutes with a salesman
who oveiloaueu hei with infoimation she uiun't want.
If you want to be wealthy, you have to know how to sell. But
selling is not about tiying to get people to like you oi buy youi
piouucts; it is about builuing ielationships anu giowing youi
influence. It is about honoiing people aiounu you. It is about
making people feel valueu. Influence is wheie sales take place.
Eveiyone is in sales of some kinu. You aie selling a piouuct, a
seivice, youiself, oi an iuea. But most people uo not iealize they
aie in sales, so they aie hoiiible at it. Even a stay-at-home mom
is in sales. She sells hei son on eating his vegetables oi cleaning
his ioom.
I will show you how to sell without selling.
A lot of salespeople aie unpiofessional - they only peisuaue
foi theii peisonal gain. An amateui salespeison focuses on
instant giatification. But the piofessional looks foi the long-
teim benefits of a mutually empoweieu ielationship, a situation
wheie both paities feel they have gaineu anu benefiteu fiom
each othei.
As I saiu befoie, people aie not loyal to piouucts, they aie
loyal to people. You coulu caie foi people but not have the skills
to communicate it anu theiefoie what is communicateu is that
you uon't caie. People leain to suivive, but we iaiely know how
to honoi each othei oi how to communicate with one anothei.
Fisbing For Customers
Sales is like fishing. You have to attiact the fish gently, not foice
them to bite. When you go fishing anu you feel a nibble, you jeik
the line just a little to get the fish on the hook. This makes the
fish want it moie, because the fish natuially want to bite. People
aie similai. When you aie gentle with them, they want to finu
out moie about you anu youi piouuct, seivice, oi iuea, anu they
!"#$%&'( '$*+,%$(%
natuially buy moie. When we tiy to shove the bait uown the
fish's mouth they want nothing to uo with what you have, even if
what you have is exactly what they neeu.
But what 98 peicent of the population uoes in the sales
piocess is ieach into the watei anu giab the fish by the back of
the neck. They shove the bait uown the fish's mouth anu make
them want to swim away as quickly as possible.
When you leau with youi piouuct oi seivice, you show
people you only want one thing: theii money. It makes you
look like eveiy othei amateui that we all avoiu. You limit youi
effectiveness when you appioach people like that, anu because
of that, you limit youi maiket.
But in ielationship sales anu maiketing, you leau with the
ielationship. You finu out about theii lives. You listen. Anu you
honoi people.
I am going to show you how to uo that thiough ielationship
maiketing, builuing Coie Rappoit, using non-veibal
communication, getting to know people thiough the F0RN
foimula, anu unueistanuing peisonality types as gems. This
will cieate Nagnetic Influence in youi life.
Influence People
When I was homeless at age twenty-one, I ieau my veiy fiist
book. It was one of the gieatest books on influence evei wiitten,
anu it has stayeu with me all my life. The book was P(C 6( !/0
IrienJs onJ lnjluence People, by Bale Cainegie.
That book ieally changeu my life, because I founu out I
hau no fiienus, anu it was obvious that I suckeu with people.
Cainegie uoes a beautiful job of explaining how to builu lasting
ielationships with people, anu his teachings became a founuation
foi my business.
The powei of influence is not just about making fiienus oi
winning ovei youi ielatives. It is about cieating a mutually
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 68
beneficial equation between two oi moie paities. This is uone
in an honoiable way that seives otheis anu in ietuin causes you
to ieceive iefeiials anu cieate long-teim ielationships that leau
to othei long-teim ielationships. When you have the powei to
influence people, you can shaie youi message moie easily, gain
people's tiust anu attention, anu even inciease youi income.
It is so easy to influence people. It boils uown to this simple
thing: uive people what they want.
What uo people want. Eveiybouy wants to feel special.
Eveiy human we pass by eveiy single uay wants to feel valueu.
They want to know they mattei to somebouy. It is easy to gain
influence in anothei peison's life simply by valuing him oi hei.
In business you value people by piacticing ielationship
maiketing. You uo this with something I call Coie Rappoit
Nethouology. The Coie Rappoit is the how-to foi ielationship
maiketing. It is thiough ielationships anu connections with
people that you stait to foim business ielationships.
Relationship maiketing will massively change the way you
communicate with otheis. It will have an insanely goou impact
on youi family, youi business, anu youi sales. You will uiscovei
the hinuiances in communication anu bypass them.
Nost people think they aie alieauy goou with people because
they aie fiienuly anu nice. If that weie all it took, eveiyone
woulu be wealthy anu influential. To have the kinu of influence
I am talking about will take moie than a 98 Peicentei's level of
This is not about being fiienuly. It is about ieally connecting
with people. This is not being goou at being nice. It is about
masteiing the techniques of ielationship maiketing.
Naybe you think you aie pietty goou with people alieauy,
anu peihaps you uo have some baseline skills that help you
get along well with people. But I am talking about becoming a
mastei at builuing ielationships. I am talking about high level of
skill that cieates Nagnetic Influence.
!"#$%&'( '$*+,%$(%
If you think you aie alieauy goou at communicating with
people, you will nevei put effoit into leaining moie, anu you
will nevei mastei it. You will nevei stanu out fiom anybouy
else. What you think you aie goou at you will nevei mastei.
A teachable peison is someone who knows he oi she neeus
impiovement anu pays the piice to get it.
Core Rapport Metbodology
0ne basic way to cieate ielationships with people is by using
the Coie Rappoit Nethouology. These incluue making fiienus
fiist, showing genuine inteiest, listening, encouiaging, using
theii name, anu piacticing business uevelopment.
Muke FrlenJx Flrxt
Tieat eveiyone like he oi she is a fiienu. This is a veiy powei-
ful concept. You aie happy to see fiienus anu happy to be with
them. So if you tieat all people with that same sense that you
aie happy to see them anu you like being aiounu them, the same
eneigy is piouuceu as with being with a fiienu. That is how you
shoulu communicate with eveiy peison you encountei.
Youi attituue towaiu people makes a huge uiffeience. If you
aie flying on a plane, youi feelings towaiu the aiiline will be
veiy uiffeient if a flight attenuant tieats you couiteously insteau
of iuuely. We have all been talkeu to in a way that piovokes us
to give that bossy bioau a uiity look anu keep oui cell phones on.
We have also expeiienceu the ones who aie sweet anu speak to
us in a fiienuly mannei, which makes us want to tuin off oui cell
The "Fiienus Fiist" concept is simple. Talk to eveiy stiangei
the way you talk to youi fiienus. Be fiienuly, waim, anu inviting.
0se the same tone of voice anu make them feel comfoitable.
This uisaims stiangeis anu helps them ielax anu become
inteiesteu in you.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 70
Show 0enulne Interext
Leain to show a genuine inteiest in othei people, which estab-
lishes tiust veiy easily. The best way to uo this is to let people
talk about themselves. When you uo, you will finu out what mat-
teis most to them because they happily will shaie what inteiests
them most. 0nce you finu out what that is, you can uiiect the
conveisation towaiu theii inteiests.
Let's say a client's favoiite topic is his kius. When you point
out positive things about his chiluien, it makes him feel special.
It also makes him feel that he was heaiu. When you honoi
people that way, you will have people honoiing you that way,
too. This again establishes tiust anu makes you stanu out fiom
the iest of the ciowu.
Listening is not waiting foi youi oppoitunity to speak, intei-
iupting someone so you can say what is moie impoitant, oi coi-
iecting people. Listening is being genuinely inteiesteu. Listen-
ing makes you tiustwoithy to anothei peison. Listening to anu
honoiing anothei means you aie going to leain about who they
aie, what makes them tick, anu what matteis to them - whethei
oi not it matteis to you.
0se uiiect eye contact, uo not inteiiupt, anu ask moie
questions aftei listening so you can leain what makes that
peison tick.
WorJx of Fncourugement
People love to be encouiageu anu most people feel they uo not
ieceive enough of it. So a veiy easy way to cieate Nagnetic In-
fluence is to give what most will not give anu that is a woiu of
!"#$%&'( '$*+,%$(%
Beie is a simple way to uo it. A compliment is the gieatest
icebieakei. If somebouy is well put togethei, you can tell that
is impoitant to that peison anu you coulu biing attention to
that. You may not like the coloi, oi you may not agiee with the
ensemble, but .(3 aie not the issue - the othei peison is. 0nly
self-absoibeu people uo not encouiage otheis oi cannot give
compliments. Finu something to compliment, encouiage, oi
aumiie about that peison. You can comment on theii eyes, theii
smile - anything.
Uxe 1helr Nume
A name is the most impoitant thing to eveiy human on the plan-
et. When you see those stanus that have magnets with names on
them, whose uo you look foi. Youis. Even if you have a unique
spelling anu have nevei seen it befoie, you still look to see if
youis is theie.
What uo people want. They want to heai theii name. People
feel special when they talk about themselves. They feel valueu
anu impoitant. When you iemembei theii name, theii chiluien's
names, oi theii uog's name, it makes them feel honoieu.
When you leain someone's name, ask him oi hei to spell it
foi you. Even if it is a common name, you can simply say, "These
uays I have encounteieu names that seem like they woulu have
the most common spelling anu yet they uo not, so how uo you
spell youi name." It coulu be }ohn but spelleu "}on." Also, uon't
take it upon youiself to shoiten oi make a name infoimal. If you
aie intiouuceu to a Robeit oi a Chiistine, foi instance, uon't ieply,
"uoou to meet you, Bob" oi, "Bi, Chiis." If they have nicknames
that they go by, anu want you to use, they will infoim you.
So use the peison's name often. You will captivate them
by staiting a few sentences with theii name, anu that also will
help you log it into youi memoiy. The moie times you say it,
the bettei the chances that you will memoiize it. If you aie in
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 72
a social setting, intiouuce them to otheis, anu you will then say
theii name many moie times anu heai them say it, too. People
will love you foi it.
Bo not say, "What was youi name again." This makes a
peison feel unimpoitant.
Pructlce Buxlnexx evelopment
If youi job is in sales, uo not call youiself a "salespeison" oi put
that title on youi business caiu. Youi job is not sales but busi-
ness uevelopment. Amateui selling is about instant giatification,
a one-time tiansaction. The minuset of an amateui salespeison
is, "I have youi money now. I will see you latei." The minuset of
a tiue business uevelopei is, "I want us to have a long-teim busi-
ness ielationship." Theiefoie the appioach is completely uiffei-
ent. People aie not stupiu. They know when theii money is all
you want fiom them. So it is time to giauuate fiom acting, walk-
ing, anu talking like an amateui in sales.
If you uo not piopeily cultivate ielationships with customeis,
they will nevei tell a soul wheie they got theii piouuct. If you
cultivate that ielationship piopeily, they will tell othei people, "I
got this piouuct fiom Naiia, who is awesome. uo see hei," oi "I
bought this fiom }ohn, who is amazing. Talk to him. In fact, heie
is his caiu. Be is the only peison you want to woik with."
You uo not have to uo "sales" when you piactice business
uevelopment. Youi ielationship will sell you. People will buy
youi piouuct natuially because they tiust anu like woiking with
you. They will like you because you make them feel valueu, not
because of youi accomplishments, looks, oi peisonality. Focus
on business uevelopment, not selling.

!"#$%&'( '$*+,%$(%
Non-Verbal Communication
Anothei key to ielationship maiketing is youi non-veibal com-
munication. Ninety-thiee peicent of all communication is non-
veibal. It is not what you say, but how you say it.
Non-veibal communication incluues bouy language. Bow
you holu youi bouy, youi postuie, youi gestuies, anu the way
you move - as well as youi facial expiession anu tone of voice -
say moie than the actual woius you use.
In ielationship maiketing, you want to make suie youi
non-veibal communication is consistent with youi message.
Whethei you meet potential customeis in peison, by phone, oi
even online, make suie youi non-veibal communication builus
iappoit with people.
Let me give you an example. We have a client nameu Bient
fiom 0tah. When he fiist came to me, he was ieally stiuggling.
Be saiu he was following all the sciipts I hau given him so he
coulu maiket his piouuct effectively.
The sciipts weie not the pioblem. Bis non-veibal
communication was. Be was saying all the iight woius, yet he
was saying them with an unueitone of feai anu unceitainty.
The piospects heaiu what was ieally being communicateu -
feai anu unceitainty - so he hau pathetic iesults. Aftei "Fiist
Steps to Success," he leaineu how to coiiect his non-veibal
communication. Be has since become outiageously successful
in business anu has paiu off moie than two million uollais of
Because 9S peicent of communication is non-veibal, people
can heai the feai in youi voice even if you ieau the iight sciipt.
You aie not communicating what you want to communicate
because the peison is only heaiing the feai. If you aie unsuie,
the public will only heai that you aie unsuie anu not commit to
what you aie saying.
The solution is to change youi non-veibal communication so
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 74
that it piojects confiuence. It has to line up with wheie you want
to go anu with what you believe.
Some of the commeicials foi anti-uepiessant uiugs show the
powei of non-veibal communication. You have seen them - in
the fiist scene a woman is sitting on a couch with uespaii on
hei face, anu she looks anxious, stiesseu, woiiieu, anu hopeless.
You can see it all ovei hei bouy. In the veiy next scene, she is
smiling at hei husbanu, smiling at hei uaughtei.
The announcei then uses the same upbeat tone of voice to
tell about the siue effects of the uiugs, incluuing such hoiiible
things as uiaiihea, low sex uiive, anu even, "in some iaie cases,"
ueath. But because the non-veibal communication is the woman
smiling, people heai the announcei's tone, see the happy woman,
anu uo not even compiehenu the siue effects.
The non-veibal communication is that you aie going to be
happy. The viewei thinks, "If I swallow these pills, I am going to
be happy. I am going to be happy with my uiaiihea, I am going to
be happy with my abuominal ciamping, I am going to be happy
with my low sex uiive, I am going to be happy with my sleepless
nights, anu I am going to be happy with the chances of uying by
swallowing this pill."
It is not what you say. It is how you say it that ieally
If I cioss my aims anu legs while listening to you talk, uoes
it show that I am open to what you'ie saying. But if I keep my
aims open anu my legs unciosseu, uoes it show moie that I am
listening. If I ciosseu my aims, fuiioweu my biow, anu saiu in
an angiy voice, "I have the best lemon pie in the woilu," woulu
you buy fiom me. No way. If I openeu my aims, smileu, anu saiu
the same exact thing in the most loving voice, woulu you buy
fiom me. Noie likely.
Bouy language incluues smiling. The value of a smile is
huge because it communicates acceptance anu says you aie
appioachable. A smile says, "I like you." That smile says you
!"#$%&'( '$*+,%$(%
aie confiuent about youiself. A smile changes youi nonveibal
communication, youi tone, bouy language, anu the way you
caiiy youiself.
Ninety-eight peicent of people will walk thiough an aiipoit
without a smile. They will walk with a fiown on theii face. It is
easy to stanu out when you smile because so many people have
become uetacheu that when someone shows a smile, eveiyone
else takes notice. It shocks some people. Believe me, I have
testeu it.
1one of Volce
Let's say you call someone anu say, "Bi, is this Ni. }ones. Soiiy
foi inteiiupting, but I am Fiancis Feaiful anu I want to tell you
about this new vacuum cleanei." Nany people will just hang up.
If you aie feaiful, feai is all they heai anu they will not have
the confiuence to woik with you if you aie not confiuent youiself.
No tiust is establisheu. A wall is built. Rejection is the only thing
you walk away with insteau of money.
It is bettei to hanule that phone conveisation with a biight
sounu anu uplifting voice. Bo not be fake; be the same way you
aie with a close fiienu. They will want to be youi fiienu.
Law #10 - Tbe Law of Honor
Relationship maiketing isn't about just going thiough the mo-
tions of keeping youi aims open oi smiling at people. It is about
putting it all togethei anu making a connection with people.
This biings us to oui next Law of Success. This is a law that
helps you make a connection with people in a way that goes
beyonu youi voice oi smile. This law will guiue you in youi
ielationship maiketing anu in youi peisonal ielationships as
well. It has helpeu Bans anu me in numeious ways, insiue anu
outsiue the business. It is the Law of Bonoi.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 76
Bonoiing people is the numbei one key to successful
ielationships, whethei it be peisonal oi piofessional. It is about
honoiing the people you meet as people, anu giving them what
they want. People love to be honoieu.
You've heaiu the saying, "Love thy neighboi as you love
thyself." But what uoes that ieally mean.
The Law of Bonoi means that if you honoi people, they
will honoi you. The Law of Bonoi will impiove youi maiiiage,
youi paienting, anu youi ieputation. It will giow youi income,
because if you help people with money to get what they want,
they will piomote you, give you iaises, anu want to uo business
with you.
When you honoi people, people honoi you back, but it is not
always the one you honoi who honois you back. It coulu be ten-
, thiity-, oi a hunuieu-folu who will honoi you if you sinceiely
honoi otheis. Bonoi is the key to successful ielationships, anu
that is key foi eveiything in youi life, fiom youi maiiiage to youi
paienting to youi job. Bonoi is huge foi a successful maiiiage.
Honor People Everywbere
You can foim ielationships anu honoi people anywheie. I was
walking thiough the Atlanta aiipoit once, amazeu at how many
people weie walking by with no eye contact. I thought, &'()*'
#,' ;/9',#2*'< #0B $"/9 /9 9( 9#BE
Then I walkeu up to Popeyes Chicken in the foou couit. The
woman woiking theie was calling eveiyone "sweetheait" anu
"honey" - employees anu customeis alike.
"Boney, what can I get ya." she saiu to me with a big smile
on hei face.
"You aie so awesome!" I saiu. "You have just maue my uay.
You aie so sweet."
"I am glau," she saiu, still smiling. "Now honey, what woulu
you like to eat."
!"#$%&'( '$*+,%$(%
Aftei I oiueieu, she saiu, "Sweetheait, what woulu you like
foi siues."
I thought I was the only one getting this tieatment, but the
next guy got the same thing.
Teais filleu my eyes as I waiteu foi my oiuei. She was a
human being among all these people absoibeu in theii own
woilus. It maue me ciy that this woman was honoiing all those
with whom she came in contact by calling them "sweetheait"
with a smile anu uiiect eye contact.
I went ovei anu giabbeu hei hanu, anu I saiu, "I uo not know
how long you have been heie, but you aie going to get piomoteu
to biggei anu bettei places."
She saiu, "Boney, you have no iuea what that speaks to me.
I am fighting cancei iight now anu uoing my best to uo goou
things. I am just tiying to help people anu make up foi all the
bau I've uone in my life."
"You aie foigiven, fiist of all," I saiu. "Anu seconu of all, you
have no iuea of the impact you aie making on the people who
walk up heie. You have no iuea of what kinu of uay they aie
having, what kinu of things they'ie suffeiing thiough. You aie
that bieath of fiesh aii, anu that light foi that veiy moment. You
weie to me! Because I am one of those who is staiting to lose
hope in the human iace, they aie like uiones. The human touch
is almost gone. You aie such a light iight heie."
Bonoiing people can make you a lot of money, but uon't focus
on the money. Focus on the people.
Influence People Witb Form
What is the best way to talk to people. By ieally getting to know
who they aie anu what makes them tick.
When people know you aie inteiesteu in them as people -
not as anothei statistic in youi sales book - they aie going to
tiust you anu want to heai what you have to say. They aie going
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 78
to be open to heaiing youi message.
Remembei, you aie focusing on ielationships anu business
You can uo this by asking questions using something I call
F0RN. "F" stanus foi family. "0" stanus foi occupation. "R"
stanus foi iecieation. Anu "N" stanus foi message.
Asking people about theii family, occupation, anu iecieation
is a way to finu out what people aie inteiesteu in anu to show
inteiest in them. So get people talking about those thiee simple
Numbei one: family. Ask them wheie they'ie fiom. Aie they
maiiieu oi single. Bow long have they been maiiieu. Bo they
have any kius. Ask them to tell you about them. What aie theii
ages. What uo they like to uo. Bow long have they liveu in the
aiea. Bo they like wheie they live. Things like that.
Numbei two: occupation. Ask them what they uo foi a living.
Bow long have they been uoing it. What uo they like about it anu
what uon't they like. Bow uiu they get staiteu in that piofession.
Bo they see themselves in that piofession foievei. What aie the
goou things about it. What aie things that aie teiiible about it.
If they coulu change anything in theii piofession, what woulu it
Numbei thiee: iecieation. What uo they like to uo foi fun.
Bow often uo they get to uo it. With whom uo they like to uo
it. Bow uiu they get inteiesteu in that iecieational activity that
they like to uo, whethei it's golfing oi basketball oi tiaveling oi
knitting oi ciocheting oi painting oi singing oi uancing.
The last step in F0RN is the message. You shaie youi message
aftei you finu out all about them, anu then you intiouuce them
to youi piesentation. The goal is to put the focus on the othei
peison anu take the focus off you.
!"#$%&'( '$*+,%$(%
How Bllllonulrex Uxe FORM
The wealthiest people Bans anu I have met use F0RN in theii
sales uealings. 0ne billionaiie we met uiu just that befoie buy-
ing one of oui piopeities.
0ui piopeity was a multimillion-uollai beach home in which
Bans anu I investeu on the islanu of Boia Boia in the South
Pacific. When we ueciueu to sell, it was a uown maiket anu we
hau no iuea who woulu buy oui house.
But a fiienu of a fiienu tolu us that someone was inteiesteu.
Be tuineu out to be a billionaiie investoi, a veiy famous
businessman. If I tolu you his name, you woulu know who he is.
Be is a fouith-geneiation billionaiie.
When he calleu, he uiu not ask questions about the piopeity
at all. Be simply staiteu out the conveisation with Bans by
saying, "I like to know who I may be uoing business with. Woulu
you like to get togethei anu have some lunch."
I thought, 7 D0(C C"#$ .(3 #,' B(/01E :(3K,' FG4W/01E 6"/9 /9
/08,'B/2*'E -( $"/9 /9 "(C $"' 2/1 2(.9 )*#.Y
Foi the fiist meeting, this billionaiie took Bans to lunch. Be
spent foui houis with Bans, just chatting at the iestauiant.
Aftei we completeu negotiations anu the tiansaction went
thiough, he kept on F0RNing by builuing ielationships with the
caietakeis who tenueu oui Boia Boia beach home.
We latei talkeu to oui veiy goou fiienus Beitianu anu Isabel,
who weie the piopeity caietakeis, who tolu us about theii
I askeu, "So what was that like meeting with the billionaiie."
Beitianu saiu, "Be uiu not want to talk about the piopeity.
Be uiu not once ask me if I wanteu to stay on boaiu with the
piopeity. Foi two houis, all he uiu was get me to talk about
myself. We sat on the beach anu he just askeu me about family.
Be askeu me about my hobbies. Be askeu me about my aits. Be
askeu me about my life, my family anu fiienus, how I giew up.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 80
Be just askeu me about me. That was all he uiu."
The concept of F0RN can help you make a lot of money.
When you aie F0RNing people, you aie specifically looking foi
theii SIuN. It's not theii hoioscope - it stanus foi Stiengths,
Inteiests, uoals, anu Neeus.
You want to finu out what theii stiengths aie, what they
aie inteiesteu in, what theii goals aie, anu what theii neeus
aie. When you know this, you will cieate a bonu with them that
makes them feel honoieu anu in goou company.
They will want to uo business with you anu iefei otheis.
They will want to hiie you, give you bonuses, anu piomote you.
But you have to uo it out of a sinceie inteiest to know them, not
as a way simply to get what you want.
FORM ut Work
Even if you aie an employee at an office, you can use F0RN to
piospei. If you use F0RN with eveiyone you meet - fiom the
ieceptionist to youi boss to customeis - you will stait to see
amazing ietuins.
Stait sowing the seeus of influence iight wheie you aie. If you
walk into youi office anu ignoie the ieceptionist anu eveiyone
you woik with, how uo you think you will evei manage those
people if you want to get piomoteu. When you aie iacing to the
top, you cannot step on people to get theie. If you become a
managei, you aie going to have to fiie the entiie staff anu stait all
ovei - which is actually stanuaiu piotocol in a lot of companies.
That is because those inuiviuuals uiu not use piopei influence
when they weie nobouies.
You shoulu honoi, value, anu iecognize the people all aiounu
you, anu act in youi job as if you own the place anu want the
people to stay theie. It is a natuial piogiession that they will
pick you when a management position opens because you aie
faii anu goou. You will have gaineu the people's favoi.
!"#$%&'( '$*+,%$(%
You cieate youi own ieality. You caive out that path by
taking caie of the ieceptionist, iemembeiing hei biithuay. Why.
She will say, "I know that you aie looking to put somebouy in
management. I think you shoulu put in }oe. Be is awesome anu
easy to woik with."
You shoulu be campaigning eveiywheie you go foi the
position you want. 0theiwise if you ueciueu you uo not like youi
job anu leave to be an entiepieneui, you will not have anyone
fiom youi company as a customei oi get iefeiials fiom them if
you have not honoieu them.
You uo not have to be a iocket scientist, you uo not have to be
a college giauuate, anu you uo not have to be smait to be able to
giow. You can be anybouy anu giow. You uo not have to own the
business to giow the business. You can be an employee anu giow
just wheie you aie. I will talk moie about this in the next two
chapteis on being an employee-pieneui anu an entiepieneui.
FORM wlth Fveryone
In all the yeais I was in business, I F0RNeu people wheievei
I went. You nevei know when you might meet somebouy -
whethei it's a Wal-Nait cleik oi a gas station attenuant - that
tuins into a piofitable ielationship.
When I ietiieu, I stoppeu F0RNing people without even
iealizing it. 0ne uay I was sitting in Wal-Nait anu I iealizeu I hau
not F0RNeu anybouy in about a yeai. I askeu myself why, anu I
iealizeu the answei was because I was ietiieu fiom business at
the time, anu I uiun't neeu to make that connection.
I always unueistoou that you nevei know what anothei
peison's neeus aie, anu you nevei know if theie coulu be a
business connection oi iefeiial that coulu come fiom staiting
a simple conveisation. But at that moment I iealizeu my past
F0RNing hau nothing to uo with honoiing people, impacting
theii lives foi the bettei, oi ieaping anu sowing. It hau eveiything
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 82
to uo with ieceiving anu getting.
I hau a ievelation. I iealizeu I shoulu be inteiesteu in people
whethei oi not it benefits me. It is the Law of Reaping anu
Sowing - whatevei you hanu out, you will get back.
I became convinceu the uay I was stanuing in Wal-Nait with
a cleik who hau shoit giay haii. I lookeu at hei nametag.
"Shaion, how is youi uay going." I askeu.
"uoou, I guess. Thanks foi asking," she saiu. "Nost people
nevei know my name."
"It is on youi name tag," I saiu.
"I know, but they nevei say it," she ieplieu.
I hau taught people foi yeais to notice a name on a tag anu use
it when talking to a waitiess, cleik oi, attenuant because people
love heaiing theii names. But I hau become anothei peison who
almost ignoieu a nametag because I was busy talking on a cell
phone as I was checking out at Wal-Nait.
It was out of sheei joy that I maue Shaion's uay anu maue
hei feel special. I founu hei eveiy time I went to Wal-Nait. She
woulu call out my name anu tell hei co-woikeis to come ovei to
meet me
"This is Bani," she woulu say. "She is oui best customei."
She tieateu me like a fiienu. 0ne uay she even askeu me,
"Bani, uo you think I shoulu giow out my haii."
"Boney," I saiu, "when I giauuate to that beautiful time when
I am able to have my haii all giay, I want youi coloi anu I want it
uown to my butt."
Because of one simple shaiing at the cash iegistei at Wal-
Nait, I staiteu expanuing my influence. Fiom that uay foiwaiu
I maue the uecision to have a genuine, sinceie inteiest in people
anu a uesiie to influence people's lives foi the bettei wheievei
I coulu.
It is the little things you sow that giow into the biggei things.
You cannot influence people oi get to high levels of influence
!"#$%&'( '$*+,%$(%
if youi heait is not in the iight place. Eventually, the tiuth comes
out about exactly who you aie. You will make uecisions that
will expose who you aie, anu what you builu will not last. Youi
business will be shaky. You will not sleep well at night knowing
you have manipulateu people. You will uevelop a ieputation as
being untiustwoithy anu you will have to biibe people - with
gifts oi money - to be youi fiienus.
If you aie going to be wealthy, be a wealthy peison with an
outiageous ieputation foi tieating eveiyone well, not just the
iich anu famous oi the impoitant people. Be tiustwoithy in
eveiything you uo - small anu big. Be known foi being authentic
anu a lovei of all people gieat anu small. That is how you builu
influence. When you caie about otheis - iegaiuless of theii
status - you will finu that caie coming back to you.
Insteau of tiying to get something fiom someone in ietuin,
have the laigei view of tiying to make a uiffeience in the woilu
anu in youi community. You will be amazeu at the outcome anu
wheie it will take you.
I expanueu my minuset to influence people not foi selfish
ieasons but because I want them to have a bettei life. Now I
am ieaping what I have sown. Ny ieputation is fai biggei than
just the small business I hau befoie. Ny bianu anu my influence
have now spieau to millions of people woiluwiue.
Uxlng Mugnetlc Influence to Your AJvuntuge
Now that I have intiouuceu you to the basics of Nagnetic Influ-
ence, you aie piobably wonueiing how you can use Nagnetic
Influence to youi auvantage. The gieat pait about Nagnetic In-
fluence is that it is useful in eveiy aspect of youi life. You can
tuin it into a piocess you can use in a social oi business setting,
on a uate, oi in a sales meeting.
With Nagnetic Influence, the moie you expiess that you aie
looking foi a job oi ceitain oppoitunity, the bettei the chances
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 84
aie that you will lanu it. Then you use Nagnetic Influence
piinciples to piesent who you aie oi what youi iuea is. Keep the
focus on the peison who is listening. Piesent youi iuea in a way
that matteis most to youi auuience. Then give that peison the
oppoitunity to make a mutually beneficial choice. Look at ways
to expanu youi ielationships.
In Chaptei 7, Pathway to Biggei Piofits, I show you how to
use Nagnetic Influence in a thiee-step piocess. You can use this
pathway to piofits in business - whethei you aie an employee
tiying to lanu a job oi an entiepieneui selling an iuea.
But befoie we get theie, let's leain moie about peisonality
types. You aie going to love this next chaptei, because it will
help you make moie money, have bettei ielationships, ieuuce
youi stiess, anu inciease youi fun.
Wu4z Oua Cruzs S4v
!/** $"/9 C(,D A(, .(3I P',' /9 C"#$ Q39$ 9(;' (A (3, 8*/'0$9 9#.R
So fai, }ames anu I have paiu off $SS,uuu in uebt anu I still have
my job in San Biego aftei moving to Bawaii back in August.
Thiough the skills Bani has taught me, I've maue myself valuable
enough foi them to allow me to woik iemotely.
~ 1rucy 1om
Aftei leaving Fiist Steps in Los Angeles, I tiavelleu with a
colleague to ueoigia wheie we hau an appointment to piomote
a bianu new piouuct that a company is piouucing in Austialia
foi the poultiy inuustiy. Aftei speaking with a gentleman at the
company seveial times ovei the phone, he commenteu when he
met us that he uiun't know how I knew how to uo what I uo, but
I hau the most incieuible communication skills of anyone he has
evei met in his life! Anu he wants me to come to his office to teach
his staff how to uo what I uo. This is an inuustiy I know nothing
!"#$%&'( '$*+,%$(%
about (staiteu out just helping a fiienu make some contacts);
anu with what was a colu leau, we aie beginning to hammei out
what will tuin out to be a $2 million contiact, which began with
a simple chat anu some F0RNing.
~ Selene Ieone
H"#)$', Z
PotisuiNc Youn CrMs
From Teller to Brancb Manager
Let me tell you a stoiy about a woman who in thiee yeais went
fiom being a bank tellei to being the bank bianch's managei.
}ennifei was in hei twenties, woiking pait-time as a bank
tellei at seven uollais an houi. Baving only a high school
euucation, she was tolu that climbing up to the bianch managei
position woulu be neaily impossible. Then she attenueu seveial
"Fiist Steps to Success" seminais. By applying the stiategies
she leaineu theie, }ennifei quickly was piomoteu thiough the
bank's ianks.
Aftei she maue hei leap into management, }ennifei staiteu
asking hei staff to listen to the "Fiist Steps to Success" CBs. She
was soon iateu in the top S peicent of all bianch manageis in
the whole company. She also became that bank's numbei one
employee nationally. What is even moie amazing is that this
paiticulai bank uoes no auveitising. 0ne hunuieu peicent of
theii clients come via iefeiials.
}ennifei built all of this success anu iose to the top because
she possesseu an unusual skill in gaining iefeiials anu
maintaining them fiom leaining this book's simple yet cutting-
euge techniques. }ennifei's income giew to eighty-five thousanu
uollais a yeai, plus bonus.
In this chaptei, I am going to show you how she uiu this by
just knowing how to communicate with people.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 88
Aftei }ennifei became a bianch managei, she was piomoteu
to helping failing bianches in the company. She was sent all ovei
the countiy to ieplace othei bianch manageis who coulu not
help the bank succeeu. Eveiy bianch she helpeu iose to the top
1u peicent to 2u peicent of all the bank's bianches. She uiu it
with the Nagnetic Influence techniques I shaieu with you in the
last chaptei anu what I will show you in this chaptei.
Bave you noticeu that some people ieally push all the wiong
buttons in you, while you enjoy being aiounu otheis. That
negative peison coulu be youi boss, a staff membei, a co-woikei,
oi even a client. Some high-achieveis can iub us the wiong way
- but you want to be the peison who achieves goals anu leaves a
positive lasting impiession with otheis.
}ust like }ennifei uiu, you aie about to leain some veiy
poweiful communication skills. You aie going to uiscovei who
you aie anu what makes you anu those with whom you woik
anu live eveiy uay tick. Insteau of tiying to change people to be
like you as 98 peicent of the population uoes, you aie going to
leain how to change how you ueal with youi spouse, youi kius,
anu youi co-woikeis.
Befoie we move on, you must unueistanu that you cannot
change people - you can only change how you ueal with people.
H"#01/01 .(3,9'*A /9 $"' (0*. #29(*3$' 13#,#0$'' (A 9(;'$"/01
.(3 8#0 8"#01'. Changing youi ciicumstances oi changing the
people aiounu you is not going to woik.
I want you to iealize that eveiybouy is uesigneu anu wiieu a
ceitain way. Anu many fight against theii uesign. In fact, I fought
against my own uesign foi yeais. !"'0 .(3 30B',9$#0B "(C .(3
#,' B'9/10'B #0B "(C ($"',9 C',' B'9/10'B< .(3 8#0 *'#,0 $( C(,D
$(1'$"', /0 "#,;(0..
To kick off this exploiation of peisonalities, I want you to
think about any peisonality tests you have taken. Biu they show
you how you compaie with othei people. I took one of those
!"#$%&$'( *"+, (-.%
tests in 199u. It showeu me that theie aie foui uiffeient types
of people, but it uiu not show me how to use the infoimation to
change how I ueal with othei people. That's what we aie going
to leain iight now.
This is something so poweiful that it is going to immeuiately
ueciease youi stiess. You aie going to have seveial "aha"
moments as you begin to leain to woik in haimony veisus
tiying to change things that aie just unchangeable. So get ieauy
anu let's go!
People Are Cems
When a gem is uiscoveieu it is ugly anu uiity, but thiough the
iefinement piocess its beauty, lustie, anu woith giow in value.
As with gems, I believe each peison has a gieat stiength to shine,
giow, anu flouiish.
I call the foui basic peisonality types "uems." The foui uems
aie: Sapphiies, Peails, Emeialus, anu Rubies.
You have all foui uem chaiacteiistics in you. Some people
have a lot of two anu veiy little of the otheis. 0theis have quite
a bit of each one of them, but they leau anu communicate in one
piimaiy uem most of the time. Beie aie the basic outlooks foi
each uem:
- A Sapphiie is motivateu by fun. Sapphiies like socializing.
- A Peail is motivateu by helping othei people. All uems want
to help people, but the Peail wants to help eveiything anu
eveiyone, anu the Peail helps in a totally uiffeient way fiom
- An Emeialu is someone who is motivateu by facts anu figuies.
Theie is no giay aiea foi the Emeialu - eveiything is black
anu white.
- Rubies aie motivateu by challenges. They have to be fiist in
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 90
When you aie able to iuentify youi piimaiy uem anu otheis'
piimaiy uems, you will gain an unueistanuing of who you aie
anu how you ielate to otheis anu theii enviionments. You
can solve a lot of communication pioblems that happen when
two peisonalities aie tiying to talk to each othei anu they aie
saying the same thing but uo not think they aie. 0nce you can
assess each uem's chaiacteiistics, you will be able to iuentify the
ielationship's stiengths anu weaknesses, anu how to uevelop
oveiall success. You will leain how to best woik with, honoi,
anu motivate each uem.
Sapphiies aie motivateu by fun.
Sapphiies aie the life of the paity, anu they aie always
having paities. They aie always aiounu a lot of people. When
you talk to a Sapphiie, uo not expect the Sapphiie to tell you the
uownsiue. They uo not see it. If theie aie two kius in two iooms,
anu both iooms have a big pile of uung, the Sapphiie chilu is in
the miuule of his, thiowing it anu saying, "I know theie's a pony
in heie somewheie." They uo not see the ciap; they just know
that the pony is theie somewheie.
If you have an appointment with a Sapphiie, uo not expect
him oi hei to be on time. When you get upset with a Sapphiie
who is late, it is youi fault foi getting upset. That's the way
they aie wiieu - love them foi theii stiengths. Tell them thiity
minutes eailiei than you neeu them anu biing youi computei so
you can get some woik uone while you wait. You C/** wait.
Consistent scheuules anu ioutines aie complete bonuage to
Sapphiies. Sapphiies may not be on time, but they aie the best
piomoteis on the planet. They enjoy woiking with people.
Anu they like vaiiety. They like things to change all the time.
Take Chiis, a stuuent I know who is majoiing in inteinational
maiketing. When I askeu him why he chose maiketing, he saiu
!"#$%&$'( *"+, (-.%
he likeu "the people inteiaction."
"I like the iuea of constantly having to uo something uiffeient,"
Chiis saiu. Be is a Sapphiie.
Sapphiies aie alive! You can't ciush theii spiiit. Bowevei,
the school system is tiying to uo just that. Because the system
uoes not unueistanu that each kiu is built uiffeiently anu that
all foui peisonality types have stiengths anu weaknesses, they
give the Sapphiie kius meuication to tiy to tuin them into an
Emeialu oi a Peail.
If you have a Sapphiie chilu, leain what motivates him oi
hei: appieciation anu encouiagement. I know this because my
Sapphiie chilu keeps his ioom cleanei than any of my othei
chiluien - anu he staiteu uoing it at thiee yeais olu. That's
because he gets encouiagement anu iecognition foi uoing the
things I have askeu him to uo. I make a big ueal out of it.
Celebiate a Sapphiie's tiny success of being only five minutes
late veisus being twenty-five minutes late. Tell the Sapphiie,
"Please foigive me foi having a stanuaiu that you shoulu be
peifect. The tiuth is you aie peifect in so many othei ways.
You aie awesome with people. You aie awesome with youi
optimism. You natuially think positively anu I celebiate that in
you. I appieciate that you aie only five minutes late this time,
anu I am so exciteu that you aie able to uo that. Bo you think that
might help you want to woik on being on time in the futuie."
This positive motivation woiks best foi Sapphiies. It is what
they live foi. They love iecognition anu will woik foi it fai moie
than they evei will woik foi money.
Peails want to help eveiyone. Take Suzanne, a social woikei
who attenueu one of my woikshops. Suzanne goes to all the Aii
Foice bases to ensuie quality of life foi families anu chiluien.
When I askeu hei what she likeu about hei woik, she iesponueu,
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 92
"The chiluien."
Peails aie not motivateu by money. }ust like Suzanne, they
aie motivateu by a cause, anu they have stiong convictions.
A mothei of seven, Suzanne ieally looks out foi not only hei
own kius but those she oveisees at woik, too. In hei spaie time
she is tiaining to be a natuiopathic physician.
This biings me to my next point about Peails. A ieal, tiue
Peail typically iecycles, anu wants to save the whales anu the
human iace. Peails like Suzanne piefei using natuial piouucts
anu shopping foi oiganic foou oi giowing theii own in an
oiganic gaiuen. They aie not likely to uye theii haii, weai heavy
makeup, oi paint on biight ieu fingeinails.
Peails aie veiy thoughtful anu sympathetic, nuituiing, anu
patient. Peails uo not like confiontation, but they love to seive.
A Peail can giacefully confiont issues with people in a way that
biings iestoiation. Peails have the gifts of meicy anu seivice.
They want to pull the best out of people anu take caie of them.
Peails aie natuial at finuing neeus anu filling them. They uo not
even have to think about it oi be askeu to uo it - it just comes
natuially. If they see a neeu, they fulfill it.
Peails can be victims of instant giatification because they like
the way it feels to help somebouy else. They give people money
ovei anu ovei again to help them anu often uo not get paiu back.
Peails neeu to leain how to stop suppoiting the wiong people
anu to allow people to ueal with theii own consequences.
A Peail will spenu a lot of time talking about his oi hei family.
Peails love to talk about people they caie about anu aie okay
with shaiing peisonal infoimation when they aie getting to
know someone. Peails appieciate a peisonal touch. They sense
when someone is being fake anu will lose tiust in that peison.
Peails love people anu aie always aiounu people - just not
in laige, noisy gioups like Sapphiies. They have long-teim
ielationships; they aie youi best fiienus foi life. Peails aie the
best listeneis.
!"#$%&$'( *"+, (-.%
Nost Peails like easy-listening music. A Peail's iuea of a
paity is an intimate uinnei by canulelight using homemaue
goous. Peails aie one-on-one anu piefei making a contiibution
one-on-one. They aie tiustwoithy anu loyal, anu tiue to theii
If theie is a mess, the Peail is going to clean it up quickly,
making suie it is not a pioblem foi anybouy else.
Emeialus aie motivateu by oiuei, facts, anu figuies. An Emeialu
is on time anu oiueily. In fact, Emeialus aie supei-oiganizeu.
Foi instance, if an Emeialu buys a toy that iequiies assembly, he
oi she will fiist take inventoiy of the paits anu put them in the
oiuei in which they will be put togethei. Emeialus uo this only
aftei ieauing all the instiuctions fiist. In contiast, Sapphiies
look at the pictuie, put it togethei, anu enu up with leftovei paits
that they toss into a kitchen junk uiawei.
When Emeialus uo that toy's inventoiy anu finu something
missing, they immeuiately iepackage eveiy pait in each plastic
bag - exactly as it aiiiveu - anu senu an e-mail to the coipoiation
letting it know how inefficient its manufactuiing is. The e-mail
enus with "Please senu me a ieplacement of the item."
Emeialus aie weak in communication. They get juugeu as
being insensitive anu colu-heaiteu, although they aie not. They
aie aiticulate, anu if you listen to them, you will notice they speak
in a ihythm. They aie veiy cleai with theii speech, meaning they
aie going to make suie you uo not misunueistanu them.
Take Tiacy. She woiks as an insuiance assistant, anu she is
iewiiting hei company's policies anu pioceuuies manual, which
is iight up an Emeialu's alley. Bei uesciiption of the pioject
shows hei piecision anu how she likes to have influence: "It's a
lot of fun |to wiite the manualj. I get to ieally impact the company
anu pull it all fiom the uiffeient souices anu hanubooks."
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 94
Emeialus aie constantly asking "why." People who talk with
Emeialus think they aie being inteiiogateu oi pioven wiong.
They feel like they can nevei win in an aigument against an
Emeialu. (The tiuth is, you can't win an aigument. Both paities
walk away thinking they won anu the othei one is stupiu foi
having lost.)
If you aie an Emeialu couple, the house is peifect anu money
is in the bank. You aie always on time anu eveiything is efficient.
You aie healthy. You like to see museums togethei in Euiope.
But it is iaie to see two Emeialus togethei as a couple.
Emeialus spenu a lot of time on ieseaich. They aie uiligent
pioblem-solveis, anu they come up with twelve options foi
solutions. But this fiustiates eveiybouy else - Emeialus take
a long time to come to a solution because they want to evaluate
twelve options to make suie they aie picking the iight solution.
They have a tenuency to be peifectionists, so they want to figuie
out eveiything befoie they stait, which can be a hinuiance to
theii success.
This woilu woulu be peifect if we weie all Emeialus but we
woulu not have much fun anu we woulu be incieuibly stiesseu
out all the time because we constantly woulu be woiking on
Emeialus aie veiy analytical. Eveiything is fact-baseu.
Emeialus spenu so much time in ieseaich - thinking, ie-
evaluating, anu contemplating - that the oppoitunity is gone.
Emeialus can be moie piouuctive if they iemembei it is not
about peifection, it is about getting the job uone with iesults
anu testing the iesults. Why tiy to leain eveiything in auvance
when you may alieauy have a baseline of skill anu things you
uiu not have to leain. You wasteu time leaining some things you
uiu not neeu to, but if you test the iesults, you will see the aieas
wheie you neeu to focus.
Emeialus keep theii woiu - people can count on them. When
!"#$%&$'( *"+, (-.%
they say they aie going to uo something, they uo it. They aie not
flaky. They follow thiough, follow up, anu uo the task to the best
of theii abilities.
Rubies like to win. Take Roy. When he intiouuceu himself at a
seminai, he useu his fiist anu last name. Then when I askeu him
what he uiu, he saiu he was in the navy - an officei. Why uiu he
join the militaiy.
"Well, I neeueu the money foi school. I got a thiee-anu-a-
half-yeai R0TC scholaiship," he saiu. Be also wanteu to play
football, which he uiu.
"What uiu you like about football." I askeu.
"The challenge," he saiu. "The fun of beating up on othei
people anu having the oppoitunity to show my skills."
Bo you notice something in that language. Roy's language
choice boils uown to climbing to the top - having a goal.
