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Turn something old into a retrofit

A new level of performance

With the retrofit solution from Siemens, you can
exchange just the components that have been
subjected to the most wear over their many years
of reliable operation instead of replacing the
entire panel. These components generally consist
of the switchgear truck and the circuit-breakers
Your advantages:
Considerable cost savings
Simple plug & play replacement
Very short interruption of operation
Your system becomes practically maintenance-free
Quality for your safety
Retrofit solutions from Siemens have proven them-
selves on the market for many years. In this case too,
of course, the system solution comprising the
switchgear truck and the SION circuit-breaker has
been type-tested according to the currently valid
standards IEC 62271-200 and IEC 62271-100. So you
can be certain that these components of your sys-
tem comply with the very latest safety standards.
Retrofit with
SION vacuum circuit-breakers
Greater reliability and longer service life
for 8B switchgear
Answers for energy.
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Outstanding technology and performance
Customized solution
When you opt for retrofitting your 8B switchgear,
you can request that the condition of the system
and any modifications that have been carried out
be assessed during an inspection. This ensures
that the retrofit offers an exact replacement of the
old components. Your advantage: replacing just a
single component reduces lengthy approval proce-
dures to a minimum.
Incidentally, Siemens offers this retrofit solution
not only for its own products, but for equipment
from other manufacturers. The new switchgear
truck including contact system, secondary
equipment, interlocking, wiring, and low-voltage
connectors are adapted at Siemens so that the
installation in your system is plug & play.
Retrofit with SION
The central feature of the Siemens retrofit solution
for the 8B switchgear is the SION vacuum circuit-
breaker. This is one of the latest generation of circuit-
breakers from Siemens, and is maintenance-free
thanks to the high-quality materials used. Its high
degree of reliability is grounded in Siemens vacuum
circuit-breaker technology which has proven itself
in millions of applications.
Comprehensive references
Siemens SION retrofit solutions for 8B switchgear
and for equipment from third-party manufacturers
are in operation successfully throughout the world.
If you are interested in a special solution, please
contact your Siemens sales representative. Your
representative will be happy to provide relevant
reference projects and show you the retrofitting
alternatives available for your system.
Weighing the individual advantages
Siemens has now developed a retrofit solution
especially for 8B switchgear. As switchgear assem-
blies get older, the risk of undesirable operating
incidents such as high maintenance costs, unex-
pected downtimes, and greater fire risk increases
while the spare parts supply situation becomes
more difficult. With the new retrofit solution,
Siemens offers you a low-cost alternative that
allows you to continue using your proven switch-
gear while profiting from the advantages of the
latest generation of components.
Long-serving but still usable
SION retrofits for 8B switchgear
are available immediately for a
large number of ratings:
[kV] I
[A] I
[kA] BIL [kV]
12 1,250 25 75
17.5 2,500 31.5 95
24 2,000 25 125
More than 40,000 Siemens medium-voltage panels
of type series 8B have been operating successfully
around the world for over 40 years. Many of them are
still far from reaching the limits of their useful life.
Nevertheless, in most power supply networks the
technical requirements are now more stringent, and
the original small-oil-volume circuit-breakers that
were the core element of the switchgear are no longer