If a Ruby can't win, he oi she won't play the game anu will say
it is stupiu. Rubies like the best of eveiything - the best hotels,
the best foou, fine clothes, fine fabiics, anu fast cais. They like
big uiamonus, lots of golu, anu lots of stuff. They like to shine.
They like being unique anu authentic. They have to stanu out
biggei anu bettei than anyone.
Rubies size up theii competition. When you walk thiough an
aiipoit it is so easy to see the extieme Rubies. A Ruby woman
goes to the aiipoit in stilettos along with hei Fenui attach case
anu black suit. That outfit is not comfoitable but she wants to
make suie she looks bettei than anybouy else at the aiipoit.
Let's go back to Roy foi a moment. I askeu him what he
likeu about being in the militaiy. Bis iesponse. "Being a leauei."
You see, Rubies always have to have the next step, a goal, oi a
challenge in fiont of them. They constantly have to be moving in
a foiwaiu uiiection because that is what they weie boin to uo.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 96
Rubies aie veiy outspoken anu veiy bolu - they often
opeiate in boluness. Rubies aie also veiy ueteimineu anu
enteipiising. They fiequently stait businesses because they
like to be entiepieneuis anu want to be theii own boss. They
have to leau, anu they aie action-oiienteu. They hate when life
is slow oi quiet.
Rubies aie always pushing theii isum towaiu you, exciteu
to tell you about all theii accomplishments
They aie veiy uiiect anu to the point - even if it huits. Rubies
uo not get much sleep because they figuie they can sleep when
they'ie ueau. "You'ie buining uaylight" woulu be a typical Ruby
Rubies usually skip bieakfast because they aie so eagei to
stait the uay. They aie incieuibly piouuctive anu get moie uone
in one uay than anybouy else. If you neeu something uone now,
anu fast anu goou, Rubies aie the people to call. They love to
make things happen.
Rubies weie boin with an extia uose of confiuence. They
aie not afiaiu of taking iisks. Theii ability to uo something uoes
not mattei because they always think they can. Take Natthew.
Be stoou at one of my iecent seminais in Los Angeles anu tolu
me about his thiee businesses - thiee! Why was he uoing them.
Plain anu simple: money. "I want to ietiie by thiity," Natthew
saiu confiuently. "I'm still on my way."
Rubies neeu to woik on theii communication skills with
othei uems. Rubies have to be numbei one, but Peails just want
to help people. Neanwhile, Sapphiies just want to have fun - so
they uo not want to woik with anyone.
Tbe Language of Cems
Bow much stiess anu fiustiation has a lack of communication
skills causeu you. Bow much piouuction has been lost because
of youi inability to communicate with othei uems. Think about
!"#$%&$'( *"+, (-.%
youi woik ielationships anu family life. Think about youi com-
munity life. Naybe you thought the communication pioblem
was youi spouse's, boss's, employees', co-woikeis', oi kius' - but
it coulu be youis.
The only one you can change is you. You aie not going to
change youi spouse, youi kius, oi youi co-woikeis. The only
thing you can change is how you ueal with youi spouse, youi
kius, anu youi co-woikeis.
You neeu to leain the language of each uem. They each
speak an entiiely uiffeient language - as uiffeient as ueiman is
to English. If you speak only ueiman, how well aie you going
to communicate to someone who only speaks Spanish. If you
leain how to speak the thiee uem languages foieign to you,
when you aie with the Ruby you can speak Ruby anu theiefoie
theie is haimony between you anu the Ruby. When you aie with
Sapphiies, they will think you aie a Sapphiie, anu when you aie
with Peails, they will think you aie a Peail.
In oui live woikshops, uems is a veiy visual tiaining. What I
am shaiing with you in this book is enough to get you staiteu, but
the gieatest impact of this tiaining occuis at a live enviionment
with all the exeicises we uo. This ieally helps you giab the
content anu iun with it.
Ny uems home stuuy couise incluues viueos, auuios, anu
woikbooks so you can see moie cleaily how this woiks. The
testimonies at the enu of this chaptei aie fiom people who have
expeiienceu these live tiaining events anu have benefiteu fiom
seeing all of this mateiial in action.
This book is limiteu in what I can show you, but it is enough
to intiouuce the concepts anu give you an iuea of how to use this
in ieal life.
Beie aie some ways to speak each uem's language.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 98
Sbaring Ideas witb Cems
When you appioach people within theii piimaiy uem style, you
have a bettei chance of that uem buying into youi iueas. Let me
show you how each uem likes to leain oi heai about a new iuea.
Shaiing iueas coulu mean you aie uoing the following
activities - going on a vacation, selling youi boss on a new way of
uoing business, showing someone a new piouuct you want him
oi hei to buy, oi piesenting a new concept with which you the
business ownei want youi staff to iun. It coulu even be getting
someone to go out on a uate with you.
To shaie youi iueas with Sapphiies, keep it upbeat anu simple.
They love to meet face-to-face as well, especially foi lunch oi
something that gets them out of theii office. 0se the following
pointeis while shaiing youi iueas:
- Keep it simple; uo not get too technical
- Be upbeat anu veiy fiienuly
- Bo not focus on any negatives - keep eveiything veiy positive
- Theie is no neeu foi biochuies, just show them the piouuct
- Allow them to expeiience the piouuct, feel it, anu touch it
- Bo not tell them about all the uetails, just paint the pictuie
- Show them how easy it is to get the iesults they want
- Tell lots of stoiies
- Keep the conveisation light anu casual, nothing too foimal
- Really cieate the vision foi them
- Tell them you can uo all the papeiwoikuetails foi them
- Bottom line: Keep it simple!
!"#$%&$'( *"+, (-.%
To shaie youi iueas with a Peail, uo it face-to-face if possible, oi
at least ovei the phone. This is consiueieu a moie peisonal ap-
pioach anu Peails ieally appieciate the peisonal touch. 0se the
following pointeis while shaiing youi iueas:
- Nake the appointment on theii "tuif" if possible - it makes
them feel moie comfoitable
- Begin by letting them know you aie exciteu about shaiing
the iuea with them
- Tell them up fiont that you will suppoit them no mattei what
theii uecision is
- Tell them how it helps them oi theii family
- Shaie lots of benefits with them
- Tell lots of stoiies about those who have benefiteu fiom youi
piouuct, seivice, oi iuea anu how they feel about it
- Listen to them!
- When appiopiiate, ask them if they have any questions,
allowing them to be in contiol a bit, which makes them feel
like you aie not selling to them
- Keep contiol of the conveisation!
- uive only an aveiage oi below aveiage amount of uetails -
ieally let the testimonials uo the woik
To shaie youi iueas with Emeialus, have all mateiials anu in-
foimation available to them. You uo not have to tell it to them
- they will uo all the ieseaich they want but youi pioviuing it
will make it easiei. They uo not neeu a lot of peisonal contact,
so phone, e-mail, anu websites aie best.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 100
0se the following pointeis while shaiing youi iueas:
- Senu them biochuies oi uiiect them to youi website befoie
youi meeting, if possible. If not, let them know you can give
that infoimation to them at the beginning of the meeting.
They want infoimation anu they will go seaiching foi it
- Show them the value in youi iueapiouuct
- valiuate why it woiks, but uo not oveistate it
- Nake suie to hit on how theii neeus will be met within the
- Talk about the integiity of why this iuea makes sense
- If you uo not know the answei to something, uo not fuuge it.
Tell them you will get back to them.
- Tell stoiies of those who have hau favoiable iesults with
youi piouuct, seivice, oi iuea - not so much how someone
"feels" about it but moie impoitantly what iesults they have
To shaie youi iueas with a Ruby, be shaip anu concise. Tell them
why they have to have it oi uo it, what the best featuies aie, anu
how gieat it is going to be foi them. Keep the piocess moving
fast. 0se the following pointeis while shaiing youi iueas:
- Tell why it is the best, how fast they can get iesults, anu how
they can get it now
- 0ffei shoit testimonials
- Be iesults oiienteu
- Keep it concise
- Keep putting theii goals in fiont of them
!"#$%&$'( *"+, (-.%
Communicating witb Eacb Cem
When communicating always make a point to puiposefully iuen-
tify with the othei peison. They want to know why you aie like
them. All uems want to know who you aie anu why they shoulu
be listening to you. Talk about things you have in common, such
as being a paient, shaieu occupation, similai hobbies, etc. Be-
penuing on which uem the othei peison is, you may wish to fo-
cus moie in a ceitain aiea. Beie aie moie tips on communicat-
ing with each uem:
- Keep the communication inteiactive
- Keep them engageu in the piocess
- Keep youi pace of speech faiily quick - this helps keep them
- Nake it enteitaining
- Always keep it positive
- 0ffei humoi whenevei applicable
- Keep it simple
- 0se easy language - keep it conveisational anu not too
- Tell stoiies anu show pictuies
- Begin by ielating to them
- Be veiy open with them
- Slow youi pace of speech anu lowei youi voice a little bit
- Bo not be oveiexciteu - it oveiwhelms them
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 102
- Shaie peisonal stoiies of how you have helpeu otheis
- Be ieal. Peails can feel if you aie faking it anu will not tiust
- Tell stoiies anuoi show pictuies
- Be veiy uetaileu in youi conveisation
- 0se stats anu figuies when applicable
- Explain the "why" questions. Example: "You may be thinking,
Well, why is that necessaiy. Let me explain"
- Explain the solutions
- Focus on which steps to take
- Be veiy thoiough - the moie infoimation they have, the moie
comfoitable they feel
- Show them how to get any fuithei questions answeieu
- Tell factual stoiies
- uet to the bottom line quickly
- Bo not spenu a lot of time chitchatting
- Keep it shoit anu iesults-oiienteu
- Show them how they can hit theii goals
- Show them solutions to pioblems
- uive them the ability to uo it now - they hate to wait
- Challenge them to inciease theii lifestyle
- Nake it all about them
- Tell iesults-oiienteu stoiies
!"#$%&$'( *"+, (-.%
PromotingJEdifying Eacb Cem
Piomoting is a huge pait of all oui lives. Whethei it is in busi-
ness, at home, oi in oui peisonal lives, we all get plenty of op-
poitunity to piomote each anu eveiy uay without even know-
ing it! Theie is always something new oi exciting happening,
anu you want to shaie that with people. You have the chance to
piomote youi business, piomote youiself (foi a job inteiview),
piomote co-woikeis oi employees, piomote youi chiluien, anu
much, much moie. When you begin to piomote anu euify uaily,
you will see incieuible iesults!
Effective piomoting oi euification begins with the following
1. Foim an objective. What is the outcome you aie looking foi
by piomoting youi iuea.
2. Iuentify the benefits the peison will ieceive anu make suie
to apply the benefits to that peison's uem.
S. Ask a lot of questions. Example: "Coulu you imagine if." oi
"Bow many of you woulu."
4. Tell stoiies anu paint the pictuie.
S. 0se uigency anu scaicity. When piomoting an event, use
phiases such as "fiist time evei," "this has nevei been offeieu
befoie," "this is youi last chance," "uon't miss out on this,"
"you will nevei have this chance again," etc., always being
honest anu nevei as if you aie hyping it.
6. Call to action.
7. Be tiuthful. Lying anu exaggeiating will always catch up to
you anu bite you on the backsiue. Insteau, piomote anu euify
by stating successes - no mattei how big oi small. Also, be
sinceie. People can see when you aie!
8. Nake suie that whatevei you aie piomoting is in the
inuiviuual's best inteiest. Bo not use this tool foi the wiong
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 104
Naybe by now you aie saying, "Bani, all these uems aie
inteiesting, but how uoes that help me get a job." oi "Bow uoes
it help me make moie money in business."
You aie about to finu out in the next chapteis.
Wu4z Oua Cruzs S4v
!/** $"/9 C(,D A(, .(3I P',' /9 C"#$ Q39$ 9(;' (A (3, 8*/'0$9 9#.R
I'm a managei in my woikplace, anu I founu that the way I hau
been tieating employees wasn't iight. Aftei leaining about
uems fiom Bani }ohnson, I've seen a change in my woikplace
just by iespecting anu tieating my employees uiffeiently!
~ Roy Klnch
I was sepaiateu fiom my husbanu when I fiist met Bani }ohnson,
anu I knew that I neeueu to impiove myself if I was going to
be successful. Aftei leaining about appieciating him anu his
peisonality fiom uems, my husbanu anu I aie now back togethei,
anu oui ielationship is amazing!
~ SunJru lkex
uems is huge! It's helpeu me to close sales anu speak the othei
peisonality languages. I'm able to unueistanu people bettei to
motivate them to get to wheie they aie supposeu to be in theii
business. I was able to geneiate $4,2uu in sales in the last Su
uays since plugging into Bani!
~ jexxlcu WenJelboe
0sing uems has been ANAZINu. I finu it easiei to communicate
with people, especially since I am a sapphiie being iaiseu by an
emeialu mom. It's maue things easiei when we clash. Since
a peisonal goal of mine is to have stiong ielationships, Bani
!"#$%&$'( *"+, (-.%
}ohnson's uems system uoes that. It helps iuentify people by
sounu, clothing, what theii iooms look like anu what they aie
motivateu by.
~ Bryun Murrlott
H"#)$', [
Pnosrrn Wurnr You
Anr PtnN1ro
Cbosen from Hundreds
Ryan Nauuing coulu not finu woik. Be was up against hunuieus
of othei applicants when he applieu foi a $S8,uuu-a-yeai job he
wanteu at a univeisity. Then he leaineu the simple steps out-
lineu in the last chaptei, useu them uuiing his inteiview, anu
lanueu the position - except that he nevei maue the $S8,uuu of-
feieu. Insteau, Ryan maue $11u,uuu his fiist yeai.
At the beginning of his seconu yeai, he was given an $18,uuu
iaise. Now he was eaining even moie at a job in which he hau
no expeiience. Bow.
I am about to show you how he iaiseu his value to his boss so
high that they aie now paying him thiee times moie money than
they oiiginally uiu.
Naybe you aie unemployeu anu uo not even know how you
will get youi next job, oi you have a job, but you hate it. You might
be woiiieu about keeping youi job because youi company has
hau layoffs, oi you like youi job anu you want to get piomoteu.
The iueas anu methous I am shaiing with you in this chaptei can
help you get a iaise at woik - just like Ryan anu countless otheis
of my clients.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 108
Tbe Nintb Law of Success
Ryan, you see, leaineu the Law of Piomotion, one of the laws I
explaineu in Chaptei S. I have useu it countless times in my life,
anu otheis have useu it to iaise theii value at woik, iesulting in
moie pay, moie piomotions, anu moie money. The Law of Pio-
motion means to piospei wheie you aie planteu. If you show
you can be tiusteu with what's in fiont of you, you will be maue
iulei of much.
A lot of people think they will tieat people a ceitain way
when they aie successful, oi they will give to chaiity when they
aie wealthy. But you have to tieat people that way now, anu you
have to give to otheis now. Invest in youi job like it is youi own
company, anu that's how you will get piomoteu. Tuin wheie
you woik into something bettei than it is.
Ninety-eight peicent of the population thinks they ueseive a
iaise just foi showing up. A iaise means an inciease - anu you
get an inciease by incieasing. You have to get bettei than when
you got theie, anu you have to make it bettei. You have to make
a uiffeience insteau of just sucking up oxygen anu expecting a
Ninety-eight peicent of the population wants to finu a job
that they love, but that is not how it woiks. If you finu a way
to love youi job now, you will be given moie. If you cannot
manage youi cuiient job, how can you manage a biggei one. If
you cannot manage youi employees now, how can you manage
them if youi business giows. 0ne of the basic steps to wealth is
to take caie of what you alieauy have.
Take Care of Your Home
In Becembei 1991, a yeai aftei I was homeless, I bought my fiist
home. It was in a gateu community with a lake anu a golf couise.
Eveiyone theie uiove expensive cais.
!"#$!%" '(%"% )#* +"% !,+-.%/
I was only twenty-two yeais olu anu living in a two-thousanu-
squaie-foot home oveilooking a golf couise with a view of the
Bay Aiea. I paiu $2S9,uuu foi the conuominium at the top of
the maiket, anu in two yeais I hau to iefinance because I hau
a balloon payment. I hau a payment of two thousanu uollais a
month anu I hau to iefinance anothei. I coulu have ienteu the
same place foi half the money. I lost $2Su,uuu on that place.
It was not a goou place foi chiluien, anu I wanteu out. Ny
white caipet was spotteu like a Balmatian, my white walls weie
coveieu with hanupiints anu foou stains, anu my cieam anu
peach sofa hau foou anu uiink stains.
I wanteu a place with a yaiu insteau of the conciete jungle
wheie we liveu. I pictuieu a place wheie the yaiu was peifectly
clippeu, anu the home was beautifully uecoiateu like you see in
a commeicial. Then I thought, \((D #$ C"#$ .(3 "#5' 0(CE 7A .(3
8#00($ 2' $,39$'B C/$" $"#$< .(3 C/** 0'5', 1'$ $"' "(39' .(3 #,'
B,'#;/01 (AE
That same message has hit me in many aieas of my life, fiom
my maiiiage to my business: If you cannot iespect anu honoi
what you have now, anu you uo not take caie of it, you will nevei
giauuate to the next place.
I staiteu taking caie of that place. I hau the caipets cleaneu
anu the walls painteu. I staiteu cleaning again, anu I oiganizeu
the cabinets. I honoieu it the way I hau when I fiist moveu in.
It's like when you buy a new cai. At fiist you get it washeu eveiy
week, anu you make suie that it is seiviceu iight anu theie is
no uust on the uashboaiu. 0vei time, though, you lose honoi
anu iespect foi it, which means you aie losing that honoi anu
iespect foi youiself. You just let it go because you want the new
one ovei theie.
But if you cannot be tiusteu with the one that is in fiont of
you, you will nevei be able to make ioom foi the new one. The
self-sabotage is that if you get moie, it is just a biggei buiuen
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 110
anu a biggei mess. You have to be tiusteu with what you have
anu make suie you can manage it.
I am going to show you how to use the Law of Piomotion
to make moie money in youi job anu woik. When you aie
tiustwoithy with what you aie given in youi job, you will be
maue iulei of much with moie iesponsibilities, moie iaises,
moie piomotions, anu moie pay. It is about piospeiing wheie
you aie planteu in youi job.
Thousanus of my clients have useu the Law of Piomotion to
shift theii minuset anu inciease theii value to theii employei.
This specific minuset shift tuins aveiage employees to
"employee-pieneuis" that employeis notice anu iewaiu.
To successfully giow in youi job, it is impoitant to 1,(C youiself.
Woiking in a business anu iunning a business seem unielateu.
Bowevei, some of the biggest innovations in business have come
fiom maiiying unielateu inuustiies. If you aie going to giow in
youi job, you have to think outsiue the box.
Feueial Expiess is a goou example. Two unielateu inuustiies
weie combineu to cieate this multimillion-uollai phenomenon
that many otheis have successfully copieu. When couiiei
seivices fiist staiteu, they simply hau a guy on a bicycle uelivei
letteis anu legal uocuments fiom one attoiney to anothei. Then
the system auvanceu to a vehicle oi tiuck that uiove thiough the
city ueliveiing uocuments fiom business to business.
The innovation of FeuEx maiiieu the aiiline business with
the couiiei business. Suuuenly you coulu oveinight a uocument
fiom New Yoik to Los Angeles foi less then twenty uollais. Now
you can senu a package fiom New Yoik to Austialia within two
uays. It is tiuly a phenomenon. In youi job, the way to innovate
is to woik as an employee while thinking like an entiepieneui,
what I call an "employee-pieneui."
!"#$!%" '(%"% )#* +"% !,+-.%/
Employee vs. Employee-preneur
You cannot be just an employee. You have to think like an en-
tiepieneui, even though someone else employs you. You must
become an employee-pieneui. If you uo ueciue latei to go into
business foi youiself, you can piactice the skills I am about to
show you now at youi cuiient place of employment, so that
when you become an entiepieneui they will be like seconu na-
tuie to you.
An employee just punches in anu punches out the time clock
eveiy uay. Employees only invest theii time in the job, they only
woik haiu enough so they uon't get fiieu, anu theii boss only
pays them enough so they uon't quit. That's what you see with
98 peicent of employees.
Employee-pieneuis invest theii heaits anu souls into the job.
They want to impiove theii company. They make investments
in the ownei's business anu tieat it as if they aie the owneis.
They ask, "Bow can I help the company giow. Bow can I make
things bettei heie. Bow can I make myself iiieplaceable. Bow
can I make suie that they know that I have uone something that
causeu a change foi the bettei."
Ninety-eight peicent of employees have the minuset that if
they woik, they must get paiu. It is a baiiiei foi them as they
tiy to become an entiepieneui. Employee-pieneuis have the
minuset that they want to get paiu foi iesults - not just showing
up anu putting in houis, but that they will ultimately get gieat
iewaius foi the iesults they aie piouucing.
If you caiiy the attituue that you aie taking owneiship of a
company, anu make it youi job to ensuie that it succeeus, youi
thinking will take a uiamatic shift.
Foi example, if you owneu a company, you woulu pick up
something you saw on the flooi. You woulu gieet the ieceptionist
with a smile because you woulu want hei to feel valueu anu you
woulu not want to lose hei. Why. It costs a company moie money
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 112
to finu a new ieceptionist because of loss of time in tiaining the
new one. Nost employees uon't even make eye contact with the
ieceptionist because they think she uoesn't mattei to them. But
employee-pieneuis uo.
Employee-pieneuis make investments in themselves anu
eveiyone aiounu them. They gieet the ieceptionist anu know
hei full name anu hei biithuay, just as they woulu if they weie
signing hei paychecks. They uevelop ielationships with people
in the company fiom top to bottom - fiom the piesiuent's office
uown to the guys anu gals in the mailioom.
You giow in a job by influencing the people aiounu you - not
just the customeis, but the people you woik with eveiy uay.
From Unemployed to Hired
70 $(B#.K9 $(31" Q(2 ;#,D'$ .(3 8#00($ #AA(,B Q39$ $( 2' #0 ';]
)*(.'' #0.;(,'E :(3 "#5' $( 2'8(;' #0 ';)*(.'']),'0'3,E
You have to take a look at what skills you have, figuie out
how to ieinvent youiself, anu piesent youi skills in uiffeient
ways. If you aie an engineei anu all you know is engineeiing,
the only job you can get is engineeiing.
0nless you aie Bean Solos. Be was an engineei in a cubicle
just like the othei engineeis you may know. Bowevei, Bean
uevelopeu a key skill that 98 peicent of the population lacks.
Within five yeais, he was out of the cube faim anu his annual
salaiy jumpeu fiom $4S,uuu to $2Su,uuu. All by using Nagnetic
Influence, which I taught you in Chaptei S.
Finu ways to take what you know anu builu on it so you will
be unique anu stanu out fiom otheis who aie applying foi the
job you want.
Wiite youi isum accoiuing to the company's neeus now,
not accoiuing to what you uiu twenty yeais ago. uet testimonials
fiom people with whom you useu to woik, anu make suie the
testimonials aie about iesults.
!"#$!%" '(%"% )#* +"% !,+-.%/
Bave them say how youi woik benefiteu the company anu
how you weie as a co-woikei.
Interview tbe Interviewer
When you aie going foi a job inteiview, you can use Coie Rap-
poit to F0RN the inteiviewei. Rathei than just letting the hiiing
managei ask the questions, tuin the tables anu contiol the con-
veisation by asking that peison questions insteau.
Foi example, when the inteiviewei comes to take you to his
oi hei office, contiol the conveisation.
Beie's how you uo that. Stait by asking, "Bi, how aie you
uoing touay. So how long have you woikeu heie."
Those aie questions that you can use to F0RN the peison.
"Aie you fiom the aiea. Bow long have you been in the local
aiea. What uiu you uo befoie. Bow uiu you heai about this
coipoiation. What uiew you to this coipoiation. What uo you
like most about woiking heie. What uo you like least about being
heie. 0bviously I am looking at a position that somebouy else
once hau, woulu you minu telling me what the pioblems weie
with the last inuiviuual who possesseu this position. Can you
also uesciibe the highlights of the last inuiviuual who possesseu
this position. What uiu he uo to help impiove the position."
You can also ask, "What is youi favoiite thing about this
company. Bave you peisonally met the ownei. What uo you
like most about the ownei. What impiesses you the most about
what this coipoiation uoes."
When you fiist stait taking contiol of the conveisation,
pieface youi questions by saying, "You know, I uo not want to
waste youi time, anu I ceitainly uo not want to waste mine. I also
want to make suie that you can get on to youi next inteiview,
if neeu be, as soon as possible. So I have a couple of quick
questions foi you that will help me make suie this is the kinu of
coipoiation I want to put all of myself into."
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 114
No )ob Experience
Bo not be afiaiu to apply foi something in which you have no
expeiience. When I inteivieweu foi my fiist goou-paying job at
}CPenney, I was up against twenty-six expeiienceu women foi a
custom-uecoiating job. I was the last inteiview, anu I fiankly au-
mitteu to the inteiviewei that the othei canuiuates weie much
moie qualifieu than I.
But then I tolu him that I was willing to leain anu woik haiu,
anu that I woulu uo the job exactly how he tolu me to uo it. I
piomiseu him I woulu be the best uecoiatoi the company evei
hau. Aftei an inteiview of less than five minutes, I got the job. I
was the numbei one uecoiatoi my veiy fiist month, anu I bioke
stoie iecoius eveiy month aftei that.
If you still cannot get a job, think about becoming an
entiepieneui. I talk about that in the next chaptei, but the skills
of an employee-pieneui anu an entiepieneui aie the same. 0i
if you aie woiking now anu thinking about staiting youi own
business latei, becoming a skilleu employee-pieneui will help
you as a business ownei.
Satisfaction in Your Work
Look foi satisfaction in youi woik. This is the concept of pios-
pei wheie you aie planteu. Bow aie you going to be piomoteu if
you cannot be tiusteu with the job you alieauy have.
You have the ability to change youi enviionment without
changing youi physical location. Youi enviionment is in youi
heau. It exuues out of youi being. Bating youi job nevei opens
the vault to blessing, but it will ueciease youi piouuction. It will
open the uooi foi you to gossip about youi boss, to going on
Facebook, to e-mailing fiienus, anu to foiwaiuing jokes while
you aie supposeu to be woiking.
Bating youi job will cause you to avoiu youi boss anu to
!"#$!%" '(%"% )#* +"% !,+-.%/
avoiu the people who aie at the top anu who neeu to see youi
goou attituue, youi goou woik, youi excellence, anu youi
uiligence. Bating youi job will nevei help you to become
uiligent oi pioficient oi to finu shoitcuts that will help you iaise
the company's ievenue oi to make you moie valuable in the
What if you hate youi job but you cannot finu anothei one. I
am suie this is not the fiist job you hateu, anu I guaiantee that if
you go to anothei job, you will come to the same place of hating
that job too. The uiffeience between employees anu employee-
pieneuis is employees aie looking foi the woik to give them
satisfaction, while employee-pieneuis look foi satisfaction in
the woik. They aie totally uiffeient concepts.
It uoesn't mattei if theie is something you uon't like about
the job. If you aie an employee-pieneui, you make the best of
wheie you aie. You will nevei move on to getting piomoteu if
you hate youi job.
Bating a job piouuces complaining about youi job, anu
complaining puts a fiown on youi face. You become that peison
no one wants to woik with. You become that peison who uoes
just enough so you uo not get fiieu anu youi boss only pays you
enough so you uon't quit. That's an unhealthy scenaiio.
Again, pait of the pioblem is that you even think of it as a job.
You aie a paitnei in a company. This is youi woik, not just a job.
Change youi minuset anu contiibute to youi company.
Bave you evei uiligently woikeu at something that was not
youi job. Bow uiu you feel to complete something with absolute
excellence. You may have uone the woik, but it uiun't feel like a
job. You have an innei satisfaction anu confiuence no one can
take away fiom you.
The uiffeience between 98 peicent of the population anu
2 peicent is that 98 peicent wait foi theii woik to biing them
satisfaction. Two peicent finu satisfaction by giving theii woik
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 116
theii best, iegaiuless of what they uo. Woiking with excellence
anu uiligence builus youi confiuence, while choosing to hate
youi woik makes you piociastinate anu get lazy anu boieu.
Influence Your Environment
Which peison uo you think will get a piomotion - the peison
who comes into woik with pooi eneigy anu no smile, oi the pei-
son who lights up the place anu makes people feel impoitant
when they walk in.
Employee-pieneuis want to have a positive effect on the
enviionment anu they aie the ones who will get piomoteu.
You have to not only inciease youi woik skills as an employee-
pieneui, but youi skill in woiking with othei people.
You woik with youi boss, the assistant managei, anu the
ieceptionist. You woik with eveiybouy you pass by as you aie
walking to youi cubicle. Youi job is not just tuining in youi
woik - it is knowing othei people's peisonalities so they aie
motivateu anu geneiating an oveiall feeling of well-being anu
impoitance foi eveiybouy who comes in contact with you.
We all know people who can get a job uone but yet we cannot
stanu woiking with them. If you uo not like woiking with
someone, you cannot wait to put him oi hei on the fiiing list.
Solve Problems
An entiepieneui is a pioblem-solvei; an employee just ieacts to
pioblems. Rathei than fieaking out about pioblems, seaich foi
a solution. Spenu less time ieheaising anu moie time finuing
solutions. Look foi a neeu in youi company anu see if you can
help fix that neeu. Bo not isolate youiself in youi uepaitment.
Nost employees uo not take iesponsibility. When a pioblem
aiises, they say, "That's not my job. I uon't know how that
happeneu." Insteau of saying it is not youi job, solve the pioblem
!"#$!%" '(%"% )#* +"% !,+-.%/
if you can. This is an oppoitunity to iaise youi value. Remembei
the Law of value. That is what I am talking about.
Wealthy entiepieneuis builu theii wealth by being long-teim
thinkeis, while employees woik to spenu. Auopt the minuset of
successful entiepieneuis who use theii woikplace to builu theii
wealth. You aie the one income-piouucing asset you have. Anu
since youi job is wheie you piouuce the income, uo what you
can to inciease youi value.
Entiepieneuis may have yeais of failuies to builu theii
success. They continuously move foiwaiu anu uo not allow
themselves to fall into a iut. Foi many employees, theii biggest
uieam is to keep the same job foi twenty-five yeais. They aie
afiaiu of making mistakes so they nevei take iisks, yet they
shoulu think beyonu that anu look at failuies as euucational
oppoitunities to giow. You cannot giow if you aie afiaiu of
taking iisks anu making mistakes.
Increase Your Value
Ask youiself eveiy uay, "Bow can I inciease my value at the job."
This will happen with communication - communication with
the boss anu communication with othei people. Builu a founua-
tion of making youiself incieuibly valuable to youi job, to the
boss, to the company, anu to clients.
Is youi boss fiustiateu with you, oi uoes youi boss feel as
though he oi she coulu not live without you.
You become valuable to youi boss if you get the job uone anu
ielieve stiess foi him oi hei. But it is moie than just getting the
job uone - it is the woiking ielationship. Bo not think of youi
woik as just a job, something you have to uo. You aie a paitnei
on a team, anu you want that team to be successful.
When the time is iight, sit uown with youi boss anu have a
fiank conveisation.
Fiist, thank youi boss. Seconu, piactice the Law of value.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 118
Ask youi boss: Show me, tell me, anu coach me on what I can uo
bettei on the job to help this company succeeu.
Beie's what you shoulu say:
"Fiist, I want to tell you that I am so giateful that you have
given me the chance to woik with you. I consiuei it an honoi to
be employeu, especially uuiing this economy. I am incieuibly,
eteinally giateful to be able to have the oppoitunity to woik
with this company.
"Baving saiu that, I have a question foi you. Aie theie some
things you have seen me uo that you aie not satisfieu with. Aie
theie some aieas wheie you feel I coulu impiove to help the
oveiall company giow anu move foiwaiu. I am totally open
to any coaching you woulu have foi me. I want to be the best
at what I uo anu I also want to be a team playei. If you have
an insight on anything you think I can impiove, I woulu love to
know what that is so I can woik on it."
Youi boss may say, "No, I think you aie uoing an awesome
Ask youi boss in what aieas he oi she sees you as stiongei
anu in what aieas you coulu be moie valuable to the company.
Youi boss might give you a list of things. If the list incluues aieas
you uiun't iealize neeueu impiovement, uo not give the final
Let's say he oi she tells you that you neeu to uo bettei in
meeting ueaulines. Ask what you neeu to uo to accomplish that.
Shoulu you follow up thiough the week, giving a status iepoit.
Ask youi boss to give you some coaching. You can begin to
implement a follow-up system that gives him oi hei confiuence
in ielying on you anu youi piouuct anu not looking at you like a
slackei who cannot be counteu on.
Tell youi boss you want to impiove. Say you want to help the
whole company giow.
If he oi she says eveiything is gieat iight off the bat, this is
youi oppoitunity to ask foi what you want.
!"#$!%" '(%"% )#* +"% !,+-.%/
Foi example if you want a bettei woiking scheuule you woulu
say to youi boss, "I am wonueiing if theie woulu be a way that
you woulu tiust me to get these things uone in a shoitei peiiou
of time. I have been woiking twelve-houi uays. I have a family
anu foui kius at home who I am baiely seeing. I want to be heie
foi the long haul anu my goal is to help the company giow. uive
me thiity uays of leaving at five p.m. to see if I can get moie uone
with less time."
I hau a client who was woiking twelve-houi uays, but aftei
I coacheu him he staiteu to builu a ielationship with his boss.
Be talkeu with his boss anu saiu, "If I can get it all uone by five,
woulu you ielease me then. Because I am woiking on getting
moie uone in less time." Bis boss agieeu anu my client was able
to get eveiything uone anu moie by five p.m. Be got a twenty-
thousanu-uollai iaise while cutting his houis back, anu he was
able to coach his son's baseball team anu spenu moie time with
his family.
Tbank-You Notes
When was the last time you wiote youi boss a thank-you caiu.
Leain youi boss's peisonality so you know how to communicate
to youi boss.
It is so easy to be uiffeient fiom eveiyone else. Look aiounu
anu see who neeus to be honoieu anu maue to feel valueu,
whethei it is youi boss, youi co-woikeis, oi the guy in the
mailioom. Foi eveiyone you see youiself managing one uay, get
to know what they like anu uislike, how theii chilu's last soccei
game went, anu what is theii uog's name.
Tell them what a gieat job they have uone, that you appieciate
theii haiu woik anu effoit, anu that you ieally like the way they
uo X, Y, anu Z. Wiite youi boss a thank-you note anu say how
much you appieciate him oi hei, incluuing why.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 120
Assume tbe )ob
You get piomoteu to youi next job by assuming you have the job
This is how one peison got piomoteu in oui company: She
staiteu off pait-time, helping out with events. Theie was nothing
she woulun't uo at the events. She mingleu with the clients,
helpeu me with content, anu helpeu Bans with iegistiation. She
woikeu haiu, builuing ielationships wheievei she went. She
also uebiiefeu the staff when it was uone. She took owneiship
in builuing a team even though she was not paiu to uo that.
When the time came that we neeueu someone to manage
people, it was obvious this peison was the iight one foi the job.
She hau alieauy been uoing the job without being paiu to uo it.
She natuially caieu about the staff anu wanteu eveiyone to woik
well togethei, anu she was genuinely conceineu about how they
weie uoing anu helpeu to solve pioblems with them.
She was then given the oppoitunity to have a full-time
position with oui company, managing the events staff. Since
then she has tiaveleu all ovei the woilu anu has been pait of
lives, being tiansfoimeu iight befoie hei own eyes anu making
moie money than she evei hau in hei twenty-plus yeais of
employment as a teachei.
Everyone Sells
Eveiyone is in some foim of maiketing oi sales. Boctois, teach-
eis, musicians, anu mechanics aie in sales. Eveiy peison in ev-
eiy piofession is in some soit of sales. A housekeepei is selling
a seivice of cleaning someone else's house. That is sales.
Nost people uo not want to be in sales, but if you get goou at
sales, you will have goou clients who pay you. If you know how
to upgiaue sales, you will get paiu moie than someone else who
uoes the same job.
!"#$!%" '(%"% )#* +"% !,+-.%/
No mattei what you uo, you have to wiap youi heau aiounu
the fact that you aie in some soit of sales.
Use Core Rapport
If you ignoie the ieceptionist anu those co-woikeis each uay,
that has an impact. They will make suie you uo not get piomot-
eu. If you uo stait youi own business, they will make suie you
uo not get any contiacts fiom youi company.
If you aie a managei, use Coie Rappoit with the people
aiounu you. Reach out to othei employees, not just the ones
you manage. Builu ielationships so that when you want to get
piomoteu, you will be known anu likeu thioughout the company.
You will get piomoteu because you have uevelopeu a stiategy
anu wiueneu youi teiiitoiy by influencing otheis you weien't
paiu to influence.
Find Cems in Your Company
You can apply the foui uem peisonality types to being an em-
ployee-pieneui. If you aie a Sapphiie anu youi boss is an Emei-
alu, leain how to speak youi boss's language.
If you speak youi boss's language, theie will be haimony
between you, anu he oi she will tiust you. Youi boss will enjoy
woiking with you - insteau of being exaspeiateu by you.
If youi boss is an Emeialu, it is easy to pick up on the
teiminology he oi she uses, woius such as "piecise" anu
"equations." An Emeialu boss likes to talk about facts, anu he oi
she likes things to be clean.
If you cannot clean youi uesk, you will have tiust issues
with an Emeialu boss. Be oi she will think you aie unoiganizeu
anu not tiustwoithy because theie is no oiuei on youi uesk.
That is not a goou way to communicate to youi boss oi builu a
ielationship with him oi hei.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 122
Naintain eye contact with youi boss anu choose youi woius
wisely. uo in with a cleai uiiective. Even if you aie just talking
foi a minute, wiite uown exactly what you want to uiscuss with
him oi hei. When you aie uone, move on. That's what matteis
most to youi boss, anu it will cieate tiust between the two of
you. You will now have establisheu a highei value of youiself to
him oi hei.
Save tbe Company Money
As an employee-pieneui you can use Wai on Bebt skills (see
Chaptei 9) on the job. It is veiy simple. Employees typically
spenu the boss's money - oi the company's money, though the
boss is geneially in chaige of the buugeting - with absolutely
no accountability. They buy papei clips, pens, anu uesk gaugets
because they aie spenuing the boss's money. This uoesn't iaise
youi value to youi boss oi impiove youi chances of keeping that
company in business, anu it uoesn't make you highly iecom-
Piesent the piinciples of Wai on Bebt to youi boss. Tell
youi boss you noticeu places in youi life wheie you spent a lot
of money on things that uiun't help you be moie piouuctive oi
ieach youi goals.
Tell youi boss, "I want to see the company succeeu anu be
moie piofitable, anu I believe we coulu attack that fiom two
uiiections. 0ne, we can inciease oui skills so we can giow oui
sales, anu two, we can holu on to moie of the money we aie
biinging in the uooi. I have been able to pay off uebt by seeing
wheie my spenuing is going anu I believe we coulu help this
company become moie piofitable by uoing the same thing."
!"#$!%" '(%"% )#* +"% !,+-.%/
Refer Sales
Eveiy company neeus sales. That's its piimaiy puipose foi ex-
istence. If you can help with that, you will iaise youi value. You
can get moie sales by picking up the phone anu making contacts.
If you aie giving eveiything you have to help the company giow,
anu spieauing the woiu anu biinging in iefeiials to the com-
pany, all of that will get noticeu.
Naybe you uo not have a high-piofile job. Even with a lowei
level job, you can help with sales. If you aie the secietaiy but
you iefei sales anu sales come in, people will notice.
This is the Law of Reaping anu Sowing. Even if you uon't
think youi boss will notice, that shoulu not stop you fiom tiying
to make an investment in the business anu helping it to giow.
The bottom line is that foi you to keep youi job, it has to biing
in ievenue.
Employees who hate theii job inhibit a company's giowth.
Employees who tell people they hate theii job oi theii boss
spieau ill will anu a negative impiession of the company. It
shuts out the oppoitunity to help the company giow by getting
moie iefeiials. A secietaiy who answeis the phone with no
people skills anu a negative tone cieates an annoyeu peison on
the othei enu of the line anu fiustiation foi the people woiking
with hei.
Relationsbip Marketing
As an employee-pieneui, you can use ielationship maiketing. If
you aie a ieceptionist anu you uo not know ielationship mai-
keting, you answei the phone impeisonally, like this: "XYZ Com-
pany. Can I help you." Which basically means this: "I hate an-
sweiing the phone anu I wish you woulun't call. I uo not want
anything to uo with you."
But when you use ielationship maiketing, you say things
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 124
peisonally, like: "Thank you foi calling XYZ Company. What
can I uo foi you." oi "Bello! Bey, I will be happy to help you" oi
"I'u like to connect you with Sue in oui Customei Relationship
Bepaitment. Sue is outstanuing anu you aie ieally going to
enjoy woiking with hei because Sue is ueuicateu to making suie
we solve youi pioblem quickly anu effectively. Woulu you minu
if I quickly put you on holu foi just a seconu so I can connect you
to Sue."
With ielationship maiketing, seveial things happen. You
stait a fiienuly conveisation anu cieate a "fiienu." Next, you let
the customei know with whom you aie connecting him oi hei.
That makes the customei feel special anu impoitant. You aie
also asking peimission to put the customei on holu ("Woulu you
minu if I quickly put you on holu."). Bow woulu you feel if you
calleu that company anu got that iesponse.
Build Customer Relationsbips
Let's say you woik in customei seivice oi a call centei, anu
somebouy wants to speak to youi boss. An employee-pieneui
shoulu hanule that not in uefense but in offense by euifying youi
Foi example, if somebouy is upset with you because you
aie not getting the job uone, anu she says, "I want to speak to
youi supeivisoi," you coulu say, "0kay. Bolu!" But you shoulu
not say that because you aie getting uefensive anu you will lose
the customei. You will lose the seeu that has the potential to
become an oichaiu.
Insteau you shoulu say, "I woulu be glau to have you speak
to my supeivisoi. You aie going to enjoy youi time with him
because he's amazing to woik with. I apologize that I have only
been able to get you so fai. You will be in gieat hanus with him.
Be's veiy busy, but let me connect you to make suie you get the
kinu of seivice you neeu."
!"#$!%" '(%"% )#* +"% !,+-.%/
You just maue youi boss's job easiei, anu you come acioss as
an asset.
But be suie to aleit youi boss befoie you tiansfei the call:
"I apologize. I know you aie veiy busy. I have given my best
shot with this client, anu I have tolu him you aie an amazing
peison, anu that he'll enjoy woiking with you. Be's on line five
anu ieauy to talk to you."
If you aie the boss in this situation, you will F0RN the client
- family, occupation, iecieation, message: "Bi, }ohn. Bow's it
going. It's not going veiy well. I am so soiiy to heai that. Wheie
aie you fiom. Bow long have you been theie. Aie you maiiieu.
Bow many kius uo you have. What uo you uo."
You can F0RN somebouy in a minute. The client will be
not neaily as tickeu off as he was. Be will know you caie anu
value him, even though you uon't outiight say, "I caie anu I value
you." You 9"(C you caie anu value him: "I have two kius too.
When you get to the message pait of youi F0RN, make
a biiuge anu then say, "I completely unueistanu wheie you
aie coming fiom anu how you must feel iight now, anu I tiuly
apologize foi anything oui company has uone to make you feel
this way. I hope you will you accept my apology iight now. Now
what can we uo to make you happy."
Focus on Your Work
Nany employees aie tiying to focus on twelve things at the same
time: answeiing text messages, checking theii peisonal e-mail,
instant messaging theii fiienus, foiwaiuing e-mail jokes to a
couple of co-woikeis anu fiienus, listening to the news, anu
checking theii Facebook page - all while tiying to woik.
When you have youi focus uiviueu in all of these uiiections,
you aie totally unpiouuctive. I tolu you about the Law of Focus
in Chaptei S. You will be blown away by how piouuctive you can
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 126
be if you attack one task at a time anu check it off youi list. Woik
will become fun again anu youi confiuence will soai. When you
feel goou it causes eveiyone aiounu you to feel goou too.
If you focus on one task at a time, you will builu youi
confiuence. Stait with a task list. When you finish a task, check
it off the list. Eveiy time you check something off youi list, you
will builu youi confiuence anu uiminish the oppoitunity to be
miciomanageu. You will tiain youi boss how to manage you
baseu on youi follow-thiough anu follow-up skills.
You teach youi boss to miciomanage you when you
continuously uiop balls - missing ueaulines, failing to uo youi
woik coiiectly, oi having to uo woik ovei. If you uo not continue
to follow thiough on youi assignments, soon enough you will
be looking foi someplace else to woik. Niciomanaging cieates
a hostile enviionment anu fiustiates the boss anu employee.
Pievent being miciomanageu by getting the job uone piopeily.
Invest in Training
Remembei, youi skill ueteimines youi value in the maiketplace.
Take two aiiplane pilots. If one flies commeicial planes anu
the othei flies piivate jets, the piivate pilot makes moie money
because he has maue a biggei investment into his specializeu
You shoulu invest in youiself to acquiie specializeu
knowleuge. Employees have the minuset that they won't get any
tiaining unless the company pays foi it. Nost employees tieat
the fiee tiaining like it is woithless.
I have seen this when companies pay foi employees'
expenses to come to a "Fiist Steps to Success" tiaining without
the employees eaining the tiip insteau. The employees uo not
show up on time. They uon't take notes. They complain about
eveiything. They uon't value skills they aie taught. They act like
the whole thing is a buiuen.
!"#$!%" '(%"% )#* +"% !,+-.%/
Auopt an entiepieneui minuset of figuiing out what skills
you neeu anu then getting the tiaining foi them. Appieciate the
fiee tiaining youi company gives you. Take auvantage of moie
euucation. Invest moie into youiself. Remembei, you aie an
income-piouucing asset. When you iaise youi value, you iaise
the income the asset piouuces.
Entiepieneuis uon't wait foi somebouy else to give them an
euucation oi a skill. If they uon't know how to uo something,
they make the investment to get the skill. In the same way, as
an employee-pieneui you shoulu invest in youi skill anu youi
ability to motivate people. Invest in youi ability to foimalize
a team of people who will woik collectively towaiu a common
Cetting a Raise
Say you have been at youi job foi thiee yeais anu haven't hau a
iaise. Bow can you become wealthy. 7$ /9 0'5', 8/,83;9$#08'9
$"#$ B'$',;/0' 9388'99 /0 */A'^ /$ /9 C"#$ .(3 B( C/$" .(3, 8/,83;]
9$#08'9 $"#$ B'$',;/0'9 9388'99 /0 */A'.
Youi minu is closeu if you aie saying a iaise is not possible.
What you have to uo is take peisonal iesponsibility as to why
you haven't hau a iaise in thiee yeais. The employee just looks
at the task, while the employee-pieneui takes in the oveiall
Employees get in at exactly eight a.m. anu leave at piecisely
five p.m. People with an entiepieneui minuset look at how they
can affect the company's sales anu help it giow, anu how they
can make a uiffeience so the company is a place wheie people
want to woik.
Entiepieneuis aie exciteu about what they uo in theii woik.
If you haven't hau a iaise in thiee yeais, you have to ask youiself
why. You aie piobably blaming the economy, but I bet otheis got
a iaise in youi company who aie uoing what they can to giow
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 128
in theii skills, anu who have a bit moie of an entiepieneuiial
minuset to help make the company moie piofitable.
Remembei Ryan Nauuing, who got a job foi which he uiun't
qualify. Be successfully iuentifieu the inteiviewei's gem, anu
F0RNeu the inteiviewei uuiing the piocess to beat out uozens
of othei canuiuates foi the position. Although he was initially
exciteu to get a job that paiu him thiity-eight thousanu uollais,
he veiy quickly uislikeu being theie, having a nine-to-five job,
anu having someone tell him what to uo.
Ryan came to me at a woikshop, complaining about his job.
I was like, "Buue, you have to piospei wheie you aie planteu.
You have to make this place bettei befoie you will be tiusteu
with a bettei place. So eithei be likeable to this guy oi you aie
going to be un-likeable to this guy."
I continueu: "Youi bouy language will show that you
uisiespect anu uishonoi him in youi minu on a uaily basis.
That's the fiist thing you have change. Youi job is to climb up
thiough this oiganization anu make a uiffeience theie, not to
teai uown the oiganization staiting fiom the top uown."
The fiist thing I hau Ryan uo was wiite a note to his boss. It
saiu, "Thank you so much foi giving me the oppoitunity to woik
with you."
Then I hau him weigh out the things he genuinely appieciateu
about his boss - his talents, his skills, his gifts, how long has he
hau been theie, anu othei attiibutes that ieally mattei.
I tolu him, "I want you to catei to youi boss. I want you to
finu out his favoiite cheesecake anu his uog's name. Finu out
what makes him tick. Biscovei what he likes. Figuie out how to
communicate with him, as well as the best way to woik with him
accoiuing to his style."
Ryan implementeu these things with his boss, anu also with
his co-woikeis. Be began to F0RN anu euify his boss, euify
his co-woikeis, anu cieate ielationships with eveiybouy in the
!"#$!%" '(%"% )#* +"% !,+-.%/
office. To euify people is to builu up theii ieputation by talking
about theii cieuentials. In contiast, when you uo not euify, you
enu up teaiing them uown oi uishonoiing them.
As I mentioneu at the beginning of this chaptei, Ryan was
piomoteu anu maue $11u,uuu that fiist yeai, anu ieceiveu an
auuitional $18,uuu iaise at the beginning of his seconu yeai.
To get a iaise you have to iaise youi value to the company.
Theie is always a way to make youiself moie valuable so youi
boss wants to pay you moie foi uoing the same thing.
You might ask how you can make moie money if you aie
afiaiu of losing youi job anu not ieauy to go into business. You
have to ueal with whatevei scaies you oi what you feai will
become a ieality.
If you aie feaiful about losing youi job, it will show in youi
woik anu attituue. It also will show in youi piouuction because
you won't be focusing on actually getting the job uone. Insteau
you will be focusing on being afiaiu of losing youi job. You will
be afiaiu of making a mistake. But if you focus on wheie you
want to go anu how you want to help youi company to succeeu,
you will become moie valuable to youi woikplace.
Finding tbe Next )ob
0se Coie Rappoit with eveiybouy you woik with. Naiia was a
pioject managei who got laiu off fiom hei job, but she hau useu
the Coie Rappoit Nethouology to make connections with all the
engineeis with whom she woikeu anu with the othei pioject
manageis. When a co-woikei who also hau been laiu off got
a job at anothei company, he iecommenueu Naiia when theie
was an opening because she hau built a stiategic ielationship
with him. When eveiyone scatteieu aftei the lay-offs, Naiia
maintaineu those ielationships.
Naiia nevei even hau to inteiview. The ownei of the
company calleu hei, she F0RNeu him, anu in five minutes she
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 130
was hiieu ovei the phone. At hei new company she maue moie
than she'u been making befoie - anu she was alieauy in the six-
figuie income biacket.
You have an oppoitunity to giow anu spieau youi influence
as long as you aie campaigning wheievei you go. Talk to people
eveiywheie all the time, even if they uo not fit youi typical
mouel. If you aie in the weight-loss business anu you only talk
to people who neeu to lose weight, you aie missing the boat. If
you aie in the skincaie business anu you only talk to women,
you aie missing the boat. You aie being selective anu you aie
limiting youi teiiitoiy.
If you campaign anu builu ielationships with all those people
aiounu you, when you uo ueciue to stait youi own business you
will have cieateu a centei of influence of people who caie about
you because you showeu you caie about them. They will senu
you business when you go out on youi own.
Wu4z Oua Cruzs S4v
!/** $"/9 C(,D A(, .(3I P',' /9 C"#$ Q39$ 9(;' (A (3, 8*/'0$9 9#.R
I was in a full commission job. I woke up eveiy month with a
big, fat zeio, woiking 6u-8u houis a week, just totally buint
out. I hateu my job, hateu getting out of beu. By applying
Bani }ohnson's piinciples, hei skill sets anu the things that she
teaches, we weie able to make a $241,uuu income in less than a
~ Kelly Purker
Piioi to plugging in to Bani}, I woikeu in an inuustiy
that is veiy fast-paceu, high-stiess, anu cutthioat. I loveu my
job but got so stiesseu out anu buineu-out with this toxic
enviionment that I was willing to completely walk away if things
uiun't change. Aftei attenuing a Fiist Steps event, I went back to
!"#$!%" '(%"% )#* +"% !,+-.%/
my office anu staiteu applying some communication skills I hau
leaineu. In the last 11 months, I was one of only two employees
to ieceive a iaise, was iecognizeu foi exceptional ielationships
with oui clients, ieceiveu a $21,uuu enu-of-yeai bonus, anu got
the gieen light to move to Texas anu open a new bianch of oui
office wheie I will be able to hanupick anu tiain my own team
with awesome skills fiom the get-go.
~ Currle Wulterx
Since listening to Bani's fiee viueos, I have solu ovei $1Su,uuu in
spoits sponsoiships foi a local univeisity heie in 0tah.
~ Kyle jumex
H"#)$', _
S1nn1 ns nN EN1nrrnrNrun
Start Wbere You Are
Bow uo you go fiom being homeless to making millions.
When I was homeless, I uug myself out of my financial hole
by becoming an entiepieneui.
As I ciawleu my way out, I leaineu lessons of success that
Bans anu I continue to use to this uay. These aie timeless lessons
that apply to all entiepieneuis, no mattei how small oi laige
youi business is oi in what inuustiy.
I am going to show you step-by-step how I climbeu out of
that financial hole by becoming an entiepieneui. You will leain
ways to giow youi wealth thiough entiepieneuiship.
Aftei I moveu to Bawaii with my then-husbanu, I bought a
weight-loss piogiam because I hau gaineu twenty-five pounus
aftei getting maiiieu. I answeieu a simple little au in the
classifieu section of the newspapei that saiu:
Wanteu! 1uu people to lose weight!
I enueu up buying the piouuct just uays befoie my bank
account was mysteiiously uiaineu. I hau been living in Waikoloa,
a small town about foity-five minutes fiom the main city of Kona.
But suuuenly I was homeless anu living in my cai.
Ny uieam husbanu hau tuineu out to be a cheat who lieu
about his past anu his finances. Aftei he left me, I founu myself
with $2.uS to my name anu a $SS,uuu uebt. I was totally
uepiesseu, oveiweight, suiciual, anu unsuie about how I was
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 134
going to eat. Ny financial life was a uisastei.
Aftei ciying the blues, I iealizeu I hau to uo something. I
uiun't want to be homeless again. Although I was able to lanu a
job as a cocktail waitiess, I knew it woulu take me thiee months
to affoiu an apaitment on those wages, anu I wasn't willing
to wait that long. Insteau, I maue the uecision to tuin my life
aiounu financially.
Wbat's in Front of You
Remembei a few chapteis ago I tolu you about the weight-loss
piouuct in the back seat that almost scieameu at me, "Sell me!
Sell me! Sell me!" The last thing in the woilu I wanteu to uo was
sell something. I uiu not like sales anu I uiu not like salespeople.
I wanteu nothing to uo with people who even iepiesenteu sell-
ing anything, especially those who solu uooi-to-uooi oi to theii
fiienus. That was uisgusting to me.
Remembei the Law of Piomotion. To piospei wheie you aie
planteu. If you can piospei wheie you aie planteu, you will be
maue iulei ovei much.
Well, I uiu not know it at the time, but that's what I was
leaining. I neeueu to piospei wheie I was planteu. What was
iight in fiont of me at that moment. That stupiu weight-loss
piouuct! I uiu not want to sell it, but I was uespeiate. anu when
you aie uespeiate ego has to go. So it was eithei stay bioke,
oveiweight, anu homeless - oi get staiteu.
Duplicate Utbers' Success
I calleu the 8uu-numbei on the weight-loss box anu founu out
what it took to maiket that piouuct. It was going to cost foui
thousanu uollais - money I uiu not have.
I ueciueu to go out anu cieate a maiket foi that piouuct. I
thought maybe I coulu collect oiueis foi the piouuct fiist, anu
!"#$" #! #& '&"$'($'&')$
then senu the money to the manufactuiei anu have them ship
the items to me. (Well, they actually hau to ship it to the local
liquoi stoie because I uiu not have a physical auuiess!)
I useu what I hau leaineu the yeai befoie while iunning my
othei business - the business the millionaiie stole fiom me. I
was staiting this new ventuie with nothing, but I knew if I
followeu the iight tiack I coulu make it into a lot moie.
I hanu wiote a flyei using the weight-loss au I hau answeieu
as a template. I figuieu if that au hau woikeu on me, then it
ceitainly woulu woik on someone else.
Build Relationsbips
Because I was homeless I uiu not have a phone oi phone numbei.
So I openeu up the Yellow Pages at a phone booth anu lookeu foi
a telecommunications company that solu voicemail systems. I
calleu one in Kona anu began to builu iappoit with the guy who
answeieu the phone.
Aftei a few minutes, the guy at the telecommunications
company saiu, "I feel like I've known you my whole life. What
weie you calling foi anyway."
I saiu I hau been calling to ask about the cost of the voicemail
"Wheie aie you." he askeu.
"Waikoloa," I saiu.
"Bon't uiive all the way uown heie just to give me a check,"
he saiu. "Why uon't you just pop a check in the mail. Beie's youi
phone numbei. Beie aie youi access coues. It is fifteen uollais a
month with a fifteen-uollai setup fee, which I will waive foi you."
I posteu the flyei at the local post office with the new phone
numbei I hau ieceiveu without having to pay a cent upfiont. It
was a phone numbei I hau attaineu simply by builuing iappoit.
In thiee-anu-a-half houis, my voicemail box was full.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 136
Use a Script
When people calleu me in iesponse to the weight-loss flyei, I
uiun't ieally know what to say. I uiun't have a sciipt.
I calleu the fiist peison back, anu he askeu, "Bow much is it."
"0ne hunuieu anu twenty-five uollais," I saiu.
"That's too expensive," he saiu, anu hung up on me.
I iealizeu what was stanuing in my way was my inability
to get someone to say yes. I uiun't know how to hanule the
objection, "It's too expensive." I uiun't know how to set up the
call to have the piospects say, "Yes, I want it anu I want it now!"
They weie calling because they neeueu to lose weight anu
I hau a piouuct that coulu help them. But at that time I uiu
not have the skills yet to communicate with them in a way that
woulu cieate a win-win equation foi both of us - they woulu
lose weight while I woulu get paiu foi helping them.
I iemembeieu that business lesson: Finu someone who has
what you want anu uo what they uo. I useu somebouy else's
au as a template to wiite my own anu it woikeu. Now I neeueu
a template foi talking to piospects who calleu about the au so
they woulu conveit into customeis.
I also knew I neeueu a sciipt foi answeiing people's phone
calls. Sciipts have gieat value in keeping you focuseu anu
they help you navigate a successful conveisation. So I founu
a successful uiet centei in Kona anu calleu it as though I was
answeiing one of theii aus.
This was not new to me because I hau stiuggleu with my
weight foi many yeais anu hau iesponueu to a lot of weight-
loss auveitisements. The uiffeience this time was leaining how
to talk to the peison calling about the au insteau of being the
peison who is iesponuing to the au.
"Bi," I saiu. "I'm calling in iefeience to youi au about losing
"uieat! What's youi name." the lauy on the othei enu saiu.
!"#$" #! #& '&"$'($'&')$
She askeu me a seiies of questions anu then tolu me a little
bit about the piogiam, sliuing in my name eveiy once in a while.
I leaineu so much fiom that call - it became my template.
I saw that the fiist thing to uo was ask questions anu
encouiage the piospects to talk about themselves. Then uesciibe
the piogiam using the piospect's name often, anu close the sale
by showing how the piouuct meets the piospect's neeus. By
finuing out what these successful people wheie uoing I was able
to cieate this template foi builuing my own success.
This is still tiue touay. It is tiue no mattei if you aie just
staiting out, like I was then, oi if you aie alieauy successful in
business. Finu people who have what you want, anu uo what
they uo.
Cive People Wbat Tbey Want
Aftei I hung up, I calleu the next peison who hau left me a mes-
sage on my voicemail, anu I ieau the sciipt I hau wiitten on Post-
"Bi, Sally, this is Bani. I am calling you back. You calleu in
iefeience to a weight loss piogiam."
"Yes, I uiu," she saiu.
"uieat. I neeu to ask you a few questions to figuie out which
piogiam to uiiect you to. Bow much weight uo you want to
"Fifty pounus."
"What types of uiets have you tiieu in the past."
"I've tiieu cutting caloiies, woiking out, staiving myself, anu
even thiowing up."
"Bow uo you feel those woikeu out foi you."
"They uiu not woik at all. I am still fat."
"0kay, Sally. We have been so busy with oui piomotion that
we aie having to uo phone inteiviews to figuie out who is ieally
seiious about losing weight because it is a lot of woik on oui
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 138
pait to help you lose weight. This is guaianteeu to woik foi
you, so we neeu clients who aie absolutely seiious about losing
weight. Bow seiious aie you."
Then I pioceeueu to tell hei about my weight-loss piogiam
anu bam! I got my fiist customei. Then anothei anu anothei.
Eventually, twenty-foui out of twenty-foui people to whom I
Some even saiu, "I want it now!" That's how I solu my fiist
In foui uays, foity people saiu yes anu wiote me checks foi
$12S each. Ny piofit fiom this was $2,uuu.
I uiu not know it at the time, but I was honoiing my piospects.
Remembei the Law of Bonoi. It means honoiing eveiything
aiounu you, incluuing the people you meet, fiom millionaiies to
Wal-Nait woikeis. In Chaptei S, I taught you to honoi people
by F0RNing them - asking about theii family, occupation,
iecieation, anu message - as well as asking about theii signs -
stiengths, inteiests, goals, anu neeus.
Law #11 - Tbe Law of Decision
When I was looking at that weight-loss piouuct in the back seat
of my cai, I hau to make a uecision. That is how I staiteu in busi-
ness. I B'8/B'B I uiu not want to be bioke anu miseiable any-
moie. I B'8/B'B to change my life.
Theie is gieat powei in uecision. Eveiything in life boils uown
to oui choices. When you finally make a uecision, eveiything
begins to click. Think about it: whenevei you put youi heait into
something, you succeeu. Even against all ouus, you oveicome.
This is the Law of Becision.
The most common question I get is, "Bani, how uiu you uo it.
Bow uiu you go fiom homeless to making millions." Ny answei
is always the same. I ueciueu nevei to ietuin to being bioke
again. I ueciueu not to enu up like those who hau iaiseu me. I
!"#$" #! #& '&"$'($'&')$
ueciueu not to be the failuie eveiyone saiu I woulu be. I ueciueu
no longei to be the failuie I hau become.
Theie is something poweiful that takes place in you when
you get to the point of making a uecision anu following thiough
with it. It's when we leave ioom foi excuses that we fail.
Law #12 - Tbe Law of Action
When you make a soliu uecision it is always followeu by action,
anu action leaus to success. That is the next law: the Law of Ac-
When we sit with inuecision, we invite oui enemies -
piociastination, feai, unbelief, anu excuses - into oui lives. This
is why action is so impoitant. When you immeuiately follow
youi uecisions with action, a funnel of favoi begins. Boois begin
to open. People begin to help. Youi life's puipose becomes
cleai, anu self-motivation mobilizes you fiom the insiue out.
Excitement iuns wilu within you as you think of the possibilities
you aie about to expeiience.
When you piactice these two laws, things begin to happen.
This is anothei ieason oui clients get such quick iesults. They
activate the Law of Becision followeu by the Law of Action. The
Law of Action is not taking action when it is convenient. It is
not when you have the money oi the time. It is not waiting foi
eveiything to be peifect, anu it is not waiting until you have all
the infoimation fiist. Action is now!
Honor Your Prospects
When you aie an entiepieneui, you can piactice the Law of
Bonoi with all youi potential customeis, clients, oi piospects.
You honoi them while F0RNing them - getting them to talk
about themselves anu listening. You investigate, you inteiview.
When you inteiview them, let them ieveal to you theii SIuNS -
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 140
stiengths, inteiests, goals, anu neeus.
When you inteiview, they aie uoing all the talking while
you aie asking the questions. They aie ievealing what matteis
most to them - theii stiengths, inteiests, goals, anu neeus. You
leau them with theii SIuN; you leau them with what they tolu
you anu then uiop the message. In the case of the weight-loss
piouuct, the message was that I coulu help them lose the fifty
pounus they wanteu to lose.
When you make initial contact with youi piospect, honoi
them by making them feel special anu impoitant. Bon't just
jump all ovei them with youi agenua. People aie watching the
way you uo things anu ueciuing whethei they want to woik with
you. If you honoi people, they will want to woik with you.
It is also impoitant that you uon't come acioss as an amateui
salespeison who is only aftei one thing: the piospect's money.
Become a piofessional who is aftei a long-teim business
ielationship. Piofessionals "/0$',5/'C" theii piospects; amateuis
Biu you notice how I inteivieweu my piospect foi the weight-
loss piouuct. I saiu, "We have been so busy with oui piomotion
that we aie having to uo phone inteiviews to figuie out who is
ieally seiious about losing weight because it is a lot of woik on
oui pait to help you lose weight. This is guaianteeu to woik foi
you, so we neeu clients who aie absolutely seiious about losing
weight. Bow seiious aie you."
An amateui woulu have saiu, "I am so exciteu about oui
weight-loss piogiam because theie is vitamin A in it, anu let me
tell you the benefits of vitamin A because I just know when you
heai these benefits, you aie going to love this piogiam."
Yuck! Eveiyone has been slammeu by oveizealous
salespeople like that who coulun't caie less about us anu just
want oui money. Bon't be like them.
Look again at the sciipt I wiote. That sciipt took the focus
off my piouuct anu put it on whom. The piospect! The veiy
!"#$" #! #& '&"$'($'&')$
beginning of the sciipt asks questions: "Bow much weight uo
you want to lose." "What types of uiets have you tiieu in the
past." "Bow uo you feel those woikeu out foi you." Whom am I
talking about. I am talking about the piospect.
Control tbe Conversation
As I giew anu leaineu fiom my expeiiences, I saw how success-
ful people contiolleu conveisations by asking questions insteau
of letting me ask questions. When you contiol a conveisation
by asking questions, those questions become pait of youi sciipt.
If I weie a chiiopiactoi, I woulu say to eveiy potential client,
"Theie aie a lot of people who aie in pain yet not ueauly seiious
about theii health. I am just inteiviewing foi a couple of clients
who aie tiuly seiious about attaining goou, soliu health to make
suie they aie going to go the uistance with me. Bow seiious aie
you about getting youi back stiaighteneu anu living a pain-fiee,
healthy life. I am aftei youi long-teim health. I want to get you
well so we uon't have to see each othei veiy much."
That is tuining the tables on the piospect. They aie expecting
you to sell to them, so uon't. Nake them want you insteau. I was
no longei selling. I was inteiviewing, anu that's how you have
to think if you aie maiketing something. You have to inteiview
insteau of sell. Selling causes people to guaiu theii wallets.
Inteiviewing causes them to impiess you anu tell you why they
neeu you, veisus youi having to tell them why they neeu you.
You want seiious clients, not people who will uemanu a
iefunu latei. I wanteu people who weie going to succeeu with
my piouuct because then they woulu tell otheis, anu I woulu be
flooueu with iefeiials. When you give youi clients what they
want, they give you what you want: moie business.
If you aie maiketing wiugets anu no one neeus a wiuget, you
can make someone neeu it by copying the speech I useu: "This
is a wiuget anu these wiugets aie impoitant but we uo not let
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 142
eveiybouy have a wiuget because not eveiybouy is qualifieu
to be oui client. We uo not take just anyone. We aie looking
foi those who aie ueauly seiious anu who will iepiesent oui
piouuct anu seivice the way it neeus to be iepiesenteu. We aie
aftei a long-teim business ielationship, anu the only way that
will happen is if you tiuly benefit fiom oui wiuget."
You cieate an eagei uesiie in people to want youi piouuct
iathei than you selling them on the piouuct. Let them sell you
iathei than you sell them.
Sell tbe Results
You have to builu youi business ieputation by iesults, not by
making youi name sounu gieat oi giving youiself a fancy title. I
hau no title except "homeless woman," "failuie," anu "ieject," so
I leu with cieating success foi my clients. I kept my focus on my
clients insteau of piomoting myself.
I uiun't tell people I was the ownei of my own company. It
uiun't mattei. Ny iesults pioveu I knew what I was uoing.
I staiteu the business fiom thin aii. The focus was on getting
iesults. I askeu myself, "Who can I help to lose weight. Who can
I help to succeeu."
Ny clients' success oveicame the failuie of my past. Ny
success was simply in piouucing iesults foi othei people, anu
helping my clients be happy with the piouuct anu happy with
the seivice. They weie happy they hau come in contact with me
anu tolu otheis about me.
Youi iesults builu youi business ieputation. That's why
eventually I went on Tv - because of the iesults, anu not because
I hau met the iight people in the iight places. It was not because
I hau hiieu somebouy to call Tv stations anu say, "Bo you want
to inteiview Bani }ohnson."
It happeneu because of a client who giew hei business aftei
coming to "Fiist Steps to Success." She was maiiieu to a man who
!"#$" #! #& '&"$'($'&')$
was the vice piesiuent of a laige oiganization that piouuceu a
television show. She got iesults, anu he noticeu a huge change
in his wife. She tolu hei husbanu about the iesults othei people
weie getting as well. Aftei he staiteu listening to the auuios anu
seeing the iesults in his caieei, he saiu to his wife, "We have to
inteiview this woman on oui Tv show."
If you get one Tv inteiview, it snowballs. Tv piouuceis
watch othei people's Tv piogiams to see who they aie going to
inteiview next. That's why you see the same people inteivieweu
on uiffeient shows in a shoit peiiou.
You have to cieate iesults, anu then youi ieputation
will spieau. Ask youi clients to wiite testimonials - those
testimonials will also builu youi business ieputation. Tell youi
clients' stoiies to youi piospects, anu watch the wilufiie you
cieate with the public.
Entrepreneurs Are Not Born
As you know by now, no one in my family was an entiepieneui.
When I was nineteen I was inviteu to a meeting to get into some
kinu of a business. I saiu, "No way! It's not foi me."
I am so glau I eventually saiu yes, anu I am so glau I uiu not
quit. Anu I am just like any othei }oe Blow out theie.
It amazes me that you can go fiom someone who uoes not
have a chance, who uoes not have the connections, who uoes not
have what it takes, anu who uoes not have the ability fiom the
past to shine a light in that uiiection.
I am going to show you what it takes to be an entiepieneui,
how to geneiate sales, anu how to builu a moie piofitable
If you alieauy have a business, I want you to look foi how
this applies to you. Bon't ieau this book looking foi youi way of
thinking oi youi way of uoing things. You aie looking foi new
ways to uo business. Aftei all, some of the teiminology I use in
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 144
this chaptei comes fiom a business that is totally unielateu to
the businesses you might own oi opeiate.
Insteau, as you ieau my iueas ask youiself, P(C 7 8#0 39' $"#$
/B'#I P(C 8#0 7 39' $"#$ 9$,#$'1.I P(C 8#0 7 39' $"#$ $',;/0(*(1.
C/$" C"#$ 7 B(I
Start Wbere You Are
Bow uoes a peison become a successful entiepieneui.
Foi me, it was not because I founu the iight business. It was
not because I was the iight peison. You can stait with simply a
uesiie to uo something uiffeient, to be something uiffeient fiom
the examples you have seen aiounu you. You shoulu also know
what you aie goou at. I was goou at failing.
Nany people think, if l con jinJ tbe riqbt business, tben l will
2' 9388'99A3*E You uo not have to finu the "iight" business. }ust
finu something people want.
I hau no talent - the only thing I coulu uo was play basketball.
I was not a boin speakei. Ny fiist time speaking, I ieceiveu five-
minute notice to uo a piouuct uemonstiation in fiont of twenty-
five people. I bioke out in hives eveiywheie, anu I was sweating
bullets. I hau big puiple maiks on my legs anu big aimpit iings.
It was a uisastei.
When I was finisheu, I iemembei saying to myself, 7 C/** 0'5',
B( $"#$ #1#/0Y 6"#$ 938D'BY I hau uone a ten-minute piesentation
in five minutes, hau gotten all the numbeis wiong, hau gotten all
the stats wiong - eveiything was wiong.
Theie is a philosophy out theie of finuing something that's
within you, what you woulu like to uo. If I hau followeu that line
of thinking, I woulu still be homeless. Biu I like sales. Beck no.
Was I goou at it. No. Was it one of my natuial-boin talents. 0h,
my gosh, no! What weie my natuial-boin talents. I uiun't have
any! I was gieat at basketball. That was it. What coulu I have
useu that foi.
!"#$" #! #& '&"$'($'&')$
The tiuth is I eventually figuieu out that what I hau leaineu
in basketball coulu be useu in business, such as how to foimulate
a winning team anu how eveiyone is impoitant on that team.
Without "the team," you uo not win. I inueeu leaineu all that
thiough basketball, anu that has maue us a foitune. Bowevei,
lots of kius play spoits anu nevei become successful at anything.
You uo not have to love what you uo. Stait wheie you aie.
Foi example, I have a client anu now fiienu who has uone some
time in jail. She was a single mothei of thiee chiluien with a
uesiie to have hei own business when I met hei.
Bina now owns a business wheie she tianspoits cais
people buy online. She has owneu the seconu most successful
tianspoitation business in the countiy foi eight yeais stiaight.
Boes Bina love moving cais. No. You uo not have to love it. Bas
she founu ways to make it moie fulfilling. Yes.
Bina applieu F0RN anu all the people skills she leaineu at oui
"Fiist Steps to Success" tiaining back in 1996 to hei cai business
anu how she seivices hei customeis. She is always having to ueal
with tickeu-off people who ask, "Wheie is my cai." She often has
to heai, "The tiuck bioke uown." She has to be the one who ueals
with those customeis. But hei competitois uo not uo as goou
of a job at getting to know theii clients anu uisaiming those
negative conveisations. Bina went fiom making fifteen uollais
an houi when I fiist met hei to a six-figuie income woiking in
the tianspoitation business.
Bo something that makes a piofit. 0i finu somebouy else's
piofitable iuea anu uo that. Foi example, housekeepeis aie a
uime a uozen. What coulu you auu to make youi seivice a little
uiffeient fiom eveiy othei seivice in the aiea.
0ne of my clients is a foimei gang membei who now iuns
a cleaning business that is essentially a housekeeping seivice
on steioius. She tells hei customeis, "Youi gutteis neeu to be
cleaneu out. We'll take caie of that. Youi gaiage neeus to be
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 146
oiganizeu. We'll uo that. You neeu youi clothes taken to the
cleaneis. We'll uo that." Whatevei it is the customei neeus, she
anu hei employees take caie of it - even cooking uinnei! Bei
business has been veiy successful foi twelve stiaight yeais.
Teacbability as an Entrepreneur
Lots of people have an abunuance of confiuence, anu so that's
what they stait with. I am so glau I uiu not stait with that. I am
so glau I was a failuie. I am so glau I was a ieject anu a nobouy.
Because I think I woulu have hau a haiuei time if I hau been any-
thing othei than that. Knowing I am a failuie anu knowing I hau
a failing tiack iecoiu put me in a place to be teachable.
Teachability is key to long-lasting success as an entiepieneui.
I shaieu with you the Law of Teachability in Chaptei 2. It means
being hungiy enough to puisue success, being willing to leain
fiom masteis, anu putting asiue youi ego foi youi success.
Some people go in anu out of being teachable. Nost people
stait off unteachable. They say, "I've got it all figuieu out." But it
takes failuie to biing people to a place of being teachable. Anu
usually then they only stay teachable until they have a little bit
of success.
0nce they have that little bit of success, they figuie they
have the iest uialeu - until they fail again. So they go on this
iolleicoastei - anu some nevei get off the iolleicoastei to be
teachable. Staying teachable is hugely impoitant so you continue
to evaluate youiself anu stay on the iight tiack.
Being unteachable leaus to big mistakes, moie stiess, anu
less money. When you hit a wall in youi jouiney - notice I saiu
"when" anu not "if" - iemembei to ask foi help fiom tiusteu
auvisois. The moie teachable you aie anu the moie you ask foi
help, the quickei you will knock that wall out of youi way.
!"#$" #! #& '&"$'($'&')$
Cbange Your Environment
As you get staiteu in business, it is impoitant to change youi en-
viionment. Suiiounu youiself with success-minueu people who
will help you giow anu suppoit youi uieams. That can make all
the uiffeience between poveity anu wealth.
Remembei when I tolu you about my fiist intiouuction to
business, how uiffeiently the millionaiies spoke, anu what
they talkeu about. Well, I hau the oppoitunity to change my
enviionment when I was twenty anu woik moie closely with
these success-minueu people. I know beyonu the shauow of a
uoubt that I woulu have been anothei financial casualty hau I
not changeu my enviionment.
I suiiounueu myself with othei uiiven, success-minueu
people. That maue the uiffeience - a massive impact. Enviion-
ment is eveiything. I have watcheu people succeeu because
they put themselves in the iight enviionment. I have also
watcheu people fail because they continueu to hang out with
98 Peicenteis. The bottom line is you aie influenceu by youi
enviionment. Biius of a feathei flock togethei. With whom uo
you flock - chickens oi eagles.
Financial Responsibility
Entiepieneuiship is people anu finance. The Wai on Bebt anu
Nagnetic Influence tiaining piepaie you foi this. Bow you man-
age youi householu is how you will manage youi company.
I hau this conveisation with somebouy whose company has
sent hei to the "Fiist Steps to Success" tiaining foi two yeais
in a iow. The vP of a telecommunications company, she wants
to become an entiepieneui someuay. Bei company sent all of
its employees to "Fiist Steps to Success" anu iepoiteu that theii
entiie lives changeu. The company's piouuction skyiocketeu -
my seminai saveu the company.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 148
When she askeu me if I thought she shoulu stait a company,
I askeu hei, "Can you affoiu foi you anu youi husbanu to live on
one income."
"Well, you know, we woulun't live the same," she saiu. "Things
woulu be tight."
"What aie youi monthly expenses."
"About eight thousanu uollais a month."
"Bow many kius uo you have."
"}ust two."
"You aie not in a place to stait a business," I saiu. "You have
two kius anu you aie spenuing eight thousanu uollais a month.
You obviously uiu not get the Wai on Bebt message two yeais
ago when you fiist came." (It ciacks me up how many people
think they aie exempt fiom that message, especially those who
make a lot of money.) "I am going to tell you iight now, if you go
stait a company with youi cuiient financial habits, you will fail."
I continueu. "Financial piessuie is not a gieat way to stait
a business foi most people. Some of us can uo it. Sometimes it
is the financial piessuie anu the squeezing out on all siues that
makes you uespeiate enough to uiop youi ego anu uo whatevei
it takes to be able to make money. But if you aie spenuing eight
thousanu uollais a month, you aie not theie yet because you will
stait a company anu spenu the same way you uo now."
It is impoitant to unueistanu how money woiks. You ieally
have to weigh youi ego against youi bank account. Bo you want
this new business iuea to fail oi uo you want it to succeeu. Bo
you want this to be anothei tiial oi uo you ieally want to make
it woik.
Bow you manage youi home anu how you manage youi
householu is how you'll manage youi company.
!"#$" #! #& '&"$'($'&')$
Forced to Start a Business
You may be foiceu to stait a business. Naybe you got laiu
off anu have not hau a job in two yeais. Naybe youi job is nevei
coming back. Naybe you hau a meuical conuition anu can't
woik. Naybe you have to caie foi youi chiluien at home.
That's why you continually want to invest in youi skills, even
if you have a job now. You nevei know when you might have to
launch a new business.
In 2uuu I was uiagnoseu with a fatal heait conuition anu was
foiceu to ietiie. I coulun't woik anu I coulun't tiavel. I uiun't
have a way to make money anymoie.
When we founu out I coulun't woik anymoie we both iealizeu
we hau been in a iut foi a long time. We weie uoing the same olu
thing we hau always uone, anu making gieat money uoing it, but
we uiu not know how to uo anything else.
Bans staiteu ieauing books on piogiamming anu web
uesign. Be taught himself about the Inteinet until we staiteu
making money again fiom the Inteinet. Ny cousin, who was a
hackei, taught Bans about the Inteinet anu websites, anu they
staiteu an ISP - Inteinet seivice pioviuei.
It staiteu out with an investment Bans maue in himself.
Investing in ouiselves to leain has always been oui fallback plan.
We pay othei people money to leain how to uo things so we can
mastei a new skill anu piofit fiom it.
I stayeu ietiieu foi foui yeais uuiing which time I was
miiaculously anu completely healeu of my heait conuition.
Neanwhile Bans leaineu the Inteinet thiough tiial anu eiioi.
Be stuuieu a lot on his own anu leaineu fiom otheis. At that
time, he hau no iuea what he woulu uo with it - all he knew
was he wanteu to geneiate an auuitional six-figuie income uoing
something completely uiffeient fiom anything we hau evei
uone. It uiun't mattei to Bans if he likeu it oi nothe was going
to make money with it. That's just his minuset.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 150
Latei, we maiiieu his online skills with my offline skills
anu cieateu Bani} That's how oui online business
If we hau not been foiceu to change oui lifestyles, invest in
ouiselves, anu leain new skills, we nevei woulu have built the
company we have touay. If you aie foiceu to stait a business, it
coulu tuin out to be a blessing in uisguise. It can become a new
path to wealth.
Start witb Sweat Equity
When you stait a business, you aie volunteeiing youi time. You
aie ieinvesting, you aie getting the skills in that aiea, anu then
you aie investing in people. That's pait of knowing what you aie
goou at anu filling in youi blanks with othei people's stiengths.
When you woik in youi own business it is easy to make it
piofitable. You have veiy little oveiheau anu you uo not have
to take on huge uebt to get it staiteu. It is youi time when you
volunteei in youi business. So what uo you uo with the money
you make. Reinvest it back into people who can help you. It is
always people who help to builu a successful business.
Ny veiy fiist business uiu not cost me a lot of money. I
staiteu it fiom the tiunk of my cai. It was liteially sweat laboi,
with no guaiantee of getting paiu. I uiu not have any money to
even get inventoiy, an office, oi phone line.
Eveiy company Bans anu I have evei staiteu was begun
on nothing. We have nevei hau investois. Eveiy one of oui
businesses has given biith to othei businesses. Even the fiist
one that faileu helpeu give biith to the seconu business. Anu
that ISP he staiteu with my cousin. It nevei maue money. But
Bans leaineu piogiamming anu builuing websites anu uatabases
fiom that, which we took into the Bani} business.
We take pait of what we leain fiom one business anu invest it to
stait a new company.
!"#$" #! #& '&"$'($'&')$
When we staiteu Bani}, we hau plenty of
othei piofitable things going on. Because we always staiteu
businesses with oui sweat laboi, the best investment we have
evei maue into any company has been oui skill. We staiteu with
just me speaking anu Bans builuing the website. We uiu both
of these things foi fiee. I uiu fiee tiaining calls anu speaking
engagements foi fiee.
We uiu not hiie someone to builu the website. Bans built
it himself. Theiefoie, it uiu not cost us anything. But once
ievenue staiteu coming in, the fiist investment we maue was to
hiie someone to help us. That helpeu us focus on builuing oui
business while someone else was managing uay-to-uay uetails.
As we built the business, I uiu all the tiaining, speaking, anu
people uevelopment. Bans woikeu on the back enu, taking the
knowleuge of what faileu in anothei business anu using it in a
technical mouel that was fai uiffeient fiom an ISP, anu he maue
that giow.
We woikeu foi fiee with Bani}, not paying
ouiselves foi a yeai-anu-a-half. We paiu oui employees befoie
we paiu ouiselves. 0ui numbei one focus was finuing whom we
coulu help succeeu anu the kinu of iesults we coulu help them
piouuce. That is the same business mouel anu maiketing plan I
staiteu with twenty yeais ago, anu it still woiks.
Touay we have clients fiom all ovei the woilu, in eveiy time
zone anu neaily eveiy nation. At any given moment thioughout
a twenty-foui-houi peiiou, someone visits oui website. When
the ABC hit Tv show "Seciet Nillionaiie" featuieu me as the
millionaiie on Naich 6, 2u11, we weie the numbei-one seaich
teim on uoogle foi moie than eight houis. That same website
hanuleu moie than two hunuieu thousanu actions within a
couple of houis. Since 2uuS that business has geneiateu an
income even while we sleep.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 152
Market Someone Else's Idea
People uo business two ways: they eithei cieate theii own piou-
ucts anu seivices, oi they maiket someone else's piouucts anu
seivices. Coming up with youi own iuea anu youi own path is
much moie challenging.
Sometimes you have to seive someone else's vision until you
have youi own. When I staiteu as an entiepieneui, I uiu not
have a vision. I was too bioke to pay attention. I uiu not know
how to come up with an iuea, so I founu someone else's. If you
uo not have an iuea foi a piouuct oi seivice, maiket somebouy
else's piouuct anu seivice.
Nost people who aie in business aie piobably alieauy
maiketing somebouy else's iuea. Foi example, if you aie a
chiiopiactoi, you aie maiketing someone else's iuea. The goou
thing about maiketing someone else's iuea is that they piobably
alieauy have a way foi it to be maiketeu. All you aie uoing is
maiketing something that someone else is alieauy maiketing.
That's much easiei anu can get to a piofit much fastei.
Focus on Results
An entiepieneui uoesn't think in teims of an "houily" economy
but moie of a "iesults-oiienteu" economy. It woulu be awesome
foi employees to wiap theii heaus aiounu that because people
can fill houis with non-piouuctive things. Employees who get
iesults at the job aie the ones who likely will get a piomotion.
If you piouuce iesults, you iaise youi value, which means you
iaise youi pay.
Successful entiepieneuis have a "no excuse" minuset. Theie
has to be a solution, theie has to be a way. Whethei you uig
unuei it, aiounu it, oi go ovei it, an entiepieneui is not easily
Entiepieneuis often think in teims of what can be uone
!"#$" #! #& '&"$'($'&')$
veisus what cannot. Eveiybouy stumbles, anu not eveiybouy
is peifect. But entiepieneuis typically will not quit no mattei
how bau a situation is. Some entiepieneuis, uepenuing on
wheie they aie in theii jouineys, may finu themselves in a iut.
Theii finances aie in a pit anu eveiything is just stuck. When
that occuis theie is a gieat chance they have not been excellent
in some aiea anu they neeu a kick in the butt.
Entiepieneuis aie obviously uiiven. Anu uiive is not
necessaiily just uesiie, vision, hope, oi "someuay I'll get theie."
Biive is actually getting it uone, anu getting it uone now.
Entiepieneuis have veiy stiong initiative. Biive uoes not neeu
to be motivateu oi tolu what to uo. Anu uiive is not waiting foi
what is convenient.
Tbe Successful Entrepreneur Mindset
- Bo not wait foi change, they biing it
- Bo not wait foi someone else to solve pioblems foi them,
they solve them
- Aie not afiaiu of pioblems
- Live in a iesults-oiienteu economy. They uo not think in
teims of what they aie being paiu houily
- Bave a no-excuse minuset
- Bo not have an "it's not my job" mentality
- Can't affoiu not to biing excellence anu uiligence to the table
- Bave to biing integiity to the table - going the extia mile.
They ask, !"#$ 8#0 7 B( $( ;#D' $"/9 B'#* 9( 9C''$ A(, $"/9
8*/'0$ $"#$ /$ /9 /,,'9/9$/2*' 0($ $( C(,D C/$" ;'I
- Aie big-pictuie thinkeis anu self-motivateu. You uo not have
to tell them to get out of beu oi to stait a pioject
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 154
- Bo not sit aiounu, afiaiu to call someone
- Aie not afiaiu to get theii hanus uiity
- Know each facet of theii business. They have uone it
themselves anu they have tiaineu someone else to uo it as
well. They commanu iespect fiom theii employees because
theii employees see them still getting theii hanus uiity
- Think in teims of what else can be uone.
- Aie uiiven.
Make More Money
0nce you get staiteu as an entiepieneui, you will want to make
money in youi business. You will want to inciease sales.
In this book so fai I have shown you how to make moie
money - thiough Nagnetic Influence, ielationship maiketing,
piospeiing in youi job, anu staiting as an entiepieneui.
In the next chaptei I will show you thiee simple ways to
make moie money. This is the pathway to biggei piofits foi youi
business - whethei you aie woiking in someone else's business
oi youi own.
Wu4z Oua Cruzs S4v
!/** $"/9 C(,D A(, .(3I P',' /9 C"#$ Q39$ 9(;' (A (3, 8*/'0$9 9#.R
I was a 19-yeai-olu, full-time college stuuent, woiking pait time
as a waitiess, making $8,uuu a yeai anu just getting ueepei anu
ueepei into uebt. I possesseu absolutely no skills as to how to
iun a piofessional business, so I got pluggeu into Bani }ohnson
anu Fiist Steps to Success seminais. 0sing the skills that Bani
has taught me, I was able stait a business anu make $9,uuu in
one week!
~ Kerl Skurln
!"#$" #! #& '&"$'($'&')$
I staiteu my own consulting company back in Septembei of this
yeai. I got my fiist big contiact with a well-known college. They
paiu me $S4,uuu (that's one big check) foi six months to help
them iecieate theii entiie aumissions tiaining piogiam anu
help inciease aumissions by 2u peicent. Thiough utilizing the
Coie Rappoit Nethouology skills fiom Bani anu my pievious
expeiience in the highei euucation inuustiy, I was able to secuie
that gig. I nevei hau that much money in my hanu befoie at
one time. Thanks to Bani's Fiist Steps to Success anu Cieating
a Bynasty events, I went fiom making $27,uuu pei yeai thiee
yeais ago to making $124,uuu in 2u1u.
~ ShuunJl 0olnx
I was woiking 8u-9u houis a week. I was buint-out anu stiesseu-
out; I uiun't have enough money to covei my monthly expenses
anu was falling backwaius in uebt as a single, stiuggling law
stuuent. Bani's tiaining ovei the last two yeais has helpeu me
to geneiate a six-figuie income. I was able to leave both my law
anu coipoiate caieeis behinu me. Bei auvanceu tiaining with
peisonalities has helpeu me finu a husbanu, anu we aie expecting
oui fiist chilu. Be anu I have also paiu off ovei $6u,uuu of uebt
in the last 17 months. I no longei have to answei to a coipoiate
boss. I will be able to gioom my baby foi success by staying
home, insteau of someone else iaising him oi hei. I know we aie
on a fast tiack to success anu being financially uebt-fiee!
~ 1uru Huyex-johnxon
H"#)$', `
Pn1uwnv 1o Biccrn Pnori1s
Tbree Simple Steps
Bave you thought about what it takes to go on a uate. 0i to con-
vince someone to maiiy you. You may be suipiiseu, but it is a
similai piocess to convincing a piospective client oi customei to
buy youi piouuct.
Even if you aie not an entiepieneui, you aie always selling
something. You aie selling - to youi kius, youi spouse, youi boss,
youi colleagues, youi employees, youi customeis - whatevei it
is that might benefit you both.
Even if you aie not an entiepieneui, the pathway I show
you in this chaptei will help you succeeu in all aieas of youi
life. Eveiy salespeison uses this pathway to piofits. Speakeis,
wiiteis, musicians anu actois use it. In fact, anyone in any
piofession can benefit fiom this pathway to moie piofits.
If you want to be successful, you have to leain to think beyonu
youi little box. When you stait leaining about the pathway
to bettei piofits in this chaptei, think beyonu youi own set of
ciicumstances. Bon't ieau this concept anu say to youiself, !'**<
$"/9 B('90K$ #))*. $( ;'.
I want you to see how it uoes apply to you, because as I have tolu
you pieviously in this book, some of the biggest bieakthioughs
in innovation occui when two unielateu inuustiies oi people
come togethei. I am going to show you thiee key ways to giow
youi business that will put you on the pathway to biggei piofits.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 158
In oui woikshops, we go into a lot moie uetails about each
piinciple, with step-by-step piocesses. But ieauing it heie will
at least give you the map to moie income.
These skills have helpeu oui businesses to become
multimillion-uollai enteipiises. This is the founuation we have
useu in eveiy business we have evei hau. These skills will help
you giow youi business anu impiove all aieas of youi life too.
You alieauy leaineu the seciets to Nagnetic Influence in
Chaptei S. The gieat thing about Nagnetic Influence is you can
tuin it into a sales piocess foi eveiy aiea of youi life. You can
use this piocess on a uate oi in a sales meeting.
This piocess is the pathway to biggei piofits. It has thiee
simple steps: inciease exposuie, inciease conveision, anu
inciease scalability. a@)(93,' means telling people about youi
piouuct, seivice, oi whatevei you have to offei. H(05',9/(0
means they move fiom being a piospect to a client because they
took auvantage of what you hau to offei. Anu 98#*#2/*/$. gives
you the oppoitunity to expanu youi ielationships anu business
to ieach moie people.
In this pathway to piofits, you use Nagnetic Influence eveiy
step of the way. The moie you expiess that you aie looking foi a
job oi ceitain oppoitunity, the bettei the chances you will lanu
it. Then you use Nagnetic Influence piinciples to piesent who
you aie oi what you have to offei. Keep the focus on the peison
who is listening. Piesent youi iuea in a way that matteis most to
youi auuience. Then give that peison the oppoitunity to make a
choice that is mutually beneficial. Finally, look at ways to expanu
youi ielationships.
Let's say you aie looking to uate. To fiist finu a uate, you
must expose youiself. You must let those aiounu you know you
aie inteiesteu in finuing a uate. Then you must piesent youiself.
You neeu to let the peison you aie inteiesteu in - the piospect -
know who you aie.
!"#$%"& #( )*++,- !-(.*#/
Finally, you close the ueal by asking, "Bey, woulu you like to
go to uinnei."
You can use this same pathway to piofits in business
- whethei you aie an employee tiying to lanu a job oi an
entiepieneui selling an iuea.
Tbree Ways to Crow Your Business
You have to expose youi piouuct, seivice, iueas, oi youiself -
whatevei it is you aie maiketing. When it comes to exposing
youi offei you must think outsiue the box.
Theie is neaily no limit to the uiffeient ways of getting
youi offei out to otheis who neeu to see oi heai it. We have all
witnesseu a multituue of auveitising, whethei it be auveitising
on television, on iauio, in newspapeis, in magazines, oi on the
Inteinet. We have also been exposeu to an offei by talking to
people, ieauing a flyei, oi seeing auveitising on cais.
Exposuie coulu also happen thiough auveitising on youi
bouy. Real estate agents weai pins that say "ieal estate agent"
next to theii name. They uo not weai the pins to ieminu
themselves they aie ieal estate agents. They weai them to
auveitise they aie ieal estate agents.
When I was in the weight-loss business, I woie a pin that
saiu "Lose weight now, ask me how" anu anothei pin with a little
winuow wheie I coulu change the amount I hau lost: "I lost SS
pounus, ask me how." So people woulu ask me about my pins.
If I hau not been weaiing the pin, they woulu have askeu
me nothing. I was weaiing a piece of auveitising. All my casual
clothes always hau some kinu of auveitising on them while I was
builuing that business. I was willing to weai T-shiits anu hats
anu caiiy bags to piomote my business. Eveiything I woie was
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 160
uesigneu to get people to ask me about my piouuct.
If you uo not like staiting a conveisation about youi piouuct,
you can weai a foim of auveitisement that causes someone
else to stait the conveisation. Aftei that, you can use Nagnetic
Influence to F0RN the inuiviuual. The list of ways anu places to
expose youi bianu oi offei these uays is neaily enuless.
If you cultivate the ielationship piopeily, exposuie will biing
you an entiie clientele. Nevei see an inuiviuual as one peison.
Accoiuing to social scientists, that one peison has at least two
thousanu people behinu him oi hei that you can access if you
cultivate the ielationship piopeily.
Free Fxpoxure
I want to shaie with you the cheapest foim of exposuie. It is also
the most commonly oveilookeu foim of exposuie. This foim of
exposuie will help you builu youi business, meet new clients,
anu ieciuit new staff foi youi company. This exposuie is youi
peisonal list of iesouices anu the list of iesouices of the people
with whom you woik.
Let's say you aie opening a iestauiant. You got a business
loan to invest in the iestauiant. The loan pays foi eveiything
you neeu to get staiteu - equipment, tables, tablecloths,
silveiwaie, menus, anu signs. It pays foi all the initial foou as
well as unifoims foi youi staff. But, by the time you open, you
have spent all youi money on equipment anu staff, anu you have
no money left foi auveitising.
What aie you going to uo. Bow will you let people know youi
iestauiant even exists. Nost people think, !'**< 7 "()' 9(;'"(C
people jinJ it. No, they aie not going to finu youi iestauiant.
Naybe a few people might walk by, but the tiuth is you aie going
to go out of business if you uo not finu a way to biing people
thiough that fiont uooi who aie going to take auvantage of the
gieat foou you have to offei.
!"#$%"& #( )*++,- !-(.*#/
Bow will you let the public know if you have no money to
auveitise. Bow uo you let the public know you openeu this
iestauiant. Nost people eventually come up with the answei.
Anu the answei is to talk to eveiyone you know anu let them
know about youi iestauiant. Well, of couise you woulu. Anu if
you pickeu up the phone anu calleu eveiyone - family, extenueu
family, past co-woikeis, olu high school buuuies, chuich
membeis, olu bosses, the plumbei, the family uoctoi anu uentist,
mechanics, haiiuiesseis, manicuiists, fiienus, acquaintances
fiom youi kius' school, teacheis, eveiyone! -letting them know
you staiteu this iestauiant, is it possible that some woulu not
come anu eat youi foou. Yes, that is possible. Woulu you quit.
Is it possible that some woulu come once anu nevei ietuin
again. Yes. Is it possible that some woulu come anu eat anu
nevei tell anybouy about it. Yes. Woulu that make you quit. No.
Is it possible that some woulu come, eat, anu tell othei people
about it. Yes. Anu those aie the kinus of people you aie looking
foi. You aie actually looking foi any one of those equations. So
somehow you aie going to let people know that the iestauiant
exists. Some will come anu eat. Some will iefei otheis.
Theie is an enoimous amount of misseu business because
people uo not piomote to theii own list of iesouices the
piouucts, goous, anu seivices they offei to the geneial public. If
you uo use this foim of fiee auveitising, you will see theie comes
a point wheie you will have a huge numbei of people coming to
youi business.
Ilxt Your Rexourcex
People complain that they uo not have enough money to au-
veitise theii business. People complain that auveitising is too
expensive. What's so inteiesting about that is they aie missing
the obvious, fiee ways to piomote theii goous anu seivices, yet
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 162
what is obvious anu fiee seems to be a last iesoit foi many. If
you uo not have the money to auveitise effectively, then use the
most poweiful foim of auveitising that exists: woiu-of-mouth
auveitising. If you uo have the money to auveitise, implement
this stiategy anu watch youi business exploue.
As I saiu, the most commonly oveilookeu foim of exposuie is
youi peisonal list of iesouices.
Beie is what to uo. Wiite a list with eveiy peison you have
evei uealt with. Contact those people, using F0RN fiist to builu
a iappoit, anu then let them know about the business you aie
offeiing. This list alone coulu leau to a tiemenuous clientele if
you woik it iight. Think about it - what if each peison on this list
knows two thousanu people you uo not know. It is so poweiful.
I have seen this appioach make my clients millions of uollais.
I have also seen people use this appioach only to have it enu in
nothing. It all uepenus on how you use the list. In my CB seiies
b0*/;/$'B -388'99, I go into gieat uetail on how to use a list anu
cultivate a wilufiie of iefeiials without looking like an amateui.
The othei siue of this appioach is to constantly be auuing
to this list. You have the oppoitunity to meet people eveiy
uay - unless, of couise, you aie a cave uwellei. Seiiously, put
youiself in places wheie you can meet othei people. You nevei
know who among the people you aie engaging has connections
beyonu themselves.
So you want to builu ielationships with eveiybouy,
eveiywheie, all the time - incluuing the lauy at Wal-Nait -
because you aie campaigning foi youi business ieputation.
With the iight piofessional appioach, this coulu leau to a client
base of hunuieus of thousanus - as it has foi Bans anu me.
The majoiity of oui staff has come fiom oui peisonal list of
iesouices, a iefeiial fiom someone else's iesouices, oi someone
we met along the way. 0ntil iecently we have nevei iun an au
to hiie staff.
!"#$%"& #( )*++,- !-(.*#/
We have built a uynamic inteinational team without spenuing
a uime in auveitising.
1urn Your Fmployeex lnto Free AJvertlxlng
It is impoitant to have gieat ielationships with the people who
woik with you because they aie eithei spieauing goou news oi
bau news about youi company. That is anothei oppoitunity foi
new business - youi employees coulu be getting new business
foi you uuiing theii time off.
Let's say youi employee }oe sees his neighboi at the gioceiy
stoie anu staits talking to him. Naybe the conveisation goes
something like this:
Neighboi: "Bey, how's youi job."
}oe: "0h, it sucks."
Neighboi: "Well, what company uo you woik foi."
}oe: "I woik foi XYZ Company. I hate what I uo anu I hate my
}oe just spieau a bau auveitisement about youi oiganization
to the geneial public. You just lost an oppoitunity to expose
youi business to eveiyone he knows. This is why it is impoitant
to cieate a haimonious enviionment with the people who woik
foi youi company. Bo not call them youi staff oi youi employees
- they aie a pait of youi "team." Nake them feel valueu anu
appieciateu so they think like owneis of youi business anu
speak positively about youi business to the public.
Struteglc Freeblex
If you aie going to give away something foi fiee, uo it stiategi-
cally. Bave you evei given away stuff foi fiee with no enu iesult.
Nake suie the piospective customei has a path to follow, such as
signing up foi a fiee e-newslettei that eventually leaus to a paiu
item oi at the veiy least a iefeiial.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 164
A fiienu of mine is a manicuiist who neeueu to expanu hei
business. When she fiist staiteu, she exposeu hei business
eveiy uay. 0nce she got a healthy clientele, she uiu what most
people uo anu stoppeu exposing. As hei clientele uwinuleu, she
blameu the economy. 0ntil I met with hei.
I tolu hei, "Bienua, you can use the economy as an excuse
anu go bioke like the iest of those who aie blaming theii
ciicumstances, oi you can get back to exposing youi business
aggiessively." She anu I biainstoimeu seveial successful ways
she hau exposeu hei business in the past anu some new ways
as well.
I askeu hei what kinu of client she was looking foi anu wheie
that peison woikeu. We maue a list of places wheie women
woikeu anu cieateu a plan to ieach them with a fiee offei that
someone else woulu piomote foi hei.
Bienua calleu a bank managei because banks have lots of
female employees. She offeieu a fiee manicuie as an incentive
foi the employee who got the most accounts, loan applications,
oi uepaitment iefeiials. The bianch managei loveu it because
this incentive uiu not cost hei a uime!
Bienua got hei name out to that entiie bank bianch anu it
will iesult in at least one new client. When Bienua uses the skills
in pievious chapteis of this book, plus the skills outlineu in this
chaptei, that one client will iesult in a bianu new clientele just
fiom that one peison. 0sing these kinus of stiategies Bienua
incieaseu hei income by fifteen hunuieu uollais in the fiist
thiity uays.
Uxe FORM for Cuxtomerx
You can also inciease exposuie by using Nagnetic Influence to
talk to customeis anu clients. F0RN them. All youi clients will
know is they feel pietty impoitant because you let them talk
about themselves.
!"#$%"& #( )*++,- !-(.*#/
The moie you uo it, the moie they will fall in love with you.
You woulu nevei know piofessional sales people aie
salespeople. As I explaineu befoie, they leau with ielationship.
They focus on people - honoiing people anu getting people to
talk about themselves.
When people stait talking about theii families anu theii
occupations, they stait shaiing neeus iight out of theii mouth.
They stait saying things like, "I have a gieat job, but I am just not
making enough anu I am a little woiiieu about losing my job."
Is that a neeu you can fill with youi business. 0i uo you know
someone to whom you coulu iefei him oi hei.
If you iefei that peison to a place that helps him oi hei, you
have just elevateu youiself as a tiusteu auvisoi. Anu you will be
iefeiieu as well. If you uo not ask the questions you nevei will
know people's stiengths, inteiests, goals, oi neeus - theii SIuNs.
You will miss the chance to tuin youi customei into an auvocate
foi you insteau of a customei who nevei iefeis anyone.
Storlex unJ 1extlmonlulx
The tiuth is that facts tell anu stoiies sell. As I mentioneu in the
last chaptei, let the iesults sell youi piouuct. Stoiies anu testi-
monials show the iesults youi piouuct offeis. Eveiy piesenta-
tion you give must incluue testimonials - stoiies fiom people
who have bought youi piouuct anu it changeu theii lives.
Stoiies aie what cause people to believe that if it woikeu foi
someone else then peihaps it will woik foi them as well. Stoiies
aie what valiuate youi piouuct oi seivice. Testimonials builu
People want to know, "Is it going to woik foi me." Testimonials
give the piospect a chance to iuentify with otheis.
You aie fiaming the piospect's minu foi what is impoitant
foi them to know about youi company, anu what it uoes. 0se
stoiies to help you attiact new business as well as to keep youi
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 166
cuiient business. While following up with youi cuiient clientele
it is goou to shaie stoiies of what is happening with youi othei
happy clients anu the iesults they aie getting with youi piouuct
oi seivice.
Testimonials neeu to be shoit, quick, anu to the point. They
neeu to be about the iesults of the piouuctseivice anu the
pioblem that has been solveu foi youi clients who use it.
Contlnuoux Fxpoxure
People who stop exposing in business make a big mistake.
You must constantly be exposing, such as implementing
iefeiial piogiams foi youi existing clients so they will piomote
youi piouuct oi seivice. If you woik with a spiiit of excellence,
all youi clients will be youi walking auveitisements. Take
caie of eveiy ounce of business as though you hau none. Anu
continuously campaign foi moie as though you have none. Bo
not get comfoitable with small iesults; theie is always moie out
theie that someone else is getting. If someone is getting the
business, why shoulun't it be you.
Let's say you aie tiying to giow a clientele, anu somebouy
calls in to whatevei business you have about youi seivices. If
they ask you, "Aie you available to take this appointment touay
at noon." Whatevei you uo, uo not say no. Why. Even if you aie
not available, you can at least F0RN that piospect. You can builu
a ielationship in sixty seconus, anu then maybe that peison will
make a connection with you anu will be willing to wait foi you
to fit him oi hei in.
If you say you aie not available, you have lost the fish on the
hook. That is a hot leau you may have paiu foi thiough some
auveitising. If you aie not available, the piospect will continue
to finu somebouy else to fulfill the seivice neeueu. The veiy
least you can uo is F0RN this piospect foi a quick minute anu
make a fiienu.
!"#$%"& #( )*++,- !-(.*#/
When you uo this you have incieaseu youi ouus of gaining a
new client who eventually can expose you to an entiie clientele.
1he Cloxe
When the piesentation is set up coiiectly, youi piospects will be
making uecisions thioughout the piesentation. So by the time
you get to the close, it shoulu be easy. It is haimonious, not a
fight. By that point the piospect shoulu be thinking, 6"/9 C(,D9E
6"/9 ;#D'9 9'09'E 7K; /0Y
Always ask a closing question aftei a piesentation. This is
wheie most salespeople fail oi wobble because they aie often
afiaiu to ask. Eithei they uon't want to piessuie people oi they
uon't know what to say uuiing a close. In fact, many salespeople
commonly close by asking, "Bo you have any questions." That's
the woist way in the woilu to close. Let's look at some options.
Control the Converxutlon
Insteau of asking piospects what they think oi if they have any
questions, contiol the conveisation youiself. Keep them on a
path that will leau to a mutually beneficial ielationship foi pios-
pects anu you. If you tiuly have piospects' best inteiest in minu,
ask a seiies of questions that compel them to answei honestly.
This will foice what the piospect ieally wants to come out
of his oi hei mouth - which may oi may not be what you have
to offei. Regaiuless, the goal of the closing question is to biing
youi piospect to a uecision: yes oi no.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 168
You uo not want the conveisation to enu with, "We neeu to
think about it," "I neeu to talk to my spouse," "This is not the
iight time," oi "I uo not know if I can uo this."
Ask stiategic questions that encouiage youi piospect to
iesponu honestly anu fieely. That peison can then come to a
uecision about whethei you shoulu move foiwaiu togethei.
If you ueciue that it is uefinitely not a fit, that's helpful as
well. You uo not want somebouy in youi client base oi office
enviionment who uoesn't want to be theie. You only want those
who want to be theie.
You uo not want to convince piospects to uo what they uo
not want to uo. If you aie able to convince that skeptic touay,
you aie going to have to convince them again tomoiiow, the next
uay, anu the next uay. This usually enus in a futile ielationship.
It's not woith it.
Questions to Ask
Beie aie some veiy simple questions you can ask. These ques-
tions may oi may not apply to youi business, but they aie a goou
baseline foi what you can ask to close a piesentation anu help
youi piospect make a uecision.
1. Stait by asking, "What uiu you like about what you just
heaiu." oi "What uiu you like about what you just saw."
oi "What uiu you like about what you just ieau."
2. Aftei the piospect iesponus, say, "Tell me moie about
that." Let the piospect tell you what he oi she likeu anu
why. This way, the piospect self-sells the piouuct oi
seivice, anu you aie not uoing the selling.
S. Responu by saying, "So wheie uo you see youiself getting
!"#$%"& #( )*++,- !-(.*#/
Sumple lulogue
Accoiuing to Bun & Biaustieet, 9u peicent of all businesses fail
within the fiist five yeais uue to the ownei's lack of knowleuge
anu skill. If you uon't want to be that faileu ownei, you neeu to
leain the uialogue of a gieat closing.
So let's say Sue is selling a tiaining piogiam to Bob, who
wants to become a successful businessman. She has piesenteu
the iuea that Bob will finu his fiist step towaiu success at
Bani} Bob just saw what Bani} offeis,
anu Sue is offeiing him oui tiaining piogiam.
Sue: "Bey, Bob, what uiu you like about what you saw."
Bob: "I like that youi system is veiy cleai anu simple to
follow. It answeis some haiu questions that I have just not been
able to figuie out."
Sue: "Tell me moie about that."
Bob: "Well, I have been beating my heau up against the wall
tiying to figuie out how I can motivate my employees to ieally
uo the job they neeu to uo. I ieally neeu to spieau the message
about what my company has to offei. I have so much competition
out theie, anu I want to become the numbei one peison in my
maiket. I uo not know how to optimize my website, anu I uo not
get all the social meuia stuff. Youi system offeis all of that, as
well as how to help my company become completely uebt-fiee. I
also like youi package because it is all in one place. It is all theie,
anu it is explaineu in a way I unueistanu."
Sue: "Bo you want to make a little oi a lot of money with youi
Bob: "A lot."
Sue: "What foi."
Bob: "Well, I want to be able to pay off the moitgage on my
house. I want to save up foi my chiluien's college funus, anu I
want to be able to buy a gieat gift foi my paient's fiftieth weuuing
anniveisaiy that's coming up.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 170
I'u like to be able to give them a nice tiip aiounu the woilu oi to
someplace special."
Sue: "0kay. If you continue on the same path you aie on iight
now with youi business, how long will it take you to pay foi youi
moitgage, put money away foi youi kius' college tuitions, anu
give youi paients that beautiful fiftieth anniveisaiy gift."
Bob: "Wow, that's ieally haiu. In fact, it uepiesses me to
even think about it. It will piobably take me at least five yeais
just to save up foi the kius' college tuitions, anu I just uo not
know wheie the money is going to come fiom foi the othei stuff
because I have uebt, the economy is uown, anu it is been ieally
Sue: "So, Bob, wheie uo you see youiself getting staiteu. Bo
you want to stait with oui basic piogiam moving slowly towaiu
youi goals oi uo you want to put youiself on a fast-tiack so youi
staff will be motivateu, youi company will be moie piofitable,
anu youi uebt will be uemolisheu. Then you will be on youi way
to paying foi youi kius' college tuitions, anu senu youi paients
on that fiftieth anniveisaiy tiip aiounu the woilu."
Bob: "Wow! You know I have always loveu challenges, Sue,
anu I have always wanteu to go foi the best. So I uefinitely want
the fast-tiack option."
Sue: "uieat! Welcome aboaiu."
Increuxe Cloxlng Rutlox
A closing iatio is the numbei of people you ask to buy compaieu
to the numbei of people who say yes. Foi example, if you ask
one hunuieu people to buy anu ten say yes, the closing iatio is
1u peicent.
0veiall, if youi baseline closing iatio is 1u peicent anu
you inciease youi closing iatios by using the techniques I am
teaching you heie to 2u peicent, what happens to youi income.
You uouble it!
!"#$%"& #( )*++,- !-(.*#/
If you take youi closing iatios fiom 2u peicent to Su peicent,
what have you uone. You have moie than uoubleu youi income.
You've multiplieu youi income. Is it possible to get youi closing
iatio fiom nothing to 9u peicent. Yes it is. Thiough time anu
iepetition, it is absolutely possible to go fiom a nothing closing
iatio up to a 9u peicent closing iatio.
I have a client, Sanui, who was stiuggling to builu hei Inteinet
business when we met hei. She was able to geneiate a lot of
leaus but coulu not conveit them. So she was looking foi some
solutions anu wanteu to implement oui system of "high tech
with high touch." Sanui's closing iatios weie some of the woist I
hau evei seen - she was zeio foi thiee thousanu. She hau offeieu
thiee thousanu people an oppoitunity to buy anu none of them
hau saiu yes. Zeio. I have to hanu it to hei - Sanui was one
peisistent women anu I have a ton of iespect foi hei. I woulu
have quit, but she gave a whole new meaning foi peisistence.
Although Sanui was able to geneiate pie-qualifieu leaus,
which aie amazing leaus, she was unable to connect with them.
When she woulu attempt to make a connection, the leaus uiu
not want to talk to hei because of the way she initiateu the
conveisation. Aftei attenuing seveial of oui events as well as
some coaching, she got to the point wheie she coulu attack
one objection at a time when we laiu out the most common
objections, such as "I'm not inteiesteu."
I taught hei how to hanule that objection as well as otheis
that followeu. Eventually, she woikeu heiself up to a 9u peicent
closing iatio. She then testeu out hei new skills on six-month-
olu leaus, anu people who hau tolu hei no in the past. 0sually
leaus like that enu in futile iesults, but not with Sanui's new skill.
Bei closing iatio with those woist leaus was Su peicent!
Sanui, a home-schooling mom with thiee sons, went on to
make a ton of money. In hei fiist two-anu-a-half yeais woiking
with us, she paiu off moie than $46u,uuu in uebt anu maue moie
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 172
than a million uollais woiking fiom hei home computei pait-
time. In 2u1u she maue $1.S million.
Bon't let anyone tell you it is a bau economy anu no one is
buying. Those who possess the skills to woik in a bau economy
aie making a foitune. Anu uon't let a goou economy lull you into
thinking you uo not have to impiove youi skills. You still have
to continuously impiove youi skills in oiuei to stay cuiient with
the maiket. The maiket is evei changing anu what woikeu 1u
yeais ago may not woik as well touay.
1ruck Your Numberx
You shoulu always tiack youi numbeis because numbeis uo not
lie, but feelings often uo. When you say, "uosh, I feel like this
isn't woiking. I feel as if I am not uoing goou enough. I feel like
this is not going fast enough" - those aie feelings that lie. Bow-
evei, facts uo not. Facts tell the tiuth. So it's impoitant to always
tiack youi numbeis.
Foi example, the fiist component in the sales piocess is
looking at how many people you actually talkeu to oi piesenteu
to. Check youi numbeis. A simple sales equation might look
something like this. 0ut of one hunuieu people who iesponu
to some kinu of auveitising campaign, you may only get ten of
them to take a look at youi offei oi piesentation. 0ut of the ten,
only one may enu up buying. In this example, you woulu have
what I call a 1u peicent show-up iatio - those who showeu up to
look at youi offei oi piesentation, anu a 1u peicent closing iatio.
If this is what youi numbeis look like, I iecommenu getting
some tiaining in how to get moie of the one hunuieu people to
look at the piesentation. Foi example, if you auvance youi skill,
insteau of only ten out of one hunuieu showing up, you will have
twenty out of one hunuieu showing up. Anu with the same 1u
peicent closing iatio, you now have twice the numbei of people
!"#$%"& #( )*++,- !-(.*#/
Bowevei, it uiu not take twice the amount of time - you
maue two sales insteau of one. You then can uo what Sanui uiu
to oveicome objections anu eventually woik on ueveloping youi
skills in both aieas, which will cieate a huge amount of money
without taking a huge amount of time to uo it.
1ruck the Objectlonx
Besiues tiacking numbeis, you also want to tiack who says what.
Foi example, if nine out of the ten piospects saiu, "I cannot af-
foiu it" anu one saiu, "Yes", you neeu to woik on hanuling the
money objection in futuie piesentations. Bo not keep on letting
that objection sliue by you - woik on hanuling that objection.
We have plenty of tiaining mateiials on oui website to teach you
how to hanule objections. In fact, I have a book full of sciipts foi
eveiy objection you can imagine. It is calleu the -8,/)$ V((D anu
-8,/)$ V((D -3))*';'0$#*.
Aftei woiking with thousanus of people fiom aiounu the
woilu anu helping them impiove theii closing iatios, I have
uiscoveieu that 9u peicent of all objections aie piovokeu out of
feai fiom something the maiketei says. When a piospect gives
you an objection like "I uo not have the money," the piospect is
ieally saying, "I'm afiaiu I'm going to lose money."
When you hanule that objection piopeily without piessuiing
the peison to buy, youi closing iatios will skyiocket just as they
uiu with Sanui. You aie making moie money with less time.
0sing -8,/)$ V((D anu -8,/)$ V((D -3))*';'0$#* - just as
Sanui anu thousanus of otheis have - you can map out the most
common objections anu then woik on hanuling anu masteiing
those objections. The woius aie alieauy laiu out foi you. You uo
not have to come up with what to say; all you have to uo is ieau.
It uoesn't get any easiei than that! 0nce you leain to mastei
objections, you will finu you uo not heai them as often.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 174
0nce you've completeu a sale, follow up. The foitune is in the
follow up anu most amateuis uo not follow up. The only way
to mobilize new clients to a point wheie they aie compelleu to
tell otheis about you is thiough the ielationship built aftei they
have maue a puichase with you. This is wheie 98 Peicenteis
uiop the ball. They think the sale is uone, but it isn't - it's just
Again, uo not look at this client as just one peison; this
peison knows two thousanu people whom you uo not know. If
a client's expeiience with you is authentic thiough the builuing
of a ieal ielationship anu not just a sale, that ielationship will
compel the client to tell otheis about you.
Banu-wiiting a thank-you caiu is a gieat way to follow up.
If you useu Nagnetic Influence fiom the veiy beginning with
youi client, you know what is impoitant to him oi hei. If this
paiticulai client has a son who plays soccei, foi example, you
coulu wiite:
"Bob, fiist of all, we wanteu to let you know how much we
appieciate woiking with you. We know you coulu have useu a
numbei of othei companies to satisfy youi constiuction neeus
so we feel veiy foitunate you have chosen us. It was wonueiful
getting to know you anu heaiing you shaie youi vision foi
expansion. I paiticulaily enjoyeu heaiing about youi son, }esse.
Looking foiwaiu to seiving you anu seeing youi vision become
a ieality."
Anu then auu: "P.S. Biu }esse win his game last Satuiuay."
Phone calls aie anothei way to follow up anu aie especially
impoitant to uo within the fiist week of youi client's puichase.
Cultivate the ielationship by continuously using F0RN. The
point is to builu anu fostei ielationships that eventually will
mobilize youi client on youi behalf.
Senu clients iefeiials. Regaiuless of whethei youi client is a
!"#$%"& #( )*++,- !-(.*#/
haiiuiessei, mechanic, oi iestauiant ownei, senu them iefeiials.
They will love you foi it. Remembei the Law of Reaping anu
Sowing. If you want to ieceive iefeiials, you neeu to give iefeiials.
This shows youi clients that you aie not just out foi youiself anu
that you aie tiuly inteiesteu in anu suppoitive of what matteis
to them. They will want to maintain this ielationship because it
is now mutually beneficial.
The thiiu step in the pathway to biggei piofits is incieasing scal-
ability. This means giowing youi business in ways that allow
othei people to expanu it foi you. You can uo this thiough uupli-
cation, outsouicing, anu leaueiship uevelopment, which builu
loyalty anu haimony in the company anu even the community.
I have always founu it makes sense to hiie assistants as soon as
possible to fiee me up to focus on what I am best at: builuing
ielationships with people, maiketing, anu giowing the business.
In my seconu business, I hiieu an assistant because I knew I
neeueu to stay focuseu on builuing the business veisus having
my focus split between managing the business anu builuing the
business. I knew if this thing was going to keep giowing, I was
going to neeu someone to manage customei seivice.
So I hiieu an assistant iight away. I staiteu the business on
Becembei 26, moveu into my apaitment }anuaiy S, anu hiieu an
assistant by Apiil 1.
0nce you mastei an aspect of youi business, tiain youi staff
to take ovei while you go uevelop anothei pait of youi business.
That way you keep uuplicating youiself. Eventually you will
have a whole team of people who can iun the business without
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 176
You uo not even have to be theie if youi team can iun the
business foi you while you step away anu eain income. You
want to get to the point wheie you can take long peiious of time
off to puisue othei uieams. Take that family vacation you've
been uieaming about!
We have built oui businesses so the piofits flow enough foi
us to be gone foi months at a time. This concept of uuplication
biings fieeuom, allowing us to take a family vacation all summei
long foi seveial yeais now. In fact, I am off a total of foui to five
months a yeai so when oui kius aie out of school foi holiuays
anu vacations, I am able to be with them.
We can uo this because we have people tiaineu in oui
methous at oui company, uuplicating ouiselves.
Duplicate Systems
Buplicate eveiything you uo in vaiious foimats.
Buplication only happens by using a system. People cannot
be uuplicateu, but systems can. Systems have to be simple to
uuplicate them. Complication uoes not uuplicate - it causes
piociastination. The system has to be so simple that a teenagei
coulu uo it.
NcBonalu's is the best example of uuplication. This is a
multibillion-uollai empiie iun by pimple-faceu teenageis.
It uoesn't mattei if these teenageis uon't know how to flip
hambuigeis oi count change. They just follow the NcBonalu's
Eveiy NcBonalu's is a system that is uuplicateu in eveiy
othei NcBonalu's thioughout the woilu. You get the exact same
buigei no mattei which NcBonalu's you visit. You get the exact
same fiench fiies. The exact same apple tuinoveis. The system
piouuces the same iesults, iegaiuless of who is woiking theie.
You can inciease piofits by uuplicating youi systems in new
businesses. If you implement the piocess of uuplication by
!"#$%"& #( )*++,- !-(.*#/
owning ten NcBonalu's iestauiants, anu you collect ioyalties
fiom eveiy one of those iestauiants, that is moie cash anu a much
moie secuie income foi you. You can choose not to go to woik
anu still collect a paycheck. Why. Because of multiplication,
ieplication, anu uuplication.
Stuait Lynn was a thiity-five-yeai-olu fathei of eight. Aftei
leaining the concepts of entiepieneuiship fiom oui tiaining,
he ventuieu out to stait his own engineeiing business. Be then
ueciueu to implement the concepts of scalability anu uuplication.
Be uuplicateu his systems to open a seconu office, which has
uoubleu his piofits.
IeuJerxhlp evelopment
The othei pait of scalability is leaueiship uevelopment. Bevel-
oping leaueiship incieases youi scalability because it allows you
to maximize time. The leaueis you uevelop also stait incieasing
exposuie foi you with the public.
If you have cieateu an enviionment wheie youi employees
aie thiiving, they will expose youi business in a positive way.
Remembei }oe, who was talking to his neighboi. If you have
a gieat woiking ielationship with the }oes in youi business anu
give them the oppoitunity to move up anu giow in skills, they
will expose youi business in a totally uiffeient way.
Youi }oe will be telling his neighboi, "I love my job. I love my
boss. I love wheie I woik."
People will say, "Really. Tell me why anu what you uo!"
That cieates incieaseu exposuie foi youi business - just
thiough one peison.
When youi employees expose youi business, piouucts,
seivices, oi iueas foi you, it's all fiee auveitising anu fiee
exposuie that giows youi business. This cieates moie scalability
without incieasing youi oveiheau. Auvancing leaueiship in
youi oiganization cieates scalability.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 178
Leaueiship uevelopment also means iaising leaueis insiue
youi oiganization who can solve pioblems. These aie people
who can make uecisions on youi behalf so you uon't always have
to make the uecisions.
Raise leaueis who will keep the company's heait, soul,
minu, anu vision intact, even when you aien't theie. Leaueiship
uevelopment happens when those leaueis then iaise up othei
leaueis in the oiganization. This piocess pulls the best out of
eveiyone woiking in youi company.
I gioomeu my fiienu anu employee }enn to take a leaueiship
iole. When she fiist staiteu, she coulun't hanule woiking with
Rubies (iemembei oui uems.). She eventually leaineu how to
woik anu negotiate with them, anu she has saveu oui company
hunuieus of thousanus of uollais with hei negotiating skills.
}enn has also leaineu how to motivate hei co-woikeis, wheieas
pieviously she just butteu heaus with them anu was cieating
pioblems insteau of piouucing iesults.
}enn has also uuplicateu heiself in a numbei of woik aieas.
She has giown fiom being the boss who hau the attituue of "I
will take caie of it myself" to uelegating to otheis. Bei new skill
helps the company save money, time, anu stiess, which incieases
the bottom-line piofits, iaises oveiall company moiale, anu auus
haimony to the woikplace.
Motlvute Stuff wlth 0FMS
You may be a veiy successful entiepieneui, but when you know
how to motivate otheis in youi company you will have even
moie scalability. Youi company will be able to multiply piofits.
Caimen was a twenty-five-yeai-olu entiepieneui iunning a
ietail business. She was one of those who thought, 7 8#0 B( /$ #**E
7 8#0 ;#0#1' /$ #**E Anu she uiu.
She woikeu eighty to ninety houis a week - but uiu not have
a life. That is until Caimen attenueu the "Cieating a Bynasty"
!"#$%"& #( )*++,- !-(.*#/
couise anu leaineu how to pull the best fiom hei team.
You see, pieviously Caimen only knew how to motivate the
employees who weie hei peisonality gem. Then she leaineu at
"Cieating a Bynasty" how to speak the othei gems' languages. By
speaking each peison's language, Caimen was able to motivate
all the employees in hei office. Bei fiist foui uays aftei hei
fiist "Bynasty" she incieaseu hei income by $42,uuu. Aftei hei
seconu "Bynasty," she incieaseu it to $98,uuu in foui uays.
What was the uiffeience between $42,uuu anu $98,uuu.
The seconu time, she hau sixteen of hei staff membeis attenu
"Cieating A Bynasty" with hei.
In eighteen months, aftei putting all hei staff thiough oui
couises on a monthly basis, hei business went fiom $7Su,uuu
in ievenue to $S.8 million. In the eaily yeais, she nevei hau a
sales managei who eaineu moie than $S8,uuu a yeai. Aftei the
couises, six of hei sales manageis weie able to hit six-figuie
incomes. In fact, Caimen uevelopeu hei team membeis into
such leaueis that she was able to launch one managei to stait
anothei stoie that tuineu ovei a million uollais in ievenue its
fiist yeai. She now has thiee stoies, all piouucing millions eveiy
If you aie an entiepieneui, you aie talking to people eveiy
uay. 0se Nagnetic Influence anu uems to manage youi team.
When most bosses want a pioject uone, they just tell theii
employees, "Finish this pioject in seven uays." They uo not
know how to motivate employees. If you use Coie Rappoit
Nethouology with uems, you will finu out what ieally motivates
them, just as Caimen uiu. When you finu out what motivates
them, they will get the job uone on time, anu you will not have to
miciomanage them.
evelop IeuJerx unJ Ioyulty
Eveiy company my husbanu anu I have evei staiteu has always
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 180
been a giassioots movement. They have nevei taigeteu leaueis
anu big people. Insteau, we cieateu a giounuswell with all the
so-calleu "little people."
You want to builu leaueiship because by builuing leaueiship
theie is a bettei chance you can builu loyalty. With the beautiful
ingieuient of loyalty, people aie willing to woik thiough the
goou anu bau times togethei. I guaiantee you that in life anu
business, bau times will come. Nany nations touay aie going
thiough those bau times. But if you builu gieat ielationships
anu uevelop leaueis in youi oiganization, when the bau times
come, you can stick togethei, giow togethei, anu come out on the
othei siue togethei.
But if you aie just focuseu on finuing somebouy who is at the
top anu ieciuiting into youi top, when things go bau, they aie
going to finu anothei top to stay on top. That's not leaueiship.
That's not loyalty. That's not builuing something. That's not
stiength. That's not founuation. That's not secuiity. In fact, you
aie setting youiself up foi the wiong siue of the Law of Reaping
anu Sowing. If you ieciuiteu someone fiom somewheie else,
youi time will come when someone will ieciuit fiom you.
Leaueis aie not boin leaueis; they aie uevelopeu. Some
people seem to always iise to the top - class piesiuent, piom
queen - but I believe that when people have the uesiie in theii
heait, they can leain to be leaueis. Leaueiship is a skill. It is
leaining how to leau othei people. Some leaueis staiteu with
nothing anu became successful in theii piofessions anu lives as
a uiiect iesult of what they weie taught.
But fiist potential leaueis must have the uesiie to be a leauei.
Seconu, they must have the uesiie to invest in themselves. You
cannot just hanu it to them - they have to be willing to make
the effoit anu spenu the time anu money to uevelop theii skills.
Thiiu, they must leain fiom a leauei who isn't a manipulatoi but
who wants to motivate people. Finally, they must have a cause
!"#$%"& #( )*++,- !-(.*#/
oi vision big enough to cause othei people to want to be a pait
of it.
Youi income follows youi leaueiship. That is the bottom line.
When you builu a leauei, that peison is an auvocate, not just
an employee. Leaueis on youi staff will piotect the company's
ieputation because they believe in what they aie uoing. It is no
longei just a job; it is a mission.
People like this will not only help you builu youi company,
they can also change theii communities, chuiches, anu families.
FJlfy Your 1eum
Let's talk about }oe, the happy employee, again. You want em-
ployees like him - whethei you have five oi five hunuieu - to
natuially iesponu when askeu about theii job, "0h, it is awe-
some. I love what I uo. I love who I woik with." This moves
}oe fiom employee to employee-pieneui. Remembei that con-
veisation in Chaptei S when I was talking about the employee-
pieneui anu the concept of euification. Anu the impoitance of
employee-pieneuis euifying theii boss, ieceptionist, anu those
aiounu them.
I showeu you how to use euification - builuing up someone's
ieputation - with youi customeis. Specifically, I gave you a
scenaiio wheie a customei seivice iepiesentative euifies the
customei anu builus iespect foi the supeivisoi who woulu be
taking the call next.
Well, if you aie the entiepieneui oi the boss, it is equally
impoitant foi you to euify that customei seivice iepiesentative
- anu eveiyone on youi team. You shoulu be euifying those with
whom you woik eveiy uay. When you walk in the uooi, euify
the ieceptionist. Euify youi assistant. Euify those in youi sales
uepaitment. Euify eveiyone in all youi uepaitments. You can
even pick a new uepaitment each week to focus on euifying anu
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 182
When you euify, you cieate a mutually beneficial ielationship
between you anu the people who seive you each anu eveiy uay.
You cannot have the attituue that just paying them is enough
because people caie moie about iecognition anu appioval than
money. Euifying them makes them feel special anu impoitant,
anu that means moie to them than the actual paycheck they
Nake suie you euify eveiyone thioughout youi company
- fiom the top manageis uown to the janitoi. This cieates a
beautiful enviionment wheie people want to woik. When
people feel goou about wheie they aie woiking, it makes up foi
any monotony in theii actual tasks. Aftei all, who can be that
exciteu about pushing papeis. Who can be all that exciteu about
uata entiy.
But if you make youi employees feel goou about who they
aie anu about being pait of youi company oi oiganization, it
won't mattei as much to them what they actually uo. You will
have maue the puipose of what they uo much biggei than the
uata entiy, papei pushing, oi whatevei the task is that they aie
supposeu to uo on a uaily basis.
When you heai youi employees say, "I love my job. I love what
I uo. I love woiking heie," you know you aie uoing something
iight. It is then that they will tell otheis they love theii job. This
opens up the oppoitunity foi them to tell otheis about what youi
company has to offei, anu this is how you get iefeiials thiough
youi employees without even tiying.
RewurJ Your 1eum
As an employei anu woulu-be employee-pieneui, it is also im-
poitant foi you to have systems in place that iewaiu otheis foi
theii effoits. You want to be able to pay youi people well anu
to have a bonus stiuctuie in place that will help motivate youi
inteinal team.
!"#$%"& #( )*++,- !-(.*#/
I am a big believei in bonuses that iewaiu people foi seeking
giowth in theii jobs. It is also veiy impoitant that you have a
vision you can shaie. This will inspiie people to go beyonu
wheie they aie in theii cuiient positions. If they have a vision
foi moving foiwaiu, anu you have a bonus stiuctuie in place,
they will have an incentive to impiove.
Bowevei, not eveiybouy will take auvantage of it. Some
people will peifoim consistently, anu some inconsistently.
Regaiuless, you want to give people the oppoitunity to giow. You
uo not evei want to have a ieceptionist who stays a ieceptionist
foievei. Finu out what is ieally insiue of hei. Know hei peisonal
vision so you can help hei get theie.
Bonuses always neeu to be tieu to piouuction, iathei than lon-
gevity oi attenuance. You want to have a veiy cleai outline ue-
sciibing how youi bonus system woiks. 0veiall, use bonuses
stiategically to iewaiu the activity that will help giow youi busi-
ness, not just maintain it.
The amount shoulu always be tieu to iesults. It coulu be a
peicentage of a iesult, a soliu amount, oi even a commission.
It is uiffeient foi each uepaitment. Foi example, the peison
who uoes youi bookkeeping might get a bonus baseu on the
amount of money he saves youi company. But a salespeison oi
a ieceptionist who iefeis a new client woulu get a bonus baseu
on how much money they biing in.
You can also give time bonuses. If you have uone a goou
job executing the things I talkeu about in the fiist pait of this
book, then youi heait is ieally about lifting people up, builuing
ielationships, anu ueveloping leaueiship. As a iesult, youi
employees will value time spent with you. Insteau of a cash
bonus you can launch an incentive, baseu on piouuction, to
iewaiu youi top peifoimei by taking that peison out to his oi
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 184
hei favoiite place foi lunch.
Youi clients value youi time as well. So a gieat way to iewaiu
them foi senuing iefeiials oi being one of youi best customeis is
to take them to lunch oi to invite them to youi home foi uinnei.
We uo the same thing with oui employees. If you aie uoing the
things I talkeu about eailiei, they will want to spenu time with
you. In auuition, you will be spenuing time with someone who
ueseives youi time.
0utsouicing is a thiiu way to inciease scalability. 0utsouicing
means you focus on youi key aieas of expeitise to giow youi
business anu use outsiue help to stiengthen youi weakei, yet
necessaiy, skill aieas.
You shoulu outsouice what you uo not know how to uo.
Naybe you aie not an expeit in accounting. If that's the case,
hiie an accountant. You uo not have to be the peison who knows
how to uo eveiything. You just neeu to have access to people
who uo know anu hiie them to uo it foi you.
Foi example, let's say you aien't an expeit in auveitising. It
makes sense to outsouice this to an au agency that takes caie
of all youi auveitising foi you so you aie not the one spenuing
uollais on leaining how to auveitise. Insteau, you hiie somebouy
else anu you only pay foi the iesults - the leaus they cieate. If
they have a bomb of an au campaign, you uo not pay foi that.
You only pay foi the leaus - the fiuit of theii auveitising. If they
get no fiuit, they get no pay foi it.
Outxourclng Sulex 1rulnlng
When I met }effeison he was twenty-nine yeais olu. Be hau
spent ten yeais tiying to become a successful entiepieneui. Be
hau even leaineu about entiepieneuiship fiom a few othei
!"#$%"& #( )*++,- !-(.*#/
millionaiies, but unfoitunately he was nevei able to make moie
than $Su,uuu a yeai.
}effeison built a business that iequiieu salespeople, anu a
lot of them. Although he was able to ieciuit salespeople, he was
nevei able to teach them how to excel as sales piofessionals.
When he stumbleu on Bani} in late 2uu4, }effeison
was fiustiateu anu bioke. Be coulun't figuie out how to geneiate
moie sales.
Aftei taking "Fiist Steps to Success" in }anuaiy 2uuS, he
founu the answeis you aie leaining in this book - anu moie.
}effeison ueciueu to senu his sales team to the couise. Since he
uiun't know how to tiain them, he outsouiceu the company's
sales tiaining to Bani} In auuition to senuing them
to the woikshops, he hau them listen to oui CBs anu BvBs eveiy
uay anu to the fiee weekly Nonuay night calls.
}effeison's fiist salespeison hau immeuiate iesults. Aftei
attenuing "Fiist Steps," he staiteu closing moie people anu
giowing his conveision iatios. Be uiu this by incieasing exposuie
to the piouuct, conveiting moie people, anu incieasing scalability.
Eveiy month, }effeison sent his sales foice to the tiainings. In
the fiist yeai that he giew his company by using these methous,
his sales foice was able to eain tiemenuous amounts of money
anu bonuses, anu }effeison's income skyiocketeu to $Suu,uuu.
Biu you heai me. Be went fiom a fiustiateu twenty-nine-
yeai-olu man making $Su,uuu a yeai aftei ten yeais of woiking
haiu to making $Suu,uuu just twelve months aftei his fiist
seminai with me. By the enu of his seconu yeai his income
moie than uoubleu again to $7uu,uuu. What was the uiffeience.
Be outsouiceu the tiaining anu leaueiship uevelopment of his
salespeople to Bani}
It has been six yeais since I met }effeison; he is now thiity-five
anu has maue millions of uollais. Even in a hoiiible economy, he
has continueu to piospei because of the skills he anu his people
now have. Be has peisonally paiu off $28u,uuu in uebt. Be has
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 186
close to $Suu,uuu in investments eaining 12% a yeai. A fai ciy
fiom wheie he was just a few shoit yeais ago!
Prlorltlze Your 1lme for Profltx
To be a successful entiepieneui, you want to tiain youi minu to
manage youi time well. Entiepieneuis can often be so uiiven
that they uo not manage theii time well.
Nany yeais ago I leaineu something veiy valuable fiom
a multimillionaiie who hau built seveial multimillion-uollai
companies. It was a simple iule foi focusing on what is neeueu
to giow anu sustain a business: a time foimula. Be saiu to use
8u peicent of youi time going aftei new business. Then use 19
peicent of youi time cultivating that business. 0se the iemaining
1 peicent of youi time foi pioblem solving.
This foimula woiks in seveial uiffeient ways. Foi example,
if you use 8u peicent of youi time getting new clients, then use
19 peicent of youi time following up with those clients anu
cultivating the ielationship that eventually will enu in iefeiials
that benefit both of you. At the veiy least, they aie senuing
iefeiials to you anu you aie senuing iefeiials to them, uepenuing
on what they uo foi a living.
When people stait builuing businesses, they typically spenu
a lot of time on pioblem solving anu almost no time getting
new business. But if you use this specific time foimula, you will
continuously be builuing new business.
You can also outsouice the pioblem solving. Foi example,
accounting can be a pioblem. So you can outsouice that to
somebouy who uoes not think accounting is a pioblem. They
love uoing accounting - ciunching anu analyzing numbeis. If
you outsouice that, you only neeu to spenu 1 peicent of youi
time solving pioblems.

!"#$%"& #( )*++,- !-(.*#/
0rowth vx. Munugement
0ne thing to keep in minu is to continuously expose. You want to
be continuously out theie exposing youi piouuct, youi seivice,
oi youi iuea. Constantly exposing youi offei helps you continu-
ously giow the business.
I have seen many entiepieneuis stait theii business by
exposing, but once they hit ceitain numbeis, they stop exposing.
As soon as entiepieneuis get comfoitable with the amount of
money they aie making oi the numbei of clients they have, they
tenu to go in to management moue. They begin uoing activities
that get no iesults.
This is when you see companies iepackaging a piouuct that
uiu not neeu to be iepackageu. 0i oiganizing anu ieoiganizing
piojects that piouuce no iesults. This is when they aie coming
up with iueas anu moie iueas that simply complicate theii
mouel yet uo not biing in moie ievenue. I have also watcheu
them get so unfocuseu that they ieuecoiate theii office - even
an office the public nevei sees! The pait that makes me ciinge is
thinking about the amount of time they spent picking out paint
anu fuinishings that coulu have gone to getting new clients.
Nake suie you aie not tiying to finu solutions in aieas that
uo not giow the business but simply waste youi time. This is
when an entiepieneui finus himself oi heiself woiking thiee
times haiuei foi the same iesults - tiipling the woikloau but
not tiipling the ievenue.
When I leaineu this time foimula in the fall of 1994, my
business was a uisastei. Ny business hau been embezzleu in
Naich of 199S, anu I hau spent that whole next yeai tiying to
solve pioblems. Ny heau was just buiieu with pioblems! What
is inteiesting is if you focus on pioblems, you will finu moie
pioblems. But the pioblems aie uefinitely not the thing on
which you shoulu be focusing.
You shoulu be focusing on solutions. Anu the solution foi
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 188
any business is giowth. Especially if youi business is suffeiing,
focus on solutions that cieate giowth. 0utsouice youi pioblems
to otheis who can solve them foi you.
Focux on 0rowth
If you focus on giowth - on biinging in new business -you cieate
a uiffeient kinu of pioblem. Naybe you aie biinging in so much
new business that you uo not have the staff oi a team to manage
that business piopeily. Then hiie people anu uuplicate youiself.
But iemembei to focus on giowing the business. When you shift
to management moue, you lose this focus, anu you lose business.
0utsouicing is the way to solve this pioblem. 0utsouice
to the people who can tiain up the leaueiship insiue youi
oiganization so you aie not spenuing time uoing that tiaining.
Insteau, maximize youi time to cause youi employees to help
giow youi business as well.
uieg Palka, the Aimy colonel I tolu you about eailiei, giew
his financial seivices business fiom $1.S million to $6 million in
eighteen months. Be incieaseu his scalability thiough incieasing
his employees' skills by senuing them to "Fiist Steps to Success"
anu "Cieating a Bynasty." Be maue that a iequiiement foi
woiking in his company.
All of uieg's staff has been tiaineu in Nagnetic Influence.
They have all masteieu the skills I have been talking about.
They have been tiaineu to expose, conveit, anu close, as
piofessionals insteau of amateuis tiying to look like a pio. They
know how to builu ielationships with theii clients to a point
wheie theii clients iefei business back to uieg's company. They
have all been tiaineu to woik with each othei baseu on theii
inuiviuual uems. They use each othei's stiengths to covei each
othei's weaknesses. This has cieateu haimony in theii woik
They all focus on cieating new business. This has cieateu
!"#$%"& #( )*++,- !-(.*#/
scalability in the woik enviionment that has quauiupleu the
company's ievenues in eighteen months. The woist eighteen
months in histoiy foi the financial inuustiy has been the best
eighteen months foi uieg. What is the uiffeience. 0nusual,
stiategic, anu auvanceu people skills scaleu thioughout his
company. Anu he is not the only one with these skills - his entiie
company possesses them, as well.
How Compunlex Stuy 1ogether
When times get tough, it is ielationships that keep an oiganiza-
tion togethei. It is nevei a piouuct oi a seivice. If theie is no
ielationship, theie is no loyalty.
I have been in business foi twenty-two yeais. Some of
the people with whom I am still in business touay have been
woiking with me foi twenty-two yeais in some foim oi anothei.
Bave we gone thiough haiu times. Yes. Bave theie been some
amazing explosive giowth times in business. Yes. It goes with
the teiiitoiy, but if you can maintain ielationship, then you will
keep a piesence in the business community.
If you weie tiying to builu something without involving
human beings, you woulu have to constantly iebuilu anu
constantly ieinvent something new. That takes much moie
eneigy by fai than maintaining loyal ielationships. It is the
ielationship that you will finu to be the most iewaiuing pait
of what you uo when you use these stiategies. The money will
then be seconuaiy.
Blrthlng More Buxlnexxex
When you aie investing in business - builuing anu giowing it
- you aie making it moie anu moie piofitable. Theie comes a
point wheie you have to give biith again.
The fiist business I uiu faileu miseiably because I uiu not
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 190
have the skills. The next business I uiu - the weight-loss business
- I liteially hau nothing but I uiu have the ability to maiket using
some of the skills I hau leaineu befoie my fiist business failuie.
0ut of that seconu company, my thiiu company was biitheu,
which was in tiaining anu uevelopment.
Aftei that, I staiteu a manufactuiing company.
All of these companies weie biitheu fiom each othei. The
money eaineu fiom one business ventuie was investeu into
anothei. So my manufactuiing company was fully funueu by my
tiaining anu uevelopment company.
When Bans anu I feel too comfoitable, we know we have
fallen into a iut anu it is time to leain new skills again. It is time
foi us to stait something new. It is time to give biith to a new
company. We will talk about this concept of how to make money
youi slave in Chaptei 9.
We have useu Nagnetic Influence anu the pathway to piofits
to builu piofitable businesses. This is how we have maue money
- tons of it. But how uo you keep the money. I piomiseu you I
woulu show you how to make money, keep it, anu tuin it into
youi slave. In the next two chapteis, I will show you how to keep
youi haiu-eaineu money.
Wu4z Oua Cruzs S4v
!/** $"/9 C(,D A(, .(3I P',' /9 C"#$ Q39$ 9(;' (A (3, 8*/'0$9 9#.R
Piioi to plugging into Bani, I was busy anu bioke. We weie
uown to one income, two moitgages anu a baby on the way. We
weie living off my savings anu piaying paycheck to paycheck.
We weie uiowning in uebt. Aftei plugging into Bani, we paiu off
$18,uuu in six months anu geneiateu ovei $1u,uuu extia income
pei month.
~ Nlcole Nelxon
!"#$%"& #( )*++,- !-(.*#/
Piioi to getting staiteu with Bani }ohnson, I was in the Aii Foice
making $2S,uuu a yeai. We weie in uebt, woiking Su-6u houis
a week, anu I was the sole income pioviuei foi oui family. I
got staiteu in business, uiun't know what to uo, uiun't have the
tiaining I neeueu to succeeu, anu I hau maue no money. Aftei
my fiist event, I maue $1S,uuu the veiy fiist month. I was able
to quit my full-time job two months latei, anu I have now been
in business foi five yeais. While my competitois have gone out
of business in this hoiiible economy, I've eaineu no less than
six figuies eveiy yeai. Thiough Bani's tiaining, I've paiu off
$292,uuu of uebt, puichaseu seveial homes anu just paiu cash
foi anothei one.
~ Stucy Oqulnn
I attenueu Fiist Steps to Success in Nay 2uu8, anu it was a life-
changing weekenu! I heaiu things that no one has evei tolu
me befoie, anu they weie piactical anu easy to unueistanu. I
leaineu how to get oiganizeu, stay focuseu, help otheis anu use
my uou-given gifts to theii fullest - anu uiu I mention how much
fun I hau! I useu the skills that she taught me anu put them into
action in my ieal estate business. In 2uu8, I solu two homes,
anu in 2uu9, I solu 4S homes! I applieu the sales techniques anu
the phiases that Bani likes to use, anu suie enough, it woikeu! I
continueu with CBs anu went on to Bynasty, which was amazing.
I was offeieu a management position in my office anu took it.
Ny income has neaily uoubleu in 2u1u. I continue to ietuin to
Fiist Steps, as I always leain something new anu finu something
else that I can implement in my eveiyuay life anu woik.
~ Mlchele Stllex
H"#)$', c
Stnvrs 1o Drn1
Wbo Is Tbis For?
In 2uuu I was sitting in my Noithein Califoinia house, which
boasteu neaily six thousanu squaie feet of space anu incluueu
a fouiteen-hunuieu-squaie-foot guesthouse. We hau moveu in
thiee months eailiei anu hau just finisheu iemoueling it.
It was so big that we coulu sleep thiity people comfoitably.
We hau six bathiooms, two of which weie in the guesthouse.
We hau seven couches. Ny beuioom suite was fifteen hunuieu
squaie feet with a thiee-hunuieu--squaie-foot closet. I hau a
thousanu-uollai couch - Chanel white - with a thousanu-uollai
chaii in my ietieat off the beuioom.
The piopeity hau the most amazing lanuscaping, with
moie than a thousanu floweis in bloom. Rose bushes, lavenuei
bushes - floweis of all colois blossomeu theie thioughout the
yeai. We hau a pool, tennis couit, anu ten acies of goigeous lanu
with incieuible views of the back siue of Yosemite National Paik.
Ny uieam faimhouse was a beautifully uecoiateu victoiian
I was sitting in my ietieat one uay when I heaiu a voice that
askeu, "Who is this all foi."
I saiu, "It is not foi Bans. Be coulu live baiefoot in a small
coffee shack in Bawaii anu be happy."
"Then who is this all foi." the voice askeu again.
"It is not foi the kius," I iesponueu. "They uo not neeu ten
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 194
acies. They uo not neeu a tennis couit. They uo not neeu six
bathiooms. They uo not neeu a pool. They weie happy on a
half-acie in a lessei house."
The voice continueu. "Then C"( is this all foi."
When that question came again, I iealizeu who was asking
the question. "It is not foi you because you uo not neeu this to
look goou," I tolu uou. "You alieauy own eveiything."
Somehow I hau convinceu myself that all of my iiuiculous
spenuing was justifieu by saying it was foi uou, as though he
neeueu it to look goou.
Then who was this all foi. I was out of people to use as
excuses. All signs weie pointing to me. I fell to the flooi anu
began to weep like a baby. I answeieu, "This is all about me anu
my ego tiip."
The voice saiu, "Sell youi things anu follow me."
Addicted to Stuff
I liteially got sick to my stomach. I felt like I was going to thiow
up as I helu my stomach anu bent ovei. I walkeu uown the staiis
anu lookeu at the aitwoik on the walls - I coulu see piice tags
attacheu. The piice tags hau not been on them foi moie than a
yeai, but with new eyes, I coulu see the tags hanging.
I walkeu thiough the pailoi with its 1929 Chickeiing baby
gianu piano that none of us knew how to play. Theie was
anothei couch, anothei beautiful chaii, anu a thousanu-uollai
silk }apanese maple tiee. Anu theie was the beautiful fiieplace,
the mantle, anu the twenty thousanu uollais woith of family
photos by a piofessional photogiaphei, some of which weie
beautifully uisplayeu in $1Su five-by-seven fiames.
I walkeu thiough that ioom to oui family ioom, which hau
two moie couches anu a giant-scieen Tv. I went to Bans's office
that hau two moie huge leathei couches. Bans cleaily coulu
see "uiama" wiitten all ovei me anu uiu what most husbanus
!"#$%! '( )%*'
uo when they see theii wives in "uiama" moue. Be kept typing
on his computei as though I hau not even walkeu into the ioom.
"I neeu to talk to you," I saiu to him.
"0kay," he saiu, anu kept typing, which ieally meant, "I am
not inteiesteu in youi uiama iight now. Come back latei."
"Boney, I ieally neeu to talk to you," I saiu. "This is ieally
Eventually he sat back in his chaii, with his aims ciosseu.
"I think uou just tolu me to sell oui house," I saiu.
Bis jaw uioppeu anu his eyes got huge. "uou tolu me the
same thing two weeks ago, but I tolu him you bettei tell hei,
because I am not fighting that fight."
I hau a massive awakening. Ny things hau consumeu my life
anu I haun't even iealizeu it. I saw that I was ciippleu by gieeu.
I was a slave to money anu a slave to iecognition.
I hau giown up in poveity anu although I hau maue millions
of uollais, I still hau the poveity mentality, which spenus
eveiything that is maue - anu foi what. To piove to myself anu
eveiyone else that I was no longei the failuie that eveiyone
saiu I woulu be! Yet my things weie choking out my life. I was
miseiable with all of my stuff.
We hau liveu in that house foi only thiee months anu hau
just iemoueleu it. Aftei that ievelation, we solu the house anu
moveu oui family into a thiity-yeai-olu tiact house with twenty-
foui hunuieu squaie feet.
When we solu that big house, I iealizeu I uiu not neeu that
stuff to make me feel happy oi successful. I was fiee! Little uiu
we know that a whole new chaptei was being wiitten in oui
lives that woulu set us up foi ieal wealth insteau of the stuff that
hau been consuming oui lives.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 196
Stuff vs. Wealtb
In the smallei house, I giew spiiitually, emotionally, anu men-
tally. Eveiy wickeu, gieeuy, self-centeieu, pathetic thing in me
was iooteu out in that laigei house. I woulu not tiaue that expe-
iience foi anything.
I hau thought I was a goou peison but I uiun't know that I
was caiiying a gieeu foi money, things, anu iecognition. I hau
an insatiable uesiie to impiess people anu gain appioval fiom
I coulu see that all my life, no mattei how much money I hau
maue, I nevei hau felt successful because I still hau the poveity
mentality. }ust because you make a lot of money uoesn't mean
you kick poveity. It uoesn't mean you will become wealthy
The ciaziest thoughts hau gone thiough my heau as I was
eaining all that money. With all we hau maue all those yeais, we
coulu have stoieu away enough money to pay foi all the kius to
go to a piestigious univeisity anu pay foi theii weuuings. But,
no, insteau we hau seven couches anu moie stuff than we knew
what to uo with.
Wealth is accumulateu anu then passeu uown foi geneiations
to giow the wealth even biggei. I was accumulating stuff insteau
of wealth. You kick poveity when you aie able to keep the money.
It has nothing to uo with how much you make. It has eveiything
to uo with how much you spenu.
Designed for Wealtb
You have a unique oppoitunity to cioss the line fiom the 98 pei-
cent of the masses with the poveity mentality to the 2 peicent
with the wealthy minuset.
Naybe you feel like you aie woiking haiuei, anu maybe you
aie even making moie money, but you aie ueepei in uebt. Bow
!"#$%! '( )%*'
uiu you get theie. Bow uiu you enu up feeling so tiappeu by
youi uebt. You once hau uieams - big uieams - foi youi life.
But now youi uieams have almost uisappeaieu because you've
become a slave to uebt.
You weie not uesigneu foi poveity; you weie not uesigneu
foi uebt. The uieat Besignei uesigneu you with success anu
wealth in minu, but you have to make a choice. If you cannot
make the choice, if you uo not believe in youiself enough to
make the choice foi youi own financial fieeuom, then at least
make the choice foi youi chiluien, who aie youi legacy.
Bo not pass uown uebt to youi chiluien who will pass it uown
to theii chiluien. Insteau, choose to pass uown wealth, which is
what I believe you weie uesigneu to uo. Choose to give them the
gift of wisuom of accumulating wealth anu unueistanuing how
money woiks anu the fieeuom that it biings.
But how uiu we get heie. Bow uiu we get to this place of
being tiappeu anu slaves to uebt. We weie solu the illusion of
wealth thiough ovei-consumption by the meuia, the bankeis on
Wall Stieet, anu coipoiate Ameiica. We weie solu the illusion of
wealth in buying things that go to waste, that fall in value, anu
that keep us enslaveu to monthly payments with high inteiest
that make the 2 peicent wealthy.
Croomed to Succeed
Can you imagine if you hau been gioomeu to succeeu with mon-
ey. Can you imagine if you hau been gioomeu foi wealth when
you weie young anu that you hau gotten holu of this manual you
aie holuing iight now when you weie young. Can you imag-
ine what you woulu be touay. Can you imagine the habits that
woulu have been instilleu in you since you weie little.
That is what inspiieu me to wiite my book >,((;/01 $"'
?'@$ >'0',#$/(0 A(, -388'99.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 198
Ny paients left out a lot of stuff when they iaiseu me, anu
they also put in a whole lot of stuff that I wish they hau not.
Regaiuless of what you wanteu as a chilu, you can make the
choice iight now to gioom youi kius foi success, staiting with
this chaptei. Leain how to be completely fiee fiom uebt anu
uevelop geneiational wealth. uive a puipose to money that is
poweiful, one that will set a legacy foi geneiations to come.
Desire for Financial Independence
You weie uesigneu with wealth in minu. We know that to be
tiue because the Law of Besiie states that if you have the ue-
siie foi wealth, it is because you weie given the uesign to have
wealth. You bought this book, F/,9$ -$')9 $( !'#*$", because you
have a uesiie to become wealthy. When the uieat Besignei put
you togethei, he uiu so with all that I showeu you in Chaptei 1.
The uesiie is not foi stuff; it is foi fieeuom.
When my family finally came to this iealization, we hau to
ieplace that poveity mentality with a whole new way of thinking.
Suipiisingly it was much easiei than I thought it woulu be. It
was so simple that when we have taught it to oui clients they iun
with it anu go ciazy, attacking the thing that hau been attacking
them: theii uebt. It's youi tuin! This is youi time. This will be
the last time you aie evei going to be ciippleu anu stiangleu by
A peison who is not financially iesponsible is acting foolishly.
What is ieally foolish is those who hope anu piay foi the uebt to
be cancelleu while they aie continuing to buy moie stuff. This
is a lotteiy mentality that ciipples people all ovei the woilu. If
you aie financially iiiesponsible, youi uebt will not be cancelleu
because you will just go iight back into uebt again.
The Law of Piomotion shows us that we have to be faithful
with the little things to be maue iulei ovei much. Reaching
financial inuepenuence anu wealth is being maue "iulei ovei
!"#$%! '( )%*'
much." The only way to get theie is to be faithful with the
money you have now, which means no longei being foolish
with oveispenuing anu living above youi means. It means
uemolishing youi uebt with the money you noimally woulu be
spenuing on foolish stuff.
Skill anu wisuom go togethei. I have founu that the peison
who chases fantasies will finu poveity waiting foi hei. Fantasies
aie lotteiies. Fantasies aie hoping to maiiy a iich peison.
Fantasies aie hoping to get out of uebt anu not becoming
financially iesponsible anu thinking that youi uebt is somehow
going to uisappeai.
No amount of uebt is too small to pay off. Bon't wait foi youi
income to inciease befoie you pay off uebt. If you cannot be
faithful with the money you have now, what makes you think
you can be faithful when you have moie. If you aie like most
people, you have a tiack iecoiu of going fuithei into uebt as you
have maue moie money.
Think about it. Aie you making moie money touay than you
weie when you fiist enteieu the woikfoice. Ny fiist job was a
babysittei making a uollai an houi. What was youis. Aie you
fuithei in uebt touay than you weie when you fiist enteieu the
woikfoice. Theie is the pioof. The moie money you make, the
fuithei in uebt you go. It is uetiimental foi you to make moie
money to get out of uebt. Youi histoiy tells us the moie money
you make, the fuithei in uebt you will go.
The entiie financial system is set up to cause people to
become slaves to uebt. Who is qualifieu to get laige loans. Who
is qualifieu to buy a five-hunuieu-thousanu-uollai home. Those
inuiviuuals who make a lot of money. Those who uo not make
a lot of money can only get small loans. So, you see, the moie
money you make, the biggei the tiaps aie to steal youi money
fiom you by putting you into moie uebt.
We weie all set up by extiemely wealthy people in poweiful
places to fail financially. We weie leu to financial slaughtei. It is
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 200
time we fight back anu say, "Not me. Not now. Not my kius. Not
evei again, suckei. uo uupe someone else. I am getting my butt
out of uebt."
Tbe Feeling of Freedom
Nothing can ieplace the feeling of financial fieeuom. Nothing
can compaie to the feeling of knowing you owe nothing to any-
0ne fifty-seven-yeai-olu man paiu off $182,uuu in uebt in
two yeais. Be became uebt-fiee using my Wai on Bebt system.
Be woulu not tiaue his life foi anything because foi the fiist time
in his life, he is a fiee man.
If we uiu not have cieuit caius anu uebt, what woulu we uo.
We woulu live how people uiu about sixty yeais ago, befoie the
fiist cieuit caiu fiom the Bineis Club came out in the 19Sus.
We woulu have much bettei health. We woulu have much less
pain, happiei maiiiages, anu fewei uivoices. We woulu have
moie successful kius. We woulu have fewei teen piegnancies,
because paients woulu be involveu with theii kius insteau of
woiking aiounu the clock so they can tiy to bieak fiee fiom the
toiment of uebt.
You woulu have moie money in savings. You woulu have
money to invest. You woulu pay cash foi things you buy. You
woulu have money foi long-teim wealth, like ieal estate, stocks,
commouities, oi businesses. You woulu be builuing wealth foi
geneiations to come.
Without uebt you woulu inciease youi business savings.
You woulu have assets insteau of uebt. You coulu give youi
employees iaises anu bonuses. Youi business coulu uonate
moie to chaiities. Beck, you coulu even stait youi own chaiity!
The ieality is that most of us have been foolish financially anu
aie now paying the piice foi it. Let's get financially iesponsible
anu change oui families' lives foi geneiations to come.
!"#$%! '( )%*'
Wise vs. Foolisb Spending
Theie is a uiffeience between wise spenuing anu foolish spenu-
ing. You have to set asiue youi ego anu stop uefenuing youi
spenuing habits. You make moie touay than you uiu when you
weie a teenagei mowing lawns oi babysitting, but uo you know
wheie that money is going. You aie making moie but you aie
fuithei in uebt.
Whethei you iealize it oi not, you have a financial plan, as
Bans anu I uiu. The plan is the moie you make, the fuithei in
uebt you go. If you invest youi money in something that makes
moie money, you aie cieating wealth. But if you spenu that
money, the money is all gone.
Youi monthly income is supposeu to giow something, just
like a seeu, but most people live fiom paycheck to paycheck,
which means they aie eating all of theii seeu. They have nothing
to plant anu giow.
Youi seeu is supposeu to iepiouuce itself. It is not supposeu
to be all eaten. But insteau, people spenu theii money on cell
phones, televisions, foou that goes to waste, anu clothes they uo
not weai left hanging in theii closets with tags still on them.
You might think having a cell phone is impoitant, but is it a
luxuiy oi a necessity. Is it a necessity foi youi fouith giauei to
have a cell phone. Is it wise oi foolish to have a householu of
cell phones when theie is a lanuline in the house as well. What
about the fact that cell phones aie not just cell phones anymoie.
They aie hanuhelu tiny computeis. We can suif the Inteinet,
buy moie stuff we uo not neeu, check oui e-mail, wiite e-mails,
get on Facebook, anu take pictuies anu viueo anu uploau them
to You Tube.
I have a question foi you: What was youi life like befoie cell
phones existeu. Was it a bit simplei.
They solu us that cell phones woulu make oui lives easiei
anu moie convenient, but is that ieally the case. In my opinion,
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 202
people have no lives anymoie. They have zeio fieeuom because
of this leash attacheu to them. What is also inteiesting is that
not only uo we have Inteinet access on oui phones, many people
also have Inteinet at home as well. So we aie paying foi the
same technology seveial times. Can you see this iiuiculous web
of financial biilliance that 2 peicent of the population cieateu.
They solu you things you now think you neeu anu cannot live
without. We have things we nevei neeueu until the maiket
showeu us we neeueu them, anu now we think we cannot live
without them.
You may 0''B a cell phone, but uo you 0''B a new one
because Apple just came out with a newei veision. Is that wise
oi foolish.
The point is, this is wheie all youi financial inuepenuence is
going. This is why "we the people" have so much peisonal uebt.
We aie auuicteu to buying stuff we simply uo not neeu.
Beie is an example of how even foou - an absolute necessity
- can become a wise veisus foolish uecision. Is spenuing a
hunuieu uollais a week on foou foi two people in the householu
wise oi foolish. What about buying oiganic foou. When you aie
spenuing thiee times the cost of iegulai foou when you aie in
uebt, is buying oiganic a luxuiy oi a necessity. You might fight
with me on that anu say it is a necessity. But the tiuth is that
if you weie homeless, you woulu not pay thiee times moie foi
oiganic foou. You woulu not have the money!
You ieally have to come to an unueistanuing of the uiffeience
between a necessity anu a luxuiy, anu the uiffeience between
wise anu foolish spenuing. We spenu all oui money on things
that go to waste, anu we cannot figuie out why we aie stuck
financially. The ieason we aie stuck financially is because we aie
not being faithful with the money we have been given. We aie
spenuing insteau of taking a poition of oui money anu investing
it in places that will yielu a ietuin.
This has to stop now. We aie teaching oui kius how to feeu
!"#$%! '( )%*'
theii ciavings insteau of exeicising the muscle of self-contiol
anu wisuom. We aie giooming them to fail by answeiing all
theii ciavings.
Car Debt Traps
We also neeu to stop believing that it is okay to pay moie foi
uepieciating liabilities.
I uo not want to paint the pictuie of all the 2 peicent people
being gieeuy mongiels, but wheie it applies, it is what it is. The
2 Peicenteis - especially bankeis on Wall Stieet - have founu
ways to make money while enslaving you with heavy uebt anu
inteiest payments. The biggest ways they uo this is thiough cai
loans anu housing moitgages.
Bo you think of youi cai as an asset. Bo you think youi cai
is giowing in value eveiy time you uiive it. No! As soon as you
uiive a new cai off the sales lot, the cai loses its value by 2u
peicent. Yet you believe you aie buying something that giows
in value.
Bow uiu that happen. Anothei question, how uiu we evei
get suckeieu into financing a uepieciating liability.
Some time ago, bankeis anu cai manufactuieis got togethei
anu figuieu out how they coulu make moie money woiking
togethei than they evei coulu on theii own, anu this iealization
maikeu the beginning of financing anu leasing cais.
You see, way back when cais fiist came out, you hau to pay
cash to buy a cai. Theie was no such thing as financing. So
eventually the cai uealeis anu bankeis figuieu out something
veiy, veiy poweiful, which was this: "Wow, I wonuei what woulu
happen if we maue this twenty-thousanu-uollai cai available foi
only thiee hunuieu uollais a month."
The bankeis maue money on inteiest, anu the cai
manufactuieis anu uealeis weie able to sell moie cais. If a
cai only costs thiee hunuieu oi foui hunuieu uollais a month,
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 204
people will buy moie cais. Not only that, but they figuieu out
that if they suckeieu people into a lease, they coulu sell them on
the iuea of a bianu-new cai eveiy couple of yeais.
This mouel cieateu eteinal ievolving cieuit anu ievolving
uebt foi tianspoitation. Back when you hau to pay cash foi a
vehicle, most people saveu to buy it anu took veiy goou caie of
theii puichase. Bowevei, when banking anu cai sales meigeu, it
put Ameiicans into uebt foi a uepieciating liability.
So heie is a uepieciating puichase that is not even an asset;
it is a liability. A liability costs money continuously without
piouucing an income, wheieas an asset is something that will
piouuce an income anu giow in value.
The banks give you a loan on this uepieciating liability,
which causes you to actually pay even moie foi it. As a iesult,
the bankeis anu the uealeis make money off of oui stupiuity anu
gieeu. We want what we want, we want it now, anu we want it
foi less. We nevei stop to look at the ieality anu to ueteimine
how much we aie actually going to pay foi the vehicle oi what it
will be woith at the enu of five yeais. We enu up paying multiple
times moie foi a vehicle that is woith multiple times less.
Bankeis useu this stiategy as a test to finu out if people
woulu pay moie foi a uepieciating liability. Will Ameiicans pay
exponentially moie money foi something that will be woith
exponentially less. The answei was yes.
In fact, Ameiicans uo it eveiy couple of yeais again anu again
anu again. }ust get a new cai, a new lease, anu pay moie inteiest.
But you shoulun't want to have cai payments. In my Wai on
Bebt system, which I will show you in the next chaptei, you will
see how to eliminate cai uebt.
House Mortgage Debt Traps
The bankeis weie able to convince 98 peicent of the masses to
pay inteiest on cais. But coulu they uo it with houses. Woulu
!"#$%! '( )%*'
the masses be willing to pay inteiest on monthly housing pay-
ments foi moitgage loans. Again, the answei was yes.
This last ieal estate ciash completely uevastateu, ciippleu,
anu annihilateu oui countiy's economy, anu who uiu it.
The same gieeuy mongiels (bankeis) anu the same gieeuy
consumeis (us) who gave up common sense a long time ago. The
bankeis ueciueu to give people the oppoitunity to buy a five-
hunuieu-thousanu-uollai house foi only two thousanu uollais
a month. It was the exact same piemise as cai loans. It was a
peifect maiiiage maue in hell.
Because of this appioach, we now have auopteu a poveity
mentality that expects to pay less foi fai moie value. It is a
lotteiy mentality; it is chasing a fantasy, anu chasing a fantasy
will always enu in poveity. The bottom line is that you aie going
to have to pay foi anything of value, anu if theie seems to be a
way not to pay, tiust me, you aie going to pay foi it uown the
ioau. Eventually, you aie going to pay foi it hoiiibly.
A lot of people think that a monthly moitgage payment is not
a uebt. They uo not consiuei it a uebt; they think it is just a way
of life. Some people think the same thing about stuuent loans.
We have become a people who accept uebt as pait of oui lives
anu a way of life foi oui chiluien, but uebt is not life. Bebt is a
choice you uo N0T neeu to make.
Theie was a time in this countiy when house payments uiu
not even exist; you paiu cash foi youi lanu anu you built youi
house with youi cash. At one time you coulu not finance these
things, anu that's when oui countiy anu oui people weie fiee.
Touay we aie slaves to the all-mighty uollai anu the banks. But
we have to come out of that. This is not the heiitage we want to
pass uown to oui kius.
In the Wai on Bebt system in the next chaptei, you will leain
a way to pay off youi moitgage in five to seven yeais. Yes, five to
seven yeais. If you choose to, you can own youi house fiee anu
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 206
Tbe Illusion of Wealtb
Ninety-eight peicent of the population has liveu unuei a false
sense of wealth because we can affoiu to waste money. It makes
us feel successful in the moment that we aie using oui fieeuom
to make a puichase on something we cleaily uo not neeu but
that we have convinceu ouiselves we "neeu." 0nly 2 peicent
tiuly unueistanus wealth.
Ninety-eight peicent of the population will eat all of theii
seeus. Noney is seeu. It is supposeu to multiply, anu it cannot
multiply if you aie consuming all of it. You have to stop being a
consuming human being anu stait being an income-piouucing
human being.
Bo you know what happeneu to the money you maue in the
past five yeais. Two peicent of the population knows exactly
wheie the money goes. Ninety-eight peicent of the population
uoesn't have a clue. You can put the stop to the bleeuing when
you finu wheie it is going.
You have been allotteu a ceitain amount of money eveiy
single month. You exchange youi skill foi that money. This
money is the financial teiiitoiy you aie in chaige of goveining.
Let's say youi allotment is two thousanu uollais a month. If you
aie faithful with that two thousanu uollais a month, then it is
going to goou use anu you aie multiplying the money. When
you aie multiplying the money, you will be given moie financial
teiiitoiy to govein.
But if you spenu all you make eveiy month, you will not
be given moie teiiitoiy. You have to be faithful with the two
thousanu uollais a month to get foui thousanu uollais, to get
six thousanu uollais, to get ten thousanu uollais, anu to get a
hunuieu thousanu uollais a month. 0nce you iealize that this is
the financial law anu you stait playing by the iules, you will stait
gaining moie financial teiiitoiy anu accumulate wealth.
!"#$%! '( )%*'
Youi fiist step to wealth is being faithful with goveining youi
cuiient financial teiiitoiy. Whethei it is small oi laige, you can
giow it to whatevei you uesiie.
Earn 1.82 Percent Return
As of Febiuaiy 2u11, the typical cieuit caiu inteiest iate was
16.82 peicent, accoiuing to Well, in-
steau of paying that to NasteiCaiu, visa, Biscovei, anu all the
othei cieuit caiu companies, you can be paying that to youiself.
Imagine what you coulu uo to builu youi wealth if you weie pay-
ing youiself 16.82 peicent inteiest.
In the next chaptei I am going to shaie with you my step-by-
step Wai on Bebt system so you can tuin waste into wealth anu
bieak fiee fiom uebt. With this system, you can pay off all youi
cieuit caius. You can pay off youi cai. Anu you can pay off youi
house in five to seven yeais.
You will leain to be uebt fiee. Bow woulu you like that. Bow
uo you think that will feel. With this system, you will be fiee
fiom the slaveiy of uebt foievei. Yes, foievei.
Wu4z Oua Cruzs S4v
!/** $"/9 C(,D A(, .(3I P',' /9 C"#$ Q39$ 9(;' (A (3, 8*/'0$9 9#.R
Piioi to leaining about, not only cieating wealth, but also
keeping it anu making it giow, I was in uebt, living paycheck to
paycheck with no savings. Aftei investing in myself anu applying
the piinciples that Bani teaches at Fiist Steps to Success anu
Cieating a Bynasty, my investments in ieal estate have piouuceu
a ietuin of close to 1uu peicent, anu othei investment options
that Bani teaches have given me ietuins of ovei Su peicent in a
little moie than a yeai. I now have a wealth account anu a savings
account that continue to inciease. I am also living a simplei life
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 208
with less stiess anu moie fieeuom with my time anu have paiu
off ovei $18u,uuu in uebt in S7 months. I am now living uebt-
fiee the fiist time in moie than SS yeais! Anu, I give away moie
money to my favoiite chaiities than evei befoie!
~ Alun Holcomb
We weie eaining six figuies anu spenuing six figuies, anu almost
$1,uuu a month was going on oui cieuit caiu. We weie spenuing
$1,6uu of FAT each month. We owneu nothing. We liveu in a two-
beuioom, $4uu-a-month apaitment. 0ui cais weie not paiu foi.
We hau nothing. Then we got pluggeu into Bani's Fiist Steps to
Success seminai. It woke us up, anu we staiteu to change oui
lives. Touay we own two houses; we own oui cais. We'ie totally
out of ievolving cieuit. We've paiu off $17u,uuu in uebt in S8
months anu bought oui fiist home. Now we have five souices of
income, anu anothei one ieauy to launch.
~ Mury Sturr Purmley Curter
Piioi to woiking with Bani }ohnson, I was a fiustiateu mom of
foui chiluien unuei five anu a contiolling wife of a militaiy man
who was ueployeu a lot. We weie ovei oui heaus in uebt, anu
I thought making moie money was the solution. Since woiking
with Bani }ohnson anu attenuing multiple live events, we have
paiu off $Suu,uuu in uebt. We aie completely uebt-fiee, anu
we now have $7S,uuu in cash anu assets that aie giowing. 0ui
maiiiage anu paienting have enhanceu anu impioveu so much
so that we aie constantly getting compliments on oui chiluien.
We now have so many options in life!
~ junlnu Bltz Vuxquez
H"#)$', L
Wnn oN Drn1
Pay It Uff
At the beginning of this book I piomiseu you I woulu show you
how to make moie money, keep moie money, anu make money
youi slave. In the last chaptei, I showeu you how 98 peicent
of the masses have become slaves to uebt anu how you neeu to
bieak fiee of it.
Now I am going to show you how to keep youi money. You
uo that by ueclaiing Wai on Bebt -by paying off youi uebt, youi
cieuit caius, youi cai payments, anu even youi house moitgage.
You aie going to bieak fiee of the chains that keep you a slave to
You aie going to leain my Wai on Bebt system. We teach
this at oui "Fiist Steps to Success" seminais, thiough BvBs,
auuios, anu home-stuuy couises. Some of oui stuuents have
even staiteu Wai on Bebt ciicles in theii homes, businesses,
communities, anu chuiches. 0ui clients have paiu off liteially
millions of uollais of uebt using this system.
In oui "Fiist Steps to Success" seminais, we have oui ietuin
clients come to the stage anu shaie how much uebt they have
paiu off. I am biought to teais eveiy time I heai the huge amount
of success they have hau.
At one iecent woikshop, sixty people came up to the stage
anu shaieu how much uebt they hau paiu off. We auueu up the
numbeis anu founu that the aveiage fat (I will explain what that
is in a minute) in theii buuget was $68S pei month.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 210
0sing that fat to stait, they paiu off uebt in an aveiage of
nineteen months, foi the aveiage amount of $88,uuu pei peison.
The total amount of uebt paiu off was $S.294 million. That is
just unuei $S.S million uollais of uebt totally annihilateu! P'**(Y
This system is simple anu you can uo it. Thousanus have uone
it befoie you.
In fact, at woikshop aftei woikshop acioss the 0.S. we
finu that the aveiage fat to stait is no less than five hunuieu
uollais pei peison. This is baseu on fact - I am not inflating
the numbeis. As people stait paying off uebt, the amount of fat
snowballs anu the iate of paying off uebt incieases. That is how
oui paiticipants enueu up paying off $S.2 million in uebt in an
aveiage time of nineteen months.
Now foi you Emeialus out theie who aie uoing the math anu
calculating the numbeis, the fat in theii buuget staits at $68S a
month. But because the amount of uebt they pay off snowballs
as time goes by, the amount they enu up paying off auus up to
many moie times that numbei in a veiy shoit peiiou of time.
0nce you finu the fat in youi buuget, you can invest that
money being wasteu in something that will give you a 16.82
peicent ietuin. Bow woulu you like a 16.82 peicent ietuin on
youi money. You cannot uo it in the stock maiket oi ieal estate.
But you can uo it by paying off youi cieuit caius.
Beie is the specific way to uo that.
Seven Steps to Cutting Debt
Wiite uown how much money you have maue in the last five
yeais. List youi salaiy, bonuses, inheiitances, unexpecteu in-
come, winnings - eveiything. Bow much came thiough youi ac-
count in the last five yeais.
!"# %& '()*
Naybe you uo not know. 0kay, then finu out how much you
maue in the last yeai oi even the last month. The moie you
know, the bettei you can attack.
Remembei, the wealthy know wheie eveiy ieu cent goes,
while the 98 Peicenteis uo not have a clue. That is one simple
thing you can change iight now. Finu out wheie all youi money
is going.
Now wiite uown how much you have left.
Bow much uo you have in youi savings. Bow much cash uo
you have. If you anu youi spouse maue $2Su,uuu in the last five
yeais - which is $Su,uuu a yeai - how much of that $2Su,uuu uo
you have left.
As of Naich 2u11, the aveiage Ameiican couple maue a
combineu income of $4S,uuu pei yeai, accoiuing to SimplyBiieu.
com. That is $22S,uuu ovei five yeais! If that is you, how much
of that have you kept.
Two peicent of the population knows exactly wheie the
money goes. The othei 98 peicent hasn't a clue. You can put
a stop to the bleeuing when you finu wheie it is going. I was
fuiious when I iealizeu I was spenuing moie than $14,uuu
a yeai at Costco anu the gioceiy stoie, which uiu not incluue
all the meals we ate in iestauiants. That was at a time when it
was just Bans, me, a five-yeai-olu, a thiee-yeai-olu, anu a nine-
month-olu in oui house. I was angiy that that money was going
into those businesses' bank accounts insteau of ouis.
Finu out wheie the money went.
Wheie uiu all the money go. What happeneu to the money
you maue in the past five yeais.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 212
What happeneu to youi last bonus oi iaise. Wheie uiu it go.
Let's go hunt foi the money. You spent it on youi cai, house,
computei, toys, accessoiies, gaugets, anu fancy coffee uiinks.
Wheie else is the money. The money is in youi house. It is
in youi bathioom vanity. Why uo you have all of those piouucts.
Because you have money.
Let's go to the gaiage. You have two hunuieu tools, yet you
call a iepaiiman to fix the sink. That is because you have money.
Let's go to the kitchen. Bow many options uo you have
foi bieakfast in youi pantiy iight now. It is not just oatmeal
anymoie; it is not just Quakei 0ats anymoie. Touay's oatmeal
is stiawbeiiies anu cieam, bananas anu cieam, bluebeiiies anu
cieam, anu maple anu biown sugai. Bow many uiffeient flavois
of ceieal uo you have. What about bagels.
Let's go now into youi 'fiiuge. Bow many bieakfast options
uo you have theie. Aie you like many who have five to seven
options foi just bieakfast alone. Fiuit, yoguit, eggs, bacon,
sausage, jam foi toast, anu cieam cheese foi bagels. Not just
cieam cheese, though - you have eveiy flavoi imaginable foi
cieam cheese. As though plain cieam cheese was not enough.
What about the fieezei. We aie still just on bieakfast. Fiozen
waffles, fiozen pancakes, Fiench toast sticks, bieakfast buiiitos.
Can you believe all these options we have been suckeieu into
puichasing. Then theie we aie at the stoie buying moie when
we have foou still in oui pantiy, fiiuge, anu fieezei.
Anu we haven't even talkeu about lunch anu uinnei yet. Not
to mention snacks.
Bepenuing on the size of youi family oi the size of youi pants,
you piobably have hunuieus of uollais of foou in youi house
iight now. The options aie killing us. The options aie taking
the money fiom oui pockets anu putting it in the meichant's
pockets. Those coipoiations coulu not caie less about youi
futuie. They coulu not caie less about youi wealth, youi kius,
anu the geneiation of wealth you aie supposeu to pass uown.
!"# %& '()*
Iuxurlex vx. Necexxltlex
The 98 Peicenteis use cieuit caius to buy stuff, wheieas the 2
Peicenteis use cieuit to builu wealth. Foi instance, 2 Peicenteis
use cieuit to buy houses as ieal estate investois. They aie mak-
ing money off the piopeity while the bank holus the loan.
If you aie financially inuepenuent, you can have the big house
oi five Lamboighinis if you want. Live the life you want to live.
But if you aie in uebt, you uo not have the iight to be shopping
at the mall eveiy week. When you owe somebouy money, you
give up youi iight to buy moie clothes, shoes, bags, electionics,
anu tools.
Theie was a time in this countiy when it was an
embaiiassment to be in uebt. If you oweu money, you got a
seconu job anu you woikeu youi butt off. You tiimmeu back
eveiything in youi buuget just to get that guy paiu off. Touay,
theie is no public embaiiassment foi being in uebt. People pull
out theii visa caius like it's nothing. Anu they spenu money
on moie stuff even though they owe a whole bunch of people
0ntil you have paiu off youi uebt, shiink back youi buuget
anu cut out the luxuiies. 0nce you aie financially inuepenuent,
you can live as you want in that beautiful house. In fact, uon't
buy one - buy two. uet a place on the beach anu a place in
the mountains. uo on those long-awaiteu, gloiious, anu exotic
vacations with youi fiienus anu family. uo aheau anu live how
you want to live.
But the point is, we have given up oui fieeuom by chaiging
stupiu little luxuiies eveiy week. Foi example, many give up
theii financial fieeuom foi a uaily Staibucks habit without even
iealizing it. Think about it, we useu to pay twenty-five cents foi a
cup of coffee; now, we thiow uown five uollais without blinking
an eye. It's not just coffee anymoie, it's a uesseit. Then we
complain about living paycheck to paycheck anu how we cannot
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 214
affoiu this anu that. All the while we aie in uebt anu spenuing
money on luxuiies when we owe otheis money.
You can have the big uieam ciicles we talkeu about in Chaptei
2. But if youi income is smallei than youi uieams, make suie
you pay off youi uebt anu giow youi income.
If you aie in uebt, you neeu to live accoiuing to necessities;
you neeu to holu back on youi luxuiies, anu use a poition of the
fat that you finu - it is always in the luxuiies - to pay uown the
uebt. Then you will want to put a poition of that fat towaiu fun
- a vacation, new clothes, oi the luxuiies you think you want to
possess now.
This piocess is simple. Sit uown anu make a list of the baie
minimums you neeu to suivive. I was a homeless woman so I
know exactly what you uo not neeu to live on. You uo not neeu
multiple foims of tianspoitation. You uo not neeu multiple
phones. In fact, a phone is a luxuiy. You uo not neeu five
hunuieu uollais in foou foi one peison. You uon't even neeu five
hunuieu uollais in foou foi thiee people in a householu - those
aie luxuiies. If you aie spenuing moie than twenty-five uollais
a week on foou foi a single peison, you aie spenuing luxuiiously
on youi foou buuget.
Who Ix 0ettlng Weulthy?
The coipoiations aie getting wealthy on oui ciavings, anu
theii kius aie going to iemain wealthy because of oui lack of
self-contiol. Theii kius aie going to be eniolling at piestigious
univeisities you've paiu foi while youi kius will be at the local
community college ueliveiing pizzas on the siue to help pay foi
books. Neanwhile, we aie teaching oui kius to buy baseu on
theii ciavings. They aie being taught to thiow cash in the tiash
when the foou goes bau. They aie being taught to make otheis
iichei while they stiuggle theii whole lives to just exist.
This goes back to the Law of Reaping anu Sowing. Youi
!"# %& '()*
money is the seeu you plant. Youi seeu is supposeu to iepiouuce
itself. It is not supposeu to be all eaten. You spenu youi money
on cell phones, television, foou you uo not eat, anu clothes you
uo not weai.
I only shop foi foou once a week anu we eat all the foou we
have that week. I plan eveiy meal anu we only get the foou we
neeu. I uo not go to the stoie if theie is foou in my kitchen. Ny
pantiy is not stockeu with boxes anu cans. We only have a tiny
Why uo you have foou in youi iefiigeiatoi that goes to waste.
Because you have the money. Why uo you have clothes in youi
closet that still have the piice tags on them. Because you have
the money.
Wuxte ln Your Houxe
Look foi all the waste in youi house. Look at all the bianus of
shampoos, lotions, anu sciubs you have pileu in youi bathioom.
Youi uebt-fiee lifestyle is in youi pantiy, closet, anu gaiage. You
have the money foi a uieam vacation, but it is wasteu in small
This is what I call fat. It is excess that is unnecessaiy foi us to
have gieat lives. This is fat in youi buuget that you uo not even
know you have. When you ieally look at what you have, what
you spenu youi money on, anu wheie it goes, you will be blown
away by the amount of fat in youi buuget. I am going to show
you how to finu that fat anu use it to achieve financial fieeuom.
I want you to wiite uown on a piece of papei how much
excess spenuing is in youi buuget.
Stait living by a new tienu of no moie foolish spenuing. You
alieauy have the cash - you'ie just putting it in the wiong place.
If you aie like we weie, you piobably have foou tuining into
science piojects in youi iefiigeiatoi oi getting fieezei buin in
youi fieezei.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 216
We just thiew that foou in the tiash - which is cash in the tiash.
I want you to tiy this iight now. Take out youi wallet anu
pull out all youi cash. Then thiow that cash in the tiashcan. Bo
it. This is a veiy impoitant visual. uo aheau, I will wait foi you.
Bo not be like most people who uo not follow uiiections. Thiow
youi cash in the tiash now.
Biu you notice that you felt an instinct to piotect youi
money. It uoesn't feel iight to thiow oui haiu-eaineu money in
the tiash, uoes it. It is completely luuicious, stupiu, anu foolish,
iight. Well, we aie thiowing cash in the tiash eveiy time we
thiow away foou oi leave foou on a iestauiant plate.
0iuei less foou when you eat out, anu if you aie still hungiy,
oiuei something else. You will be suipiiseu how much weight
you lose when you oiuei less foou. You can save money anu lose
weight at the same time!
Nake a list of the baie minimum you neeu to suivive - housing,
tianspoitation, anu foou. Finu out wheie youi money is going.
Anu I mean eveiy ieu cent. Then finu the fat - the excessive
money you spenu on foolish things.
We uiu that anu we cut oui foou buuget in half while still
eating like ioyalty eveiy night. I have been able to feeu oui
family anu fiienus - seven to nine people - foi as little as $7S
to $12S a week. Plus we have huge uinnei paities two to thiee
times a month foi thiity to sixty people.
Anu we uo not eat Top Ramen foi uinnei. We aie talking
chicken Paimesan with pasta, gieen beans sauteu in gailic,
beautiful salaus, chicken-fiieu steak, masheu potatoes anu giavy
with butteieu coin, anu sauteu aspaiagus. Aie you getting the
point. We eat amazing foou eveiy night on a small buuget. We
uo this by contiolling oui spenuing anu eating eveiything we
!"# %& '()*
If you aie spenuing moie than a hunuieu uollais a week on
foou, anu you have fewei than six people in the house, youi foou
buuget is out of contiol. So auu up that amount, plus housing
anu tianspoitation, anu then subtiact that fiom youi monthly
income - the iest is all fat.
0nce you finu out wheie youi money is going, you see how
youi money is making othei people iich, not you. Bow much aie
you spenuing at Wal-Nait eveiy month. Costco oi the gioceiy
stoie. At iestauiants oi fast-foou joints. At Nacy's. 0n iTunes.
At Staibucks.
Ask youiself: "Bo I want to continue to make Wal-Nait
a foitune. Is it still woith it foi me to be bioke, in uebt, anu a
financial slave. 0i uo I want to builu my own bank account anu
accumulate wealth." Aie you satisfieu with knowing that these
meichants' kius aie going to Baivaiu, Stanfoiu, oi Cambiiuge
0niveisity anu youi kius aie not. Theii kius aie enjoying family
vacations in exotic places while youis aie camping again. Theii
kius, because you aie builuing these meichants' wealth, aie
going to be financially inuepenuent foi geneiations anu youi
kius aie going to suffei financially. Is all of this okay with you. It
isn't with me anu it shoulun't be with you.
As I saiu, we have founu aftei woiking with thousanus of
clients woiluwiue that the aveiage monthly fat is five hunuieu
uollais pei month. Yes, jive bunJreJ Jollors! Youis may be moie
oi less, but you will finu the fat. Youi goal is to cut that fat.
You aie going to tuin that fat into lean muscle - savings anu
money to builu youi futuie.
If you ieally aie as seiious about attacking this as I was, then get
online anu piint out youi last bank statement. Now giab some
highlightei pens anu stait highlighting wheie the money is go-
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 218
Beie's how to uo it. 0se five highlighteis - yellow, pink, blue,
puiple, anu oiange. Choose one coloi foi each categoiy anu
stait highlighting.
- Yellow - Foou
- Pink - Bebt payments
- Blue - Necessities - ient, utilities, watei
- Puiple - uas foi youi cai oi othei tianspoitation costs
- 0iange - All the iest of youi fat

If you took any money out of the ATN, that goes unuei "fat"
because you piobably uon't know wheie those uollais went.
They most likely went to foou oi fun.
0nce you uo this, youi statement will be filleu with all
uiffeient colois. Auu up the expenses in each categoiy so you
can see the totals.
Then go thiough each categoiy. Figuie out what is necessity
anu what is luxuiy. Let's look at foou, foi example. That five-uollai
latte at Staibucks - is that a necessity oi a luxuiy. Eating out -
whethei it be fast foou, a ueli, oi a iestauiant - is that a necessity
oi a luxuiy. That oiganic lettuce foi which you paiu thiee times
moie than you woulu have paiu at the iegulai gioceiy stoie -
is that a necessity oi a luxuiy. 0i that stiawbeiiy smoothie
you pickeu up at the fast-foou joint because it lookeu goou on
the postei, even though you weie not hungiy - a necessity oi a
Auu up what aie ieally necessities. If you stick to youi
necessities, I bet you can cut youi foou expenses by half - like
fiom five hunuieu to two hunuieu-fifty uollais a month. 0i fiom
six hunuieu to thiee hunuieu uollais a month.
What about gas. Bo you ieally neeu to take that tiip to the
shopping centei then back home, then back out to the gioceiy
!"# %& '()*
stoie anu home, anu then to the haiiuiessei's. By cutting the fat,
one woman I woikeu with uioppeu hei gas expenses fiom thiee
hunuieu to one hunuieu-fifty uollais a month.
Taking someone out to lunch oi buying a gift foi someone - a
necessity oi a luxuiy. Stop spenuing money on otheis anu focus
on youi own expenses. You aie in uebt. You cannot affoiu to
spenu that kinu of money on luxuiies, which aie all fat. Theie
aie othei ways to show people you appieciate them.
With youi cieuit caius, the minimum payments aie the
necessities. Anything extia is fat.
Finu out youi necessities foi each categoiy anu figuie out a
iealistic buuget. Anything moie than that is fat. Auu up the fat.
You aie going to use that to pay uown uebt.
0nce you have a iealistic buuget foi each categoiy, put that
amount of cash in envelopes. That is all you have to spenu. When
you finish spenuing it, you uo not have any moie that month.
Puy Off Your CreJlt CurJx
Beie is how to tuin that fat into muscle.
Take out a pen, papei, anu youi cieuit caiu statements.
Stait wiiting uown the numbeis. In the chait, you can see the
example. Stait with youi smallest cieuit caiu balance. Then the
next smallest, as I have shown on the chait.
List youi cieuit caius. Wiite them uown fiom smallest to
laigest amounts oweu to each cieuit caiu company.
In the example, I have listeu five cieuit caius, fiom the smallest
five-hunuieu-uollai balance to the laigest five-thousanu-uollai
In the next iow aie the minimum monthly payments.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 220
Wiite those uown. Look at youi cieuit caiu statements anu
get those numbeis.
In the example chait I uiu, you will see the minimum
payments. Foi the $Suu balance, it is $1u. Foi $1,uuu, it is $2u.
Foi $1,2uu, it is $2S. Foi $S,uuu, it is $7S. Anu foi $S,uuu, it is
War on Debt System
+;(30$ (A A#$R d[MM
Bebt Nonthly Payment No. Nonths To Pay 0ff
$Suu $1u .
$1,uuu $2u .
$1,2uu $2S .
$S,uuu $7S .
$S,uuu $1Su .
Then use fat to stait paying off uebt, one cieuit caiu at a time.
Stait with the caiu with the smallest balance so you get the ex-
citement anu empoweiment that comes fiom paying off a caiu
fast. This actually staits to get ieally fun. When you knock out
the fiist cieuit caiu you feel like you just kickeu youi enemy in
the teeth. 0h, it is exhilaiating!
Fiist, auu the fat in youi buuget to the fiist cieuit caiu's
monthly minimum anu pay that eveiy month. You will still pay
the monthly minimums on the othei caius while auuing fat to
the fiist payment.
See the next page foi how that woiks out.
!"# %& '()*
War on Debt System
+;(30$ (A A#$R d[MM
Bebt Nonthly Payment No. Nonths To Pay 0ff
$Suu $S1u ed[MM A#$ f dJM ;/0g 1
$1,uuu $SSu ed[JM f dSM ;/0g 2
$1,2uu $SSS ed[XM f dS[ ;/0g 2
$S,uuu $6Su ed[[[ f d`[ ;/0g S
$S,uuu $78u ed_XM f dJ[M ;/0g 7
$1u,7uu 17 Nonths
In the example above, I am auuing the $Suu in fat to the $1u
minimum monthly payment foi the fiist cieuit caiu. This comes
to $S1u a month. Bow long uoes it take to pay off that $Suu
uebt. 0ne month.
Auu the monthly minimum to youi fat so the payments
snowball. Bave you evei paiu off a cieuit caiu. You piobably uo
not know wheie the money foi the minimum monthly payment
went. It went to buying moie stuff. Insteau of uoing that, take
the money anu pay off youi seconu caiu. When you have uone
that, you will stait paying off youi thiiu cieuit caiu.
In the example, the seconu caiu shows $S1u in fat that was
pieviously useu towaiu the fiist cieuit caiu, which is now paiu
off, plus $2u minimum foi the seconu caiu payment. That makes
a total payment of $SSu.
Bow many months uoes it take to pay off that seconu cieuit
caiu. Since it is a $1,uuu uebt uiviueu by $SSu, the answei is
two months. Two months anu that uebt is gone! So in thiee
months, you have annihilateu two caius fiom youi list. Now
youi confiuence is staiting to builu. Now you aie staiting to feel
the buin insiue of you to oveitake the enemy that has causeu
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 222
you bonuage anu heaviness all these yeais. You aie feeling at
this point that you can uo this anu you will become uebt-fiee
anu financially inuepenuent.
The next month you take the $SSu anu auu the $2S minimum
payment, giving you $SSS towaiu the $1,2uu uebt. Bow many
months uoes it take to pay off. Two months. Soon you have
anothei uebt knockeu out.
Then you take that $SSS, plus the $7S minimum monthly on
the next one, giving you a $6Su monthly payment towaiu the
$S,uuu uebt. Bow many months uoes it take. Five.
By the time you have annihilateu that uebt, you have $6Su
in fat to pay off that last cieuit caiu. You know the system now.
Auu $6Su to the minimum monthly payment of $1Su foi the
last one anu you have $78u to pay off a $S,uuu uebt. Bow many
months will it take. Seven.
Auu up the totals. Bow much uebt uiu you have. $1u,7uu.
Bow many months uiu it take to pay off. Seventeen.
All that uebt is gone in seventeen months. You aie cieuit
caiu uebt-fiee in seventeen months, veisus having moie uebt.
0nce you cut off the cieuit caius, you will feel bettei about
youiself. That is why I stait with the smallest. It's like, "Bam! I
uiu it! Now it is the seconu one! Now it is the thiiu one!" Pietty
soon you have this seiious momentum woiking foi you.
We have thousanus of stuuents who have useu the Wai on
Bebt system to pay off millions of uollais of uebt. But you must
be willing to obey, anu you must be willing to let go of youi
attachment to youi stuff.
Puy Off Your Cur
You uo not evei want to have cai payments. I explaineu to you
in the last chaptei how bankeis anu automakeis got togethei to
cieate cai payments so you enu up paying moie foi a cai that is
actually losing its value.
!"# %& '()*
Some people in Ameiica see cai payments as a way of life.
The bankeis anu automakeis have convinceu us that going into
uebt foi a cai is smait, when in fact it is stupiu.
Cai payments aie a uebt, although oui cultuie has been
tiaineu to believe that they aie not. So if you have any cai
uebt, annihilate it. 0theiwise you become a slave to youi cai
0nce you pay off youi cieuit caius, pay off youi cai. In the
eailiei example, the final payment on the last cieuit caiu was
foi $78u. Aftei the last caiu is paiu off, insteau of blowing the
monthly payment on something else, use it to pay off youi cai.
0i if the payments aie high, sell the cai anu buy a useu one.
}ust stop giving the bank youi money. It is youi money, not
theiis. Stop paying inteiest anu high taxes on a liability calleu
a cai. If you have to, holu a gaiage sale oi uo whatevei you can
to iaise some cash, anu pay cash foi a useu cai. Take the "stuff"
collecting uust anu tuin it into a cai. 0wn youi cai fiee anu cleai.
If you have a seconu cai you aie not using, oi even a thiiu cai,
sell it. 0se the money to pay off uebt oi save foi investments.
Puy Off Your Mortguge
All uebt is baseu on gieeu. Youi moitgage is also a type of uebt.
As I saiu in the last chaptei, youi moitgage is making the bank-
eis iich, while you aie enslaveu in uebt, paying inteiest.
Aftei you have paiu off youi cai, woik on paying off youi
moitgage so you can become uebt fiee. If you use the Wai on
Bebt system, youi moitgage is likely to be gone in five to seven
This is only one option. In latei chapteis, I will also show
you how to use that fat to buy othei assets.
Bepenuing on what you choose, youi house may be the only
investment you aie evei going to have in youi life. If you uo not
want to owe anyone foi it, you coulu pay off youi moitgage by
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 224
using this system.Within a few yeais, you will own youi house
fiee anu cleai.
Stacy 0'Quinn, a foimei militaiy man anu a fathei of two,
was making $2S,uuu a yeai when I met him. By using oui Wai
on Bebt system, he has paiu off $292,uuu of uebt in the last five
yeais anu just paiu cash foi a house. Be is completely uebt-fiee
at thiity yeais olu.
While you aie in the piocess of paying off youi uebt, cieate a fun
buuget - liteially, a buuget to go out anu uo oi buy something
fun. This is a iewaiu account foi uoing such a gieat job at being
financially iesponsible. You still will pay off youi uebt anu use
youi fat to pay off moie than the minimum because a fun buuget
is sepaiate fiom paying off that uebt.
0f couise, iewaiuing youiself this way will ieuuce the
payment towaiu youi uebt anu inciease the time it takes to pay
it off, but it will keep you motivateu to stay on tiack with the
This fun buuget might be twenty-five oi a hunuieu uollais a
month that you give youiself to spenu on whatevei youi heait
uesiies. This coulu incluue going to Staibucks oi Nacy's. You
coulu take a hunuieu uollais anu spenu it all on one paii of
shoes, oi you coulu buy eight paiis of shoes at Wal-Nait.
0i you might take that money, put it in an envelope, save
it foi eight months, anu take a tiip. You can blow that money
howevei you want - no holus baiieu!
When I was financially iiiesponsible, I woulu spenu $2S,uuu
a month on whatevei I wanteu. That usually meant clothes,
jeweliy, oi eating out. Aftei I got wisei, I limiteu it to a hunuieu
uollais a month.

!"# %& '()*
When you stop feeuing the ciavings anu you stait feeuing the
muscle of self-contiol anu wisuom, the ciaving stops talking to
A piinciple that has been aiounu since the beginning of time
says that if you give, you ieceive. Remembei the Law of Reaping
anu Sowing. You ieap what you sow. A stingy man will be im-
poveiisheu, but a givei - someone who is geneious - will always
have his neeus met.
I stiongly iecommenu giving at least one uollai out of eveiy
ten uollais you make. You shoulu uo this even when you aie
paying off uebt.
Since Bans anu I began consistent monthly giving, oui neeus
have always been met. With oui businesses, we give 1u peicent
of oui gioss sales iight off the top - to the pooi, oiphans, oi
wiuows, oi foi fieeing chiluien out of the sex tiaue. That is
about Su peicent of oui net piofit. When we uo that, we have
founu that even moie comes back to us.
Bo not tell me you cannot give. Eveiyone can give something.
uive a uollai foi eveiy ten uollais you make, anu youi neeus
will always be met. The wealthy use this piinciple as well as
the otheis I have shaieu with you. They aie successful because
the piinciples woik. It is like a seciet coue we all unueistanu.
Stingy people become impoveiisheu; geneious people uo not.
Thousanus of oui clients have annihilateu theii uebt using
this system. They have paiu off millions of uollais of uebt in a
shoit amount of time. They have paiu off uebt while paying cash
to attenu my woikshops oi taking theii families on vacations.
They have paiu off uebt while giving 1u peicent to those in ieal
neeu. You cannot ieplace the incieuible feeling of ueclaiing wai
on uebt anu knowing you aie winning.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 226
Ways To Save
Beie aie moie ways to cut the fat anu builu up savings foi youi
seeu money.
AvolJ Sulex
Avoiu sales! I know that goes against eveiything you have been
taught. But think about who taught you to shop at sales: the me-
uia, maikets, gioceiy stoies, anu uepaitment stoies. Sales make
you feel like you'ie getting a gieat ueal, but they aie a scam. Bo
you even neeu what is on sale. Is it a necessity oi a luxuiy. A
ciaving oi a tiue neeu.
Sales often make us say, "0h, I neeu that anu I will save
money if I buy it." You uo not save money by spenuing it, you nut!
Bave you evei saiu, "I saveu fifty uollais by spenuing a hunuieu
uollais". If you haun't bought into that maiketing scam, you
woulu have saveu all of that money anu hau less stuff.
Not to mention the gas you spent to go get it anu the time you
wasteu that coulu have been investeu in othei, moie piouuctive
things. Anu meichants often maik up the piice anu then offei
Su peicent off, but that half-off piice is just the oiiginal piice.
The tiuth is that a "sale" is something to make you think you aie
getting moie anu paying less.
You enu up spenuing moie than you shoulu at sales because
you think you aie getting such a gieat ueal. This is a way to get
you to show up at the stoie. Neichants know that most people
who come foi a sale will buy much moie than what is on sale.
The sale is what they call a "loss leauei." They aie willing to lose
some on the fiont-enu of the ueal because they know you will
buy moie than you intenueu.
Bo not buy those cans of gieen beans just because they aie
ten foi ten uollais. That is how we winu up with foou in the foou
uiive at Thanksgiving.
!"# %& '()*
You uo not neeu ten cans. You aie thinking anu spenuing like
a 98 Peicentei. Bo not buy moie than you neeu, anu use what
you puichase.
AvolJ Cutulogx
uet iiu of uepaitment-stoie catalogs anu get off of e-mail lists
fiom victoiia's Seciet, Apple, electionic stoies, nutiition stoies,
anu the iest of the tiaps wheie you shop. The only ieason they
have youi e-mail auuiess is to sell you something. It is veiy iaie
that you will be on an e-mail list that will benefit you.
If you aie on an e-mail list of something that is continuously
maiketeu to you, get youiself iemoveu fiom it! You uo not want
to know when the next sale is because you aie being solu what
you uo not neeu. A catalog is nothing but a sales lettei anu an
oppoitunity to sell you something. Buin all youi catalogs, anu
then call the companies senuing you catalogs anu cancel them.
Cancel all youi magazine subsciiptions, too. Those magazines
aie auveitising to you - that is how they make money.
Wult 1hlrty uyx
Beie is a iule of thumb: When it comes to "stuff" anu theie is
something you feel you must have, wait thiity uays. Thiity uays
fiom touay when you see that paii of shoes, bag, shiit, election-
ic, etc., that was calling youi name, if it is still calling youi name
in thiity uays then buy it with youi fun money. But I guaiantee
you that within thiity uays you will foiget you even saw it.
Puy Cuxh
Pay cash foi eveiything. Cut up the cieuit caius. You can live
on a uebit caiu, I piomise you. Quit putting youi tiust in plas-
tic. Plastic is not going to help you oi youi chiluien to become
financially fiee, stable, oi secuie. Feel that fieeing expeiience
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 228
when you cut up youi cieuit caius. Pay cash foi what you neeu
anu use youi uebit caiu foi things you neeu to pay online, like
youi bills oi aiiline ieseivations. If you uo not have the cash, uo
not buy it.
Buiing a question-anu-answei session at one of my auvanceu
tiaining seminais, "Cieating a Bynasty," a young lauy askeu a
question about hei uebt. When I lookeu at hei, I iealizeu she
hau not yet maue the uecision to become uebt fiee.
I saiu, "Pull out youi wallet iight now!"
Bei eyes got huge.
"uo aheau anu pull out youi wallet iight now," I saiu, knowing
she coulu not uo what I was going to ask hei to uo.
She veiy cautiously pulleu out hei wallet.
"Now, I want you to pull out youi cieuit caius," I saiu.
She lookeu at me, anu teais began to flow.
I calleu out to my assistant anu longtime fiienu, }enn. "}enn,
biing me the scissois now!" I saiu.
The young woman then buiieu hei face in hei hanus because
she iealizeu what I was going to ask hei to uo.
I saiu, "Sweetheait, you aie young, anu you uo not have
to suffei the way many of us have suffeieu. You can make the
choice iight now to cioss ovei the biiuge fiom 98 peicent to 2
peicent anu be fiee fiom the bonuage to plastic. It is time to cut
them up."
So she giabbeu the scissois anu uiu it.
All of a suuuen, hunuieus of my clients in the woikshop
spontaneously came foiwaiu. They giabbeu theii wallets, pulleu
out theii cieuit caius out, anu staiteu cutting.
I calleu out to my team foi moie scissois! Foi about thiity-
five to foity-five minutes, oui clients cut up theii cieuit caius one
aftei the othei. Bunuieus anu hunuieus of cieuit caius weie cut
that uay. In fact, one twenty-five-yeai-olu man cut up a total of
twenty-two caius.
!"# %& '()*
If they can uo it, you can uo it.
The tiuth is we put too much tiust in plastic.
When I was a homeless woman, my cieuit caius weie totally
maxeu out so I hanuleu eveiything in cash, anu I continueu to uo
so aftei I got back on my feet. Even aftei I became a millionaiie I
hanuleu eveiything in cash because my cieuit was scieweu ovei.
I coulu not get a cieuit caiu, which tuineu out to be the best
thing that evei coulu have happeneu to me. So I woulu tiavel
the woilu, stay in places like the Waluoif Astoiia anu pay cash. I
uiun't have one cieuit caiu.
0nce the uebit caiu came out, I got one of those. Since it
woiks like a cieuit caiu but uiaws fiom a bank account, it can
take you anywheie you neeu to go without incuiiing uebt. Bown
the ioau I let someone talk me into a cieuit caiu anu that was the
woist thing I hau uone at the time.
Theie is something you neeu to unueistanu about uebt anu
cieuit caius. If they aie useu foi "stuff," they aie bau. If they
aie useu to cieate moie wealth, they can be stiategic. Nost
98 Peicenteis use uebt foi "stuff," while 2 Peicenteis use uebt
to cieate moie wealth. I will talk moie about that in the next
If you aie living in integiity, youi life is baseu on what is in
youi bank account, not on what you piomise - oi hope - to pay in
the futuie. So theie ieally is no ieason at all to own a cieuit caiu,
but theie aie all kinus of objections. Foi example, my giilfiienu
once saiu, "I am going to get chaigeu if I close this account."
I uo not caie if you get chaigeu. You aie being chaigeu 16.82
peicent iight now. Bo you want to guaiantee a ietuin on youi
money. Pay off youi cieuit caius.
Some people say, "It is going to sciew up my cieuit."
You uo not neeu cieuit, I piomise you. Theie aie people who
have ueclaieu bankiuptcy, foiecloseu on theii houses, anu then
bought anothei house a yeai latei. Who aie the people telling
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 230
you that you neeu goou cieuit. The banks. Bow uo they tell you
that you can get goou cieuit. By chaiging. Baving uebt is how
they tell you that you can get goou cieuit - by making chaiges
anu making youi payments consistently. They aie the ones who
scammeu the entiie cieuit-scoie piocess.
You have to come out of this 98 peicent way of thinking.
Banks have scammeu you into believing you neeu goou cieuit.
I was a homeless woman who hau bau cieuit anu $SS,uuu in
uebt. Exactly twelve months aftei I uefaulteu on all of my cieuit
caius, I was able to buy a house. Why. Because I hau cash. I
hau $S2,uuu in cash to put uown on a new conuo that cost me
$2S9,uuu. So they gave me a $227,uuu loan!
Bankeis have convinceu you to believe you have to have
goou cieuit to buy a house. Bowevei, I am telling you iight now
that thousanus of people have bought houses aftei they have
ueclaieu bankiuptcy oi foiecloseu on a home.
Plain anu simple: You uo not neeu a cieuit caiu.
I also heai, "But I have this one just in case." Yeah, just in
case - so you can go into uebt. I piomise that if you evei get
in a situation wheie you neeu money, you will finu money. We
put oui hope in plastic but plastic will not take caie of you -
it is taking caie of the gieeuy mongiels at the top of the bank
stiuctuie. It is taking caie of the wealthiest of the woilu - the
people who own those banks anu iun those scams. Stop making
theii families wealthiei. It is time to take a stanu against uebt
anu to make youi family wealthy.
Sell Your Stuff
Bave a gaiage sale. uo sell all youi ciap. You uo not neeu it - it
just takes time to manage, uust, anu keep clean. It means noth-
0se that money as fat to pay off uebt. 0i use that cash foi
investing. Nake me anothei list iight now. Remembei, if you
!"# %& '()*
aie seiious you aie going to follow my uiiections. So make a list
of ciap oi "stuff" in youi house oi stoiage unit that uoes not get
useu oi in which you have lost inteiest.
The fiist weekenu gaiage sale we hau we maue $2,6uu in a
tiny little town. I also uiu a piivate viewing of my clothes with
some fiienus anu maue anothei $2,uuu fiom that. So $4,6uu
of "stuff" was solu. Bo I miss any of it. Not only uo I not miss
it, I can only iemembei a couple of the items I solu. I uo not
iemembei most of what was solu, anu neithei will you.
Fut Whut Ix In Your Puntry
Bo not go to the gioceiy stoie until the foou in youi house is
gone. Foi most people that is at least thiity uays. Eat all the foou
in youi house. Some clients tolu us they uiun't neeu to go to the
gioceiy stoie foi six months.
Ny client Caiiie was a single gal who aftei heaiing this
piinciple ueciueu to stop going to the stoie until all the foou
was gone fiom hei pantiy. The iesult was she uiu not go to the
gioceiy stoie foi six months anu she lost fifty pounus. Stale
potato chips uo not taste as goou - so she founu she woulu not
eat as many. When you stop feeuing youi ciavings, you eat what
is in fiont of you anu eat what you neeu insteau of pigging out!
We have been tiaineu to think that oui iefiigeiatois aie
supposeu to be packeu, anu oui pantiies aie supposeu to be
well-stockeu. You have been uupeu by auveitising. Stop being a
victim, anu stait being the wise victoi. Stop being a consuming
human anu become a multiple-income-piouucing one.
If you uo not go to the gioceiy stoie foi the next thiity uays
anu just eat what is in youi pantiy, that is cash in youi pantiy.
Take the money you woulu have spent on foou anu attack youi
uebt with it.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 232
If Tbis Doesn't Work
Bebt is evil. When you have uebt, you become a slave to money.
If you aie not willing to sell something you shoulu not have
bought in the fiist place, oi get iiu of something you uo not use,
you neeu to ask youiself, "Why am I so attacheu to this stuff.
Is the stuff woith my staying in financial bonuage. Why am I
so attacheu to that cai that is costing me money eveiy single
month. Is it woith the bonuage."
Insteau, say to youiself, "The stuff is not woith the bonuage."
That is how you bieak ties to uebt. That is how you bieak
the bonuage. That is how sixty people at oui woikshops paiu off
$S.2 million of uebt in nineteen months.
If you aie chipping away at uebt eveiy month, you will have a
feeling of fieeuom. It may take you two yeais to pay off all youi
uebt, but you will be a fiee peison. Imagine if you uo not stait
paying it off now. Bow much fuithei in uebt will you be in the
next two yeais.
When you have paiu off youi uebt, the feeling is exhilaiating.
That is empoweiment. That is secuiity.
Build Your Business
You can use this system to annihilate uebt in youi business.
}eff 0snei, a company ownei, useu the Wai on Bebt system
to pay off $28u,uuu woith of uebt in fouiteen months. Be was
peisonally uebt-fiee, but he hau accumulateu $28u,uuu woith
of uebt in his business.
Even if youi business uoes not have any uebt, look foi the
fat theie. Wheie coulu that money be going. Bow can you use
that money to builu youi business. Wheie can you invest that
money. 0se the same piinciples to builu youi capital ieseives
anu invest in new businesses.
If you aie a business ownei, invite othei business owneis in
!"# %& '()*
youi community to Wai on Bebt meetings. It is a gieat way to
F0RN them - talk about theii family, occupation, iecieation, anu
message - anu use youi Nagnetic Influence skills.
You will get to know a whole new segment of the community.
If you help othei people get what they want, you will get what
you want. As you help them eliminate uebt, they will want to uo
business with you oi iefei otheis to you.
War on Debt Classes
Ny assistant, }enn, staiteu holuing Wai on Bebt classes in hei
home. She helpeu foui women pay off $6,6uu of uebt in two
months. It is ieally poweiful. She is helping othei fiienus get
out of uebt, too, which has many benefits.
You can invite people fiom youi community to leain the Wai
on Bebt system togethei. You will expanu youi influence anu
help youi community, anu it will elevate you to a leaueiship iole.
You will be holuing youiself accountable anu woiking towaiu a
common goal with the people you know.
When you help otheis get out of uebt, you sow the seeus of
wealth in theii lives. You builu ielationships with otheis as you
walk togethei uown the path of financial fieeuom.
We have an affiliate piogiam foi the Wai on Bebt system on
oui website. 0i you can just use the BvBs, CBs, anu woikbooks,
anu stait inviting people to Wai on Bebt classes.
Save for Wealtb
When you become uebt-fiee, you use the same piinciples to save
money. In the example I showeu you, that is $78u a month that
coulu be going towaiu builuing youi wealth.
We have a client nameu Caiiie (the one who ate out of hei
pantiy foi six months anu lost fifty pounus) who was alieauy
uebt-fiee, but she saveu $Su,uuu in one yeai fiom combing
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 234
thiough hei finances anu finuing the fat in hei buuget. She saveu
that money insteau of making Wal-Nait iichei, oi Blockbustei
iichei, oi whoevei iichei. She now has the money insteau.
In the next chaptei, I will show you how to use fat to buy
income-piouucing assets. You alieauy know how you aie a slave
to money. Now it is time to tuin money into .(3, slave.
Wu4z Oua Cruzs S4v
!/** $"/9 C(,D A(, .(3I P',' /9 C"#$ Q39$ 9(;' (A (3, 8*/'0$9 9#.R
I hau lost my home, which was my chiluien's inheiitance. I came
to Fiist Steps to Success, got holu of Wai on Bebt, anu paiu off
$12,uuu of uebt in foui months. 0sing Wai on Bebt, I eaineu a
substantial bonus in my ieal estate business.
~ Shuron AJumx
Bani changeu my life. I useu to be $2S,uuu in uebt, but I was able
to pay off my uebt in just five months.
~ Aggle Stuxko
I'm a single mom with six kius. I iealizeu I hau $2,uuu woith of
FAT. I paiu off moie than $268,uuu of uebt in 2S months. Not
only that, but I lost S2 pounus.
~ Iexlu Cuggluno
I paiu off $1u,uuu of uebt in the last month anu a half!
~ Murguret Kluxxen
I am so giateful to Bani foi showing me that I coulu cut $Suu
woith of FAT fiom my buuget because it alloweu me to save
$Su,uuu in SS months! I stole back money that woulu have been
spent in stupiu places!
~ Currle Wulterx
!"# %& '()*
Even though I was unemployeu, I was able to uouble my income
because of what Bani taught me. I also paiu off 9,uuu in 11
~ Nuoml johnxon
I was stiuggling in my business, failing in my maiiiage, anu I
was fiustiateu with my paienting skills. I was also uiowning in
uebt. Aftei plugging into Fiist Steps to Success anu Bynasty, I
paiu off $2S,uuu of uebt; my maiiiage was absolutely iestoieu;
anu I have seen amazing impiovements with my kius. I feel
absolutely joyful!
~ AnJreu 1exxler
I was oveiwoikeu, in uebt anu fiustiateu with the people aiounu
me. Aftei I went to Fiist Steps, I annihilateu ovei $S6,uuu of uebt
in 16 months; my business incieaseu 4u peicent in something
calleu a iecession; anu I have stiongei ielationships with the
people I love.
~ 1lnl 1homux
I paiu off $4u,uuu of uebt in 2 V yeais, am living on 7u peicent of
my income, anu I'm on tiack to pay off even moie uebt.
~ ebble Brown
0sing what Bani teaches, I annihilateu ovei $S million of uebt!
~ Frlk 1hurexon
Aftei plugging into Bani's woikshop, we have paiu off $84,uuu of
uebt in S8 months, anu ovei the past six months, we have maue
ovei $64,S2S on a pait-time basis.
~ CuJle Kulmex

Since tapping into Bani }ohnson, my business has soaieu. In the
last foui months, I've paiu off ovei $1u,uuu of uebt. I also teach
college, anu I've taken some of the infoimation I've leaineu fiom
Bani anu useu it with my college stuuents. I leaineu how to talk
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 236
to uiffeient peisonalities, how to answei questions anu how to
motivate them to be successful. It's not just foi business people
- it's foi youi life!
~ Pum Root
Aftei taking Bani's couise, I founu $2,Suu of FAT in oui buuget,
anu we have paiu off $1S8,uuu of uebt in 28 months.
~ Renue Hlkkllu
It took me just two months to pay off $1,uuu of uebt aftei I
leaineu about Bani's Wai on Bebt!
~ Sherl RlchurJxon
I hau $1,uuu of FAT anu got iiu of $12,8uu of uebt in a yeai
following the methous I leaineu in Bani's couise.
~ Murlu Newton
I eliminateu $Suu of FAT, anu in just 18 months, I paiu off $12,uuu
of uebt - thanks to Bani!
~ RlchurJ AlexunJer
I was wasting $847 pei month in FAT befoie I met Bani. Aftei I
met Bani, I was able to pay off $27,S9u within S1 months.
~ ShuunJl 0olnx
I uiun't know how I was going to pay off $2S2,uuu of uebt. But
then I took Bani's couise, cut $7uu in FAT, anu my uebt was gone
in 2u months. I am uebt-fiee!!
~ Kurln Shuw
0nce I took Bani's couise, I saw that I coulu eliminate $6uu
of FAT fiom my buuget. Because of this, I was able to pay off
$2u,uuu of uebt within 24 months!
~ Stuurt Iynn
!"# %& '()*
I hau $1,uuu in monthly FAT. Ny $21,uuu of uebt was paiu off in
seven months aftei I useu what Bani taught me.
~ Murthu AnJerxon
Aftei cutting $Suu of FAT, I got iiu of $1S,uuu of uebt in two
yeais, anu it's all because of Bani.
~ Ronl Vergetx

I was spenuing $4uu in FAT anu wallowing in $Su,uuu woith of
uebt, but I paiu it off in one yeai using Bani's techniques.
~ Iynn Kexxler-Fullo

Ny life is so much bettei now that I've paiu off $11,6uu of uebt
in two yeais. Thank you, Bani!
~ Conxule Mujex
Aftei leaining so much fiom Bani's couise, I got iiu of $Suu in
monthly FAT anu paiu off $22,uuu of uebt in two yeais!
~ Kelly johnxon
With Bani's couise, I iealizeu I coulu cut $SSu of FAT fiom my
buuget. By uoing that, I paiu off $14,Suu of uebt in only 7 months.
~ Shlelu Plchen

I eliminateu $6uu in FAT anu paiu off $6,Suu of uebt in just S V
months aftei I took Bani's couise.
~ Mury HowurJ
Piioi to taking Bani's couise, I wasteu $4uu each month in FAT.
In just nine months, I was able to pay off $1S,61S of uebt.
~ KenJru Hrebenluk
I just cut the $2Su of FAT fiom my life, anu I was able to pay off
$1,uuu of uebt in foui months.
~ lunu Flummer
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 238
Bani showeu me how to eliminate $9uu of FAT anu pioviueu me
with the tools to pay off $1S,uuu of uebt within six months!
~ Steve Wuhlqulxt
Ny sinceiest thanks to Bani foi making me iealize I hau $S7u in
FAT. Because of hei shaieu knowleuge, I paiu off $18,uS4 woith
of uebt in 2S months.
~ Nutulle Whlte
I was $2SS,uuu in uebt befoie I took Bani's couise! But I useu
the knowleuge I gaineu fiom Bani to get iiu of $1,Suu of monthly
FAT, anu I paiu off all my uebt in S6 months.
~ Amber Whlte
I am a single mom fiom Nexico, anu I am so happy that I took
Bani's couise. With the skills I leaineu fiom hei, I cut $Su of FAT
anu paiu off $2,Suu of uebt!
~ Sol PuJlllu
Bani showeu us how to eliminate the extia $7Su that we weie
wasting pei month in FAT. Because of hei, we paiu off $2S2,uuu
in just 22 months!
~ Shuwn unJ Vlctorlu Horner
Bani is gieat! She taught me how to save $1Su a month of what
was pieviously FAT. I paiu off $2,Suu of uebt in five shoit months.
~ Chrlx Huyex
I am thiilleu to be uebt-fiee aftei taking Bani's couise! It took
me 1u months to pay off $16,uuu of uebt.
~ Flyxxu Wllllumx
As a single mothei with two uaughteis in college, I uiun't know
how I woulu evei get out of uebt. Because of Bani, I eliminateu
$2Su of FAT, anu I paiu off $19,uuu in 14 months.
~ Ilxu Slerockl
!"# %& '()*
I hau $7Su in FAT. In two months, I paiu off $12,Suu of uebt.
~ Krlxtlne Subey
Piioi to attenuing Fiist Steps to Success, I hau just lost my job as
a iesult of the goveinment buuget cuts. I pluggeu into the Wai
on Bebt with Bani }ohnson, anu in just foui months, my husbanu
anu I have paiu off ovei $1S,uuu of uebt. None of this woulu
have been possible without the skills taught by Bani }ohnson.
~ Cuthy Bubku
H"#)$', JM
Mnkr MoNrv Youn Stnvr
Slaves To Money
In 2uuu, I was uiagnoseu with a heait conuition anu coulu no
longei woik. At that time, Bans anu I iealizeu all of oui eggs
weie in one basket. We only knew how to uo one thing anu
we wonueieu what we shoulu uo next. We iealizeu that even
though we hau maue lots of money, we hau been slaves to it all
those yeais.
When you aie young, you uo not think about youi futuie;
you think about touay anu what you want. Bans was still in his
twenties, anu I was thiity anu facing a foiceu ietiiement. We
weie not planning oi piepaieu foi it. You nevei know when you
can lose an income oi something life-thieatening can happen to
a family membei. You have to be wise about youi uaily life anu
how you choose to live it.
In this chaptei, I am going to talk about a concept that was
intiouuceu to Bans anu me yeais ago by Bamien, the man who
taught us about ieal estate. Be intiouuceu us to the concept
of tuining money into oui slave. We have uevelopeu that
philosophy foi moie than a uecaue, anu we now have money
woiking foi us. It is fai moie exhilaiating to get youi money to
woik foi you than it is to woik foi it.
I saiu befoie that you neeu to leain thiee things about money.
0ne, you have to make it. This book so fai has been teaching you
how to make moie of it.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 242
Then in Wai on Bebt, we talkeu about how to keep it.
Now we aie going to talk about making money youi slave
thiough investing.
Tbe Best Investment
The Law of Sowing anu Reaping is about making an investment
- putting in funus so you can piofit fiom youi money. It is about
investing in things that will pay you uiviuenus even when you
aie not woiking. When you aie sowing investments, you sow
money anu ieap moie money. When you aie in uebt, you aie
sowing uebt anu then ieaping moie uebt.
The few who actually make investments often uo so in ieal
estate anu stocks because that is wheie they weie tolu to invest
by the meuia. Think about all of the commeicials foi financial
fiims anu ieal estate, not to mention the shows that highlight the
lifestyles of the iich anu famous. Between all of this piopaganua
we heai anu act on the message that to be iich we must buy
stocks anu ieal estate.
I am going to show you othei places wheie you can make
investments - especially the one investment wheie you can get
1uu peicent ietuin on youi money.
You can spenu wisely oi you can spenu foolishly. Wise
spenuing is investing in something that will give you a ietuin.
A uucci bag oi twelve paiis of shoes will not give you a ietuin.
Investing in this one paiticulai aiea that I am about to show you,
howevei, pays you ietuins foievei.
The fiist investment I evei maue was into a business. That
was a big mistake because I haun't yet maue the most impoitant
investment. 0nce I uiscoveieu the only investment that has
paiu me uiviuenus eveiy yeai anu has multiplieu moie than any
othei, it became the most impoitant investment I evei maue. I
have continueu to make moie than a 1,uuu-peicent ietuin on
this investment. It is an investment that has continueu to pay
!"#$ !&'$( (&)* +,"-$
me uiviuenus anu will foi the iest of my life.
That investment was investing in myself. Investing in
youiself is the best investment you can make, because its ietuins
aie unlimiteu. No one can take away youi skills. It will pay you
uiviuenus foi life.
I faileu miseiably in business until I investeu in my skills. At
the suggestion of that fiist young man I met, I investeu twenty-
five thousanu uollais in myself when I was twenty yeais olu. I
hau to use my cieuit caius, anu I almost uiu not uo it.
When you invest in youiself by going to a tiaining seminai,
you get moie than just enjoying the speakei anu feeling confiuent
about youiself. You get iesults. You have complete contiol ovei
the value of the money you invest to leain. If you invest foui
hunuieu uollais in a tiaining seminai, you contiol how much
value you get fiom that investment. If you apply what you leain
fiom the seminai, you have maue money with what you have
leaineu anu that is the ietuin on the investment.
Take the example of a militaiy man who went to my seminais.
Be was making twenty-five thousanu uollais a yeai anu hau no
iuea how to stait a business. Be staiteu a business aftei "Fiist
Steps to Success" anu maue thiiteen thousanu uollais in the
fiist thiity uays. Then he eaineu moie than a hunuieu thousanu
uollais a yeai foi five yeais, even when the economy was hoiiible.
At the time of this wiiting, he is still making a six-figuie income
even though his competitois have gone out of business.
Not all tiaining seminais aie cieateu equal. Not all
woikshops, confeiences, oi seminais aie a goou investment.
Naiy Bowaiu, a pieschool teachei fiom Ballas, Texas, was
moie than ten thousanu uollais in uebt. She was fiustiateu anu
uepiesseu, stuck in a cycle of uysfunctional ielationships, anu
felt like hei life was going nowheie. Aftei attenuing "Fiist Steps
to Success" anu "Cieating a Bynasty," she paiu off six thousanu
uollais of hei uebt in thiee months anu leaineu how to manage
hei money wisely.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 244
Naiy saw amazing iestoiation in hei ielationships, anu
founu cleai uiiection foi hei life.
Sbe posted tbis on Facebook:
Beie's what I've noticeu about motivational speakeis: you pay
tons of money to sit at theii feet anu be feu hype all weekenu,
anu you go home fiieu up anu ieauy to take on the woilu. A few
uays oi a week latei, the hype weais off, anu you'ie sitting in
fiont of the Tv wonueiing, "What's next." Beie's what I've no-
ticeu about Bani }ohnson. You pay a fiaction of what you woulu
pay to see some othei peison speak. Bani's not a motivational
speakei. She is an inteinationally sought aftei business tiainei.
Yes, you'ie gonna be motivateu, but you'ie gonna walk away with
actual skills that will go much fuithei than meie motivation.
As a iesult of using the piinciples taught in both the book
anu the home stuuy piogiam, I have watcheu my once chaotic
classioom be tiansfoimeu into a peaceful enviionment wheie
my stuuents woik with excellence anu play togethei in haimony.
I have seen uisiespectful chiluien leain honoi anu obeuience,
so much so that I have actually hau paients come anu beg me
(a twenty-two-yeai-olu bianu-new teachei who uoesn't have
kius) foi paienting tips - at which point I glauly iefei them to
Watch out foi enuoisements. 0nfoitunately, people aie paiu
to make piomises they cannot keep. They make claims that they
cannot back up. Bo you have any iuea how many famous people
agiee to allow theii names to be useu as book enuoisements
even though they nevei ieau the book. The sauuest pait is that
we fall foi it eveiy uay. We assume if some big name says it is
goou, then it must be goou.
Look foi testimonials about authentic iesults. This book is
filleu with testimonials fiom ieal people who have oveicome
ieal stiuggles by using the infoimation they ieceiveu fiom the
!"#$ !&'$( (&)* +,"-$
seminais. They have maue moie money, annihilateu theii uebt,
anu aie living the life they want. That is the kinu of enuoisement I
want to see by iegulai people, not by some celebiity oi politician.
Bo not be uupeu by maiketing anu hype. Look foi iesults.
Increasing Your Value
When you implement what you have leaineu, you have incieaseu
youi value by incieasing youi skill. Theiefoie, you will attiact
a highei pay anu inciease youi yielu - as long as you aie finan-
cially iesponsible.
I taught you how to get out of uebt so that you become
financially iesponsible. At the same time, you aie going to
inciease youi maiketing skills, people skills, financial giowth
skills, leaueiship skills, business skills, anu motivational skills.
If you uo all of those things, you will set youiself up foi moie
customeis anu income. It is a financial law. The moie you invest
in the iight skills, the moie money you make.
If you aie an entiepieneui, you can constantly ieinvest in
youi business. That coulu be in auveitising, in people, oi in youi
skill so you uo bettei with the business youi auveitising biings
You always have to ieinvest in youi ciop. 0theiwise, you will
not have a ciop the next season. It is the piinciple of sowing anu
Tbe Power of Money
The powei of money giows as you leain to invest anu geneiate
moie wealth.
Remembei, this is about being faithful with the financial
teiiitoiy you alieauy have. If you aie making two thousanu
uollais a month anu you aie spenuing two thousanu uollais a
month, you will not ieceive moie money. If you get moie, you
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 246
will just spenu moie anu you become a slave to youi money. You
have to make money youi slave insteau of being a slave to youi
Naking money youi slave is uiffeient fiom eaining an income.
When you aie eaining an income to covei youi expenses, get
in the habit of taking a poition of it to tuin it into youi slave.
The simplest example I can think of is a washing machine. That
machine is youi slave. uet that machine woiking at sciubbing
youi clothes, while you aie piouuctive with othei things.
Nake a poition of youi money woik foi you while you aie
out piouucing moie money youiself. Youi washing machine is
uoing the woik of anothei peison foi you so you can uo othei
things. You uo not put youi clothes in the washing machine anu
sit in fiont of it to make suie it is uoing its job. You shove clothes
into it anu then leave it while you go uo othei piouuctive things.
Naking money youi slave is a similai concept. It is not youi
majoi income piouucei to stait - you aie. But ovei time it will
piouuce moie money foi you, possibly ieplacing you as youi
majoi income geneiatoi.
Noney has powei anu influence. Shoulu you spenu youi
extia money on anothei paii of black shoes. They aie on sale!
They aie only $9.99! But you uo not neeu them. If you buy shoes
you uo not neeu, you aie uemonstiating that you cannot be
tiusteu with money. That is wasting money insteau of using it
foi powei. Take that same $9.99 anu leain to invest it insteau.
uet it making money foi you insteau of sitting in youi closet
waiting to be woin on youi feet.
Income-producing Assets
The impoveiisheu spenu theii money on stuff. Niuule-class
people spenu theii money on what they think aie assets, but it
is ieally just stuff. The wealthy invest theii money on income-
piouucing assets.
!"#$ !&'$( (&)* +,"-$
A cai oi the house wheie you live aie not income-piouucing
assets. The clothes anu shoes you buy aie not income-piouucing
assets. The foou you buy is not an income-piouucing asset.
A 98 Peicentei asks, "Bow uo I get iich tomoiiow. Bow uo
I make a ton of money touay." The teim "miciowave minuset"
is peifect foi this because it shows how they want instant
giatification fiom theii money.
Neanwhile, the wise 2 peicent accumulate wealth anu use
time to theii auvantage. The 98 peicent want iiches now anu
will buy anything they want now. The wealthy 2 peicent use
theii money foi income-piouucing assets, but the 98 Peicenteis
spenu theii money on stuff that the 2 peicent of the population
figuieu out to sell to you.
The 2 Peicenteis aie veiy patient! The 98 Peicenteis aie not
- they think in teims of get iich quick.
The 2 Peicenteis aie focuseu on accumulating wealth,
builuing long-teim wealth, anu cieating geneiational wealth.
0ui countiy was founueu on people accumulating lanu, which
was the wealth that they passeu uown to the next geneiation.
They may have impioveu the lanu anu biought even gieatei
value to it. What will you leave foi the next geneiation.
Investing vs. Cambling
If you want to become an investoi, you have to come out of the
fantasy gambling game. People use poveity thinking to chase
fantasies anu gamble when investing. They will not become
wealthy until they bieak fiee of that way of thinking anu living.
0nce you have bioken fiee of that mentality, anu you have
followeu my piinciples to fiee youiself fiom uebt, you can stait
to invest at a uiffeient level because youi minuset is uiffeient
anu you aie not just iolling the uice hoping to get lucky, which is
a speculatoigamblei in the investing game.
Bo not go in the uiiection of what the masses aie uoing. You
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 248
have to leain how to come out of the poveity mentality, get away
fiom expecting "get iich quick" ueals, anu stop asking, "Bow
can I make the most with the least in the fastest way possible."
Eveiyone else asks those questions. Remembei all the way
back in Chaptei 1 I talkeu about the fact that if you aie going
to become successful a simple iule of thumb is finu out what
eveiyone else is uoing anu uo the exact opposite. This concept
applies to eveiything in life, incluuing investing.
uuess who uevelopeu the scams. Two peicent of the
population, because they know the 98 Peicenteis aie going to
go foi it.
Paying off uebt is the fiist thing you shoulu uo. As I saiu
befoie, when you pay youi cieuit caius, you get a 16.82 peicent
ietuin - the aveiage cieuit caiu inteiest iate as of Febiuaiy
2u11, accoiuing to While you aie paying
off uebt, leain how to finu the fat - that extia money - anu stait
investing in othei assets. Auvance youi skills so you can make
moie money anu invest in the futuie.
Researcbing Markets
Invest in what you know. Investing is all about iisk; it is all about
calculating anu iunning youi numbeis. It is about leaining new
If you want to call youiself an investoi, it will take time to
leain the maikets, anu what woiks anu what uoesn't. The coie
piinciple is if the masses aie heaueu one way, go in the opposite
uiiection. If eveiyone else is iunning towaiu it, iun away! By
the time the masses aie heauing in a ceitain uiiection, you aie
too late.
Iueally, you want to heau in that uiiection long befoie
the masses aie on boaiu. 0thei times you will be iiuing the
momentum of a tienu with the masses, but you will neeu to be
keenly awaie of youi exit stiategy, something the 98 Peicenteis
!"#$ !&'$( (&)* +,"-$
nevei think about.
Bistoiically uuiing times of inflation, commouities anu haiu
assets such as lanu anu piecious metals, like golu anu silvei, aie
the moie stable types of investments. This is what we aie seeing
iight now. But it will not always be that way. Eventually the
tienus will shift again. Bow will you tell befoie they uo.
That is not even anywheie neai the minuset of 98 peicent
of the get-iich-quick population. They aie always chasing the
tienu aftei it has gone mainstieam anu often aie piling into a
tienu neai the top. This is what is known in the investing woilu
as the "uumb money." While the "smait money" has alieauy
exiteu the tienu at a piofit, the "uumb money" is going aiounu
saying things like, "You can nevei lose money in ieal estate!"
Remembei that one.
Learn from Experts
0ne way to leain about any type of investment is to finu some-
one with the expeitise anu expeiience whom you can follow.
Shauow someone who is goou at a skill that you want to leain.
You want someone who uoes his own ieseaich anu makes pui-
chases you noimally woulu not make. That is how you can leain,
anu it will stietch youi knowleuge base. As long as the investoi
has a goou long-teim tiack iecoiu, he oi she is a goou peison
fiom whom to leain. Watch out foi the hotheaueu iookies.
When you aie looking foi an expeit, finu someone who is a
money managei oi financial plannei. 0i bettei yet, finu someone
to give you some auvice who also manages his oi hei own money
anu has seen significant iesults. Ask the tough questions such
- Bow much uiu youi clients make last yeai.
- What was youi biggest failuie anu what was youi biggest
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 250
- What is youi biggest weakness.
- Youi biggest stiength.
- What woulu the clients who aie not completely satisfieu
with youi woik say about you.
- What woulu those who aie satisfieu with youi woik say
about you.
- Bow much in ietuins uiu you eain last yeai foi youi clients.
- Bow uiu youi clients uo uuiing that majoi maiket ciash oi
- Can I talk to some of those clients.
Ask foi testimonials fiom the expeit's clients, anu uo not
woik with him oi hei if you aie iefuseu.
Tell the expeit you aie looking foi a long-teim ielationship.
You uo not just want gains anu losses - you want someone who
will tell you the tiuth. You shoulu not expect to make millions
of uollais oveinight. You shoulu not iely on the state of the
economy eithei. Economy has nothing to uo with making money
in investing. Theie is always a tienu on which to capitalize.
The biggei challenge is iuentifying the iight tienu anu piopei
"asset class allocation." This basically means being in the iight
asset class - stocks vs. bonus vs. ieal estate vs. piecious metals
vs. cuiiencies vs. commouities vs. foieign oi uomestic maikets,
etc. - at the iight time, but you shoulu expect to know the tiuth.
When you have chosen someone to woik with, tiack that
peison's woik anu holu him oi hei accountable. If the expeit
uoes not uo as well as you thought he oi she woulu, ask why
anu what his oi hei plan is foi bettei success moving foiwaiu:
"Bow can we ensuie we uo not iepeat this again." You can tiust
people, but you also have to holu them accountable.
!"#$ !&'$( (&)* +,"-$
Cbecks and Balances
0ne way to holu people accountable is by using a checks anu
balances system. I lost the fiist million uollais I maue because
I spent almost all of it anu I tiusteu the wiong people with the
iest. I uiun't keep them accountable. I uiun't check up on what
they uiu, anu I uiun't have otheis check up on them eithei.
I am a fiim believei in a checks anu balances system to
piotect youi investment iisk. It means calling on expeits who
can piesent financially conseivative anu aggiessive views.
In oui cuiient accountability system, the man who manages
oui bank accounts piouuces a iepoit eveiy month. Anothei
peison sciutinizes all the bills anu ieviews all his woik. We have
a conseivative accountant anu a stiategic tax attoiney, anu they
balance each othei out. You shoulu get uiffeient people fiom
uiffeient peispectives iepiesenting all siues to give you auvice
anu sciutinize youi books.
Ny husbanu is an investoi who takes iisks, but we have a veiy
conseivative money managei. By putting those two togethei, we
winu up with investments in the miuule anu we win.
Let's talk about how to make money youi slave thiough the
stock maiket. People who make money in stocks aie not just
lucky. It is theii skill that biings them success. They have stuu-
ieu, they have applieu, anu they have acquiieu wisuom, knowl-
euge, anu unueistanuing in-uepth. They have investeu the time
in ciunching the numbeis anu uoing houis of ieseaich. Those
aie things 98 peicent of the population will not uo because they
aie busy watching theii favoiite Tv shows oi movies, oi spenu-
ing houis on Facebook.
When my husbanu staiteu investing in stocks, he put his
money in the same places wheie most eveiyone else was
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 252
investing, anu he enueu up losing a hunuieu thousanu uollais
in a uay. Be leaineu that you uo not want to uo whatevei the so-
calleu masteis aie uoing. Be lost the money the same uay I hau
been tolu by my caiuiologist that I coulu not woik anymoie, so
we lost an income anu oui savings all on the same uay.
If you have been buineu like we have, uo not totally pull out
of investing. You might neeu a bieathei, but uo not stop tiying.
Re-evaluate anu leain. If you lost a lot, it is because of something
you uiu not know. If you aie going to make money in stocks, you
have to be a stuuent of the ciaft. I am so glau Bans took his
bieathei anu in that time uiu moie ieseaich anu continueu to
watch the maiket. If he hau totally quit, we woulu have much
less than we uo now anu we woulu still be a slave to money.
Now we geneiate laige sums of money on just inteiest alone.
0ui money is now woiking foi us insteau of us just woiking foi
it. It is a lotteiy minuset to expect to get iich by putting in only
little bit of effoit to win a lot.
Builuing wealth is like builuing a skysciapei. It uoes not get
built oveinight. It gets built with a lot of effoit anu planning. It
takes an aichitect, an engineei, anu the ciaftsmen.
You can't just ieau a few books anu take a majoi iisk in the
stock maiket. If you want to make money youi slave, you have
to pay the piice of leaining how to get goou at it. Bon't be one of
the 98 peicent who looks foi a quick fix.
Wall Stieet has been selling the iuea of buying IRAs. But look
at what happeneu. You think they aie watching out foi you.
No, they aie thinking about theii million-uollai bonuses fiom
selling you those stocks. I woulu suggest you look ciitically anu
get euucateu about that belief of buy-anu-holu because that may
not be goou foi you at this time in youi life oi the maiket when
both aie evei-changing.
Piofessional investois focus much moie on valuation (buying
cheap, unuei-valueu assets) anu asset class allocation (being in
the iight asset class at the iight time). Buy anu holu stiategies
!"#$ !&'$( (&)* +,"-$
aie what the piofessionals sell to amateuis because it makes the
piofessionals money anu most people just want to be tolu what
to uo. If you want to succeeu at investing, you have to be willing
to leain anu apply what most people aie not willing to leain anu
When Bans lost money in the stock maiket, it was a giant
wake-up call foi us. Be was investing in high-tech stocks that he
lost in the uotcom bust. Now he stuuies the maiket anu woiks
with expeits who have conseivative views to balance his highei-
iisk, uo-it-now appetite.
Real Estate
Ny fiist house was a two-thousanu-squaie-foot conuo on a golf
couise that cost $2S9,uuu at the top of the maiket. I was twen-
ty-one yeais olu, anu I bought it twelve months aftei I hau been
homeless. I hau to live in it foi five yeais just to sell it foi what I
bought it foi. I shoulu have ienteu it out.
The next house we puichaseu was foui thousanu squaie
feet with five beuiooms anu two offices. We solu that house
aftei living in it eighteen months anu maue a hunuieu thousanu
Next we bought a six-thousanu-squaie-foot house on ten
acies. It hau a pool anu a tennis couit, anu maintenance was
veiy expensive. It neeueu a gaiuenei anu a housekeepei at six
hunuieu uollais a month each. We hau a house that slept thiity.
We solu that house aftei living in it foi nine months anu maue a
hunuieu thousanu uollais.
Aftei losing that giant chunk of money in stocks anu my huge
income potential all in one uay, we got a bit teachable anu calleu
oui mentoi Bamien, who was Bans's maitial aits teachei in
Bawaii. Be was also one of the wealthiest men on the Big Islanu
of Bawaii, anu his auvice set us up foi success. Be owneu a laige
amount of piopeity in Kona, anu he taught us to buy low-enu
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 254
houses because that is what people ient.
Be pointeu out that moie people can affoiu the cheapei
houses in any maiket. Fewei people can affoiu moie expensive
homes in a goou maiket anu even fewei in a uown maiket. What
Bamien has taught us will have an impact on us foi geneiations
to come.
We then bought a thiity-yeai-olu, 2,4uu-squaie-foot house.
We went fiom a $7uu,uuu house to a $2Su,uuu house. That house
is a iental touay. Now somebouy else is paying the moitgage
on that house. We have positive equity on that house even in a
uown maiket.
Following Bamien's auvice, we also founu a seventy-five-
yeai-olu cabin that hau been abanuoneu foi seveial yeais. Baie
sheetiock was on the walls anu they hau not been textuieu oi
painteu. I knew I hau the ability to make that place look amazing.
That house is a iental touay because the maiket ciasheu. The
iental coveis the moitgage on the house.
That house sat on a 4.88-acie lot, anu we split the lot a
few yeais ago. The house now sits on 1.88 acies anu we have
thiee sepaiate one-acie paicels to sell. Each paicel was valueu
between $1uu,uuu anu $12S,uuu befoie the maiket maxeu out.
By splitting the lot anu selling the paicels, we aie cieating family
wealth foi geneiations to come.
If we make nothing on the house itself it won't mattei because
we will make goou piofit on the lanu. That is ieal leveiage veisus
buying something you cannot affoiu anu going into uebt with an
inteiest iate that has to go highei foi the banks to make theii cut
on the ueal.
In ieal estate you want to buy the ugliest house in the nicest
neighboihoou. 0i at least uo not buy the house that is the nicest-
looking oi most expensive in the neighboihoou. You want to
buy the house that has some cosmetic pioblems that you can fix
up anu auu sweat equity. That way, you inciease its value. Finu
out what the 98 Peicenteis aie uoing anu you uo the opposite.
!"#$ !&'$( (&)* +,"-$
It is not, "Bo this, make a lot of money fast." The people who
hau the minuset of, "Nan, you can make a killing in ieal estate
iight now!" oi "Leveiage thiough uebt" weie wiong.
The biggest pioblem was leveiaging uebt to cieate wealth.
People went into moie uebt to buy ieal estate they coulu not
affoiu anu hopeu it woulu go up in value. It was complete
financial iiiesponsibility anu now a buiuen of seveie uebt.
The whole ieal estate mess was baseu on the iuea that you
coulu get something moie foi a low monthly payment. It is like
financing cais. The salespeople bait you with, "You can have
this foity-thousanu-uollai cai foi 'only' foui hunuieu uollais a
month." Theie is a time anu a place foi leveiage, but it is not
when you have a poveity oi speculatoi's minuset. You have to
put in youi time anu leain the skill to count on cieating wealth.
Yes, you can make money, but you can make money selling hoise
manuie too. I am talking about cieating wealth anu making
money youi slave.
In ieal estate, 98 Peicenteis buy the nicest house in the nicest
neighboihoou. You cannot ueteimine the top of the maiket anu
the bottom of the maiket. Foi example, the nicest house in the
nicest neighboihoou that is at the top of the maiket touay may
be haiu to sell in the maiket tomoiiow. Bo not buy a piopeity
that is alieauy what eveiyone else wants. Insteau, with a little
bit of elbow giease, you can cosmetically make a fixei into what
eveiyone else will want when you go to sell it.
Repaii it, paint it, put on new cabinet knobs, anu get iiu of
the staineu caipet. We have a iental house now that is yieluing
us five hunuieu uollais in cash flow a month. Renteis take caie
of the moitgage anu we make a piofit.
When we weie youngei, we bought a house to satisfy oui
egos. It was a big house so eveiyone coulu see how successful
we weie, anu it was the most stiessful, iiuiculous investment
we evei maue. Why woulu you want all youi money going into
a house eveiy month.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 256
Bo not buy accoiuing to ego, but accoiuing to what is wise.
Buy below youi means, not above. Buy an oluei, small two- oi
thiee-beuioom house anu ient it foi almost uouble of what youi
moitgage will be.
The best place to buy is in the place that has not been hit by
the ciash, which is small, fiist-time homes. uet back to basics.
Plenty of small houses have not been affecteu, costing fifty
thousanu to a hunuieu thousanu uollais uepenuing on wheie
you aie in the countiy. Real estate is not something that makes
you iich iight away. It is something that thiough time you win
some anu you lose some, but if you know what you aie uoing,
you enu up winning long teim.
By following these piinciples, you can make money in ieal
estate fiom small to laige piopeities. We have maue a hunuieu
thousanu uollais with homes foi which we paiu six hunuieu to
nine hunuieu thousanu uollais. We maue millions on a home
that cost us $S.8 million. We have iental piopeities that aie
income piouucing investments.
Even in uown maikets, these piopeities still geneiate a
positive cash flow anu we even benefit fiom the appieciation
of the vacant lanu value. Foi five yeais now the tenant's ient
payment have been making all the moitgage payments, so we
have not hau to spenu anything out of pocket - while we have
eaineu appieciation anu cash flow.
Cold and Silver
Bans came to me one uay in 2uu6 anu saiu, "Bey, honey, I have
been stuuying up on the maiket, anu I think I want to make an
investment in golu."
Ny initial iesponse was, "0h-oh, what."
We hau lost oui entiie life savings six yeais eailiei when
he hau the iuea to make investments. I took a veiy big, ueep
gulp, anu useu eveiy bit of self-contiol to not think evil thoughts
!"#$ !&'$( (&)* +,"-$
about making investments. The uisastei we hau in 2uuu - when
we lost all oui life savings in one uay - was still with me.
Aftei I took a ueep bieath, I saiu, "Really. Tell me moie about
"I have been watching what is happening with golu anu
silvei," he saiu. "I am thinking that I want to take some money I
have been collecting on the siue in this little account that I want
to giow."
"0kay, well what kinu of money aie you talking about." I
"0h, just a little bit."
"So, what, like five thousanu."
"No, no."
"Well, two thousanu."
"0h, no, no, no, moie than that."
"So it is not two thousanu. It is not five thousanu. Bow much
aie you talking."
"Let's make it a hunuieu thousanu," he saiu.
I almost fainteu. I was in shock. Fiist of all, we weie talking
about taking a hunuieu thousanu uollais - the exact amount we
lost befoie - anu putting it into some kinu of investment. Seconu
of all, investing in golu. I knew nothing about golu.
All I knew was that you coulu lose a lot of money in any
type of investment. We weie goou at making investments in
business anu in ieal estate. Bowevei, I uiu not tiust buying into
commouities oi stocks oi anything like that.
0nce I calmeu myself uown a little bit, it took me a couple of
uays to wiap my heau aiounu the whole iuea. Finally, we both
came togethei anu saiu, "Yes, let's uo it!"
So Bans uiu. Anu I am so glau that he uiu! Bans was able to
foiecast that golu piices woulu skyiocket because he put a focus
in that uiiection. Be staiteu to ieseaich it, anu he began to plug
into that maiket. Be bought it at $S6u pei ounce in 2uu6 anu it
has giown by moie than 1uu peicent since then.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 258
That staiteu us on a completely uiffeient jouiney anu
expanueu oui financial teiiitoiy to even gieatei places. This fiist
step into puichasing golu has leu to many othei investments.
Anu Bans has multiplieu oui ietuin on this initial investment
into golu. Be has since puichaseu laige amounts of golu, as well
as silvei, anu has continueu to multiply oui investments while
watching foi the oppoitunities to take smait positions as the
maiket continues it's cline anu being awaie of how to uiveisify
the investments as neeueu.
Naking money in golu anu silvei comes back to the philosophy
that I have on being in business: finu somebouy who has what
you want anu leain fiom that peison. Pay whatevei the cost is
anu leain! You will eithei leain fiom by shauowing them oi you
will have them uo the job foi you. Let the expeits be the expeits,
anu you will have enough infoimation to holu them accountable.
Like any othei investment, you have to use the same
philosophy of leaining how to make a wise uecision. You uo not
neeu to know eveiything when you stait. You have to get into
the game anu finu people fiom whom you can tiust anu leain.
Bo not let youi lack of knowleuge stop you. You will leain
it as you go. Stait small anu begin to leain the maiket. I uo
not ieau tons of infoimation on golu anu silvei, but someone I
tiust uoes, anu he euucates me - my husbanu, Bans. Bans keeps
himself tappeu into what is going on in the maiket so he can
holu the expeits accountable. Be is not just an "0h, I tiust you,
go aheau anu uo whatevei you think is goou" kinu of a guy. Be
is iesponsible to oveisee the oveiseeis. It pulls the best out in
Woik with an expeit who has a goou tiack iecoiu anu has
a long-stanuing ielationship with his oi hei clients. You neeu
somebouy who is ieputable anu will take the time to euucate
you on when to buy golu oi silvei at the iight time. We have
tiusteu biokeis fiom whom we buy oui golu anu silvei. They
!"#$ !&'$( (&)* +,"-$
aie the only ones we iecommenu. Foi theii names, go to oui
iesouices list at Bani}ohnson.comwealthbook. They will teach
you anu point you in the iight uiiection.
You have to make suie youi uealei is ieputable, has a long
histoiy of being in business, anu is not just jumping on the
banuwagon because it is a hot tienu. Nake suie he oi she
chaiges the least commission possible. You can holu a uealei
accountable when you buy oi sell golu because those uealeis
want to maintain theii ielationship with you.
When you buy golu oi silvei, take physical ueliveiy until oi
unless you aie uealing with veiy laige amounts. Bo not put it
in a safe ueposit box at the bank because safe ueposit boxes
aie simply not safe. Put it in youi own safe. Some people even
consiuei uigging a hole in the giounu to stoie theii golu anu
silvei. Stoiing it in a safe insiue a mini stoiage unit is anothei
In an inflationaiy enviionment, golu will appieciate oi go up
against the uollai. When the uollai is ciashing anu you sell that
golu, you cash in anu tiansfei youi piofits into anothei asset
class that is unueivalueu anu ieauy to appieciate. The maiket
changes all the time. You want to have a sounu stiategy that
can aujust with the maiket anu uevelop a list of tiusteu contacts
who can keep you pluggeu into what is going on.
0ui auvanceu tiaining seminai, "Cieating A Bynasty," uives
ueep into all these topics. It implements the skill set we teach
in "Fiist Steps to Success" anu puts it into piactice. It is kinu of
like going fiom kinueigaiten to the univeisity level. We have a
thiee-houi section on wealth that explains how you can take a
veiy little amount of money anu giow it into millions of uollais.
It is unbelievable - but believe it, because it's tiue!
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 260
Internet Businesses
A passive business can make you money even if you aie not in it
eveiy uay. But an active business iequiies youi talent anu skills
to keep it moving foiwaiu. Bans anu I have both passive anu ac-
tive businesses.
In 2uuS we staiteu oui Inteinet business, Bani}
Piioi to that, I was ietiieu foi foui yeais. Buiing my ietiiement,
I steppeu away fiom actively playing a iole in oui company, but
without me out fiont, we hau no business. If I continueu that,
we weie going to lose a huge yeaily income, leaving us just oui
passive income.
We both hau the ievelation that we hau spent all those yeais
only leaining one skill anu iunning the business togethei. Piioi
to Bans anu I woiking togethei he hau been a commeicial uivei,
but he was not going to go back to that.
Be iealizeu he hau an inteiest in the Inteinet, although he
uiu not have computei skills. So he moveu full speeu aheau
to leain the Inteinet. Initially he ieau books anu ieseaicheu
the Inteinet on his own, but he eventually investeu a hunuieu
thousanu uollais in his Inteinet euucation. Be built oui website,
Bani}, anu cieateu the entiie fiamewoik behinu it.
The site has been such a success that the so-calleu guius of the
Inteinet woilu tiieu to ieciuit him. Nany of those guius fiom
2uu2 to 2uu8 aie long gone - we aie still heie.
Woiking togethei, we ueciueu to builu a business that woulu
be a maiiiage between high tech anu high touch. The high-tech
pait was the Inteinet anu softwaie piogiamming siue of the
business, while the high touch was the peisonal, ielationship-
uiiven aspect of the business. We useu F0RN anu Coie Rappoit
Nethouology to cieate the high touch on the website.
0ui stiategy woikeu. The fiist yeai we geneiateu five
hunuieu thousanu uollais. The seconu yeai we biought in moie
than thiee million uollais, anu uoubleu it the next yeai.
!"#$ !&'$( (&)* +,"-$
We now teach oui clients how to uuplicate oui website
success. We show them step-by-step how to cieate theii own
Inteinet business that combines high tech anu high touch. You
can even copy oui website mouel at It is
a seivice that uoes exactly what the 0RL says. We also have a
suppoit team to help clients on the technical siue.
When we staiteu, we saw lots of Inteinet guius out theie,
but I uo not see theii names anymoie. That is because they leu
with high-tech wizaiuiy but they left out what matteis to people
- high touch. Theie is a golu iush mentality on the Inteinet.
People only see the iiches. But they only have shoit-teim
success anu no long-teim business.
Nost people on the Inteinet who aie tiying to make money
use nothing but high tech. They nevei make a connection with
the human being ieauing the e-mail. They nevei connect with
the peison's neeus, stiengths, goals, oi inteiests. They use high
tech insteau of leaining people skills anu using Coie Rappoit
I am not technical. I hate e-mail, anu I uo not like computeis.
But I uo know how to use Coie Rappoit anu F0RN online. You
builu a biiuge online baseu on youi customei's neeus, uieams,
anu goals. In oui business, we builu ielationships with oui
clients - on the phone anu online. We tiuly caie about them.
That gives us high-touch iesults, which is giowing a loyal client
Fiom 2uuS to 2uu8 oui clients weie all sent to us by iefeiial
- hunuieus of thousanus of them. This was accomplisheu with
no gimmicks, no affiliate, oi none of that. We hau ieacheu moie
than a thousanu people attenuing "Fiist Steps to Success" on a
monthly basis, all by woiu of mouth. In 2uu8 we ieleaseu my
fiist book, -)/,/$ =,/5'0 -388'99E
As I mentioneu in Chaptei 6, I was inviteu to an inteiview on
live Tv that leu to many moie live Tv anu iauio inteiviews. This
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 262
expanueu oui ieach to moie than 21u nations. In the fiist foui
months that -)/,/$ =,/5'0 -388'99 was publisheu, we solu sixty
thousanu copies woiluwiue. Now oui uatabase is a combination
of iefeiials anu people who saw me on Tv. We have been able to
maintain a stiong anu healthy client base because of oui love foi
people anu oui ueuication to theii success. If we weie only high
tech-focuseu anu just woiking the numbeis, people woulu feel
it. We woulu be gone like most othei Inteinet guius.
0ui client anu goou fiienu }eff 0snei combineu Coie Rappoit
anu F0RN with his online skills to builu an Inteinet business.
}eff is a multimillionaiie touay - just fiom one of his ventuies he
iegulaily nets seveial hunuieu thousanu uollais a month. That
is a lot of money, anu it is just one ventuie among seveial he has
Anothei of oui clients hateu talking to people face-to-face
but likeu going to online chat iooms. She leaineu Coie Rappoit
anu F0RN anu useu social netwoiking to make moie than a
hunuieu thousanu uollais in hei fiist yeai, woiking ten houis a
week. She is builuing ielationships thiough the Inteinet.
You shoulu make an investment in leaining how the Inteinet
woiks anu how to make money online. People aie selling
eveiything fiom cell phones to stocks to some iiuiculous
celebiity's haii on the Inteinet. We have a system in place to
teach you how to stait fiom nothing anu builu a 7 figuie inteinet
baseu business at, so theie is no excuse.
!"#$ !&'$( (&)* +,"-$
Wu4z Oua Cruzs S4v
!/** $"/9 C(,D A(, .(3I P',' /9 C"#$ Q39$ 9(;' (A (3, 8*/'0$9 9#.R
Baseu on what I leaineu fiom Bani anu Bans, heie aie the iesults:
1) Seven-figuie inciease fiom investing in my own businesses
that weie in place when I fiist staiteu leaining fiom Bani anu
2) Six-figuie inciease fiom piecious metal investments.
S) Five-figuie gain thiough ieal estate. If we solu oui ientals,
we'u see a six-figuie ietuin, but oui plan is to keep them as
ientals foi passive income anu auu to the stable accoiuingly.
With Bani anu Bans' encouiagement, wisuom anu auvice,
we leaineu moie about investing anu took action. Anyone can
uo it, but we've been leaining who we have to be in oiuei to uo
it. We have leaineu the people skills neeueu to leau anu manage.
In othei woius, they'ie teaching us who we neeu to be in oiuei
to piofit fiom investments. We have also paiu off $8u,uuu of
uebt, anu we aie completely uebt-fiee in oui eaily Sus.
~ Rlck Hlnnunt
Befoie going to the auvanceu tiaining with Bani }ohnson at
Bynasty, my ietiiement account was iapiuly losing money. I
took one nugget fiom the event home anu immeuiately applieu
it to my ietiiement poitfolio. The oiiginal investoi I useu tolu
me I was nuts to uo what I was about to uo. I moveu my entiie
poitfolio. To uate, my ietiiement has incieaseu 7S peicent. I am
no accountant; howevei, I woulu say that was a gieat move. All
that I have leaineu anu applieu fiom Bani }ohnson has, not only
changeu my financial futuie, but also my emotional, physical
anu spiiitual being.
~ Sue Cuylor
H"#)$', JJ
Tur Coo Fnc1on
Funnel of Favor
uiven the abuse I giew up with, it is a miiacle that I am wheie
I am now. Remembei in chaptei six when I uiscusseu being ui-
agnoseu with a uebilitating heait conuition. I hau to stop woik,
but also I coulun't even walk up the staiis oi caiiy my chiluien.
I hau no hope foi a futuie, anu yet my health was completely ie-
stoieu. When I think about it, my life tuineu out to be a miiacle.
I shoulu not even be alive. I shoulu not have the amazing life
I have. I shoulu not have the wonueiful kius I have. I shoulu not
have the home I have. I shoulu not have all the vacations with
my family I have. Anu my clients shoulu not have the fantastic
iesults they have.
But theie is a Bivine Powei in my life. I cannot ueny it. This
Bivine Powei opeiates thiough pioven Laws of Success that I
have shaieu with you thioughout this book. This Bivine Powei
offeis a funnel of favoi that pouis ovei me anu eniiches my life.
A funnel of favoi comes into play eveiy time you use these
laws. A funnel of favoi staits to flow in youi life. Youi hanus go
to woik, but this Bivine Powei auus anothei layei of assistance
that biings iesults fai beyonu youi expectations.
The funnel of favoi is Bivine Powei at woik. When you have
a funnel of favoi, you finu that things just click. Wheie you faileu
befoie, you suuuenly finu success. Wheie nothing woikeu out
befoie, you now seem to be in the iight place at the iight time.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 266
This happens foi the least likely peison anu the least likely
set of ciicumstances. Naybe you thought you weie the wiong
peison boin at the wiong time anu that it woulu nevei happen
foi you. But then out of nowheie some kinu of inteivention
came in anu you shot aheau of eveiyone anu eveiything. That is
the funnel of favoi pouiing uown on you.
Divine Intervention
Some yeais ago we puichaseu a house in Boia Boia anu we
auueu some sweat equity to make it a stunning, beautiful place.
Then we ieacheu a point wheie we neeueu to sell it. At the time
we weie ueciuing to sell it, the maiket was ciashing.
Naybe you aie finuing youiself in a situation wheie you aie
in a uown maiket anu eveiything is ciashing all aiounu you.
This is when you have to builu youi faith anu iealize it uoes not
mattei that the maiket is ciashing. It uoes not mattei how bau
things look on the outsiue.
This is wheie uivine inteivention has the oppoitunity to
come in anu make the impossible possible, just as uou uiu with
oui piopeity that no one was buying in Boia Boia. Botels weie
going out of business anu people weie no longei tiaveling.
When the economy staiteu falling out, the tiavel business
took a majoi hit, especially to exotic places like Boia Boia,
wheie it costs two thousanu to five thousanu uollais just to
get theie. You easily can spenu seventeen hunuieu uollais on
a hotel ioom in Boia Boia. The uivine inteivention happeneu
with that piopeity uespite the fact that eveiything was falling
apait all aiounu us. uou still maue a way anu biought us a buyei
- a billionaiie.
This billionaiie hau hau the oppoitunity to buy the house
befoie we uiu, but he hau not steppeu up to buy it. Be hau
thought about that piopeity foi thiee stiaight yeais. Now he
wanteu to pay moie than uouble the piice. What aie the ouus
!"# %&' ()*!&+
of that happening. What aie the ouus that in a ciashing maiket
an incieuibly wise billionaiie woulu make that kinu of puichase
on a piopeity he hau not bought thiee yeais befoie. That was
uivine inteivention.
Bucking tbe Udds
What weie the ouus that I woulu be featuieu on so many piime
Tv shows. It staiteu with G),#", which leu to >((B W(,0/01
+;',/8#< 6"' h/'C< +VH !(,*B ?'C9, anu twenty-five satellite in-
teiviews all within foui houis. What aie the ouus that I woulu
be the piemiei show in the piemiei season of ABC's "Seciet Nil-
You uo not get a biggei inteiviewei than 0piah Winfiey - you
just uo not. What weie the ouus that we woulu be chosen to be
on 6"' G),#" !/0A,'. -"(C in hei final season. What weie the
stinking ouus that I woulu be the leau stoiy on theie foi twenty
minutes in hei last season.
It is one thing to be inteivieweu by 0piah, but it is totally
uiffeient to be the leau stoiy. Theie is no bettei positioning than
that. People spenu thousanus of uollais hiiing publicists to get
on 0piah's show, but it uiu not cost us a uime.
That leu to being inteivieweu by ueoige Stephanopoulos on
>((B W(,0/01 +;',/8#< anu then the lauies of 6"' h/'C.
What aie the ouus that ABC woulu finu us online - anu
because of oui client iesults, oui message, anu who we aie, that
they woulu vet us foi a television show. What aie the ouus that
we woulu have that kinu of favoi with ABC. Especially aftei we
tuineu them uown foui times!
We weie not only inviteu to be on the show, but we became
the fiist show of the season piemieie. When they saw the
episoue, they saiu, "Bani }ohnson is oui favoiite millionaiie. You
aie so ieal, you aie so genuine; anu you ieally help people. Youi
heait is unbelievable."
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 268
ABC investeu thousanus into not one, but two publicists.
What aie the ouus that they hau two publicists knocking on uoois,
making phone calls eveiywheie, tiying to get me inteivieweu
to piomote my stoiy anu the show -'8,'$ W/**/(0#/,'I It uiu not
cost us anything.
What aie the ouus that a foimei homeless woman woulu
get this oppoitunity out of all the people in the countiy. Come
on, give me a bieak! Woiking in my little niche anu having the
oppoitunity to have oui piogiam be known by millions anu
millions of people in this countiy. The ouus weie slim.
I ieceiveu a lot of television exposuie in 2uu8, anu my stoiy
of a homeless woman who became a millionaiie has been
shaieu in 21u countiies. Bowevei, to get such a stiong national
exposuie in the 0niteu States is the uou Factoi at woik.
This is Bivine Powei. It is the impossible being maue possible.
When you follow these laws, this is wheie Bivine Powei steps in,
inteivenes, anu opens uoois that no peison can shut. Be makes
eveiy ciookeu path stiaight.
We live in a ieality that to most people is just not ieal. Anu
we uiu not sleep oui way to the top. We uiu not biibe anybouy.
We uiu not lie, cheat, oi steal. We uiu not know the iight people
in the iight places at the iight time. This all came to us because
we seive a faithful uou. We follow his laws anu we live accoiuing
to his ways. Be is the one who has put us at the top.
The bottom line is that when you aie pickeu foi the piemieie,
you get all the publicity. Youi show - youi episoue - is what
the majoiity of the people aie going to watch. Eveiy show aftei
that, fewei anu fewei people watch it. Why us veisus the iest of
them. This was the funnel of favoi.
If you aie waiting foi some uooi to open foi you oi if you
feel that youi set of ciicumstances is just nevei going to change,
you aie limiting youiself even by just thinking like that. But if
you embaik on this auventuie with me, anu you follow thiough
!"# %&' ()*!&+
with these Laws of Success that I have given you so fai, then the
ciicumstances in youi life will change foi the bettei.
Anu the impossible ciicumstances of youi job, business, kius,
oi maiiiage simply will be iemoveu. The answeis will unfolu
iight befoie you if you follow the laws I have set out befoie
you. Ny life is living pioof that these laws woik. Anu not only
is my life living pioof, but my clients' lives aie also living pioof,
because theii lives have tuineu aiounu aftei using these laws.
Will these laws take you to fame. Yes! Will they take you to
youi uieams of being able to help oiphans all ovei the woilu.
Yes! Will they take you to a phenomenal maiiiage wheie you aie
moie in love anu passionate than evei. Yes! Will they help you
gioom youi kius to succeeu. Yes! All of the things you may have
thought at one point weie not possible aie cleaily possible when
you follow these laws anu you step into the uou Factoi. You will
walk in his funnel of favoi, anu be blesseu beyonu measuie.
Divine Power
The Bivine Powei anu its funnel of favoi opeiate thiough the
Laws of Success. These laws aie baseu on piinciples that cieate
phenomenal iesults. I have seen how they woik poweifully in
my life anu the lives of the thousanus of clients who come to oui
I know it is the Bivine Powei, the uieat Besignei, when we
stait a company anu people come by the thousanus fiom all
ovei the woilu to attenu oui seminais. I know we aie enjoying
a funnel of favoi when oui ievenues uouble eveiy yeai. This
happens foi two ieasons. 0ne, oui founuation is iight. Two -
anu this is the biggei anu moie uepenuable ieason - is that the
uieat Besignei, uou, is faithful to Bis laws, the Laws of Success.
We base oui business on the Laws of Success, which open the
floougates of Bivine Powei to help us. That uiu not happen in
oui pievious businesses, when we uiu not follow these spiiitual
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 270
piinciples. But when we staiteu Bani}, we followeu
those piinciples to a "T." We have expeiience moie blessing in
moie places than we evei coulu have hopeu foi, askeu foi, oi
even imagineu.
The Laws of Success uiu not woik until they liveu soliuly
within oui heaits. We hau to leain to builu ielationships with
no hiuuen agenua. When I was youngei, I sometimes useu Coie
Rappoit to give only so I coulu ieceive. I woulu F0RN a cleik
only because I hopeu to get business fiom hei one uay. I uiu
those kinus of things in my fiist season of success, but we uiu
not cieate tiue wealth. We kept making money, but losing it.
It was only aftei I tiuly unueistoou the Laws of Success that
I coulu F0RN puiely fiom my heait without secietly hoping foi
something else in ietuin. That is what jumpstaiteu oui seconu
season of success when we ieally staiteu eaining money in a big
way anu keeping it. That is the season wheie we cieateu tiue
Cod's Voice
Remembei when I tolu you my stoiy about being homeless, back
in Chaptei 1. I tolu you that at one point when I was thinking
about enuing my life, I heaiu a voice that tolu me, "Pick up youi
mat anu walk." That voice saveu my life.
Remembei when I tolu you my stoiy about living in that six-
thousanu-squaie-foot house, back in Chaptei 8. I tolu you how I
felt so empty insiue with all oui things. I heaiu a voice that tolu
me, "Sell youi things anu follow me." That voice helpeu me finu
tiue wealth.
I know that voice is uou. Be is the Bivine Powei, the uieat
Besignei I have tolu you about thioughout this book. As I have
giown closei to Bim ovei the yeais, I have leaineu about who
Be ieally is. Be is a loving uou who wants us to succeeu. Some
may see uou as all fiie anu biimstone, but Be is theie foi you,
!"# %&' ()*!&+
anu Be is filleu with giace. The goou news foi you is that uou
uoes not play the game of favoiites. Be woulu love to put you in
Bis funnel of favoi.
I have talkeu about the Laws of Success thioughout this book,
but I nevei tolu you until now that the laws came fiom uou. Be
has given me answeis when I askeu, wisuom when I sought it,
help in my time of neeu, anu a safe place in times of unceitainty.
That anchoi in my life is uou Almighty.
You Do Not Have to Believe
I unueistanu people who uo not believe theie is a uou, because
I once was theie. We have seen many moie bau examples than
goou examples of tiuth in oui society.
Even if you uo not believe in uou, Bis piinciples will woik
foi you. People who aie successful use those piinciples whethei
they iealize it oi not.
It woulu be amazing if those who claim they believe in uou
oi call themselves Chiistian, Catholic, Baptist, oi Pentecostal
woulu use the piinciples. It is sau that some of the most bioken
anu messeu-up people aie Chiistians. They have a ieputation
of being unuepenuable anu lazy. They uo not feel "leu" to go to
woik - so they uon't.
You anu I shoulu not juuge anyone foi believing theie is
not a uou when it is because of the lack of goou examples. The
ieality is that people huit people in chuich, even though chuich
is supposeu to be a safe place. Chiistians aie supposeu to be
known foi oui love but we aie known foi oui juugment insteau.
Cynical About Cod
I was intiouuceu to }esus when I was thiiteen. Be became my
eveiything, my safe place, my stiong towei, anu my Piince of
Peace. uiowing up in the home that I uiu, I was toimenteu fiom
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 272
uaily abuse. Extieme violence anu my paients' uaily uiug abuse
biought me physical, emotional, veibal, mental, anu sexual
abuse. So }esus was my fiienu.
0nfoitunately along the way, uue to juugment fiom Chiistians,
I lost my faith. I walkeu away fiom uou when I was eighteen
because I hau been so ueeply wounueu by the people who went
to chuich anu calleu themselves Chiistians. I iemembei saying
to uou, "If I have to be like youi people, I want nothing to uo with
you. Youi people aie mean anu they suck."
I became cynical about the people I met in chuich. I hateu
them anu I wanteu to huit them. When I finally unueistoou what
uou ieally was about, I fell to my knees begging uou foi meicy.
I suiienueieu my soul to uou, asking }esus to be my Loiu anu
Savioi once again. Now I am a soluiei foi uou. I uiu a complete
tuinaiounu. Be is the guiuing light that motivates me now. I
went fiom hating people to loving them - which is wilu.
I wanteu so ueeply to uo something biggei than myself, anu
be a pait of something biggei than myself. That biought me
uown uou's path. I was uisillusioneu that theie was no way I
coulu go with that ciowu but the tiuth is that I hau misjuugeu
uou anu his loving chaiactei because I was compaiing him to
the people who went to chuich.
I will nevei foiget the uay - Naich 2, 199S, my biithuay -
that I heaiu Bis voice say to me, "Bo not look to man, look to me,"
as I teaifully tolu him I was teiiifieu of those people who calleu
themselves Chiistians.
Something still tuggeu at my heait anu uiew me to something
biggei than a chuich oi the people in the builuing. I useu to
think that to succeeu spiiitually people hau to go to seminaiy
anu become a pastoi. I somehow got into my heau that making
money was bau, anu that women aie not supposeu to talk. Theie
weie so many obstacles that I heaiu fiom all these places, it's
not a wonuei I was confuseu about what it meant to follow uou.
!"# %&' ()*!&+
Wbere tbe Laws Come From
Since my uays of cynicism I have come to know uou in a much
moie peisonal way.
When uou askeu me to follow him, I uiu. Anu I have come to
know Bim in ueep ielationship.
I have now ieau the Bible covei-to-covei eight times, anu
I have founu a loving Fathei who pioviues, piotects, guiues,
guaius, anu goveins. Be piomises that if we believe, we will
ieceive. This has also helpeu me to answei those inuiviuuals
who like to pull out one sciiptuie anu builu an entiie uoctiine
(aigument) out of it.
I have founu that most pastois have nevei ieau the Bible
covei-to-covei anu yet aie teaching people something about
which they know veiy little. In theii uefense, oui Bible schools
anu seminaiies uo not iequiie that they uo ieau the whole Bible,
howevei they aie iequiieu to ieau commentaiies. This is a
tiageuy. They aie being iobbeu, as well as those they leau.
Ny faith is a big factoi in my success, but my faith is not
equateu to ieligion. }esus saiu to the blinu man, "Youi faith has
healeu you." Note that Be uiu not say, "I have healeu you."
uou wiote all the Laws of Success so we coulu benefit fiom
them. The moie I have gotten closei to Bim, the moie successful
I have become. The moie I have tiusteu in Bim anu followeu Bis
laws, the moie Be has giown oui wealth. I woulu be bioke touay
without Bim because I can uo nothing apait fiom Bim.
I only possess the skills I have because Be wiote how to get
them. Eveiything I have talkeu about in this book came fiom
the Bible. If I hau staiteu this book teaching you Sciiptuies,
many ieaueis woulu have closeu theii minus anu gotten into
aiguments about uoctiine. You kept an open minu because I uiu
not biing up the spiiitual aspect. Insteau, I pioveu the content
with oui clients' iesults - anu you cannot aigue with the iesults.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 274
You have a "uou factoi" in youi life whethei you iealize it oi
not. When we fully unueistanu how Be opeiates, we unueistanu
Bis giace, meicy, anu coiiection.
Be is like a goou paient who coiiects his chiluien so they uo
not heau towaiu uestiuction. A goou fathei woulu not give his
cai keys to his five-yeai-olu son because his son woulu not have
the skill oi expeiience to uiive a cai. 0ui Fathei in heaven is the
same. Be will not put us in a position wheie we aie going to fail
oi leau ouiselves into uestiuction. Be wants to see us succeeu.
As paients, we go to oui chiluien's iecitals, tennis matches,
anu basketball games because we want to see them succeeu.
uou also loves to see you uo well, anu Be gave us an ownei's
Cod's Laws of Success
uou is the one who gave us the powei of oui minus anu the Law
of the Ninu. You can achieve whatevei you conceive anu believe.
}esus saiu, "You will ieceive whatevei you believe in." Bow you
think is how you act anu speak. Be saiu, "As a man thinks in his
heait, so is he."
uou is the uieat Besignei who uesigneu us foi success. The
uieat Besignei uesigneu you anu gave you full ieign ovei youi
minu. Be gave us the Law of Teachability anu how to weigh youi
ego against youi bank account.
Be also gave us the Law of vision anu saiu we can choose
to think like 98 peicent of the people oi speak like the 2
Peicenteis. Be wiote, "A man without a vision will peiish."
Be planteu a uesiie insiue you just as Be planteu a uesiie
in an eagle to soai. uou saiu that Be will giant us oui heait's
uesiie if we seek him. Youi heait's uesiie is youi vision. Naybe
youi vision is to have wonueiful vacations oi help oiphans in
unueiuevelopeu countiies. Naybe youi vision is to become
uebt-fiee - my vision when I was staiting out.
!"# %&' ()*!&+
In the beginning, I wanteu to piove eveiyone wiong who
hau saiu I woulu fail. I bought lots of stuff so they coulu see my
success. But then Be got holu of my heait anu tiansfoimeu it.
Now I no longei seek vengeance fiom those who wiongeu me in
the past. Be wiote that too - the Law of Foigiveness. If I hau not
believeu in that law, I woulu not have hau a vision. I woulu have
just been on a waipath, tiying to huit anyone who got in my way.
uou wiote the Law of Reaping anu Sowing to show us how
to succeeu. People think of the negative when they heai this
law - you ieap what you sow - but uou wiote that law because
Be wants to see Bis chiluien succeeu. Be saiu it to guiue us
towaiu success insteau of failuie, anu to give us a choice anu the
fieeuom to pick whichevei path on which we want to iun.
Be wiote the Law of value to inciease oui skills. Skill
biings success. Be also wiote the waining about how oui egos
hinuei what is lockeu in oui heaits anu kill oui uestiny. Nany
people cannot fulfill theii uestiny because they uo not have the
unueistanuing you now have.
The Law of Piomotion tells you to stait small anu make it
biggei anu bettei, anu to have the iight attituue about woiking
with uiligence anu excellence. It makes it easy to unlock the
keys to ieal wealth.
The Law of Bonoi tells you to love youi neighboi as youiself.
It cieates haimony with the uiffeient kinus of people in the
Cod's Wealtby Servants
When I finally came to uou, I iealizeu I hau been piacticing a lot
of Bis piinciples alieauy, anu I uiu not have to be a pastoi to uo
uou's woik.
I ueciueu to ieau the Bible anu seek the answeis myself. I
leaineu that Abiaham was a wealthy businessman, not a pastoi
oi an evangelist.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 276
Isaac was also a wealthy businessman, anu Noses was a
politician anu juuge. Be was not a pastoi as we see pastois touay.
Be lookeu anu uiesseu like an Egyptian anu I believe he hau
tattoos. Be woulu be haishly juugeu touay by many chuiches in
the woilu that caie moie about theii iules of how to uiess anu
how to look like a "goou Chiistian" than they uo about what the
Bible ieally says.
}oseph, a foimei slave, leaineu how to become an aichitect
anu business managei. Be manageu laboieis anu uiu engin-
eeiing. Be was an excellent auministiatoi anu hau some
incieuible accounting skills. Be was not a pastoi. Be too lookeu
like an Egyptian with tattoos, shoit skiits, a wig, anu eyelinei.
Be lookeu so much like an Egyptian that when his biotheis saw
him aftei being sepaiateu foi many yeais, they uiu not iecognize
him. They thought he was the Egyptian iulei, anu in ieality he
These famous men who have been talkeu about foi
thousanus of yeais weie not the heaus of a mouein chuich -
those stiuctuieu builuings anu oiganizations uiu not exist then.
uou useu eveiyuay aveiage people with piofessions in the
maiketplace to uevelop a people, anu Be iaiseu up an aimy that
woulu impact people's lives foi the bettei.
Baviu - the apple of uou's eye, the one uou piomiseu that
Be woulu establish Bis kinguom foievei - was a political leauei,
singei, songwiitei, militaiy leauei, anu businessman. Anu he
wasn't a peifect man eithei - he was an auulteiei anu a muiueiei.
As I saiu eailiei, I hau always thought the path to succeeu in
uou was to go to seminaiy oi Bible school anu become a pastoi.
If you get ieally goou at it, I thought, you will be famous anu have
seven million people come to heai you speak. But I latei leaineu
that is not necessaiily tiue.
}ohn the Baptist baptizeu people without evei going to
seminaiy oi getting a ceitificate to baptize people. Be just
staiteu uunking people in the }oiuan Rivei.
!"# %&' ()*!&+
I iealizeu that most of what we see touay at chuich was com-
pletely manmaue, with a coipoiate stiuctuie anu a coipoiate
path to follow. I hau been leu to believe that if you follow that
path, then you will be successful in uou.
I have since leaineu that whethei you aie a pastoi oi
whatevei you uo, when you tiuly seek uou with youi heait anu
take Bis wisuom to heait, Bivine Powei steps in anu a funnel of
favoi begins to happen. Blessings multiply.
You uo not have to be a Chiistian to be successful oi wealthy.
When you follow these piinciples, you will see a Bivine Powei
poui into youi life.
Nourisb tbe Seed
The bottom line is that the piinciples woik. uou wiote all the
Laws of Success, anu uou is bounu by Bis Woiu. Be is the one
who wiote all of them - even the Law of uiavity anu the Law of
Reaping anu Sowing. If Be has wiitten all those laws, Be is also
the one who has to fulfill those laws. I uo not make the coin tuin
into coin. I put the seeu in the giounu, anu Be takes caie of the
Ny iesponsibility is to make suie the seeu is feu well,
nouiisheu, anu piotecteu. But I uo not make that seeu tuin into
a stalk that then piouuces an eai of coin. That is the uou Factoi.
If we uo oui pait to get the seeu in the giounu anu nuituie anu
piotect it, then Be will uo Bis pait.
Remembei in Chaptei 1 when I talkeu about planting seeu in
the giounu. I saiu it uoesn't mattei who uoes it - white, Afiican,
Asian, Bispanic - the bottom line is you get coin. If a black man
plants a coin seeu in the giounu, uoes he get black coin. No. Be
gets the same coloi coin that the white guy gatheis.
So if a Chiistian puts coin in the giounu anu an atheist puts
coin in the giounu, uoes the atheist not get coin. No, he gets the
same exact coin. The piinciples woik foi eveiybouy.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 278
When you follow uou's Laws of Success, you stait to wonuei
who the authoi of those piinciples is, which is what happeneu to
me. The people who call themselves "Chiistian" weie the majoi
hinuiance to my wanting to finu the supieme authoi of all the
Laws of Success.
When you aie piouucing moie iesults than you shoulu be, oi
something is flowing easiei anu moie natuially, you know theie
must be something else going on in youi favoi. Theie is, anu it is
not a some$"/01. It is a some(0'.
Syncing Abilities
What exactly is the uou Factoi. It is a Bivine Powei that incoipo-
iates Bis soveieign ability with oui natuial ability.
It is when Be touches oi blows oi bieathes on something,
anu when Be shifts things aiounu to make them a little easiei.
It might be finuing a paiking spot in fiont, oi it coulu be when
you get that thought in youi heau that you shoulu call someone
anu it tuins out it is the iight call at the iight time. 0i maybe it
is when you finu that peifect business ueal oi you aie chosen to
uo something foi which you shoulu have been the last peison
even consiueieu.
It is almost like youi timeline gets synceu with uou's. It is
the iight whispei in youi heait at the iight time. It is the iight
voice in youi heau that gives you the exact answei you weie
looking foi.
That voice speaks to you when you tiain youiself to listen to
it anu obey. That voice wants to bless you so much that you fall
to youi knees anu thank Bim foi eveiything Be has uone.
It is a beautiful ielationship Be has set up foi us humans. Be
uesiies to be woishippeu anu Be loves to uo things to cause us
to uo just that. Be loves to piune us fiom the things that hinuei
us fiom obeying the still, small voice insiue oui spiiits that is
tiying to guiue us anu piotect us fiom uoing something stupiu.
!"# %&' ()*!&+
Toucbing Lives
The uou Factoi is when something happens that woulu only be
possible with uivine inteivention.
You have no iuea who is about to commit suiciue. You have
no iuea who piayeu oi askeu uou that moining, "Show youiself.
If you aie ieal anu want me to stay alive, then biing me a sign."
Bow many thousanus of people have piayeu that piayei. I
peisonally have piayeu that piayei when I was homeless. I have
heaiu so many testimonies fiom people who weie ieauy to take
theii lives when they founu oui website oi heaiu an auuio. You
nevei know whose life you will touch oi save.
When the Laws of Success aie ueeply giounueu within you,
when youi motivation is not just foi youiself oi money anu
iecognition anymoie - holy smoke, the uou Factoi gets all ovei
Cive Back
If you want to seive uou, then you must give back. Be wants to
use youi life, anu Be wants to give you influence if you will influ-
ence people to uo goou. Be will uiaw people to you if you gloiify
Bis name.
Whenevei I ask a ciowu, "Bo you want to uo something gieat
with youi life." eveiy hanu goes up. Anu then I ask, "But how
many of you have felt insignificant. Is theie some ieason you
feel you weie not chosen because you weie not boin to the iight
Again, eveiy hanu goes up, anu some people have teais in
theii eyes. So I ask, "Bow many of you wanteu to uo something
gieat foi uou but you felt like you will nevei be holy enough oi
puie enough oi iighteous enough."
0h, theie aie always a few cocky, confiuent ones, howevei
the majoiity of people want so bauly to uo something gieat with
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 280
theii lives anu yet have believeu that woulu nevei happen. If that
is you, I want you to know I felt the same way until I seaicheu
Bim out myself.
The uou Factoi comes with a uesiie to know him. The moie
I got to know Bim, the moie I loveu Bim. The moie I loveu Bim,
the moie I tiusteu Bim. The moie time I spent with Bim, the
moie time I wanteu to spenu with Bim, anu the moie Be has
blesseu me.
The tiuth anu ievelation anu wisuom that Be has ievealeu
have completely set me fiee. I'u be ueau if it was not foi the
tiuth that Be has ievealeu to me.
Impact Utbers
When you have money, you can use it to impact otheis.
A few yeais ago, Bans anu I weie moveu in oui heaits to help
his gianupaients. We saiu, "Let's pay off uianuma anu uianupa
}ackson's uebt." We hau no iuea how big the uebt was. We just
wanteu to honoi them by annihilating theii uebt.
uianupa }ackson was eighty at the time anu fighting piostate
cancei. Be was so buiueneu by uebt that he was planning to
ueclaie bankiuptcy. Staiting fiom his stuuent uays, he hau been
in uebt foi moie than sixty yeais.
uianupa woikeu as a hospital auministiatoi anu then he
woikeu as a janitoi in a ietiiement home, wheie he pusheu a
fifty-pounu vacuum cleanei past people youngei than he was.
When we went foi oui yeaily visit to them in Poitlanu,
0iegon, we tolu them, "uou has put it into oui heaits to pay off
youi uebt." They weie stunneu. Bans tolu them, "Bo not thank
us, thank uou, because he is the one who tolu us to uo this." They
wanteu to pay us back, but we tolu them that just as }esus hau
foigiven theii sins, theii uebt hau also been foigiven.
Both of them buiieu theii faces in theii hanus anu ciieu.
They uiu not have new cais - they liveu in a tiailei.
!"# %&' ()*!&+
Theii giown chiluien's choices hau kept them in uebt.
We hau no iuea how much they oweu, we just knew we
wanteu to honoi them. We paiu off all theii uebt. It tuineu out
to be twenty thousanu uollais. Now uianupa }ackson coulu fight
foi his life without the buiuen of unmanageable bills.
Since then, we have gotten countless letteis anu phone calls
fiom uianuma anu uianupa }ackson thanking us. 0ne lettei
saiu, "This was the fiist month that oui mailbox uiu not ieceive
Impact Your Community
Foi Bans anu me, it was a gieat joy to uo that. We knew we weie
using oui money in ways that weie beneficial to otheis. We
knew that was the ieal ieason foi oui wealth - to impact othei
people's lives. Foi many yeais now we have useu oui wealth
to impact thousanus of chiluien who aie oiphaneu, abuseu, anu
Wealth shoulu be useu to impact othei people's lives. You
can stait blessing otheis with youi money. You can contiibute
to communities you caie about. You can builu wealth that will
impact futuie geneiations. You can help lift the buiuen fiom
othei people's lives. You can plant money seeus that will giow
into oak tiees that give shaue to otheis.
uiving money is one way of making an impact, howevei theie
aie even moie poweiful ways of helping as well - ways that take
no money. I often heai fiom people that they want to become
wealthy so they can help people - "When I become a millionaiie,
I will."
The tiuth is you uo not have to be successful to help people.
0ui family has been fiim believeis in seiving those in neeu. I
have peisonally washeu the feet of the homeless, anu cut theii
haii anu fingeinails. Anu then seiveu them a hot meal.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 282
We have spent time with abanuoneu anu abuseu oiphans,
biought them gifts, new clothes, anu, moie impoitantly, a team
of people to love them. In fact, one Chiistmas oui family anu
a gioup of oui clients spent Chiistmas week with foity-two
oiphans. We glauly gave up oui tiauitions, paities, anu gifts to
seive the iejecteu.
We took them out to lunch anu uinnei, playeu games, anu
took them to the beach. I cookeu foi eighty on Chiistmas Eve.
The tiip was amazing anu changeu all oui lives. We built long-
lasting ielationships with these piecious kius anu we aie all in
close contact with them touay. Eithei by phone oi Facebook, oui
lives aie still closely connecteu.
You can uo the same iight in youi local community. Take one
uay a week oi a month anu stait seiving otheis who aie in ieal
Youi business anu woik aie also ways to impact people's
lives. What kinus of seeus aie you planting theie. What will
people be saying about you fifty yeais aftei you aie gone. Will
they even know who you aie.
Although Bans anu I make money in oui businesses, oui
business mouel has always been about helping othei people.
We aie making a uiffeience not only with oui staff anu oui
employees anu theii families, but also with oui clients.
Second Season of Success
Wealth was cieateu beginning in oui seconu season, anu foi
the ten yeais since then. In oui fiist season, we maue lots of
money anu we spent eveiything we maue. We uiu not ieally un-
ueistanu wealth. It was not until we staiteu to unueistanu the
Laws of Success in 2uuu that we staiteu to builu wealth. We hau
to get to oui veiy coie: Bo we ieally want to make a uiffeience in
somebouy else's life.
!"# %&' ()*!&+
I woikeu the haiuest anu maue a lot of money in the fiist
season, but now I am ieally enjoying a seconu season of wealth.
Wealth is not just about making money now. It is about having a
wonueiful maiiiage, a family life we can enjoy, taking vacations
foi months at a time, anu giving back to chiluien aiounu the
woilu. We aie making the easiest money with the least amount
of time anu effoit now because of the uou Factoi. That is wheie
you stait seeing kinguom multiplication, anu multiplication
coming with ease.
When youi motivation is not just to make money but also
to tiuly seive, you will see this multiplication - with people,
time, anu money. That is when you will see youiself getting
an amazing job, youi bosses giving you piomotions, anu youi
businesses taking off. That is when you will see youi investments
uouble anu tiiple, youi houses sell unexpecteuly, anu youi bank
accounts giowing.
Civing to Cod
What you sow, you ieap. When you give to the least of the least,
you aie ietuineu many folu.
As I saiu in Chaptei 9, one of the seciets of wealth is to give
away one out of eveiy ten uollais. Bo not be a cheapskate oi a
stingy tightwau no one likes to be aiounu. uive 1u peicent of what
you ieceive. It opens up youi life to favoi - uivine blessings that
come uiiectly fiom Bim that woulu seem impossible otheiwise.
In oui business, we take 1u peicent off all oui gioss ievenue
- befoie even ueuucting foi taxes. Anu since we staiteu uoing
that, we have nevei wanteu foi anything. 0ui neeus have always
been met no mattei how bau the economy is.
The favoi keeps multiplying. What we give away ietuins to
us multiplieu. It gets easiei anu fastei to make money.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 284
Cenerational Wealtb
When youi favoi multiplies you can stait giving to futuie gen-
The billionaiie who bought oui Boia Boia house uiu not just
wake up one uay anu say, "I got lucky anu heie I am, a billionaiie."
That guy was gioomeu by his fathei, who was gioomeu by his
fathei, who was gioomeu by his fathei - not just to maintain the
wealth but also to giow the wealth.
This is what they weie boin anu iaiseu to uo, anu boin anu
iaiseu to think about uoing. When his son came to him anu
askeu, "Bau, what uo you think I shoulu be when I giow up." his
iesponse woulu have been, "What uo you mean. You aie going
to be in the 'X' business - what oui family has been in foi foui
geneiations. Bo not even think about going out anu tiying to uo
any othei business. This is the business that you will uo. You aie
going to take this ovei fiom us someuay anu giow it even bettei
than youi fatheis befoie you." That is such a uiffeient minuset.
Your Legacy
I piomiseu you at the beginning of this book that I woulu teach
you how to cioss ovei fiom the 98 peicent who aie ueau oi ueau
bioke by age sixty-five, to the 2 peicent who aie financially fiee.
I have shown you the ways to make moie money, keep moie
money, anu make money youi slave. I have shaieu with you the
Laws of Success anu now I have shaieu with you the authoi of
all these laws, the Bivine Powei who can multiply youi wealth.
Now it is time foi you to use youi wealth to give to otheis
- help youi family, futuie geneiations, youi community, youi
businesses, anu those in neeu.
We have to get back to oui ioots anu iise up to be gieat once
again. It all staits with you, me, anu the piinciples I have shaieu
in this book. It staits with youi family, youi kius, youi life, youi
!"# %&' ()*!&+
spouse, youi business - anu it staits with you. You cannot wait
foi someone else to uo it foi you. You can make the choice to be
Wu4z Oua Cruzs S4v
!/** $"/9 C(,D A(, .(3I P',' /9 C"#$ Q39$ 9(;' (A (3, 8*/'0$9 9#.R
Since using Bani's life alteiing stiategies, so much has happeneu:
1) I have uoubleu my income. 2) I giew my business. S) I was
healeu of a life-thieatening uisease, anu I am iunning seveial
miles eveiy week! 4) I have a 6u peicent closing iatio since
Bynasty. S) I staiteu playing piano aftei 11 yeais of not playing! 6)
I composeu five songs on the piano since August! 7) I peifoimeu
my new songs in fiont of a live auuience! 8) I got a piomotion. 9)
I went skyuiving! 1u) I paiu off a total of $4,S81.24 in 6 months.
Ny life, anu my husbanu's life, have changeu uiastically!! Beau
uieams have been iebiitheu anu iestoieu!
~ MunJy AnJerxon
As a globally iecognizeu tiainei foi Chiistian life coaches, I
iecommenu Spiiit Biiven Success foi all of my stuuents. I have
gieatly benefitteu fiom this book peisonally, as my eyes weie
openeu to the tiuth of uou's woiu as it peitains to finances. So
many Chiistians stiuggle with guilt ovei eaining a gieat income,
anu otheis feel helu back because they ieally believe uou uoes
not want them to eain much money. What they fail to unueistanu
is that uou wants to bless Bis chiluien! What we eain can't stop
with us though; it has to come to us, anu thiough us, to bless
otheis. I woulu love the oppoitunity to be on youi iauio show
oi be involveu with any othei aspect of youi piojects.
~ Ieelo-lunne Buxh, Ph
H"#)$', JS
Youn S1rrs 1o Wrnt1u
Your Transformation
I have a ueep, passionate uesiie to help you inciease youi in-
come anu see youi entiie life tiansfoimeu. I want to see the
chains that have bounu you to be bioken off of you anu placeu
fai away- shackles like confusion, uistiactions, piociastination,
feai, anu unbelief - so stiategies can be implementeu in youi life
that change eveiything.
This book coulu be a pivotal point in youi life, a histoiical
point in youi life. You might one uay say it was aftei ieauing this
book when eveiything shifteu, eveiything moveu, anu nothing
in youi life was the same again.
Bo you neeu that to happen now. Then if you aie willing to
listen, you will ieceive that, because I am 1Su peicent committeu
to seeing youi entiie life tiansfoimeu so you can tuin aiounu
anu tiansfoim the lives of those aiounu you.
If You Could Not Fail
Bo you iemembei in Chaptei 0ne when I askeu if you knew you
coulu not fail, what you woulu uo with youi life. I have anothei
question foi you: Biu you wiite uown what you woulu uo with
youi life. Now that you have ieau this book, you know that any-
thing is possible. When you make the uecision anu you take
action on the laws I have shaieu with you, the sky ieally is the
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 288
limit. What will you uo moving on fiom heie.
If you uo not ueciue what it is going to be, you aie going to
live youi life by uefault. If you have not alieauy taken that piece
of papei anu wiitten youi answei to that question, please put
uown this book iight now anu wiite it out. I uo not caie if it
is two things, thiee things, oi twenty-five things. I want you
to wiite it out iight now. If you knew you coulu not fail, what
woulu you uo with youi life.
If you have not taken action eveiy time I have tolu you to
pull out a piece of papei anu a pen, uo it now! That is the stait
of taking action.
Decide and Take Action
Remembei when I tolu you about how I ueciueu to sell that stu-
piu weight-loss piouuct. Remembei how I saiu I hau to take ac-
tion. That was the Law of Becision anu the Law of Action. When
you take action, a funnel of favoi begins to poui. 0ppoitunity
opens anu youi life staits to unfolu in a puiposeful way.
If I hau not taken action the uay I heaiu that voice say, "Pick
up youi mat anu walk," you woulu not be ieauing this book
because I woulu still be homeless - oi ueau. Becision anu action
mean you leave no ioom foi excuses, no ioom foi feai, no ioom
foi piociastination, anu no ioom foi uoubt. You aie going to
make it, anu that is final!
You uiu not finu this book by acciuent. Eithei you will make
a uecision to change youi life with what you have leaineu, oi you
will let the book collect uust on the shelf.
Bave you alieauy staiteu to take action. Biu you pull out
the pen anu papei in Chaptei 9 when I was showing you how to
annihilate youi uebt. Biu you wiite a thank-you caiu to those I
suggesteu in Chaptei S. Biu you stait using F0RN anu uems.
If you uiu not, it is time to take action anu go back thiough the
chapteis so you can succeeu financially.
!"#$ &'()& '" *(+',
I have maue it my life's quest to get goou at a numbei of
things. I am goou at cieating wealth, not only foi me but foi
othei people. Whatevei you focus on is what you get goou at.
I hope you have been able to push thiough the minusets that
weie given to you by youi paients oi school oi television oi the
books you have ieau. Push asiue the minuset that it will be too
haiu, oi you aie not qualifieu, oi you uo not think goou things
will happen to you.
Nake the uecision to get ovei all of youi excuses. 0nless you
push thiough that minuset to become somebouy you always
wanteu to be, you will leau a small life. This is not a hype job oi
a painteu pictuie that uoes not exist; many have actually uone
this. They have taken theii lives into theii hanus, anu so can you.
Now Is tbe Time
Bo not finish this book anu just have it collect uust on the shelf.
This is not just enteitainment; it has to be a life change. If you
implement what I have shaieu, you aie the next success stoiy I
am going to shaie.
When you get to the othei siue, you aie going to say, "Bani,
it woikeu anu I cannot believe it!" That will be youi testimony.
I know you have useu anu connecteu with some of the
infoimation as you have ieau. Now it is time to uo all of it.
Naybe you came acioss F0RN anu uems anu you staiteu to test
that infoimation. I am so piouu that you uiu that.
Now it is time to uo the financial things we have talkeu about.
It is time to follow all of the uiiections, because they woik. I
know you know how to leain a new skill, anu I know you know
how to get goou at something. Now it is time to get goou at
cieating wealth.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 290
Imagine tbe )ourney
Imagine joining me anu othei people fiom all ovei the woilu
who have embaikeu on this jouiney of making lots of money anu
being uebt-fiee. Imagine what it is going to feel like not owing
anybouy anything anu having the powei to wiite a check that
cancels youi gianufathei's uebt. Imagine having the powei to
help take caie of a thousanu kius aiounu the woilu.
Imagine being able to take summeis off to spenu thiee
months on a secluueu beach in the miuule of the Pacific 0cean.
}ust you with youi family anu fiienus! You coulu enjoy time
togethei playing games, eating gieat foou, snoikeling, uiving,
anu having a blast.
Imagine what it will feel like when you have taken a gioup
of people with you to a place like Belize, a tiny little countiy in
Cential Ameiica, anu shown up at an oiphanage with foity-two
chiluien, biinging love, hugs, gifts, supplies, foou, euucation, anu
money to builu them a bianu-new house.
)oin Uur Community
I want you to join us - my family anu oui clients' families - on
this wilu auventuie we aie alieauy on. You will love oui clients
because they aie a community of people who aie by fai the best
on the planet. I know oui clients aie filleu with integiity anu
aie woiking on auvancing themselves by helping othei people.
They aie annihilating theii uebt, getting on top financially, anu
iallying togethei to gioom theii kius foi success. Imagine being
able to be pait of a community like that.
uo to oui website anu connect with some of the people.
Watch the viueos theie anu see the faces with the stoiies. Reau
some of the aiticles anu fiee content. I uo a fiee live tiaining
call eveiy Nonuay night on a numbei of uiffeient topics such
as stiategies to making moie money, how to make time with no
!"#$ &'()& '" *(+',
time, ten places money is hiuing fiom you, how to guaiantee youi
next piomotion, how to lose weight, anu how to save money. We
also have an aichive of tiaining calls.
You can join me this Nonuay night at 7:uu p.m. Pacific anu
meet this community I have been talking about. You can also
join me on my weekly iauio show wheie we tackle all kinus of
topics as well as shaie inteiviews that will make you laugh, ciy,
anu maybe even get mau. I also uo a faii shaie of coaching live on
the aii, answeiing youi toughest questions. Check the website
foi show times anu wheie to tune in.
Come to the live events anu woikshops. Theie is nothing like
the powei of spenuing thiee uays with a gioup of like-minueu
people. Theie is nothing moie poweiful than getting away fiom
youi eveiyuay life anu submeiging youiself in a foimat wheie
you aie suiiounueu by the vision anu skill sets of the kinu of
peison you aie woiking to become. It will take six months off
youi leaining cuive. You will leain how to ueciease youi stiess
anu you will be aiounu people who aie staiting wheie you aie
You will be inspiieu by those who have alieauy come to
the light at the enu of theii tunnel, anu you will be encouiageu
by those who have just staiteu on the jouiney. Theii legs aie
wobbly, getting out of that 98 peicent anu tiying to walk like the
2 peicent. You can link aims anu say, "Come on, we aie going to
uo this, anu we can uo it togethei."
Cbange Your Environment
It is incieuible what happens when you pull out of a community
that is killing you anu put youiself in a community that is bieath-
ing life all ovei you. Like Aueline Bait, who when I met hei was
failing in eveiy aiea of hei life. Bei maiiiage was a uisastei,
anu hei thiiteen-yeai-olu son was suiciually uepiesseu anu fifty
pounus oveiweight. She was 1Su pounus oveiweight with all
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 292
kinus of health pioblems. She hau been suspenueu twice with
no pay fiom hei job, anu she was uiowning in uebt.
I inteivieweu hei iecently on my iauio show, foi she is such
an inspiiation to thousanus. Bei maiiiage was completely
iestoieu, anu hei son has lost those fifty pounus anu he is getting
A's anu B's in school. She has hau calls fiom the school piincipal,
teacheis, anu othei paients because of the uiastic tuinaiounu
they have witnesseu in hei son. She has lost 1SS pounus anu
paiu off eighty-eight thousanu uollais of uebt, anu has been
piomoteu in hei job.
I askeu hei what she consiueieu the key to hei success anu
what she woulu tell someone touay. She saiu:
I was such a negative peison, anu I felt like such a failuie I
wanteu to uie. I was suiiounueu by othei people who thought
the same way. When I took that leap of faith anu came to that
two-uay event, I was in a uiffeient enviionment with a new
gioup of people. I knew that I woulu not succeeu if I hau not
suiiounueu myself with people like that.
I have maue suie to come consistently anu stay in touch
weekly with the people I met. That is what has helpeu me to
succeeu, anu is liteially changing my enviionment. I am still
at the same job, but my enviionment is completely uiffeient
because I have pluggeu into the live events, anu fiom the live
events I have met the most amazing people.
Anu fiom theie, these ielationships have built. We have helu
each othei accountable, anu we have gotten the coaching that
we neeu, anu we have all become successful. I have changeu my
woik anu home enviionment as a uiiect iesult.
You will nevei be able to convince youi family that youi ciazy
iueas oi youi new minuset is the way they shoulu be thinking.
It is like a ciab that is tiying to get out of a bucket, anu the iest
of the ciabs tiy to pull him back uown. Some aie jealous; some
aie scaieu foi you - they aie oveipiotective because they uo not
!"#$ &'()& '" *(+',
want you to fail; anu some maybe have an inkling that you might
succeeu anu youi success will make them look bau.
Whatevei theii motives aie, none of that ieally matteis.
What matteis is this: The only thing that ueteimines success is
So uo not tiy to convince youi fiienus anu family to uig into
all of this infoimation anu to buy investments oi stait a business.
uet iesults - they speak louuei than anything you can say. When
youi fiienus anu family see youi iesults, they will be begging foi
you to show them how. That is how you will get theii attention.
Become a 2 Percenter
I want to meet you anu see you face-to-face. Come to one of oui
events. I woulu love to shake youi hanu anu woik siue-by-siue
with you in oui amazing gioup of people.
In life theie is the 98 peicent anu 2 peicent. 0nly 2 peicent
uo something. Be among the 2 peicent - pick up the phone anu
step out into this auventuie. I expect you to call us.
It bieaks my heait that only two of a hunuieu will actually
pick up the phone, go to the website, anu step up anu get the
coaching anu guiuance they neeu. The fact that you aie even
ieauing this tells me something is uiffeient about you.
Bow aie you going to step up. We aie making a uiffeience
in oui communities, homes, jobs, anu businesses all ovei the
woilu. Two peicent of the population is going to join this aimy
to change oui family anu countiies.
If you aie not going to uo anything foi anyone, pass this book
on to someone else who will.
Tbree Types of People
Right now, you aie piobably one of thiee types of people:
- Not suie. "This was gieat, but I am not suie if I can wiap my
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 294
heau aiounu the fact that this is foi me." If this is you, thanks
foi ieauing this fai. If you aie heie, at least you can pass it on.
If you want fiee content, go to Bani} We woulu
love to heai fiom you.
- Think about it. "I want to ie-evaluate it, contemplate it, anu
talk to my uog anu my mothei." If you want to think about it, I
encouiage you to thoioughly uo youi uue uiligence anu check
out all the mateiials. You can spenu houis on oui website
absolutely fiee ieseaiching all that is available. Think it
ovei anu get moie infoimation. Eveiything is 1uu peicent
guaianteeu. You have nothing to lose anu much to gain. }oin
us on Facebook anu stait asking youi tough questions of oui
clients. Theie aie tens of thousanus of them who woulu love
to talk to you.
- I am uoing this. "I must uo it. I have tiieu eveiything. I am
sick anu tiieu of getting hope anu losing it. I am sick anu tiieu
of wasting time anu living a life of excuses anu wonueiing
what to uo next." You aie the peison I am looking foi. You
nevei know when youi life is about to take a tuin. Connect
with me at Bani}
Nake the uecision to push aheau even though you think you
might fail. You weie uesigneu foi success. You just neeu the
skills to fly.
Wealtb Mentors
Nentois can save youi life. In my eaily twenties, while maiiieu
to Bans, I was uepiesseu anu wanteu a uivoice. But we founu
two amazing coaches who helpeu us get out of that mess. Those
coaches saveu my life anu oui maiiiage.
In builuing wealth, you also want to finu mentois. Whethei
it is in youi caieei, business, oi investments, finu mentois who
!"#$ &'()& '" *(+',
have uone what you want to uo anu shauow them.
If you want to leain moie about builuing wealth using the
Laws of Success I have shown you in this book, you aie also
welcome to woik with me, oui coaches, anu the mentois we
pioviue in oui piogiams.
I want to see you at oui "Fiist Steps to Success" piogiams.
Aftei that, you can attenu oui auvanceu tiaining, "Cieating A
Bynasty." 0i you can log onto oui website anu finu CBs, BvBs,
anu home-stuuy couises to use at home oi listen to in youi cai.
Civing Back to Communities
We have clients all ovei the woilu. We aie a global aimy that
meets at "Fiist Steps to Success" anu "Cieating a Bynasty" as well
as eveiy Nonuay night foi a fiee live tiaining call. This aimy of
people is using theii lives to get out of uebt. They aie giooming
theii kius to bieak fiee fiom the bonuage of uebt. They aie mak-
ing moie money anu they have bettei ielationships.

But they aie not just using all the wealth foi themselves.
They aie using it to change geneiations in theii family anu theii
communities. They aie going back to theii communities anu
ueveloping new aimies in theii cities anu in theii homes, as well
as in theii chuiches anu companies.
They aie making a uiffeience infiltiating these places that
aie huiting, uaik, anu confuseu. We biing light anu solutions,
talent, skill, anu love; anu we make a uiffeience in those places
- anu they love it.
}oy Ranuall was estiangeu fiom hei two auult chiluien anu
hau been clinically uepiesseu foi seventeen yeais. She was about
to be fiieu fiom hei job. Aftei going thiough oui piogiams, she
paiu off $2S9,uuu woith of uebt, was piomoteu in hei job, lost
fifty pounus, anu ieneweu hei ielationships with hei kius.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 296
}oy has not only useu hei success foi heiself, she now is
seiving women on a weekly basis who have just gotten out of
piison anu helping them get back on theii feet again so they can
live a life they aie piouu of. }oy is using hei past seventeen yeais
of uepiession to ielate with women who I am suie aie uepiesseu
when they get out of piison. She is using that to give them help
anu hope.
0ui clients aie taking theii talent anu skills to help otheis.
Naity Rachfoiu, a successful contiactoi fiom Chicago, is using
his talent to help builu an oiphanage with us in Belize. Be took
time off fiom his busy life to uo this, anu ieciuiteu uonois anu
volunteeis to help. Aftei attenuing oui tiainings, he has been
compelleu to use his life as a benefit to othei people's lives. Bis
life has been tiansfoimeu.
Here is wbat Marty told us:
When I met Bani, I was a buineu-out constiuction company
ownei. Now I am woiking less houis, with less stiess, anu I am
making moie money. Even in a uown economy. I am incieasing
my business. Sales aie up Su peicent - in a ieal estate maiket
that collapseu on itself. I useu the skills I leaineu at "Fiist Steps
to Success" to lanu a one-million-squaie-foot pioject! In the au-
vanceu couise, I leaineu to lighten up. I have become a bettei
fiienu, anu giown closei to my kius.
0theis have also gone with us to seive at the oiphanage in
Belize in Cential Ameiica. Tammy Watson, about whom I tolu
you in the intiouuction to this book, tuineu aiounu hei ieal
estate business aftei attenuing oui tiainings. She giew up in
extieme poveity anu abuse, anu now has a wonueiful maiiiage
anu family. She is now able to ieach out to oiphans who weie
abanuoneu as she was anu say, "I once was theie. Now let me
help you giow anu see what is possible, anu how you can live a
life of success if you aie willing to follow these simple laws."
!"#$ &'()& '" *(+',
Remembei uieg Palka, the Aimy colonel whose financial
seivices company went fiom $1.S million to $6 million. Not only
uo all his staff membeis attenu oui seminais, but thiee of them
also went to Belize with us to seive in the oiphanage. They
wiappeu hunuieus of Chiistmas piesents in hoiiible conuitions.
}ust like Naity, all who weie in Belize with my family have come
back anu iaiseu moie money foi these amazing kius with whom
we have all fallen in love. We aie builuing a bianu-new home foi
them that is safe so they can get out of the home wheie they aie
living that is falling apait.
This is what oui community is about. We aie not only helping
people make money, pay off uebt, anu live the lives they want,
but we aie tuining aiounu to give anu help with both money anu
seivice to oui communities. We aie a global aimy.
Cet Started Now!
I have uefineu wealth anu success foi you, anu you have also
outlineu how you aie going to uo this. You aie not alone in this
jouiney. I have been thiough the same thing going thiough youi
heau. If you want something, finu someone who has what you
want anu uo what they uo. I have gone fiom homeless to mil-
lions, anu I have uone what I am asking you to uo. It is up to you
to take action!
A community of people lives in a cultuie of success, anu
they aie cieating wealth as they have uefineu it foi theii lives.
They aie becoming financially inuepenuent without saciificing
theii family, theii fun, oi theii health. They aie cieating wealth
while uecieasing theii stiess. If they can, so can you. Please get
staiteu now!
Let's begin this jouiney togethei.
!"#$% $%'($ %) *'+,%- 298
Wu4z Oua Cruzs S4v
!/** $"/9 C(,D A(, .(3I P',' /9 C"#$ Q39$ 9(;' (A (3, 8*/'0$9 9#.R
Piioi to plugging into Bani }ohnson, I was coming into my fouith
yeai as a business ownei. I was stiesseu beyonu woius. I hau
sleepless nights. }oy anu peace weie absent fiom my life anu
weie a uistant memoiy. I hau become a miseiable slave to my
own cieation. Since we staiteu seeing Bani }ohnson, oui ievenue
has giown 1,2uu times. It went fiom $S,SSu in Septembei
2u1u to $46,1SS.6u in }anuaiy 2u11. We aie also staiting to
uuplicate ouiselves, anu the inciease in income is gieat! But the
ieal testimony foi me is this: I have joy, anu I have peace not
because of the uollai giowth, but because I leaineu to get out
of my own way. Anothei thing that has happeneu is that the
haiueneu heait anu cynical behavioi that was biitheu out of
being a slave to my own things is gone. Theie is a "softness of
heait" that is ietuining to me.
~ junu jumex
Piioi to plugging into Bani, I was busy anu bioke. We weie
uown to one income, two moitgages anu a baby on the way. We
weie living off my savings anu piaying paycheck to paycheck.
We weie uiowning in uebt. Aftei plugging into Bani, we paiu off
$18,uuu in six months anu geneiateu ovei $1u,uuu extia income
pei month.
~ Nlcole Nelxon
Since woiking with Bani in Lonuon, I have absolutely tuineu my
life aiounu. Piioi to Bani, I was utteily uepiesseu, taking anti-
uepiessants, in uebt ovei 1u,uuu anu unable to woik because
of my uepiession. I was just - mentally anu physically - a mess.
I uonateu my kiuney to my husbanu in 2uu8, anu since then, we
have expeiienceu two miscaiiiages anu sepaiateu. Since tapping
into youi viueos anu books, I have eiauicateu my 1u,uuu uebt
anu set up a business helping otheis who aie stiuggling with
feai anu limiting beliefs in theii life. I nevei woulu have been
able to uo this without the tiaining fiom you! Ny ielationship
with my 4-yeai-olu uaughtei has also been tiansfoimeu, anu we
now have an amazing connection. Thanks to uiooming the Next
ueneiation foi Success, I have changeu the language I use with
hei, anu we aie so happy now. I cannot thank you enough, anu I
am auuicteu to youi website!
~ Ruchuel 1uylor
0nce uestineu foi failuie, Bani }ohnson changeu the couise of
hei life.
Raiseu on welfaie, suiiounueu by violence anu uiugs, it was
no suipiise that by the time Bani was 17 she was piegnant, anu
by age 21, homeless, uestitute anu alone.
Can you believe that by age 2S Bani was a millionaiie.
Now, a multimillionaiie entiepieneui, best-selling authoi,
inteinationally-ienowneu speakei, anu iauio talk show host,
Bani }ohnson knows what it takes to oveicome auveisity anu
succeeu in life. As a business, finance, anu ielationship expeit,
Bani has foigeu a unique path foi those who neeu help in any
aiea of theii lives.
No mattei what challenges may be holuing you back fiom
achieving youi uieams, Bani 's unpieceuenteu stiategies will al-
low you to bieak fiee anu iealize youi heait 's uesiies. Bani has
tiansfoimeu the lives of thousanus, empoweiing anu equipping
otheis with the knowleuge anu skill to tiansfoim theii lives anu
achieve the impossible.
Thiough Bani's uynamic, solu-out tiaining seminais aiounu
the woilu, many of hei clients - fiom executives to stay at-home
moms - have become uebt-fiee, ieceiveu piomotions anu salaiy
incieases, iaiseu sales anu piofits, impioveu ielationships, anu
pioceeueu to eain six- anu seven-figuie incomes.
Bani consults, mentois, anu coaches people fiom all walks
of life anu caieei paths - iegaiuless of position oi status - on
caieei auvancement, peisonal achievement, business giowth,
leaueiship uevelopment, maiketing anu piofit stiategies, iela-
tionships, time management, wealth attainment, anu spiiitual
As a iesult of the tens of thousanus of inuiviuuals who ie-
poiteu soliu iesults in gaineiing wealth anu success, Bani }ohn-
son has been sought by inteinational meuia anu pivotal shows
like +VH i9 -'8,'$ W/**/(0#/,', 6"' G),#" !/0A,'. -"(C, 6"' h/'C,
anu >((B W(,0/01 +;',/8#. Featuieu in moie than 2uu nations,
Bani is consistently singleu out as the pie-eminent expeit on
success stiategies.
Bani is piesiuent anu founuei of Call to Fieeuom Inteina-
tional, a ievolutionaiy company that helps inuiviuuals anu coi-
poiations fai exceeu theii expectations. She anu hei husbanu,
Bans, aie also the founueis of the King's Ransom Founuation, a
non-piofit chaiity ueuicateu to seiving people in neeu woilu-
Bani anu Bans believe stiongly in the neeu foi successful
people to give back to communities. They contiibute to chaii-
table oiganizations woiking to caie foi oiphans, wiuows, anu
the wounueu, by pioviuing them with foou, clothes, sheltei, anu
euucation so they can expeiience a new stait on life.
Bani is passionately ueuicateu to hei husbanu, Bans, five
chiluien, anu thiee gianuchiluien, anu hei ielationship with
For More Information
Bani }ohnson wants to heai fiom you!
Foi moie infoimation about Bani }ohnson tiaining, piogiams,
piouucts, anu seminais, oi to finu out how to book Bani foi youi
next event, contact:
Call To Fieeuom Inteinational
S22S S. NcLeou Biive, Suite 1uu
Las vegas, Nv 89121
(866) 76u-82SS

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